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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 3, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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n custody a woman who got more than a good night's sleep at an airbnb apartment. >> most airbnb rentals go fine. then they don't . >> she discovered all her items were taken and valued about $30,000 worth of jewelry and watches. >> reporter: electronics a printer, and it looks like at least on video that this woman did it. star of a surveillance video shot in the apartment and in the computer store downstairs. the suspect identified as jana dominguez of richmond. she rented the place and through the stay, went through the drawers in a room that was locked and was told was off limits. every host's nightmare. >> i'd say it's not a very common thing. can it happen? yes, it obviously happened in this case. >> reporter: airbnb didn't want to go on camera but then told kpix in a statement over 45 million hosts and guests have had positive experiences on airbnb and situations like this are incredibly rare. >> do i fear that this will
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happen to me? no, not at all. >> reporter: tim ryan has been renting out rooms on airbnb for years and said he's never had trouble, but he's careful. >> i screen my people and i turn 30% 35% away. >> reporter: he puts valuables in a safe. if he goes away, he takes what he can with him. he's never had a bad experience. >> i've never had so much of a drinking glass or a straw stolen. i think somebody left with a blanket once but i've had like four people leave blankets. it works out great for me. >> in this case the victim tried to do everything she could by locking the doors by having video surveillance. it's actually helped out significantly. >> reporter: police didn't have to go far to catch this suspect. turns out she was in sonoma county jail on a drug charge. in san francisco mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> airbnb says it has a million-dollar insurance policy that it claims covers its hosts. tonight it's an all-out
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battle to contain the rocky fire burning south of clear lake. the flames have spread to three counties. colusa, lake and yolo. the fire grew to 60,000 acres this morning. it's already destroyed two dozen homes. parts in highway 20 and highway 16 are shut down. crews have been using controlled burns to stop the spread. that fire is now 12% contained up from 5%. kpix 5's cate cauguiran continues our coverage of this massive wildfire live in lake county. >> we're also learning the fire is still growing. it actually hopped over highway 20 about an hour and a half ago. one 20-year veteran told me flat out he's never seen anything like this calling this fire explosive and volatile. we were able to move closer to give you a different look. the sky here really thick full of smoke. at the same time you're seeing helicopters and air tankers racing against the clock to try to make as many runs before the sun goes down.
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once they lose daylight it becomes a ground fire. this fire has been very unpredictable. the only thing the crews can count on is the afternoon flare-ups. they say the flare-ups work like clockwork out here. once it hits 3:00, the temperatures rise, and hotspots are created. sometimes the engines and trucks are competing with some families who waited till the later hours to leave. some families say it's not as easy leaving your home when you don't know what you have to come back to. >> where do you go from here? >> well, you've got to be strong. and i'm young so i can start over. >> as firefighters work tirelessly to put out the flames they're also trying to get ahead of this fire but the winds here i can tell you are not making it easy, changing directions every minute, making
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it hard for ground crews to stay on top of this. this is what we're looking at live here in lake county. the fire has come over the ridge. we mentioned earlier it hopped across highway 20. as we enter the evening hours, i'm sure that cal fire is hoping that the lower temperatures will give some of these ground crews some reprieve. we know there are about 3,000 firefighters here on the ground right now as we speak. reporting live in lake county back to you. >> cal fire is bringing in all available resources to fight the rocky fire. one tool they're using is a heli torch like this one. it's a propane tank that hangs underneath a helicopter. the device lights backfires in areas that are too rugged for crews to get to on the ground. also helping to fight from the air, two c-130 military planes from colorado. the planes flew in to an air tanker base from sacramento county. the c-130s can drop 3,000 gallons of water or fire retardant in less than 5
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seconds and can be refilled in less than 12 minutes. >> we get a fire this size, we want to be able to really drop a lot of retardant in front of the fire slowing it down. that's where the dc-10s, c-130s are critical in our fire fights. >> this is the first time the planes have been deployed to fight a wildfire this year. you can follow the fire fight on our website. we've posted an interactive map of all the fires burning across california at an oakland police officer is expected to survive after getting ambushed this morning by a heavily armed suspect. that suspect was killed during the shootout. kpix 5's joe vazquez with what the officers were up against. >> the shots rang out around 1:30 this morning as police were checking out a report of a sexual assault. it happened at martin luther king and west mcarthur boulevard. without any conversation, police say the man inside the house suddenly emerged and attacked two officers. >> the suspect ultimately came
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out of the front door with a rifle and immediately began firing upon the officers that were in front of the house. >> reporter: one officer was wounded. police say he is a sergeant a 14-year veteran of the police department. other officers returned fire, killing the suspect. police describe the suspect's weapon as an illegally modified sks assault rifle with an extended 30-round magazine. the suspect is a 40-year-old oakland resident. he was pronounced dead on the scene. the wounded police officer already underwent one surgery and was scheduled for a second. he is expected to recover. in oakland joe vazquez, kpix 5. b.a.r.t. is already preparing for the next closure of the transbay tube. that's set for labor day weekend. the tube was closed over the weekend so b.a.r.t. could do much needed repairs to the track. b.a.r.t. says everything went as planned and the stage is now shut for the labor day shutdown. there will be no train service between oakland and san francisco for three days. california lottery has a
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new plan to let drivers buy quick picks while they're pumping fuel. new at 6:00, kpix 5's phil matier says some say gas and gambling shouldn't mix. explain that. >> it's a controversy as well as convenience. we're here on winchester boulevard and campbell. first station in the bay area where you can pull in, wash your windows fill up your tank and try your luck. >> kind of weird. wasn't expecting it at the fuel pump. >> reporter: play at the pump. california's latest attempt to expand the mega-billion-dollar lotto market is both convenient and controversial. >> [ inaudible ] play responsibly. >> reporter: convenient because it allows credit card users to both fill up and buy up to $20 worth of quick picks without ever going inside. >> that's pretty enticing for some people i suppose. >> reporter: controversial because it's a sharp change from
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the lottery's longstanding cash only rules rules that were aimed at cutting down on over spending by poor people and by chronic gamblers. >> that's not something i need my kids exposed to right now. >> reporter: lottery tickets are sold at about 21,000 locations across the state and brought in $5.5 billion last year including $1.3 billion for public schools. and getting even more money seems to have trumped concerns about increased gambling. >> a lot of people, they don't know how to use it yet but looks like it's going to catch up. >> reporter: insert your driver's license to prove your age. >> i need some scratchers too. >> i guess if you had an addiction it's kind of in your face for gambling so that's probably not a good thing. but it's a free country so people can market however they choose. >> that's just what they're doing. marketing convenience
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marketing possibly impulse buys, but definitely trying to grab you while you have your money or credit card ready. right now the lottery tickets are only available at 87 stations in the state. still ahead he wandered away and made it halfway up the state. how the special olympics athlete got to the bay area. >> first they thought it was another boat out there but a dead whale is floating offshore. why scientists say they're not surprised to spot the animal. >> it has deadly potential. the feature in hospital machines and pacemakers that leaves them wide open to hackers. >> we'll continue mild weather without skipping a beat until things change on wednesday as we look from sutro out over the city. we've
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a special olympics athlete who vanished from l.a.x. early this morning has been found safe. 15-year-old shion isimel suffers from autism. he was with his team at the delta airlines ticket counter getting ready to go home to his native ivory coast when he bolted. surveillance cameras caught him leaving airport property just after 4:00 this afternoon. ishmael was found in inglewood. the special olympics were held in l.a. over the weekend. another special olympics athlete reported missing over the weekend was found early this morning in the bay area. andy gusmari walked in to the hayward police department at 2:00 this morning tired and hungry. but how he got there is a mystery. he told police through an interpreter he can't remember. >> we were successful to get his brother to give him a call to find out exactly what had happened to him and the best the brother could find out from him was that he had taken a bus here. >> gusmari strayed from his
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group. police believe he may have taken a greyhound bus and spotted officers outside the police department to get help. colorado police are after a phony pizza delivery man. they say tried to pull off a home invasion robbery. here's a sketch of the guy. they say last night he knocked on the door of a home. when a little girl answered, he and two masked men forced their way inside. but the girl's parents were also home and confronted the trio. the suspects then took off running from the house. some sort of family feud has left two women dead. the victim described as a woman in her 60s found dead in her novato home this morning. police say the suspect is another woman in her 30s. she was found in san francisco about three hours later after taking her own life. there is no word on a motive. boaters are being warned to watch out for a large dead whale. it's floating off the coast of pacifica. kpix 5's don ford on the danger to shipping.
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>> we found a humpback whale floating rather bloated. >> reporter: this dead whale discovered 15 miles from shore bloated up to the size of a small house. the fishing vessel hooley cat was returning from a bird watching trip when the skipper spotted it. >> i've been coming out on the ocean since 1967 and that's the first bloated floating whale that large that i've ever encountered in my life. >> reporter: he says so large at first he didn't know it was a whale. he thought it was another boat. >> and i see this very large object, i just assume is another boat. everyone is just absolutely amazed. >> reporter: but researchers with the california academy of sciences say they are not surprised. >> there have been lots of hump backs and lots of blue whales feeding in very large numbers hundreds at a time. so it's not unusual. >> reporter: the increased number of dead whales is about right they say for the higher than normal number of whales
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that are currently in the area. >> we've had reports over the last two weeks there have been large numbers of humpback whales and blue whales seen feeding off the farallon islands. >> reporter: they're attracted to large numbers of anchovies and krill and this huge dead whale was also attracting sharks. seen here eating large mouthfuls of dead whale. it was also drifting close to the skipper lanes. >> it was not a small whale. it's good that it was reported to us. because it could have caused a lot of problems if there had been a collision with it from a vessel. >> researchers say they don't know why this animal died. it may have been injured sick, or just died of old age. in half moon bay don ford, kpix 5. another dead humpback that washed ashore yesterday in pacifica was likely killed by a passing ship. marine biologists tested samples taken from the carcass yesterday. they say the whale showed signs of traumatic
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injury consistent with a collision with a ship. this oil slick off the santa barbara coast was raising eyebrows but lab tests have just confirmed it's all natural. coast guard officials say the 6-mile shine resulted from normal seepage from the ocean. a corroded pipe leaked over 100,000 gallons of crude oil along the gabioda coast. most americans believe water is a limited resource that can run out if we use too much according to a new associated press poll. 7 out of 10 people think the government should restrict water usage during a drought. 74% say farmers should get top priority when water is scarce. a tale of two extremes, courtesy of nasa. this video shows the weather in the united states from the beginning of the year until july 16th. anything in red indicates 20 to 40 inches of rain. purple means up to 76
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inches of rain fell. you can see the huge fall-off as you head west of the rockies. that's where the drought has been in full effect. here in the bay area, bone dry. >> and it's going to continue that way this week it seems. then who knows after that. we'll see if el nino lives up to its billing. in the meantime we're looking at a mostly clear day around the bay area today. as we head outside and look toward the observatory which you can barely see those two white dots at the top of mount hamilton in the diablo range. if you ever go up there to visit, the road up legendary has 365 turns one for every day of the year. and james lick for which the observatory is named his crypt is up there. 72 at oakland. livermore has got 76 right now. in the city, nice day and a finish to monday with 68 degrees. we'll have drizzle along the coastline around the
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bay tomorrow morning. we'll have mostly cloudy skies which we've seen the past three or four days. sunny earlier and temperatures start out in the mid 60s by the afternoon upper 70s inland and the mid 70s around the bay. but for the first week of august this is below average. low pressure spinning off the coast will keep the coastline cool and it will be mild inland as high pressure eases off over the next 24 hours. numbers come down as well. futurecast shows the low clouds move back in to the shoreline tonight. then sunshine tomorrow with a few high clouds as well. time lapse goes on, you can see kind of a mix of clouds and sun. so to sum it up, it will be very mild right through tuesday. but midweek warmup on the way. high pressure will bounce back wednesday and thursday, and cooling again by the weekend. heading out of the bay area, we'll see some 90s in the central valley. out at tahoe nice tomorrow with 80 degrees. overnight lows tonight near 60 in the bay area. daytime highs tomorrow maybe a notch or two
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cooler than we had today but pretty much the same. 72 in oakland in the city. 82 for fairfield. 76 in santa rosa. down in san jose 79 degrees. extended forecast calls for mild day tomorrow and wednesday and thursday numbers bump up inland before cooling down just as we head in to the weekend. the past three or four weeks we talked about the potential threat for thunderstorms and a few thundershowers. for the first time in a while nothing like that happening so it's just going to be fairly typical. >> gorgeous outside. a possible rare sighting in northern california. wildlife officials believe a gray wolf has been roaming in siskiyou county. several cameras in the area captured an image of the wolf back in may. if wildlife officials can confirm the animal is a gray wolf, it would be the first time in more than a year that a wolf has been sighted in california. a scared pup hid under an ac transit bus in oakland
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yesterday after the chp says the dog was running on i-80. it happened near san pablo avenue. chp says the dog was hit and ran under the bus for safety. deputies were able to coax the pup to their car. he was taken to the vet and will be okay. still ahead hacking in to someone's heart? this guy says the device is meant to keep people healthy could actually contain a deadly risk. >> plus lose weight by wearing a vest. the calorie burning device created by a nasa
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by now you've all heard about hackers hitting computer networks banks even automobiles. now a warning that hackers could hit people's hearts. that's right. kpix 5 john ramos on the bay area man sounding the warning about how
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medical devices even pacemakers could be vulnerable to cyber attacks. >> reporter: if you feel vulnerable when you're in the hospital it turns out you've got company. so is the hospital itself. >> it's a medical device but the way this thing runs, it's really just a computer. >> reporter: from his half moon bay office, cyber security expert billy rios says many medical devices such as this iv pump are connected wirelessly to a centralized computer network making it easier to monitor but with one serious drawback. >> by design you're allowing it to where someone can control this remotely and do things to the device or pump or equipment. you have to understand what you're doing before you do this. >> reporter: rios examined a number of popular hospital infusion pumps and the results were chilling. >> you could basically log in to this device with no username and no password. >> reporter: which means any hacker with an internet connection could change its settings. the same is reportedly true of people's personal devices such as
6:24 pm
insulin pumps and heart pacemakers. the danger is so real that former vice president dick cheney had his pacemaker's wireless function disabled. most are slow to fix what they consider only theoretical problems. >> normally what has to happen is we have to wait for someone to be killed. and that's not a good position to be in. we don't want someone to have to die in order for them to become a data point in order for us to make a decision. >> reporter: because of rios' research the fda issued a warning allowing health providers to discontinue use of certain pumps. because there was no actual defect, there was no requirement to do so, which also means there is no guarantee that the person controlling your life-saving device is someone with your best interest at heart. john ramos kpix 5. >> had -- rios says many manufacturers don't want to incur the expense of adding
6:25 pm
security to their machine. a new product in the market promises weight loss without any work. it's called the cold shoulder. and it was created by a nasa scientist. the device is a vest filled with ice that can be worn for an hour a day until the ice melts. it can help you burn up to 500 calories a day or a pound a week. scientists say this is done through a simple process. >> you have to burn calories to maintain 98.6. for example, in this room right here, it's about 7 degrees. your body is 30 degrees warmer than that. it's using a process called thermogenesis to maintain your body temperature above the ambient air temperature. >> the vest costs about $250. >> sit in a bathtub full of ice cubes for a while. save some money. north versus south in california's historic drought. >> they take a lot of water. that's from what i hear. >> you've
6:26 pm
got green lawns. >> who's to blame for using too much water? we break it down and get a reality check. >> looks like the spaceship campus isn't enough. where apple is setting up shop now. >> president obama with a historic plan to cut greenhouse gases. how much it could cost you in the end.
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our top stories tonight, an oakland police officer was shot during an early morning confrontation with a sex assault suspect. the suspect opened fire with an illegally modified assault rifle. that man was killed when officers returned fire. the injured officer has already had one surgery and he's expected to survive. an airbnb rental gone bad. a san francisco homeowner says the woman seen in this surveillance video stole tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry and other items. this is after she rented a room to the woman through sharing service. the suspect is now under arrest. rocky fire now grown to 60,000 acres and spread to parts of three counties. colusa lake and yolo. that fire has
6:30 pm
destroyed two dozen homes. parts of highway 20 and highway 16 are shut down tonight. that fire is now 12% contained up from 5%. it's become a water war of sorts. northern california. southern california. each blaming each other for using too much water. >> reporter nick janes has a reality check on how much water we're really sending down south. >> reporter: california's simmering sibling rivalry. >> you've got green lines in san francisco and marin county too. >> i have a problem with there not being a conscious effort. >> reporter: this is what many northern californians probably picture. a land of lush lawns green expansive estates perched high atop the hills. we took a look at la canada, where people
6:31 pm
use three times more water than state average. it's home to outspoken rich busen. >> how do you feel about cutting back? >> i think it's a wasted effort. >> reporter: a waste? rich argues farm ers use the bulk of water anyway. >> do you think you should have to cut back? >> a little bit. beside that you're letting all this water go out in the delta for the stupid fish. >> reporter: if this seems like a stupid question -- >> where do you think southern california gets its water? >> reporter: you're in for a surprise. >> we're dropping down for an up-close and personal look at the california aqueduct. >> reporter: you may recognize the california aqueduct, the system that carries water from north to south eventually piped over the mountains. but at this spot near tracy the retired pilot spotted something that flows in the way of wisdom. >> there's no water to deliver to the south becoming a
6:32 pm
stagnant pond. >> it's easier to just say it's north, south rather than really think about it. >> reporter: we went one-on-one with jeff kittling in l.a. >> i think those perceptions are generational. >> reporter: he runs the massive metropolitan water district of southern california. big picture metropolitan's 26-member agencies provide water to 19 million people. that's one out of two californians. jeff says in a normal year about 45% of its water supply is local. 55% of southern california's water is imported. 25% from the colorado river via an aqueduct, and 30% from northern california. but listen to this. last year so cal's supply from the north was cut more than 90%. this year it's slashed 80%. >> we've been really hurting on northern california supply but so is everyone else in the state. there just simply isn't the water. >> he says southern california is surviving in part because of one very big drought buffer. diamond valley lake was built a
6:33 pm
decade ago the largest off stream reservoir in the state. it's running low at less than half capacity. >> frankly it's been our insurance policy. it's saved us. we would have been at serious rationing two to three years ago. >> that was nick janes reporting. l.a. recently announced plans to retrofit its storm water system to capture as much rainfall as possible instead of intentionally sending it out to sea. city says that could account for 1/3rd of its yearly supply. today president obama announced what could be a game change on the environmental front. the first nationwide caps on the amount of carbon pollution from power plants. but as cbs reporter weija jiang reports, there's owls -- there's already stiff opposition. >> we're the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation to do something about it.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: the cuts on greenhouse gass are steeper than expected. wind and solar will rise from just 5% of the nation's energy to 28%. >> the nerdier way to say that is we'll be keeping pollution out of the atmosphere. the equivalent of taking 166 million cars off the road. >> opponents are promising a tough fight. 20 to 30 states said they will sue the obama administration over the proposal immediately and simply won't comply with the rules. >> reporter: i don't think it's -- >> i don't think it's realistic at all. >> reporter: he predicts the average home energy bill will spike by 12% to 17%. >> because energy is such a staple for everything we produce and consume those costs are going to ripple through the economy, so it's not just when your energy bill, but through all goods and services you pay for. >> reporter: states have until
6:35 pm
2022 to comply with the new rules. >> the new epa rules could play a role in the 2016 election because it will be up to president obama's successor to carry out the plan or shelve it. james holmes could still get the death penalty for killing 12 people at a colorado movie theater. today jurors refused to rule out the death penalty for the 2012 attack. the defense argued mental illness made holmes unable to determine right from wrong but holmes' own parents testify they never thought their son was mentally ill. the sentencing now moves to a third phase. jurors will decide on life in prison or the death penalty after hearing testimony from victims' families. the search for debris from missing malaysia flight 370 is widening now. international investigators say they are certain the debris that washed ashore off madagascar last week is from the same model of aircraft as the missing malaysia
6:36 pm
airlines plane a 6-foot piece of wing washed ashore on reunion island. it's now in france where aviation experts from malaysia and france will decide if the piece is from the missing jetliner. it's been 16 months since that airliner carrying 239 people disappeared. here's dramatic video out of the netherlands. two cranes have collapsed on to some houses and shops injuring at least 20 people. those cranes were being used to restore a bridge and were actually lifting a segment at the time. witnesses say the crane started to sway and then toppled over, crashing to the ground. several buildings have been flattened. dogs are being sent in now for victims. a new poll shows americans are divided on the iran nuclear deal. in a new nbc news poll, 35% say they support it. 33% do not. another 32% say they don't know about it to form an opinion. opposition to the deal
6:37 pm
has doubled since june. the deal is an attempt to keep iran from building a nuclear bomb. attitudes are split along party lines with most democrats supporting it, most republicans are opposed. still ahead apple branching out. where else the tech giant may be putting down stakes. >> is your office thermostat
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
apple is going deeper in to silicon valley. the cupertino company just picked up 43 acres of land in san jose. records show apple paid $138 million for that property on north first street. as for what apple could do with the land, it's a bit of a mystery. reports say the company could build almost 3 million square feet of office on that site. apple recently leased some land right next to the property it just purchased.
6:40 pm
for the bay area women who bundle up at work -- >> a new study shows it's not your fault it's freezing. it's the thermostat or the men who control the thermostat. reports show office temperatures are based on a quote comfort model, that privileges men. a key variable centers on how quickly people generate heat. it assumes the average worker is a 40-year-old man who weighs 154 pounds. since things have changed, the research team says a temperature boost would only be fair. it's being called the biggest rent strike in san francisco in decades. tonight we talk to people simply refusing to pay their rent. that story on bay area night beat at 10:00 on our sister station kbcw 44 cable 12. >> heck, you believe that gobbley guck about the thermostat? >> we've got quite the opposite happening in the weather department. a little bit of a
6:41 pm
warmup coming in wednesday and thursday. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the world's best tennis players descend on the bay area. why is everybody so excited about the quarterback?
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it's a new kind of drinking game focused on fresh food and a twist of adventure. >> kpix 5's cate cauguiran takes us to a bay area resort where they'll teach you how to forage for cocktails. >> this stuff is just growing like crazy. >> reporter: call it garden to glass. take one part scavenger hunt mixed with a quick cooking lesson add a dash of danger -- >> you've got to be careful because the branches are super thorny. >> reporter: and voila you're forging for cocktails. no you won't find bottles of bourbon hidden in the bushes.
6:45 pm
instead mixologist vincent lee guides couples through napa valley's carneros in gardens where they pick pluck and secure fresh ingredients like lemon cucumbers for their very own signature cocktail. the catch you must drink what you find. >> stepping it up. >> reporter: like its close cousin farm to table dining, forging for cocktails is designed to attract the foodie crowd. while he strives for lybations even the most discerning drinker will love, no ingredient and off limits. >> i mix it with malt odexen and made a powder for the rim. basically it was my chef's dish at the restaurant. i took all the ingredients from that dish and make it in to a drink. >> reporter: it's not just mix
6:46 pm
alsos taking culinary cues from the kitchen. >> i'm watching him put together this masterpiece i'd never be able to do in my house without him teaching me. >> we came here to learn an educational experience. >> eight mint leaves. then you're going to do the muddling again. >> reporter: for the smiths, their barside lesson produced two cocktails with cucumber they picked themselves. >> you can use anything you have in your garden for a drink for the most part. >> reporter: in napa, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. >> food is complicated these days. it's all this other stuff but sure looks good by the time they're done with it. tonight the oakland as are taking on the orioles. game time about 20 minutes from now is going to be nice. temperatures in the upper 60s and mostly clear skies. if you happen to be headed that direction, we're looking over the diablo range. the numbers right now 75 in concord. oakland, 72. beautiful day in the bay area. temperatures tomorrow pretty much the same
6:47 pm
before we get a change or two coming in by wednesday and thursday. drizzle along the coastline. we'll see that in the futurecast in a second or two. we'll start out tomorrow morning with clouds then some by the afternoon. inland will hit the upper 70s. around the bay upper 70s. mild weather monday and tuesday will give way to building high pressure by wednesday and thursday. the numbers will be back in to the mid 80s inland. only in the upper 70s for the most part. by the weekend it will cool off as low pressure begins to re-establish pretty good sea breeze by friday and saturday. futurecast see the green dots popping up over here, suggestion at least that the clouds are thick enough that we'll get drizzle late night tonight tomorrow morning, then high clouds in the afternoon tomorrow with mostly fair skies for the bay area for tuesday. so very mild through tuesday. midweek warmup in to the mid 80s. then we'll cool off again by the time we head through friday.
6:48 pm
overnight lows tonight near upper 50s. 59 at livermore. numbers close to average in the city but you go inland and we're well off where we usually are at this time of the year. tomorrow concord only 77 degrees. san jose at 79. oakland at 72. down in the south bay tomorrow we've got sunshine and 74 for santa clara. 79 in san jose. morgan hill looks good at 82. and 74 in hayward. over in the east bay the numbers will be in the mid to upper 70s. at pittsburg, 77 degrees. pleasant hill 80 degrees. and in pleasanton 77. in the north mid 70s. sunshine and 77 at novato. cool day along the beach. by the fire, 87 degrees at clear lake and 88 at lake port. 88 for ukiah. extended forecast.
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don't panic but giants all star 2nd baseman joe panic was placed on the dl today. he was dealing with inflammation and sent back to the bay area for further testing. giants called on tomlinson to take his place on the roster. they used to call the stadium the launching pad. tonight turner field was playing just like it. all took mike fulton. 6-0 san francisco. matt cain was cruising till the 6th when he gave up a three-run shot. cain allowed four runs, did not make it out of the sixth inning. can i have a live update please? 7-5 the giants leading in the 9th inning. meanwhile, coco is back in the lineup when they start a
6:53 pm
three-game set with the orioles. crisp has been on the shelf with a strain. he's only played in 13 games this year. no serena williams but the bank of the west tennis tournament did kick off today at stanford with local girl cc bellis taking the court. she became the youngest to win a match in nearly two decades. the 16-year-old would set up a match. she lost the first set and looked prime for a comeback but doi won the second set and match point 6-3 7-6 with this ace at match point. bellis was followed by stanford grad nicole gibbs who played two qualifying matches over the weekend. caroline garcia gives gibbs her first wta win since april. gibbs won the ncaa single title twice with the cardinals. nfl news. new 49er wide
6:54 pm
receiver torrey smith played high school, college and pro football all in a 100-mile radius. so is he home sick? >> when that's all you have to do, i don't have as many friends out here. i don't have as many family members out here. i'm not around people as much. not saying i hate everyone, but. >> he doesn't hate everybody. [ laughter ] smith hopes to find some chemistry with colin kaepernick on the deep ball this season. smith says he's shed more than one distraction this season. >> i'm sure if coach had his way, we'd all throw our phones away. something about being on your phone it draws you in. it's like an addiction. >> i agree get rid of them all. raiders had their first padded practice last night one that ended on the touchdown grab by michael crabtree. free agent safety nate allen has been
6:55 pm
trying to stop car in practice and told me that quarterback is the real deal. >> there's a lot of optimism about him being the long-term future here. that's what i heard when i first got here. i definitely see it. he's definitely the future and he's a great leader, great quarterback and he takes control of the offense and he can put the ball wherever he wants. he's mobile. he's going to be a great guy for us. >> nate allen the new safety alongside charles woodson back there. if you're enjoying hawaii and cabo san lucas last week here's what you missed. jose batista comes up throwing. here's morales. >> kicked him. did he touch him with the ball? >> he's safe. tigers pitcher daniel morris came over in that
6:56 pm
game. won some fans over in detroit. look at the catch off the mound. ken, did you do this in hawaii? is that nancy. oh. she was okay. everybody is okay. nascar driver brad keselowski takes out two of his crew members rolling in to pit row. watch the guy closest to it. look at that. that's where they get paid the big bucks. finally, the legend of ronda rousey. the mma star knocked out correa in 34 seconds. her last three fights have lasted a grand total of 1 minute and 4 seconds. >> wow. >> 34 seconds for $60. you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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6:59 pm
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [applause and cheering] steve: welcome back. good. how are y'all? how is everybody? i appreciate you, now. i see you. i see you. thank you very much. i appreciate you all. i do. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. hey, we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day from gainesville, georgia, it's the lee family. [applause and cheering] and from right here in hotlanta, georgia, it's the howard family. [applause and cheering] well, everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility--somebody wants to drive out of here in a brand-new, head-turning
7:00 pm
ford fusion hybrid. [applause] well, let's meet our families. it's the lee family. >> yeah! that's me! hi, steve. steve: hey, eric. how you doing, man? eric: i'm good. how are you? steve: i'm all right. man, y'all got a win, now. eric: we're excited. steve: well, it's a nice family right here. they do some charity work down in my place i was born-- welch, west virginia. eric: yes, sir. steve: eric is a pastor. i found that out after i had cussed, and so, uh... [laughter] eric: it's all right. steve: yeah. i'm doing better. eric: we're good. steve: we good. i... every now and then i fire one off. [laughter] i've been working on that, but i've been... just be honest with you. i know you ain't no priest or nothing so this is just a little type of confession. eric: yeah, ok. steve: i've been cussing since i was 4. [laughter] eric: tell me about it. my youngest son thinks his nickname is damn it. i don't know that i say that.


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