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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 7, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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there were some awkward moments. he told the judge not guilty even when being asked something else. the charge against him is murder. but his defense attorneys tell the judge a different story. >> he's got an individual that does not know the victim in this case has no interest or desire in injuring her in any way. >> reporter: the attorneys say the fact lopez sanchez didn't have a motive and some other evidence means the crime was a giant mistake. >> there is no witness or anybody that has alleged that there was some kind of crime going on at the time the shooting occurred. this isn't a store robbery. this isn't any kind of assault on the individual person. so this very well could be a completely accidental discharge of a firearm. >> reporter: what exactly was
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intentional or accidental? attorneys from neither side would elaborate on the evidence. one of kate's family members was inside the courtroom and got very emotional at times. he doesn't want to talk to reporters right now. >> today is about kate. it's about this incredible family that has shown such strength in this incredibly difficult time. >> the judge set bail at $5 million for lopez sanchez. the next court date, july 22nd. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> we have confirmed through our sources investigators traced the serial number on the gun back to a federal agent. published report says the gun was stolen in a car burglary last week. >> it's led to a lot of finger pointing on who screwed up and
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let an undocumented felon go free. he says federal immigration officials dropped the ball. this afternoon i talked to a former head of i.c.e. about that. >> sheriff mirkarimi clearly laid the blame right at the door of i.c.e. he said the city and county really had no choice. in fact here's what he had to say yesterday. >> i think i.c.e. needs to take in account it's not just san francisco. it's over 300 cities now. >> could it happen again? >> i think it could which is why i.c.e. needs to upgrade its policy and procedures and practices so that we're all working in a more fluid contig what is basis. -- contiguous basis. >> there's no need for a legal instrument for that. the civil immigration system is not designed to get warrants in
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every single case. last year i.c.e. issued over 200,000 detainers. if we had to get arrest warrants for every single one of those to process people through the civil immigration system first of all it would turn all those cases in to criminal immigration cases and would bog down the system. i think he's making excuses because he doesn't want to cooperate. >> also today senator feinstein is asking san francisco to join immigration enforcement program. i'm sure you applaud that action. >> absolutely. i applaud any action for the two sides to come together. and i recognize this has been a very difficult issue for many communities. i would say, however that san francisco has been on the restrictive end of this one and there are many sanctuary cities who have changed their policies and worked with i.c.e. in a cooperative way but still remain quote/unquote sanctuaries to some extent. >> said the best thing that could happen is city leaders and
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i.c.e. come together and come up with a solution that works for both sides before additional federal laws are required. >> a majority of san franciscans say they want to see changes in the sanctuary city law. senator dianne feinstein agrees. liz cook is here with details. >> it's touched a nerve. news that the suspect is an undocumented immigrant and a repeat felon has a majority of people saying sanctuary city rules go too far. take a look at these numbers. as a result of last week's shooting by a nearly 2-1 majority, 62% say san francisco should change its sanctuary city policy. we asked people if they want to drop the sanctuary city policy all together. this one much closer. 44% said stop it. 39% said it should continue. and those we surveyed today want to take a hard line with undocumented
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immigrants breaking the law. 51% saying those convicted of any crime should be turned over to the feds. 45% saying those convicted of violent crimes should be deported. only 3% say they should never be turned over. u.s. senator dianne feinstein today weighed in on the pier 14 shooting. she says the suspect francisco lopez sanchez, should never have been released. senator feinstein took issue with the san francisco sheriff's department for not notifying immigration and customs enforcement. the agency issued a detainer, asking sanchez be held for deportation. quote, we should focus on deporting convicted criminals not setting them loose on our streets. the senator says she'll be looking at whether additional federal legislation may be necessary. feinstein is also urging mayor ed lee to participate in a new program that enables federal officials to take custody of immigrants that pose a danger to public
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safety. more coverage on the pier 14 murder coming up. we'll hear from san francisco supervisors who are strongly defending the sanctuary city policy. that's at 6:30. scary moments for passengers on a united airlines flight to sfo. the plane was flying from honolulu last night when it suddenly had very noticeable engine trouble. kpix 5's len ramirez talked with passengers who saw sparks coming out of the engine. >> it's a flight none of those passengers will ever forget. flight 396 from honolulu to sfo started out as a routine flight but didn't stay that way for long. >> reporter: the sfo bound jet was one hour in to the five-hour flight when the engine started bumping and sparking. passenger joseph said it was at night and he started shooting this video. >> it was a pretty loud thud.
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about 10:18 you could see sparks flying on the engine from the left side of the plane. >> reporter: the shower of sparks in the darkness grew so intense, he and other passengers closed the windows to keep other passengers from panicking. >> what i saird? -- scared, yeah. >> reporter: he said the captain told passengers there was an engine failure that it had to be shut down and the plane was returning to honolulu. he also recorded the plane dumping its nearly full load of fuel in prep aration for the landing. >> what was amazing was the rest of the folks in the plane did not panic and freak out which i would have thought would be normal. >> reporter: instead they calmly sat in their seats as the pilot prepared for a one-engine landing. there was light applause when the plane safely touched down. >> i remember hearing the captain's voice. i believe she
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was a lady. give her kudos for doing a great job. but i remember hearing her voice afterwards after we had landed, saying thank you to the people for remaining calm. you could tell she was scared. >> you always hear the aircraft companies design those planes to land and to fly on one engine. this is a perfect example of that. after the plane made its safe landing no one was injured. everyone caught a flight the next morning. reporting live at sfo len ramirez, kpix 5. right now vallejo police have blocked off a neighborhood and surrounded a home with a s.w.a.t. team as they look for suspects in a double shooting. at about 3:30 this afternoon a woman was found shot multiple times inside a car near alameda and capitol streets. a man was also hit. his injuries are said to be minor. that standoff is at broadway and ohio streets. that's less than half a mile from the shooting scene. new details in an officer involved shooting in pleasanton
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over the weekend. it happened early sunday morning at a car dealership on 1st street. police say 19-year-old jonathan deming broke in to the business and started jumping on top of cars and screaming. we just learned police tried to taser him and that's when he attacked one of the officers. feerg -- fearing for his life, the officer shot demming in the chest. this is the first officer involved shooting there in 10 years. the first brush fire burned 35 acres of dry grass. this one is contained. soon after a second one broke out close by. authorities tweeted these videos from the scene. firefighters working from the ground and air to get that one contained. in danville a grass fire burned right above sycamore valley park. a lot of the hillside as you see blackened. firefighters did get a hold of this one pretty quickly. they contained it to 30 acres.
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a heartbreaking scene on san francisco's ocean beach. sea mammals are washing ashore and these are fully grown animals. even a dolphin was found. don ford takes a look at one theory why. an elephant seal and a bottled nosed dolphin were discovered dead, washed up on ocean beach last night. cesar rivera and his children saw them. >> they're beautiful animals. to see them laying dead, it touches me. >> while elephant seals are common and occasionally wash out, a full grown male bottle nosed dolphin is not. >> he's pretty big. >> reporter: he's 9 feet long, weighs more than 700 pounds. scientists at the marine mammal center want to know what killed him. at the moment there's no clear sign of death. >> we'll look at every organ. we'll try to look for signs of disease. we'll collect samples for study. >> reporter: more bottle nosed
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dolphins have been seen swimming off the coast in recent years. scientists are studying that too. >> we don't exactly know. it could be change in prey, change in water temperatures. there could be a lot of factors that could change there. >> reporter: one idea is the sea water is getting warmer and one surfer said he can tell the difference. >> it was about 3 to 4 degrees warmer than normal but there's quite a few warm spots probably 3 degrees warmer than that. >> reporter: the warm water may be due to the unusually strong wind from the south. scientists say it will be a while before they get the results back from today's examination. the animal may have died from an injury, from a toxin or something as simple as old age. it's been two years since the marine mammal center has seen a dead dolphin end up on the beach. see how bay area cities are trying to fix the problems
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before they start. >> it has a potential to be a traffic nightmare. the road closure that could tie up bay area traffic for days. >> we're dry in the bay area today. albeit cooler but we're not dry throughout the state of california. the sierra seeing thunderstorms today and some of the storms heading in our direction. clouds rolling back in to ocean beach. we'll talk about who has the best chance of rain in the bay
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in this drought no water can be wasted. and a broken water pipe is a big water waster. mark sayre found out that's exactly what happens with some california water utilities. >> in a recent report, the california water board found that utilities lose about 10% of their water through pipeline breaks and other problems. in one of the most highly visible
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water main breaks, 20 million gallons of water flowed on to the ucla campus last year and destroyed 300 cars. one of the two pipes involved was found to be badly corroded. the other had five leaks before the rupture. some water systems are just as old including the pipeline district run by the san jose water company. >> all water utilities experience leaks. >> reporter: san jose water says aggressive replacement of older pipes is an ongoing project and top priority. the company replaces about 25 miles worth of pipeline each year. san jose water's losses are below the statewide average running at just 7% a year, but he says there is simply no way to prevent all water loss. >> it's also been important for san jose water company. we're 150 years old. we put a lot of focus in to replacing our infrastructure so that our customers receive a high level of service. one of those areas is replacing pipes. >> at a time when temperatures are high and bay area reservoirs are at or near record lows,
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every drop of water counts. big utilities use the latest technology to check for leaks including special acoustic devices to hear leaks deep underground but there are a whole host of issues that can cause problemsism -- problems. >> age is certainly a big consideration. nothing lasts forever. tree roots are also something that can cause water main breaks. seismic tiffin. -- activity. >> water utilities say their best source of information about water leaks often comes from customers who notice water in unusual places and quickly call to report it. reporting in san jose mark sayre kpix 5. we are closing in on what might be a very ugly weekend for traffic with the scheduled closure of doyle drive. that of course the main approach to and from the golden gate bridge. the road highlighted in red will be shut down this weekend. but before the closure and the chaos, we have a little preview
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of what will become your new fruit. >> the first time they studied the replacement of doyle drive was in 1955. people have been planning this for many, many years. now finally people are going to be able to drive on the roadway. >> reporter: after years of planning construction, and detours, workers are putting the finishing touches on the presidio parkway installing signs that will tell you where to drive or in a worst case scenario where to run. as for the last bit of heavy lifting that will come this weekend. >> mostly what they need to do is get rid of the temporary detour and build up the new roads and connect them. >> reporter: look closely and you can see the elevation difference between the road you're driving now and the new highway. this weekend those chunks of finished parkway will get stitched together. that will allow traffic to spread out through the twin tunnels and use the ramps that have been closed for years. >> people who come from the richmond they have been waiting for the two small connecter ramps to be open.
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>> reporter: the new drive comes with impressive views. head southbound and the tunnel exit frames the palace of fine art. with the twin viaduct sitting at slightly different elevations everyone gets a view of the bay. >> there's still about a year of work to go in order to complete it and bring it to its glory with all the landscaping but this is a big milestone for drivers. >> but ahead of the milestone there's one big milestone. >> we are concerned about traffic certainly on the friday and during the whole weekend. it's july. there's a lot of tourists. we're really asking people to avoid the corridor because quite frankly it could be a mess. >> could be a mess. chp says could be three-hour delays. the closure is starts thursday night, 10 p.m. it will reopen monday morning at 5 a.m. university of california is changing of its requirements to draw more transfer students. right now transfer students make up about 30% of the new undergraduates admitted each
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school year. to increase that number uc is creating palth ways for 10 of its most popular majors. this will guide potential transfer students to the classes they should be taking at community colleges. >> back to the doyle drive thing, paul, i was thinking -- >> three hours? >> chp says could be three-hour delays. never thought the rain would be a factor. but rain in july? >> how about that? >> we need it. >> happens on average once every three years. any mention of rain is actually a big deal. this could include thunderstorms. not widespread. the chance that you in your backyard might be getting some rainfall bonus rain from mother nature the next couple evenings. keep your fingers crossed. you want the rain. you don't want the lightning. beautiful day today. your highs were in the upper 70s and low 80s. not the hot stuff like last week but plenty nice to get outside. concord, 80. santa rosa officially 79. 74 your high today in san mateo ao.
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berkeley 69 degrees today. daily city, one of our cooler spots at 64. rain july? maybe in texas but not much here. plenty of thunderstorms over the sierra today. the northern california mountains up toward shasta lake which is filling up with the rainwater. upper level low pressure. counterclockwise gave us the stronger onshore flow. temperatures were down and the amount of cloud cover this morning was up. but this low is moving toward us. tomorrow minimal rain chance or thunder chance with most of the activity over the sierra as it makes its closest pass to us. now as low pressure begins to move away, watch where it settles. just to our south and east centered over fresno and san joaquin valley. this will allow any thunderstorms that bubble up to get an east to west flow pushing back toward the bay area. that's why i think thursday carries the better chance of a few drops of rain in your backyard because of upper level low pressure approaching and hanging out beginning tomorrow. highs tomorrow even cooler. fremont down to 74. vallejo, 71.
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san jose, 78. minimal rain chance tomorrow. slightly high r -- higher rain chance on thursday with highs in the 70s. 60s near the bay. we'll erase that rain chance, have a very pleasant weekend saturday and sunday. watching the sky over the next couple noilths. that's nice. we don't do that a lot in july. still ahead millions of social security numbers at risk. why a state agency might be to blame. >> plus the drought sending more and more rats in to east bay homes? the all-out effort to keep them ou [alarms blaring] ohhhhh... whoa whoa whoa!
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most people know their social security number is the key to their identity. >> consumer
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reporter julie watts explains one state agency is putting millions of social security numbers at risk despite state laws intended to protect them. >> reporter: maxine heinz is diligent about protecting her identity. she just wishes the state of california would be too. heinz recently filed her first unemployment claim and couldn't believe what was printed on every page mailed back to her. >> i was astounded to see my social security on all the documents. >> reporter: a concern to the former irs employee who witnessed identity theft firsthand. >> i've seen people who have gotten hurt when their social security numbers have been used. i couldn't imagine why the state of california would not protect the people who live here. >> reporter: the employment development department administers benefits for unemployment, disability maternity leave to over a million californians so far this year. and when maxine called to complain the agency was putting all of them at risk -- >> she kind of laughed a bit and said yeah, a lot of people have complained. >> i'm surprised.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: the federal trade commission's david newman said most agencies stopped printing full social security numbers nearly a decade ago. >> anything coming from a state agency is likely to be signaled to an i.d. thief. >> several states including california have laws that prohibit printing a social security number on any materials that are mailed. edd denied our request for an interview but in a statement said it's required to use social security numbers in the administration of its program which is an exception to the civil code but couldn't cite anything that requires they print the full number on mailed documents. >> not in a position to comment whether they're exempt from state law but they're not exempt from best practices. >> reporter: maxine has scratched out her social on every page and hoping the e.d.d. does the same soon. >> i think the state of california should correct that
6:26 pm
immediately. >> the ftc warns in addition to mail theft theechbz -- thieves also look for these documents in the trash. it's called dumpster diving. it's important to shred any documents you receive from the state before you throw them away. even though the e.d.d. says they have to print the numbers, they say they're now reviewing options. we're hoping someone will take some action here. coming up in our next half hour wasting no time. the federal corruption trial against a former chinatown gangster takes a big step forward. why his attorneys believe the government doesn't have much against him. in the wake of the murder on pier 14, san francisco supervisors weigh in on the city's sanctuary city law. we look at what's been a hot button issue for years. >> trouble for the subway guy. the federal raid at his house today.
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my name is tony sartorio. i'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for 12 years. i have three kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible not only for them but everybody, myself included, that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e. it's a rewarding feeling. together, we're building a better california. for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure.
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now at 6:30, new developments in the murder on pier 14. the suspect faces a judge for the first time and a surprising twist regarding the
6:30 pm
murder weapon. welcome back. i'm veronica de la cruz . >> i'm allen martin. >> we have confirmed the gun that was used to kill a woman on pier 14 has been traced back to a federal agency. it was recovered in the bay last week after 32-year-old kate stein-lee was shot to death. the suspect juan francisco lopez sanchez appeared in a court today. he told the judge not guilty several times. his defense argues the firearm accidentally discharged. stanch' bail was set at $5 million. san francisco city leaders getting a lot of heat over the shooting. comes down to the city's stance not to work with the feds on deporting undocumented immigrants. christin ayers asked one of the policy's biggest supporters, is it time for a change? >> reporter: this was how it looked back in 2013. a packed house, people chanting yes we
6:31 pm
can in spanish as supervisor john avalos introduced due process for law a law forbidding authorities for holding a person strictly because of their immigration status. >> this legislation is to assure that our city is not going to be cooperating with the ex-con program whose violations have really played havoc with public safety in san francisco. >> reporter: avalos is wearing an anti-i.c.e. button. >> i do believe there's a fine line and a very important distinction between being a safe haven for violent criminal activity. [ boos ] so i can just finish? whether you're a citizen or undocumented immigrant i think many of us can all agree we have no tolerance for serious or violent crimes in our community. >> reporter: ultimately the bill passed. it's what allowed
6:32 pm
suspected murderer sanchez to be free despite being an undocumented immigrant with a long felony rap sheet. today's supervisor david campos struck a measured tone. >> let's have a balance perspective. let's figure out what we can learn from this tragic incident. >> reporter: avalos defended the law insisting there is no need to change it. >> is there any possibility of any tweaks to the law? >> i haven't heard of any. i haven't heard any discussion about what would be a tweak to the legislation. >> would you support any tweaks? >> either the legislation exists or doesn't exist. if it doesn't exist you'll see we don't have the protection in place for people who are witnesses of a crime and victims of crime to talk to the police. >> reporter: neither campos or avalos were interested in making any specific changes to the sanctuary laws. campos did say he'd like to see more communication between i.c.e. and other agencies. christin ayers
6:33 pm
kpix 5. new developments in a san francisco corruption case. kpix 5's joe vazquez reports raymond shrimp boy chow won't be cutting a deal with prosecutors. >> this morning's hearing in federal court started out about evidence suppression but then the judge decided it was time to go ahead and set a trial date for raymond shrimp boy chow. the fbi arrested the chinatown leader along with leland ye in 2014. they face racketeering, money laundering, weapons and drug trafficking. jury selection is now set to begin on october 19th with testimony scheduled to begin on november 2nd. shrimp boy's attorneys insist their client is innocent and that the government doesn't have much of a case. >> my client in essence lived on charity. likewise he accepted relatively small amounts of money from this undercover operation.
6:34 pm
that was done not in any respect as consideration for any kind of under the table you know, permitting unlawful activity to proceed. that's just the way he lived. >> the judge ordered shrimp boy to stand trial along with seven other defendants which means more than a dozen others will have to wait their turn for another wave of trials. in san francisco, joe vazquez kpix 5. >> state senator ye and three other defendantants pled guilty in the case last week. the right to die legislation bill would have allowed terminally ill patients to legally end their lives. >> the right to die conversation in california made national headlines after brittany menard did something none of us hope we ever have to do. last year she moved from california to oregon to legally end her life with family by her side after learning brain cancer
6:35 pm
was going to do the same. >> it's a short disappointment but my husband and i believe that the time for this bill has come. >> reporter: brittany 's mother deborah has been very vocal in getting the bill to pass. the bill has been shelved for this year. >> we think this will continue to be a topic in california. and we think that californians won't let this matter die. >> reporter: senate bill 128 passed the senate in june but the authors decided not to present to the assembly health committee tuesday because they didn't have the votes to get it through. >> you don't have the votes you pull back, wait a little, see how you can make members comfortable. >> reporter: the bill would have allowed doctors to prescribe lethal drugs for terminally ill patients to self-administer and end their lives. religious groups had major objections to the bill and so did lawmakers. >> i don't think there's anything more personal than birth or death. so a lot of people's personal and
6:36 pm
emotional, coming in to play. >> i don't think there's any feeling of giving up. i don't think it matters who's speaking either. the conversation is wide open now. >> besides religious groups who came out in strong opposition, some doctors were concerned about changing their role as healers. new charges tonight for the man accused in the charleston church massacre. 21-year-old dylann roof now faces attempted murder charges. the new charges deal with the people who survived the attack. last month roof opened fire inside a historic african american church killing nine people. he was arrested with nine counts of murder one for each person killed. the subway restaurant chain has suspended its relationship with spokesperson jared vogel. the fbi raided his home in indiana today. authorities say
6:37 pm
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greece has until sunday to submit a proposal to avoid collapse. the country's prime minister says there will be a detailed plan to respond to the debt crisis. there is confusion over what happened during an emergency meeting today in belgium. some of those who took part said greece had no proposals. but the prime minister said he did present a couple of plans. it could soon be possible to hop on a cruise ship to cuba. carn ival announced it wants to
6:40 pm
start sailing to the country. under the proposal, at first only people doing volunteer work or involved in educational activities would be allowed to go. tourist cruises would come after that. still ahead an infestation so bad that they're going door to door with warnings. >> the new effort in the neighborhood to try to keep the rats out. >> following the rats, weather. we're going to talk about it. nice day outside today. berkeley, an increase in clouds. decrease in temperature . we'll talk about a tiny rain chance for us.
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another unpleasant side effect of the drought. more and more rats in an east bay neighborhood. >> we don't need that. kpix 5's john ramos says it's so bad, officials are actually going door to door to help people fight the problem. >> reporter: they say it takes a village to raise a child. but in one neighborhood in concord the same can be said for rats. >> we have i.d.'d enough rats in the different parcels to justify a little more education in the neighborhood. >> reporter: recently this area along lynwood drive has been seeing more than its share of the ugly rodents. >> the people across the street from me found a rat in their toilet. >> i see them roughening across -- running across the top of the fence. they're huge. >> reporter: the neighborhood backs up to the old concord naval weapons station which with the drought hasn't seen standing water in years. >> the rats are where the water is. where's the water? i we live and work. >> reporter: so vector control
6:45 pm
agents were out today offering tips to discourage the beady eyed pests. eliminate obvious openings to your home but be advised, the average rat can get through a space the size of a quarter. if you set traps set them in places kids or pets can't get to them. the most common cause of infestation is silence. >> these discussions within the neighborhood are sometimes hard. people don't want to admit that they have rats. they have this stigma of it being dirty. >> reporter: just as rats can spread quickly so can information. officers say if one neighbor tells another and people work together to make life tougher the rodents will give up and move on to some place more welcoming. do you think parking in san francisco is expensive?
6:46 pm
soon it could cost you even more and all depends on the way you pay. i'll have that story for you tonight on bay area night beat. join me at 10:00 on our sister station kbcw. >> i'm traumatized by that picture of the rat. three or four days before that leaves the noggin up there. kpix 5 weather watchers what's going on, pleasant day. not hot like it was this time last week. one of the spots in the 80s would be dave's backyard in napa. 82 degrees. beautiful weather there. not the 102 we saw up and down highway 29. beautiful pictures coming in. look at that gorgeous sky. peggy rogers sent this picture in of the cirrus cloud cover from two hours ago. love this picture of the beach. look at that great shot looking out toward the water. cooler but not much cloud cover. not much cloud cover from our mount vacca cam.
6:47 pm
comfortable temperatures. livermore, 75. low 70s san jose and oakland. thunderstorms, the first sign that things are changing. thunderstorms over the sierra. they're winding down this evening. tahoe saw a few storms, even a flash flood warning there. we'll see a minimal rain chance both tomorrow and thursday. good sleeping weather tonight upper 50s for san francisco mountain view napa and vallejo. want to update you on el nino. look at these numbers. 95% of computer models are now calling for not only an el nino this winter, a strong el nino event and 60% of the models are now calling for the strongest el nino event ever. stronger than 1982-83. why is this a big deal for us? because weak el ninos don't do much. but strong el ninos, look at this, we go to an average of
6:48 pm
26 inches of rainfall for the year in san francisco if we have a strong event. not a guarantee that will happen again but a leading indicator that we may actually have a wetter than average winter coming up. showed you the thunderstorms over the sierra. the low gets closer. our rain chance goes from zero to 10 or 20%. widely scattered thunderstorms coming up tomorrow. as that low parks itself over the san joaquin valley that will take any thunderstorms and send them from the east back to the west. that gives us a better chance of a few raindrops coming up on thursday. so rare we get a july rain chance but we will this time. next couple afternoons, keep your eye to the sky. best rain chance will of course be in the mountains. we're watching the risk of dry lightning which will increase fire danger. 70s away from the water. hayward, 72. 78 in concord. san francisco, 62 degrees. morning fog.
6:49 pm
afternoon sunshine. best chance of rain thursday. mild toward the weekend. we'll avoid 90 degrees for the next seven days.
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6:52 pm
nba up top. some will say about time. others not shocked that the warriors shipped david lee to the celtics. five seasons with golden state. lee himself, well, he remembers the good times. >> every single guy at some point or another this year sacrificed and has paid the price for the team. myself included. right now it's all worth it, nobody cares. you'll remember the warriors were champions in 2015 and that's all that matters. >> nobody sacrificed more last season than lee who went from two-time all star to playing in a career low 49 games after losing his starting spot to draymond green. now he's headed to boston in a trade helps the warriors lower their payroll and in return golden state gets wallace, a 14-year vet who plays sparingly for the celtics last season makes $5 million less than lee. several of the warriors took to twitter to wish lee well including steph curry.
6:53 pm
quote, in honor of my boy taking the next step in his career, this is how we started our relationship. love you bro. close quolet. he added this shot of him blocking lee. lee didn't take too kindly to it either. that was 2009. that was cur ry's rookie season. the tennis game. wimbledon really start ing to heat up. later rounds are upon us and loosening up, serena williams and victoria azerinka. far court, got a quick start. feeling good. when serena put her foot on the gas see ya. won the last two sets 6-2 6-3. some emotion here. williams two wins shy of claiming her fourth straight grand slam title.
6:54 pm
vandeweghe battled sharapova. match took almost three hours. vandeweghe took offense at alleged sharapova distractions during her serve. in the end sharapova rolled on in three sets, epic semifinal match-up with serena is next. novak djokovic was taken to five sets by the white capped kevin anderson. this is a resumption of the suspended match for darkness. won the last three sets to move on to quarterfinal play. baseball. look over my shoulder. as the as and aenkz aenkz -- and yankees are going to it even as we speak. they activated hunter pence. can he make a difference in this seven-game skid? now to the bronx. actress tina fey my fellow virginia alum in yankee stadium. as' sonny gray shook
6:55 pm
off his salmonella issues, back on the mound. as needed this bad. billy butler, a solo big fly. tied the game at 3. his seven th th for the season. right now knotted up at 3 a piece. this is 24-year-old danny lee who had a weekend he will not forget. lee won in west virginia the pga greenbriar for his first career tour win which also earned him a spot in next week's british open. still there was something missing. >> only wish i had was if i had a girlfriend, it won't be as lonely in the room. [ laughter ] >> see this roller? it's called a funky duck. when steph curry rode won this is what happened. hits the half court shot. he could be in his sneakers he could be in a funky duck and he can still make it shine at a warriors basketball
6:56 pm
camp. one more time. boom. like it's nothing. your thoughts? >> why do you always put me on the spot? you guys are trying to get me married off aren't you? [ laughter ] >> is it wrong? >> he's a little young for me. [ laughter ] >> talented. nice guy. you're looking to improve your golf game. >> right on the camera 2 shot. >> every show somebody new. [ laughter ] >> for news throughout the evening, always on that's the new match making. >> join us for night beat at 10:00. see you then. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [theme music playing] [applause] steve: how are you, folks? how's everybody? thank y'all very much. i appreciate you now. thank y'all. thank you very much, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. we got a family here returning for their third day. from verona, new jersey, it's the donadio family! [cheering and applause] steve: you got it. you got it. from chicago, illinois, it's the dunmore family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win themself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new,
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