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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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tonight: the potentially toxic ingredient found in dozens of california wines.. including so what's really in that glass of wine you're drinking? tonight the potentially toxic ingredient found in dozens of california wines including two-buck chuck. >> tonight kpix reports a new class action lawsuit clainz -- claims some popular cheap wines may be made with cancer causing chemicals. >> the lawsuit is over. the fact these 83 wines have high levels of arsenic. >> reporter: the class action lawsuit accuses 24 california winemakers and sellers of knowingly producing wine that contain high levels of inorganic
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arsenic. >> inorganic arsenic is 500 times more toxic than just organic arsenic. >> reporter: some popular brands named include berenger, cupcake, and trader joe's two-buck chuck. independent testing showed the wine had up to five times the maximum the epa allows for drinking water. there are no federal labeling requirements to tell you what's really in your wine. the labs that tested the wines found that the lower the price of wine on a per liter basis the higher the amount of arsenic. i picked up this bottle of menage e trois mus -- moscoto. it had five times the limit. >> they're probably making as much as they can and get it out the door. >> reporter: winemakers often try to speed up the process by adding wood chips or alleged coloring. that's how arsenic could find its way in to wine
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bottles. it could come from the ground where wineries use pesticide. >> the lawyers say the goals of the lawsuit are to get the wines recalled get customers refunds and ultimately clean up the wine industry in california. tonight some streets around a palo alto senior apartment complex is still closed. they've been shut down for hours now. police are still investigating a grizzly scene. two men shot to death. officers rushed to the alta torre apartments after shots rang out. one victim was found in an elevator the other in an office. one had a semi automatic handgun still in his lap. the complex is next door to a jewish community center that was hosting an after-school program. >> the fire department got here first. they found a man down, an adult male. it was apparent to them that he was deceased. he was pronounced. the police arrived soon there after.
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we go in upon fire we found a second person. >> one victim in his 60s the other in his 70s. police say this was a murder suicide but they've not determined what the motive was. a rolling gun battle in oakland tonight. at least two men are hurt. there were several crime scenes including this one on 46th street. it happened right around 6:30 and police shut down three blocks. we're told one of the victims is in critical condition. no word yet on any arrests or suspects. governor brown can't make it rain so tonight he is pouring a billion dollars in to an emergency drought relief plan. >> it's not a partisan problem. the drought is a real problem. a hydrological challenge. we're going to meet it the best way we can by pulling together. this is a struggle. it's going to have to be something we live with for how long, we're not sure. >> your billion dollars will be used for flood control projects,
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water supply infrastructure improvements and immediate aid to communities facing dire water shortages and unemployment. this drought is showing no signs of letting up. >> absolutely zero signs of letting up. if anything, year four of the drought has made things considerably worse. the city of san francisco over a course of four years we should receive about 92.6 inches of rainfall. here's how much we have received. 61.5. that's a 2-and-a-half-foot lack of rainfall over the past four years. that's up to 50 inches in the north bay. the snow pack for the fourth straight year is measly. we're talking 10% in the north bay and for the entire state, it's down to 12%. this drought is quite bad. tonight oakland police say they've taken a dangerous sexual predator off the streets. miguel barajas is behind bars charged with sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy. it happened here on 98th avenue.
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the boy was walking home from school in january. police say baraja lured him away and sexually assaulted him. >> the braveness of a child victim to come forward and report this, the strong work of investigators to listen how this all unfolded and put together this investigation and have an arrest made is very good progress. >> police say baraja is not a registered sex offender. a man is in the hospital tonight. his family says he was attacked for no reason. the bad guys didn't take his wallet or cell phone. the victim's father spoke to joe vazquez a few hours ago. >> this is an extremely bad. >> reporter: rocky martin says his son adam has a broken neck and could get worse. >> if he turns too quick or moves his head the wrong way he could be paralyzed from the neck down. >> reporter: monday afternoon around 2:45, adam just finished writing his brand new dirt bike
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headed on a trailer. when he turned in, someone attacked him. >> one of the witnesses according do the police department said he had been kicked in the head a bunch. >> reporter: investigators are not sure what sparked the beating. was there an argument or a fight or was adam randomly attacked? he says he never saw the attackers but did see adam being treated by paramedics. investigators say adam is so badly hurt he hasn't been able to remember what happened. the only clue was a barely legible text he sent on the way to the hospital. >> he text his girlfriend some blurred message something about memorial and he got jumped and then she found that out. he went to the emergency room. >> reporter: police in adam martin's family believe there are witnesses out there. they hope someone will come forward and help solve the case. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> witnesses say they saw two cars drive away from the scene. a red mercedes and a dark sedan.
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a college student wrestled to the ground, covered in blood handcuffed. did police go too far? you be the judge. >> i'm shocked that my face was slammed in to the brick pavement. >> reporter: johnson's attorney read a statement while the university of virginia junior remains silent. his head scarred from his bloody arrest yesterday by alcohol beverage control agents outside a bar. >> three officers pinned me to the ground, pressing their knees in my back while blood flowed freely from the gash to my head. >> reporter: the 20-year-old needed 10 stitches. johnson is a popular student who was recently elected vice chairman of the school's honor committee. virginia's governor has ordered state officials to look in to the arrest. >> i think the investigation needs to go forward. we'll make the assessment once the investigation is complete. >> reporter: protests have
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drawn hundreds of people. >> there's been a lot of racial tension at uva but nobody wants to address it. >> reporter: uva junior alicia cooper says the demonstrations are needed to start a conversation about race and use of police force. >> because if we just act like everything's okay, we can't mover forward. >> johnson was charged with something called obstruction of justice without force and public swearing or intoxication. many of his fellow students say they don't buy it. some startling new numbers tonight on the state of race in america. a report by the national urban league says when it comes to social justice the gap between blacks and whites is 40%. one oakland city councilwoman is determined to change that statistic. she talked to christin ayers about her plan to create a new department dedicated to issues of race and equality. >> we need to demand what rightfully this community
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deserves. >> reporter: it's a novel idea in oakland. a department dedicated to seeing the city through the lens of racial equality. >> this department would actually train the employees all of the employees of the city in how to do that. it would develop tool kits. it would make sure each and every department of the city create a race and equity plan. >> reporter: everyone here tonight agrees with council member desley brooks. there are two oaklands. one wealthy one riddled with poverty and clime. could a racial equity department bridge that gap? >> i think it can work here. i think there's enough people here to make it work in the community and elected office. >> i think it's long overdue and i think it's sorely needed. >> reporter: not everyone is so optimistic. >> we're not going to never get anything straight, i don't care how many departments you build to try to make it better, it's not going to work. >> reporter: but brooks insists this is not just another
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program. >> programs won't change the systemic racism that exists within communities. we're looking at making systemic change. >> reporter: brooks estimates the cost to run the department annually will be roughly $800,000. the full council is expected to vote on this march 31st. in oakland christin ayers, kpix 5. a san francisco police officer accused of sending racist text messages has resigned tonight. michael robinson was a 23-year veteran of the force. he was once featured on the cover of the advocate. the department is looking in to more than 10 other officers right now and more than a thousand cases are under review for possible bias. janet napolitano will probably think twice before using a certain four letter word again. tonight she's apologizing for saying this. >> [ inaudible ]
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>> she was caught on an open mic describing a student protest during yesterday's regents meeting. today she called her choice of words unfortunate. >> again i'm sorry for using a word i don't normally use but so be it and i think we'll move on to public comment today. >> the regents are meeting to figure out uc's budget problems. only on 5 tonight chevron wants to clean up a contaminated site in the east bay. it's near this elementary school. so why are some parents against that? >> can you imagine someone eating these dogs? they're safe in the bay area tonight. the 6,000-mile rescue operation. my name is tony sartorio. i'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for twelve years. i have 3 kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible -
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not only for them, but everybody, myself included that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e because it's my hometown. it's a rewarding feeling. the chevron wants to clean up a big toxic mess in oakland but some parents tell us they're
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worried the cleanup could harm. da lin with a story you'll only see on kpix 5. >> reporter: this looks like any other parking lot but scientists say below it is contamination of groundwater. chevron is now in charge of cleaning it up. and that's what has parents rattled. a few blocks away at lincoln elementary -- >> i don't trust them. >> they really haven't done a lot to make sure that the community trusts them. >> reporter: the richmond chevron refinery fire a few years ago sent hundreds of people to the hospital. parents worry the chevron cleanup will send dangerous chemicals in to the air. >> my son has asthma, so of course i'm going to be a little extra cautious. >> reporter: chevron's plan, drill wells and pump air in to the ground. then use a vacuum to suck up all the petroleum vapor to a machine that scrubs
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the contaminants and releases clean air. air quality regulators admit a small amount of cancer causing carcinogens could escape in to the air. >> there may be a few fugitive emissions that would not be significant enough to cause health risk for the community. >> reporter: parents and teachers say any amount of extra pollutants would harm kids. >> they're still developing. their immune system is still developing. >> reporter: chevron is trying to move fast. they want to start the cleanup in a few months. in oakland chinatown da lin kpix 5. >> chevron sent us a statement saying the cleanup process which would take about a year, is safe. state air quality regulators could approve the plan as early as next month. a fourth bat in the east bay has now tested positive for rabies. this is the most cases we've heard of in years.
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simply no way to state that a system meant for eavesdropping people without their knowledge that was known only to the director and the vice president of operations could possibly be for our safety. >> in a statement the zoo's executive director says it is all about safety, not monitoring employee conversations. she said quote emergency monitoring on the zoo's new radio system was a vendor feature designed to assist with medical and safety emergencies. i was made aware of the radio's capabilities this feature was disabled. tonight a sad story with a
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happy ending. crews rescued more than a dozen dogs who were set to become dinner. right now they're recovering at a local spca. >> reporter: with a cheer 13 dogs welcomed to the city of san francisco and a better life all the way from south korea. the dogs were saved off a farm that was raising them for meat. >> as dog lovers, it's really a difficult practice to know that it exists. and certainly to have a place in ending it is wonderful. >> reporter: for many of these dogs the overwhelming experience of flying halfway around the world was only topped by this sad fact. they've never been out of a cage. so scared they had to be carried. >> i've spent my career working on animal cruelty hoarding
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situations and there's no doubt this was one of the most horrendous situations i've seen. >> reporter: with tentative steps, the dogs explored their new digs of san francisco spca, not knowing there's a future and it's certainly bright with loving owners not far away. >> those dogs are being evaluated now. they'll be spade and neutered and expected to be up for adoption in just a couple weeks. we're less than an hour away from the start of spring along with a vernal equinox. there will be a total solar eclipse tomorrow. unfortunately we won't be able to see it here in north america. there will also be a super moon tomorrow. that happens when the orbt brings it closest to earth. >> wish my brackets had a total eclipse today. we'll talk about that with dennis coming up in a little while. still no rain. >> we are going to be dry this weekend but there is some change
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coming. we'll see more cloud cover. rain is coming. >> ken has a smile on his face. rain is on the forecast. not for tomorrow . san jose, south bay, you're mostly clear tonight. prepare for mostly cloudy skies. by this time tomorrow. remember one thing from this weather cast, it is going to rain on monday. circle that on your calendar. maybe mark it down on your iphone. not tonight. we'll get a little bit cloudier. mild fremont 49. spring officially be gins tomorrow at 3:45. we have 42 minutes left of the final full day of winter. didn't feel like it for one day all winter long but winter is wrapping up officially at 3:45 tomorrow. changes moving in. high pressure very close to us today. temperatures near if not hitting 80. it's beginning to sag to the south and rapidly moving in we have high thin cloud cover. it will be filtered sunshine coming up tomorrow. not as warm because the arrows are coming back from the ocean.
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rainfall it will cross the california oregon border but will not make it here. friday's rain not -- rainfall may be a few drips. the ridge moves away even more on sunday and monday. that will allow the next storm to give us a hit. there will be rain out there up to a quarter of an inch of rainfall coming up sunday night and monday. you'll notice the increase in clouds tomorrow. not as much blue sky. high cloud cover. we'll call it filtered sunshine. sprinkle or two is possible tomorrow afternoon and evening. real rainfall widespread showers will arrive on monday. highs tomorrow even though it's cooler and cloudier, still running five countries above average. san jose 71. redwood city, 71. union city filtered sunshine, 69 degrees. still 67 in san francisco. mill valley tomorrow 68. napa 74 in wine country. lake port, 73 and ukiah 72. clouds increase over the
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weekend. notice temperatures slowly going down. on monday it is going to rain on monday. tuesday we stay cloudy. high pressure builds in next week. it's not a huge pattern change but any pattern change is a good pattern change. >> a little bit of rain coming. they tell me no one wants to breathe toxic fumes during a ma
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nail salons may be in the business of beauty but there's an ugly side to all that pampering, particularly for those who work in salons. veronica de la cruz on a new effort to change all that. >> this nail salon in burlingame has everything except a toxic smell. >> when a customer walk in to the door, they don't smell a lot of acrylic. >> she's one of 50 salon owners in the bay area now operating what are officially recognized as healthy nail salons. >> only certain listed ingredients we can use. >> for example nail polishes
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do not contain three chemicals sometimes referred to as the toxic trio. workers are supplied with gloves and masks. there's an $800 ventilation unit to reduce exposure to fumes. a particular concern for employees. >> they have a lot of rashes respiratory illnesses wheezing. >> even reproductive problems. the own r er -- owner says making the healthy choice has raised the cost of her service by a few dollars but it's a change they're applauding. >> i feel safer. i feel it's a safer environment. >> this healthy nail program is going on in three counties. santa clara will be joining later this year. the counties pick up some of the cost. it is being called -- have you seen this tonight? it's being called the most exciting
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day in the history of the ncaa tournament. the women are dominating the kpix bracket challenge unfortunately. if you weren't on the edge of your seat, you were out of it. tip-off, day 1 coming up.
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for the first time in a single day the ncaa tournament five games were decided by 1 point and a pair of 14 seeds busted a on of brackets. ron hunter ruptured an achilles celebrating their tournament berth. here's how it ended. >> rj hunter for 3. good! >> rj hunter, the coach's son hits a huge shot. his dad fell out of the chair. georgia state wins 57-56 and the hunter family got a moment in the national spotlight. >> i saw him canon ball off his chair. they knot to get him -- they've got to get him a chair with a back or something. >> when you get to do it with your son watch your son hit a
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back court shot, i can't tell you how i feel inside. that's unbelievable. i wish every dad in america could have that opportunity what i experienced with my son. >> they call fred the mayor but his iowa state cyclones didn't do the duty. blazers on top 58-57. under 30 seconds to go. they took a 3-point lead on free throws. under 10 seconds. didn't go. got the tip in but it's not enough. uav wins 60-59. not since 1995 have two four seeds won opening round games. welcome to the canc. lair -- welcome to the dance. larry brand back in the tournament. had a chance to tie, take the lead in the closing seconds. got the shot off. mur era is called for goaltending.
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a 3-point goaltender. seems like merrera did it before it hit the rim. kpix bracket challenge leaders, anne makovec and michelle griego. elizabeth cook is 2 points behind. lucky couple tying the knot at the air canada center. circles the net. he hits the wrist shot and the sharks go up 1-0. blows it open in the 2nd. the sharks take the lead 4-1 but remain five points out of the playoff picture with only 11 games to go. they haven't missed the playoffs since 2002. and that's the last time the raiders made the playoffs. [ laughter ] >> it's a brand new year.
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>> they went to the super bowl. >> they did but they lost to tampa bay and jon gruden. >> who was president? >> bush. >> we'll be right back.
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david letterman is next with matthew perry. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30 but a lot of action, march madness tomorrow. >> i wonder if matthew perry picked uab.
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>> of course he did. >> i think i did though. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the global seed vault in norway, it's the "late show" with david letterman! plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, your cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter's night david letterman! ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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