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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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it was a freak accident. young east bay mother crushed by 20 tons of gravel. tonight the twist of fate that put her in harm's way. >> the gravel truck tipped over on the woman's car on shell avenue in martinez at 1:00 this afternoon. christin ayers is outside the home where the car was towed away. >> it was towed away just a short time ago. martinez police actually reopened shell avenue after several hours. take a look. they towed that car that the victim was in. it was almost completely flattened as it passed by. it appears the woman inside never had a chance. >> reporter: a martinez woman's body carried away from the scene
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of a deadly accident. crackers told us construction crews were helping lindsey out of her driveway when a dump truck tipped 20 tons of gravel on to her car this afternoon, crushing her. >> that sounded like two cars went 80 miles per hour and hit head on in the intersection here. >> reporter: the images from chopper 5 show the extent of the damage. they tried to use a back hoe to rip her car off but that was too late. >> they determined she was dead. >> she really loved her daughter. a very caring sweet person. >> reporter: tragically lindsey's 4-year-old daughter was standing in the driveway and witnessed the accident. family members confirmed lindsey was 7 weeks pregnant with her second child. her brother robert combs told me it's an accident that could have been completely avoided had workers taken the right precautions. we learned crews had been working on these streets on a city improvement project. the work had been subcontracted out to private
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companies including greg's trucking. the owner told us the man who was driving the truck had been working for him for 25 years, had an excellent record and was on the verge of retirement. this, he said, was a freak accident. >> the wrong moment, the wrong place, the wrong time. >> reporter: cal/osha is now investigating why lindsey's friends and family grieve. christin ayers kpix 5. >> lindsey's home is actually on an incline. it's unclear whether that may have been a factor in this spill or if the gravel shifted for other reasons. those are questions osha will be trying to answer. christin ayers kpix 5. >> we checked state records and crockett trucking of vallejo has a license to haul nonhazardous cargo. mark kelly on the manhunt for an escaped prisoner. >> there's been a lot of commotion. we're near the hall of justice. near 7th and bryant right now.
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this is an escaped inmate reported shortly before 9:00 tonight last seen near columbus square street and folsom. he escaped near 5th and folsom according to these reports. here's what we know about this escaped inmate. the description is a 5'4" male, 165 pounds wearing only blue shorts. possibly only blue boxer shorts at this point. we're told that he escaped from deputies while he was being transported, possibly ditching the orange inmate jumpsuit that he was in which is why the reports are he was only wearing those blue boxer shorts at this time. a lot of commotion here near the hall of justice. we had a small brush fire 15, 20 minutes ago. the fire crews put out. that was taken care of. that's right along highway 101 the highway near the hall of justice. deputies trying to find this escaped inmate
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reportedly wearing only blue boxer shorts. >> mark kelly in san francisco. earlier today san francisco's police chief walked out of his own community meeting about police tactics. >> we've seen these meetings out for every officer involved shooting. the latest one of course had to do with tuesday's officer involved shooting but started here at the chevron station at pine, killing a woman by the name of alice brown. but people were not upset just about her death tonight. >> reporter: with the family of alice brown watching, san francisco police chief greg suhr revealed preliminary details. the official narrative that brown tried to back over plain clothes officers in a stolen car and took off hitting multiple cars and driving on the sidewalk before officers fired the fatal shots. that story was
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challenged by people who said they were there. >> it was like bumper cars. i was terrified. >> what you said was not true. it's not true . >> a crowd tired of officer-involved shootings were there to talk to the department. >> retire! >> ma'am ma'am you had a question? >> reporter: alice's family has retained the office of bay area civil rights attorney john burress to investigate her death. >> there are some suggestions that the officers had not properly identified themselves as officers and were plain clothe officers and thus them coming upon the car with ms. brown frightened her. >> reporter: the town hall quickly devolved in to protest. >> we were more in danger by the guns be fired. >> reporter: before it was cut short by chief suhr. >> we're going to take your information in the back. >> alice brown's family did in fact meet with chief suhr before
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the meeting this afternoon in san francisco. we're also told that they are going to decide whether or not to file a lawsuit against the department pending the results of their own independent investigation in to alice brown's death. a big scare for an elderly woman when a burglary suspect barged in to her palo alto home. what followed was a two-hour standoff on elsinore drive. the woman in her 90s and her caretaker manage today get out unharmed. police in s.w.a.t. teams moved in. >> the great news is he was safely apprehended and we've concluded this in a very safe manner no shots fired. >> the man was taken in to custody inside the home's garage. the man accused of trying to kidnap a girl on her way to school is under arrest tonight. and police say she wasn't his only target. the girl was walking alone on lone tree way in antioch this morning to deer valley high. she says the man
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offered her a ride and she ran away. after police put out the word another girl came forward. she says the same thing happened to her last month. a 21-year-old man is in custody tonight. three teenagers are also behind bars for a shooting outside elcerrito high school. police say a 19-year-old man was hit several times on friday. he is expected to survive. two 16-year-olds and a 17-year-old are expected to be booked on ait e.ed murder and conspiracy charges. police say the victim was. the first major party candidate, ted cruz, republican senator from texas. allen martin on the big announcement. >> imagine in 2017 a new president signing legislation repealing every word of obama care. >> reporter: ted cruz is already known as an uncompromising conservative.
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and today he cemented that reputation before an adoring audience at liberty university, which calls itself the largest christian school in the world. >> imagine abolishing the irs. >> reporter: cruz first stole the national political spotlight in 2013. his first year in the senate when he held the floor for 21 hours. it contributed to a 16-day partial government shutdown that angered leading members of his own party including senator john mccain who called cruz a whacko bird. >> standing for the constitution make you a whacko bird? then i'm a very, very proud whacko bird. >> reporter: a southern baptist, cruz is deeply religious and his speech today was tailored to his audience. >> i believe in the power of millions of courageous conservatives rising up to reignite the promise of america. >> cruz won't have the spotlight to himself for long. the republican field is expected to be crowded. names often mentioned include jeb bush,
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marco rubio rand paul, chris christie and scott walker. in the news room, i'm allen martin, kpix 5. >> tonight ted cruz is probably wishing he bought his domain name. lots of people are finding out someone else bought and this is the message that's posted tonight. according to mother jones an arizona attorney owns the website. as for the democrats tonight, hillary clinton had a private meeting with president obama at the white house today. the white house says they discussed a range of issues for about an hour. a bay area preschool teacher goes hiking with her boyfriend and the cliff comes crashing down on her. tonight her friends want to know why wasn't the trail closed. >> a crazy hit-and-run caught on camera. what happened when a california waitress tried to get customers to pay the check. >> you might be using it in your yard. the new warning tonight about
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tonight we're learning more about a hiker killed on the cliff collapse. a preschool each died when the cliff side suddenly gave way near the arched rock. chopper 5 flew over what's left of it today. mark kelly on how friends are remembering a dedicated teacher. >> reporter: friends of nancy blum call her mary poppins say she was an awesome woman who truly cherished children. ood the preschool where she thought 2, 3, and 4-year-olds for a decade closed, grieving her unexpected death. >> it literally collapsed.
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>> reporter: saturday evening at point reyes nancy with her boyfriend at her side was hiking the bear valley trail. it was here a well known lookout called arch rock where the trail beneath their feet suddenly collapsed, sending both nancy and her boyfriend plummeting 70 feet down a sheer cliff. nancy died before getting to the hospital says parks spokesperson john deloso. >> i've never seen something where the ground just collapsed beneath somebody's feet. >> reporter: days earlier when cracks started appearing before the trail park officials say they put up these signs warning hikers that the cliff side was brittle. >> the area underneath where people were standing was probably eroded. >> reporter: those who knew nancy were upset. they said warning signs were not enough. the trail should have been closed. it's closed now but far too late for nancy blum and the preschool that will have to open up without her. mark kelly kpix 5. a dine and dash turned in
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to a hit-and-run in southern california tonight. four people are accused of ditching their tab and then running over the waitress. it was all caught on camera. reporter lori perez shows us. >> reporter: the security camera video is tough to watch showing a car back up, hit maria, then run over her sunday evening in the parking lot of anaheim's restaurant. remarkably she suffered only a bruised lung and ankle. it's a moment she can't stop replaying in her mind. >> we made eye contact and they laughed it off and they drove at that point. i knew they weren't going to stop. i tried to move out of the way. by then it was too late. >> reporter: the 28-year-old wife and mom of two said the four diners seemed shady from the start. she said when they dined and dash, she told them to stop and to get their license plate number. she never expected what happened next. >> she hit me and i did fall ask i did hit my head. i think that's when i went unconscious maybe for 4, 5 seconds.
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and when i regained consciousness i remember feeling one of the tires going over my foot. >> reporter: she made a careful and return to work today to embrace coworkers who swear they've seen a miracle. >> we talked to her. we told the other employees if something like this happen, just say you haven't paid, just walk away. just let it go. because nothing is worth your life. >> turns out deputies found the four customers at a nearby motel. they arrested three women and one man on charges related to assault with a deadly weapon and skipping out on the check. check your freezer. amy's kitchen is recalling some of its frozen products containing spinach because of listeria concerns. the petaluma based company is voluntarily recalling near 74,000 cases of its microwave dinners like veggie lasagna. no reports of any illnesses. we have a link to the full recall list on tonight the world health organization has a warning for
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anyone who uses the popular weed killer roundup. here's reporter nick janes. >> on this ranch we used about five and a half gallons of it. >> reporter: dan silva uses popular herbicide roundup in his yuba city orchards. >> for sustainable agriculture it's a product we need and rely on. >> reporter: but roundup's main ingredient lyfosateis under the microscope. the study says it's probably carcinogenic. it says limited evidence the main chemical in roundup can cause non-hodgkins lymphoma and lung cancer. >> i think your larger agricultural operations that need it will continue to use it. >> reporter: and so will dan. he believes whole heartedly the product is safe. >> we're 108 years deep in to this business. over time i can
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see what we used. today we're much, much softer and i think roundup is a soft product. >> i think it's either politically motivated or it is an organization looking for a headline. >> reporter: renee pinell is the ceo of the western plant health association, a nonprofit trade organization. >> would you recommend that anybody stops using roundup? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: she criticized the study, arguing it has been widely studied for decades and accepted as safe by the epa and others like it around the world. >> i'll continue to use it and i'd highly recommend anyone currently using it as long as you read the label and follow directions, you are safe. >> reporter: in yuba city, nick janes, kpix 5. >> the maker of roundup ripped the health organization's report. it calls the city bias. some incredible pictures from yosemite tonight. take a look at this. this is half dome the year before the drought started back in 2011. watch what happens year after year after year.
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less and less snow. there's barely any this year. in fact the latest snow survey says the snow pack is just 9% of normal right now a 10th of what it should be. >> what's weird is those photos were taken on the same day every year. so you really get a feeling, remember snow, how deep it used to be. >> and that first one wasn't above average. that was just what should be there that has not been there for four years in a row. 9% of normal. a little bit of good news this morning. we had some rainfall out there. some of you in the east bay had a lot of rainfall. golden gate is clear tonight. we had rainfall earlier today. san francisco about .10 of an inch officially. a little bit more in san mateo and petaluma. danville you hit the jackpot. more than half an inch of rainfall. this is what it looked like earlier today. our cameras were out getting pictures of folks walking through the rain, folks driving in the rain. just looked good, smelled good outside and the air was clearer because all the
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allergens were washed away by that rainfall. more rain on the radar tonight. this is different though. it will stay to our north. ukiah, you may see a few showers but another ridge of high pressure building in. san jose, 48. santa rosa 49. remember this. forget about the rainfall. record warmth is coming. it will arrive by friday. microclimate forecast walnut creek, cloudy morning. 70 for a high. close to 80 on wednesday. you'll be flirting with the upper 80s close to 90 degrees coming up by friday. all because of this. same thing now keeping the rain to the north will give us the warmer or hotter weather by the end of this week. building ridge of high pressure. there's another wave of pressure moving in. we got the rainfall this morning. most of us will not receive the rainfall. coming up tomorrow morning here comes the ridge. sun angles higher. late march, almost april. big strong ridges like there was in january giving us highs in the 60s and
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70s. now in late march it gives us highs well in to the 80s. far north bay you may get a few showers tonight. perhaps santa rosa getting a shower or two. otherwise we get the clouds. by tomorrow afternoon the sunshine moves in. sunny and dry. record highs coming likely on friday. tomorrow the coolest day of the week. still 5 degrees above average. san jose 70. pretty cloudy morning with a little bit of sunshine in the afternoon. for antioch 70. livermore, 71. 66 in san francisco. sonoma 68. stinson beach, 62 . and you'll see a few morning showers in lake port. 67 degrees. then we turn on the heat. wednesday upper 70s. thursday, friday, mid to upper 80s away from the water. we'll trend a little bit cooler over the weekend as the onshore flow comes back. but once again a little bit of rain and then a lot of sunshine afterward. just how it goes this year.
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>> hoping for a miracle april right? >> my fingers are hurt. they're cramped. you get the point. a star studded affair in san francisco tonight. >> thousands of people turned out for the game of thrones season five premier at the opera house. >> what's the best part about playing tearium? >> well, his sense of humor and his honesty. that's always fun. because there's not a lot of honesty amongst these characters. >> cast members of the hit hbo show walked it had red carpet earlier. it was all streamed live on social media. so why san francisco? why not l.a.? mostly because of its tech appeal. we'll be right back.
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we have breaking news out of vallejo right now.
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police are putting in the word that a woman was kidnapped and is possibly being held for ransom. they say 30-year-old denise huskins was kidnapped earlier this morning from her home on the 500 block of kirkland avenue. her car was found later at another location. the fbi has now been called in to help. is the bay area still represented in the ncaa tournament? i'm dennis o'donnell. did the warriors get a glimpse of their future tonight?
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the stanford cardinal women are not used to losing nine games in a season but they're used to going to the sweet 16 and tonight had a chance to do just that for the eighth straight year. dawkins and ran --and randall warming up. the cardinal take a 4-point lead. thompson had 19 . that momentum carries over in to the second half. amber drives in for the lay-up. stanford's got the lead. stanford moves on, 86-76. they're going to get top seed
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notre dame on friday. in 1975 the number 1 song was "love will keep us together" by who? that was the last time the warriors won an nba championship. rick and his championship teammates honored at oracle tonight on the 40th anniversary of that title. klay thompson was back in the lineup after missing three games with an injury. 3rd quarter, warriors turn a 3-point lead in to a blowout. there's barbosa. in the time it took me to drive from the coliseum back to channel 5 the wizards scored only 8 points. harrison barnes to steph curry. golden state outscores washington 29-8 in that quarter. they win 107-76. sharks in canada's capital city. ottawa. facing the senators. 2nd period, tied at 1. 30 seconds after san jose scored their first goal. chris
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tierney scores. the sharks lead 2-1. 3rd period it's tied at 2. alex tips in the go-ahead goal for ottawa. senators score four times in the 3rd. what's going on with the sharks? sharks lose 5-2. fans celebrate. they throw am burgers on to the ice. san jose is 8 points back of a playoff spot. i have in my hand the monday night top five. the koala bears getting ready for wrestle mania this sunday. it's coming to levi's stadium. the bear on the right wins. at number four, the dogs' owner keeps trying to give his pup treats but the cog doesn't have very good mouth-eye coordination. at number 3 ashley watkins dunking on a 9-foot hoop. it's still impressive because she's a 5th grader and already 6'1". vanderbilt. is he out or safe? >> he's out. >> he's out.
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>> very good. north carolina and ohio state tied at 84. 5 seconds late. hits the game winning jump shot. less than a second left and carolina going to the sweet 16. sweet carolina. who was that, james taylor? anyway the nfl no more blackouts. no more blackouts. we
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david letterman is next with ben stiller.
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>> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. tuesday, 4:30. expect your ride here. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> alan: it's the "late show" with david letterman! plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and part insect, part superhero, david letterman!


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