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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 11, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> why some people in a bay area city are so upset tonight. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm juliette goodrich. liz has the night off. in antioch tonight, the school board got an earful. christin ayers was there. >> reporter: a picture that looked like any other middle school graduation. there were speeches and hundreds of students but this was an african-american promotion ceremony as advertised on this flier. open to all, but organized and supported black students. >> we are trying to bring that disinfranchised community in
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through the cultural celebrations. >> reporter: but a counselor at antioch's black diamond middle schools used resources to advertise the event and someone sent a fly tore the district. that is when things got really bad cigarette was called reverse racism. segregation, disgusting. it was called denigrating, separating the kids. it was called unconstitutional. >> reporter: some even threatened to disrupt the may 29 ceremony. antioch unified didn't sponsor the event, but they sanctioned it and last year, the superintendent attended but not this year after the controversy. so he came to the school board meeting to ask for support. >> we want the district to really support us publicly. and not back away. >> reporter: and so did one of the students who went to the
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ceremony. >> i appreciated being celebrated along with my peers and joined together to congratulate one another. >> reporter: the superintendent addressed the controversy head on saying there were procedure errors but adding. >> i hoped this wouldn't cloud what was a well intentioned event for our students. we see the value of holding such a cultural celebration. >> reporter: in antioch, christin ayers, kpix5. >> the doctor is hopeful that is district will offer financial support for the next ceremony, but he says regardless, the event will go on. a live look outside. rain is over for now. we barely got any all winter long. it was nice to see now that it is june, it was coming down. in san jose, not everyone had an umbrella. paul deanno is in the weather center tonight. >> record rainfall in san jose. all of one tenth of one inch. but yes, it was raining there
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several hours. also record rainfall in livermore. how about half an inch of rain in alamo? that is more than you received in january, april, it is more than you received in may. and now we are getting the rain in june. in livermore, the quarter inch of rainfall is more than we averaged in june, july, an august combined. a summer's worth of rainfall in one afternoon. we will talk about when temperatures will approach 100. >> thanks paul. who would vandalize a memorial to fallen troops? mark kelly says that is what the city of danville is determined to find out tonight. >> reporter: a memorial honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice, this weekend, it received the ultimate insult. >> very heartbroken. this is a memorial and i can't think of anything worse for people to do. >> reporter: police say sunday night in the dark, someone
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spray painted let's get high and other disgraceful words and picks in oak hill mark. >> this is a very important site to the community. >> reporter: it is here where danville remembers the fallen every memorial day. and where the community holds its september 11 remembered ceremony. seeing it in this state wasn't easy. >> black spray paint, one of them had a little red spray paint on it. >> reporter: seeing the pictures, danville resident jay phillip thought first of the veterans. >> they are doing a great service for our country and it is too bad people have to do something like that. >> reporter: the city has done what it could to get rid of the graffiti, but the paint is still out there. and so are those responsible. >> what should be the punishment? >> first they should clean it back up and fix the problem they just created. and then, i think they need to do a little community service. >> reporter: this memorial has been targeted before. that was ten years ago.
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and police never figured out who did it again. in danville, mark kelly, kpix5. the city and the secret private donor are willing to pay $6,500 to find who vandalized the memorial. tonight, this guy is behind bars, his name is john bixler and police say he set a bunch of cars on fire in novato. this is what was left after the fire two nights ago. it happened at a chevy dealership on redwood boulevard. the flames damaged or destroyed four cars worth $100,000. it didn't take long for clues to start to pop up. the surveillance video shows someone with a flashlight looking around. and then within a matter of seconds, there is a flame and you can see the person watch the fire spread to a car. he then walks calmly away and throws something in a garbage can. meanwhile in fremont, police want to help catching a couple of packaged thieves who have been very busy. take a look at this
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surveillance video. this man walks up and carries the box away. next monday, same thing happened on freesia court. they arrived in a dark blue honda civic. detectives believe the same suspects are behind all these thefts. warriors fever is spreading to bay area roadways near you. someone hacked this sign at fruitvale to read go dubs. it used to say expect delays. road work ahead. so the warriors are regrouping for game four. vern glenn is here. i hear they wanted a little bit of down time, but they had questions to answer tonight. >> i'm not worth worried are you? >> no. >> they have been down this
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road before. down 2-1 in the post season before and it turned out fine. anybody remember the memphis season? they were down 2-1 to the grizzling and remember the concern was the dubs would recover. while the coaches drew up a game plan, some of the players hit the golf course and regrouped and went onto crush the grizzlies the rest of the series. >> are you doing anything similar to that today? >> we might have if we didn't have all the obligations over here. so it is your fault. [ laughter ] >> are there any golf plans if ever you today? what are you doing to kind of get back to where you need to be? >> oh, we had to come in today. so it kind of ruined our day. [ laughter ] so it will be dark by the time we get out of here. [ laughter ] >> all right, coming up 15 minutes from now, you are going to hear the words, dennis o'donnell and michael jackson
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in the same sentence. what does that mean? we will go to cleveland to find that out. >> that's a tease. i like that. >> dennis o'donnell, michael jackson. >> okay. >> see you in a little bit. >> it will be a thriller. >> oh no. >> oh nice. >> thank you vern. tonight, san jose police are looking for a few good women. number of female officers has fallen to just 88 on the force. that is down from a high of 139 women just seven years ago. to recruit more women, the department will give potential applicants a chance to go through a mock interview and agility testing this weekend. we have all the details. you can go to san jose police aren't the only ones hiring tonight. tonight, len ramirez shows us help wanted signs are going up all over the city. right now.
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>> all right, we will get to len's piece in just a moment. all right, in other news now, in antioch, a family is fighting to make their streets safer and they have gotten into the video surveillance business tonight. check this out. there is now a camera watching over the intersection in front of their house. that is where drivers doing donuts last month killed their son timothy hudson. his parents have been trying to get the city to put in a speed bump. some friends installed one but the city ripped it out. hudson's parents say they won't quit. >> we are just going to keep doing what we have been doing. go to every council meeting. maybe if the pressure keeps coming they will fold. >> antioch says it need to do a traffic study before it can consider putting in a speed bump. >> bay area police looking for robbers find this instead. enough fire power for a small army. makes you wonder what were these guys up to?
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>> bit by a rattlesnake. a two-year-old bay area girl had a close call. experts say lit be a bad summer and tonight, what should you do if one bites you? >> also tonight, google's grand plan to fix everything wrong with your city from
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tonight, hayward police say they have never seen so much pot. a marijuana operation as big as a supermarket. 15,000 plants street valued at
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$15 million. it was a sophisticated society up with its own hydroponics, lighting and ventilation along with a tangle of illegal wiring. the 44,000 square foot warehouse on diablo avenue was like a pot factory complete with growing, harvesting and packaging rooms. tonight, three men are charged with operating what appears to be the biggest operation in hayward history. an east neighborhood swarmed by robberies and police. chopper 5 was there for a man hunt of four armed robbery suspects. people were told to stay inside and lock their doors. it lapped just before 35:00 o'clock. a pedestrian was held up at gunpoint. he called 911 leading to a police pursuit, a crash, and foot chase. all the suspects were quickly caught including one who was bitten by a police dog. and in san francisco, joe vasquez shows us cops were on the trail of two serial robbers
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when they stumbled onto something much more dangerous. >> reporter: among the 38 weapons police recovered. 22 of them were assault rifles. this. 50 caliber revolver was among the handguns. some of the weapons were in a safe, but others were just out of the open inside this nondescript house on nursery way in south san francisco. a neighbor who does not want to talk on camera captured these images of the police action one week ago today. police discovered materials to make explosives and even a couple of crudely built pipe bombs. >> at that point, we stopped our search and we contacted san francisco bomb squads who responded to the scene. bomb squad officers responded and rendered those devices safe. >> reporter: investigators say there is no indication terrorism was a motive. the case started with a series of robberies. police dub the suspects the letter men because one of the men wore a varsity letter man's jacket during the robbery.
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at harbut hills market, witnesses say they pulled guns on the employees. >> these are now in the possession of law enforcement versus somebody else is the way we would want it to be. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix5. >> the two suspects are facing charges relating to the robberies and not the good weapons yet. joe says it is up to the san mateo district attorney to decide whether to file charges or the case may go to the feds. tonight, an east bay neighborhood is on edge after a two-year-old girl was bitten by a rattlesnake in bay point. the little girl is recovering tonight. but devin fehely says people are worried about what could be hiding in their yards. >> reporter: paramedics comforted the toddler before she was air lifted to children's hospital in oakland to be treated for a potentially life threatening rattlesnake
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bite. they were able to catch the snake and bridge bring it to the hospital to ensure she received the right antivenom. >> we were pointed to the area the child was playing. searched the area and found the snake. >> reporter: the toddler was playing in the backyard when she was bit. a family member said the little girl's leg was turning purple when her parents called 911 in a panic. >> i have seen a couple of snakes around here. >> reporter: he says as the neighbor has gotten warmer, his family has had two close encounters with snakes. >> someone was clearing the backyard for me and they saw a snake and i didn't want to go and take a look at it because i'm scared of snakes. >> my grandmother, she told me like, she saw the snake. and there was the snake. >> reporter: according to the hospital, the little girl is stable. her family says she will likely
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spend another night at the hospital and be released some time thursday. neighbors say the snakebite has them on edge. forcing them to keep an even closer eye on their children and pets. >> it is very scary. very scary. i have two kids. >> reporter: we spoke with several parents who plan to have conversations with their children about the potential dangers that snakes represent. the challenge for this family, however, that is a very difficult lesson to teach a toddler. in pittsburgh, devin fehely, kpix5. >> turns out treating a snakebite can be more dangerous than the bite itself. don't use a tourniquet, it can cause the venom. don't try to suck out the venom. don't cut the bite with a knife. just clean the area and get to the hospital as soon as you can. all bay area hospitals have the
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antivenom. well, need a job? we have good news. help wanted signs are going up around san jose. len ramirez shows us. >> reporter: it's the sign of the times. everywhere you look, it seems help is wanted in san jose. >> we hire anyone from 16 years old up. anyone willing to come in, no experience required. >> reporter: the jobs are plentiful. >> reporter: about 30 to 40 openings now. >> reporter: it is the workers in short supply. >> it is really hard. now there the a lot of competition to find good employees now. [ laughter ] >> reporter: jesus needs to find his workers fast. servers, buskers, greeters, his new cajun restaurant is opening in two week. >> it is minimum wage plus tips. >> reporter: it is the same pay minus the tips in ace hard war in willow glen. >> we are very short staffed and so we are just looking for anyone willing to come on board. >> reporter: labor leaders say they know the reason why low wage workers are suddenly in short supply. >> housing is so expensive here
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that low wage workers simply can't afford to live here any longer. they are moving out of the area. >> reporter: benfield helped lead the fight for an increase in the minimum wage in san jose but when workers can stretch their wages further, they don't stay. >> some are moving to the central valley or out of state altogether. the bay area is so expensive that they are driven to all sorts of other places in the state and outside of the state. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. google wants to fix everything wrong with your city from traffic jams to sky high rent. google just announced the new start-up called sidewalk labs. it is described as an urban innovation company. and the goal, create technology to address issues like cost of living, efficient transportation, energy usage and pollution. the lab will be based in new york city with a team at google. all right, he is here with
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us tonight after predicting successfully, quite a bit of rain in the bay area. >> yeah. it rained all day. >> it just rained and rained. and the perfect kind of rainfall where it didn't pour and end up in the sewerment it was in the backyard. light to moderate soaking rainfall throughout the day. the rain in the sierra right now, still some thunderstorms there north of i-80. for us, we are looking at a decent amount of rainfall today. the rainfall totals from the kpix5 weather watchers, keith rodriguez, more than half an inch of rain in san leandro. terry in walnut creek, a third of an inch. castro valley, third of an inch. rain in june in the bay area. couldn't do it in january. we are doing it now. 60s tonight. sticky outside f. fremont 60, sunrise, 5:47. tropical moisture drawn up from what was hurricane blanca. but now the low that drew up the moisture is moving out.
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it will be over vegas tomorrow morning and utah tomorrow afternoon. so what moves in? another strong ridge of high pressure building to the north so we get sunshine tomorrow. and by friday, as the east wind takes over t offshore wind helping us take 108 monday, we will be back up to triple digits. hot weather returning. for some of you as soon as tomorrow. rain end to night. it is gone. a little clearing. a lot of sunshine for your thursday. temperatures warming up again inland into the 90s . close to there tomorrow. concord, 7 degrees above average. 88, no more rain. santa clara, 83. san mateo, 79. you still want it chilly, head to the coast. pacifica, 66. danville, 86. we will hit in 90s near pittsburgh, bay point, antioch. 68 san francisco. 82 novato. sunshine, 94 on the shores of clear lake tomorrow. hottest day friday. triple digits again saturday and sunday cooling down just a little bit. we will stay cooler near the water as per normal for the
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summertime and for june. but not normal, it really rained. cigarette was good. >> absolutely. and one day in livermore, more than three months. >> june, july, august, combined, we got more than that today. >> all right paul, thank you. well, these two sisters were selling lemonade to buy their dad a father's day gift.
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sfx: engines revving. listen up. ready. ready. steady. sfx: engines revving. go! ♪
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it's more than a movie. it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged. ride it at universal studios hollywood. >> two young sisters forced to improvise after the police shut down their lemonade stand. >> the girls set up the stand down the street from hair house in texas so they could raise money for a father's day gift. within an hour, police showed up and told them to pack up. under texas law, their stand had to have a health inspection. otherwise, they would need a permit. >> i'm a little confused. i was like what in the world is going on here? >> as lemonade, they cannot make lemonade and have it for sale on the side of the road without a permit. >> well, the girls found a way
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to offer the sweet treat legally. they plan to reopen their lem lemon saturday but are only accepting donations. back in oakland, a launches pad for the long ball? a blast that looks like it. oh, i have
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>> nba up top. an off day for the finals.
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warriors, cavaliers. so what is a guy to do in cleveland? well dennis o'donnell has answers. >> reporter: good evening everybody from the rock and roll hall of fame. this is michael jackson's outfit for his fame victory tour. david lee nearly led the warrior to a come back victory last night. points, passing, and pace. >> the most promising thing is they saw us playing the type of ball we were playing in the fourth. it is so much more important if i played five minutes next game, i don't play at all. or we are able to find whatever combinations coach uses to get a win. >> reporter: this could mean a little satisfaction for the warriors in game four. back to rick james in san francisco. [ laughter ] >> oh, rick james. you and i, we go together like a glove on happens! that's right. he's the original superrer
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freak. he is. he is! back to baseball. giants hunter pence returning to the disabled list coming off june 18. wrist tendon united tendonitis. chris heston, the king. tim hudson, the pitcher of record. yeah. harvey, six inks, seven runs. brandon belt. that's a big fly. the giants win the game 8-5 staying a half game behind the front running dodgers. that is hall of famer pitcher greg maddox on the right. tied at 4-4. the as displayed a little small ball. look at this. everybody is safe in the bottom of the 9th inning. next batter is josh redick and a play at the plate number. it was time to go home.
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as first walkoff of the season. when you do that, this happens. 14,290. so a final of 5-4. and let's take you inside the united center. chicago, nhl stanley cup game four. blackhawks and tampa bay. it is brandon saad back hand
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>> thanking for watching, csi is coming up in the next hour. >> tonight's guest
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