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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i. good morning i'm michelle griego. >> the warriors on the verge of winning their first nba title. they bet the cavaliers last night in a big game. >> fires away. wow another three. >> steph curry erupted for 17 points in the fourth quarter and had 37 in the game. he was huge. warriors pulled away late. they won it 104-91. one more and that is all it takes. lisa chan is at oracle arena where it was rocking in a big way last night. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. crews are here busy cleaning up
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gold confetti that is just all over the ground. they started at 12:30 this morning. fans who couldn't be here last night, packed into sports bars all over the bay area. rowdy and excited fans jammed into green's sports bar in san francisco, and a sea of blue and gold fans made more faces than riley curry at a post game press conference as the victory appeared secure. >> i went through we believe. i have been here fighting the fight, waiting for this to happen. it is finally happening. >> go warriors.
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>> the real party was here at oracle. they all seemed confident in the warriors in that they will bring home the championship. crews will continue cleaning. they are not expected to finish until 58 km. they have bags like this just full of confetti everywhere. lisa chan kpix 5. the warriors could clinch it or if the calves win it is back to oracle if a deciding game 7. >> a viewing party is sold out tomorrow night. hey i checked traffic now on this monday. >> you were invited to roberta's viewing party? don't say anything to frank, guys, he doesn't know about it. 280 in daily city there is
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a big rig accident northbound 280 near john daly boulevard. our cameras picking up light traffic. the bay bridge commute is slow at the bay bridge toll plaza with the meteoring -- metering lights on. the back-ups extending on to 205. you can see a long lynn of traffic now through livermore, pleasanton, heading for 580 again. that is your traffic here's roberta. >> lisa we all know what happened to you the last time you came to a viewing party at my house. >> stayed over, right? i cannot use this picture enough. it is our live weather camera, looking out from mount
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advantage ca -- from right here in the bay area. we have unlimited visibility and lots of sunshine there. temperaturewise, we are into the 50s. the winds are relatively calm, gusts along the seashore today 10 to 20. temperatures close to where they should be for this time of the year, into the 60s, partial coastal clearing there. 67 across the peninsula. 80s to around the low 90s and tracy, 87 in brentwood. low 70s for the most part around the pleasant little area. north bay areas stacking up around the 60s and 70s. we'll have the full forecast, still straight ahead. today jeb bush will formally announce he is running for the republican nomination for president. he has a new logo and video to kickoff his run, the 62-year- old joining 10 other
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republicans. on the democratic side hillary clinton campaigned in iowa sunday. the state of california will soon begin restricting a commonly-used pesticide linked to late brain development. it is used by farmers on many of the state's cash crops, including almonds, walnuts and oranges. researchers say it can be harmful to children's brain development. >> this is not new science. we've known for some time, really over a decade, that it is very dangerous for children's health. >> reporter: starting next month, the pesticide will be a restricted material in california, so farmers will have to get permits to use it. a controversial vaccine bill could be voted on by the full assembly as soon as today. it would require vaccines for just about every school kid in california and eliminate the
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personal belief exemption. beginning today, saving water will be an even bigger task for about a million people in santa clara county. kit do is live. >> reporter: san jose water says if you have been cutting back and saving all along you should be fine. if not this could be a big shot and a big adjustment. the new water restriction went into effect at midnight today. some bay area homeowners scrambling. here's how it works. every home gets assigned an allotment of water. that is about 8200-gallons a month. starting at $7.13 for every unit of water used. >> it is going to be a little too hard right away.
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too unrealistic. >> reporter: if you have more than four people in your household, you can apply to increase your monthly allotment. by the way if you get caught violating the long list of rules, you could face up to $500 a year. starting today crews will begin moving all that sand from the site of the great highway in san francisco. the southbound lanes between lincoln way and slope boulevard they will be closed. could take up to five days for all the sand to be removed. an embattled naacp leader won't be embracing her racial background tonight after suddenly canceling a meeting. rachael dolezal's parents say her background is mainly czech, swedish and german, yet she has
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portrayed herself as black for years. organizers plan to gather in spokane tonight for a protest. fire continues to burn at the scene of a natural gas line explosion in south texas. happened last night at an energy company facility in area row. drivers in one bay area city are tired of seeing their cars with broken windows. the unusual plea to car thieves. and the search continues for the two escaped killers in new york. we are going to hear what their plan was from the woman accused of helping them. good morning everyone, this is the last full week of spring. we are going to talk about summer like temperatures. chp, is checking on an accident delaying traffic for the east shore freeway.
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west 80 on hill
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my name is fernando gonzalez. i'm the gas service supervisor here in sonoma county. we moved up here 35 years ago and we just love it up here, it's a fantastic place to live. our function is customer support... ...making sure that our customers are safe and that's the most important thing. we know we are part of a huge company but sonoma county is our home. sonoma county is our pg&e. what we're doing really means something in the community and it's just a great, great feeling. together, we're building a better california.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ ♪ photojournalist greg at the helm this morning providing us with a beautiful view at the embark darrow -- we'll talk about the clearing and when you should expect it, coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. a princeton worker accused of helping two convicted -- a prison worker accused of helping two convicted killers escape is due in court this morning. >> reporter: hundreds of law enforcement officers searched from above and on the ground in upstate new york sunday for
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prison escapees david sweat and richard matt. governor cuomo says the men could be anywhere. >> we don't know if they are still in the immediate area or if they are in mexico by now. >> reporter: residents hope the fugitives are caught soon. but they are not taking any chances. mary van, a gun shop owner, has seen an uptick in sales. >> we won't go looking but i won't be a hostage either. >> reporter: more than 800 state and federal officers are here on the ground working 12 hours a day. some are positioned at checkpoints like this, most are actively taking part in the search. >> reporter: prison employee joyce mitchell was supposed to pick the two up at the power plant near the clinton correction alpha silt. they would not tell her the location. mitchell is charged with promoting prison contraband.
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as residents try to move on with their lives many can't help but wonder if danger is lurking nearby. a hotel in san jose, the plaza hotel, has been abandoned for years. it has 42 rooms and city housing officials say it would be a perfect place to house some of the homeless population. the homeless is still in the early stages, it needs city council approval before moving forward. berkeley's fans to impose fees on high rise buildings are now on hold. it has been put off until the end of the month and moved to a larger venue to handle the expected crowd no a check of traffic and weather you are a busy woman. >> reporter: accidents are starting to pile in now. the biggest problem is the
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delays along 580 in the westbound direction. looking at delays leaving the altemont. but now a new accident westbound 580 at livermore, traffic was already very, very slow. it is going to stay slow now to the dublin interchange. so delays for that long stretch of 580 again from 205, approaching the dublin interchange. and an accident in the richmond area, westbound 80 approaching hilltop drive, you are going to see back-ups along highway 4. the accident involving a car hitting a center divider. and we are still watching northbound 280 near john daly boulevard. it is an accident involving a big rig, heading down a ditch and overturning. we have debris reported in two lanes of traffic, traffic still doing okay. we'll let you know once the chp, decides to close down some
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of those lanes for clean up. the bay bridge toll plaza traffic backed up. that is a look at your kcbs traffic. roberta. the transamerica building is 1065 feet tall. i use it as a barometer to see how low the ceiling is. usually when that happens we have delays but so far no delays reported. temperatures in the 50s. the winds are relatively calm except at the beaches. we will see gusty winds at the seashore today. is school still in session? it is right? 50s from the coast to our inland areas. fog banks stacked up at the beaches trying to move into the bay there and lining the san mateo coastline. going to take awhile to see the burn off today.
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high pressure is necessariling in from the eastern pacific. we have a small craft advisory today, very gusty winds at the beaches. there is that low. we have high pressure building and warm into the inland area. fresno at 101. 99 in redding today. mid-60s and partial clearing of the skies in monterey. our temperatures 50s, 60s at the beaches. this is very summer like on this last full week of spring. 70s coming around the peninsula today. 80s in the santa clara valley. mid-80s to the east. an outside number of 91 degrees in the clover dale area, also toward tracy. here you have your extended forecast and it is summer officially arriving on sunday. by the way, frank, that's father's day as well. >> there we go. thanks roberta. san francisco is seeing a spike
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in car break-ins. some of the drivers are fighting back by posting notes. they say things like nothing inside. one of the notes says i have nothing inside my car, no need to break in. and by the way, have a nice day. >> i call the police and tell the cops what they look like. they never catch anybody. >> car break-ins are up 70% in the city. window replacement companies say they are getting 100 fresh calls every morning. car owners in petaluma should use notes like that. thieves have stolen 17 catalytic converters there. the latest thefts between saturday night and monday morning happened between u.s. 101 and washington street. they sell the metal for scrap. recyclers can pay $150 for
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them. the bill can run into the thousands of dollars to replace them. still ahead, a baby boom right here in the bay area. we asked some of the new moms, what's going on? curry scored 37 and man the giants could use some of that in their lineup right now. the warriors, one win away, straight ahead. what is cool about your school or your summer camp? you can e-mail your nominations
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good morning everybody.
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the warriors have been fantastic here. they hope last night was the final game they'll have to play here the rest of the season. lebron james had his third 30- point game of the season. testify -- steph curry, ends up puts it in another big night for him. 8 rebounds, the warriors win 104-91. the ending wouldn't be as good at third and king. arizona wins 4-0 and they sweep the giants. the a's beat the angels 8- 1. and finally, park won the
6:24 am
women's championship by five shots with her sixth career major. and reclaimed the number one spot in the world ranking. as for us, momentarily we'll be on an airplane back to cleveland, ohio and tonight we'll see you with the warriors on the verge of ending their championship drought. safe flight to cleveland. we have dodgers, padres, pepco park, john peterson, going back over the shoulder. boom. he is okay. 4-2. after your play of the day. coming up a deadly flood washes through the country of georgia. why people have to worry about more than just the rushing water. we are live in san jose
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where tough new water
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a scary start to the summer season. why people in south carolina are staying away from the beach. i'm lisa chan live at the oracle arena where fans celebrated the warriors victory last night. good morning everyone. it is the last full week of
6:29 am
spring, but it is going to feel more like summer. i'll pinpoint the warmest day. a major accident involving a motorcycle with two lanes of traffic shut down on highway 4 in the westbound direction. good morning everyone. it is monday, june 15th. i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:29. tough new water restrictions take effect today for about a million water users good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you and good morning to all the water wasters out there. today is the day. start cutting back or it will cost you. san jose water's tough new restrictions went into effect at midnight today. they are some of the toughest in the bay area. here's how it works. >> every home gets a ration of water.
6:30 am
30% of the 2013 overall average. that comes out to about 8200 gallons a month. go over that and the surcharges start racking up starting at $7.13 for every unit of water used. >> those who have already conserved are likely going to find themselves at or below the target. >> reporter: if you have more than four people in your household, you can apply to increase your monthly allotment. you could face fines up to $500 a day. and our very own water inspector here. you are pretty good at conserving water. >> three minute showers. i'm telling you i feel guilty just watering and i try to do all the rules and regulations. after 7:00 p.m. if it is windy, not at all. >> we are all doing whatever we can to help do our parts here during the drought days.
6:31 am
hey everybody we have a great slate out there right now. looking out toward coit tower right now, gray skies. i just checked in and no reports of any local airport delays. even though that ceiling continues to lower. our temperatures are currently in the 50s. winds are pretty much nonexistent. locally gusty at the beaches. 60s there. a summertime weather pattern. 60s and 70s around the peninsula. 80s around the santa clara valley. these numbers are ahead of schedule here. 87 degrees toward brentwood. at tracy and oakley. 65 at blackhawk and danville. 60s and 70s low 80s north of the golden gate bridge. 91 degrees in clover dale.
6:32 am
we have the full forecast coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. shaping up to be a busy commute roberta with this new accident in the westbound direction of highway 4. this accident blocking two lanes of traffic involving a motorcycle and another car westbound highway 4 at bailey. two left lanes are shut down. it has traffic backed up from pittsburgh through antioch. we are watching the daily city commute. there has been an accident, two right lanes shut down northbound approaching john daly. a big rig overturned into a ditch. traffic beginning to slow down just as you approach the accident scene. i-80 is going to be very slow. the commute direction westbound, an accident blocking the left lane has traffic backed up beyond the highway to the interchange. one of the big slow spots this
6:33 am
morning would be the bay bridge toll plaza. that is your kcbs traffic. now to michelle. just one win away. the warriors are on the verge of an nba title after a thrilling win in game five of the finals. >> steph curry fires away. >> steph curry came up big in the fourth quarter. he scored 17 of his 37 points in the final period. the warriors pulled away late and won 104-91 to take a 3-2 series lead. the win has bay area basketball fans fired up for the very real potential of an nba title. oracle arena was packed with excited fans last night. >> reporter: the first 1000 fans who checked in on facebook got these arm sleeves and the first 3000 cars got a flag.
6:34 am
meanwhile, the clean up continues. there is still gold confetti all over the ground. clean up started at 12:00 this morning as fans celebrated a big warriors victory last night. it was one big party here at oracle arena, fans were singing, dancing, chanting and celebrating the victory. one thing these fans have in common, they are confident the warriors will bring home the nba title. >> we are going to do it. go warriors. >> we are going to win it in cleveland. >> reporter: rowdy and excited fans packed into sports bars all over the bay area. this is green's sports bar on polk street.
6:35 am
fans said the only thing tougher than getting a ticket to the game was getting a seat at any sports bar in the bay area. crews will continue cleaning up. they aren't expected to continue until 8:00 this morning. cleveland starts at 6:00 our time. the warriors can clinch it with a win or if the win, back to oracle friday. police in columbus, ohio have charged a 16-year-old boy in the shooting death of four people. authorities say they were called to a columbia bus home saturday morning. when they got there, they found four bodies inside the home as well as a fifth person with a gunshot wound on the sidewalk. the wounded woman was taken to the hospital for treatment. police charged the 16-year-old with murder and kidnapping. the man linked to a shooting rampage at dallas police headquarters had a history of mental instability
6:36 am
and violence. james bolch ware's family said he even choked his mother two years ago. his brother said the family tried unsuccessfully to get him help for his issues. he was killed during a standoff with police. the number of deaths in south korea has increased to 16 from middle east respiratory syndrome. health officials announced two new deaths today. while schools reopened today, children were being monitored. severe flooding has turned deadly from eastern europe. an overflowing river washed away homes, roads and fences. twelve people died. several zoo animals escaped during the flood and zoo workers tried to track down a
6:37 am
hippopotamus. terror at a north carolina beach. a 13-year-old girl severely bitten by a shark yesterday. 90 minutes later a 16-year-old boy was attacked on the very same stretch of beach. he also lost an arm. both victims expected to survive. officials say the beach will remain open today but swimmers are warned to stay out of the water. today jeb bush will formally announce he is running for the republican nomination for president. former florida governor has a new logo to kickoff the run. bush says his life experiences and an ability to make tough decisions will set him apart. hillary clinton distanced herself from president obama in his battle with congress over a
6:38 am
trade agreement. independent bernie sanders says she needs to take a more definitive stand. a baby boom happening here at channel 5 and all around the bay area. doctors say the number of births is up sharply this year. we look at what's keeping hospital delivery rooms so busy. >> reporter: lynette edwards with and tammy brown knew when they decided to have collette it was going to take some planning. >> you have to plan for it. >> reporter: take a look around walnut creek and you can't help but think the economy must be great. there are baby carriages everywhere. the numbers at area hospitals indicate a baby boom. >> reporter: the hospital here was averaging 2500 births in the years after the recession. but last year 2900 babies were
6:39 am
born here. >> as the economy booms and becomes more successful, people feel a lot more comfortable. babies happen. >> reporter: just ask walnut creek business owner sarah chapel. >> i'm happy more babies are being born. >> reporter: her equestrian inspired baby clothing line, mini britches, is already thriving. 6:39. a shocking video out of southern california. what led to a violent encounter between a teen and a sheriff's deputy. plus a tough decision a woman was forced to make on her journey across the pacific ocean. jason brooks
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♪ ♪ ♪ it took tim morehouse years to master the perfect lunge. but only one attempt to master depositing checks at chase atms.
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technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. good morning everyone. look at your tv screen. what do you see? temperatures close to average for this time of the year. we'll break it down like there. gusty winds at the beaches, into the 60s. upper 60s to mid 70s across the peninsula. west winds 10 to 20 east of the bay today. 87 degrees in present wood for one of the warm spots. 86 in pleasanton. 60s, 70s and 80s north bay and all the way to the low 90s in clover dale. a florida woman's quest to become the first female to row across the pacific, by herself, has been called off.
6:44 am
last week, sonia bernstein set off from japan heading to san francisco. but bad weather and a steering system failure cut her journey short. saturday she was rescued off the japanese coast. the city of oakland cracking done on the cracks in their roadways. starting today, the public encouraged to report potholes to the department of public works. you can do it by e-mail, phone or through the mobile app eclick fix. it will run through july 31st. >> that is a big one. let's get a check of traffic with lisa. >> reporter: a traffic advisory just issued for highway 4, where we have been monitoring this accident that happened involving a motorcycle down in lanes. major injuries reported with this rider. westbound before bailey road two left lanes are shut down, backed up solid pittsburgh into
6:45 am
an i don't think beyond highway 4. they expect lanes to be shut down for at least 30 minutes, so you are going to want to avoid highway 4 as they work to clear this accident. going to be a long morning for that commute. as we move on and check on 280 in daily city an accident out there involving the big rig. two right lanes have shut down, and as we move onto the rest of the commute, a very slow morning for highway 4 through the richmond area. an accident blocking the left lane. traffic slow from beyond highway 4 with the left lane shut down. it is going to be a long drive time now. speaking of, the metering lights are on the on the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic does okay heading toward the downtown area of san francisco, no delays on the bridge itself. for the golden gate commute southbound traffic still looking good. a little bit of fog there but
6:46 am
southbound traffic rolling well. that is a look at your traffic. roberta? strength in numbers. it works for the warriors. let's see how it works out for us today. looking at our weather watchers, reporting in what we have going on, let's look at that right now. 54 degrees. linda masser, san rafael reporting foggy conditions there. otherwise let's check inland and see how far the marine layer has traversed. clear skies in brentwood, according to paul smith. nice photo paul i'm liking that. thanks for reporting in. let's look at s fo, i'm getting reports that we have delays on arriving flights. up to one hour at this particular time. currently we have temperatures into the 50s. we have 56 degrees in san jose with overcast conditions. winds are relatively light at this hour. at the coast picking up
6:47 am
westerly 12 to 15 miles per hour. overcast conditions bayside, but it is clear as you saw by paul's report, inland. >> here is the marine layer stacking up. again, causing local airport delays. high pressure continues to build in. but because of this area of low pressure upstream, we are getting a pressure gradient. gusty as far as the winds are concerned at the beaches. 80s, 90s, triple-digits central valley. upper 90s in redding. 66 in monterey bay. currently 46 going up to 81 degrees in the high sierra. 60s beaches, 70s around the peninsula. 80s in our inland area. 91 degrees that is our outside number in clover dale. dad's day is sunday, the first
6:48 am
day of summer. make it a great day. today jeb bush is expected to formally announce he is running for president. >> we'll check in with our political analyst, melissa cain. >> the first thing we can learn from today's big announcement is by looking at his big location. miami dade college, one of the largest and most diverse schools in the nation. he is trying to reach out to minorities and young people. contrast that, for example, with ted cruz, who announced at a christian college. so location matters. the second piece of information we have now is his logo. check this out. jeb. now i included some logos of other republican candidates to highlight what is missing from bush's logo. the word bush. this may be a signal that he is going to try to distance himself from the legacies of his father or his brother or both. >> it is a crowded field. how many? 11, 12? >> 11 declared. >> how is he stacking up?
6:49 am
>> so far in the major polls we have seen he is finishing around the top three. but he is not dramatically ahead. part of this has to do with as you said, frank, so many candidates are in the race .10 other declared. with that many no one has gotten even 20% of the vote in a major poll. but polling is not the only way to stackups candidates. there is also gambling. it is illegal to cam mr. on politics in the united states. but in europe you can. including united states politics. so over there, they are gambling on our politics over here. the thing about these gambling sites is they tend to be pretty accurate. i randomly picked three. as of yesterday, here's who they predict will win the republican nomination. as you can see, all three of them pick jeb bush to win.
6:50 am
all three show him followed by marco rubio, scott walker and rand paul. the people who have money at stake think bush is the favorite. hillary clinton is in town next week for fundraising. do you think we'll see jeb bush and the other candidates here as well? >> absolutely. despite the fact this is democrat country, there is still a lot of money here. jeb has already been to san francisco twice to raise money. and ted cruz, marco rubio rand paul and chris christie have all come through there. primaries are still eight months away. >> seems like a long time from now. >> seems like it goes quick. but it also seems like so much can happen. >> mistakes can be made. people can jump out ahead. >> especially with no incumbent in the race.
6:51 am
>> i'm loving it. >> i bet you are. investigators in san diego have a video of a deputy of a taser used on a 13-year-old boy. it is graphic here. it happened on saturday in fall brooke. the deputy was looking for a boy after a woman aren't her son was missing. they found him behind a store and tried to handcuff him. he ordered the teen to put his hands behind his back. the boy is in juvenile hall after biting the deputy on the hand. a vaccine bill could be voted on as soon as today by the full state assembly. the proposal would require vaccines for just about every school kid in california by eliminating the personal belief exemption. a marin county man said state lawmakers are walking a fine line between public health and parental choice. >> we want to do a couple of different things.
6:52 am
protect children. but also make sure children don't end up being kicked out of schools they are already in. we are trying to provide a pathway. >> the bill is response to a measles outbreak linked to disneyland in anaheim. more than 100 people were affected last december. largely blamed on kids not being vaccinated. major water cuts are hitting the bay area's biggest city. what will happen if water users don't cut back. i'm lisa chan live at the oracle arena. crews are cleaning up gold confetti all
6:53 am
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households are required to cut water use by 30%. users who go over their monthly allotment will pay a drought surcharge. the woman accused of helping two killers escape from an upstate new york prison is due in court this morning. joyce mitchell could face eight years in prison, if convicted. richard matt and david sweat used power tools to he is stain more than a week ago. today jeb bush will announce he is running for president. the former florida governor has a new logo and video to kickoff his run. the 62-year-old will join 10 other republicans in the hunt for that nomination. the price of gas is going down. it is $3.45 in san jose, $3.46 in oakland and $3.61 in san francisco. today the deadline for lawmakers in sacramento to vote on the state's $117.5 billion budget. some highlights include more money for public schools, a tax credit for the working poor.
6:57 am
governor brown still needs to sign off on the budget. i'm lisa chan live at the oracle arena. crews are busy cleaning up. there is still gold confetti all over the ground. fans who couldn't be here for the game last night packed into sports bars all over the bay area. rowdy and excited fans jammed in at green's sports bar in san francisco. in a sea of blue and gold the excitement grew. >> i grew up when mullins was good and i went through we believe. i have been here fighting the fight, waiting for this to happen. it is finally happening. >> i was here in 75 when we won it and i think we are going to do it again. go warriors. >> reporter: the real party was here at oracle.
6:58 am
take a look at the fans. they were singing, dancing and celebrating long after the victory. now one thing seems certain. they all seem confident that the warriors will bring home the championship. crews will continue cleaning here at oracle. they started at 12:30 this morning and won't be done until early this afternoon. we still have a traffic advisory highway 4 westbound before bailey. two left lanes are shut down because of a motorcycle accident. currently it is backed up from the antioch area. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up through the maze. very leaf westbound, jammed up out of richmond and heading toward the silicon valley. that is trouble free. roberta,. wake up san jose. clouds so deep we have delays
6:59 am
and some arriving flights backed up, up to 41 minutes. looks like santa rosa is at 53 degrees. later today numbers from 50s and partial clearing at the beaches. strong winds however westerly to 20s. some gusts 30s. mid-80s and a identify hue 80s as well. low 90s in the clover dale area. summer officially arrives with father's day on sunday. by the way, we are talking nba but we have a baseball game in town tonight at 7:15. tim hudson takes to the mound for the good guys. game time temperature 60, dress in layers. tim lincecum, 31 today. do you think giants fans dance like the warriors fans? thanks for watching,
7:00 am
everyone. >> happy good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday june 15th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the woman accused of helping two murderers break out of prison returns to court this morning, and we have new information about the escape plan. plus inside one of the most dangerous countries on earth. clarissa ward with the rare reporting from war-torn yemen. and we're in the north carolina beach town shaken up by two shark attacks less than two hours apart. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> both victims were out of surgery and in stable condition. >> a string of shark attacks


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