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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 3, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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guy locked up. >> reporter: this morning, the department of homeland security said they contacted the city of san francisco on march 26 about francisco sanchez. now, this is the suspect in kate steinle's murder. he has a long conviction sheet. here's a look at the department of homeland security what they said today. dhs records say i.c.e. launched a detainer on the subject at that time requesting notification prior to his release so i.c.e. officers could make arrangements to take custody. this detainer was not offered. legal council -- >> there is no city in america that has been more creative and vigorous about trying to avoid helping united states immigration enforcements. >> reporter: we spoke with jim steinle kate's father this afternoon. he did not want to talk about the immigration issue surrounding kate's murder but wanted to talk about his daughter specifically their first daddy-daughter dance together when she was still a
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little girl. >> she ended up leading part and as we started, i said, kate, it's the other way around. and okay, that's fine, dad. i nicknamed her pretty when she was little. and so she's always been pretty. the relationship between a father and a daughter, it's no more or less but it's different and special. >> reporter: now, jim told me today he wanted to thank everyone who was on the pier the day his daughter was shot those people who shot cell phone pictures and gave them to police officers those people who performed cpr, those people who called 911. he said he knows that everyone tried to help his daughter even though it did not work and he is suffering right now. he wanted to thank everyone. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. >> san francisco's mayor's office responded to the tragedy saying, the mayor is heartbroken over such a senseless act that resulted in a young woman losing her life.
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san francisco became a sanctuary city in 1989. but the policy has not been without controversy. in 2008, a man and his two sons were shot and killed in their car after coming home from a family picnic. the suspect in that case edwin ramos was a 17-year-old gang member in the country illegally. despite several run-ins with police, the city did not report him to immigration officials. crime along san francisco's embarcadero isn't new. but some people who work in the area say it has gotten worse. new at 6:00 kpix 5's cate caugiran says some are even taking precautions. cate. >> reporter: that's exactly right, liz. workers here along the embarcadero tell me they have seen the homeless population here become more aggressive and now they are as you mentioned taking extra precautions in what was normally considered a safe area. >> i did everything i could to keep them away from me. >> reporter: she says simply
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walking to work along the embarcadero is diesesy. >> there's a lot of homeless people and a lady that slaps you just because she is angry. >> reporter: she has one homeless woman in particular she has to regularly look out for. >> she looks you dead in your eyes. she doesn't like the way you look she hits you. we see them here every day not just inside the building. but around the building. um, they are always across the street. >> reporter: this person also works in the ferry building. >> especially when i'm at work i feel safe. there's a lot of police and security but walking around late at night is trickier. they are just kind of there everywhere. every part of the city has them everywhere so it's what can you do? there has been an increase of incidents where there have been unfortunate interactions between homeless people and residents. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor julie christensen says the city is increasing efforts to address the problem adding police patrols and programs to help the homeless. >> i think people should know that we have really stepped up our efforts at city hall to try
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to address this issue in a positive way. at the same time, i am hearing from constituents who want to make sure that our neighborhoods are safe. >> reporter: now, as for an increased police presence here at pier 14 today, well, we're not really seeing it. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the west contra costa unified school district is under fire this week. only on "5" we talked to a whistle-blower who was an accountant for the district and he says more than $1 billion was mismanaged money spent where it didn't need to be robbing the taxpayers and the children. that whistle-blower says the district overpaid to renovate and rebuild several schools. whistle-blower. as kpix 5's da lin shows us, some of these fancy bells and whistles have some serious safety concerns. >> reporter: ohlone elementary school in hercules cost taxpayers almost $30 million. and the district is proud to call it one of the most
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technologically advanced schools. >> we have been diligent in making sure that we have really high quality facilities in this district. >> reporter: yet city leaders and educators say this year old school has some major security and safety issues. >> what i'm going to show you right now is how easy it would be for active intruder to enter this elementary school campus. i stick my arm in, i reach it, that is a locked gate. >> reporter: hercules's vice mayor says it's the same story at other entrances. >> why jump over the fence into the secure building when i just reach over hit the push bar. >> reporter: school administrators used a chain and padlock to secure one gate. >> we paid them millions of dollars and did this really do the job they are supposed to do? i don't think so. >> reporter: there's also a major safety hazard. the playground is built right in front of the parking lot. school administrators put up the temporary fence as a barricade. at a different school in the
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district earlier this year, someone accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes and drove right into a school building. [ inaudible ] >> i believe our facilities are equal of any in the bay area. i haven't seen evidence that would say otherwise. >> reporter: after he saw the video he said there are issues with safety and security. >> it looks like a serious hazard. >> reporter: the district hasn't said how or if they will protect it. >> i'm here to protect the residents. >> reporter: in hercules, da lin, kpix 5. even though ohlone elementary school administrators have known about the issues since it opened last september, the district tells us that it wasn't aware of the problems until we contacted them. a man wanted for questioning by police in rohnert park didn't get very far this afternoon. take a look at this. his car collided head on with a
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patrol car. police say he knew officers were coming for him so he sped way from his mobile home park. the suspect was going 35 miles an hour when the two cars crashed. he was hurt. the officer in the patrol car will be okay. san jose wants to snuff out any problems with illegal fireworks. they are beefing up staffing. authorities will be focusing their enforcement efforts in the city's east foothills because of the drought. firefighters say the foothills are exceptionally dry and it would only take winner rant firework to do a -- it would only take one errant firework to do tremendous damage. >> all it takes is one. >> one spark could start a fast- moving grass fire and homes. >> santa clara county passed tough new fines for people using illegal fireworks. you could be fined from $350 up
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to $1,000. following a red flag fire warning, one city is not taking chances. the city of fairfield is closing three parks on this holiday weekend. starting tonight, rockville hills regional park, spyglass, and sherpa's ranch parks will also be closed. officials say dry vegetation, the strong winds and the potential for fireworks prompted those shutdowns. they are expected to be back open on monday morning. for one oakland family 4th of july brought tragedy last year. a loved one was electrocuted and killed. only on "5" our juliette goodrich has the family's strong message for others one year later. >> i knew something was wrong and i fell face first. but i was able to brace myself before i blacked out. >> reporter: he still has scars on his back and neck when he was shocked unconscious july 4, last year. but his emotional wounds are far worse. his younger brother jermaine
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was killed that night. electrocuted. you were going to save him, right? >> yeah. but as soon as i got past the gate, i guess it hit me. >> reporter: jermaine was electrocuted after bullets not fireworks went flying into this power line at night. the high voltage wire fell on top of him. he rushed out to save his little brother from the live wire but when he touched jermaine's body, he was still conducting electricity. and trez was shocked unconscious. the wire wrapped around his neck. >> i never saw the wire when it hit me. >> reporter: his parents are still coping with the tragic loss of one son and the near death of the other. >> it's like yesterday. it's a heartache. it's -- it hurts bad. >> my son was only 19. he just graduated high school. >> reporter: the family says the hardest part is the unknown.
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if gunfire did bring the line down, they say there's a shooter out there that caused their loved one to die. >> my son died behind a wire. this can happen to anybody's child. >> reporter: trez holds a photo of his brother he lost and he holds his daughter who was born this year. he says life can be bittersweet. >> be cautious and careful. >> i pray no one else has to endure that type of situation with their child or with themselves. it's not easy. >> reporter: in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> one south bay firefighter was off duty but he didn't think twice about jumping in to save some people from a burning home. the firefighter noticed smoke was coming from the attic of this house near stemple court and jessica way this morning. he ran through the front door and immediately started evacuating nine people living inside including three children. shortly after, other firefighters arrived and they had the fire out within an hour. investigators say it started
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with an electrical problem in the attic. the home had no working smoke detectors. ♪[ music ]♪ still ahead, hundreds of thousands of gallons of water dumped into a california canyon. and it may have been because people save too much. >> a new attraction in napa. people coming in to try to spot an unexpected sea creature. >> and it will be a weekend of contrasts in the bay area. you go to the shoreline and you will see a good deal of overcast. and you go inland, and you will see this, plenty of sunshine. the forecast com
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the public utilities commission raised electricity rates for people who use the least amount of energy while giving a break to those who use the most. the puc says low use households
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pay so little right now, it's not even enough to cover the cost of supplying the energy they do use. >> for those people who are conserving the most they are going to see the most significant increase, what do you say? >> i don't think that's true. >> he admitted that many of those who use the least amount of energy will in fact pay more each month if their energy use stays the same. he also says he doesn't believe rates drive energy efficiency anyway. but consumer advocates disagree. a mayor is defending his city to dump hundreds of thousands of drinking water. reporter matt mendez explains why people's efforts to conserve could actually be to blame. >> reporter: water wasted about 550,000 gallons of drinking water in this tank the city had to be released in a nearby
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canyon. >> the city should have prepared. >> it was a perfect storm of conservation and heat. >> reporter: the mayor says people conserved so much water by 45% in may that the water sat in the blue crystal reservoir. the heat got to it and there was a chemical imbalance. because of state regulation the water wasn't safe to drink. the amount of water released from the reservoir is enough to supply about 4 single family homes for a year. >> i don't know how difficult it would have been for them to use it for another purpose. >> reporter: some may wonder why not put it back into this lake where it came from? the answer in short it could cost too much. >> if you think about making 100 tanker truck runs back and forth it doesn't pencil out. >> reporter: it couldn't send the water through the pipelines into our homes for irrigation because of the chance someone might drink it. >> this was just an unfortunate consequence that pains us about we want to keep our people healthy. >> reporter: so what's next? the city says it's deciding on a plan to prevent it from
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happening again. it's looking into a stand-alone recycle system that would cost more than a million dollars. >> hopefully it will be a learning experience. >> the mayor says what happened is very unusual but a neighbor says he claims he saw the city releasing water a couple years ago. there's a porpoise in the river. kpix 5's don ford with the excitement and one guy's close encounter. >> this is the first i have heard of one in a while. >> reporter: last night two porpoises were spotted in the napa river near downtown napa. nearly 30 miles from san pablo bay. >> oh, my gosh there's a porpoise. it was cool. >> reporter: today researchers have arrived to study the new arrivals. but there is a problem. they seem to come and go with the tide. >> high tide later today so i'm hoping that it appears again. >> reporter: the porpoises seen yesterday appeared healthy
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behaving normally but ocean animals in a river?! >> it's odd. but it's not certainly unheard of. i know harbor porpoises are also in europe. they will go 40, 50 miles up rivers in europe. >> reporter: john reed has been fishing the napa river for decades and said yesterday was a first for him. >> i was fishing for stripers and i caught a dolphin. yup. got it towards the bank and i was like oh, [ censored ] a dolphin! >> reporter: did he fight? >> yeah, he not really hard. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i bet he did. >> my arms hurt for like two days. >> reporter: he let them go at once. the word is out you may or may not see porpoises in the river. in napa don ford, kpix 5. >> wildlife experts say there's enough salt in the water for the porpoises to stay healthy and they will eventually make their way back to the bay. shades of humphrey. >> yeah. you know? >> looking for a good spot for fireworks show. >> yeah. >> moving in a little early.
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>> good taste, napa. >> good place to go. >> they will have sunshine along the coastline. we shall see. we have some fog and low clouds out there right now in evidence along ocean beach on this third of july and the numbers around the bay area in concord 86. warmed up in some places in the bay area. it's a simple application. principle that you get more sunshine, temperatures warm up. and that's what happens today. we didn't have high clouds like we had yesterday. san francisco though still cool as it has been through this entire heat cycle just 63 degrees san francisco and 78 in santa rosa. let's have a look at tomorrow. 7 a.m. fog and low clouds around the peninsula. but most of the inland areas nice and clear. for much. day that will be the case but right along the shoreline you can see low clouds hanging in for much of the day. that will be a factor for the fireworks close to the shoreline. so a foggy 4th near the shore, cooler this weekend, temperatures will drop a couple of degrees a day.
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but pretty much a typical summertime weather -- i have been doing this for two weeks in a row. i don't even know what day it is. it's friday, right? [ laughter ] >> we have mostly clear skies. alameda county fair last weekend. tomorrow in pleasanton, 85 sunny. travel weather forecast head out to the sierra partly cloudy skies around tahoe and yosemite. we'll be in the mid-70s. fresno at 101. sacramento 94. monterey 70 degrees. so by the coast, they usually work it out but it will be a factor tomorrow. inland it will be clear for the fireworks. temperatures from 62 to 90 on the 4th. 82 for santa rosa tomorrow. 79 for redwood city. 82 in san jose. and 87 for livermore. in the extended forecast, we are going to be looking for "stratus quo," the usual low clouds at the shoreline and sun inland. 80s inland, low 60s at the shoreline. and really what looks like a great 4th of july weekend. looks nice. >> thank you. well, 10,000 fireworks will be lighting up the sky tomorrow
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night in what will be not only san francisco's but northern california's biggest fireworks display at pier 50 just south of at&t park. crews loaded up the barges today. later they will be towed into the bay to two locations. each fiber is set off by a computer signal. each firework is set off by a computer signal. it starts tomorrow night about 9:30. the best flies see it of course along the bay waters near fisherman's wharf. and if you are still making your 4th of july plans, we have a complete list of holiday activities around the bay area at ♪[ music ]♪ still ahead it was like they were holding his car's engine hostage. one man's nightmare auto repair tale and your
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imagine taking your car to the shop for a diagnostic and they take it apart but can't fix it. they then want to charge you to put it back together. on the consumerwatch, julie watts with what happened to one car owner and your rights if it happens to you. >> reporter: it wasn't supposed to end this way. his honda odyssey hoisted on a tow truck. the repair shop where it was supposed to have been fixed. >> i took the car in to have it fixed and instead they destroyed my car. >> reporter: it all started when the van's engine light came on. to save money ali went for the cheapest deal he could find an $89 diagnostic test at pep toys. >> other places were $200. >> reporter: after checking it out pep boys said a loose spark plug had damaged the engine. the repair estimate about $1,800. >> i said okay fine.
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now. whatever it takes. >> reporter: but a few days later pep boys called with bad news. the engine couldn't be repaired after all. and replacing it with another one would cost $6,500. >> i said no. i told you, i'm not going to go a penny over your estimate. you guys pay the difference. >> reporter: to add insult to injury pep boys wanted to get paid before reassembling his van. pep boys denied our request for an interview stating it couldn't comment on this case so we took our question to the bureau of automotive repair the agency that regulates auto repair shops. >> it doesn't surprise me. >> reporter: the agency told us under california law, a mechanic can't charge more than the repair estimate without first getting an okay from the owner. >> by law, you're entitled to an estimate. and any type of repairs that are going to exceed that estimate you need to authorize with that particular shop. >> reporter: but he admits enforcing the law is a challenge. >> it's a civil issue so, you know, of course the repair
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shops do not have to take the suggestions that we make. >> reporter: after the state intervened pep boys agreed to put the engine back in the van at no cost. ali towed it home and still hopes for a resolution but learned when it comes to diagnostics, you get what you pa i for. >> that was my biggest mistake. in cases like this your only option may be small claims court. ali is entering into arbitration with pep boys. he believes they are responsible for the additional damage to his engine and he believes that they should replace it. if you have a consumer problem i mail us. -- email us at consumerwatch at fighting against the newly signed vaccine law. the new push to get it overturned and where it goes from here. >> a truck in flames on a busy california freeway. the dangerous items inside and the search for the driver. >> plus, driverless cars put to the test. we see them in action
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. our top stories tonight, the suspect arrested for murdering a woman on a san francisco pier was being tracked by the feds. they had plans to deport
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francisco sanchez when the city of san francisco let him go. the sheriff's department says it has no legal basis to hold sanchez and it was following san francisco's sanctuary city law. most californians are going to see an increase in their electric bills. today the puc unanimously approved a new rate structure. it will mean increases for the most efficient customers. consumer advocates argue that sends the wrong message. san jose stepping up police and fire patrols tomorrow to knock out any illegal fireworks activity. authorities say the foothills are exceptionally dry and it would take winner rant firework to start a major fire. people will face finds up to $1,000. parents are not backing down. a march was held in the golden gate bridge to call for the law for mandatory vaccinations to be repealed. earlier this week governor brown signed senate bill 2 77
6:30 pm
eliminating most exemptions requiring every child in public and private school to get vaccinated. the fight is not over. kelly ryan on how voters may have the final say. >> reporter: california's new vaccine law put on hold. opponents hoping to overturn the law have filed a referendum and that means the law can't go into effect. >> we are just going to keep fighting. >> reporter: that fight has a timeline. according to state law, petitioners have 90 days to collect 365,880 valid signatures to then put the measure on a statewide ballot. former assemblyman ti donnelly find the referendum. he is sure he will get help from various hollywood stars like jim carrey who tweeted his opposition to the law and the governor. so what can a referendum accomplish? constitutional attorney kevin snider says the courts will have no say once the measure is
6:31 pm
on the ballot then voters have ultimate authority over the legislature and the governor. >> and it can't be challenged in courts. the people have ultimate power. the courts -- supreme court has no california or u.s. supreme court has no authority to review this. >> reporter: the coauthor of the bill richard pan says most californians support it. he is confident voters will keep the law. snyder says he can't say which side will prevail. but he does believe in the end, the system works well. >> this is a proper means for people to call their elected officials to task and either give them a vote of confidence or tell them sorry, you have overstepped your bounds. >> that was kelly ryan reporting. if enough signatures are collected we'll see this on the ballot in 2016. a truck packed with fireworks caught fire and exploded on a southern california highway. that truck was burnt to a crisp.
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it was close to the california nevada border on i-15 when it went up in flames. once the fire got started, so did the explosions. the driver ran away! never looked back. and has not been found. a solar-powered plane made a historic landing today. the solar impulse two touched down safely at hawaii airport this morning. the plane completed the most challenging stretch of its round the world adventure. the pilot flew solo for five days straight breaking the record for the world's longest nonstop one-man flight. the revolutionary plane is powered by 17,000 solar cells. google's latest version of a self-driving car is on the streets of mountain view. kpix 5's kiet do shows us the prototype in action. >> reporter: i have seen the future of self-driving cars and it is adorable. google's next generation of autonomous vehicles began testing last week in mountain view. the pod car is sleek with a black sensor on top. compare that to the old fleet
6:33 pm
of lexus suvs with sensors everywhere. the new pod car has no trunk and steering wheel gas and brake pedals all removable. pod car is very cautious. top speed is limited to 25 miles an hour. we saw them come to full stops right on the line. for some reason, this one was driving in the middle of the lane as it cruised through a neighborhood. google also released more about what the car sees with its spinning radar. it tracks and calculates the path of every moving object making evasive maneuvers when necessary. it can even recognize a hand signal of a police officer. over the past six years, google has amassed a vast database of shapes of pedestrians to help the computer make sense of the world around it. for years, google stayed tight- lipped about crashes. this photo from 2011 was one of the few fender-benders ever captured on camera. but thanks to a new state law, companies must now use this form to report all accidents to the dmv. google took it one step further and now publishes monthly crash reports online. in six years and more than a
6:34 pm
million miles in autonomous mode google has been involved in 15 accidents none of them the fault of the computer. in each instance the passenger was there to exchange information. >> whoever is in command and control of the vehicle that's the driver. so at this point in time they are still technically a driver in the vehicles so that's who we would list in a collision. >> reporter: but what if it crashes and there's no human inside at all? bmw shows it's a car that can park itself and comes to you when you call it. who is to blame in a wreck in the empty car, the operator, the manufacturer? there's no good answer right now? >> no one really has a precise answer. this is --as we go along, we're starting to figure out what needs to take place. >> reporter: the dmv tells us, they are working on it. this is the garage at google x. this is the company's secret
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research division located at the old mayfield mall where a lot of the new cars launch from every day. right now, there are only two of those cars on the public streets but they have a total of 25 registered. so expect a lot more of them to roll out over the next few weeks and months. in mountain view, kid kit kpix 5. -- kiet do, kpix 5. get ready to say, oh, so cute! coming up, we check in on the newest members of the kpix 5 family. and our morning team moms. >> and later, we followed his journey through students rising
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they are usually feet apart in this studio but this week two of our anchors are a few hospital rooms apart. no kidding. sell waiting brand-new bundles of joy. >> so exciting. frank mallicoat checks in on moms michelle griego and elizabeth wenger and the newest members of the kpix 5 family. yes, it's been a big week for the kpix 5 morning team. we just grew by two! time to meet the little ones. got the flowers, got the gifts. room 35503 that's where michelle griego is and little sierra lola. hello, mama. >> hi! >> how are you? >> good. >> three girls now in the house. actually four including me. >> that's right. >> my husband. >> is outnumbered. >> poor thing. [ laughter ] >> she came outcrying a lot. which actually made me smile because you want to hear your baby cry when she comes out but she didn't stop for hours. now she is calm. [ laughter ] >> little sierra was born yesterday on july 2. one day
6:39 pm
prior july 1, our traffic gal elizabeth wenger gave birth to her first child. let's go meet lauren claire. hi, guys! >> hi, frank! >> i bring good is. >> you did. >> so sweet! thank you so much. >> hi! >> lisa amazing. she is just this little miracle and -- >> and now the work begins. >> and now the work begins. right. >> so we say good-bye to michelle and liz at least for the summer. they are on full time mama watch. and we'll see them back in the anchor desk sometime in the fall. on the baby watch, i'm frank mallicoat, kpix 5. >> i love that. on the baby watch! >> wow. >> so -- >> so exciting. >> know anybody else that might be expecting? >> labor day. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> there will be another one and you will have to come visit me. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> and bring flowers. >> will do. >> and chocolates. >> and food. >> and maybe champagne. okay. >> i just say yes. >> you're better off that way really. >> kind of my life actually. all right. >> smart man.
6:40 pm
>> still ahead, overcoming great odds. you're going to meet a young man who lived through times of war helped feed his family is now forging his own path. >> we have great 4th of july forecast for you. things are nice and sunny as we overlook san jose by the coastline. ah this view of the clouds out there. we'll have the forecast for the 4th coming up in a minute. >> and i'm gary gelfand. serena pushed to the limit. tiger woods tried to prove to everyone that his opening round 66 was no fluke. how low did he go today? and they may not hear the ball bounce or the crowd roar but they can play inside look at the team
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this week's student rising above had never even been to school before the age of 11 when he came to the united states. now he is working at his first big job in a tv newsroom. we'll have more on his journey coming up in just a few minutes. first, brian hackney joins us with a look at the holiday weekend forecast. >> yes. and we are going to start with a preview of what it's going to be like along the shoreline tomorrow neat by showing you
6:44 pm
what it's like along the shoreline tonight at ocean beach the fog and low clouds returned big time as you can see. there's a lot of overcast out there. and that always -- you know, it always makes the fireworks people sweat at the last minute to try to get a good show off. i'm sure they will. right now in concord 86 degrees. oakland 69. livermore 86. san francisco 63. santa rosa 78. the shoreline cool. low pressure develops off the pacific northwest deepening the marine layer. and you know as well as i do that means it's going to cool down along the shoreline. at the same time, high pressure is easing up. so the numbers in general will be slightly cool over the next few days nothing dramatic just typical summer-like weather returning to the bay area. mild readings for the most part in the bay after we had that flirtation with readings above 100 degrees. those are in the past now. we're not seeing any of it in the future. but futurecast shows plenty of low clouds from the monterey
6:45 pm
peninsula to the bay area and point reyes. high atop lick observatory would be a fun place to visit as long as you don't get car sick, a windy road. typical summer weather in the bay area next week. paul deanno will be back next week. for the alameda county fair, saturday 85 degrees. pleasanton it will be sunny and warm for that last weekend of the fair. marin county fair is going on too, by the way. travel weather forecast, 106 at redding and 101 in fresno. well, redding was 111 earlier this week so i guess that's a step in the right direction. 62 at the beaches to near 90 inland tomorrow. san francisco 66. san jose 82 tomorrow. 88 morgan hill. beautiful los gatos 88 degrees.
6:46 pm
78 at milpitas. pittsburg 87. concord 85. fairfield 88. vallejo 78. north bay 78 for petaluma. 82 for santa rosa. and up by ukraine it's stilland -- up at ukiah it's still hot. temperatures to be in the mid- 80s in the early part of the week and temperatures a bit cooler as we get into monday, tuesday and wednesday. mid-70s at the bay. at the shoreline the usual low clouds in the morning and sun in fact afternoon. and that, ladies and gentlemen, in a nutshell is summertime in the bay area. en ? >> we'll take it. thanks, brian. this week's student rising above is starting a career in tv news. we met him four years ago when he was off to college but as wendy tokuda shows us his journey started way before then on the other side of the world. >> congratulations to you all. >> reporter: not everyone gets to graduate near the washington monument unless you go to
6:47 pm
george washington university like [ non-english language ] >> you walk in there past the white house and the washington monument and you got lincoln on the other side and you just kind of look around like, what is this, what am i doing here? sometimes it kind of i have to pinch myself as well to see that this isn't a dream that this is real and you know when you think about it when i really think about it, where i was and where i am now, it's -- how did that happen? >> reporter: he was born in afghanistan. >> what function do we take the derivative of? >> reporter: we first met him four years ago when he was a senior at the athenian school in concord. >> it's wonderful. it's amazing he's here to think about a child having to go through all this stress and struggle he went through. >> reporter: this tattered photo shows him as a baby in the traditional afghan style. they lived in constant fear of the taliban. >> my mom had blankets against the windows. just in case a bullet was
6:48 pm
fired. the glass wouldn't come through the window and hurt us and i tug on the blanket telling my mom to take it down because i wanted to see the sun. >> reporter: their home was bombed killing his grandfather and injuring his father. so they escaped to a refugee camp in pakistan. he was 6 years old when he went to work in a rug factory to help feed the family. then came the news. >> one day find out that we are coming here they were just -- words can't describe that feeling. >> reporter: in concord, he enrolled in school for the very first time in his life. he couldn't read or write or speak english. but he did well enough to eventually get a scholarship to a college prep school. then he got into george washington university. and when he graduated -- >> my mom was crying tears of joy. tears of, um, happiness and, you know, she understands too it's not just me who is going through all this. it was her, too, and my father
6:49 pm
and my siblings, as well. >> reporter: he already has a job working at cbs news in washington, d.c. >> my background especially my personal background and, um, you know, now being here in america i think it's going to be very important and i think we need those kind of fresh ideas in the newsroom. >> reporter: who knows? someday we may be watching him on the news. wendy tokuda, kpix 5. >> to find ways
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
here's gary gelfand with sports. >> the giants come back tour continues today in washington, d.c. yesterday it was matt cain. today peevey was on the mound for the first time since april. good to see familiar faces. his third start of the year. and he showed no signs of rust here. he struck out danny espinosa to end the third. peevey struck out four in 6 1/3. game was scoreless in the 7th buster posey. giants 1-0. posey has homered in three last four games. bottom of the 9th peavy working on the shutout until clint robinson gave the nationals a
6:53 pm
run. 2-1 nationals. that was it the final. giants lost four straight. news from the ice. the sharks making some moves today they signed 34-year-old joel ward to a three-year deal. last season he scored 19 goals as a member of the washington capitals. in golf, tiger woods continues to show flashes of the old tiger as we go to round 2 of the greenbriar in west virginia. look at this. tiger pretty much had up and down moments and that was a down moment. showed his reaction right there on 17 but watch this. here's an up moment. he gets this one almost in the hole. watch it back up and almost goes in. he might the putt to save par. he was 1-under and goes into the weekend four shots off the lead. wimbledon, serena williams played heather watson from great britain. she had everybody on her side. williams returned went long and watson took a 5-4 lead and would actually serve for the match but the top seed serena rallied. the shot landed on the line and she won. williams won the last three
6:54 pm
games to avoid the upset to advance to the fourth round. let's check on venus williams. she played alexandra crew niche. venus with an easy time, straight sets she won. she will face her sister in the fourth round the 26th time they will face off and the fires time at a grand slam since 2009. as the u.s. women's soccer team prepares for the world cup final on sunday, another team representing the red, white and blue is getting ready for their world championships this weekend. glen vern has the story -- glenn vern has the story. >> reporter: the sounds of basketball, the sounds of an nba championship. here are the sounds of a team usa basketball practice. and this is what they hear. [ silence ] >> reporter: this is the usa deaf basketball team.
6:55 pm
it's training camp in fremont, same place, same ball movement, only they have their own language. sign language. >> i don't have a problem with that. may be deaf but now what they know how to do things they pick up things really fast. >> biggest challenge is communicating with your own teammates. some don't know sign language or have to -- with that, um, understanding of the game. >> reporter: best of the best, deaf players in the country. about to play internationally in taiwan at the world deaf basketball championships. >> the players we have, we pick 12 best team players not the best players. we pick players that fit the team needs. my demand is that every member on the team to communicate with each other, that's the number one thing on the floor, communications. all girls on the same page. >> when i heard about this, i
6:56 pm
wanted to try out because i wanted to represent it -- i wanted to show that i can play on this team and share in my passion with other teammates, as well. >> one, two, three, whoo! >> now, team usa will begin the world championships tomorrow when they face ukraine. >> that of course vern glenn not glen vern. >> just wanted to see if they were paying attention. >> i was paying attention. >> interesting. >> amazing group. >> really beautiful to watch them sign and play at the same time. it's incredible. >> it's still basketball. that's cool. >> women's soccer finally is going to be bonkers sunday. >> the rematch from 2011? it's going to be really good. >> not get into a penalty kick situation again. >> no. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ ♪
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