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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 7, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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hit-and-run. santa clara police say it all happened here at aldon smith's apartment complex on motherland way about two miles from levi's stadium. police say he hit another car while parking and left without identifying himself to the other car. police called and smith returned to the scene more than an hour later. >> he cooperated with the officers on scene. he submitted to a field sobriety test. we determined he was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and he was arrested for dui. >> dui, the situation that i have could have been handled differently. >> reporter: as aldon smith bailed out of the santa clara county detention center this morning, he would not explain exactly what happened. >> i apologize for everybody i did let down and i apologize for how it all played out but, um, as far as everything is concern, it will work out how it's supposed to work out. >> reporter: smith is one of the nfl's top pass rushers and was to make nearly $10 million for the upcoming season.
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last year, he missed nine games for violations of the league's substance abuse and personal conduct policies, and he was thrilled to rejoin the team. >> i'm just excited to be back and around my teammates and around the team uhm and i'm just really just happy to be back around here. >> reporter: aldon smith supposed bail of $26,000. he is now set for arraignment in court on october 6. live in santa clara, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. it's not like the 49ers didn't try with aldon smith their star defensive player. even after his last dui arrest, he still had the backing of ceo jed york. >> we support aldon. after he is willing to fight for himself and try to make this right, i will stand here and support him and i'll take any shots that anybody wants to direct at the organization. you can direct them at me. and i will support aldon as long as he is willing to work at this and fight to get better. >> well, today, of course, smith runs out of his second,
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third, fourth chances with the team. kpix 5's len ramirez on what coaches said was a tough good- bye. >> sad day. [ pause ] >> this is a day that doesn't have anything to do with football. >> reporter: the 49ers head coach jim tomsula described a somber mood in the locker room after the team cut aldon smith. >> it was unique. it was sadness. [ pause ] >> that's what it was. sadness for a guy, a person, guys care about, we care about that guy. deeply. >> reporter: with training camp in full swing and a season awaiting the frustration of losing smith now seemed to boil out of tomsula. >> there's value in every human being. get the help! you don't have to walk alone. >> reporter: it's been frustrating for 49ers fans,
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too, who watched as smith struggled through multiple arrests for dui and gun charges, rehab and league suspensions. >> honestly, too many times. one, two, three times. they got to say, you got to say enough is enough. >> reporter: they hoped he would come back strong this year. >> i feel like the 9ers believed in him since day one since we drafted him. he was a great player since college. it's just a tragedy. >> reporter: do you the 49ers did the right thing in cutting him? >> i have to say yeah. there's got to be accountability. >> reporter: they acted decisively this time. in the past there was more wiggle room for players who got in trouble and still allowed to play. until this morning it all seemed to be working for smith who recently appeared at a charity event sober and seemingly happy. >> he is in the process of turning his life around. people stumble. >> reporter: tomsula says several times today that even though aldon smith will never play for the 49ers again, that
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they have offered him help. we asked whether or not aldon smith would take the 49ers up on that offer. tomsula had no comment. ken? >> so sad because he has so much talent, lenny. um, just a shame. >> reporter: he is one of the best. he is, has been, for the past few seasons. but unfortunately, he will not be playing for the 49ers. >> len ramirez live in santa clara. we'll have much more of course on what's next for the 49 hers and their new head coach coming up next in sports. a 24 rescue operation just wrapped up on the streets of oakland. juliette goodrich said it's aimed at putting human trafficking victims on the road to recovery. >> reporter: oakland has become a national hub of sexual exploitation of children and while there are young girls walking the streets, even as i speak, there's an outreach program called code red walking right beside them. they come from all walks of life and many if not all with a dark past like lydia gilmore. >> i was out there in the
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streets too at one time, i was a heroin addict and prostitute with a pimp. >> reporter: there is a way out. >> we're living testimony of what that's where i was a i was lost out there once before. >> reporter: victory outreach code red is a national 24-hour rescue. volunteers are walking the streets reaching rescuing and putting human trafficking prostitution victims in the arms of help. when you were marching today did you see young girls along the street? >> yes, i did. i see so many. i try to talk. some ran away. some listen. we prayed for some. >> reporter: oakland councilmember joined today march and outreach. >> the sad thing even what we saw right now you have girls that are under 16 years of age on a daily basis in front of my schools in front of the churches, i see them, the police see them, the chief sees them. >> reporter: while victims are
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afraid to get help, pastor steve pineda reaches out to the victims, women and men. do you talk to the pimps? there's a lot of former pimps here, i imagine? >> i talk to many. we have a lot of pastors that were ex-pimps. >> reporter: alan cotton was in and out of prison. now he serves his time helping others. >> we reverence god. then we respect and reverence our women and our families and our brothers and sisters. >> reporter: victory outreach code red is happening worldwide. and while this annual event ends today, the city of oakland says they will continue their outreach each and every friday night. in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> victory outreach code red rescued four young women last night. they are getting help and being housed at bay area shelters. a big traffic tie-up has just cleared in san francisco. a three-car crash closed lanes on southbound 280 south of mariposa. two cars ended up on their
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roof. one on its side. no word on any injuries. the crash slowed traffic to a crawl for nearly an hour. parents of a teenager killed in the asiana airlines crash at sfo just dropped their lawsuit against the city of san francisco. the 16-year-old was ejected from the plane as it hit the runway seawall in july 2013. she survived the crash but died when two fire trucks accidentally ran over her. at the time, her family claimed that she was carelessly left in harm's way. they gave no reason for their decision to drop the lawsuit. cal fire gaining some ground finally on the "rocky fire" burning across lake, yolo colusa counties. the flames are 45% contained right now. and many people are being allowed to return to their homes. but as kpix 5's cate caugiran tells us, for many people, there isn't much to come home to. cate. >> reporter: unfortunately, for those families, there's not going to be much to come home
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to. but what we do know now is that the red cross is going into towns like this one we're in spring valley providing them extra supplies to help them go back to normal but for dozens of families an extra blanket and food won't bring back homes. it doesn't look like anyone will be ringing this doorbell or riding this atv. the fire took it all, everything but the kitchen sink. here we get an up-close look at the tree damage the "rocky fire" has done to homes in the area where the only things recognizable are a bed frame and an old garage door. this house was one of the first lost when the fire first broke out and less than a mile away this home was untouched. >> didn't get close to the house. got warm though. >> reporter: instead of meeting with insurance agents, justin is made in the shade enjoying a cool beer in front of this home. he says thanks to some dedicated gardening. >> we have been asked just all summer long getting it mowed.
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and keeping it mowed. >> reporter: instead of the recommended 100 feet this home had 1,000 feet of defensible space and that made all the difference. >> that's just keeping it mowed all year. >> structures with defensible space that can stand on their own are easier for the crews to defend. >> reporter: firefighters say a valuable lesson that others learned the hard way. >> we're lucky. one of the lucky ones. >> reporter: would you call it luck or preparation in this case? >> both. >> reporter: now, cal fire is reminding others to do what justin did to keep that good fireline that defensible space around your home because with current drought conditions and our hot temperatures, we're not out of fire season just yet. live in spring valley, cate caugiran, kpix 5. still ahead, it's meant to showcase the best of oakland. but the first friday festival could be in jeopardy. >> organizers are trying to keep this popular event going strong. coming up in a live report, we'll talk about some of the internal challenges that they are facing. >> some say it looks more like
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a reality show than a debate. millions of people tuning in for donald trump. but we ask an expert, does the donald really have a shot at the white house? >> and she is trying to make history. but she will have to sneak by the sharks first. one woman about to start her record swim attempt in bay area waters. >> south bay and east bay last night extremely stormy. today, extremely comfortable. temperatures generally in the 70s including only 79. at deer valley high school in antioch, what is the weekend have in store?
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bank. female announcer: right now at sleep train get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save hundreds on beautyrest. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. the streets of oakland are packed tonight for the city's popular first fridays festival but it hasn't been a lot of fun lately for the people running it. kpix 5's da lin tells us the event has been so disorganized
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it's in danger of being scrapped. da. >> reporter: yeah, veronica. the first friday assist one of the most popular events in oakland. organizers are determined to keep this event alive. now, while everything is looking great out here on the streets, behind the scenes, organizers admit there is some internal chaos that could affect its future. what started out ten years ago as a block party now takes up five blocks on telegraph avenue and attracts thousands of people to oakland. >> it's an opportunity for the community to come together and that's the beauty of it. >> reporter: but behind the scenes, the nonprofit that organizes the first fridays is going through a tough transitional period. some vendors worry the event may stop. >> it's lacking organizational structure that it needs to survive at this time. >> reporter: earlier this year, the nonprofit terminated its contract with its event coordinator. that coordinator is now suing
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for unpaid wages worth about $20,000. as a result, some vendors claim in recent months the street fest has been poorly run. >> the higher booth fees and the lack of structure and the chaos around it sort of, like, we could probably find other things to do. >> reporter: organizers admit the lack of money has made putting on the event a challenge. >> first friday has to continue. it just has to no matter what. >> reporter: aside from the legal trouble, the organization's treasurer a few weeks ago abruptly resigned after claiming financial mismanagement. but organizers say that's not true. >> one person creating a lot of drama. our board is united. >> reporter: there have been thefts of the cash and equipment hurting the struggling nonprofit. >> i was concerned just somebody would have to step up but i'm sure somebody would have. and it will go on. >> reporter: yeah. even more than the personalities, they say money is perhaps biggest issue out
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here and they are asking folks to contribute to the donation boxes that are out here also they do plan to hire a new event coordinator and perhaps make some changes internally to make sure that the event will survive. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. the republican race for president quickly becoming its own reality series of sorts. last night's debate donald trump some say stole the show. allen martin is here with the spectacle that had millions of people glued too their screens. >> the democrats are debating in october so for now the gop has a bit of a captive audience and it turns out, it was a very large audience that was captivated! it 24 million people watching, it was cable tv's dream come true. >> i have been challenged by so many people, and i don't frankly have time for total political correctness. >> reporter: donald trump and a supporting cast of nine gave
6:16 pm
fox newschannel a ratings bonanza. 16% of homes in the u.s. tuned in for the gop primary debate. last election, it was 5%. >> frankly, more theater than politics. >> reporter: kpix 5 political analyst joe tuman says the theatrics of trump may be the tune-in factor for many people but the gop also knows it needs disenchanted democrats and interpends in its camp -- independents in its camp to win the white house. >> anything you can do to increase the voter base is good for republicans. >> reporter: candidates who trek the high road definitely had an audience. >> if i'm the nominee how is hillary clinton going to lecture me about living paycheck to paycheck? i was raised paycheck to paycheck. >> it can't just be about theater in a debate. it has to be about not policy even but just politics. you have to be smart about the audiences you're going to reach.
6:17 pm
>> reporter: but can trump do that? >> with hillary clinton i said be at my wedding. she had no choice because i gave. >> advertisers and voters. the 29 million viewers almost 8 million were in the 25 to 54 range. voters typically older. tuman says it will be interesting to see the poll numbers find out how the candidates did with those who will likely vote. >> you want to get eyeballs out there. >> absolutely. >> to broaden the base. i wonder how much the show the apprentice had to do with this. >> a lot. >> a ton. >> a lot of people know trump from that and nothing else. >> everybody knows that. >> see if he has lasting power. >> we'll see. thanks, allen. a bay area woman is trying to set a record tonight by swimming from the farralones to the golden gate. kimberly chambers would be the first woman to finish the swim. she is take her first stroke around 11 p.m.
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and the journey could take anywhere from 13 to 18 hours. the farralones are about 30 miles away from the san francisco coastline. and for swimmers, there are some pretty scary obstacles. it's prime breeding ground for great white sharks and where they go for food. that turned out to be the problem for swimmer simon dominguez. he tried the same swim but in the opposite direction. 18 miles in, he got circled by a great white and his support team stopped it. tonight chambers will have an escort boat to look for sharks. been to the farralones. don't jump in the water! [ laughter ] >> do not jump in the water there! >> let's nominate paul then. >> you know what? i'm not a very good swimmer. 30 miles, no. 30 feet, yes.
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30 miles, not so sure. what are you doing this weekend? here's a peek outdoors. 99% of the bay area is fog- and cloud-free. we have found the 1% over the financial district currently. san francisco beautiful comfortable high of 72 today. san rafael and hayward good evening to you, 77 your high. concord 80. san jose 83. livermore one of the warm spots hit 88. boy, was it a stormy night last night. weather service did the math for us and count the lightning from monterey northward. 892 lightning strikes. there will be a grand total of 0 over the next several days. kpix 5 hi-def doppler will stay mainly dry. there will be a few thunderstorms tomorrow up in the sierra including in and around tahoe. 77 degrees. slight chance of a thunderstorm. if you want to get outside and have no risk of a thunderstorm but all 78 degrees with sunshine coming up on sunday. that low pressure area which brought in the unstable air and passed over the bay area last night has high tailed it out of
6:20 pm
here. it's over winnemucka, nevada. this guy is going to be our friend. the ocean is 64 degrees, warm for us. it will keep temperatures relatively cool. it will be a pleasant august weekend. next week different low pressure system to our south will bring a different wind direction from the southwest trending cloudier but pleasant from tomorrow and beyond. how about fremont? perfect 79 degrees with sunshine. fairfield 85. san rafael 78. another day in san francisco with highs right around 70. a degree or two warmer on sunday. a little cloudier starting next tuesday but after all the craziness of last night with the lightning and the thunder and a little bit of rainfall, relatively calm weather all the way through the next seven days. >> great weekend, too. >> thank you. the taps are running dry in many cities around california. in some cases it's forcing people to move out and coming up, the spots that could
6:21 pm
quickly become ghost towns. >> plus, the mass of music lovers gathered now in san francisco. we are going to take a look at the first
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some might call it the epicenter of california's drought emergency. tonight there are growing fears in the central valley that the drought could actually wipe entire towns out. reporter nick janes with what happens when the water runs out. >> reporter: dave is one of the few left in lockhart. once home to hundreds, it's all but abandoned a forgotten ghost town in the mojave desert. >> seven people left. >> reporter: seven. >> seven. >> reporter: the sunset on this farming town when the nearby lake dried up. >> been here since 1980. >> reporter: hundreds of miles away, communities similarly built on farming struggle.
6:24 pm
water is scarce. >> my well is dry five years ago. >> reporter: orchards ripped out and farm jobs are few. many worry new ghost towns could be on the horizon in central california. >> you see houses that are empty. everything is brown. >> reporter: in these parts, donna johnson is affectionately known as the water lady. donna is delivering water to a needy family in east porterville a devastated town we visited before. california's drought ground zero. dozens more wells have run dry since our last trip. most of the community still has no water south of fresno. a farm worker drives nearly a day for the closest job to washington state or even toronto, canada. >> you drive 20 hours to go to work? >> in washington. for washington [ indiscernible ] hours and driving. >> reporter: next month, he plans to move away. >> no water.
6:25 pm
no nothing. >> what about water? >> reporter: drinking water and food lines are longer than ever at emmanuel church. >> we are seeing more faces in the last two, three, four weeks. >> reporter: nobody knows the area's worsening struggles than the pastor. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: he says families are leaving for oregon, illinois, even georgia to find farm work. one woman even talked of going back to mexico! >> she grew up in mexico very poor. no running water. no shoes. no electricity. but she told me that she at least had plenty of water. and i haven't seen her. so my suspicion is that she went home to mexico. >> reporter: raindrops fell on porterville recently for the first time in months. >> women like this! i'm swimming! >> reporter: children so excited, they swam in the pastor's church parking lot. any glimmer of hope is welcome
6:26 pm
in towns across tulare county. >> people are leaving communities they have grown up in. >> reporter: the professor specializes in agricultural economics at uc-davis. we wanted his take. will the drought wipe parts of the central valley out? he says while there are communities on the edge, the agriculture that supports them is strong enough to survive. >> the farms themselves i think they have been built to deal with this drought and the next drought unless we do something really crazy. >> and that was nick janes reporting. there is hope of drilling a new well in east porterville. tulare county has a$1.6 million state grant and is asking the feds to cover that remaining balance. >> pretty dramatic. coming up in our next half- hour, the punishment announced for the colorado theater gunman. >> his fate after one of
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49ers have released aldon smith after the linebacker was arrested again last night. smith faces charges of dui, hit- and-run and vandalism. it is the fifth arrest for aldon smith. he was one of the nfl's top pass rushers and was to make nearly $10 million for this upcoming season. smith posted bail this morning. he is set to be arraigned in october. four young women are getting help at bay area shelters tonight after being rescued from a life on the streets of oakland. hundreds of volunteers fanned out across the city for operation code read. the 24-hour -- code red. the 24-hour operation was to rescue children from prostitution. many people in spring valley are being allowed to return home. the damage is extensive from the "rocky fire." over 69,000 acres across three counties have burned. over 6,000 structures are still threatened. the man who opened fire
6:31 pm
killing 12 people in a colorado movie theater will spend the rest of his life in prison. reporter teri okita on how james holmes was spared the death penalty. >> reporter: james holmes showed no emotion as he learned his fate for committing one of the worst mass shootings in u.s. history. >> we, the jury, do not have a unanimous final sentencing verdict on these counts and we, the jury, understand that as a result, the court will impose a sentence of life in prisonment without the possibility of parole. >> reporter: the same jury of nine women and three men convicted holmes last month of murdering 12 people and wounding 70 others at an aurora movie theater in july 2012. holmes' sentence brings to an end a 15 week trial that began in april. jurors examined thousands of pieces of evidence and heard from more than 300 witnesses. the prosecutor says holmes deserves to pay for his crimes
6:32 pm
with his life. >> for james egan holmes, justice is death. >> reporter: but his defense attorney pleaded with the jurors to spare holmes' life saying his mental illness pushed him to kill. >> it is easier to ask you to kill a monster than it is a sick human being. >> reporter: the jury agreed with holmes' defense and the 27- year-old will now live and die in prison. teri okita for cbs news, los angeles. >> one of the infamous chowchilla kidnappers is out of prison. 63-year-old james schoenfeld was released on parole today after 39 years behind bars. back in 1976, schoenfeld and his brother richard and a third man hijacked a school bus and buried the victims in a box truck in a livermore quarry. they intended to hold them for ran son but the driver and children escaped when the men fell asleep. richard schoenfeld was paroled a few years ago.
6:33 pm
he now lives with his mother in mountain view. at this point, it's unclear whether james will join them. u.s. employers added 215,000 jobs in july and they are clearly anticipating an uptick in consumer spending. 40% of those jobs are in the service, manufacturing and construction industries. economists say the solid report will likely keep the fed on track to raise interest rates as soon as next month. and that speculation sent the dow tumbling 46 points to its 7th straight finish in the red. all three of the major indices lost about a quarter percent. the 49ers are having to cancel their open practice sunday because stadium officials say the turf simply not up to par. levi's stadium has hosted a number of events this summer and the field has taken a lot of wear and tear. sunday's practice will be moved to the team's training facility where there is no place for fans to watch. the turf will be replaced after a number of concerts in the
6:34 pm
coming weeks. speaking of, outside lands in full swing right now a short time ago chopper 5 caught huge crowds packed in there. look at that! the polo fields in golden gate park are full of people dancing as close to the stage as possible. today marks the first day of the popular music festival and as kpix 5's don ford shows us, getting tickets isn't easy and getting parking spots needs luck. >> reporter: thousands of people are pouring in for the outside lands music festival. >> it's an amazing park in all of northern california. >> reporter: in fact, it could be as many as 60,000 people a day for the next three days. >> tickets sold out in 45 minutes the fastest ever. >> reporter: you can still get a ticket. this afternoon, stubhub had a few three-day tickets for more
6:35 pm
than $400. that is $75 over the original. but the ticket is not a ticket. it's a wristband embedded with a microchip. >> we use the rfid wristbands and this year, you can put money on to the wristbands for wineland. >> reporter: kind of like a prepaid debit card on your wrist. want a drink? just wave your hand and it's paid for. folks are excited. >> a lot of dancing. >> it's like a city within a city. >> this is the third time coming. >> weird outfits. >> reporter: driving here is discouraged but if you must, one local elementary school is happy to help. >> do they put up with a lot by having the concert in the neighborhood? they might as well make some resources for the kids. >> reporter: there are big name bands, restaurants, comedy clubs and beer and winelands, too. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. >> if you are heading to outside lands you will find a full guide on our website. what you can and can't bring inside, what to eat and drink at the festival and some under
6:36 pm
the radar acts that you will want to check out. it is all online at 40 bucks for parking? >> that's a lot of lands. there it is. the sign went up today for a new late show with stephen colbert. still ahead, who will be the
6:37 pm
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you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ spelling stephen colbert just got easier because his name is on the marquee at the ed sullivan theater about a month before colbert makes his late show debut. also, the new host sent a tweet revealing his first guest for september 8. george clooney! >> nice. also in new york, spider- man gets into a fight in times square and this isn't the movies. this is the real deal. i'll have that story for you on bay area nightbeat; come join me at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
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still ahead, helping low income kids get the tech skills they will need for the future. how these young men are bridging the gap and inspiring students in their own neighborhoods. >> there's so much to do if the san francisco bay area but this weekend especially seems packed with a lot of stuff that involves the outdoors. so will the outdoors cooperate? the answer for the weekend and beyond seven-day forecast updated for you next. >> and i'm gary gelfand. coming up in sports, the latest on the release of aldon smith. >> this doesn't have anything to do with football. >> the giants were diving at wrigley field hoping to stay in the wild card hunt. >> all that and a video you have to see coming up in sports.
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you're going to see how two our students rising above graduates are inspiring bay area kids to reach their goals. paul deanno has the forecast. >> we are looking at nice. >> he it is wildly expensive to live here. but man, do we have the best weather in the country! it is just -- we're right in that sweet spot and this weekend will be regardless of where you are, there will be that temperature spread. but everybody is going to enjoy some very comfortable weather. peek outdoors tonight, a lot of folks visiting san francisco. they hear about the fog at the golden gate. let me go out there and see it. they're wondering, is this invisible fog? i don't see it! it is fog-free at the golden gate. it will be back tomorrow morning but tonight, no. it is 67 in san francisco. san jose 76. look at the 70s, san bruno, oakland, livermore, santa rosa, just about everybody on a friday evening right in that comfort zone in the 70s. we'll straddle 60 tonight. livermore 60. san rafael 56. san francisco 59. sunrise tomorrow 6:19 a.m. lots going on including some
6:44 pm
baseball. the astros are in town. first pitch in just a few short minutes. mostly clear skies 70 degrees. it's not just outside lands. we have the san jose jazz summerfest. kpix 5 a sponsor of that event all weekend long downtown san jose sunny beautiful low 80s. we also have the stern grove festival this sunday at 2:00 in san francisco, sun and clouds, 65. weather will cooperate for just about everything. that low pressure area which gave us all of the lightning all the thunder has night but not that much rainfall, san jose you tied your august average rainfall but it's only .02" of rain. that guy is gone. it's moving away from us. it's over northern nevada and northwestern utah quickly in quickly out so we look to see what's next. what new will be moving in. it's going to be bashful and stay away by 500 miles but this low will have an impact on the weather because the counterclockwise flow brings back the onshore flow. low cloud cover fog in the morning but with the temperature in the mid-60s it's
6:45 pm
going to push in mother nature's air-conditioning and keep temperatures in check. you will get the sunshine but you won't get any super warm weather away from the water. we'll stay in the 70s and 80s. different low next week. give us more of a southerly flow which is a critical change for us rather than northwest we go southwest and it will be cloudier and cooler but the general trend is, wildly pleasant weather for the next seven days. low clouds back tonight. beautiful weekend dry seasonal we'll watch that second low next week not for rainfall. but for a slight increase in cloud cover. san jose, comfy tomorrow. 82 degrees. south bay looking good millipedes man did you hear thunder and lightning last night? 80 degrees your high tomorrow. hayward 74. half moon bay 66 the high there. dublin 83. pittsburg 85. vallejo mid-70s. low 70s alameda and oakland. low 70s sausalito, san francisco. but upper 70s for san rafael and petaluma. and up toward the burn zone clearlake that fire is now 50% contained. the weather will cooperate tomorrow. not that windy and high of 91 degrees. a degree or two warmer on
6:46 pm
sunday still really nice. and then through next week, a little bit of increase in cloud cover. 80s inland, 70s near the bay. and that's your kpix 5 forecast. a lot of success stories from the students rising above program. right? >> right. >> tonight a couple of our graduates are actually teaming up. >> so many bay area kids lack the resources to learn crucial computer skills but as wendy tokuda shows us how they are working to fix the digital divide. >> you can move the ball. >> reporter: it's demo day for mission fit. a nonprofit that helps low income kids learn how to code. the students are showing off games they have designed. >> whoo! >> reporter: the goal so to bridge the tech divide with classes taught by computer science majors with support from professional software engineers. he is the ceo. >> if you are like me and grew up in san francisco, public housing, before moving on to
6:47 pm
live with your grandparents, you understand in a visceral way the difference an education and a job can do for a young person. >> reporter: we met him 12 years ago before he graduated from williams college. he was a student rising above at thurgood marshall high. >> my world completely changed when i was exposed to some great opportunities through education. i want to go into communities where they would never even consider a computer science course and spark something. >> reporter: he also wants to help increase diversity in the tech world. more people of color. more girls. >> we bring in the the talented young people of color. >> reporter: talented people like joe williams, another student rising above. now a computer science major at lewis & clark college. stevon hired him to teach coding this summer at mission bit by having the kids develop
6:48 pm
videogames. >> it gives them something to go show their friends and if their friends are interested in coding they have this whole visual aspect to it like hey, look what i did. >> reporter: joe was a foster kid three years ago at riordan high. like stevon, he lived in the prongs, lost a parent to drugs and understands firsthand how poverty locks kids out of high- tech. >> if you don't have internet or computer you might not be able to keep up with technology, don't get to keep up with the culture. >> reporter: or get the jobs. in san francisco, less than 20% of latino and black families have access to the internet. >> i'd like to lessen that gap and make computer science more diverse so people don't feel like, um, when you go into the field you stand out or you have something to prove to everyone else. >> we think that they have, you know, all the ideas, the interests, the passion, to
6:49 pm
thrive in a tech sector. so we want to teach them computer science but more than that, we want them to have access to any job opportunity they want to pursue. >> reporter: wendy tokuda, kpix 5. >> and to find ways to help students like joe and stevon rise above, just go to
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
gary gelfand joins us now. what a day to be talking sports. a lot going on, man. >> amazing! we are hoping this would never happen things would work out but no. as we said earlier, the 49ers have released aldon smith after he was arrested earlier this morning for a dui hit-and-run and vandalism. >> i apologize for everybody i did let down and how in played out. >> reporter: aldon smith may have been apologizing for his most recent arrest but he might as well been talking about his four seasons with the 49ers. >> sad day. this is a day that doesn't have anything do about football. although he won't be playing football for the san francisco 49ers, he will be supported and helped and he will not have to walk this path alone. >> reporter: on the field smith was one of the best pass rushers in fact nfl with 44 career sacks in 50 games but
6:53 pm
off the field he was suspended nine games last season for violating the league's personal conduct and substance abuse policies. and missed five games in 2013 for treatment following his second dui. >> let it be known that this is a problem and it's something that i will get fixed and i'll do everything in my power to make sure this never happens again. >> if aldon is willing to fight for himself and try to make this right, i will stand here and i will support mim and i'll take -- him and i'll take any shots that anybody wants to direct at the organization you can direct them at me and i will support aldon as long as he is willing to work at this and fight to get better. >> reporter: still only 25 years old smith now becomes a free agent and while he faces a possibility of another suspension, tomsula is rooting for him to put it all together in his next stop. >> in terms of him playing football again, i sure hope so. i think he can. i want him to. aldon smith has been working really hard to correct things
6:54 pm
that he needs corrected. and he has been working really hard to do the right thing. >> all right. with him gone they have another pro bowler to replace on defense. aaron lynch is one of the leading candidates along with the third round pick out of virginia. the giants place mike leake on the dl with a hamstring injury and the team is hopeful the newly acquired pitcher will only miss two starts. so with him out ryan vogelsong made his first start since july 11. bottom second matt duffy added to his rookie of the year resume' making this driving grab to rob russell. that's just awesome! saved a run there. affeldt getting the call earlier than usual with the cubs rallying in the fifth. kyle schwarmer singled under the glove of come lynn son. two -- tomlin some. two runs score, chicago 3-1. both runs charged to vogelsong. the damage didn't end there. at the plate, nails this one.
6:55 pm
two more -- to more runs score. that would be plenty of cushion for the ace jon lester. he got angel pagan to ground into a double play. he is .136 in august. cubs won 7-3. golf now rory mcilroy confirmed that he will play in next week's pga championship. he missed the british open last month after injuring his ankle while playing soccer with his friends. let's jet on over to ohio for the second round of the bridgestone. that's fun way to get to the course. jordan spieth how about this shot very nice. he hits the low-lying drive to avoid the trees. it rolls on the green and nearly into the cup. spieth would tap in for birdie to cap off his round of 68. he is six shots back. jim furyk turned in one of the shots of the day. look hat this thing. beautiful chip shot and this goes up and goes down. very nice. he shot a 66 for his second straight day to open up a four- stroke lead. and we have seen plenty of examples of video bombing over
6:56 pm
the years. but redskins defensive lineman chris baker took it to a whole new level! there he is. so that's video bombing. and nobody turned around to even see him there but -- [ laughter ] >> that's a whole different video bombing for you. figured we would end the sportscast on that picture. >> it's dinnertime. >> positive note. [ laughter ] >> in light of what'sing about gene on. and they have lost 8 pro bowlers nine from last year? >> including the offense as well so many guys gone and, of course, the head coach jim har ball. it's ail whole new team. -- it's a whole new team. >> thank you, gary. for news throughout the evening check us out, the latest news and weather are always on our website, >> join us for nightbeat; come join me at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. join us back here tonight at 11:00 right here on kpix 5. have a good one. captions by: caption colorado you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [theme music playing] steve: how y'all? i appreciate it. i see you, too. i appreciate y'all. how y'all? thank you very much, now. i appreciate it. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. hey, we got a good one for you today. we got a family here returning for the fourth day. with a total of 21,325 bucks. from tampa, florida it's the champs, it's the kral family. [cheering and applause] and from long beach, california, home of the snoop, it's the fate family! [cheering and applause]
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everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid. right there. [cheering and applause] steve: let's go meet the fate family. hey, megan. megan: hey, steve. steve: how you doing? megan: i'm well now. steve: good. good. what do you do for a living? megan: i actually am a christian motivational speaker. i run a women's ministry at hume lake. steve: really? megan: and i love life. and i love you. steve: a christian motivational speaker. megan: that is true. steve: that's pretty good. fred. fred: yes, sir. steve: what you do for a living, fred? fred: well, i retired, but for 33-34 years i trained actors for the profession. steve: really? fred: working in los angeles. steve: acting coach? fred: acting coach. steve: good, good. >> woo-hoo! steve: that's pretty good. fred: ha ha. steve: this ought to be fun today. this ought to be a lot of fun. let's go. let's go, man. let's play "feud," everybody. give me megan. give me rob.


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