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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 6, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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is this a pattern. >> we are terribly sorry. we are as outraged as our neighbors are. >> reporter: the company's ceo says he fired the mover and the truck driver saying it's an isolated incident. >> when i went home this wasn't here. >> reporter: but neighbors say illegal dumping has been a major problem. they say people and companies are using their neighborhood has a dumping ground. >> they are going to say what they need to say to save their company and their reputation. >> reporter: the company picked up the furniture and cleaned up the neighborhood this week. they believe a customer paid the mover to take the furniture to a landfill. but instead, the mover pocketed the money. >> they thought it was a smart thing to do something trying to make a fast buck without the company acknowledgement. >> reporter: the businesses and neighbors out here are warning folks to stop trashing their neighborhood. they say they have cameras surveillance cameras all over this area. live in west oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> better business bureau reports that the starving students moving company has an
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f rating with 128 customer complaints. well, in just one hour, the top 10 republican candidates for president will face off in the first major debate of the campaign. all eyes and ears will be on front-runner donald trump. cbs reporter craig boswell live in cleveland where the attacks started early in the debate for the second tier candidates. craig. >> reporter: certainly did, allen. good evening to you. that second tier debate the happy hour debate so called has wrapped up of the many candidates are now hosting watch parties for this prime time event. the prime time event it's a longer debate where you there more candidates. there's also donald trump. seven republican presidential candidates were invited to participate in a forum on the fox newschannel. they did poll high enough to qualify for the prime time debate but the candidates wasted no time getting to the issues. >> if you elect me president of the united states, i will secure that southern border. >> absolutely, we need to defund planned parenthood. >> reporter: the only woman on
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the stage former tech executive carly fiorina lashed out at democratic candidate hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton lies about benghazi. she lies about emails. she is still defending planned parenthood and she is still her party's front-runner. 2016 is going to be a fight. >> reporter: the ten other candidates will take the stage this evening. the debate will last two hours. in order to save time, the candidates will not give opening statements. all eyes are on the outspoken front-runner donald trump. but party strategists say anything can happen. >> i think you're going to see some movement among the middle of the pack. >> reporter: this is the first several republican debates before primary voting begins in february. now, on this 5:00 debate, carly fiorina also went after jeb bush asking the questions rhetorically, is he an effective campaigner eluding to stumbles this week. for the prime time event, all eyes on donald trump. he has been tamping down expectations of a confrontation but some of the candidates we spoke with today including rand paul say they are ready to go after it tonight.
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allen, we'll find out in just a little while. >> so craig is in the middle because he has the poll. how do the others take the spotlight from him tonight, or can they? >> reporter: that's just it. if you mention donald trump by name you attack him on stage, he gets another 30 seconds of response. so they don't want to turn this into the donald trump show even more than it already has been. they want it to be more about themselves. so that's why this anticipation is so high. how do they do that? how doe this attack him without giving him more time? >> well, it's going to be highly watched, that's for sure. craig boswell, thank you so much. coming up at 6:00 tonight, we are going to go inside some of the bay area watch parties for the debate and get some reaction there. tonight, a red flag warning is in effect for a large part of northern california. a chance of dry lightning tonight could threaten progress on the raging "rocky fire" in lake county. governor brown toured the fire today warning californians this is the new normal.
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>> fasten your seatbelt. it's going to be a rough ride. >> the "rocky fire" is holding steady at 69,600 acres and has destroyed 43 houses. crews are gaining ground and have it 40% contained. some evacuees are now able to return home. the fire has scorched more than 107 square miles since it started a week ago spreading to lake, yolo and colusa counties. kpix 5's ken bastida on the governor's visit to the fire lines and he painted a pretty bleak picture of what is ahead. >> reporter: you have to remember this is just the beginning of august. we have long, long way to go this fire season. the "rocky fire" of course the state's biggest fire of the year so far. and the season as we say just getting started. today governor brown said that california should brace for epic wildfires. >> we have to prepare, we have to get ready, but i think this is really a real wake-up call
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because of the way this fire performed. >> the governor met with first responders today. people whose homes were lost in the fire. and he used the tour to make a public plea about climate change and california's four- year drought. now, brown has long stressed this connection between rising temperatures and these wildfires we have been having. even wrote a letter to republican candidates asking them to please address climate change in tonight's debate. >> make it real clear. california is burning. what the hell are you going to do about it? >> brown says that the state has spent $200 million more on fire personnel in just the last two years. they have hired a lot of people. meantime, some people forced to evacuate from the "rocky fire" are now being allowed to go home. >> i couldn't believe it. i ran out there with my trimmer and started cutting the fields and they said, go. >> cal fire says the focus has
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shifted from the fast spreading flames we had earlier in the week to these hidden hazards such as blowing embers and hot spots that can flare up. a team of pg&e workers are on the front lines as well now removing charred telephone poles and national guard troops have joined in the clean-up and fight. lake county will be opening an assistance center in clearlake monday morning with vital resources for residence and business owners. that's it from the newsroom. back to you. >> thank you. smoke from the "rocky fire" is creating a nasty haze in the sky. this is the view from weed where you can't seen see mount shasta. the bay area air quality management district says smoke may impact parts of marin, napa, sonoma and solano counties. let's take a live look from mount vaca. the bay area air quality management district says the biggest issue is that people may smell smoke. any haze in the air set going mixed in with some cloud cover.
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and that's the other part of the story. meteorologist paul deanno on the threat now of thunderstorms across northern california. >> something that's kind of rare around here in the bay area. but there is a threat for the next 18 hours of some thunderstorms here in the bay area. nothing yet, no rain, no lightning detected within 300 miles of san francisco. but we will be watching this evening and overnight tonight as low pressure makes a direct hit on the bay area. and if any lightning strikes are around here that would be a problem, but lightning with little or no rainfall which we call dry lightning, that's the biggest threat this evening and overnight tonight and also the possibility of gusty winds near any storms that do develop. the entire bay area under a red flag warning until 11:00 tomorrow morning. here's the reason why. there's a strong area of low pressure offshore. you see all the moisture piling into our south. some of that will move over the bay area tonight. lightning without rainfall is just about a worst-case scenario and that's something that could not a guarantee but could happen later on this evening and overnight tonight. we'll talk more about the red
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flag warning and our seven-day forecast coming up. >> all right, paul. we'll see you then. thank you. there is some good news from the fire lines. the "wragg fire" is now fully under control. it broke out 2 weeks ago and threatened homes and campground near lake berryessa. cal fire says more than 8,000 acres have burned. we are getting a first look at the suspect accused of ambushing and shooting a police officer in pittsburg. police arrested 49-year-old martin benitez from bay point. he is suspected of trying to kill his wife in concord earlier this week. he was spotted by the pittsburg officer early yesterday morning. then after a foot chase, police say benitez ran around a corner hid and waited for the officer. then he opened fire. that officer was hit in the leg. he fired back hitting the suspect. we got word this afternoon the officer is doing well. he is being praised for reacting quickly to a high stress situation. other bay area headlines now. a serial groper targeting women in san francisco's russian hill neighborhood has struck again. police say he grabbed a woman
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from behind near union and leavenworth early wednesday and then ran off. there had been at least similar attacks. police have organized a community watch for tonight to spread the word about the assault. a deadly motorcycle accident snarled traffic on 101 today. the motorcyclist collided with a dump truck in mountain view. this was just after 9 a.m. three of the northbound lanes near moffett field had to be shut down for more than two hours. the truck driver was not hurt and cooperated with investigators. santa clara county sheriff's were serving a search warrant when they discovered over 800 pot plants and a handgun. the plan were being grown outside and in four different greenhouses on private property in the santa cruz mountains. deputies also found four tents, tanks, water and fertilizer and tanks. five men were arrest. technology that could save your life in a quake, most of us already have it. >> earthquake coming in 20 seconds. >> a bay area startup that
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wants to send earthquake warnings straight to your smartphone. >> the moon attacked a movie theater with a -- the man who attacked a movie theater with a hatchet and pepper spray may have had more up his sleeve. tonight the makings of an explosive plot. >> i was like oh, my gosh, thank you god. >> you just wo $5,000 oh, wait, just kidding. what happens when yourwh hpe wn jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face.
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then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. nashville police trying to figure out the motive of a man who attacked people at a movie theater in tennessee. police say the man clouded the room with pepper spray before attacking. >> he started attacking a family with a hatchet and then he pulled out a gun and we ran out. >> police say have i tenty montano had a canister of propane, lighter fluid and lighter and may have planned to set off an explosive device,
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too. three people were hurt. the 29-year-old attacker was shot and killed by a s.w.a.t. team when he tried to flee by the back door. >> there was a noise made by the gun. then the officer fired. >> officials reveal vicente montano was a paranoid schizophrenic. he was committed twice in 2004 and twice in 2007. it's been 307 years since -- 70 years since the united states bombed hiroshima. to mark the date dozen of protestors stood outside lawrence livermore lab condemning the use of nuclear weapons. the bay area lab is one of the only places in the country designing nuclear warheads. >> this is a day on which as an american, i prefer to be in jail to make very clear that what we're doing in the nuclear era is without my consent. >> the mayor of hiroshima is asking president obama and other world leaders to step up efforts to make the world free of nuclear weapons. a child who was camping at
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yosemite national park contracted the plague! child's family was visiting the park last month. they were from los angeles. the plague carried by rodents spread by fleas to animals and people. the department of public health says that child is now recovering. since 1970, only 42 people have contracted the plague which of course can be deadly. a warning, seconds before the shaking. no fancy technology needed. how your smartphone could be the heads up you need to survive an earthquake. >> the crowds, changes in store for this weekend's outside lands festival. how these kara
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it could be the most useful thing your smartphone ever does for you. a bay area company is about to roll out a free earthquake alert app. kpix 5's mark sayre shows us how it works. >> earthquake coming in 20 seconds. >> reporter: if your smartphone came to life with that warning -- >> earthquake coming in 5 seconds. earthquake arrives. >> reporter: -- it might give you a precious few seconds to get your kids to safety or get yourself under a desk. that's the goal of a palo alto startup called zizmos. >> it depends on your location? >> you might get two seconds or
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one minute. >> reporter: your smartphone works both ways not only allowing to you receive alerts but also to be a part of the crowdsource data network to feed quake data into the system. you never know when you could be close to the epicenter of an earthquake. >> when objects pass a specific location it moves out. and if you have [ indiscernible ] [ heavy foreign accent ] >> your sensors can pick up the signal. >> reporter: you may not think about it but most modern smartphones already have motion sensors built in, for example, that is how your phone knows which way you want your text or your video oriented. in newer phones the sensors are actually good enough to detect earthquakes. >> sensitive enough to pick up earthquakes. >> earthquake approaching in 17 seconds. >> reporter: in this example based upon the actual 1989 loma prieta earthquake, a user in palo alto would get about 17 seconds of advance warning that
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shaking would begin. the more distance the user is from the epicenter, the more notice. they already have initial funding from the national science foundation and could help prevent injuries or even deaths during an earthquake. in palo alto, mark sayre, kpix 5. >> the app should be available in the app store and google play in about 2 weeks. well, a rough day and week for stocks. the dow tumbled more than 120 points. it's 6th day in the red. investors are bracing for tomorrow's key jobs report which could be an indicatedder of an interest rate hike. outside lands is back at golden gate park this weekend. and this year the music festival is offering cool new attractions. we got a sneak peek at the grounds today. this year concert growers will get [ indiscernible ] instead of paper takes the to cut down on scalpers and new this year in the wineland a miniature golf course with wine tasting at each hole. headliners are elton john,
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mumford & sons. tickets are already sold out. and check this out. lyft is offering to get people to outside lands in style. the rideshare company has decked out 10 vans for the event. inside are karaoke machines and mini recording studios all with different music themes. >> that's traveling in style. jon stewart will get his last laugh on "the daily show" tonight after 16 years as host of comedy central's nightly sendup of news and politics. stewart will say good-bye in his final show. >> this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. >> what started as a comedy show in 1996 morphed into one of the countries's most influential voices of satire. his popularity gave him the cl biggest names in the world onto his show. >> the world is demonstrably worse than when i started! have i caused this?! [ laughter ] >> south african comedian -- he did cause that by the way --
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south african comedian trevor noah will take over as host of the daily show next month. >> wow. it really is an end of an era. 16 years. >> look how young he is there. >> look how little gray hair he has. >> fresh out of college in that shot. [ laughter ] >> things change. >> we'll miss him for sure. >> all right. outside lands this weekend. >> weekend is going to be fine. >> we can do some mini golf and wine taste all at the same time. >> 18 wine tastings. and i'm not sure if that's the wisest idea but get a rideshare home. >> seriously. >> make sure you uber on the way home with that. right? >> karaoke. >> we have a little fire issue coming up tonight and tomorrow. pretty serious issue here with lightning without rainfall. it's bad with rainfall but without it is a double problem. that's why we're under a red flag warning. if there was any lightning over the past hour. but at least for the next couple of hours, all the rainfall and any lightning is
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still well offshore. between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., things could get stormy around here. we could see scattered thunderstorms coming through. so fire danger is elevated. it will be a cloudy and humid night tonight. so what's going to cause thunderstorms and lightning? why are we having this issue? the bottom of the atmosphere is still dry so any rain that falls would likely evaporate before hitting the ground but above that layer, we are going to have a very unstable layer of air moving in because of this. we get the stormy stuff on top. dry stuff on the bottom will give us the 1-2 punch and perhaps seeing some lightning strikes without rainfall actually hitting the ground. dry lightning a possibility as this low pressure area makes a direct hit on san francisco and the bay area. when is the window of opportunity? tonight through sunrise tomorrow. the atmosphere will be unstable as this low pressure area passes overhead. literally lower pressure. we get more lift in the atmosphere when the low passes by. it's gone by friday afternoon. it will be sunny this time tomorrow. and then through the weekend
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and next week we have a different low pressure area parked up north. it's going to bring some rainfall to the pacific northwest. what it will do for us is give us a strong push of air from the ocean. the onshore flow will be back and temperatures will drop with 80s inland, 70s near the bay and no chance of rain or any thunderstorms. so it's all about tonight. the unstable air from 8:00 this evening to 8:00 tomorrow morning, isolated thunderstorms are possible. but it will clear rather quickly tomorrow afternoon. concord 83 tomorrow. san jose 80. may hear a rumble of thunder overnight there. fremont 88. redwood city 80. we'll be in the 80s with afternoon sunshine, dublin. san francisco 69 and thunder in the city. novato 78. cloverdale 83. stormy through tomorrow morning. then we clear out very nice weather through the weekend and beyond. 80s away from the water and 70s near the bay. that's your kpix 5 forecast. we have some breaking news out of palo alto. part of a neighborhood is
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locked down after somebody found a box of explosives on the 1900 block of webster street ne middlefield roads. somebody apparently cleaning out their house found a box that contained world war ii grenades and mortars. the home and the two next door to it on either side have been evacuated. the county bomb squad is on the scene. we
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' northern california woman learned she won $5,000 from publishers clearinghouse until the company told her there had been a mistake. so does that mean it doesn't have to pay? consumerwatch reporter julie watts has that answer. >> i want the balloons. i want all the hoopla. >> reporter: teresa shepherd had visions of the prize patrol showing up after winning $5,000 in a publishers clearinghouse game. >> i was like oh, my gosh thank you god. >> reporter: from her living room she played a scratcher game o their website. she snapped this photo of the five winning cards $1,000 each. >> i told myself i can't
5:25 pm
believe this. >> reporter: but after weeks of trips to the mailbox, her winning check never came. and when she contacted pch, they told her it never would blaming a technical malfunction and under their official rules they say they are not responsible. >> they can't bring people's hopes up like that. >> reporter: can they? consumer attorneys say as long as pch didn't intentionally deceive people and fix a malfunction as soon as they realized it they are in the clear. >> they can't just turn a blind eye to computer malfunctions. >> reporter: publishers clearinghouse admitted a computer glitch lasted for two hours and did affect a small percentage of people. but pch said they don't want teresa to be unhappy. it's no prize patrol but she is satisfied with this pch check for $1,000. now, while there are a series of rules regarding how contests like these are advertised and played, we couldn't find any california law that specifically addresses paying prizes during game malfunctions.
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now, if they had knowingly allowed people to play in spite of that glitch that would be a different story. and remember if you have a consumer problem email tonight jill schlesinger has tips on jumping back into the job market after taking a career break. >> reporter: stay at home parents rejoining the workforce need to take essential steps to him them land a job. start by working your network. contact former coworkers and supervisors who know you and the quality of your work. in updating your resume' and your linkedin profile, highlight activities that you have done while at home like blogging, leading organizations or volunteering. online courses or classes at a local college will make you more marketable and show that you have kept current on your skills. one valuable resource is i relaunch a company that helps people jump-start their professional lives after a career break. the site supplies information and links to companies with programs to recruit stay at
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home parents. the financial services industry is aggressively recruiting employees looking to re-enter the workforce. personal financial advisers here in the bay area earn a median annual pay of nearly $130,000. and moms, take note. these firms are specifically targeting women because research shows that women prefer to work with female
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safeway's huge anniversary sale! it's just better. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00, copper thieves strike in the middle of the night and it's all caught on camera. the clues police have to work with to try to find these guys. plus, they are a pair of survivors. a special bond between this dog and his new young owner. join us for that at 6:00. >> thank you.
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thanks for watching us at 5:00. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> pelley: it's not working. america's attempt to train fighters for the war against isis is being called "an abject failure." also tonight, ten republican presidential contenders face offff in their first debate. it could have been worse. turns out the theater attacker had explosives. we'll look at what some theaters are doing to protect their customers. and what a ride. poking fun at the world on 16 trips around the sun. >> the world is demonstrably worse than when i started. have i caused this?th (laughter) captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition.


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