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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news, this bay area woman says she was blindfolds, bound, and snatched in the middle of the night. tonight, police say it was all a hoax. >> denise huskins was reported missing from vallejo monday. she turned up more than 400 miles away. andria borba is in vallejo tonight. this is a bizarre story. >> reporter: well ken, it has gotten stranger by the hour out here, when denise huskins turned up in orange county, she initially agreed to talk to investigators, but then she clammed up and so did her
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family. >> if you can imagine devoting all of our resources 24 hours a day. what i would classify as a wild goose chase. >> reporter: the kidnapping for ransom story began to fall apart quickly after denise was located near her parent's house in huntington beach. the news she was safe led to tears and hugs of family members in the bay area. >> she was safe, uninjured. it was a best case scenarios. >> reporter: but investigators are saying the details do not add up. >> none of the claims have been sub stanchlated. >> reporter: the red flag, her boyfriend not calling the police for 11 hours. and we learned the ransom demand was a random $8,500. there was a proof of life audio tape huskins supposedly made
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while in captivity. >> my name is denise huskins. >> reporter: after promising to cooperate this morning, she has now lawyered up. she and family members are no longer talking to vallejo police investigators. in all, 40 detectives and 100 support personnel spent hours on the case. now, police say it was all for nothing. >> that is a tremendous amount of resources that in my opinion was wasted. i can sit here and apologize for all of us being regarded with our information. but i can tell you in the grand scheme of things, mr. quinn and ms. huskins have plundered valuable resources away from our community while instilling fear among our community members so if anything, it is mr. quinn and ms. huskins that owes this community an apology. >> reporter: now investigators say they still have a lot of questions in this case.
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two vallejo detectives are in huntington beach hoping to talk to ms. huskins. as for she and her boyfriend, they could face federal and state charges if this turns out to be a complete hoax as is believed by investigators at this point. we are told the fbi is looking to get a pin on why that $8,500 mark of the alleged ransom was released at that point. we still have a lot of questions in this case. vallejo detectives say they are far from over looking into this investigation. their there are multiple things that need to be looked into. live in vallejo, andria borba, kpix5. a solemn absolute in san jose tonight. fellow officers pay respects to one of their own. veteran officer michael johnson shot and killed in the line of duty. >> maria medina with some new details on how officer johnson was led into what turned out to be a deadly ambush. maria? >> reporter: and that is where
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scott dunham was standing when he fired on the officers. while we are learning more about what happened here, we may never know why. a source says scott dunham was found with a 30. 30 caliber high powered rifle, likely the one used to shoot michael johnson. we learned johnson was part of a handful of officers who responded to his top floor apartment on center after his daughter called to report her dad was threatening to kill his wife and himself. police, knowing he may be armed took their rifles out. while some officers set up a perimeter on one part of the apartment, johnson stood several yards from the suspect's balcony where dunham came out to fire the fatal shot. just to show you why the suspect likely had a better vantage personal injury, this is a similar view of what he was looking at. johnson and another officer had their rifles out and were behind their patrol cars when johnson was shot. all officers on duty responded to the scene including others from a nearby agency.
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officers went through kalim's wall to make sure dunham was no longer a threat. >> you can't force it down somebody's throat to get help. >> reporter: the suspect's family knew he needed help, but several of his neighbors said he was friendly and never showed a sign of violence. he was later found dead on his balcony. one of the officers with johnson shot and killed him. >> what we learned is that the courageous work of officers on the scene may well have saved other lives. >> reporter: and you can see a growing memorial here for officer johnson. meantime, we spoke to a couple of neighbors who said scott dunham would wave to him. he was talkative. soft spoken. one woman says it sounds cliche, but her neighbor was a nice guy. maria medina, kpix5. we are getting an yours truly of what id was like for officers arriving on scenes at last night's shooting. ann notarangelo on those
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chaotic minutes. >> he came out onto the balcony. >> male out on the balcony. >> gray hair. gray mustache. and black t-shirt. >> reporter: about 12 minutes after spotting scott dunham outside his san jose apartment, the first report said officer michael johnson has been shot. >> officer down. >> copy, officer down, officer down. >> reporter: nearly 15 minutes goes by and reports of more gunfire and the call to secure the area. >> we have multiple shots being fired. we are going to need vehicles asap. >> reporter: at this point, police called for an ambulance. nearly 45 minutes goes by for confirmation. >> officer is 1055. >> officer 1055. >> reporter: 1055 is code for send the coroner. soon after, dispatch gets word that dunham may also have been shot. >> shots fired both ways.
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officer down. 1055. suspect has rounds, possibly went down as well. >> reporter: the recording continues as police search for the suspect. they are warned there could be all kinds of ammo inside the apartment. at one point, people outside are considered in the line of fire and roads are closed. ann notarangelo, kpix5. officers from across the country and around the bay area are paying their respects tonight. officer johnson's colleagues hugged his family members as his casket was moved from the coroner's office to a funeral home in los gatos. these police officers even got on top of a fire truck to salute. tonight, flags across the city of san jose are at half staff. people have been leaving flowers, paying their condolences outside police headquarters all day long at a growing memorial. a fremont officer even left a badge on many by bouquet.
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>> officer michael johnson joined the force in 2001. he is survived by his wife nicole. kpix5's mark kelly spoke with a sergeant who knew him well. >> reporter: sergeant paul kelly remembers fondly the most recent to die last night. >> mike was one of the quiet ones. >> reporter: of quiet confidence. that is how colleagues remember officer michael johnson. about one year ago, he was promoted to field training ops. his duty, show new officers the ropes. >> what he loved was being a police officer. and teaching these young guys and gals coming in what he knew. >> reporter: kelly would know. he was johnson's supervisor and teacher nearly a dozen years ago and saw a good listener with a soft spot for the city he served. >> that was not mike putting up a front. you know. that was mike being mike and being the cop he knew how to be. >> reporter: the zartucci
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family never knew johnson personally, but putting his life on the line, they know he cared. >> that's a brave man. that is a man that cares about nerves. for that, i respect and i say i love him for that. and i thank god that we have officers like that in this world. >> reporter: officers tell me the focus now is on officer johnson's family and helping them to heal. in san jose, mark kelly, kpix5. and tonight, san jose police changed their website to this tribute to officer johnson. badge number 3718. well stay with kpix5 for continuing coverage of this story on air and on tonight, it is all up to the jury. did silicon valley's biggest venture capital firm discriminate against a employee because she was a woman or was she not as qualified? our phil matier says whatever the outcome, the case is having an impact on the bay area.
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>> there are lots of facts and pouts. >> pout. >> was she being punished being too feminine or not feminine enough? >> reporter: lawyers had their final say before the jury. >> gender issues in silicon valley have been a secret too long. this is opening up the underbelly of the venture capital world. it is more segregated than the high-tech world. >> reporter: suddenly, the question of sex discrimination has gone high-tech. >> there is a case this week filed against facebook. a class action against twitter. all gender claims. around 73% of the employees in silicon valley high-tech companies are male leaving a pretty big hurdle for women employees. >> reporter: as for the case itself? >> both sides needed to do, did what they had to do. that means when you are raising
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at a 50/50 level. just slight tip towards her. >> this is a ground-breaking moment for silicon valley and how the world sees it and how it can reform itself. >> and i think it is going after that sacred cow that everything, the high-tech companies do is great. >> reporter: phil matier, kpix5. >> ellen pau is suing cliner perkins for 16 million in lost wages and earnings and potentially million more in punitive damages. a video from a terminally ill california woman who traveled to oregon to end her life. brittany maynard's family is pushing for a death with dignity law in california. >> i'm heartbroken i had to leave behind my friends, family, and community in california. but i am dying and i refuse to lose my dignity. i refuse to subject myself and my family to purposely proamonged pain and suffering
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at the hands of an incurable disease. >> the video was shown about an aid in dying bill. it is only allowed in five states so far. a mysterious twist in that plane crash in the alps. word that one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit. >> this bay area woman says a jogger kicked her pet pug and killed it. tonight, why police say he may have had a ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> tornadoes strike in oklahoma. tonight, at least one person is dead in tulsa county. many more injured. the town of sand springs was particularly hard hit.
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a twister tore through at least 50 mobile homes. and tipped tractor trailers and trucks onto their side. take a look at some of the aftermath tonight on social media. roofs torn completely off. wood and metal littering the streets. you can see it left this woman's kitchen a complete mess. the tornado sheered this power line in half and damaged businesses nearby. why did a plane suddenly plummet out of the sky? reporter bobby cable tonight on the bizarre twist into the investigation in the plane crash in the alps. >> it is a disturbing development. >> reporter: cbs news aviation expert reacting to the surprising report from the new york times saying one of the pilots in the germanwings crash was locked out of the cockpit leaving only one pilot alone in the cockpit several minutes while the plane descended and crashed into the french alps. could it have been deliberate? >> that is one of the
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disturbing possibilities that must be considered. >> reporter: the pilot who was locked out could be heard on the cockpit voice recorder trying to gently knock at first, but then frantically trying to smash the door down. >> incapacitation could be on the table. however, this conversation of the shouting and the knocking went on for some period of time. at some point, it would make it for difficult for that to continue. >> reporter: in the u.s., post 9/11, a second person is always required to be in the cockpit when the pilot leaves but in other countries, that is simply a recommendation. >> in the united states, it is protocol that two people remain in the cockpit. that may not have been done in this case. >> reporter: now 150 people were killed in that crash. among them six crew members an three americans. bobby cable, kpix5. >> emily selkie was one of the three americans who died. they were in europe for a
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mother daughter vacation. a woman wants justice after she says a jogger kicked her dog and killed it. da lin on why that man may not face any charges. >> every morning, every night, i miss her. >> reporter: dog owner stephanie is still heartbroken. five days after losing her pup named nefan. >> she was a sweet innocent little girl. >> reporter: a jogger viciously and intentionally attacked her two-year-old dog. >> 14 pounds. she was nine inches off the ground and he was over six feet tall. >> reporter: it happened saturday morning. she walked her and her other pug mushu. a jogger ran in the opposite direction. the dog ran up alongside the jogger. lisi says that is when the jogger hit the pug once in the head killing her instantly. >> she was lying still on the ground with her legs stiff. i ran to her and her eyes were rolled back in her head. she wasn't moving and he kept running. he kept running away.
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i had to scream for him to stop. >> reporter: the jogger told police he was scared and only lightly tapped on the dog to get tout go away. >> there was no intent. they didn't make an arrest at the scene of the crime. >> reporter: animal control reports a small dog bit the man in 2012. lisi said her little pug showed no aggression and was friendly. all she can hold onto now is her pink collar. she wants justice. >> he has taken something from me that is precious. that i can't ever have back. >> reporter: da lin, kpix5. >> animal control officers tonight are taking care of a bear wondering through a neighborhood in tracey. they wrapped its head to protect the animal. a car hit the bear and then it climbed the tree. they used a tarp to catch the animal after it was tranquilized. a crowd came out to watch and
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cheered as they made the catch. the bear is okay and will be released into the mountains. >> a close call. >> yeah. not really close at all today. we weren't getting any rain. >> no, sometimes there is a minimal chance. it is to our north. it is in vancouver, british columbia. which, by the way, is still to our north. to is redding. >> geography lessons coming up tomorrow. the northwest territories is up there, too. so is the north pole. as ken just pointed out. we are clear outside at san bruno. we are seeing a clear mild night tomorrow. we are going to set a record high in san jose when we get to 84 degrees. remember that. we are talking record heat as soon as tomorrow. and 0 chance of rain. vallejo tonight, 51. fremont, 51. san francisco, 54. you will start your morning in san jose. 52 degrees. record heat here and also, in the sierra. forget about snow.
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any snow left will melt with 66 degrees tomorrow. at lake level. 69 degrees coming up on friday. very warm. even in the sierra. big ridge of high pressure. sometimes talk about that rain, no rain line. how close does the rainfall get. it was just to our north, 48 hours ago. no chance now. look where the rain no rain line is. up toward seattle headed toward vancouver. the ridge is here. it is strong. it is getting closer tomorrow. getting stronger tomorrow. tomorrow will be the warmest day as that ridge flexes its muscles and cuts off any influence from the ocean. now that the land is warming up, 80s and 90s to the east, it is time to talk about the wind direction. if it is coming from the motion which is 50s and 60s , it will cool us off. this is a change. a little bit of an ocean influence. saturday, significantly cooler. if you don't like it warm, just get through one day tomorrow and we will cool down. but we will be toasty tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. temperatures dropping as we
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head toward the weekend. look at the highs tomorrow. the record high, san jose, 17 degrees above average. palo alto, 83. san ramon, 80. 77 sonoma. 82, clear lake, 81 degrees. extended forecast, a couple of degrees cooler friday. look at the change saturday. morning clouds, 60s and 70s highs. and we will stay dry each day for the next week. zero rainfall the next seven days.
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with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> swallowed by a sink hole. check this out. dirt road opens up after a day of heavy rain and gobbles up a bus. and watch this. it pops out of a nearby river. luckily, everybody in the bus escaped. that is the last they saw of it. bye bye bus. car crashes are the leading cause of death for american teenagers. >> a triple a study found out tonight says distracted driving plays a bigger role than we thought we knew. the group analyzed 1700 teen accidents. all of them caught on camera.
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watch them get so focused elsewhere they end up veering off the road without realizing what is happening. based on this information, they figured 58% of teenage accidents are caused by distraction. that is four times the estimate of 14% by the government. >> and i have a 16-year-old. a pitch their comes at you both arms and big shots. or was it? for the right to play stanford
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>> college basketball up top. the eve of sweet 16 for the men. four games thursday, two, here on kpix5. one of the other teams was in action. today, an embarrassing moment for one badger to learn the hard way. one of the first rules of broadcasting. the mic is always on. >> gosh, she's beautiful. [ laughter ]
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>> did you hear that? >> okay, yeah. [ laughter ] >> questions for the student athlete. [ laughter ] >> old dominion, tied with murray state for the right to face stanford. here we go. >> he's got a shot! oh my gosh! oh my gosh! >> the long buzzer beater. and old dominion advances to the mit semifinals. stanford is next on fuse. by the way, the stanford women left for their round of sweet 16. they will face notre dame friday. baseball. you want to see something cool? not everyday you see an ambidextrous pitcher. this is as righty and lefty pat vindetti. for a pitcher who throws with
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both arms, his workload can be complicated for manager bob melvin. >> you have to put together his workday. and put it together for two different pitchers. throw a side session left- handed. i was joking he gave me vertigo the other way. i walked out a little bit dizzy. >> now depending on your demographic, there have been some great baseball movies. field of dreams, eight men out. the yankees took some production time this spring. >> sand lot. >> yes. to create another popular one, the sand lot. >> you went home and signed the ball by babe ruth and actually played with it? actually played with it? >> yeah, but i was going to bring it back. >> but it was signed by babe ruth. >> yeah, you keep telling me that, but who is she? >> what?
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>> what? >> the sultan of swine. >> babe ruth! >> the great bambino! >> oh my god, you mean that's the same guy? >> yes! >> yes! >> if i was holding the microphone, i dropped the mic and walked off. >>
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>> david letterman is next with
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james franco. >> the sultan of swat! >> ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from a restaurant supply store on the bauery, it's "the late show with david letterman." plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, pugilist with a honey of a haymaker. david letterman!


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