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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  June 21, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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these deals aren't just hot, they're explosive! don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ days before "pride" weekend. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a mural celebrating gay and transgender lifestyles defaced in the mission just days before pride weekend.
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good evening. kpix5 joe vazquez is in the mission where the community is reacting to the vandalism. >> reporter: joe, it is an unusual sight. you have a lot of mural this in the mission and usually people respect them. there you can see this one has been defaced. this is the third time the one here at 24th has been defaced since they put it up last week. the artwork depicts two gay men, two lesbians and a transgender in the middle of them. all of whom are cholos, they are people in this community. some are marked out with black paint. not to be the normal type of graffiti tagging that we see around the mission. the people who run the gallery here some neighbors loudly expressed their displeasure about the fact that macho figures are portrayed as gay and the the gallery said they received death threats. >> we were disappointed. it moved from disagreeing with a piece of art into, you know,
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calls for violence against the artist, calls for violence against people who supported it. >> reporter: now, here is what it looked like before the graffiti on top of it. the gallery says it will repaint the art display, again, and they are looking for volunteers to help them. it is scheduled to be part of this week's pride celebrations. so, they plan to put it back up and they plan to keep it up until early next month. reporting live in san francisco's mission district. back to you. in charleston, south carolina workippers returned to the ame church for sunday service. upon upon. [bell ringing] >> reporter: -- worshipers returned to the ame church sunday service. [bell ringing] >> the church was overflowing with people. had to stand outside. >> it has been tough. some of us have been downright
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angry. through it all god has sustained us. >> the reverend went on to say no weapon should prosper against them. the 9 have been deemed the emmanuel 9. many charges are gathering around the one in charleston. mark kelly has that story. >> reporter: church, long considered a sanctuary from violence, after charleston's mass shooting feels for some, different. >> we are living in dangerous times where the church is no longer a safe place. >> reporter: the reverend preaches at ame church in the western edition and says for the alleged gunman, roof, to kill while in a bible study is unthinkable. >> to be in that kind of close communion and not be affected by it speaks to seriously disturbed character. >> reporter: reverend cousin knew two of the 9 victims and says this shooting shows how
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little progress america has made with race relations. >> racism is alive and well and it is living in america. >> black and white come together. it has not happened yet but all we can do is pray. >> reporter: to start the healing many people deem south carolina stop ming the confederate flag on the state capitol. >> it is a dysfunctional signal. >> reporter: the authorities are investigating the charleston shooting as a hate crime. still, many believers refuse to be shaken. >> my faith is in god. and if i am afraid to come into my church that is a big problem. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix5. >> one churchgoer said she was proud of charleston for not rioting it in what has been a horrible week. church today was dedicated
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to the six people killed in an overcrowded balcony. seven more people are still in the hospital tonight. all but one of the victims were irish exchange students. four of the bodies have been returned to ireland. a 5th will follow tomorrow. the 6th victim was originally from the bay area. she was laid to rest yesterday in sonoma county where she was born. no arrests in the east bay for a homicide but we know the identity of the man who died. the 20-year-old was killed. his car went into the center divide after being shot. traffic was backed up for hours and for miles. the suspects are still at large. >> any vehicle description? or maybe they saw something that occurred further down the freeway that will tell us why somebody got so angry at someone else. >> now, the police are not saying if it was a targeted
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shooting. >> uber is adapting a 0 tolerance for guns. no guns in the car, not passengers or drivers. the policy comes on the heals of two incidents where uber drivers fired the guns. the company has been criticized for its driver's screening. new rules have taken effect. tomorrow, taxi drivers will be out in front of uber headquarters protesting again, they have been protesting against the ride sharing company during the conference of mayors. tomorrow, those mayors will be shown around uber. it was a frightening father's day wake up for a family. fire erupted in the garage of their home on charles hill road on highway 24. it spread to the house before the firefighters got there. thankfully a neighbor alerted the family to get out. >> i went right in the gate screaming, guys, fire, get out of the house, grab the kids, let's go. >> the family was prepared. they had several escape routes
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for this type of emergency. all of them made it out unhurt. a natural gas leak forced a evacuation at a church in mountain view. pg&e was called out to check out a smell. surrounding streets were closed while crews looked around for the source of the odor. it turned out to be a problem with a rubber gasket. it is being fixed now. the roads and the church reopened. nobody was hurt. in sunny vale a tree fell on this car on east remington drive. a viewer sent us this photo. not clear what caused it to fall. it is billed as a middle class bailout. and praying for divine intervention to end
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it could be the key to close the income gap. conference of mayors say air b&b is helping more than $1 million homeowners access income by renting rooms. the author says an extra $7500
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a year is equal to .5% increase. it was founded here and now has 1.5 million members around the world. the confriends of mayors continues in san francisco. hundreds of politicians -- conference of mayors continues this in san francisco. hundreds of politics. >> we had the shortest school day in the shortest school year in america. we are putting teenagers out on the streets at 2:30 in the afternoon. 86% of our kids came from poverty. if you were thinking of kids getting out of poverty would you design the shortest school day in the shortest school year? >> he went on to say the city of chicago add an hour to every school day and extended the school year by two weeks. the conference of mayors wrapped up tomorrow.
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on the subject of mayors, kansas city's mayor was in san francisco to settle a bet. james spent the morny at collide memorial church performing in the -- morning at clyde memorial church performing in the choir and serving the homeless. he is a man of his word he is taking care of a bet he made over the world series. a billboard is being redesigned over what some say was an insensitive message they warned pedestrians not to become road kill. for a mother who's son was killed on the road was offended. >> i could not believe they would call people road kill and i thought about my son and my son is not road kill. >> that was a tough location regardless. >> the city has taken the sign
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down but will put up another one that says remember, we share the road. high and dry but hopelessly stuck. why this mother was not thrilled by her rescue. >> we hope you will be happy about a midweek warm up as we
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a mother was stranded on her honda after her car was submerged. thank goodness for her sun roof. >> it started to flood. i never thought she would be
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one of the people stuck there. >> well, the woman suffered no injuries just a little bit of embarrassment and the pain of being charged with disobeying flood signs. when it comes to the drought all faiths come together. this is a unique gathering in chino. muslims, catholics, christian scientists, buddhists all together praying for rain. 500 people showed up. the state catholic bishops have been asking for divine intervention to end california's 4-year drought. >> does not hurt that we have an el nino forecast that does not guarantee anything. certainly seems to weigh the odds in a rainier than usual year. did you enjoy your longest daylight hours of the year? as we look at the bay bridge, summer solstice came in at 9:38
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this morning. temperatures right now, concord, 77, san francisco, 60, 71 in santa rosea, we will have fog along the shorelines tomorrow morning, drizzle, too. around the bay, middle 60s will do it at 8:00 tomorrow morning and it looks nice. 57 degrees. here is how it looks. high pressure over the coast, now, we have the west flow coming in off of the ocean. so, the next couple of days, 80 degrees plus inland and about 60 degrees at the shoreline in between the area. high pressure will build back in by midweek. later midweek, wednesday, gaining about 8-9 degrees and then thursday and friday and saturday. the temperatures nearing 100 degrees inland. a big warm up will have to wait until wednesday and thursday for that to begin. and, in the meantime we have mild weather. you can see the low clouds coming in the shoreline again tonight. they will be there the morning to start out the day. earlier, clearing in the north
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bay for monday morning, as the day goes on, cheers on for -- clears on for the bay area. not going to heat up much tomorrow at all. as we look out from the observetory, it is open for the weekend it is a great tour if you have the stomach for it. there are 365 turns going up to the observetory, one for every day of the year. highs near 100 degrees inland on thursday. travel forecast, 96 degrees at redding. yosemite, 81, lake tahoe, 71 degrees. overnight lows, pretty much in the middle 50s, santa rosa. here is how it looks close to average. sanfrancisco, 64, concord, 81, san jose, 78 degrees. and in oakland, 69. down to the south bay tomorrow, nice monday. 80 degrees at campbell in sunny
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valley. 80 degrees and then up around redwood city, 73. over the east bay, near 80 degrees, not nearly as warm as we had it yesterday. 80 at fairfield, 79. up in the north bay. feeling the clouds, more sunshine, 77 degrees. and 68 degrees at daly city and around clear lake tomorrow we will see 82 degrees. 83 for lakeport and 83 degrees at yuki. we are going to go with normal from now until wednesday. look at thursday and friday. numbers approach 100 degrees inland even around the bay in the middle 80s. not a big beach warm up but for everyone else it will get hot. speaking of downright hot ... >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> the director did not know what i meant. [ laughter ] >> now, warriors worked great for the middleweight champion of the world last night.
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we will have the giants coming around. the a's business is in the books. father's day pregame call. dad getting mark cannon. now we are looking at scott.
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that is a game-face look. now, fighting the sun, loses footing. over the shoulder, they chew on that one. over 21,000 saw it. in the 6th inning, a bat in his hands he drops it in left. enough to score. the a's led 2-0. now, he gets it. later in the inning, they like ike. ike davis. off of the dl. close to a 3-run homer. off of the top, scores over it. 3-0. later on he forget it. now, look at this. backs away, got it. 8th inning, an gels within 1. number 21 clippers, 1 out away. back, deep, needed to go 367. it went 366.
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he gets a catch. the a's they escaped winners 3- 2. >> off the bat, my mind did not go to good places and as soon as i saw sam do his turn it was amazing. >> hit it well. as soon as he saw that. now, you know, good to see him. that is for sure. >> i thought it was gone. i mean it -- [ laughter ] >> i was not happy with the execution for sure. and, he put a good swing on it. maybe the baseball gods were on our side today. >> all right, women's world cup soccer for this round. lose? you go home. u.s. plays monday against columbia. this is former bay area fc gold player against australia. brazil, they did not allow a goal but today, a different story. the 80th minute, australia beat
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brazil, 1-0. they advance to the quarterfinals. we got it here, folks, oh, look at this, france and south korea in white defending. check this out, the goal. france scored twice in the first 10 minutes, they win 3-0. warriors, now, last night, with the home grown super middleweight champion of the world. stephen curry he brought him out. now, ward's first fight november 2013. ran it in the 9th round smith had enough. we chatted just a few hours ago. >> andre t has been one heck of a week for oakland, hu had h?
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>> -- andre, it has been one heck of a week for oakland, huh? >> yes. i don't think there was a meg's fight the same weekend like this. great, great time for myself. great time for the bay area as a whole. you know, what is beautiful about the bay, the bay area athletes support each other. that is what i love. >> speaking of support. brings us to the next point. we were watching the fight last night and there was stephen curry. >> he asked if it was cool to come to the fight. yeah, we would love to have you there. he was hoping to walk me out and bring me to the ring my belt. amazing how athletes respect each other, my mind, i am like of course, man, please, bring my belt out. >> he is like are you sure? should i? how do i do it? >> it was a great thing. again it brings everybody together and shows it that we support each other. no big i's and little u's. >> more with andre, 6 minutes worth, that and the u.s. open
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going on as we speak. too close to call. >> too close to call. >> he is a class act. happy father's day to all of you. vern as well. you have 3. >> i have three, andre has 4. >> and from behind-the-scenes he is a busy and active dad. we do not have a tie but we have a message. check it out. >> we lovey, daddy, happy father's day. [ laughter ] are you in shock? >> how did you get that? >> remember when i accidentally texted you thinking it was your phone but your son? i got access to your kids. were you still sleeping when they did that? >> probably. that is great. >> yes. well, you are very involved. there is a basketball game right now. you are headed that way to watch them. >> i will take a look for a few minutes. yes. >> andre ward he seems like a nice genuine articulate guy. >> the great thing about him, i have been covering him since he
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was a teenager, he has always been the same. never too high, never too low. never forget where he came from. that the is why he has almost all of his fights in oakland. >> yes. all right. >> happy father's day. >> thank you. >> thank you mrs. ward for allowing me in the home to do the interview. everything goes through her. >> she is the ceo of the house i am. >> our that is right. thanks for watching "60 minutes" is up next. >> latest news and weather al
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first... johnny giovatella crushes one to left... but not deep enough... sam fuld makes the catch in front of the wall and the a's hang on coming up tonight on gameday, i'll go 1-on-1 with the champ, andre ward following his big win last night max shot vo bcn4:pacifica:
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police take zero tolerance approach towards illegal fireworks bcn4 - fireworks zero tolerance pacifica (bcn) police announced wednesday they will take a zero tolerancncncncnc captioning funded by cbs and ford >> i believe that americans should be deeply skeptical of government power. you cannot trust people in power. the founders knew that. >> pelley: that's the director of the f.b.i. making that statement. james comey surprised us on many fronts, including questions >> something has blown up. yeah. >> we're in a situation where cancer diagnosis is one of leading causes of personal bankruptcy. >> stahl: he's talking about the astronomical costs of the drugs that help keep cancer patients


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