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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 11, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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re at kpix 5. it is thursday, june 11. i'm michelle griego. no rain this morning. looks like what could be a nice day. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 4:30. gianna is in and we have roberta in navy blue, by golly. how are you? >> good morning. we are officially 10 days away from the very first day of summer but today is going to be very summer-like after a tropical day yesterday. right now, we do have areas of fog in the 50s and 60s. we'll tell you how the cloud deck will affect your forecast today. >> this accident in castro valley, which roberta lettered to us, westbound 580 -- roberta alerted us to, westbound 580, they clear the debris out of lanes over to the right side. not too many delays as you of yet but we'll keep our eye on it and another wreck 880 at tennyson. busy so far this morning. >> 4:30.
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>> gianna, thank you. a body has been found in a campus parking garage at san jose state university. kiet do joins us live from sjsu with the latest developments. >> reporter: the body was found at 9:00 last night. but details very hard to come by at this hour. the only sign of anything is a bit of crime scene tape and whatever happened, happened on the fifth floor or above. no word on whether it was a man, woman or student. school is out for the summer. this parking garage gets a fair share of incidents the scene of numerous suicides and back in 2011 a triple murder-suicide. we are expecting university police to make an announcement. regarding the body found here at the 10th street garage sometime later this morning. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. full look at weather now at 4:31. >> we saw up to .4" of rain in
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our area yesterday. it was really impressive, very muggy and today, we have a ridge of high pressure building in, drying us out, not as humid and definitely much warmer. out the door right now, we have pockets of fog limited visibility around the dublin grade. you have the low ceiling right there at sfo. that will more than likely affect arriving flights 56 a.m. so we'll keep you updated on that. but look how mild the numbers are into the 50s and 60s. forecast high temperatures today will be above average. concord up to 88 degrees. 76 in oakland. 60s will line the seashore today where we'll have some sunshine. 70s and 80s common across the peninsula and into the 80s and low 90s across the santa clara valley. east of the bay we'll see some of the warmest numbers of all. 93 degrees in brentwood, probably around 92 in pleasanton. 90s into blackhawk and danville. 80 benicia. we have 60s through 80s north of the golden gate bridge. we'll talk about the weekend! that's coming up shortly.
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but here's gianna. >> thank you, roberta. let's check your ride right now. 580, 238. we have a bit of a snag there. so if you are commuting this morning out of castro valley heads up westbound 580 right there at 238. big rig and suv got tangled up about an hour ago. there's still debris in lanes. right lanes shut down as they clear everything out of the way. we have crews on scene, four chp crews are there as well as to crews. not too far from there eastbound tennyson off-ramp to northbound 880 closed for 20 minutes for an overturned vehicle that went off the road. so they are trying to retrieve it. a look at the bay bridge so far, so good. an arson suspect is in custody in connection with a fire that caused $100,000 in damage at a novato car dealership. 46-year-old john allen bixler was booked into marin county jail yesterday. the fire began monday night at the novato chevrolet dealership on redwood boulevard. police say bixler set one car on fire and the flames spread
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to three others. police have surveillance video from a nearby business that showed a man with a backpack in the area when the cars burst into flames. it's not clear whether the video helped lead to bixler's arrest and so far police are not revealing details about tips or evidence in the case. police in fremont are asking for the public's help to try to catch a couple of package thieves. surveillance video shows one alleged theft here. this was on tupelo street in april. a man walks up covers the box and walks away. an officer later found several empty boxes in the bushes nearby. may 29 the same thing happened elsewhere. police say the thieves arrived in a dark blue honda civic. the driver ran up, took a large box. detectives believe the aim suspects are behind all the -- the same suspects are behind all the threats. police in hayward have busted up the largest marijuana grow operation they have ever seen. narcotics investigators served a warrant last night at a
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warehouse and they found nearly 13,000 plants. police say it was a sophisticated setup with its own hydroponics, lighting and ventilation along with a tangle of illegal wiring. the warehouse on diablo avenue also had a room for harvesting and packaging, a living space and a surveillance and security system. police say it has a street value of $15 million. officers arrested three men who are residents of hayward, oakland and alameda. the d.a.'s office in alameda county charged them with felony marijuana cultivation and sales. san francisco police on the hunt for two serial robbers found something much more alarming enough fire power for a small army. 22 assault rifles, handguns, even materials there to make bombs were found inside the home on nursery way in south san francisco. both men have been arrested. police suspect they were selling the weapons on the street. police tracked down and arrested four suspected armed robbers in san leandro
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yesterday afternoon at 4:45. men with guns jumped out of a stolen car and allegedly robbed a pedestrian at east 14th and oaks boulevard. the victim called 911 leading to a police pursuit, crash and chase on foot. residents were told to stay inside. officers caught up all four suspects within 90 minutes. the last one tracked and then bitten by a police dog. a lawyer says video from police body cams in oakland suggest deadly force was justified in an incident last weekend. oakland police found demoriya hogg passed out on the front seat of his car on lakeshore avenue early saturday. when they finally woke him after an hour, he reached for something on the seat and officers shot him. body cameras showed him reaching for a loaded gun found inside the car. two supervisors say more police officers are needed to deal with rising crime in san
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francisco. malia cohen, scott weiner have introduced a resolution to adjust the staffing budget to account for population growth. the controller's office says in the last fiscal year san francisco had 239 sworn officers for every 100,000 residents. that's fewer officers per capita than the average from 9 similar cities. san jose is also dealing with an official shortage especially of cops especially women. right now only 88 women are sjpd officers. that's down from a high of 139 just seven years ago. to recruit more women, the department will give potential applicants a chance to go through mock interviews and agility tests this weekend. if you would like details, go to our website, there's a link on the main page. president obama and democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton have california fundraising swings planned for next week. they include stops in the bay area. the president will attendee
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vents to benefit the democratic national committee. they include events june 19 and 20 at the homes of venture capitalist and activist. also on the 20th, clinton will attend a private campaign fundraiser at the home of real estate broker rick hills. new presidio parkway tunnel is closer to handling traffic. crews tested the emergency systems yesterday. fire trucks raced into the tunnels where a car accident was staged. smoke bombs were used to simulate a fire. a weekend closure of doyle drive is coming soon to allow for connecting all the roadwork there. it will happen sometime after the 4th of july. and the marin municipal water district is being sued over how it's charging its customers. at issue are the tiered rates. customers who use more water may pay more per gallon than those who useless water. the suit says the tiered system is a penalty rather than a fee- for-service. the marin ij says the suit was
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filed last month on behalf of the mill valley woman with the intent of becoming a class action suit. the clean-up costs are still climbing three weeks after a massive oil spill off the coast of santa barbara county. the coast guard now says the bill has hit $69 million. last month's pipeline rupture allowed more than 100,000 gallons of crude to spill into the ocean. the company that operates the pipeline plains all american pipeline says it's spending $3 million a day to clean it up. there's no timetable for when it will be complete. this morning, san francisco police are investigating a robbery and shooting in the mission district. kpix 5's anne makovec is at the scene where police just gave an update. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. still a lot of questions about what happened here. you can see the roadway blocked off at bartlett and 23rd. this is in the mission district. it started with an armed robbery at about 3 a.m. at least 2 robbers pulled a gun on a man who was just walking
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down the street. they took his wallet and his cell phone, and then they ran off. police just happened to be in the area. and they arrested those two guys. police then found a pool of blood nearby here on bartlett street, a trail of blood. it looked like somebody had been shot. police think there may have been a third suspect who might have shot himself. they are at the hospital now checking to see if any shooting victims had come in. they also recovered a gun and it's a fairly high-powered gun. they describe it as a mac-10 machine gun that somebody had thrown over a fence on bartlett street. they are not sure how that gun was connected to the crime. but they think it was. they are waiting to find out more information here on bartlett street in san francisco. anne makevoc, kpix 5. 4:40. the manhunt for two escaped killers is expanding in new york. we are learning there's a confession and a case of cold feet coming up. >> and what is cool about your
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school? email your nominations to we may come and feature your school on the show.
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a search for two convicted killers is happening in new york and vermont. don champion has the latest on the widening search. >> reporter: police converged on the town of cattyville overnight. new york city police set up roadblocks and shut down the highway in an area amid a manhunt for richard matt and david sweat. >> they are killers. they are murderers. there's no reason to believe they wouldn't do it again. >> reporter: it's 10 miles from the correctional facility where they escaped from over the weekend. joyce mitchell an employee at the facility was allegedly supposed to pick up the men after they broke out. but instead, she sought treatment for a panic attack. >> you're aware of the escapees
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from new york, right? >> reporter: now six days in, the hunt for the fugitives has also crossed state lines into vermont. authorities learned the inmates talked about how there would be less police on the ground there to search for them. >> we have information that suggests that they thought that new york was going to be hot, vermont would be cooler in terms of law enforcement. >> reporter: officials in vermont have been handing out wanted posters and searching campgrounds but have so far come up empty. don champion, cbs news, cattyville, new york. today all public schools in the surrounding county are closed. investigators are talking to other inmates and prison employees to figure out if the fugitives had inside help. well, it appears there are warriors fans aamong the hackers out there who have been messing with electronic road signs. take a look. someone altered this sign at fruitvale avenue and east ninth in oakland. it read go dubs and mvp number 30 lives here. it's supposed to say expect
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delays, roadwork ahead. but kind of fun. the warriors will play the cavs tonight game 4 of the nba finals in cleveland. game time 6 p.m. our time. go, warriors. google wants to fix everything that's wrong with your city. they have a new startup called sidewalk labs. it's described as an urban innovation company. the goal is to create technology to address issues like the cost of living, efficient transportation, energy usage and pollution. the lab will be based in new york city. >> good luck. save the world. >> good luck with the cost of living in the bay area. >> can they do anything about the potholes? >> i was at the john madden steve mariucci bocce ball tournament. >> so you went to bed at 11:00, last night? [ laughter ] >> close to that. when we finally lost it was time to go home because it was like by that time 8 p.m. and we had been there since 11 a.m. it was fun though but everybody
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kept asking, when is it going to stop raining, right? in another hour, another hour, another hour. we just have cloud cover now. we have some areas of drizzle all associated with pockets of dense fog streaming along the coast well inland. the dublin grade is limited visibility this morning. temperatures are into the 50s and 60s. the ceiling is lowering and so we are anticipating the possibility of airport delays. it is lifting north and off to the east. high pressure is building in and as that happens, today you're going to see and feel the difference. we are back to the sunshine. we are back to temperatures in the triple digits on friday. friday will pan out to be the warmest day of the two coming up. but not as hot as it was on monday. so we are still keeping the thunderstorm chances in
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throughout the high sierra. 70 in monterey bay. temperatures in the low 90s inland, east of the bay. 80s from san jose into gilroy. 70 in san francisco. average high 64. going with an outside number on friday of 100 degrees then the cooling trend kicks in on saturday. here's gianna with traffic. reporter: 580 this morning, westbound towards the dublin interchange, no accidents or incident here. some extra volume but that's typical this time of the morning. if you are coming out of the altamont pass or plan to take 580, bogs down out of tracy but the typical stuff westbound through there. accident clearing westbound 580 at 238. everything now completely out of lanes. chp has left the scene. so lots of green on our
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sensors. you're free-flowing westbound 580. westbound bay bridge clear into san francisco. 880 nice in both directions. peninsula ride no delays on 101 towards sfo, 280 and 92 clear. heads up though foggy as you work your way out of pacifica into daly city. pacifica to 280 this morning south bay looks good no delays on 101 and san jose. 280 also fine to guadalupe parkway. bart on time. ferries, caltrain, ace, no delays on mass transit. bart will not operate trains much of this weekend between the coliseum and fruitvale stations in oakland. the closure is set for all day saturday and through 8:00 sunday morning. a bus bridge will carry
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passengers between the two stations. the closure will allow crews to perform track maintenance. bart says service will be back to normal in plenty of time for the warriors nba finals game on sunday. a plan is in the works to reduce congestion and accidents on market street in san francisco. starting in august, drivers on cross streets from third to eighth will not be allowed to turn onto market anymore. the change is designed to cut down on injury accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. it will also allow for smoother bus traffic. california could be losing $3 billion in federal funding for the high-speed rail project. on the house floor tuesday a republican called for an amendment that would hold the federal funding unless the state can prove it can imagine the $3 billion. a park in san francisco normally littered with cigarette butts is all cleaned up for now. its part of a new campaign from
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the surfrider foundation. yesterday 20 people picked up nothing but discarded cigarettes at dolores park. >> we know we can only fight one battle at a time and people will have their habits and do what they want. so we're really just focusing on protecting the environment from those harsh chemicals that leach out of the butts. >> cigarette butts are the mostly theerred item in the world. last year -- littered item in the world. last year 2 billion pounds were tossed. a 2-year-old girl bitten by a rattlesnake is in stable condition at children's hospital oakland. she was bit in any backyard on tuesday night and airlifted -- bitten in her backyard on tuesday night and airlifted to the hospital. the girl's leg was turning purple when they called 911. after the incident, now they are keeping a closer eye on their children and pets in the neighborhood. >> someone was clearing the backyard for me and they saw a snake and i didn't want to go and take a look at it because i'm scared of snakes.
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>> my grandmother, she was sit here and she told me like she saw a snake. and i'm about to check it and then there was a snake. >> well, the toddler who was bitten will likely be released from the hospital today. treating a snake bite is more dangerous than the bite itself. do not use a tourniquette. it can cause the venom to pool and do even more damage. don't try to suck out the venom. never try to cut a bite with a knife. and just clean the area around the bite, get to the hospital as soon as you can. all bay area hospitals have antivenom. good tips. a potentially important discovery for scientists studying prehistoric life. a set of fossils with modernday blood cells and collagen. it's from a claw. researchers in england believe the fossils are 75 million years old! the opportunity to compare the molecular structures of so many bones could lead to more
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accurate information on dinosaurs. i'm just trying wrap my arms around 75 million. you think 100 years on earth is forever but oh, my god. it's truly incredible. time now is 4:52. a high school romance rekindled 50 years later. chance encounter this gave two bay area people a second chance
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tv screen because we are officially 10 days away from the first day of summer. it's going to be warmer than yesterday and more sunshine. 60s beaches 60s and 80s across the peninsula. good morning, morgan hill. you would top off at 88 degrees.
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and east of the bay, numbers soar into the 90s. it will be 93 in danville and in blackhawk. 93 in brentwood. otherwise, good morning, mill valley. you will top off in the upper 70s, low 80s in novato to 84 in santa rosa. then upstream we go all the way to 94 degrees in cloverdale. bested by ukiah at 97 degrees. on the roads early this morning towards the dublin interchange, you're in luck, traffic is free-flowing westbound 580 as you work your way through there. a little sluggish coming away from tracy, 11th street to the 580 merge but everything clears up through the altamont pass and all the early-morning roadwork along 580 has been picked up. we'll have a look at the bay bridge coming up in just a few minutes. americans throw massive amounts of food in the garbage every year. but now one organization is doing something about it. city harvest in new york city picks up food at stores and restaurants that would otherwise get thrown out. it gets delivered to soup kitchens and food pantries and feeds more than a million new yorkers each year.
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around 40% of the u.s. food supply is wasted annually. kids with adhd who fidget can be distracting to peers but their constant movement may help them learn. that's according to researchers from uc-davis. they monitor children's movement using a device attached to their ankles while the kids did a test. they found preteens and teenagers who move more intensely showed substantial better cognitive performance. some common over-the- counter heartburn drugs may increase your chances for serious side effects. a study of antacids like prevacid, prilosec and nexium found taking them could raise your risk of a heart attack by up to 20%. researchers stress that ppis can be useful when used for a short amount of time. a california company is a step closer to approval for a new cholesterol-lowering drug. a panel of the fda has endorsed the use of the new amgen drug rapatha for some patients with high cholesterol. it's part of a new class of
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biotech drugs that lower cholesterol more effectively than the common statin medications. a chance encounter gave two bay area sweethearts a second chance at love. it's a love connection 50 years in the making. a half century. 76-year-old darryl cameron of saint helena thought he had lost the love of his life when his wife died. a couple of years later his pals suggested meet up with his old girlfriend. two had dated for two years in the '60s but broke up because she didn't want to get married. but when they reunited 50 years later they got engaged within a few months. >> i know what it's like to be happily married and really love somebody. she passed away. it was just -- i lost a lot. >> darryl and his fiancee are moving to tennessee to start a new life, a new love and a new adventure. probably a little cheap there are. >> they are so cute together. >> good for them.
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4:57. bay area police call it disgraceful a war memorial spray-painted and now a community offering a big reward to catch the vandals. >> reporter: police in san francisco investigating a robbery and shooting early this morning. they don't know
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good morning, everyone. it's thursday, june 11. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. time for a little weather, a little traffic. and the rain has gone away and all the yards in the bay area are applauding you saying, thank you so much! >> what a nice soaking. >> it was good. >> very tropical-like yesterday. we saw just nearly .4" of rain in concord and today a little bit of drizzle all associated with low clouds


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