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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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heat. steve says he actually enjoys it. >> it brings back memories of oklahoma city. it's going to get hotter and a lot more hotter. >> for the rest of us. >> the second you get out of your car it's hot and you're just ready to cool off so we're heading to the pool later so that will be a nice little treat for us. >> and in the meantime, lisa and her son are treating themselves to an ice cream on a day that screams out for it. >> reporter: now not surprisingly the hotter it's gotten today the more popular this fountain has become. we see several dozen kids enjoying themselves so thankfully the weather is supposed to cool off at least a little bit in the next couple days. in livermore, kpix 5. >> let's get to paul and the hottest day of the year, but not everywhere. >> it's, a amazing. we had a 50 degrees temperature spread. danville and livermore 104 degrees today. what happened in may?
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now we're 104. napa 103 healsburg 102. hayward coming in at 93 degrees. where it was not hot daily city 57 for a high, golden state park, san francisco 61. the sea ranch had a high of 64. emeryville 66, and berkeley, 71 degrees. the common theme there obviously is anywhere near the coast or the bay was much cooler. how about this for perspective it was warmer in san jose today at lunchtime 86 degrees then it was at any point in time for the entire month of may. the warmest day in may was 84. lunchtime today in san jose, 86. everywhere away from the water continues with the heat advisory. until 8:00 this evening it's not going to cool off that much and feel uncomfortable throughout the evening but not tomorrow. your weather headlines we stay warm this evening but the onshore flow comes back tonight. the heat wave is done. it will not be there on tuesday so we'll talk specific business how much we cool down coming up
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in my full forecast in about ten minutes. all right. thank you paul. and today's heat may be partially to blame for the mess. the 6-hour lane closure caused a traffic nightmare. what exactly are we talking about here? >> what a mess veronica, westbound lanes near san quintin in marin county, here's another look at the traffic situation in the area. cars are moving but it was a much-different story as drivers were forced to get by on the shoulder of the road.nue to look at that view from chopper five here's what happened. traffic was backed up all the way across richmond, san raphael bridge. in may diesel fuel was spilled and some of the it soaked into the asphalt and soaked it all
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up. cal trans says the heat reacted with that left over fuel to cause the roadway to deteriorate. 9:30 they knew that had a problem and had to call for emergency repairs. it took a little longer than expected but again all lanes are open. everybody that was stuck in that traffic in the nice toasty weather is probably on their way home now. live in the newsroom, kpix 5. >> all right ken. it was so hot at 6:00 this morning when this house fire erupted in san jose, steam was coming off this firefighter's head. on days like this, fire crews are warned to drink plenty of water, investigators think the fire on elpaseo drive started from an electrical short in bathroom fan. no reported injuries. san jose firefighters are getting their first raise in years. lynn ramirez with the city's big playfor public safety, lynn. >> on a -- play for public safety, lynn. >> everyone is thankful for the
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fire department. i can tell you firefighters have not always felt very appreciated in san jose. some of that is due to the budget and the economy a few years back but a lot of had it to do with the leadership at city hall. all of that has exchanged. for san jose firefighters there's there's agreement with the city. the four-year deal signed gives firefighters their first raise in seven years. they'll get a 14% increase between now and 2018 and may reverse the trend of firefighters going to other cities. >> the huge significant provides stability. the big thing we wanted to do is to make sure that firefighters don't continue to leave city service. the relationship between firefighters and the city of san jose has been strained for years because of the lack of a contract and budget cutbacks
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forcing staffing shortages and even the closure of fire stations. but changes in the economy and changes at city hall and union leadership help breakthrough the bitter feelings. >> what we saw this year from the fire union leadership, was a real strong sentiment towards working constructively to finding a way to be able to restore pay that our firefighters deserve and doing it within our means. and i think as a result, we are able to reach an agreement faster than we were with any of our 11 bargaining units. there is a lot of work left to do between the city of san jose and its other units which is worse than the firefighters were. it's hoping good vieps that are coming out of this agreement will spread to those other unions. -- vibes that are coming out of this agreement will spread to the other unions. kpix 5. >> firefighter ship and the city
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will begin solving other cities including staffing little shortages and the closure of certainly fire stations. ray mcdonald just lost a round in court. a california judge dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed against a woman who accused him of rape. the woman claims he sexual assaulted her at her home last december. mcdonald says the sex was consensual. the judge said he couldn't prove it to anyone other than to law enforcement. and chp says 16-year-old angelica contreras was watching friends race in cloverdale when one of those drivers lost control and the impact through her 150 feet. nobody apparently realized she was missing until the next
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morning. a bicyclist spotted her body on the banks of the russian river. the da will investigate if the driver will face any charges. the da will face two controversial gun laws in san francisco. the measures are opposed by the nra, requiring handgun owners to keep their guns locked and bans the second of hollow point bullets that expand on impact. clearance thomas decented saying the laws -- descented say violate civil rights laws. and hog was found sleeping in a carrot -- car on lake shower 580. police tried for an hour to wake him up. they fired beanbag rounds eventually breaking the driver's side window.
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police say hog was combative. one officer fired a taser another fired his gun. investigators are interviewing witnesses, reviewing body camera footage and surveillance video. a grand jury has indicted a former south carolina police officer in the murder of an unarmed black man. the april shooting was caught on cell phone video. michael slager fired eight times at walter scott as he ran away following a routine traffic stop. the shooting fueled nationwide tensions over brace brutality. and a texas officer is under investigation in the dallas suburb of mckinney. it shows a white officer dragging a 14-year-old black teenager to the ground. the officer pulls out his gun earlier seen cursing as he tries to round them up. the girl thinks the recover targeted blacks. >> honestly, it was about race
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because they mostly did nothing to like -- the caucasians. >> any time you confront a large group of people, it's very dynamic situation and can -- you know, tensions can rise very quickly. >> apparently this all started after a fight between the parties teenage host and an adult at the pool. mckinney's mayor said today he's disturbed by the okays in the video. the officer's now on administrative leave. a thief at the front door, a surveillance camera shows swiping a delivery. >> and better announces its plans for a major summer shut down. >> reporter: and apple's 26 worldwide developer's conferenc
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. move over pandora and spotifiy the tech giant
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announced's new music streaming service. the developer in san francisco and what's going to make apple music different from all the others. >> reporter: it feels like it's going to be an all in one type of deal, and what i do know is apple music will be available at the end of this month, and developers say it's the answer to a fragmented mess of music and developers used spotifiy, pandora, and facebook as some examples of how and where people go for music. it claims apple music will combine all of that where you can get unlimited streaming music, play list suggestions and also going to include a 24/7 worldwide radio station. rap artist drake made a special appearance to add his support to the new service. >> it's amaze to be part of something that i believe in and this is something that simplifies everything for the modern musician like myself and
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the modern music consumer like you. >> it's also designed to give the latest updates on musicians apple music will also allow artists to share content and pictures. it's going to cost $9.99 a month and for families you can get a monthly prescription for $14.99 and if you can share that with six people. apple says they will offer their service for the first three months of the service for free. reporting live in san francisco kpix 5. >> the service not available yet. the competitors already responding spotifiy announced plans of pricing. and a man tried to sell stolen loot on craigslist. surveillance cameras capture the man walking up to the front porch. he covers his face with one arm and takes off with the package. inside was an awning worth $250. the homeowner did some detective work and spotted his awning for
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sale on craigslist. he called police and two undercover officers set up a sting. they arrested erik espinosa, and the officers found meth on him. finding traffic ticket -- fighting traffic tickets just got easier how a new rule will help drivers paying those high fines. >> reporter: and in cleveland with a hero here today is it lebron? it's the k (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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. the warriors are now in cleveland, kpix 5, sports director dennis o'donnell is in cleveland with the best next weapon the st. marys college grad who shut down war years steph curry. >> reporter: hello everyone from lebron ohio, formally known as cleveland. this guy is to cleveland what michael jordan is to chicago what joe montana is to san francisco. jordan won six nba titles, montana won four. cleveland under the kings rule, nada. >> a great player won't play great all the time. that's what happened in cleveland. when he had those off games his teammates didn't get the job done for him to get him through those tough times. >> support is exactly what lebron got in game two.
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he had a triple double but he sank four of just 21 shots in the second half and for the second straight game could not close at the finish. instead of james it was matthew delavedova out of st. marys. he came up huge in irving's absence. >> the confidence that we have in him allows him to be confidence himself. the nba finals, if you need to be looking for you know, extra motivation you probably shouldn't be playing. >> for one day dela de dova some day cleveland might win that elusive nba championship. in lebron, ohio, kpix 5. >> here's a look at the upcoming schedule. game 3 is tomorrow night.
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tip off is at 6:00, game four is thursday then it is back to oakland for game five on sunday. >> starting today california drivers can fight their traffic tickets without having to pay first. the judicial council adopted that emergency rule, helping thousands of drivers who have lost their licenses or face fines because they couldn't pay. a routine traffic ticket costs about $500 in california, and of course shoots up quickly when those deadlines are missed. bart riders get ready for two big summer shutdowns. bart will stop service between the east bay in san francisco over the first weekend in august as well as labor day weekend. that could make things pretty tough for people trying to get to the billy joel concert at at&t park september 5th. bart will have a bus bridge in place for that. closures are part of the transit agency's work to repair and upgrade tracks in switches. >> the hot weather is messing with bart. bart is reporting five-minute delays system wide, causing
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problems with the tracks. temperatures in some bart areas are well into the triple digits this afternoon. >> the heat is on but the switch isn't going to stay on for all that long. >> yeah. >> it's kind of cool. >> can't really call it a heat wave. >> the little definition would be three days. it was hot yesterday certainly hot today 105 in livermore but tomorrow we're not even getting a cold front. this is what's so gray about the bay area. >> just switching the wind direction and tomorrow we're going to lose 20 degrees. in livermore it is 105 right now. we're thinking it hasn't been this hot in years. guess what? last june 8th it was 105, june 9th, 106. we can say this is the hottest weather away from the water we have had in one year. oakland, 84, san jose 89, santa rosa 92. a great day to check in with the
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weather watcher triple digits in dana jones' backyard n. nevada 100 degrees with sunshine. wine country dave peraza reports 101. we're talking triple digits in many locations nevado 108 san martin 100. the bay area, 62. you want the 60s go to the beach? you want the one hundreds we had plenty of that today too. mild night today concord 60, san jose 63 for a low and san raphael 55. but we're talking about the fact that it's not going to be as hot tomorrow. as a matter of fact, 20 degrees cooler. why? the wind today was wrapping around this ridge of high pressure coming from the northeast and land. this low will get closer kind of shove the ridge out of the way and now the winds tomorrow came oults of the southwest. that ocean influence the ocean still sitting at 53 degrees that has not changed. once it returns that cooler flow will also come back, but there's tropical moisture once
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again. remanence of blanca moving over old mexico, southern california. there's even a chance some of that moisture will give us an isolated thunderstorm in the mountains and the diablo range. coming in tomorrow, widespread rain will not happen but a few mountain thunderstorms are possible. tomorrow, still above average away from the water but not nearly as hot from 105 down to about 84 in concord. that's a pretty big change. 20 degrees cooler. san jose still above average but not the 95 you had today and oakland tomorrow, 69 degrees. santa clara all the way down to 78 union city, all the way down to 73. still warm, vallejo and san francisco. even some morning fog returning tomorrow. 63. novato, santa rosa 69, and lake port you'll still be toasty with a high of 94. we level off in the 80s inland through thursday. mid-to-lower 60s as morning cloud cover comes back. we'll warm up to 90, by friday
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inland but really when it comes to the hottest of the hot stuff done like that, in out two days. >> it will be back. >> 48-hour heat wave. >> at some point it will be back. >> when does summer start officially? >> june 21st. >> 21st. >> it kind of migrates the 20th and 22nd. >> we are still have a little ways to go. >> for folks who like the hot weather, there you go. some bad press for kate moss. she was kicked off after allegedly causing some sort of disturbance. police were called to meet the fight after arriving from turkey. they escorted the 41-year-old off but didn't arrest her. no details on what happened on that flight to prompt that response. >> starbucks has six new ways for to you get that caffeine fix. they have new flavors of frap chin owes -- frapaccinos red velvet and cinnamon roll and
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carmel cocoa cluster. get them while they're hot. they're celebrating the 20th anniversary of the frapaccino. >> too much sugar for me. millions of americans fall victim to identity theft every year. now there's new tool to help them get back on their feet.
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. more than 16 million victims fall to identify theft. >> we have a new tool that can help them recover. >> these are all fraudulent charges. >> reporter: discovering her identify was stolen was difficult. >> there were two cars purchased in my name. >> but anne says figuring out what to do next was just as hard. >> these are all the letters i'm writing to the various creditors. >> the nurse is one of an estimated 16 million americans who fall victim to identify
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theft every year and ken abby of the federal trade commission says once they can get over the shock they should get busy. >> the longer that you wait the more damage that can be done. >> most people have no identify where to start. enter identify a new letter, and step two place a fraud alert, step 3 create an identify theft affidavit and step four file a police report. >> get specific federal rights under these laws if you follow the right steps. >> among them you won't be held responsible for any charges made in your name, and credit reporting agencies must remove fraudulent information from your credit record but even with this new tool, recovering's a process that takes time and patience. >> it's going to take a long time to clean up this mess. >> and as anne's learning victims need all the help they can get. >> the web site also provides information on what to do if
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your information has been compromised in a data breach. it includes sample letters you can send to those that you need to notify. for a link head to cbs and now for a look a what's ahead on the cbs even news. >> charlie rose in for scott tonight, in from new york. >> reporter: here's the cbs evening news, more problem for the tsa, how did dozens of employees get clearance even though they were on a terror watch list. plus, prison break the latest on the manhunt for two murderers who escaped a new york prison, and a texas officer is suspended for using excessive force on teens at a pool party. those s
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. from the kpix 5 newsroom, new at 6:00, now an sat crew up has students and parents scrambling. plus, how soon we'll be saying our final good-byes to candlestick park. join us for stories coming up tonight at 6:00. >> all right see you then. >> see you in 30 minutes. thanks for watching us at 5:00, cbs news charlie rose coming up. >> remember to join us at 6:00 for more local news, see you then.
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>> rose: a gaping hole in airport security. dozens of employees got clearance even though they were on a terror watch list. also tonight, police search everywhere for escaped killers who could be anywhere. did they have inside help breaking out? a cop is put on administrative leave after this takedown of a teenage girl caught on video. in parts of louisiana, it is the worst flooding in 70 years. and the river is still rising. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. this is our western edition. nearly 14 years after tourists turned commercial jetliners into weapons of mass destru


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