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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 11, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it's thursday, june 11. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. time for a little weather, a little traffic. and the rain has gone away and all the yards in the bay area are applauding you saying, thank you so much! >> what a nice soaking. >> it was good. >> very tropical-like yesterday. we saw just nearly .4" of rain in concord and today a little bit of drizzle all associated with low clouds and some areas
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of patchy fog. that's the scene in san jose where currently, we doe have overcast conditions and air temperatures of 61 degrees. a little muggy this morning. but less high humidity today. dry warm weather 60s through the 70s into the 80s and low 90s. in hayward we just checked in with chp and good news, eastbound tennyson on-ramp to northbound 880 is reopened. they had an overturned vehicle now cleared completely out of lanes. they should be moving nicely through there. bay bridge off to a good start. more on that coming up. this morning, police are trying to sort out what happened during an armed robbery and shooting in the mission district in san francisco. anne makovec is at the scene where several streets are blocked off. what are you hearing, anne? >> reporter: bartlett street behind me still blocked off. there was a pool of blood here on the street and a very high- powered gun that was found. but police still don't know who
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might have been shot. you can see the scene here as the investigation continues. it started with an armed robbery around 3 a.m. at least two robbers pulled a gun on a man who was walking down the street. they took his wallet and cell phone and ran off. but police just happened to be in the area and arrested those guys as they fled. police then found a pool of blood nearby on bartlett street and a trail of blood. it looks like somebody had been shot. police think it may have been a third suspect. >> we do believe that there's a good possibility that the victim or i should say the suspect shot himself but we are still trying to figure it out. >> police are at the hospital now checking to see if any shooting victims have come in. and they did recover a gun here at the scene as i mentioned. it was a mac-10 semi-automatic. they are not sure how that may or may not have been related to this crime. live at san francisco's mission
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district. anne makevoc, kpix 5. this morning, the search for two murderers who broke out of prison is focused on a single town in upstate new york. overnight police descended on cadyville near the prison. across state lines authorities in vermont have been distributing wanted posters. the inmates talked about how there would be less police on the ground to search for them in vermont. >> we have information that suggests that they thought that new york was going to be hot, vermont would be cooler, in terms of law enforcement. >> cbs news says a prison worker named joyce mitchell was allegedly supposed to pick them up after they escaped using power tools. instead, officials say she sought treatment for a panic attack. so far she has not been named as a suspect. time now 5:03. an american has died fighting against "islamic state" militants in syria. the u.s. state department says 36-year-old keith broom field was not with the u.s. military. he was killed as he fought
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alongside kurdish forces. it happened last week. >> we are providing all possible consular assistance. >> no details of the death are being released. friends say they don't believe broomfield had any military background but said he was angry by isis brutality. an attorney representing a texas police officer says he blames emotional stress for his aggression while breaking up a pool party. officer eric casebolt resigned this weekdays after youtube video showed him slamming a girl in a bikini to the ground and waving his gun at teenagers. his lawyer says he was under stress after responding to two suicide calls before the incident on friday. critics say the officer's alaska were racially motivated. debate begins today in the u.s. house on president obama's bid for the fastrak negotiating authority on trade agreements. it would allow the president to present congress with a deal that it can ratify or reject
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but not change. most house republicans favor the senate passed bill but democrats are opposed and in part they disagree on how to pay for a program to retrain workers displaced by trade agreements. chinese hackers who cracked the databases of the office of personnel management could use that information for blackmail. the "new york times" reporting investigators say the hackers may have collected the names of chinese relatives, friends and frequent associates of american diplomats, other top government officials. hackers inserted malware into the government system last december. the breach was discovered in april. the house has passed a resolution urging state and local police departments to use body cameras. the vote was nearly unanimous 421-6. it comes after several high-profile police shootings and use of force controversies. a democratic congressman from texas sponsored the resolution. he said body cameras can bring much-needed transparency while also protecting officers
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against false allegations. in another vote in the house of representatives, they have voted to repeal a law that requires labels on meat showing what country it came from. last month the world trade organization ruled against the law saying it discriminated against canada and mexico. the house vote yesterday was aimed at avoiding trade retaliation from those two countries and many in the american meat industry have called for a repeal. an arson suspect is in custody in connection with a fire that caused $100,000 in damage at an auto dealership. 46-year-old john allen bixler booked into marin county jail yesterday. the fire began monday night at the novato chevrolet dealership on redwood boulevard. police say bixler set one car on fire and the flames spread to three other cars there. police got surveillance video here from a nearby business that shows a man with a backpack in the area and when that car burst into flames, it's not clear whether the video helped lead to the arrest. so far police are not revealing
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details about tips or evidence in the case. police in hayward have busted up what they say is the largest marijuana grow operation they have ever seen. narcotics investigators served a warrant last night at a warehouse and found nearly 13,000 plants. police say it was a sophisticated setup with its own hydroponics, lighting and ventilation and illegal wiring. the warehouse on diablo avenue also had a room for harvesting and packaging, a living space and sophisticated security system. police say the marijuana they seized has a street value of about $15 million. officers arrested three men who are residents of hayward, oakland and alameda. the d.a.'s office in alameda county charged them with felony marijuana cultivation and sales. it is 5:07. students affected by an error on the s.a.t. will have a chance to retake the section but need to reregister for the test no
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later than today. saturday's test listed different time restrictions on student and proctor booklets for one section. that led to some schools giving students an extra 5 minutes to complete the section of the test. disturbing discovery at san jose state university campus. kiet do joins us live from the 10th street garage where a body was found overnight. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: good morning. san jose state police have confirmed that they are conducting some sort of investigation into the death here. this body was found at the 10th street garage also known as the north garage in downtown san jose. all this happened in the 9:00 hour last night. details hard to come by at this hour. the only sign of anything that we can find is a bit of crime scene tape and it looks like whatever happened out here took place on the fifth floor or above. there are six floors at this garage. upd would not say if the remains found were a man, woman or a student. by the way, school is out for the summer. this particular parking garage gets more than its fair share
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of incidents. it has been the scene of numerous suicides, in 2011 a triple murder-suicide. so we are expecting university police to make some sort of announcement regarding the body found here this morning. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. ♪[ music ]♪ time now 5:09. they smashed the windows, get the goods, and they are gone in seconds. the bay area neighborhood that has seen an explosion in car burglaries. >> and big trouble in paradise for marge and homer simpson. major changes coming. >> say it isn't so! >> we have a warming trend temperatures back into the triple digits. i'll tell you which days will be affected. >> and so far, so good on the bay bridge. we'll have a complete look at our bay area bridges coming up.
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good morning. it's thursday, and looking out towards the santa clara valley, we have haze. we have overcast conditions. we have a little bit of drizzle there. i have your full forecast coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. an antioch family's determination to make their street safer has been using video surveillance. there's a camera in front of their house. a driver doing donuts last
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month killed timothy hudson. some friends installed a speed bump but it was removed. hudson's parents say they will keep going to city council meetings until the mayor does something. >> we are just going to keep doing what we have been doing. we are going to go to every council meeting. maybe if the pressure keeps on they will eventually fold under it. >> antioch says it needs to do a traffic study before it can even consider putting a speed bump in. 5:13. a check of traffic and gianna says it's not so bad out there, right? >> it's not. we actually started out a little bit busier earlier this morning and things have eased up. it's looking good at the bay bridge. a backup in the cash lanes 10 minutes ago dissipated quickly. traffic flowing nicely into san francisco. no delays san francisco into oakland. rest of our bay area bridges looking good, as well. checking our drive times now on the san mateo bridge, westbound hayward to foster city, only about 14 minutes. eastbound we have some roadwork on the san mateo bridge that's
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going to be there until 11:00 today so keep that in mind. might slow you down a bit later on but it is a counter-commute right now. so not cause anything problems this morning. golden gate bridge also looks good southbound out of marin county heading into san francisco. northbound no delays. limited visibility in some spots along highway 1. mostly as you work your way in and out of daly city there. so you might want to give yourself some extra time. use some slower speeds through there. past that section where highway 1 meets 280 it gets better. things heating up in the altamont pass westbound 18 minutes. altamont pass to 680 at this point, our slowest spots coming away from tracy as you work your way into the altamont pass and then eases up toward the dublin interchange. we are starting to see some extra volume though so things are getting a little bit busier through there. 880 holding steady no delays through oakland right now northbound 238 to the maze. that's only about a 15-minute ride. san jose also checking in with no accidents this morning. 101 clocking in some nice speeds northbound as you work your way out of san jose out of
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the south bay into the peninsula. got an early flight to catch at sfo traffic looks good but, of course, you can always skip the roads and use mass transit. bart 28-plus trains on time. all mass transit on time. it was busy yesterday, though, roberta, with the rain. how's that looking today? we have a little bit of drizzle but it's a different -- we have a little bit of drizzle but it's a different situation. we have low clouds and fog lining the coast into the bay and each patchty stratus in dublin as well this morning. let's take a look at the weather watchers. i have to applaud you. you were so helpful yesterday reporting rain in your areas. 54 degrees, hey, linda, thank you for that report. and she says it is not raining there as of right now because the tropical moisture, the remnants from blanca are out of here. 54 degrees with edward williams. he reports at this particular time no rain but they got .06" of rain yesterday.
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thanks for checking in with us, ed. over here 64 degrees steve casian in los altos dew point 62% really vitally important to note that because the humidity is at 92%. you mix those two ingredients together you have some fog right now from los altos into the santa clara valley. that's what it looks like in san jose right now bird's-eye view of the city and it looks like we are limited as far as our visibility is concerned at 61 degrees. so far no reports of any local airport delays. meanwhile, santa rosa is at 52 degrees in the upper 50s in concord. remnants of blanca, it's exiting east. we have the return of the stratus right there and the marine layer. it's dense this morning. and we have high pressure. it's now building in from the west. as that happens, it's going to dry out the atmosphere. it won't be as muggy as 24 hours ago. we won't have any kind of rain except for the drizzle
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associated with the marine layer but as high pressure strengthens we are back in the triple digits. statewide we're talking 96 degrees in sacramento through stockton into merced. we'll still see that thunderstorm activity in throughout the high sierra. mid-90s in fresno through manteca. temperatures today going up. 60s beaches, 70 san francisco. up from the average high of 64. site of and 80s common around the peninsula. winds out of the west and then southwest five to 15 miles per hour mid-80s santa clara valley. then east of the bay that's when you start to see those temperatures into the upper 80s and low 90s. mid-80s from napa into sonoma into santa rosa. warmer than that the further north you go towards ukiah mid- and high 90s. extended forecast, 90s inland, 60s and 70s.
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not as hot friday as on monday but still triple digits. 90s with a cooling trend over the weekend and temperature span monday through monday. we have the a's playing host to the rangers in baseball. it will be sunny with high of 73 degrees as kazmir hits the mound for the good guys against chi chi gonzalez. >> if you lean over the a's dugout you will see who? >> me! i know when to go because i have my bay area weather app. you can check conditions in your neighborhood, get realtime radar. search "kpix" and download the cbs bay area weather app, now available for both iphones and android. that's really important to note because i know i couldn't find it at first. you have to search "kpix" when you download it. >> you have your app and your jersey! >> i'm ready to go! new water restrictions take
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effect today in vallejo. they ban the use of potable water in fountains and other water structures. there are limits to watering. it's now three days a week between 6 p.m. and 9 a.m. some changes could be coming to bart to make train rides more comfortable. at bart's budget meeting it's board of directors will discuss pumping money into getting a new fleet of trains climate control technology after complaints from passengers that the trains are too hot. the budget also proposes adding 30 more trains during peak periods. doh! that was weak huh? [ laughter ] >> all right. should have practiced. sad news for simpsons fans. yeah, homer and marge are breaking unfortunately. >> you can't handle the truth! >> doh! still can't do it. >> oh, no. >> i'll have it done by 7:00. the show's executive producer says next season, yeah, the two will separate and homer falls in love with a character played
5:20 am
by lena dunham of an hbo show. i guess they are running out of plot lines. >> it's been on the air forever. >> and the kids are still kids. >> fans expressed disappointment on social media. one guy tweeted marge and homer simpson splitting up? guess i can add love is futile from the list of life lessons i got from the simpsons. we'll be right b
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good morning, welcome back. the first sign of brake lights at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. you're tapping the brakes in most of those cash lanes. fastrak users are breezing through. we'll take a look at highway 4 coming up in just minutes. hey, good morning, everybody. today is the day game 4 in cleveland. how will the warriors respond? well, yesterday, they had an off day. so what's a guy to do in cleveland on and off day? well, dennis o'donnell found some answers. reporter: good evening, everybody from the rock and roll hall of fame. this is michael jackson's outfit for his famed victory tour. you know what? maybe the warriors could borrow his glove. david lee nearly led the warriors to a comeback victory last night. his reemergence brought points, passing and pace. >> the most promising thing is
5:24 am
that we finally saw us playing the type of ball we're capable of playing in the fourth. to me it's more important that if i play five minutes next game i don't play at all, or whatever combination coach uses to get a win. >> reporter: lee's lift could mean a little satisfaction for the warriors in game 4. back to rick james in san francisco. >> that's right. hey, super freak! super freak! super freakiy ow! in baseball, hunter pence going to go back to the dl. he has a wrist issue. could come off in mid-june. meantime we have action. couple of nights ago that was the king, chris heston, had that no-hitter. against the mets, matt harvey buster posey won this battle in the 6th broke a tie with a two rbi double. tim hudson was the giants pitcher of record. he loves that. yeah! harvey's 6th inning, seven runs all earned. brandon belt back away and
5:25 am
gone. two-run job, five run sixth. giants won 8-5. start business this morning half game behind the dodgers. last night, hall of fame pitcher greg maddux helping out the rangers in the dugout. tied at 4 and the a's played a little small ball. everybody is safe in the bottom of the 9th. set up josh redick. redick and a play at the plate. sam fuld slid home. when do you that you get a pie and a shower. a's won by a final of 5-4 in front of 14,290. that's sports at this hour. warriors, cavaliers, going to be the headliner later on tonight. see you later. play of the day, major league baseball. we have cards and rockets. we have a catch.
5:26 am
kolten wong makes a great diving stop and he gets up and gets his man, too. nice grab. a put-out at first. a little stretch at second, back up, a little turn, and toss. cardinals won 4-2 and the play of the day. it is 5:26 right now. a heads up for travelers. what new rules could cause headaches when you try to fly. >> and a big change coming to your wallet. how banks are hoping to beef up security while saving themselves billions of dollars. >> i'm kiet do live in downtown san jose where police are investigating the death of a body found at a parking garage on the campus of san jose state
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a bay area war memorial covered in graffiti. the price one community is willing to pay to catch the bad guys. >> it won't be as chilly today as yesterday but now we're talking about triple digits. i'll tell you when to expect it. >> and lots of company at the bay bridge toll plaza. details on that coming up. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, june 11. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. good morning. it is 5:30. a body is discovered in a campus parking garage at san jose state university. kiet do joins us live at sjsu with the latest developments this morning. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: good morning. police have confirmed to us they found the body sometime in the 9:00 hour last night here at the 10th street garage also known as the north garage. and they are describing this as a death investigation. however, details are hard to come by at this hour. the only sign of anything really is a bit of crime scene tape and it looks like whatever happened took place on the
5:31 am
fifth floor or above. the structure is six stories tall. upd wouldn't say if the remains were male, female or a student. by the way, school is out for the summer. this parking garage gets more than its fair share of incidents. in 2011 a triple murder-suicide here made headlines. so we are expecting university police to make an announcement this morning sometime during business hours. live in downtown san jose kiet do, kpix 5. 5:31. let's check weather. roberta, i was looking out at my backyard yesterday and my plants were so happy. >> they were smiling. >> the flowers were smiling. >> it's true. i was at the bocce ball tournament for john madden and steve mariucci. we were playing outdoors and indoors. okay, weather girl, when is it going to stop raining? i'm off work right now. we welcomed it. but at the same time, boy it was a very soggy day. and boy, wasn't it humid? today less humidity, more
5:32 am
sunshine, and warmer conditions. out the door we have some areas of very dense fog like right there in the san jose. visibility is down to about a half mile in some locations. so far no reports of local airport delays but we'll keep on top of that. our temperatures are into the 50s and 60s. and later today, we'll have the abundance of sunshine numbers are going up. and the humidity will go down. temperatures will be in the 70s and 80s across much of the central bay, 60s around the seashore 70s and 80s peninsula and up to the highway 80s and low 90s for morgan hill and gilroy east of the bay some of the hottest temperatures 93 in blackhawk and danville and pleasanton. we'll have a southwest wind 5 to 10. so we'll go from the 60s in stinson beach through the 70s in mill valley then top off at 82 degrees in novato. but upstream we go to 97 in ukiah. tomorrow is going to be hotter. i have that forecast coming up at 18 minutes after the hour -- what time is it? no, 48 minutes after the hour. in traffic, westbound 4
5:33 am
brake lights out of antioch into pittsburg. once you get past there things look good towards the eastshore freeway. eastshore freeway not too bad. live look at conditions west 80 at ashby avenue. at the bay bridge things slow down. metering lights not on just yet. but look for backups beyond the first overpass. so we'll keep an eye on our approaches to the bay bridge. 880 both directions though so far, so good. no delays right now through oakland. and just a heads up eastbound san mateo bridge we have roadwork in effect until 11:00 today. that will slow you down later on this afternoon and on that westbound side though traffic looks good no delays looks like about a 13 to 15-minute ride westbound san mateo bridge from hayward over towards foster city. 101 peninsula commute looks good. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you guys. actor christopher lee died this weekend. he first became famous for playing dracula back in the '50s. he is also known for roles in lord of the rings and "star wars." lee was being treated for
5:34 am
respiratory problems. he was 93 years old. an armed robbery and gunfire overnight in san francisco's mission district. now police are trying to piece together the chain of events. kpix 5's anne makovec is at the scene where several streets are still blocked off as investigators gather evidence. >> reporter: 23rd and bartlett here behind me. bartlett is closed down for several blocks in the mission. it all started with an armed robbery at around 3 a.m. at least two robbers pulled a gun on a man who was walking down the street. they took his wallet and his cell phone and then they ran off. police just happened to be in the area. >> they actually saw the guys running, the suspects running, and they were able to use their police intuition if you will for lack of a better description and apprehended the suspects. >> reporter: once they caught them they noticed that there was a trail of blood coming
5:35 am
near where those guys were running. police say one of the robbers accidentally shot himself in the leg. he is now in the hospital. police did find a high-powered gun nearby that somebody had tossed over a fence. it was a mac-10 semi-automatic that may or may not be connected to this crime. they were also on the hunt for a third suspect. at this point they don't know if there is an outstanding suspect. two men in custody. one man who had been robbed is okay. the investigation continues. in the mission anne makevoc, kpix 5. search is on at danville to find whoever vandalized a war memorial there. police say on sunday night someone spray-painted the words let's get high and other words and drawings on the all wars memorial in oak hill park. since then the city has done its best to remove all that graffiti. but much of the paint is still there. today san francisco mayor ed lee will be at a ribbon- cutting ceremony to mark the grand opening of an affordable
5:36 am
housing complex. a traditional lion dance will kick off the event a 10:45 at broadway. a new proposal in san francisco would finance hundreds of loans for middle income families to help them buy their first homes. the idea is to have the city's retirement system invest the funds in a loan program over the next 10 years. resolution put forward yesterday calls for an initial investment of $25 million. president obama, democratic presidential candidate, both have california fundraising swings next week including stops here in the bay area. the president will attend fundraisers for the democratic national committee. they include events june 19 and 20. homes of a venture capitalist and an environmental activist in san francisco. also on the 20th clinton attends a private campaign fundraiser at the home of a real estate broker. a big change could soon be coming to your wallet. banks tired of paying billions to customers hit by credit card
5:37 am
fraud are in the process of replacing those cards with the old magnetic strips. by autumn millions of americans will have made the switch to the new cards that are equipped with computer chips. banks say the new technology stores account data more securely. there's a sudden surge of car burglaries in san francisco. some parts of town have seen an increase up to 87% just in the past couple of months. more now from kpix 5's phil matier. [ pause ] >> okay. well, phil matier we'll try to get to that in just a little bit. we'll move on now as we do. more than 3 million high school kids across the country are graduating and it's probably a good time to have a talk about money. always good to talk about money. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger makes a living talking about money. [ laughter ] >> she joins us with a little guidance for parents out there. jill, i guess where do you
5:38 am
start? >> reporter: start at the beginning. how do you balance a checkbook? and then you want to introduce budgeting concepts and cover credit card basics. i want to stress the credit card stuff here because we want to tell our kids balances have to be paid back in full each month, otherwise there will be very high interest rates applied. if you plan on cosigning a credit card, i know a lot of parents do this when they are sending their kids off to college, you have to explain to your kids that you are marrying your credit history for better or for worse. remind them that paying bills late can hurt their credit history. it may even affect their chances of getting a job or renting their first apartment. >> credit card companies love college students. so what do working teenagers need to know? >> reporter: they are going to start completing tax forms. so that's a great time to discuss the difference between gross and net pay. now that moment in time where you say, where did all my money go? you can be the bad guy and
5:39 am
explains those major withholding category, federal, state, local taxes. payroll or fica taxes. then talk about establishing an automatic savings program. shoot for 10% of earnings that can go directly into a savings account or maybe a roth ira. this will help instill basic investment and retirement concepts as soon as possible. and by the way, as an incentive, there are some parents who are matching their kids' roth contributions. >> that's a good idea. because i would imagine at 17 or 18 most kids aren't thinking about a roth ira but when they grow up, they are going to be glad it happened. hey, what should teens know about summer jobs? >> reporter: well, remember that seasonal workers are contractors, may not have taxes withheld so your kids should set aside 15% of earnings to cover their future tax bill and if your teen is waiting tables and may be receiving cash tips in addition to the base pay, you might want to remind them that tips should be included as
5:40 am
taxable income. and, of course, those tips are subject to taxes. for more on how to talk to your kids about money, there's a great website >> thank you, jill schlesinger. attention airline passengers. you may soon have to check the bag you now consider a carry- on. here are the industry's new recommendations for a standard carry-on. it's about an inch smaller all the way around than the bag many airlines currently allow in overhead bins. it's up to the individual airlines whether to follow those recommendations. it is 5:40. a little basketball tonight. and a warriors fan found an unusual way to get drivers excited for game 4 coming up. >> a live look out at 880 in oakland, not looking too bad on the roads. there anyway. gianna will let us know what to expect for the
5:41 am
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5:43 am
5:43 on this thursday. good morning, everyone. take a look at this right here. what do you see? you see that the top of the bay bridge is obscured by a deck of low clouds and areas of fog. that's definitely going to affect your commute out the door this morning. we'll talk about the warmer weather pattern coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. and we are going to talk about the warriors, too. the people who hack roadway signs apparently include a few warriors fans. take a look. someone altered this sign at fruitvale and east 9th street in oakland reading go dubs and mvp number 30 lives here. it's supposed to say expect delays. roadwork ahead. what the heck. the warriors will play cavaliers later tonight. game 4 nba finals in cleveland. it's a got to win it game. game time 6:00 our time.
5:44 am
a plan is in the works to reduce congestion and accidents on market street in san francisco. the "chronicle" reports that starting in august, drivers on cross streets from third to 8th will not be allowed to turn on to market. the change is designed to cut down on injury accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. it will also allow for smoother travel for muni buses moving along market. bart will not operate trains much of the weekend between of the coliseum and fruitvale stations in oakland. the closure is set for all day saturday and through 8:00 sunday morning. a buses bridge will carry passengers between the two stations allowing crews to perform maintenance. service will be in time for the warriors final game on sunday. >> everyone will be glued to the tube tonight. you did a little sports in your off time. >> i do. >> you are guaranteeing a win tonight, right? >> as compared to the previous
5:45 am
years, they have never lost three straight. so this season i'm hoping that continues. >> you know, one thing i was looking at the schedule, and if it goes to game 7, okay, people are coming out of oracle, and the a's are playing and it's fireworks night. >> oh, boy. >> can you imagine? whether they win or lose, there's fireworks. >> let's just win the next three and get it over. use bart, that may be your best bet this morning. westbound backed up there almost to the foot of the maze. an early-morning accident just before the toll plaza. they cleared it out of lanes very quickly but they did turn the metering lights on early at 5:34 this morning. so give yourself some extra time. bart might be the best bet this morning. checking your approaches to the bay bridge not too bad on highway 24, 580 as you work your way through there. westbound 580 altamont pass 22 minutes from 580 to 680.
5:46 am
a little better at the dublin interchange. extra volume on the westbound side. no delays on the eastbound side. eastbound traffic is really quiet through there this morning. checking your roadways on highway 4, slow through antioch, better through pittsburg. here's roberta. would you look at this? just take a good look at this. we are shrouded in low clouds and areas of fog in san jose this morning as the dew point is at 62%. humidity 92%. san francisco with areas of fog. 52 in santa rosa. we have an area of low pressure the remnants of what was blanca now exiting east after producing nearly .4" of rain in concord. now we have the return of that very deep marine layer. and we have high pressure that will be nestling into the bay area from the west. so today, less humidity. more sunshine. and some warmer conditions. but wait, by friday, as high pressure strengthens over the bay area, we are going to see temperatures back into the triple digits away from the bay
5:47 am
primarily east of the bay. now, meanwhile, 96 degrees in sacramento. 98 towards davis. 95 degrees in fresno through manteca into merced. we'll top off today with the sunshine at 70 degrees in monterey and we'll keep the chance of a thunderstorm in the yosemite forecast while redding will hit 105 degrees. our numbers will be stacking up like this with partly sunny conditions at the beaches, takes a while to see clearing, however. 60s through pacifica and 84 in mountain view. low 90s away from the bay into the tri-valley. mid-80s in napa and sonoma. the extended forecast calls for a southwest wind 5 to 15 miles per hour today. that wind is flat on friday and the temperatures soar to 100 degrees warmest spots inland. cooling begins on saturday and then we should top off in the 80s by wednesday. by the way, we have a baseball
5:48 am
game today. a's against the rangers, game time temperatures 70, climbing to 73 degrees. there is a sudden surge of car burglaries in san francisco. some parts of town have seen increases up to 87% in just the past few months. more now from kpix 5's phil matier. reporter: welcome to san francisco's hip south of market district. center of the new building boom and ground zero for one of the biggest jumps in auto break-ins in the city. >> it's pretty bad. it's pretty bad. >> we have a park which draws people to the neighborhood. a lot more people working in the south of market neighborhood. so there's a lot more cars. and so therefore, we have opportunityists that are criminals that are trying to prey on the people. >> reporter: add in the new condos and giants who draw in thousands of fans and cars -- >> this is the worst neighborhood i have ever seen. guys with hoodies on with flashlights going inside the car and i called the police and i tell the cops what they look
5:49 am
like. they never catch anybody! >> reporter: it can all be done in over in a matter of seconds. >> the easy way to turn over over the product for a quick buck or two. >> reporter: prosecutions are tough. >> you have to be able to prove the case as in someone saw the case or circumstantial evidence where someone may have recently broken into a car and still had the glass on them. >> reporter: police also point to a new voter-approved change in state law that makes possession of stolen goods under $950 which is often the take from a car boost a misdemeanor. >> which is just nothing more than a citation. >> reporter: so i'm not going to jail. >> not anymore. >> reporter: whatever the case, one thing is clear. if you are driving in san francisco, particularly south of market, you're not driving a car, you're driving a target. at issue are tiered rates for customers who use more water paying more per gallon than those who useless. a lawsuit says it's a penalty
5:50 am
rather than a fee-for-service. the suit was filed on behalf of a mill valley woman with the intent of becoming a class action lawsuit. it's a common cure when heartburn hits. how certain drugs could put
5:51 am
5:52 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me?
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no. uh-huh-huh! good morning.5:53. a bird's-eye view of the city by the bay, the city of san francisco from treasure island. wow, we are seeing magic there. nice. we have overcast conditions and areas of fog. it will be warmer today. we'll talk about that as the news continues. speaking of that fog, a little foggy through dublin. westbound 580 headed towards the dublin interchange at 680. it's moving okay. most of our delays though are just east of there as you work your way through the altamont pass. you will need an extra 10 minutes to get towards 680 this morning. we'll have a look at san jose in about 10 minutes. >> thank you, gianna. americans throw massive amounts of food into the garbage every year. now one organization is doing something about it. city harvest in new york city picks up food at stores and
5:54 am
restaurants that would otherwise be thrown out. it gets delivered to a soup kitchen and food pantries and feeds more than a million new yorkers each year. believe it or not, around 40% of u.s. food supply is wasted annually. kids with adhd normally squirm and fidget but their constant movement may help them learning according to researchers from uc-davis. they monitored kids' movement using a device attached to their ankles while the kids did a test. their study found preteens and teenagers who moved more intensely showed substantially better cognitive performance. some common over-the- counter heartburn drugs may increase your chance for heart attack. the study of antacids like prevacid, prime section and nexium found taking them could raise your risk of a heart attack by up to 20%. these types of drugs can be useful when used short term towards the rape kits that have been in evidence rooms in san francisco for years will soon be tested. the police chief greg suhr says all of the rape kits have been
5:55 am
counted and will be processed by the end of the year. he said there's money already set aside to test the kits. there are more than 400 of them. he says although several cases predate the statute of limitations, victims could potentially get some closure. >> a victim of one of those assaults could come forward and if they were willing testify in court to basically show a pattern for a suspect that has a case pending that is within the statute. >> san francisco will join only a handful of cities around the country with no backlog of rape kits. canadian researchers say a program is successfully teaching college women ways to prevent sexual assault. the program emphasizes three things. recognizing danger, resisting pressure to have sex, and physical self-defense. researchers say women that were educated were half as likely to be raped. a california company is a step closer to approval for a new cholesterol-lowering drug.
5:56 am
an advisory panel of the fda has endorsed the use of the drug for some patients with high cholesterol. it's part of a new class of drugs that lower cholesterol more effective than statins. blackmail may have been the motive behind one of the biggest data breaches in government history. >> reporter: and a body has been found at the 10th street garage here at san jose state university. police are investigating. i'm kiet do
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, it's thursday, june 11. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 5:59. a disturbing discovery in a parking garage at san jose state university. kiet do joins us live from the 10th street garage in san jose with the latest.
6:00 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police are saying this is a death investigation after a body was found here in the 9:00 hour last night at the 10th street garage also known as the north garage. but details are hard to come by. the only thing we could find here was a little bit of crime scene tape and it looks like whatever happened took place on the fifth floor or above. this structure is six stories. upd wouldn't say if the remains found were a man, woman or student. by the way, school is out for the summer. this particular parking garage also gets more than its fair share of incidents. it's been the scene of numerous suicides and back in 2011 it was the scene of a triple murder-suicide. that really made the headlines here in downtown san jose. so we are expecting university police to make some sort of announcements later on this morning sometime during business hours. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. this morning, police are trying to sort out what happened during an armed robbery and shooting in san francisco's mission district. kpix 5's anne makovec is


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