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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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illegal buy in california but later. when i see they asking the first time they didn't tell me. >> reporter: she doesn't want to show her face because of her court case which she hopes to clear up in may. she pled no contest to unlawful possession of birds of prey after fish & game wardens searched her one-bedroom apartment and found protected hawks and owls on the wall. >> i feel very bad because oh, my god i no like it, i love the animals. >> reporter: she became the center of an international investigation after a french game warden got a tip that jimenez ordered a mounted barn owl online. she told wardens she never received the barn owl but bought all her animals about 50 in all on ebay. the collection includes a full- bodied african lion that she bought in las vegas from the son of a man who hunted it after he died. >> i never go to africa to take the picture when life lions because the danger. but now here i love it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: wardens allowed her to keep most of her collection but confiscated the
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illegal ones. she was not suspected or charged with poaching any of the animals herself. >> somebody tell all your [ indiscernible ] no. >> reporter: we're joining you now live from andy's pet shop in downtown san jose with a very much alive tortoise here. the reason we're here is because this is where jimenez will have to serve over 300 hours of community service and will have to pay a $3,600 fine. the reason they are cracking down on her is because they want to eliminate these market for these exotic animals that often get poached and mounted. if you eliminate the market, you eliminating the hunting of the animals. >> len ramirez reporting for us from san jose. len, we appreciate it. thank you. the catholic church under fire for its creative way to keep the homeless away. it's not holy water but shower water designed to rain down on
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sleeping homeless people. kcbs broke the story this morning. tonight phil matier breaks down how much is being done to deter the homeless problem all over san francisco. phil. >> reporter: ers that right. this story is getting national attention because it's the catholic cathedral with rainwater running on the homeless sleeping in the al cover. but if you go around san francisco, other places are trying to deal with the problem in various ways, as well. here's the story. reaction to word that st. mary's cathedral had been dousing water on homeless campers to keep them away from its alcoves was universal. >> upsetting. >> obviously that was a big mistake. >> we're apologizing and saying we are getting rid of it. >> reporter: but as embarrassing as the image of the catholic church pouring water on homeless sleepers may be, the affected is more and more businesses and institutions in san francisco are feeling forced to come up with their own solutions to the
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homeless problem. operators of the bill graham sink auditorium blasted them with the sound of buzz saws before barricades. at saint mary's the homeless problem was what they left behind. >> needles, fees sess and dangerous items being left in the hidden door ways. >> reporter: while dousing doesn't look good for a church that prides itself on charity works it worked. >> it proved that actually it worked as much needles and condoms and everything else around, so that doesn't make it in hindsight right. but it did prove it. >> reporter: randy shaw an advocate with the tenderloin housing clinic says it's a citywide problem. >> i think the larger question which i think we should have attention to is the failure of the cities homeless outreach program to effectively operate despite having a $3 million annual budget.
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>> i know we're doing heavy outreach. >> reporter: i noticed behind you the entrance to your housing clinic has a gate that comes down. is that in part to keep homeless out? >> absolutely. we have more people sprawled in front of our entrance i would say in 2015 than the preceding 20 years. >> i would have to say that in honesty, the problem of everything around here is getting to the point where there was frustration. >> reporter: now, what the church is going to do now that it's turned the water off remains to be seen because one thing we know the problem isn't going to go away. either here or anywhere in the bay area. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. san rafael people want homeowners and businesses to register surveillance cameras. this is voluntary. it's not required. police say they wouldn't have access to the cameras, however they say that knowing that there is a system would help in investigations. if a crime is committed, they
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could contact someone nearby to see if there is any video surveillance. concern in fremont after a rabid bat was found near an elementary school. it's not first time this has happened. as kpix 5's devin fehely test us, health officials aren't taking any chances. >> reporter: public health workers in the neighborhood near niles elementary school after the discovery there of yet another rabid bat. the second in the city this month. niles principal jim hough wrote to parents telling them of the discovery. >> at no time were any students in any danger. it's a reminder in there also just to say that, you know, if you ever see a wild animal, don't touch it. >> reporter: a spokesman for alameda county's vector control services says the infected animal was found by a man walking his dog in a field at the elementary school. the dog picked up the bat with his mouth and is currently being quarantined. the best advice public officials say is to simply
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limit the exposure of pets and people to any dead or dying wild animals you find. >> children need to know if they see a bat, don't pick it up. bats are good for the environment very interesting animals but they just have rabies in their population. >> reporter: countywide there's been three confirmed cases of rabies in bats this year. so far, no humans have managed to catch the potentially deadly disease. the health department hopes their efforts to inform the public will prevent that from happening. >> just because you find one animal has rabies, does not indicate that this could be a trend or a colony. >> reporter: in fremont, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> there's a rabies vaccine available for humans but most people aren't vaccinated. the big push from the health department is to make sure your pets are vaccinated because they are at greatest risk of exposure. don't be surprised if you start seeing made in oakland on the label when you go shopping. it's the new message the city
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is using as it tries to rebrand itself. new at 6:00, kpix 5's da lin says city leaders are well aware that it has a tough reputation to shake. da? >> reporter: well, ken, city and business leaders are trying to label oakland-made products with a label like this. it is to generate civic pride and boost sales but some worry no amount of branding will work because they say oakland not only has an image problem, it's got a crime problem. some say perception is reality. and many people's perception of oakland isn't a good one. >> when you tell people you're from oakland, it's more like whoa you're oakland? that's embarrassing. >> reporter: the city tried for years to change oakland's images will no success. the latest effort is coming from the business community. margo prada and business owners are crafting a made in oakland label so products like the
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cereal or iced coffee can have an oakland seal. >> so everyone is aware that we're all striving for environmental sustainability, for equity within our workforce, and so there's something that says made in oakland that means all of that. it doesn't just mean it's produced here. >> 10 days you get it fresh. >> reporter: many business owners are on board saying their label could promote and rebrand the city. >> we bet on oakland and oakland is betting on us. and it's turned into this amazing ecosystem of amazing talents for a team. >> reporter: but oakland natives say until they fix the crime problem the image won't change. in fact, they believe things have gotten worse over the years. >> i don't have safe when i'm walking around oakland. just last night, you know, i was watching tv and just shots running out. bam, bam, p.o.w., p.o.w. >> it's not just an image issue it's a reality issue. i'm working hard every day to make this city safe, clean and the vibrant community that it deserves to be. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf
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is on board with this idea, as well. in fact, her campaign slogan last year was, made in oakland, because she was born in oakland. now, everybody thinks that something has to be done to improve oakland. but a lot of folks are saying if you can make oakland a safe place, that you can change its image and its brand with or without a logo. live at oakland city hall, i'm da lin, kpix 5. still ahead a new place for foodies and fans to hang out. the giant parking lot transformed. how this may be a preview of a much bigger face-lift. >> and it's a musical mystery. unused lyrics lost when rock legend jerry garcia was busted by the cops. where police say they might be now 30 years later. >> kpix 5 already has the toyota mobile weather lab bringing weather to you. now we want you to bring weather to us. we have a new weather watchers program. antonio here is our newest and
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if you build it, they will come. the giants are banking on a new pop-up development to draw big business over by at&t park. but as kpix 5's john ramos tells us, this could be the beginning of much bigger things over by the ballpark. >> reporter: if the giants have proven anything in the last five years, it's that big things can come from humble beginnings. and on this corner across the street, they are trying to do that again. >> today's a really exciting day and i liken it to the mid and late '90s when we kicking off the ballpark. >> reporter: it's called the yard at mission rock. and it couldn't be a more modest retail development.
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just a few converted shipping containers and some food trucks. there's a small beer garden, a couple of clothing outlets and a stage for weekend entertainment. not a big deal. but then, this is just a first step. >> it will be an opportunity to draw people down here and start getting people into the mindset of coming to this location. >> reporter: that's because there are big plans for this land. the giants are eager to create mission rock, a huge housing and retail development on what's now their main parking lot. >> we're not going anywhere. this ballpark, we have of a 66- year lease on the ballpark so we want to make sure that the environment around the front of the ballpark and the back of the ballpark is -- is warm and inviting. >> reporter: more importantly, it would allow the team's owners to profit from the economic boom their ballpark has created for this entire area. the plans for the development are still in concept stage. but this tiny pop-up village may help them firm up the vision. >> so this will be a good opportunity to see who gets drawn down to this area, what
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people like and they can incorporate that hopefully in their plans as they move forward. >> reporter: the ballpark was never meant to be just a ballpark. and this parking lot was never meant to hold cars. the vision is bigger than that. and if you think it will be tough to overcome the obstacles standing in their way, just remember, they have done it before. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the vision for the future may be big but so is the opposition. larry baer and the giants only need to look at the most recent waterfront failures voters killed the 8 washington high- rise tower plan near the ferry building in 2013. and the warriors had to scrap their plans to build that new arena on piers 30-32 close to the bay bridge. the arena will now be built south of at&t park where there's less traffic and much less opposition. 30 years after an arrest in golden gate park, and the mystery continues. the story involves music, drugs
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and a briefcase allegely seized by the san francisco police. and as elizabeth cook shows us, a lot of people would like to find it. ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: january 18, 1985, the miami dolphins were about to lose to the 49ers in super bowl xix. ronald reagan was about to be sworn in for his second term and police find jerry garcia in golden gate park asleep in his car beside a suitcase packed with drugs and a stack of unused lyrics. >> the stories that i heard were that they were unrecorded and unreleased material. >> reporter: grateful dead archivist nicholas merriwether had heard the story before a stash of unrecorded music that vanished in the air. >> the facts that garcia was carrying them around in a briefcase certainly indicates they were probably very much on his mind and that he was, um, if not actually working on
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them, certainly thinking about them. >> reporter: it's a mystery police are still asked about 30 years after the arrest. >> we phone downstairs earlier today and spoke to the sergeant at property control. not been able to locate any property belonging to mr. jerry garcia. >> reporter: now here's the real bad news. the evidence and property room is inventoried and cleaned out every 15 months. and anything that's not part of an active criminal case -- >> it's either donated away or it's discarded and sent to the trash. >> reporter: so we're left to wonder what musical treasure was stashed in jerry's briefcase. >> working notes, completed drafts, who knows? but it's, um, it's incredibly exciting to think that they might actually turn up. >> reporter: but in all likelihood, those notes are gone and nothing is it going to bring 'em back. >> there's no reason to believe that we have this alleged property of mr. garcia. >> the story has resurfaced after it was mentioned recently
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by dead lyricist robert hunter. surviving members of the garcia family say they are still hopeful that the briefcase and the music will be found. breaking news right now in marin county. sheriff's say they are working to rescue two kayakers that were slammed on the rocks at dillon beach. chopper 5 is live over the scene right now. we are told the two people got stuck. they are 200 feet down the rock cliff. you can see helicopters in the area there. there's also reports in a one person might be missing -- that one person might be missing. several helicopters are flying looking for the missing person. the investigation continues there. dillon beach is in marin county near tomales bay. we'll continue to follow the story closely to keep you updated on any information that comes into the newsroom. time for a check of our forecast now. chief meteorologist paul deanno live in daly city with the mobile weather lab and a friend. paul? >> reporter: mm-hm. i tell you what, we've got a
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great guy that we're hacking out with today. he is one of our newest weather watchers. antonio is 13 years old and lives in daly city. we'll meet him in a second. he is a kpix 5 weather watcher. he is going to send us weather data that we are going to use on television. here's what the program is all b the bay area microclimates bring it all. drenching rains, ferocious winds, searing heat and even some surprises. in the kpix 5 weather center, we stay on top of it all. now we're launching a new tool to bring you the most up-to-the- minute weather conditions. it's our weather watchers network. from the beaches to the bay to our inland valleys, our weather watchers will provide microclimate weather data. >> their backyard, we put it on television. >> reporter: our weather watcher also report current conditions and observations forge our own exclusive bay area network and we can bring the information in real time via our touchscreen in the
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weather center and also in our mobile weather lab. >> i haven't seen the river like this since -- in a decade or more. >> reporter: weather changes here in a matter of minutes. and by just a few miles. people like rafael can help us keep you better informed. >> when i was a child, i was always fascinated with clouds. >> reporter: he is one of our newest westchester. rafael has set up his own weather station at his santa rosa home. >> because i think it will really help the station to gather more information because it's very hard to just get to it from the studio. >> reporter: it's data he shares with us and we bring to you. we are just thrilled to have this program here. we already have 65 folks signed up. if you want to sign up and send us weather information or pictures, it's simple. just fill out the form at now, antonio, you answered the call. you did it. tell us what your favorite part is about daly city weather because you have a unique place
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where you live. >> just basically the fog just coming in and then the temperature just skyrocketing down. >> it could be 107 in antioch. what's the temperature here close to the ocean? >> about 47 to 50 as our all- time high. >> reporter: that's chilly. antonio is going to help me through this weathercast and he is going to help us with weather information all the time. we are going to show you the weather maps right now. tell us what the high today, antonio was, today in fremont. >> in fremont the high today was 69 degrees. >> 69 degrees in fremont. good job, sir. hayward 67. san francisco 62. santa rosa 75. high pressure is getting closer to us. you saw that today. we are going to stay warm for now. to remember the warmest day of the week. -- tomorrow the warmest day of the week. monterey 66. high for lake tahoe tomorrow? >> lake tahoe will be 64 degrees. >> mainly sunny skies. good job, antonio. 74 your high in san rafael.
6:21 pm
locally tomorrow vallejo 75. fairfield 77. napa 78. what about pacifica? >> 65 degrees. >> i bet think about a different career in five or 10 years! seven-day forecast inland highs tomorrow around 80. >> rain is coming in on monday. we have some showers coming in and tuesday and wednesday we'll clear back out. now, you hear about a natural for baseball somebody who can hit it out of the park all the time. i would submit that antonio at 13 is already a natural when it comes to doing weather. so say hi to our friends back in the studio. weather watchers sign up. join us. >> thank you. antonio on the job for us in daly city, thank you. all right. we are going to update you now on what's going on, on another beach right up the coast from daly city. dillon beach, and you can see
6:22 pm
helicopters now searching for two kayakers. we have a report earlier that they got into trouble and were being pounded against the rocks in the area. that's up near tomales bay. chopper 5 live over the scene now. we are told that two people are stuck and are a couple of hundred feet down the rock cliff. reports that one more person may be missing. we are going to stay on top of this story as it develops
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can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me.
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thanks again my friends. for everything for all your help. through all life's milestones our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. this week we are gearing up for the cbs bay area local spelling bee and for the young contestants, it's not just about spelling. they need to know the rules what to ask, what hint if any they are going to get. sharon chin talked to the man who may know the best the official bay area pronouncer for more than 15 years. >> coming up on website.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: stan bunger is on the morning news but on the day of the cbs bay area local spelling bee students will literally hang on his every syllable. >> strategy. foliage. >> reporter: as long-time pronouncer for the bay area competition, stan knows the rules. >> they can ask me for the language of origin, for the part of speech, for a definition, and for any alternate pronunciations. that's about it. >> language of origin. >> part of speech. >> definition. >> could you repeat the word. >> does that have a g or a j? but they can't do that. >> reporter: he can use the word in a sentence. >> aunt betsy planted a pink begonia besides grandmother's grave. >> we heard a lot of kids ask, am i pronouncing this correctedry ? >> what often happens there is the child is hoping to get me to overenunciate a word in hopes of determining the spelling. and i won't do that, either. >> the word was misspelled. >> can they spell a word over? >> no. i mean, once you start spelling
6:26 pm
a word, under the rules of the spelling bee, you are married to whatever letters have come out of your mouth. you can stop, go back to the start and begin again but you have to use the letters you've already used. [ ding ] >> holding it for just a moment. >> i feel a pressure rather acutely because there's a sense of precision that goes with it. a sense that you really do not want to be the reason for a problem. >> reporter: so he practices from 1,000 word list he is given weeks before the bee. >> my normal procedure is to go out in my backyard with a couple of cups of coffee and go through all of them and read them out loud and my wife will usually walk by and shake her head like here we go again. it's spelling bee time. okay. let's go ahead. >> reporter: like the students, he studies not wanting to miss a beat. >> if this word is spelled correctly you will be the champion. >> reporter: in san francisco, sharon chin, kpix 5? >> speaking of, here we go again. >> they call it the spelling bee. i call it the let's embarrass the anchors segment. [ laughter ] >> go ahead.
6:27 pm
>> we have been testing out our spelling skills with some competition level words. this is the third day we have done this. it is now ken's turn. >> i have to channel stan bunger. >> you know what? because it is the embarrassing anchor segments i say that you're just going to get this one today. we are going to give you an easy one of the your word today ken is -- are you ready -- do i get a drum roll? chimichanga. >> a spanish word. >> chimichanga. >> i have seen this on menus. [ laughter ] >> of course the pen doesn't work. let's see. >> chimichanga. >> can i have the language of origin, please? >> spanish word. it is a tortilla wrapped around a filling and deep fried. >> chimichanga. we'll take a wild stan. c-h-i-m-i-c-h-a-n-g-a. chimichanga. >> yes! it looks right. is that right?
6:28 pm
chimichanga! that looks right. i don't hear anything but i'm going to say yes. >> what do i win? [ applause ] >> yes, he got it right. >> can you tuesday in a sentence? >> yes. [ indiscernible ] congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> i only got one this week. the spelling bee airs live this saturday on our sister station kbcw 44/cable 12 at noon or at website, coming up in the next half- hour, taking from the collection plate. a woman is caught redhanded. why police are afraid that she may have had plans to
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an update on our breaking news right now. the marin county sheriff's department and the chp are working to rescue two kayakers that were crashed on these rocks you're looking at, at dillon beach. live pictures right now of chopper 5 over the scene. we see the rescue unfolding.
6:32 pm
we're told that two people are stuck a couple of hundred feet down the rock cliff and one other person might be missing. a chp chopper and private helicopter are out flying look for that missing person. dillon beach is in marin county near tomales bay. we are follow the story and keep you updated on any information as it comes into the newsroom. a look at our other top stories tonight. san francisco's st. mary's cathedral dousing homeless people with overhead sprinklers in hopes of keeping them away from the alcove there. church officials said things were getting out of hand with hypodermic needles, human waste and other items left by the homeless. after facing criticism, officials apologized and said they would find a different solution. a bay area woman is in big trouble for a wild hobby. she collects taxidermied animals but the problem is, a lot of them are protected
6:33 pm
wildlife. now her plan to beat the system and have the animals shipped from abroad is violating the law. a woman finds herself in hot water -- we want to tell you more about this story. they say she cleaned out the collection plate, right? >> yeah. but the church might not have been, um, ethel hayes's only stop. ryan takeo with the evidence that could link this woman to several other break-ins. >> reporter: early sunday morning the alarm rang at trinity lutheran church in palo alto. a security camera took this picture of the female intruder. police caught up to 70-year-old ethel hayes not long after the break-in. >> she is apparently been very busy. >> reporter: police connected her to another burglary at the same church last month where she allegedly took donation money and they found out how she got in. police said they found stolen items on the suspect and a key chain with key after key after key. 80 keys in all. they fear to churches all over the bay area. >> she has been as far south as
6:34 pm
los altos. >> reporter: police think she got the keys when she went to churches for food giveaways. >> in breaking into those same places responsible for helping her and many others. >> i think it's sad that someone needs to commit a crime in order to get by. >> reporter: trinity lutheran member dorothy baker feels more sadness than anger. she hopes the burglaries don't ruin things for others in need. >> that's always forgiveness. we should forgive those who have done against us. >> reporter: as some find forgiveness, detectives are searching for more victims. they are working backwards starting with all those keys. police say many of the keys have the church's name on them so they will call the church and see if they have been burglarized lately and if that's outside palo alto then they will get other police departments involved. ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> police say they believe hayes stole expensive guitars and was trying to fence them.
6:35 pm
investigators are now trying to track down the openers. a 5-year-old girl and her mother were hit by a car while in a san francisco crosswalk. tonight, she is fighting toker her life. an suv -- she is fighting for her life. an suv ran into the girl and her 45-year-old mother near stonestown galleria around 12:30. paramedics stabilized them on the sidewalks after it happened and then they were rushed to the hospital. the 86-year-old driver stopped at the scene and is cooperating with police. no word yet if charges will be filed. real estate heir robert durst who has been the subject of an hbo documentary on three unsolved murders is now on suicide watch. the millionaire real estate heir has been transferred to a mental health unit in louisiana. s awaiting extra -- he is awaiting extradition to california after his arrest for murder but it could be a while. he is also facing gun and drug charges in louisiana. so far durst is a suspect in three murders but investigators say he may be
6:36 pm
linked to more. there are two cases from 1997. one involves a 16-year-old girl from eureka who vanished, the other an 18-year-old female in the bay area when she disappeared. there is a foundation that is set up in her name. the founder says the family is aware of what's going on but is shaken. >> they should' doing the best they can. it's not like they ever forget kristin. they think about her every day. and they have been going on with their lives of course. but you never -- they never forget her. i'm sure when they hear this, that they get sad. >> an update in this case. late today oakland police put out a statement about the kristin case. it says, at this time it has no new evidence to suggest that durst was involved in her disappearance. the federal reserve signaled today it may raise interest rates for the first time since the country fell into recession. they say this could happen as early as june. but the fed also says they
6:37 pm
think the unemployment rate can still fall significantly without triggering higher inflation. stocks and bonds rallied on this news. the dow jones jumped 227 points to close above 18,000. the nasdaq was up 45. the s&p was up 25. still ahead, giving young people a voice. >> how bay area grammy winner is lending his talents to kids interested in music.
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female announcer: right now at sleep train get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save hundreds on beautyrest. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. distracted driving is at an all-time high among teenaged drivers especially but wait until you hear about what they does. most understood the ricks of texting while driving but 27% said they changed their clothes or shoes while behind the wheel. some say they even did their homework. as far as habits go, girls are more likely to talk on the cell
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phone while driving. guys are more likely to look away from the road while talking to someone else in the car. well, he has worked with music industry legends. >> now a grammy winner is also helping shape the future of music. ♪[ music ]♪ >> coming up, how he is sharing his passion with some bay area kids. >> the kpix 5 mobile weather lab is live tonight in a clear daly city. you won't see that in july. but we are getting that in march right now. we'll talk about our weather watcherses program how you can join and we are talking about a chance of rain coming up.
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over the year marin county has been the home to more than a few grammy winners. elizabeth cook is here to explain why one of the them is this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: narada michael walden fills his studio time with work for his own band and producing music for top recording artists. but he still opens the doors
6:44 pm
marin county kids who might not ever otherwise have the chance for lessons like this. take a look. ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: he has worked with some of the greatest artists of all time, won countless awards including a grammy for album of the year. ♪[ music ]♪ >> i have always loved music. it's my passion. and i know the world loves music. and children need music. ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: when he is not working with the pros narada michael walden devotes his time to local kids who share his passion for music. ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: hosting them in his san rafael studio for lessons, production workshops and performance rehearsals. >> we call him our godfather. >> reporter: she is the executive director of peforming arts of marin. narada came to her 18 years ago
6:45 pm
wanting to help foster the musical talents of low income kids in the county. >> not only to give them their vocal training but also a chance to perform on stage with a lot of professional musicians. >> reporter: kids come know narada's studio anywhere from once a week to almost every day depending on if they have a performance. and this is the same studio where music leading edge ends like mariah carery, barbra streisand, whitney houston came to work on their albums. >> i try to instill the kids to love the sound that comes out of you, love what you do. and it shows. >> it was really just great working with narada. he is always smiling and always keeping you smiling which made it so much fun for me and performing was great. dancing and singing along. >> when you give a person real love, real care, what happens is they kind of focus, go, wait, i am good at something, i do have a talent and it blossoms and that real soul comes out. ♪[ music ]♪
6:46 pm
>> sweet. very sweet. >> reporter: for helping kids in marin county find their voices through music, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to narada michael walden. well, narada created the narada michael walden foundation to provide these hands on educational programs run by volunteers to keep the overhead low. the foundation also gives scholarships for teenagers to attend the academy of art university. >> i don't know who is having more fun him or the kids. >> it's a toss-up. awesome. >> liz, thank you. by the way, you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online. tonight, a problem with the postal service. it turns out there's a serious delay in mail delivery in the bay area. i'll have details on that and much more on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. time for a look at weather. we go back to -- i know with that is. that's westlake. paul deanno is live in daly
6:47 pm
city. hi, paul. >> reporter: you know what it is? it is clear skies, it is comfortable outside. it feels great. this is the second-to-last full day of winter. but it feels like springtime outside. we're in daly city t right by the olympic club and right by the pacific ocean. you can almost smell the ocean in the air. we're introducing tonight a new program called weather watchers. there's so much weather information out there, we want to use some of your information on our broadcast. one of our newest and youngest weather watchers is antonio who lives here, 13 years old already a weather aficianado. he is going to help out by sending us weather pictures and information. we would like to you join, as well. it is super simple. you go to our website, you fill out the form, and we will begin using your weather information on television. here's some of our weather information. a live look at the pyramid where we have clear skies outside upper 50s already in san francisco. 69 degrees in san jose. 72 still in livermore. it will get cool tonight. i don't want to call it cold
6:48 pm
but it will be cool. livermore down to 48. santa rosa 45. vallejo 49. big strong ridge of high pressure. we have had many this winter. we'll have one more before we turn the page to spring. it will get its closest tomorrow and that will keep us warm even a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow compared to today. it will be clear overnight tonight. in are you in the north bay or east -- if you are in the north bay or east bay valleys, low clouds and fog in the morning but sunny throughout the day and warmer than today. some inland spots pushing 80. friday we will be cloudier. and friday also we will see a cooling trend that will last into and through the weekend. high temperatures tomorrow still running above average. cupertino 78. hayward 70. san mateo 73. walnut creek tomorrow sunshine for you warm, 78. you're going to hit 80 in brentwood, 76 benicia. 65 daly city. that ocean breeze will keep you cooler as it often does.
6:49 pm
san leandro 70. lakeport 80. cloverdale close to 80. friday cooler, cloudier, rain staying to the north as low pressure bounces off the top of the ridge. saturday and sunday we'll have partly to mostly sunny skies but trending cooler mid-60s near the bay low 70s inland. it is monday when that storm come in. tuesday and wednesdayly partly to mostly sunny skies continuing. antonio says the highs today in this area were in the low 60s. give us your information. we'll be right
6:50 pm
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back to our breaking news. we just got an update on the search for those missing kayakers. the marin county sheriff's office says they have rescued one person. but the other person is still missing. we'll have the latest on and also tonight at 10:00 on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. i hardly remember the guy. i don't even remember his name anymore but he is back. >> dennis. >> it's great to be back just -- [ laughter ] [ simultaneous speakers ] >> hi, dennis. >> yeah. just in time for march madness. i'll tell you where you got to
6:53 pm
sign up to beat the sports anchors. huge showdown at oracle tonight where the warriors owners of the league best record host the atlanta hawks. owners of the nba's best road record. klay thompson won't be playing but neither will hawks sharp sooner kyle core ver will be out. the hawks won the first meeting in atlanta six weeks guy and tonight the warriors look to even the score. golden state has been nearly perfect at home this season with 30-2. but atlanta comes to town with that best road record in the nba. >> i don't look at it as a preview for the nba finals because in the western conference you just hope to survive in and advance and that's so far off in the distance. somebody asked me if i want to have home court over atlanta. it's like, god, if you could tell me right now that we would not have home court in atlanta in the final, i'd take it! we'll take it right now. [ laughter ] >> there you go. somebody's jacked out of their
6:54 pm
mind for the ncaa tournament. robert morris erase a 10 point deficit in the second half. reed puts them on top for good. the colonials beat north florida 81-77. their reward they play duke on friday. >> see ya! >> this guy is going to have to wait a year to do that number again. georgia state is back in the ncaa tournament for the first time in 14 years. so they are a little out of practice when it comes to celebrating. coach ron hunter broke his achilles and has been forced to ride a scooter around jacksonville. >> i fell yesterday. i'm not used to driving the thing, man, and one of my players said they wanted to test me for drugs. that i was drinking and driving. it's been a little bit of everything. instead of helping the 50-year- old coach that falls down and they're all laughing thinking it's funny. so i told them that's okay. as soon as i get healthy and conditioning starts again we'll see how funny this is. >> it guess better. hanson beat manhattan yesterday to earn the 16th seed in the
6:55 pm
midwest region. their reward? a matchup with undefeated kentucky and pirates head coach ed joyner admitted his team will need a little help from above to knock off the cats. >> how big of a mountain do you guys have to climb on thursday? >> um, hold on. i told you i had had jesus on speed dial. so -- hey, jesus? first of all, you can't play. i ain't worried about you being hot. fine. they want to know how much a mountain and what our odds are. hello? hello? [ laughter ] >> i guess he will get back to me so i'll get back to you but it's a heck of a mountain. >> jc isn't going to help them, okay? only 7 teams in ncaa history have been undefeated. now most ncaa experts say kentucky will be the 8th and one of those experts is in the white house.
6:56 pm
>> the chances are high. [ laughter ] >> and i'm putting kentucky in there. >> yeah. well, take a look at our picks: ken, veronica, and myself agree with the president. >> i picked rory mcilroy. >> maybe the masters in a few weeks. okay. paul is the only one who go bold and he is taking gonzalez saga. i like the pick. if ever gonzaga is going to do it it's going to be this year. but it just is not going to be against kentucky but if you want to take on the anchors -- >> you want to take duke just to make it interesting? >> i have a promo to do. the bracket challenge. challenge challenge. my promo is done. >> ken is taking duke. >> staying with kentucky wildcats. for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on our
6:57 pm
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