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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 17, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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nice job. >> thank you so much. >> fun filling in. >> thank you for watching, everyone. captions good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday april 17 2015 welcome to cbs "this morning." an ohio man is accused of plotting a terrorist attack on american soil. a former lottery employee accused of trying to hack his way into a jackpot worth more than $16 million. and it could be the biggest awards show in history. january crawford and luke ryan get us ready for sunday's academy of country music awards. >> we begin with a look at your world in 90 seconds. >> we're catching these people, but how many people are slipping through? how many people are plotting against america? >> the fbi foils a homegrown terror attack. >> prosecutors say he spent two
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months in syria and came back and told others he wanted to target anyone in america. >> the gyrocopter is on the lawn. >> it may provide an opportunity for law enforcement agencies to review their procedures. >> in iraq isis troops are moving closer to ramadi. >> if you drive them out of iraq, is iran going to have more influence than the united states would like for it to have? >> severe weather today for roughly 30 million americans anywhere from kansas to oklahoma and much of texas. >> they removed a passenger from a southwest plane after she tried to silence her snoring seat mate by jabbing him with a pen. >> screamed like a little girl. >> a close call for a driver in idaho who has a good smar than thank for saving his life. >> a semi trukt carrying honeybees overturn. >> no gloves!
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no gloves. >> big news from a galaxy far, far away. the new "star wars" trailer is out. >> chewie, we're home. >> scare for country music group lady antebellum when the tour bus went up in flames. >> and all that matters. >> oh, come on. laugh. >> just let it go. sorry. >> on cbs "this morning." >> he got the media's attention. he september a message i'm doing this because we've got corruption in government. >> a guy crashes his gyrocopter and people pay attention to this issue. and black people all this time we've been marching? [ laughter ] welcome to cbs "this
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morning." gayle king is off. an american citizen will be charged in a columbus ohio, courtroom, in a few hours in an alleged terrorist plot accused of planning to kill other americans under orders from overseas. >> prosecutors say the suspect trained with islamic militants in syria and was then told to return to the u.s. and commit acts of terrorism. david martin is at the pentagon with details of the indictment. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. abdi abdiram manshake mohammed wanted to kill anyone in uniform. he said he wanted to go to a military base in texas and kill three or four soldiers execution style. his backup plan was allegedly to attack a prison although he was still trying to recruit a second person for his plot when he was arrested. the indictment alleged mohammed
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traveled to syria one year ago, flying to turkey and then crossing the boarder to join his brother who was already fighting for the radical islamic group called al nusra. in syria, he received training in weapons explosives breaking and entering and hand-to-hand combat. but before he could get to the front lines, mohammed was recruited by a cleric to return to the u.s. to carry out an attack. >> this case shows you how much the world of counterterrorism is changing. >> reporter: philip mudd is a former fbi agent and author of the book "the head game." he says the trip to syria made mohammed more of a threat than the typical homegrown terrorist. >> the concern you have to have in this case is not only that somebody came home again after traveling overseas to fight but what kind of sophistication or training might people like this have received overseas. >> reporter: mohammed was arrested last february on state charges in ohio and held on a million dollars bail so he could not flee the country while the
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justice department prepared federal charges against him. >> the intelligence game is halfway through. that's the game that allowed us to find him and map his network. there's a second path we have to look at. does he tell you something that gives you clues you weren't aware of before? >> mohammed is scheduled to appear in court this morning in columbus, ho hoh, and his attorney says he will plead not guilty. if convicted, mohammed faces a maximum sentence of 38 years in prison. z vase nita? >> david, thank you. the man who flew a gyrocopter is out on bond this morning but he faces charges that could put him in prison for four years. jeff pegues is on capitol hill with how the pilot literally flew under the radar. jeff good morning. >> reporter: the department of homeland security believes the gyrocopter was flying too low to be picked up on radar. several u.s. agencies are reviewing their protocols after this stunt which ended right over there highlighted a
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well-known security flaw. doug hughes left the federal courthouse on foot. a judge had just banned the florida postal worker from flying. >> can you believe you made it that far? >> i did. >> reporter: when his gyrocopter landed on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol building it exposed gaps in security. the 61-year-old had managed to fly into restricted flight zones encircling washington, d.c. without being stopped. the federal aviation administration says it has been investigating how that happened. scott brenner is a former faa spokesperson. >> the faa is looking for your normal air traffic patterns flying up at 30,000 feet coming in approaches departures from airports. the department of defense is monitoring everything else and especially washington where we have very restricted airspace. that's a primary responsibility for d.o.d. >> norad says it has
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ground-based laser light which is typically provide a visual warning to planes close to breaching the airspace surface-to-air missiles and helicopters or jets make up the air defense system. but it admits detecting and tracking low, slow flyers is a technical and operational challenge. on radar they can look similar to birds or weather patterns. new technology called j-lens is being tested to detect smaller aircraft, but it won't be operational for a few months. >> whether or not our detection system could pick it up. >> reporter: congressman benny thompson is the ranking member of the homeland security committee. >> our systems of detection should have worked. if now somebody tells us that system does not pick up low-flying objects then we have to fix it. >> reporter: the judge banned doug hughs from flying anything and ordered him to stay away from washington except for his visits to court.
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charlie? >> jeff thanks. the white house will be upgrading its fence with steel spikes. right now it's a temporary upgrade. the national park service is considering permanent changes to the fence. officials say one proposal, to dig a moat around the white house, has been ruled out. an intruder jumped a fence in september, he managed to get inside the mansion before the secret service stopped him. >> i can't believe that was an option, to dig a moat around the white house. silly. the training of a reserve deputy in oklahoma who killed a man under arrest is under new scrutiny. >> i need you to roll on your stomach, now. >> taser. >> i shot him. i'm sorry. >> reporter: 73-year-old robert bates shot eric harris during a sting operation april 2. sources close to the sheriff's office tell cbs news that some of bates' training certifications were false filed. they allege three officers were pressured to change records to show bates received training that he never took. two of them were apparently
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transferred to other posts when they refused. severe weather is threatening some 30 million americans across the south this morning. my in-laws in amarillo texas, saw golf ball sized hail. the storms caused flash flooding in areas and forced a glass wall to cave in in a recreation center at sam houston state university. residents in western oklahoma said a tornado touched down last night. no major damage was reported. and overnight, heavy snow blanketed parts of colorado, causing some accidents. more weather is expected through the week end. >> this morning, iraq's military says it has retaken two key towns outside the baiji oil facility from isis. that's a major refinery north of baghdad. an official says at least 160 militants were killed in the fight. the extremist group released a video that appears to show fighters on the attack inside the oil facility. its loss would be a major blow. the video shows militants firing
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heavy weapons into the refinery. abandoned iraqi military vehicles burn nearby and officials warn isis may be close to taking over the city of ramadi to fight those u.s. air strikes going on there. those gains by isis come as iraq's prime minister wrapped up his first official visit to the white house. last night, i sat down with hider al abad diin washington and asked about reports he's working against the scene of coalition air strikes in yemen bombing rebels backed by iran. it doesn't help if you start bombarding that country. does it reduce the regional involvement in the country or increase it? it's obvious it will increase. >> it so you don't believe the saudi air strikes help the situation in yemen? >> not at all. in my opinion, it's an increase. >> so they shouldn't be doing it? >> yes, i think they shouldn't. >> he refers to isis by its arabic acronym, dash.
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he says iran is supporting the fight against isis inside iraq but not providing troops. >> if you drive dash out of iraq is iran going to have more influence than the united states would like for it to have in iraq? >> well getting support in terms of intelligence, in terms of a crisis, in terms of training and weapons or not getting support from any country, whether the international coalition or iran in terms of soldiers fighting on the ground are the iraqis. only iraqis are fighting on the ground. >> no iranians fighting on the ground? >> no. >> even though there are iranian advisors? >> exactly. and they don't fight. they don't carry arms. they're not allowed to do that. >> do they give instructions to the shi'a militia? >> well they give advice. now i have to be clear on this. if they are giving advice if they are making militias in
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iraq, they would consider this as hostile to iraq. >> he says there will be no additional boots on the ground and that iraq has not asked the administration for more troops. you can see more of my interview tonight on my pbs program. italy's prime minister meets with president obama at the white house this morning. mateo renzi's government is under severe fresh grur a huge influx of migrants fleeing africa and the middle east by sea. on thursday a boat load of clarissa ward sent this report from the scene. >> reporter: we're here with about 301 migrants. you can see them behind me and around me. most of them are covered in these emergency foil blankets. those are designed to help keep them warm because hypothermia, believe it or not, is one of the leading causes of death when it comes to these migrants.
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we went out on a search-and-rescue mission with the italian coast guard on board this ship and they came across essentially what looked like a small fishing boat from a distance. we didn't believe there could be more than 40 or 50 people inside it but it turned out that there were 301 people on board, none of them wearing life jackets with limited food limited water and, among them not only women and children but some pregnant women. the vast majority of migrants on this ship are from eritrea but i also spoke with some tunisians and syrians trying to flee the civil war. they're actually flying from turkey to sudan and driving over to libya because libya is where this problem is really starting now that there is so little law and order in that country. the smugglers having a field day and they just continue to push out thousands upon thousands of refugees and the italian coast guard have no choice but to obey the laws of the sea and to try
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to rescue everyone who calls for their help. >> that again was clarissa ward on an italian coast guard ship. police in sicily have detained 15 muslim migrants accused of throwing 12 christians overboard during another boat trip from libya. chinese protesters and human rights groups are speaking out against a lengthy prison sentence for a journalist. she faces seven years in prison. seth seth doane is in beijing. >> reporter: 44 journalists were sitting in chinese jails as of late last year so while this story is about one journalist it's indicative of a wider trend as the communist party clamps down on dissent. inside this court building today, gao yu learned she'd spend seven years behind bars for leaking state secrets. the 71-year-old journalist is known for her reporting on the
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communist party elite and was convicted for publicizing the so-called document number nine allegedly a government edict to restrict democracy, civil society and press freedoms. the last time we saw gao, her face blurred was in this confession broadcast on state tv. >> translator: i will admit my wrongdoing. >> her lawyer claims the confession was forced. a friend of gao's today asked how can exposing negative news be called revealing secrets? gao was detained almost a year ago. her lawyer tells cbs news she will appeal. chin knees journalists tell us this crackdown is very real and having a chilling effect on reporting. people are simply too scared to say anything that runs contrary to the communist party. norah? >> chuck do parksane in beijing, thank
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you very much. this morning we are hearing the frantic 911 call from the worker trapped inside a cargo hold. it forced the pilot to make an emergency landing. john plaquestone shows us the desperate call for help. >> hello, i'm trapped in in plane and i call mid-job but i'm in this plane. >> you're wear? >> i'm inside a plane. >> reporter: the frantic 911 call came in after a baggage worker says he fell asleep in the forward cargo hold after working a long shift and woke up when the flame took off. >> i feel like it's moving in the air. flight 448, can you please tell somebody to stop it? >> where are you in a plane at? >> i'm inside the plane. >> reporter: the airline says a co-worker called into the cargo hold and phoned and texted the worker's cell but when the baggage team got no response they assumed he'd gone home. >> are you at the airport? >> not in the airport. >> are you by yourself or with somebody.
7:17 am
>> by myself! please! >> reporter: passengers heard the man pounding on the ceiling of the cargo hold which was captured on cell phone video. >> i heard some guy i'm assuming he's an air marshal just suddenly say, you know we're turning around we're landing. >> the plane landed after 14 minutes, meanwhile, the 911 operator followed up with airport police. >> okay so i just had this guy call and he says he is on alaska flight 448 and he's screaming at me saying he couldn't breathe and he was stuck on the flight. >> okay so we are actually getting an aircraft landing right now with an alert where we think someone is trapped in the baggage compartment. >> oh. >> or something else. >> oh, my gosh okay. >> reporter: the man was taken to a local hospital where he passed a drug test and was released. airport officials say he's back in the job but as a contracted employee he's banned from working with alaska airlines. for cbs "this morning," john
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blackstone, san francisco. >> lucky that he woke up. >> can you imagine the passengers were just as frightened as the man hearing that banging coming from below? this morning federal health officials are warning of teenagers alarming use of nicotine-laced e-cigarettes. a cdc report found in 2014 two and a half million middle and high school students used e-cigarettes. high school students showed the most dramatic stretch. from 2011 to 2014 their use they want in 1.5% to 13.4%. at the same time cigarette use declined from 16% to 9%. star minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson has been reinstated by the nfl. peterson was suspended in connection with child abuse charges. he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor and agreed to counseling. off season workouts begin monday for the vikings but it's unclear if adrian peterson will attend. distraught parents identify their son after his mysterious
7:19 am
death near clemson university. >> that was probably the worst moment of my entire life because i can still see his face. i wake up at night and see his face. >> ahead, why >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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a former lottery director is accused of a former lottery director is accused of scamming a multistate lottery. >> the news is back right here on cbs "this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by macy's.
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the home of the dallas cowboys will be packed this weekend but not for football. ahead, the country music awards. jan crawford will take us inside. >> i like that twachlkt kelsey grammer returns with his broadway role and turning it into a family business.
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your local news is next. good morning. i'm michelle griego. police in san leandro are talking to witnesses after a triple stabbing at 8:30 last night at shilo's cocktails on manor boulevard. fight broke out, three men were stabbed. no arrests have been made. a teenager arrested for the murder of an oakland mother will be prosecuted as an adult. chyemil pierce was shot last month as shielded her children. julian ambrose is the 7th person to be arrested and charged in the shooting. he is 16 and will be tried on murder and attempted murder charges. police say they are looking for more suspects. stay with us. traffic and
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good morning. checking conditions in menlo park, the traffic alert remains in force just one lane blocked. another car just north of the willow road exit. you can see all the delays right now along the peninsula. so you're trying to choose between 101 and two two 280 is your best bet. another wreck this time midspan on the benicia bridge. backing up traffic right they at the scene. that's "kcbs traffic." here's julie. >> liz, temperatures remain warm today with slight cooling along the coast and by the bay. so temperatures near 60 degrees low 70s by the bay 80s inland. as we head through the weekend temperatures continue to cool. we have unsettled weather by midweek next week.
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♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> oh man! >> that gorilla in omaha's zoo had enough. the gorilla charged the partition separating him from the zoo visitors with such force that as you can see the glass broke. afterwards, the gorillas left the scene. there was a small girl near the barrier beating her chest before the attack. gorillas beat their chest as a sign of dominance. wow, charlie, what do you think about that? >> a lot different than the cuddling video yesterday. >> i didn't know that was why they beat their chest. >> as a sign of like a dominance. really? you've never seen a guy go --
7:31 am
>> you can try it now, charlie. >> what are you so silent about? you're leaving me hanging. i'm throwing softballs. you have to hit one. you have to hit one. >> gaah! [ applause ] >> all right, that will make the eye closer. welcome back to cbs "this morning." coming up in this half hour, a clemson university student dies during an early morning run with fraternity pledges. why his parents claim his mysterious death involves a coverup. plus they connect big ideas with a global audience. we'll show you how ted talks are changing the conversation in a preview of charlie's "60 minutes" report ahead. time to show you headlines. "usa today" reports morale in the army is low despite a six-year program costing $287 million to boost optimism. the paper stated assessments taken by the army in the last year, nearly 40% of soldiers did not trust their immediate supervisors or fellow soldiers in their unit.
7:32 am
52% scored poorly in optimism. >> sad story. the "new york times" says a group of top doctors is demanding columbia university dismiss celebrity dr. mehmet oz from its faculty position. a letter signed by ten doctors says oz lacks integrity for promoting what they call quack treatments. last year oz appeared before a senate panel accusing him of endorseing products that were medically unsound. yesterday columbia defended its decision to keep oz on staff. >> people forget he was a world class cardio thoracic surgeon before this stuff happened? >> and is still on the faculty. the "washington post" says lawmakers struck a deal on a bipartisan bill thursday to pave the way for one of the largest free trade pacs ever. the fast track bill allows president obama to finish negotiating a massive trade agreement with 11 pacific countries. some democrats oppose it and say it will end up destroying jobs in the u.s. the "san jose mercury news" says the release of the apple watch will be delayed. apple promised the new device will be available next friday.
7:33 am
now the company's web site says "the watch is coming." apple is still accepting preorders. analysts speculate apple does not have enough supply to meet the huge demand. >> does that mean people have to wait longer for the watch? >> i assume so yes. >> they're not giving a date anymore. it was april 24. now they're saying maybe -- >> some people saying it could be a publicity zblunt lislicity stunt. a south carolina couple is suing clemson university in a fraternity over the death of their son. sophomore fraternity pledge tucker hicks was found dead last september at the edge of a lake. his parents are still seeking answers. mark strassmann is in clemson, south carolina where investigators say their case is at a standstill. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is where the mystery begins, the bridge where tucker somehow fell to his death last september. 30 students crossed this bridge during a group run before dawn but only 29 of them came back.
7:34 am
>> it never crossed my mind that we would be sitting here today sending him off to college that he would never come home. >> reporter: cindy and gary have spent six months grieving the death of their son, 19-year-old tucker, a clemson pre-law student, was their only child. >> he was just always into everything, you know? he wanted to be right at the center of attention when it came to school. >> reporter: last september 22 three fraternity members and 27 pledges, including hips met at 5:30 a.m. the brothers and pledges at sigma phi fraternity. hips lagged behind the run and never made it to breakfast. at 1:00 p.m. they notified campus police he was missing. that afternoon his body was discovered lying in rocky shallow water. >> once they brought the body up from the lake and had it on the stretcher they allowed us to
7:35 am
come and look at him. >> reporter: what was that moment like? >> probably the worst moment of my entire life because i can still see his face. i wake up at night and see his face and, you know i have all the good memories of him, too, but i have that memory. >> reporter: a coroner ruled hips died from blunt force trauma consistent with a downward head-first falling injury. he fell 25 feet to his death but no one else in that run claimed to have seen it. >> how could 29 other kids lose track of your son? >> great question. >> the million dollar question o. >> that he goes for a run with 30 people and then suddenly he's off the bridge dead. that's ridiculous. we never believed it for a minute. >> reporter: did he jump? was he pushed? investigators say they've explored every possible explanation but have reached a
7:36 am
dead end. hipps' parents have filed two civil suits seeking $50 million in damages against the university fraternity and three of its members. those suit ace ledge there was a fatal cop on from station on the bridge. they claim text messages reveal the fraternity members ordered hipps to show up with food for everyone. he arrived empty handed and they allegedly were angry. >> we believe they know and are refusing to tell us. i guess you can call that a coverup. >> reporter: in a statement, clemson says it has cooperated with authorities. the school denies the allegations of the lawsuit but cannot comment further. sigma phi epsilon's attorney says the fraternity will search for the truth and added "the allegations have not been substantiated." clemson says the fraternity was guilty of a series of violations unrelated to this tragedy and in february it suspended the chapter for five years. the hipps family says they want two things -- the truth and change in the safety culture on campus. charlie?
7:37 am
>> mark thanks. sunday on "60 minutes" we go inside ted talks. they connect big ideas with a global audience. one of the most famous moments came when bill gates released mosquitos into the crowd six years ago calling attention to malaria. most speakers are names you don't know. their messages are drawing billions of views online. >> i'd never heard of ted and i didn't know what a ted talk was. >> reporter: but brian stevenson was exactly the sort of person that people at ted wanted. he was an attorney who had spent years trying to reform the criminal justice system. they thought he'd have a lot to say. he said yes. then he remembered a serious conflict on his calendar. >> it was scheduled two weeks before i had an argument at the u.s. supreme court so i told one of my young staffers somebody named ted wanted me to come and do a ted talk and i told them no and my staffer went crazy. they're like "what are you talking about? you have to do it." >> and what did they say to convince you? >> this is a platform.
7:38 am
you have to do it. everybody watches ted talks. >> being here at ted and seeing the simulation here -- >> in march of 2012 brian stevenson took the stage at the annual ted conference in long beach, california. he was one of more than 60 speakers that week. >> we have a system of justice in this country that treats you much better if you're rich and guilty than if you're poor and innocent. wealth not culpability, shapes outcomes. >> you're an inspiring person. >> thank you so much. >> the person who put brian steven son on the stage was chris anderson, the man who runs ted. he chooses his speakers he hosts ted conferences, and he decides which talks go online. >> there are numerous brilliant people out there and they come up with something really important. so part of the way we see our role is to help them make their knowledge accessible. >> it's a campfire in part isn't it? >> it is a campfire. someone stands up everyone's eyes are upon them they tell a
7:39 am
story. >> amazing. >> the response, it changes people's lives and changes their careers and really makes a lot of difference. i mean brian stevenson is on the "time" 100 list and has gotten attention and is an amazing man. he would have spectacular regardless but it helped him draw a lot of money. >> and that's this sunday? >> yes, this sunday on "60 minutes." how ted talks are changing lives on stage and off. you'll see the emotional connections they create sunday here on cbs. >> he's accused of rigging the results to iowa's lottery by uploading computer malware. how investigators say a lottery security director tried to scoop the jackpot for himself. and if you're heading off to work, set your dvr so you can watch cbs "this morning" any time. i met somebody last night who said "we were setting our dvr, we always watch you guys." we'll be right back. 'll be right back.
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this morning the iowa lottery is a former security director prepares to face fraud charges ways. they say a man orchestrated a scam to claim a million-dollar prize for himself. vlade year duthiers is here with a plan that that affects three countries. >> they it includes hacking into secure computers and sophisticated malware that vanishes without a trace. iowa lottery makers describe it as the strengthest situation they have ever encountered in their history. the winning hot lotto ticket was purchased in des moines by a bearded man in december 2010. but the prize wasn't claimed until a year later. less than two hours before the
7:45 am
jackpot was set to expire two lawyers came forward with the winning ticket. >> they said they represent add trust. they would not identify who actually purchased the ticket and so just as almost everyplace has said to us ding ding ding, bells went off. something's screwy here. >> reporter: after weeks of shielding the identity the lawyers gave up a staking to the winning and investigator got involve. they released a ticket to find out who bought it. the ticket led to eddie tipton, then involved with the lottery. >> investigators believe he purchased the ticket at the q.t. and later claimed the prize with the assistance of other individuals. they believe he tampered with video cameras and used a thumb drive to install malicious softway which enabled him to pick the winning number. he allegedly hired lawyers in
7:46 am
florida and texas and his boss robert rhodes. >> who would know that a ticket bought in des moines would end up in such an intriguing case. >> his layer claims he's not the man in that video. >> during that time period mr. tipton was clean shaven and did not have a beard or mustache or goatee. >> they say he could not have tampered without anyone noticing. his trial is expected to start in july. so far only one of his alleged co-conspirator co-conspirators, robert rhodes has been arrested.
7:47 am
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company. "star wars: the force awakens" opens in december. >> i love hans solo but chewie
7:52 am
is a favorite of my little ones. >> it's great some of the originals are in there, harrison ford and carrie fisher. >> george lucas sold it to disney. coming up jan crawford with your pass to the friends all ready to make some noise. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ ♪ 5 unique whole grains...
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good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. state water regulators will release statewide drought restrictions later today. governor brown spent yesterday meeting with business owners who depend on water. they are concerned the rules will force them to cut jobs. >> two san francisco fire hydrants used to battle fires after the 1906 earthquake will be painted silver today. tomorrow marks the 109th anniversary of the great quake. four years after he was attacked on opening day bryan stow threw out the first pitch at last night's san jose giants game. it's the first time that the 46- year-old former paramedic has walked in public. his two children were there to
7:57 am
see it happen. stay with us. traffic and weather in jus
7:58 am
good morning. it is pretty ugly right now in parts of the peninsula. northbound 101 we had that earlier wreck in menlo park. all lanes are open but it's done the damage. the commute is solid from mountain view. and again that wreck was just south actually of the willow road exit. bay bridge is clearing out early. metering lights are on and the eastshore freeway remains pretty slow from richmond into berkeley. but again, at the pay gates only backed up to mid-parking lot. that earlier wreck on the benicia bridge is cleared. mostly clear skies but we have dense coastal fog. temperatures outside right now in the 40s to low 50s. as we move through the day you will notice temperatures warm again today although cooler along the coast and by the bay. that cooling trend continues on into the weekend. then a chance of female announcer: get three years
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday april 17 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead, including the 50th acm awards. we'll go to arlington, texas, for a lockok behind the scenes. >> he said he wanted to kill americans, especially members of the armed forces. >> agencies are reviewing their protocols after this stunt highlighted a well-known security flaw. >> severe weather is threatening millions of americans across the southwest. >> you don't believe the saudi air strikes helped the situation in yemen? >> not at all. >> so they shouldn't be doing
8:01 am
them? >> the vast majority of migrants on this ship -- i spoke with some tune igss and syrians. >> and they say people are too scared to say anything that runs contrary to the communist party. >> they would not identify who actually purchased the ticket. ding ding ding bells went off, something's screwy here. >> i didn't know that was why they beat their chest. >> as a sign of dominance. >> you've never seen like a guy go -- >> you're leaving me hanging. i'm throwing softballs. you just got to hit one. >> bah! >> yay! >> i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell and what's your name? >> i'm the woman that makes you go like this. >> and vinita nair.
8:02 am
an ohio man is expected to plead not guilty to charges of organizing a terrorist act in the united states. >> he was arrested after alleged live traveling to syria for military training. the indictment charges he wanted to kill soldiers at a military base in texas or attack a prison. >> the parents of the youngest boston marathon bombing victim say this morning that the bomber should not be executed. in an article for the "boston globe," bill and denise richard urge authorities to consider dropping the death penalty for dzhokhar tsarnaev. they say "we hope our two remaining children do not have to grow up with the lingering painful reminder the defendant took from them which years of appeals would undoubtedly bring." >> a snoring passenger sparked a scene on a southwest airlines
8:03 am
jet that got one woman kicked off the plane. video from inside the plane at chicago's midway airport show as flight attendant after he confiscated a pen. she say the woman used it to jab the passenger next to her. she says he was snoring up a storm. >> chucklehead here fell asleep on the taxi on the runway pip guess his armed brushed over to her. she just went nuts and started stabbing him with her pen, he screamed really loud almost like a little girl -- >> only way to get attention. >> did it hurt? >> absolutely! imagine being asleep and then being stung by bees and waking up and going ow. >> a witness posted this picture showing the ink stains on his shirt. the pen poker was removed from the aircraft. he says he does not intend to press charges. he should spend some time with
8:04 am
carol ashe who was here yesterday talking about snoring. >> perhaps the woman with the pen could also just use her finger next time. >> yes, that's true. >> tens of thousands of country music fans will be in texas this biggest awards show ever. the academy of country music awards will take place at at&t stadium, home of the class cowboys. jan crawford is inside the stadium in arlington, texas. sheep has a sneak preview of the big party. jan? >> good morning. in just over 48 hours, this stadium, which is normally a football field, is going to host all the big names. i mean everyone is going to be there. but to get to this moment it took a lot of work. >> the first to test out the big stage, a rising star. cole swindell nominated for new artist of the year kicked off two days of rehearsal leading up to sunday's show.
8:05 am
>> that's the good thing about being a new artist sometimes. you're always the first one up. >> reporter: what was it like? >> my heart was racing. just to see my logo and everything, it was unbelievable. >> reporter: even veteran luke bryant sees this year's show as something different. >> to be in such a large venue, 60,000 plus -- >> reporter: or more. >> or more. >> reporter: he's up for four awards, including entertainer of the year. he's also co-hosting the acms with blake shelton. >> it's not a joke fest up there. this is a ceremonial very very important award show where we're honoring a lot of people and, yeah, get up there and be class acts. >> welcome to the tenth annual academy of country music awards. >> reporter: this year the academy of country music awards turns 50. to celebrate, the show packed up
8:06 am
and moved from las vegas to texas, where is comes natural to do things big. >> this show for the 50th anniversary will probably be the biggest award show in history. >> reporter: acm executive producer raf clark is expecting a crowd of up to 70,000 people. to pull it off the organizers had to take this state of the art football stadium and transform it. it took a month to build multiple stages rig elaborate lighting and plan seating for thousands. >> we're standing on the presentation area. >> reporter: posters mark where the stars will sit. in the front row, amanda lambert up for the most nominations with eight. across the aisle, dirks bentley with seven and pretty much every other country star taylor
8:07 am
swift, keith urban, jason aldine. >> that's the fun part of show business, just having moments like ah! we got to make this thing happen. it will be fun walking up there and making it happen. >> reporter: one of the big nominees lady antebellum had a near disaster here yesterday. one of their tour buses blew a tire and it went up in flames. fortunately nobody was hurt and everybody on the bus was okay and the band will be here on this stage rehearsing later. >> jan, i'm jealous. who looks that good in jeans and a t-shirt, blake bryan. >> thanks jan.
8:08 am
you can watch the country music awards here at 8:00 p.m. here on cbs. >> reporter: and which tv provider is about to let you
8:09 am
. a member of mensa is a member of mensa is linked to murder. >> i'm erin moriarty, $48 hours " -- "48 hours." >> a california beautiful who won jeopardy twice, did her husband try to kill her twice using nicotine? roll smoke. dissolve. hit it on.
8:10 am
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8:13 am
dangerous situation outside seattle this morning. a swarm of bees escaped after a semi truck carrying a load of money bees overturned on northbound interstate 5,
8:14 am
scattering boxes of live bees across the highway. >> that's unusual. a historic move in the cable tv business. starting sunday verizon fios viewers will get more of a say in the channels they want antd the ones they wish to skip. you still have to choose a basic package but it opens the door to ala carte. melanie hopkins joins us. do you think this signals a change. >> the days of on average 189 channels where you only watch on average 17 of them for $90 a month are over. >> really? >> yes. people have really wanted to skinny down that list. >> and was it hastened by the arrival of premium? >> yes, netflix, hulu they started the whole thing. it's a reaction to that. >> what will this mean for the cable companies?
8:15 am
some will argue they'll only charge you more for the individual ands. >> we saw with ala carte that didn't really benefit us. >> i talked to one cable executive and she said the party's over. when you talk about average cost, unbundling is not cheaper. some say if you unbundle espn on its own, it could be up to $30 a month on its own. even verizon is not suggesting it's cheaper. because you'll have fewer channel and per channel, they'll be more expensive when you really think about it. >> so who loses in this scenario on bundling? is it those less popular channels that are on the 800 that i have to go through to find my favorite channel? >> that's exactly right. those channels that have very niche audiences will probably go away and you'll see the big channelling really win. the winner will be the consumer
8:16 am
because they will get it the way they want it. they'll pay for it. >> will they hook us initially, though? so many of these programs initially offer these low rates then we're akiktddicted to it and it skyrocket. >> verizon are saying you get these basic channels and then you get these niche channel packs. >> congratulations on being time 100, one of the most 100 most influential people in the world. how about that? >> i have no idea. >> because you're so famous can you tell us what the new star wars is? >> i know nothing! >> have you seen it? >> i've seen nothing. >> i want to believe you. >> i swear on my eyes he's not seen it. he's going to see it with everyone else.
8:17 am
>> congratulations on time 100. you sit on the board of starbucks. i wanted to get your opinion on the race matters. >> definitely i would say it didn't go as we intended but it did spark a national conversation so that was a goal. but we knew the conversation was going to be hard. even though it's not written on the cups anymore, we're committed to making the community and lives of our customers better. >> are you surprised by the reaction? >> yes and no. no in that i do believe that we have some racial issues in this country that are very very serious and i've experienced them. yes in that i thought that this could be a moment. >> yeah yeah. >> that was disappointing that it wasn't more of a moment. >> yeah. i still think we will take advantage of this conversation and keep going. we have to. >> always a pleasure. thank you so much. >> investigators say a woman was poisoned by her game show winning husband. ahead a preview for tomorrow's
8:18 am
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8:21 am
the mysterious death of a california wife leads to the mysterious truth. she was poisoned. her husband was a genius. he won twice on tv's "jeopardy" but was he also a killer. "48 hours" investigates. here's a preview. erin moriarty reports. >> if you just look at this
8:22 am
case, you, this is a man who killed his wife for money, that doesn't tell you half the story. paul is a self-centered evil if doer. >> reporter: this orange county prosecutor has been on the trail of paul curry for a very long time. >> i see him as a cold-blooded killer who's gotten away for it for almost 20 years. >> reporter: they got married back in 1992 and almost immediately there were red flags. >> they had been married a month and she called me one night. she said you know mary paul wants to take a $1 million life insurance policy out on me. what do you think. >> mary was her best friend. >> you know what happened to linda? she started get fatigued. >> weak fatigued. she looked so thin. >> but friends thought they knew
8:23 am
what was going on. >> she was being poisened. she was ingesting something that was making her ill. is there something weird in her lipstick, in her fingernail polish? >> mary and other friends warned linda to leave curry. >> linda, i've got to get you out of the house. get you out of that house. >> but linda was fiercely loyal to paul and stayed but was dead within months but nobody knew why she died until the toxicology reports came back. >> she died from a massive nicotine poisoning, catastrophic levels of nicotine in her system. no, she's not a smoker. she doesn't smoke. >> nicotine poisoning, how strong is that? >> it's one of the strongest poisons. >> this isn't an accident. it's not a suicide. it's a homicide. >> still police had nothing to connect curry to the nicotine and it's taken 20 years to bring him to trial for murdering linda, and the case is no slam
8:24 am
dunk. do you have any eyewitnesses ever seeing him give her any kind of poison? >> no. >> is there any evidence he obtained nicotine? >> direct evidence no. there's no evidence. this is a hard case but i have no doubt whatsoever that he did it. and i believe i'm going to be able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. >> ooh, erin moriarty is with us now. earn, good morning. is that a hard one to do? >> well it's lethal, but usually if you give it to somebody, their body expels it. you vomit. this guy they suspect, paul curry, was actually experimenting and trying it for two years. what's so unusual about this case. he was a suspect before his wife died. people knew that she was being poisoned and he still went ahead and did it. >> very intriguing. >> thank you so much. >> you can want erin's full report "to catch a genius" on "48 hours" tomorrow night on cbs. ahead, kelsey grammer is transforming himself again, this time on broadway.
8:25 am
that's right after your local news. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 8:25. time for news headlines. police in san leandro are talking to witnesses after a triple stabbing. it happened at about 8:30 last night at shilo's cocktails on manor boulevard. a fight broke out between six or seven men and three were stabbed. no arrests have been made. a teenager arrested for the murder of an oakland mother will be prosecuted as an adult. chyemil pierce was shot last month as she shielded her children from a gun battle in west oakland. julian ambrose is the 7th person to be arrested and charged in the shooting. he is 16 years old and will be tried on murder and attempted murder charges. police say they are looking for more suspects. the bay area is gearing you
8:26 am
want for the warriors' first play-off game tomorrow against the pelicans. fans who stopped by oakland city hall -- fans can stop by the oakland city hall to sign a team banner to wish them well and pick it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master paying bills at depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
8:27 am
good morning, let's go out to the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on, traffic
8:28 am
is thinned out early. we never really saw traffic super backed up through the macarthur maze and all the approaches. and now it is just backed up to about mid-parking lot. the eastshore freeway is still slow especially between richmond and berkeley. you notice that drive time was still in the yellow but then it does improve a bit once you get past all that and at the pay gates itself. about a half-hour ago chp issued its own dense fog advisory. this one for the golden gate bridge. let's check the forecast with julie. >> liz, here's another look at that fog. this is the pyramid looking towards the golden gate and you can see why there's a dense fog advisory very thick fog out there this morning although it will lift throughout the day. temperatures remain warm today although slight cooling along the coast and by the bay. current temperatures right now, upper 40s to low 50s areawide. we see temperatures similar to yesterday, slightly
8:29 am
8:30 am
. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour kelsey grammar is in our toyota green room. he'll take us inside his new role on broadway and the story hient peter pan. we'll look back at 20 years of frazier crane. >> and a good samaritan rescued a man who crashed his suv and found himself teetering over the edge of a cliff on wednesday. a chain link fence prevented the vehicle from falling. 29-year-old jason pulled the driver to safety through the passenger window.
8:31 am
he didn't stick around for recognition. he went to work. >> a true hero. >> a report in science says when dogs and their owners stare at each other both pet and humans have elevated levels of oxitocin, it promotes bonding like the kind between a parent and a child. >> i know you believe this is true true. you didn't have to read this to -- do you stair into barkley's eyes? >> i do, i do. >> they do! it's like they're talking. >> and we've now been joined by his son. >> and what is his son's name? >> hemingway. >> of course it is. >> and what was his mother's name? >> stella. >> stella. i remember stella. "the washington post" says espn
8:32 am
suspended reporter britt mchenry over a video showing her berating a tow company employee. >> i'm in the news sweetheart. >> i'm going to roll this tape. >> maybe if i were missing some teeth i could get a job. lose some weight. >> she was upset about her car being towed. mchenry has apologized just yesterday. >> kelsey grammar's role as dr. frazier crane ended a decade ago but his fans followed him to live theater. he's back on broadway in "follow neverland." it follows the relationship between jay and barry and the family that inspired barry to create peter pan. kelsey plays famed producer charles perlman. we're pleased to welcome kelsey grammer back to studio 57. good morning.
8:33 am
good to be back? >> yes. very nice in town. >> this is a big harvey weinstein production. >> i guess. it seems like a regular ol' musical to me but harvey's behind it. he's very passionate very dedicated to his work. >> if you were coming to broadway, would you rather do a musical, drama or a comedy? >> you know what i wanted to do -- i did a revival about five years ago so my next movie was always going to be an original musical. so that's what i was drawn to. always wanted to do that. so i saw "hello dolly" when i was 8 years old, always been in love with it. >> this is not a replica of the film that people night be thinking it could be. >> it's loosely based on that. it's been expanded. it's sort of on steroids. you can only do this in a
8:34 am
theater, what is being done the stage now. it's just giant. i haven't seen that clip. >> i said to you earlier when we were in the green room, i said are you loving it or is it work? and you said -- >> i love it but it is also work. it's an extraordinary thing. i'm sort of the glue in the piece. i kind of connect scenes and there's a lot of emotions in the show, a lot of loss. it's a very powerful piece. it's actually the best thing i've ever done. >> i'm worried about you because you're losing your voice a little bit. >> i got the flu on stage last wednesday. i was standing there in the middle of the evening performance and i thought, oh dear that's not good. and i just had this rush go through me and a couple of days later it's hitting here and you push through it and you end up with squeaking out a a voice. but we survived and i've got a couple more days to recoup and i'll have a little down time.
8:35 am
>> beyond that does the singing come easy? >> yeah, i started out singing. i was in eighth grade and i a came into the room and said okay, all the boys in here are going to audition for the choir. and i thought why not and i started singing. >> there's a moment in the play where you deliver a line that's a reference to cheers. in the audience everyone went nuts. >> it's more of a take. it's liberally borrowed from jack bennie. it's like a little wink. you look for these all the time especially when you do shakespeare, you look for a way to bring them in. in this case it's so familiar i think they're looking for permission to acknowledge temperature once i turn to the audience, they sort of explode. they're pretty fun. >> the reviews are terrific the associated press called the show absolutely thrilling and a celebration of imagination. >> yeah. i think that's pretty accurate. listen, i love this show.
8:36 am
it's about heart, it's about love, it's extraordinary. look at the horse race nobody likes everything but only hateful inconsequential people don't like it. >> and good for the family. it's a good family show for people to go see. >> it is extraordinary for families. it's the best thing i've ever seen in a theater. >> you've done anything. is there any base in the entertainment world you haven't touched? >> well, there's a couple of things i'm still sort of sniffing around doing. i want to direct a film and i've got a couple of scripts. it's a labor of love and as you go through life you realize it's a very challenging role to play directing a room. it's exhausting. >> this particular play, there's a lot of physicality. >> you want a little wake-up, just do a play. i always do a play to get back in shape. >> has it been challenging to keep up with the rehearsal schedule? >> it's been a bear. they leave it in previews under the whole month and you can
8:37 am
reverse all day and do a show at night. once a show is open it's locked and open. >> what circumstances would bring you back to episodic television? >> great script. it's always about words and whether or not i think there's a life in it. i recently did a venture with martin lawrence that didn't end up going so well. but for him it was worth the try. i went back to television for him. >> you're 60 years old. >> yes, ma'am. >> six kids. >> and young. >> and your youngest is 8 months old. congratulations. >> thank you. >> so cute. gabriel. >> yes. >> some of your daughters are following in your foot steps? >> yeah they all seem to be interested. >> look at how gorgeous. >> that's greer. that's a month and a half ago. yeah they're lovely. >> and what advice -- >> they turned out okay so far. >> what advice did you give them? >> do what you love. find out something you love and
8:38 am
do that commit to it and work hard. >> that's the best advice in life. >> yeah. >> find your passion. >> i'm doing this right now. >> well congratulations. congratulations. >> thank you. great to see you guys. last time you were here for "transformers." we know that was huge. >> stanley just had a kid, four five months ago. >> my sister is sorry she couldn't be here. >> yeah me too. >> kelsey grammer, thanks. some of music's biggest stars will be on the stage tomorrow.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
. mary j. blige, usher and other performers hit the stage tomorrow at global citizen earth day 2015. their goal is to end world poverty by 2030. its online outreached has reached $16.6 billion in pledges. and hugh evans is here with deborah lee ferness, ambassador
8:43 am
and long-time supporter. hugh, you're relaunching this? >> absolutely yes. this is very exciting. is our online platform to encourage millions of new members to take action to end extreme poverty in 2015. 2015 is the year when the world is coming together and agreeing on a new set of goals to end extreme poverty by 2030. we're launching the unlock your power campaign today. the goal is to recruit tens of millions behind this new campaign. >> what does it mean end to global poverty? >> by extreme poverty we're talking about those living on less than u.s. $1.25 per day, useless suffering where a child would die for the lack of a 30 cent immunization includes food security health, empower empowerment for women. >> and you and your husband hugh jackman have been involved since the beginning? >> yes we met this young
8:44 am
whipper snapper when he was a waiter at the goal for the australian 2020. hugh introduced him to me and i thought he was amazing. >> i heard the tail story where he asked for a drink and you went to get the drink. >> he was wearing a white shirt. i just thought he was being very nice i went over and i said hi, how are you? and i went over and he said "could i have a drink?" and i said, okay sure why not. so i got him a drink and we ended up speaking for hours on issues of extreme poverty. the next day we all met up. >> and we brought him out to dinner. >> what are ways people can earn points to get tickets to this? >> tomorrow we have 235050,000 coming together on washington, d.c. with usher, mary j. blige,
8:45 am
train. so of the greatest artists of our time no doubt will be headlines this. but not just here in america but all around the world you can earn points. say amazing artists like one direction or pearl jam, amazing artists have entered tickets to their shows. go into global citizen, take action, earn points and see the impact of your action when we work at scale. >> that's really the idea. give people a chance an opportunity and a method to make a difference if they want to. >> absolutely. this is really a social economy for change. imagine that a points based system could motivate people in their tens of thousands, in their millions to take action unlike ever before. >> it is about empowering everyone to take a part. it's not like following the leader. it's like what can you bring to the table. that's what i love about it. >> thanks guys. >> saturday the rock star of outer space. we'll look at his own voyage and
8:46 am
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it's been a great week. thank you so much for coming. >> my pleasure. always a pleasure. >> we'll be right here tomorrow for cbs saturday. >> i love getting up early. be sure to watch "cbs evening news with scott pelley." you can watch us anytime on cbsn by going to
8:50 am
as we leave you, let us look back at the week that was. have a great weekend. every day americans need a champion and i want to be that champion. i'm running for president. >> this trip is designed to show she can connect with voters and doesn't expect a coronation. >> yesterday's over. >> rubio tapped that american dream theme. >> i announce my candidacy for president of the united states. >> the jie owe copter was flying too low to be picked up on radar. >> can you believe that you made it that far? >> i did. >> bates could face four year in state prison. >> oh my gosh. i'm sorry. >> there's no way an officer can get this confused. >> soul singer percy sledge died tuesday. >> guilty of murder in first degree. >> the ex-new england patriot was charged with killing a man
8:51 am
who was an ex-fiance of his sister. >> if you're going to yell at me, point at me. >> he struck not once but twice. >> they were coming in daily. they were workmen. ♪ give me a cheeseburger ♪ >> one of the epic performances in the annals of the sport. >> feels great. i plan on not taking it off for quite a while. probably sleep in it. >> charlie rose has entered the building. all is right with the world. ladies and gentlemen. >> hey gayle, you're on the satellite. >> i read you were named after michael jordan. is that true? >> that's true. >> maybe basketball is in your blood. >> you haven't seen me play basketball. >> we're now recruiting these kids for an nba tryout not to go to clchlk. >> iran basketball and norah.
8:52 am
that's a three-pointer. >> that's a three-pointer, senator mccaskill. >> it taste as little bit like seaweed. it has a potent flavor. >> beautiful. >> you had a package at home. >> we had long since grown apart. >> the youngest billionaire in the world. is that heady when you hear this? >> what matters is how well we do in trying to make people's lives better. >> they don't know what set the animals off. gorilla's beat their chests as a sign of dominance. you see a guy go baaaa. >> baaaa. >> yay! yay! >> in addition to that. >> all that -- >> you have that. >> -- and all that matters -- >> when you have a good feeling
8:53 am
you want a good feeling. you want to tamp that down. >> --
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