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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  KPIX  June 22, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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live from the cvs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. shortly, but surely a homeless man i really comes down of the crane after spending hours holdup 90 feet above the ground. a bizarre standoff in san jose came when came to one in. good afternoon. >> kpix5 reporter is live in
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san jose. where police and the standoff with the promise of the toledo. after 14 hours across the crane guys came down on his own as he was being put into the back of the patoka, shouted to the needy, i want to talk you guys -- to you guys. it happened at 10:30 a.m. not clear what they said to him to make him come down. before that he had a very busy the morning. he appeared fidgety and agitated and stood at the upper railing at one point. he broke into the construction area around 8:30 p.m. last night and that man had been incoherent and is funded and admitted to using drugs. power was cut to the construction site and surrounding streets were blocked off to get 100 construction workers were told to stay -- stay home. for javier jimenez, a carpenter, no work means no pay. it costs him -- cost him about $200 a day. i would be mad. >> and i get mad because i come
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over here and say what happened, and so -- -- >> there's a worker out there right now cleaning up the cap, making sure everything is operational and the police said it was too dangerous to get up there and get the guy. for the crane guy to come down by himself peacefully is everything they could hope for. artist who discovered their mural defaced in the mission district will have to wait until later this week to replace it. it was intended to be a focal point during next weekend's pride celebration. it depicts to gay men, transgender into lesbians in the mexican-american community, the mural is a digital print so they will take a few days to get it reprinted. that's the point, to say look, lgbt are part of the community and we always have been in the only difference now is lgbt people are less inclined to be in the closet. the artists and the gallery
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that backed the creation of the mural have received death threats and they are looking for volunteers to help out with the restoration. firefighters have gotten a handle on the wildfire burning in san luis obispo county. evacuation orders have been lifted and people are back in their home. the parkhill fires burning in the small town of santa margarita about 15 miles south of postel -- possible robles, the fire started over the weekend, destroyed at least two homes and several outbuildings, it pushed the fires across 1800 acres, it is about 60% contained. a washington fire is now 10% contained. it earned south oak markleeville, california, near the nevada border. the fire spans 6500 acres. there are over 200 personnel fighting the flames. the fire started saturday from a lightning strike evacuations around the area are in effect. fire conditions in california are the worst on
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record for the first -- for this time of year. but so far there's 1100 fires this year. the agency blames four years of drought and the timing of rainstorms this spring. we have all the information you need to stay safe this fire season. head to to receive updates and any emergency information. racism and community policing are the hot topics at today's us conference of mayors lisa chen reports it's all about the lessons learned and how the mayors are taking action set. >> we are taking bold action and we have been. >> bold action by mayor across the country, secular mayors kevin johnson was one of hundreds conference of mayors at the hilton in union square. the big topic, racism and building trust between the police and the community. at the end of the day it's about valuing life. it doesn't matter whether you're black or whether you are white, it doesn't matter whether you have a bad show not. we have to do everything we
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can, to value perfect protect life in a real way, as mayors, they need to learn from each other which is why they're set community policing discussion at the conference. we can't let the lives be lost in vain. the mirabelle tomorrow stephanie rawlings -- rawlings blake said her city became a focal point of the national issue. because a grand jury indicted six baltimore police officers oral link to the death of freddie gray. he died in april from injuries he suffered while in police custody. we have to be willing to sit down across the table in earnest and wall work through the issues. we have to confront them and talk about them and open ourselves up to the possibility that we can heal and we can work together. that kate -- ron butler was in the panel to talk about his relationship with police lieutenant rick deller -- geller and how it changed his life. both from wisconsin in the 1990's let lieutenant geller
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believe butler was only 17 that he was innocent after they found drugs in his home. that decision meant instead of spending 10 years in jail, butler could pursue his dream to becoming a professional basketball player. obviously a change in my life. and they put me on the platform to aspire. and i feel like that's what it's about. i am just glad forever grateful. butler said the story shows how relationship between the troubled kid in the police officer can make a world of difference. in san francisco lisa chen, kpix5. kevin johnson the mayor of sacramento said he's implemented police training strategies that will work that work in birmingham, alabama. the man suspected of supporting for cars in the north bay is in court today. it is what was left after the fire earlier this month. it happened at a chevy dealership on redwood boulevard
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46-year-old john allen bixler is accused of setting up fire causing over $100,000 in damage. a new lead in the search for the two escaped killers on the run in new york for more than two weeks. brian webb reports, dna evidence linked him to a burglarized cabin in northern new york. police set up roadblocks near else had new york net about 25 miles from the clinton correctional facility searching cars for escaped killers david sweat in richard matt. enforcement sources told cbs news that dna from both escapees were found in a vacant cabin that had been broken into in the wolf pond in this era not a lake we do in new york within the past 24 hours, at a news conference police would only save the recovered specific items from the cabin and they weren't seasonal cabin owners in the area to be on the lookout. if you return to your camp at anything is out of place called 911 immediately. please also ended the
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massive surge in net western new york near the pennsylvania order declaring the area clear after a couple of reported sightings. as the manhunt most forward, please confirm a second prison employee has been suspended in connection with the escape. he's on administrative leave, he's part of the ongoing investigation. police are not releasing details of his alleged involvement. ryan webb cbs news, new york. sweat and matt are in the us marshals most wanted list [ applause ] coming up, new on- demand network for truck drivers, make sure your package arrives in no time. as the state grapples with a four-year-old drought and strict water restriction, the golf courses are facing an uphill battle. how they're managing to keep the green green. morning clouds making way for hazy sunshine throughout much of the day. i have a warm-up or your -- your first full week of summer coming up.
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a new at this thing called the uber for the trucking industry. chris martinez reports from la the app is getting deliveries of the door and in no time. in his 18 years us that truck driver. >> lopez said it has never been so easy to find his next told. >> -- home. >> because of the new app called cargo nomadic. >> more jobs coming in. >> it is being the called the uber for the shipping industry. looking to pick up extra load. >> we have the right equipment plenty of room in the rate is okay boom click on it. i am ready to get the rope bash road to. >> simple as one to three. >> it's equally easy for sellers who need to move products fast. chipman requests -- requester updated instantly on the app. >> the truck will be here in
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less than 15 minutes. cargo matic is one of the emerging companies using gps technology to make faster connections between shippers and drivers. jonathan cap tessler and brett carper are the cofounders. >> a lot of these drivers are mom-and-pop companies that are trying to get ahead and fill up their trap trucks more. >> i want to hire another full- time driver. >> by using cargo matic, he has driven his business up 35%. chris martinez, cbs news los angeles. there's an app for everything, hundreds of drivers and businesses use cargo matic in la and new york and the company plans to expand throughout the nation within the next year. there's an app for the weather, too. we will give you the live version. there is a cbs weather app and we encourage you, go ahead and take a look while i'm doing the forecast, it's a pretty nifty app. outside right now you can see sfo a mix of sun and clouds.
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take a look at the current temperatures, notice where it is still cloudy temperature swimming : the 50s, oakland and san francisco, 73 in concord, livermore, 75. seventy right now in tennessee, 69 degrees this from frank, in the bottle. plenty of sunshine, not a lot of call cover. we saw the clouds, let's go down in san leandro, 59 degrees from keith. cooler and certainly more clouds there were keith is. basically we have an onshore flow low-pressure, still compressing the rich as we see the low-pressure move on, we will see temperatures warm as though it pressure builds by can. it is keeping a smile today, temperatures below seasonal norm. what to expect, as we move on throughout the day today, afternoon sun for the bay and -- day and in lender location and lingering clouds
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cooler, : my temperatures. that will change as we make our work week. sunrise tomorrow 5:49 a.m. high temperatures warming up again below average this time of year and still very pleasant. low 80s for warmer spots, 82 official, 80 concord livermore, 58 pacifica. i'm anti- temperature. pacifica -- it will keep you -- 50 to san francisco, eddie to the high temperature and now pop. extended forecast shows -- not that. about seasonal, this time of year, thursday and friday, we continued to climb. won't be surprised if we are triple digits by the end of the week. we will save mid to upper 90s, might be the day to play hooky. >> it will be beautiful all week long. let's take a look at the
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big board on this monday, it is a very good monday indeed. the dow is up 118 points and still has 45 minutes yet to trade. state historic drought dragging on and while the lawns are looking brown's, the of course is are managing to stay green. there are 184 in the dry deserts of palm springs, most use recycled water and many are opting to let fairways turn brown and others are shutting down. a lot of people could say that golf courses are there just a lie actually and we employ a lot of people that we are natural wildlife habitat and i don't think it is a luxury. what i think it is is the beautiful green space the people come and enjoy. >> . >> an average 18 hole course uses 90 million gallons of water each year. taylor swift says she is elated with apple's latest decision to pay royalties, the popstar criticized apple in an open letter posted online lasting it's no pay policy is she also said she pulled them
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megahit -- from the streaming service, less than 17 hours later, apple announced, it will pay will yield fees to artists and record labels for music played over the free three-month trial of the streaming service. a big fan of taylor swift. >> i like taylor and all the other artists, they are saying you go taylor. they sacrifice day after day, now it is paying off some of the next step for those students rising above as they work toward their dreams. reminder if you have a consumer problem for or a question, get the highlights :
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potatoes they have the goal bloke, they are cold yukon gold for a reason. when you bring them home store them in the refrigerator don't store them in one temperatures that is why they are refrigerated in rats like this inside of the store. the cold temperatures will keep them nice and fresh, you don't want them to turn green. cook them cut them in half and roast them or boil them and mash potatoes, these baby yukon golds are actually absolutely fabulous. there you go, baby yukon gold potatoes, i love them and i buy them in bags like this because i enjoyed -- enjoy all of them and i'm tony, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. i have been storing my potatoes will this full-time. is graduation season and 100% of the kids and students rising above 2015 class accepted to at least one four- year college. today, wendy schiller sis
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the prestigious schools where three of the students will be headed this fall. antonio gonzalez lives in head with -- had with his grandmother in richmond along with 16 other people. he shares a bedroom with his mother and sister. >> 17 people in one house is pretty hard to -- sometimes there's -- nothing to eat. >> for a serious a student with a 4.0 gpa, that's another problem. >> finding a quiet place to study. antonio has to wait until his mother and sister are asleep. and then he uses the flashlight app on his phone to study. >> those late nights will pay off this fall one antonio goes to uc davis. >> on a saturday morning. dennis lopez's busy to helping a
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man -- a mom clean of clients phone, the mom has multiple -- a single mom, she has to work even if she is in pain. >> charisse helps out, she works in the summer -- the summers while edit tutoring center. >> jerry being able to work means not only will she be able to take the bus to school she will be able to put food on the table. >> charisse mom has had it had other health problems, appendicitis ovarian cancer and now diabetes. jerry's has a heart condition as well the she has learned something important from her mom. >> she taught me strength. >> to set goals and priorities. >> starting here and envision high in oakland, college prep charter school. >> i am going to go school graduate high school and go to college and we will not have to struggle for this. >> this fall she read will enter wesleyan university in connecticut. him inside their small
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apartment in east oakland, abraham which worth can hear his grandmother singing prayers as he does his homework. >> she's blind. >> this spring he graduated from head to worries, one of the most rigorous private schools in california. he applied for a scholarship on his own when he was just a middle school. >> i was looking for something bigger in life him and looking for bigger richer experience. >> is that supposed to happen. supposed to happen in hollywood or something like that. abraham was born during the civil war in liberia. his father was killed, his aunt teresa that the escape. >> and she's the one who told abraham that school would be the great liberator. >> . >> in order to prosper in foresee that succeed and to be somebody life, you have to be
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educated. >> abraham will go to top university fall -- tufts university. >> the hook kids -- kids like them, go to the best schools in the
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is the end of the rope for a popular bay area driving school, suddenly closed up shop leaving schools stranded. tonight that reads the parents are taking to get their money back. much more coming up tonight at 5:00. i survived. >> you made your first full day. >> thanks, you guys. >> i think i need some coffee after the show. and then you have many hours to go to accomplish all your errands. >>
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