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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 9, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. a widespread power outage in the east bay, b.a.r.t. station even had to close. tonight we know who the culprit is, a squirrel. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. the lights are back on in berkeley. pg&e tells us the bizarre reason for the outage. a squirrel got into the el cerrito substation and damaged equipment. calls started coming in at 8:00 tonight. at its peak 45,000 people were without power from berkeley to
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albany to richmond and el cerrito. >> we just heard actually the reason why it went out is because a squirrel got into a substation and got fried. >> oh, really? i was told it was the heat. that's what the manager said, it was probably the heat. i didn't know anything about a squirrel. >> reporter: pretty crazy, right? >> yeah. >> this is the substation that was affected. b.a.r.t. shut down the downtown berkeley station a couple hours. trains are running as normal again. besides the 45,000 people who lost power because of the squirrel, another 7,500 pg&e customers in san jose and gilroy also lost power tonight, but those were heat-related blackouts. this was the hottest day in almost a year. >> yes. triple digits widespread away from the water. sansan ramon 108 degrees today,
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sanford 101, san leandro, 90, perspective, livermore, 105 degrees today, the hottest day in livermore since last june 9th, almost exactly one year ago. we hit 106 degrees on june 9th of 2014. back to this live picture that is fog and a return of the marine layer. the two day long heatwave will not see day no. 3, how much we cool down coming up in 12 minutes. the heat help caused part of interstate 580 near san quentin to melt down. it took caltrans most of the day to fix it causing a huge traffic jam across the richmond san rafael bridge. last month there was a small diesel spill there and leftover residue reacted in the heat causing the asphalt to deteriorate. the heat certainly didn't help with this fire along the nimitz freeway in san leandro. flames jumped tree to tree during the evening rush hour and burned into some brush as
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well. it took crews about an hour to put it out. this was right along interstate 880 near the 238 connector ramp. caltrans had to close that ramp for a bit because it was just too smoky. drivers couldn't see. we haven't heard how that fire got started. an unusual sight today at apple's worldwide development conference in san francisco, long lines at both restrooms. andria borba says the women weren't complaining. >> silicon valley's diversity problem is well documented, but the line for the lou may be the start of a tipping point. call it a line of the times, the first time ever a line for the ladies room at the apple developers conference at masconi center. this tweet proved while the tech industry isn't flush with women, the ratio is improving. bathroom humor aside there was another first at wwdc.
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>> they actually had two women on stage, which is a pretty big deal for apple. >> great to be here. >> reporter: apple pay vice president jennifer may daley spoke. >> we've had three women on stage since 2007. none of those women are executives. they only have one woman on their executive leadership team, which is the highest execs of the company. >> reporter: for years this was the female face, technically voice, of apple, siri. are there enough women? tech? >> ha, believe someone just asked me the other day. >> reporter: but with the ellen powell sexual discrimination case taking silicon valley center stage and apple admitting 70% of their workforce is male, bailey made history. >> apple has definitely been paying attention to this. all of the companies have like they know it's bad press and just bad business practice to not have any diversity at their companies. >> reporter: a little line, a small step for women in tech
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but to keep it all in perspective take a look at the men's line. in san francisco andria borba, kpix5. >> some interesting reaction on twitter tonight. what man at apple can i thank for the truly revolutionary act of letting a woman up on stage? just magnificent. this one, i feel i should point out despite tim cook saying wwdc would be diverse, only two women took to the stage, lost count of the men. the other news out of the developers conference, apple music as expected. apple unveiled its new streaming music service. it's like a combo of spotify and pandora and facebook. users can get unlimited streaming, play list suggestions and even a 24-7 worldwide radio station. it's also designed to give the latest updates on musicians like rap artist drake who has become a pitch man for apple music. >> it's truly amazing to be
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part of something that i believe in and this is something that simplifies everything for the modern music like myself and the modern music consumer like you. >> the price tag? 9.99 a month available the end of this month. tonight students who took their s.a.t.'s this weekend are finding out there was a big mistake and part of their tests won't even count. betty yu is live at lincoln high in san jose to explain. >> reporter: some students who took the test over the weekend at places like lincoln high school behind me say they're relieved they don't have to retake the entire exam, but other students believe their scores will suffer due to this printing error. the college board didn't exactly do things by the book this weekend. >> i did great on the math section, too. that's going to screw me over. >> reporter: 17-year-old eckham
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gruwal of santa clara said he'll be paying for the mistakes. his test said he had 25 minutes. his proctor gave him 20 minutes. confusion across the country meant some students got the extra five minutes. >> if i had five more minutes, i would go back and check every single question and the ones i struggled i would circle and redo. it would probably boost my score 50 points. >> reporter: over at berkeley high proctors had to figure out what to tell student. >> the student said my book says 25 minutes. you're telling me 20. my supervisor said it's always been 20. it is going to be 20. >> reporter: today the college board apologized and decided the affected sections will be thrown out. we will still be able to provide reliable stores. eckham doesn't agree. >> i think for most students especially in this area scoring high, i think it it would be a really unfair disadvantage. >> reporter: frantic students have taken their frustrations to social media. one person tweeted what do you
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mean scores from those sections won't be counted? i feel confident about nose sections. the college -- those sections. the college board said to accommodate for unexpected events like fire drills and power outages the s.a.t. is deliberately designed to still give a reliable good score even if 1 section is not counted. betty yu, kpix5. the guy who tried to rob an east bay subway sandwich shop armed with a screw driver wasn't expecting what happened next. a good samaritan grabbed him and pinned him down until police could show up around 4:00 this afternoon at the subway on solano way in concord. nobody was hurt. in palo alto a suspected package thief walked right into the trap. he took a package off the
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porch, an awning worth $200. the owner later saw the awning and two officers set up a stung and they arrested that man, eric -- sting and they arrested that man eric espinoza when he tried to sell them the stolen awning. the deal with the firefighters of the city will get a pay boost. firefighters have worked without a contract for quite a while. recent budget cuts further strained relationships as they struggle to deal with staffing shortages and station shortages. the mayor hopes the break- through could help ease bitter feelings and help with ongoing negotiations with some of the other unions. a san rafael high school student hit by a minivan last week has died. doctors determined she would not survive her injuries. aura stepped onto the street to go around this fallen tree last tuesday when she was hit by a
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car. the driver stopped and is cooperating in the investigation. a 16-year-old girl is dead after a street racing accident. she was watching the races friday night in cloverdale when one driver lost control and slammed right into her. joe vazquez spoke with her family today. >> you say it won't happen to me. >> reporter: silver ya contreras is heartbroken -- sylvia contreras is heartbroken. her 16-year-old daughter is gone. she was with a group about nine people and she was a spectator as two boys 16 and 17 drag raced at the first street bridge. police say one driver lost control and crashed right into angelica throwing her about 100 feet across and 30 feet down to the riverbank below. although police spent hours investigating that night her bow was not discovered until a bicycle -- body was not discovered until a bicyclist found her the next morning. >> we would have pulled out all
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the stops looking for them if we knew someone was missing. >> reporter: police say alcohol or drugs do not appear to be a factor. >> to have an outgoing person gone in the blink of an eye. >> reporter: cameron figueroa knew angelica and one of the drivers. >> reporter: how is he taking it? >> easement talking to anyone now, so we aren't really sure. >> reporter: that silence is outrageous to angelica's family, the silence that may have cost angelica her life. >> her friends not having the courage to come back and say we couldn't find your daughter. not knowing if she had helped, maybe we could have helped her. >> reporter: angelica's family is frustrated from hearing different stories, that her friends did know she was hurt, that they said they didn't know
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she was hurt. they want some clear answers. these two convicted killers are on the loose tonight, the daring prison break that sounds a lot like the escape from alcatraz. >> also tonight b.a.r.t. is planning a major summer shutdown, we're talking no service through the transbay tube for five days. >> plus why you'll no longer have to pay hundreds of dollars up front to fight a traffic
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tonight a texas cop -- tonight a texas cop is on administrative leave over this. [ screaming ] >> oh, my god! >> he was caught on camera pulling a gun on a group of teenagers and dragging 1 girl to the ground. officers were called about a fight over who had permission to be at the pool. you can see things got out of hand. tonight there are questions about whether race played a
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role since there were also a number of white teenagers there. also tonight man hunt for a pair of escaped murderers has expanded across the united states into canada and into mexico. we have new details on the shawshank style breakout from a maximum security prison in new york. >> reporter: today checkpoints in and out of tonight continue to be manned by armed officers and schools have extra security. >> they could be literally anywhere. we're leaving no stone unturned. >> reporter: authorities say the two men used power tools to cut through the wall of their cells, break through a brick wall and climb out onto a 6- foot story catwalk, them mid through a maze of -- shimmied through a maze of tunnels and out a manhole cover making their mistake and left behind a note taunting their pursuers. >> our forensic investigation
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unit recovered some limited cutting tools. we presume perhaps more sophisticated tools may have been used, but we did not recover sophisticated cutting tools. >> reporter: contractors had been doing work on the 150-year- old prison. 48-year-old richard matt kidnapped, killed and dismembered his boss in 1997 before fleeing to mexico. there the career criminal who escaped jail before was in prison for murdering a man at a bar. matt was considered such a threat during his american trial snipers watched the outside of the courthouse and police put taser electric trends under his suit to keep him under control. he was serving 25 years to life. david sweat was a burglary suspect in 2002 when he and his accomplices shot a sheriff's deputy and then ran him over, now 34 sweat serving a life sentence in prison. you may be thinking did
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these guys just finish watching escape from alcatraz? the story line is very familiar. more than a half century ago three inmates escaped. they used spoons to dig through the walls, left dummies in their beds and fled into the bay using rain coats as makeshift rafts, still unyear whether they made it -- unclear whether they made it or died trying. b.a.r.t. is shutting down the transbay two for five days this summer so -- tube for five days this summer so b.a.r.t. is make repairs. the first closure is the first weekend in august and the other closure scheduled for the labor day weekend. here's kpix5 insider phil matier. >> reporter: they can't do the work at night because there's not enough time. they can't do it during the day because of say. issues. they're to shut the system down for two weekends. that's going to cost a lot of money, have to rent a lot of buses and take a lot of time. so there's a suggestion being made possibly do it one five-
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day period in a row, get it all done over labor day weekend. it might pay off in the long run. we'll know in the next couple days. i don't have to tell you traffic tickets are very expensive. fighting them can be a headache, but mark kelly tells us about a new rule that started tonight to help soften the blow. >> reporter: angie diner still remembers the big traffic ticket she got whacked with in her 20s. >> it was interest fees, light of late fees and skyrocketed -- late fees and it skyrocketed into something ridiculous. >> reporter: no need to pay a dime today until you get your day in court. think this is a mart change? >> yes -- smart change? >> yes. i do. >> you shouldn't have to have a court date. >> reporter: her group accuses the court of filling their
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coffers off the fees and fines of low of income people. >> we have a lot more to do to insure our traffic corporates are accessible. >> reporter: the report -- courts are accessible. >> reporter: the report shows the court used extremely high fees to keep people in the cycle of poverty. >> this seemed to have just flew under the radar for a long time. >> reporter: 4 million californians had licenses taken away because they could not afford to pay fines or fees. advocates all today's change a small step in a new direction. there are some exceptions. you will still have to pay bail if the court thinks there's a chance you won't show up without paying it. mark kelly, kpix5. a lot of people talking about not showing up today because it was so nice out. >> the cooldown is now underway. it is here. we are cooling down near the water first, san francisco down to 58 degrees. the golden gate bridge, there
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it is. the fog returned. oakland has dreamed to 61, san bruno 60 and livermore cooling down to 61, okayland and fremont and mountain view a mild night. we'll be up to 20 degrees cooler tomorrow. it's a significant change all induced by a wind direction change. that low down here will work its way toward the bay area and our winds go northeast to the southwest. that means everything for us because the ocean is philly, 53 degrees. you get the flow from the ocean and the air cools down as well. tomorrow it's tropical moisture. hurricane branca is now causing rainfall in southern -- blanca is now causing rainfall in
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southern mexico. watch out for an isolated storm tomorrow. we stay warm, but the hot stuff is done. you were chilly at the cool coast today. concord is still above average at 84 degrees, but today you hit 104. so it will be 20 degrees cooler, san jose 15 degrees cooler, 78 sunnyvale, union city 73. san ramon 108 today. foggy in san francisco tomorrow morning, high 63, san rafael 72, cloverdale 73. , i of extended forecast through friday -- ex draft through friday when we warm up a couple degrees and a -- extended forecast through friday when we warm up a couple
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degrees. coming up target is under fire because of what one mom
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by chase. tonight target under fire for what 1 mom saw in the toy section of a store in ohio. >> a sign that said this, building sets and girls building sets. the mom took a photo and posted it online tweeting don't do this, target. it struck a chord with many like her who believe gender should be removed from the way toys are sold. >> because it makes it seem like it's so normal for building sets to be for boys and oh, by the way, girls can build stuff, too we guess. >> target's response, the company said it's sharing the complaint with the right teams for review. >> there you go. dennis o'donnell is in cleveland tonight. >> reporter: i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up from cleveland the warriors mvp. was it a bad night or a sign of things
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nba up top and a final check tonight from dennis o'donnell in cleveland, site of the nba finals game three warriors/cavs. >> reporter: thank you. the warriors touched down in cleveland without meeting the media, probably a good thing because they had no answer for steph curry's worst shooting night as a pro. >> shots i normally make i knew as soon as they left my hand they were off. that doesn't usually happen. i'm not going to let one game
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kind of alter my confidence. >> reporter: curry was five for 23 shooting constantly hounded by st. mary's product matthew dellavedova. >> it had everything to do with delly. he made stuff work. he was spectacular defensively. >> reporter: so will playing in lebron's castle help curry found his shot? >> they'll get at least one perfect game on the road. they're good for one every series where they just go dominate. it's going to happen. >> reporter: from the challenges to try and get curry open shots and find a better way to slow this guy down. in cleveland, dennis o'donnell, kpix5. no giants, no a's, at least we can kick the soccer ball around. the u.s. women's world cup, purple band, hope solo, amy wambach in front versus australia. megan ramponi two goals. the u.s. got the victory in
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canada and they play sweden friday in group play. you see the logo. we're in chicago blackhawks in red against tampa bay game three stanley cup finals. a 3rd period go ahead goal with three minute left, tampa won the game 3--- minutes left. tampa won the game 3-2. they took a two games to one series lead, but hey, the story of the hour, the warriors game three at cleveland. how will the doves respond? >> does steph have another bad game in him or is he going to come out like he normally does? >> i think alvin gentry will come up with some kind of game plan to get these guys more space and the warriors have to move. they have to quit standing around. they're at their best when they move all over the floor to create more shots. that's the key for tomorrow. >> then they give lebron the ball and he takes
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