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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  July 31, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> thousands of firefighters battling flames all across california right now. there are 18 large wildfires
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burning in the national guard is stepping in. >> good afternoon. one of the largest tires is burning in lake county right now. the rocky fire exploded in size and number 15,015,000 acres and destroyed several homes. as sean bennett reports rugged terrain and dry conditions are hindering the firefight. >> fire crews from around the entire state of california. like county fighting the rocky fire. crews out here right now are just trying to get hoses out onto the hillside. these are the types of conditions are firefighters are seeing, they're going into areas that are already burned and have reignited new areas around the valley that have scorched or are on fire now. at this point you can see the columns of smoke for miles. dark plumes and wife plumes of smoke. or than 600 firefighters from all over the state have been ferociously fighting the fire for several days now.
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under the triple digit heat new flames ripped through hundreds of more acres. we talked with one evacuee today who was scared and gently doesn't know what is going to happen. >> it's terrifying but you just go and get everything you can and take care of your animals and do what you can to get out of here. >> there is too much terrain. >> not only are firefighters out here assessing the damage and trying to get the flames out but, the energy company crews are out here as well. they are dealing with sagging power lines, power poles and who knows how long it will be until it is restored. >> here in san francisco, mayor ed lee announce more than $8 million in federal grants for fire department hearing. the funding will pay for 36 new firefighters and a new dive boat. >> firefighters are working on put out the fire that erupted in the delta. the fire began as a brush fire
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and spread quickly to and nearby mobile home park. at least half of dozen homes were destroyed and several propane tanks exploded as well. another big fire burning in napa and solano county is now 87% contained. it is charred more than 8000 acres. the fire started more than one week ago and more than 1400 firefighters have been battling the flames ever since. three buildings have been destroyed. >> investigators are searching the a home looking for a man who they believe shot a woman. earlier three women ran from the home as the gunmen opened fire, hitting one of them several times. she was found lying in the middle of highway one. her condition and the relationship between the women and gunmen are unknown. if you are planning to take over transit into the city from the east bay this weekend, your options are pretty limited. dan the mackovic explains why bart is halting service under the bay.
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>> the embarcadero bart station behind me is the end of the line on the side of the bay as of tomorrow morning. if you want to cross the bay you have to walk two blocks and catch two buses. bart riders are preparing for another major disruption. and the underwater part track was closed at the end of service tonight. bart crews will be replacing the switch that allows trains to go from one track to another. >> right now we are not using that component because we don't think it has been a safe enough condition. buses have been running between the trans be terminal in san francisco and 19th street in oakland ross and the bay bridge. transportation officials say at least one hour to any trip this weekend across the bay.
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>> this weekend -- not this weekend. >> yes. there will be extra ferries running across the day. >> better yet, avoid crossing the bay if you can. after this week, there is one more to go on labor day weekend. >> for the latest information on the trans be to shut down, had to our website. a big celebration in san francisco's chinatown today to mark the central subway coming to the neighborhood. the new sky bridge, it worked on a bridge creek of art installation. brick tiebreak, a silver reflective coating was applied to the bridge to reflect the sky as well as surrounding skyscrapers. the idea is to create a river like pathway. >> this is the great show of community, this is what we call
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abc, art built community. >> it is the largest piece of public art to be displayed in chinatown. >> new at noon, this man is behind bars after ramming his car into a security barricade on the south side of the us capitol building this morning. capital police quickly survey the scene. it is unclear if the driver crashed into the barricade on purpose. >> it is still unclear whether the wreckage found in the indian ocean is from flight 370. >> the sixth put piece of wreckage that washed up on reunion island is expected to be flown to investigators in france tonight. they will examine it in ace special defense facility to determine if it came from missing malaysia airlines flight 370. malaysian officials say the analysis shouldn't take long.
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the mac i think they can easily identify it. >> boeing investigators are confident that the part called a flaperon came from one of its triple sevens and the 370 is the only one missing in the world. his wife was one of 239 people on board the flight from kuala lumpur to beijing in march of last year. he said it has been an agonizing 16 months without answers. >> we did not have that option. just waiting and waiting until we get nothing concrete. >> searchers are scouring reunions shoreline and so far, they found what is left of a suitcase, this chinese water bottle and an indonesian cleaning product. investigators will determine if it is just trash or more clues
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about what happened to flight 370. the part of the wing that washed up, about 2500 miles from where investigators thought flight recently had crashed. by analyzing the wing section under aim microscope, they can determine whether it was horizontal or vertical and it's journey through the ocean. >> the surfer landed in the hospital after being attacked on the australian coast. the shark but the 52 -year-old man in his leg and hand. beachgoers used it surfboard leash has atrophic it to slow the bleeding and may have saved his life. shark attacks in the very same spot including one that left one man dead. >> zimbabwe's wildlife minister wants the dentist who killed cecil the lien to stand trial. they want to extradite doctor walter palmer to face charges.
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he was lured from it protected environment and was killed. >> i think the guides will take the hit he cause obviously i think it's more of a moral issue. >> american authorities are investigating as well. >> police chases in the spotlight, a change in policy now being considered around the country to protect innocent victims. the mac you can't stop a cat from shedding, but how to handle their hair thomas coming up next. >> we have fired up the high definition doppler four the
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cats are pretty cute but shedding can lead to a big mess on your close, furniture and your entire home. on friday as we always do, this is christmas the cat making a return trip. girl or boy lex. >> she is just a sweetheart. >> look how mellow she is, most cats would think this was a four-story. >> we did have a question come in on our facebook page. maryland writes that her son recently moved back into her house with a beautiful white cat, but the only problem is there is hair all over everything. is there anything we can do to help with the problem? he does get brushed every day. >> you know it occurred to me with all the fires, be sure to take your pets identified and cat carriers ready to go because they can run away. it's great they are brushing every day and it's true that
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some cats along with other species of dogs, some are bigger shudders than others. it's great that they are brushing every day and i want to make sure they are brushing at least 10 minutes every day. it's true that if you brush 10 minutes every day, and about two weeks, you will see less for. i wanted to show you, because i've been brushing christmas for about 10 minutes, and i only have this much hair which lets me know that the owners have been brushing this cat because normally, you would get more hair off of them. >> does a cat should year- round? >> sometimes they shed more than others depending on the breed of the cat. long-haired cats tend to shed more than shorthaired cats, but not always. some shorthaired cats are prolific in shedding. so i recommend that you also recommend to go in the opposite direction of the for. that definitely loosens up the
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underlying for coat. then go back. it's always nice of the very end to use your hands and just and of positively reinforce how nice it is to be brushed. >> let's talk about bathing. >> i wanted to mention dogs because some labrador retrievers shed everywhere. sometimes with those dogs if you take them to be professional groomer, the can help get the underlying code brought up in the shedding is much less if you do that periodically entertaining. >> very good. if you have a question of home, please e-mail pets at . time for weather, how about that we can forecast? >> that had is that close to being a self brushing cat. we do have some showers around the bay area urges why we have
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fired up the high definition doppler. a thin band of showers, the subtropical moisture that is staying ushered by high- pressure and you can see some just right around 101-82 at that junction there, extending into silver creek and also in the villages, just a few showers moving north, i wouldn't be surprised if san jose would get a few sprinkles. concord 77 degrees, oakland 66, san jose 74, and santa rosa 70. nice friday on tap, much cooler than where we were couple days ago. livermore will fall off of its purchase of 107 degrees and come down to only the upper 80's. but this is the high over the four corners, rain enough moisture from mexico. it will at least be humid today. there's potential for it thunderstorm or shower as well. then by sunday the low pressure
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offshore will return us to a cooler weather pattern. so it will be nice at the cinema nationals, 80 degrees there. not are away, the sonoma county fair, 80 degrees as well. gametime temperatures in the 60's with partly cloudy skies at 6:35 p.m. eared sunset tonight 8:19, sunrise 6:19. 69 in the city, oakland and 75 degrees. in the south bay, variable clouds and over in the east bay, back to normal. temperatures, so click humidity, it the little humid. 79degrees in petaluma and 75 for oakland. the extended forecast calls for numbers to cool very gently as we head into next week, so finally the air dries out and temperatures become normal. >> bay area officers are going head to head today testing out
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there motorcycle skills. >> and the partnership with the chp the san francisco police department is hosting the third annual training competition. dozens of officers will compete on time obstacle courses. >> we will assimilate the officers making some type of emergency maneuver. so it's to sharpen those skills and trade some technique between other agencies. >> the event continues into tomorrow where a icicle obstacle course will be set for kids ages five through 12. it goes to the ss police foundation which helps families in need. thousands of died in police chases in the past decade. in the investigation last month, as shoplifting suspect killed a grandmother in indianapolis. the investigation found nearly half of the 12,000 killed were innocent the us. police leaders across the nation are reviewing and changing their policies in orlando and dallas.
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officers are only lead to chase known violent felons. >> let's see how we are doing on wall street. not so hot right now, down over 50 points with about 45 minutes left in the week's trading. >> still to come, a new form of relaxation for stressed-out americans. the special water therapy meant to melt away the stress. >> and check out our hotline and give us a ca ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] choose it. scoop it. pour it. blend it. [ blender
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>> it is squash. >> today is the big day, mexican squash. i love this squash. i'm mix it with italian zucchini and other squash, because they taste fabulous together, great texture. when you buy them they are almost shaped like a pair and you want that color to them. free from any yellowing whatsoever and it has to be very firm, no get to the touch. when you bring it home put it in the refrigerator right away. now when you cook it, it's much firmer than the italian
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zucchini squash. sometimes it can cut even faster. now the flavor when you cook this with tomatoes, it absorbs the tomatoes, almost socks in the flavor. that's why this squash is great, and again, the texture and flavor by themselves is great also. i am your fresh pressure, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> thousands of people dealing with stress are finding new ways to relax with something called flotation therapy. >> customers flowed in one thinks of salty water to clear both their mind and their body. the water is filled with enough epsom salts to keep the body completely poignant. it is pitch black inside and some proof, too. >> you come out and you are amazingly clear. it the sense of everything in the world being fresh and new and sparkling. >> sparkling?
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very nice. hundreds of these flotation centers are popping up and several of them are there in the bay area. >> today's job report, jill/ jill looks at what companies are doing. >> companies are doing more than calling to verify your work history. legally, companies must get consent before they start digging. however federal guidelines allow employers to access your credit report on if they have any compelling business rationale. companies are prohibited from using information in employment decisions. they do have to follow guidelines if they find something negative in their background check. they must send you a letter raising a red flag and providing it copy of the
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report. they must give you time to correct the record or explain the issue. and if the company decides not to hire you based on what they found, it must send an adverse action letter and also furnish you with contact information for the firm that generated the report. if you want to know what employers migh
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>> coming up tonight at five, the days of cell phone contracts racing be over.
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a major carrier is changing how you buy phones but not everyone may like the new plan. >> i'm getting the idea that you are excited that it's friday. [laughter] >> can you believe it's friday? >> well sleep is not overrated but we are can forward to a fund weekend. >> you know we could get rid of this humidity by tomorrow evening. saturday looks great and sunday
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>> quinn: here is the difference between you and me. why we don't always agree on jewelry. you're -- you're more of a couture guy, you know. you like things delicate and classy. and, well, i'm a little bit more, um, new school. >> ridge: and what am i? out of touch? >> quinn: no, no, no. no, what i mean is, um, what you would see as over-the-top, uh, i would see as a bold statement. and -- and that's what this dress needs. not that this dress is boring, per se. >> ridge: what are you think? >> is that a trick question? >> quinn: you know what? can i just show you what the dress looks like with the necklace? >> ridge: okay. >> quinn: okay. you're tall. see?


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