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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  July 6, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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news and weather always on our website >> pelley: south carolina takes a historic step away from its past. >> let today be the beginning of a story of a new south carolina. >> pelley: also court documents show bill cosby admitted drugging women for sex. a 7-year-old is among the dead as gunshots compete with fireworks in chicago. san francisco is under fire after a woman is murdered allegedly by an illegal immigrant who had legal sanctuary. and team usa puts the icing on america's birthday cake. >> i just had chills on my arms, just the best feeling in the world. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition.
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we'll begin tonight with breaking news, court documents bill cosby fought to keep secret have just been made public. in a sworn deposition, the comedian admitted he drugged women to have sex with him. this comes after years of stonewalling and denials, as one woman after another accused him of sexual misconduct. michelle miller has the court record, michelle. >> reporter: well, scott according to the court documents related to a 2005 lawsuit against bill cosby, the actor and comedian testified in a deposition specifically about drugging women. a lawyer asked him this question. when you got the quaaludes was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women you wanted to have sex with, cosby answered, yes. at the time cosby's lawyer claimed the actor was confused by that question. a lawsuit was filed by former temple university director of
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operations andrea constant. she accused cosby of battery and sexual assault. cosby settled that case for undisclosed terms back in 2006. in the past two years more than three dozen women have come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against bill cosby, many of them claiming they were drugged by cosby and sexually assaulted. some of those accusations date back more than four decades. now cosby who is now 77 has never been criminally charged and the statute of limitations has run out on the majority of those accusations. we have placed several calls to cosby's attorneys and have not received a comment. scott. >> pelley: michelle, thanks very much. those court records have been sealed since the 2005 case by court order. and were just unsealed today after a lawsuit by the associated press.
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tonight the national debate over the confederate battle flag centers on south carolina where the state senate this afternoon voted overwhelmingly to take down the flag at the state capitol in columbia. this comes nearly three weeks after the massacre at a historic black church in charleston. omar villafranca is in columbia. >> reporter: one by one a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers stood up in support of a bill to take down the confederate battle flag from the grounds of the south carolina state house. >> it is not about heritage. it is not about hate. it is about how to heal wounds. >> but it needs to be just that. part of our history. it isn't part of our future. >> reporter: three republican senators fought to keep the flag in place. >> because i believe that we're placing the blame of what one deranged lunatic did on people that hold their southern heritage high. and i don't think that is fair.
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>> i abhor the misappropriation of my great, great granddaddy's flag. >> that won't change history. moving the flag won't change history. >> you just don't want to know the truth. >> reporter: tempers flared outside the state house as residents awaited the result of the state senate debate. >> today this flag here means slavery. >> reporter: william cheek, a confederate supporter, wants it to stay. >> it is just part of our history it has nothing to do with hate. >> reporter: james johnson of the national action network has rallied against the flag for years. >> we fought this battle some 14 years ago to bring the flag down, 14 years ago am now the hearts of those people have changed. >> reporter: the flag was first raised above the capitol dome in 1961 to commemorate the centennial of the civil war. but critics say it was really meant as an act of defiance against racial desegregation.
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in 2000, protests lead to a compromise, the flag was brought down and placed next to the confederate soldier's memorial in front of the capitol but with the murder of nine black churchgoers last month in charleston revived the issue. >> let today be the beginning of a story about a new south carolina. >> reporter: the senate will meet again tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. for a third and final vote. then the bill heads to the house for debate. scott if the lawmakers keep moving at this pace, the flag could come down as early as thursday. >> pelley: and the governor has indicated she will sign that bill. omar, thanks very much. today american financial markets were down slightly, a mild reaction to the freefall of greece in to an abyss of debt. yesterday greek voters said no to foreign creditors who demanded strict belt-tightening in return for more loans. it was a win for national pride but in victory, greeks now confront banks, critically short of money, and a government that can't pay its debts.
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we'll start our coverage with holly williams in athens. >> reporter: greece is on the edge of a financial abyss. but last night there was celebration after greek voters rejected the demands of international creditors. one of them was roula antonopoulou, a pensioner. >> reporter: in exchange for an extended $8 billion bailout, greece's foreign creditors wanted the country to live within its means by increasing taxes and cutting pensions and public spending. by rejecting those terms, some greeks fear their country faces financial catastrophe. dr. giannaros theo voted yes to the extended bailout. he runs hope hospital in athens where they can no longer get credit for meat and dairy products for their patients and believes the same could happen with medicine and equipment.
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>> reporter: greece has already been bailed out twice in the last five years with loans of over $250 billion. but its economy is in dire straits, unemployment is at over 25%. the no votes a victory for greece's radical left-wing prime minister alexis tsipras, he says it will strengthen his hand in negotiations and accuses foreign creditors of blackmailing greece. but greece's creditors chiefly germany and france could decide they've had enough, allow greece to default on its debt and force it to leave the single european currency. scott, that would be a cautionary lesson for other struggling european countries. but it would leave greece bankrupt. >> pelley: uncharted territory
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holly williams, reporting for us tonight from athens, holly thank you. now greece will try to persuade european nations to throw good money after bad. if there are no new loans, greece will likely go bankrupt and drop out of the group of nations where the euro is the common currency, anthony mason is here with us tonight. anthony, the word crisis is getting thrown around a lot. give us some perspective on this. >> reporter: scott, greece's gdp is $237 billion, that's actually less than the state of connecticut. in fact, 24 u.s. states have bigger economies. and with the greek economy contracting by a quarter during this crisis it now makes up only 1 percent of gdp of the entire european union. but here's the problem. greece's debt is now more than $350 billion, or one and a half times its gdp and the country is almost out of cash, scott, to make payments. >> pelley: so what are the chances that this disruption
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will affect the larger european economy and maybe even our own economy? >> reporter: well, early on in the crisis many fears it could spill over into the global economy, but european countries have since worked to put up firewalls and to reduce their risk. u.s. investors, for example, had $2 billion in greece in 2008 but virtually all of that has been withdrawn. since the euro was created in 1999, however, none of the 19 eurozone members has defaulted so no one is really sure what a greek collapse what mean and that uncertainty, scott, is at the root of all this anxiety. >> pelley: senior business correspondent anthony mason, thank you. the holiday weekend in chicago was especially violent. ten people were shot to death and 55 were wounded. dean reynolds is there. >> reporter: not far from the hundreds of thousands drawn to the patriotic display that lit up the lakefront, another fourth of july tradition was playing out on the streets of chicago.
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while fireworks burst overhead the police were working a fresh shooting involving the murder of seven-year-old amari brown. police said the bullet that killed him saturday was probably meant for his father, antonio brown, a known gang member with 45 arrests on his record including illegal possession of a firearm. amari was to start the second grade this fall. the violence that claimed his life erupted despite a 30% increase in the number of police on the street for the weekend. >> nobody but the father. >> reporter: mayor rahm emmanuel had a message for the boy's family. >> that is a seven-year-old out at midnight. you have a responsibility to that child. and then to cooperate with the police department, on a crime committed, to that seven-year- old. >> reporter: police say the boy's father is not cooperating with investigators, debbie crews went to the morgue with amari's parents. >> i could just hold his dad's
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hand and tell him, whatever you do, don't seek revenge. >> reporter: police say that in recent days one illegally held gun is being recovered every hour in chicago. in illinois, it's illegal to possess a gun if you haven't passed a background check or carry an owner's i.d. card. >> everyone of these firearms puts our officers and community in danger. >> reporter: police superintendent garry mccarthy. >> i'm angry, i'm frustrated and i'm frustrated and angry that we're here again talking about another senseless murder. >> reporter: now it may not seem like it but violent crime has actually decreased in recent years in chicago. and scott, this fourth of july was less violent than last year's. >> pelley: dean reynolds with the story from chicago, dean thank you. more than a dozen wildfires are burning in california tonight. illegal fireworks may have started one of them in the
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north. more than 300 acres burned before the fire was contained. a wildfire in northern idaho ballooned to more than three square miles today. at least six homes have been destroyed and 200 residents have been evacuated. tonight elizabeth palmer has a rare look inside syria which has been devastated by four years of civil war. 210,000 people have been killed, most civilians. the fighting is right on the dictator's doorstep but you wouldn't know that inside bashar al-assad's shrinking world. >> reporter: there are few places left in syria where a good shot has nothing to do with guns. this is lattakia on the mediterranean, one of the last cities in the country that is still under full government control. if you are a syrian and you can afford it, this is where you come for your summer vacation. and to block out syria's vicious war which is creeping ever
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closer. less than 50 miles away extremist fighters took the city of jisr al shagour in may. rebel groups now control large areas of the countryside. only half an hour of drive out of lattakia we found one of the syrian army posts holding the line. we weren't allowed to film their fighting positions, just the soldiers checking traffic for rebel sympathizers and weapons. beyond the syrian army check point is contested territory. there are armed opposition groups on three sides, on the mountain behind me, further off the road and they are that way too. the syrian military, tired and overstretched doesn't like to admit it but things are not going well. over the past year they have lost ground to isis and a whole patchwork of extremist groups. the hayek family home near the check point is so far in government territory. but hayek tells me his son's
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school just a mile away has fallen to the opposition. what would happen if you went? not a chance, he says. the snipers would get us. lattakia city center is still bustling with life. but every one here just like the people on the beach, is afraid that the little pockets of remaining stability are on borrowed time. elizabeth palmer, cbs news lattakia. >> pelley: in san francisco an illegal immigrant deported five times is now charged with murder. and how could anyone survive this. when the "cbs evening news" continues. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy
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immigration authorities to lock him up. john blackstone is covering. >> we pray to the lord. >> lord hear our prayer. >> reporter: on a pier jutting into san francisco bay prayers were offered for katherine steinle who was shot apparently at random while walking with her father jim steinle. >> she was just a young woman, starting to be in her prime. had so much to live for. >> reporter: steinle's accused killer francisco sanchez is a convicted drug felon who has been deported to mexico five times since 1994. the death of the 32-year-old is raising difficult questions for san francisco which has a sanctuary program to protect undocumented immigrants. that means the city doesn't have to turn over nonviolent criminals to immigration officials, sanchez spoke to a local reporter after his arrest. >> did you shoot kate steinle, the lady down on pier 14? >> yes.
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>> you did shoot her. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: three months ago sanchez was released from san francisco's jail after serving time for a drug charge. city officials following their sanctuary policy refused to notify immigration and customs enforcement of his release. in the last 18 months, more than 10,000 undocumented immigrants have been released from custody in california, without immigration officials being notified. since katharine steinle's death, san francisco's elected officials have been avoiding speaking about sanctuary. julie christensen is a member of the board of supervisors. >> i'm not going to address that in detail. >> the fact that san francisco wasn't a sanctuary city would kate still be alive? >> i'm not going to go there. >> reporter: san francisco's mayor was also not available for interviews today about the killing on this pier. the mayor did release a statement, scott, in which he said the sanctuary policy is not intended to protect repeat violent felons. >> pelley: john blackstone by
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>> pel >> pelley: pope francis is on his second visit to his native south america since his election in 2013. today big crowds greeted him as he rode through the streets of ecuador. later he celebrated mass for hundreds of thousands. francis will also be visiting bolivia and paraguay and he's coming to the u.s. in september. this was one of those moments when you fear the worst. the nascar race at daytona ended early this morning in a violent fiery pileup. austin dillon's number three car slammed into the wall, fell upside down and was hit again. 13 fans were hurt, one went to the hospital. but somehow dillon was able to walk away. and there was a spectacular
5:53 pm
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>> lloyd with morgan, off the post and in! >> pelley: it was world-class domination as carli lloyd and team usa rolled over japan 5-2 last night in the world cup. nearly 27 million americans watched it on tv, a bigger audience than any game in the nba finals. jericka duncan reports that
5:57 pm
young players have a new hero. >> goal! >> reporter: the number of women who have scored three goals in a world cup final, now stands at one. >> lloyd, morgan,. >> reporter: after carli lloyd pulled off the historic hat trick and her team's dominance was complete,. >> the u.s. wins the 2015 world cup. >> reporter: she fell to her knees overcome by emotion. >> i just had chills on my arms, olympic golds have been amazing but there is something about the feeling, all the hard work dedication. >> reporter: hard work and dedication may be the message. teammate megan rapinoe. >> she is such a hard worker, so focus, so passionate about the game. >> reporter: after the crushing loss to japan in 2011 world cup final lloyd practiced relentlessly and developed what she calls her warrior mentality. >> i'm not into the glitz and glamour and doing my hair and
5:58 pm
makeup before games. for me it's about being known as a quality soccer player. >> reporter: since the last time the u.s. women won the world cup in 1999, girl's participation in high school soccer has increased 23%. but these days she's doing the inspiring at youth camps. >> i can see all my hard work and dedication. i'm off to the side, i'm running, i'm doing extra, and that is what it takes, if you want to get to the top, you have to outwork everybody else. >> reporter: and after the single greatest performance in women's world cup history is carli lloyd thinking retirement? hardly. she wants to win gold in next summer's olympics. jericka duncan, cbs news vancouver. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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internal memo telling sheriff's deputies *not* to cooperate with now at 6:00, kpix has obtained an internal memo, telling sheriff's deputies not to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. good evening, i'm allen martin in for ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. we just learned murder charges have now been filed against the man arrested for the murder on pier 14. this is the city's sanctuary city policy under fire. some of the heat is directly on the sheriffs. kpix 5's joe vazquez begins our coverage. >> i talked to some sheriff's deputies today off camera who told me that for years they've been informally alerting immigration authorities, i.c.e.
6:00 pm
whenever they have a bad guys behind bars. but the sheriff put a stop to that. in an interview here at city hall today he explains his reasoning. >> why not just inform i.c.e. when you have a felon in your custody? why not draw the line at some place where maybe you're protecting the public? >> they already know he's in our custody because he came from serving time in another prison. >> why not work with them to make sure he doesn't get released? >> because a detainer request is not a legal instrument. >> reporter: a detainer request is paperwork from federal immigration authorities requesting that a prisoner be held behind bars. kpix 5 has obtained a memo signed by the sheriff back in march telling his deputies they will not cooperate with immigration authorities at all unless the feds have a warrant or a court order and that request has


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