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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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whoa do you sound surprised? >> well yeah i know it is that time of year. >> did you watch the forecast over the weekend? >> sure. >> by it you did. i've got all my dvd and get you a copy. good morning, it's june 8th. he's michelle griego. >> and he's brian hackney. frank is sleeping this this morning. >> look who's back. >> oh thanks. >> from hawaii? >> where it was hot there. and i just kind of brought it back with me because we're going to see some of the hottest temperatures so far this year beginning when today. good morning everybody. numbers right now, very mild. in the 50s and 60s but look at livermore. it's 68 degrees at this very early hour. not much of a cooldown from yesterday. today we're going with an outside number in the hottest location of 100 degrees in fairfield but that will be surpassed in many of the well end land areas but -- inland areas but first good morning, lisa? wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza. no accidents but there's road
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work in a bunch of lanes along both directions of 580 in oakland and i'll tell you about it in a few minutes. all right thank you. and today, a heat advisory is in effect for much of the bay area. and by this afternoon, inland temperatures could be dangerous. ryan takeo is in walnut creek where it could be close to 100 degrees today. ryan? >> reporter: yeah, dangerous is right michelle. we're talking about some spots hitting into the triple digits. we're here at heather farm park at this pool because the swim team, they're about to start practice in the next hour or two. beat the heat. and get out early in the morning. now the national weather service. they have issued a heat advisory for this afternoon. warning the combination of heat and humidity can cause heat illnesses like heatstroke and exhaustion. forecasters say it's going to feel especially hot because temperatures recently have been cooler than normal. >> it's been cold in may and even part of june it's been cold. they really, really haven't even had any hot days. >> does that make this feel hotter today in. >> it does because we're not
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used to it. >> reporter: yeah, that was yesterday. it's going to be even hotter today. now really forecasters really want to get the word out because they don't want you to be surprised by this warmup. so they're giving you the same reminders, just -- it's -- you know, it's been a while since it's been this hot. same kind of reminders, drink lots of water and check in on relatives and neighbors and also don't leave anyone in the car. no-brainer stuff. but it's been a while. so any of that reminders. we're live in walnut creek, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> i always need the reminders, hot today. >> even my dog -- you have a dog too. my dog didn't like it yesterday at all. she has to be very mindful of your pet. the outdoor -- yes definitely as ryan said those reminders are necessary because we had an unseasonably cool may. a gray may and now we are kick starting this month of june unseasonably downright hot. good morning everybody. and look at this. we have the fog shrouding the coast this morning. working its way around the rim of the bay. we have visibility issues.
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could see vicinity limited down to about a quarter mile in the santa rosa areament it's 52 degrees there. otherwise just shy of 70. at this very early hour in livermore. san francisco is at 53 degrees. we will have a slight wind out of the west 5 to 10 miles per hour. temperature-wise, across the board a good 20 degrees above normal. 70s at the beaches once the fog does lift. 70s, 80s into the 90s across the peninsula. 91 degrees in morgan hill. but east of the bay this is where we will see some of the hottest temperatures. 104 in brentwood. tracy and also in discovery bay. 84 in santa rosa. we're going talk about how long the heat wave will last but right now hi liza. chp reporting no accidents. and it's not too late to beat the backup over here at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're still wide open leaving oakland heading into san francisco. now 880 in both directions, still looking good. heading to and through the
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oakland area, just keep in mind there's extensive road work at this hour in both directions of 580 and then more road work approaching the macarthur maze. a couple of lanes shut down until at least 5:00 this morning. so far not too much of a backup. san mateo bridge, traffic still looking good at the pay gates and a brief day as you leave the altamont pass. that's the kcbs traffic. guys? they find curry. curry ahead to thompson, knocked away. stolen by thompson and the nba finals are tied. at one game apiece. >> and they said it couldn't happen. and the warriors lost. the second straight overtime thriller in oakland but this time the warriors were on the short end. the cleveland cavaliers won to tie up to nba finals at a game each. the warriors staged a frantic comeback in the 4:00 finishing on the # -- fourth quarter finishing on a 9-2 run forcing the game into overtime.
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towards the end of ot the cavs took a one point lead thanks to this. the warriors got a chance to retake the lead but mvp steph curry put up the air ball. and golden state never got another shot. it was a rough night for curry who finished the game with just 19 points. >> mechanically, i don't know if there's an explanation for it. just didn't have a rhythm. and didn't find one the whole game. so i'm not going to let one game kind of alter my confidence. and i know as a team we're not going to let one game attar our belief -- alter our belief that we're going to win this series. >> with some of us, the gathering in san francisco was one of many warriors' watch parties held in the bay area last night. now the finals shift to cleveland, game three is tomorrow night. tip-off is set for 6:00 pacific time. again the best of seven series is now tied at one game apiece. a rollover accident in fairfield left three people dead and another seriously injured. it happened early yesterday
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morning near interstate 80 and the texas street off ramp. a car's mangled wreckage is all that remains from the accident. there were no other vehicles involved and it's still unclear what caused the car to ran off the -- run off the road. it was closed for several hours yesterday morning while the chp investigated. this was one of several major wrecks in the fairfield area on sunday morning. more this morning about how a cyclist died in san francisco. donald pickerton deveto was killed on friday night near mcclaireen park. his girlfriend says witnessens told her that d.j. slid down a gravel pathway and lost control of the bike then crashed into a police patrol car coming down persia avenue. >> it was just an accident. and honestly this is the way d.j. would have preferred to go. he would have loved to have died on his bike. >> the victim had helped organize a bike polo tournament just up the hill. it continued through the weekend. the president of the bike polo
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club says players believe that d.j. would have wanted them to continue the competition. a police officer in watsonville is recovering from a bullet wound to the stomach this morning. five officers were chasing a suspect saturday night and they were familiar with him from previous encounters. the suspect shot the officer and then was killed when others returned fire. the wounded officer is now in stable condition. a baseball fan remains hospitalized in serious condition after she was hit in the face with a broken bat during an a's and red sox game in boston. 44-year-old tonya carpenter was hit just above the left eye friday night when a piece of brett lawrie's bat flew into the stands. doctors do expect her to survive the injuries. the oakland second baseman sent flowers to carpenter at a boston hospital. a former stanford university swimmer is due back in santa clara county courtroom today for a public hearing. brock allen turner pleaded not guilty in february to five counts of sexual assault. turner is accused of raping a
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drunk and unconscious woman outside a campus fraternity in january. two men who were riding bikes saw the alleged crime and detained turner until police arrived. turner says all activities very consensual. today the san francisco sheriff will announce reforms to let children visit inmates alone. the goal is to keep parent and child bonds intact when parents are incarcerated in the jail. the sheriff says the reforms are the first of their kind in california. they will hold a news conference today at city hall. two beaches are closed because of the oil spill off santa barbara. ongoing clean-up efforts span more than 96 miles. and so far crews have cleaned up only 44% of the mess. up to 101,000 gallons of oil have leaked since a pipeline break was discovered on may 19th. the spill killed one sea lion
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and nine pelicans, and untold numbers of february. meantime the -- fish. meantime the company previously told the state that a break in the line would be highly unlikely. plains all-american pipeline also said its state-of-the-art monitoring could convictly detect -- convictly detect possible -- quickly detect possible leaks. authorities in upstate new york are trying to track down two escaped inmates. hundreds of officers from federal and state agencies are searching wooded areas surrounding the maximum security prison. they're looking for two convicted murderers who used power tools to cut through prison walls. they managed to crawl through tunnels and steam pipes and cattalo lock on a manhole. -- cut through a lock on a manhole. a hip hop concert erupted into violence and chaos over the weekend. hundreds forced their way into the hot 97 summer jam concert
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by hooping fences. new jersey state police and riot gear were called and used tear gas to disperse the crowd. some people who bought tickets waited more than three hours to try to get into the concert. >> they had everybody standing outside of the mall. and the mob of people you understand? they would not let us in, when i asked them what was going on, they said there was some sort of riot but they wouldn't elaborate. >> the stadium was put on a temporary lockdown while the armored tank was brought in forcing spectators to leave the parking lot. they are offering a refund now. leaders of the group of seven are seeking a common stance on climate change. on the second and final day of their summit in southeastern germany, meanwhile, president obama is trying to get the leaders of other g-7 nations to tighten their sanctions on russia. protesters have been making their presence known. walking a highway near the castle where the talks are being held. >> we have a little blockade on
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the road, which was our target. now we -- at least for an instant. >> the protesters see the g-7 as a club of fat cat politicians that have failed to tackle world problems fairly or democratically. firefighters are battling a 24-acre brush fire that forced evacuations yesterday in mariposa county. people got out of nearly 30 homes in a rural area west of yosemite national park. overnight the red cross used a church as an evacuation center providing meals and health services as well as the place to sleep. last night the fire was 20% contained. some bay area landlords have found a way to deal with skyrocketing water bills. kpix 5's mark kelly shows us they're passing the buck to their tenants. >> reporter: the ruiz family says the drought has them using less water in their apartment. >> my message is we tried to save water. >> reporter: water rates and
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penalties are rising as california goes into the fourth year of drought. now, landlords are beginning to pass the cost on to renters. who don't normally pay a water bill. but the ruiz family doesn't think passing the buck to renters will solve california's crisis. >> not agree to force people to pay more. i mean, in general. only the people who really have used -- the use of water. >> reporter: landlord matthew says when renters forced to fay their own water bill. they could stop conserving entirely. >> i'm going to use more of the water anyway. >> reporter: here in california many renters share a water meter with everyone in their building. meaning there's no way to know who's conserving who who's wasting. -- and who's wasting, to fix that they are looking into new apartments to attach a water meter to every unit. that way if the drought lasts at least we'll know which renters waste and which ones save. kind of set up where everyone was on their own meter, you
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think tenants would be more conscientious. >> yeah. i would think so. i would think they would because we'd be sitting on their doorstep every month. >> reporter: in daly city, mark kelly, kpix 5. on the ground, i told you stay. >> cell phone video shows the officer in texas shoving kids at a pool party. what led up to this shocking scene. >> and what is cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us at and we may come and feature your school or your summer camp on our show.
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right now, crews are mopping up after a fire on union street in san francisco. investigators say it started on the roof of the union street gold smith jewelry store around 2:45. crews won't say how the fire started but they suspect it was an electrical fire. no one has been injured. tropical storm blanca is expected to weaken to a
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tropical depression as it moves closer to baja, california this morning. but still, rains are expected to hit a wide area today including the resorts of los cabos, mexico put thousands of troops on alert. and is issued maritime warnings. the country's national water commission is warning of strong winds, lightning, high surf, and excessive rain. here in the bay area, the annual escape from alcatraz triathlon took place over the weekend. it started with a one and a half mile swim and followed by the 18-mile bike ride. then the eight mile run. in the end eric lagerstrom won and then there at the finish line. ashleigh gentle was the winner of the women's competition. no congratulations to each other huh? >> that is such an incredible race. three times i think i participated but the swim, you have five different currents and you feel like you're in a
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washing machine. if you notice the sky was very foggy and cloudy you're supposed to sight see from coit tower from alcatraz. >> they swim to the shoreline right? you can't escape from alcatraz. so obviously it's possibly. >> in a wet suit. well, people -- a lot of people do it without a wet suit. those are crazy people. >> in training and all that stuff. >> water temperature about 54 degrees. yeah. very cold. good morning everyone. did you notice the fog there yesterday? that will be the case again this morning. along the seashore and right around the bay area. so you see it right there. lining the golden gate bridge. we're currently in the air temperature 593 but where we have nothing but clear conditions livermore is just shy 06en # degrees at this hour. -- of 70 degrees that the hour, take a good look because it suggests at this particular time we have the great conditions along the coast and trying to work its way into the bay. we have that on shore push. it's very much like our june gloom typically experienced this time of year but the big
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difference is, we have been unseasonably cool for our entire month of may. so as this ridge of high pressure builds in today, we'll see temperatures soar to 100 degrees and plus that in many of our inland locations. a big shock to the system considering that we had temperatures only in the 60s well below average for a good portion of the month of may. then this area of low pressure, what we want to refer to it as this particular time is that's tropical storm blanca. as it lifts up towards california, it's going to be downgraded. so by the time it affects the bay area, it will be the remnants or an area of low pressure producing that slight chance of a thunderstorm late tuesday into our wednesday. but until then 104 at the state capital today and triple digits in fresno, merced, manteca, also 81 degrees in the high sierra. 74 degrees gorgeous conditions in monterey bay back in through caramel. keep in mind typically right around 64, 65 in san francisco. but it's said 76 degrees, going with 99 degrees in livermore which means pleasanton easily
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100 todayment many of the pockets like blackhawk and danville, perhaps 101. 91 today across the santa clara valley. there's the temperature today. many of the inland locations could be 104 such as tracy and brentwood and mountain house, where are you going to be today liza? first here at work be this morning's commute. good morning everybody. we're going to talk about the bay bridge toll plaza. where the metering lights are still off. and traffic is extremely quiet as you would hope for 4:49 in the morning. westbound traffic continues light across the bridge into san francisco. and do watch out for just a little bit of slow traffic. we do have a stalled big rig being reported now along the nimitz. reported northbound 880 approaching 29th avenue. this big rig blocking the slow lane. it may cause a backup in a few minutes in the chp doesn't clear it up shortly. on to the same sex marriage. that's where the -- san mateo bridge. that's where the chp issued a high wind advisory for the
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span. do keep that in mind if you plan on making the commute out of hayward bound for foster city. it's also beginning to slow down along the altamont pass, westbound 580 crowded from beyond the 20 # interchange and that stays heavy to about vasco road. no delays so far as you drive through pleasanton. and our mass transit scene looking good. still no delays for the b.a.r.t. system, or the altamonte commuter express. that's a look at kcbs traffic. guys? all right thank you. a police officer in suburban dallas is on leave after allegations of excessive force. the incident happened at a teen pool party on friday night. and as mark cal bert shows -- albert shows us it was captured on video. >> get on the ground. i told you stay. >> reporter: this cell phone video posted on youtube shows officers responding to a disturbance call friday of teenagers refusing to leave a community pool near dallas. an officer can be seen pushing a 14-year-old girl in a swimsuit to the ground. then pulling his gun on a group trying to intervene. [ screaming ]
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the officer later kneels on her back. greg connelly is the chief of police. >> it's something we're going to have to look into to determine you know, what we're training as far as the officers and their reaction on this scene. >> reporter: police said they made one arrest of an 18-year- old man held on two misdemeanors. he was released sunday. eyra that rhodes is friends with the girl seen being pushed to the ground by the officer. >> she seen that he was arresting people for no reason. so she stated that this wasn't right. >> reporter: residents were split on whether they thought police targeted the mostly african-american teenagers. >> these are children. they got to be able to handle things in a better manner than this. >> i do believe that he was trying to restore order. you know, i don't think that was anything malicious. >> reporter: police did not say how long their investigation would take. mark albert for cbs news. >> police say they are not aware of any injuries besides the 18-year-old who was arrested and then released. everyone else was turned over to a parent or guardian.
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time now is nine minutes before 5:00. steph curry, lebron james, weren't the only ones taking the spotlight durning last night's nba finals game. why this fan had the crowd
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good morning everybody. it is monday, it is 5:54 and take a look at the typical average high temperatures this time of year. 11, 11 degrees above average in san francisco. we'll top off today across the santa clara county in the low 90s. the abundance of sunshine and a heat advisory in itfect east of the -- effect east of the bay today. 104 in brentwood and we're talking easily into the 80s
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with sunshine today. north of the golden gate bridge. 82 degrees in petaluma and good morning yucaipa, you will top off at 100 degrees. and we're looking at a slow commute once again this morning. for all those drivers approaching the altamont pass. you're going to see the brake lights from the 205 interchange to vasco. i'll have a complete look at the drive into work in just a few minutes. two days after winning the triple crown, american pharoah shows no sign of racing into retirement. he's slated to run a few more races this year. yesterday, the belmont stakes legend arrived home to adoring fans in louisville, kentucky. he was given celebrity treatment with a police escort from the airport. about 100 ecstatic fans came to welcome him home. pharaoh is the first horse in 37 years to win the triple crown. well, here's a choice that very few people ever have to make. which ivy league school to attend? after being accepted by all of
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them? fernando rojas of fullerton ultimately settled on yale. it was the first of the eight schools that accepted him. he graduated high school with a 4.8 gpa. secret to his success is deceptively simple. >> when teachers let you choose your seats, you sit on the front row no matter what, i don't care. it's like osmosis or somebody. like everything just sticks to you and you'll learn. i promise. >> that's what i didn't do. >> that's your problem. >> maybe a little bit more than sitting in the front row. he attributes his work ethic to his parents who are mexican immigrants and yale charges about $64,000 a year for tuition. but he'll just have to come up with about $6,000 because scholarships and grants will pick up the rest. so good for him. >> good for him. >> great yeah. here's a highlight you didn't see during tv coverage of last night's nba finals became in oakland. >> the warriors didn't win the game but a fan from san jose won a new car.
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>> brand new beamer does he get it? yes! >> wow. [ cheering and applause ] >> isn't that amazing? can you do something like that brian? >> of course for a bmw i'd try. >> you would try yes, jason had one chance to sink the shot and he nailed it for a new bmw. and the warriors did post a congratulatory message on twitter. they said quote -- your friends will never question your long- range game again. enjoy your bmwi 3. >> he got the i 3. >> he deserved it after that shot. three minutes now before 5:00. it's time for the return of the nerds. apple is hosting their annual worldwide developers' conference in san francisco today. a big announcement is expected no doubt to make more money for apple. rumors are it has to do with music. >> reporter: and good morning, i'm ryan takeo live in walnut creek, no june gloom today. in fact, it's one of the hottest days of the year. that's what we're expecting. coming up why
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good morning, it is monday, june 8th. the birthdays of a musical odd couple really. kanye west turns 38 today. and nancy sinatra turns 75. >> oh. >> these boots are made for walking. >> i'm impressed you knew kanye west's birthday. >> he sends me a card. >> he does really? i bet. perfect. you're a big fan aren't you? good morning. it is monday, i'm michelle griego. >> it's also judge 8th. i'm brian hackney -- june 8th. i'm brian hackney, frank is that you have morning and a look at -- off this morning and a look at weather and traffic and first the headline of the day. >> i want to know your favorite kanye west song. >> these boots are made for walking. he should do a version of that. >> all right good morn


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