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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 8, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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laquinta! tonight: donald trump's not backing down. he just upped >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. >> i don't frankly have time for total political correctness. >> tonight, donald trump is not backing down. he just upped the ante and is getting downright nasty. >> 24 hours after the first republican debate, he skewered fox news anchor megyn kelly. >> i don't have a lot of respect for megyn kelly.
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she's a lightweight. she asks me all sorts of ridiculous questions. you can see there is blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> he has not commented. he is the republican front runner right now, allen martin says one thing is clear. he's a rating bonanza. >> the gop has a bit of a captive audience. turns out it was a large audience that was captivated. >> reporter: with 24 million people watching it was cable tv's dream come true. >> i have been challenged by so many people and i don't frankly have time for total political correctness. >> reporter: donald trump and his supporting cast of 9 gave fox news a ratings bonanza. 16% of homes tuned in.
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last year, it was 5%. joe tumen says the theatrics of trump may be the tune-in factor for many people, but the gop also knows it needs disenchanted democrats and independents in its camp for any chance at winning the white house. >> so, anything that you can do to increase the base of potential voters for republican candidate including by starting with viewer ship is a good thing for republicans. it is helpful to them. >> reporter: meaning candidates who trek the high road definitely had an audience. >> if i'm our nominee, how will hillary clinton lecture me on living paycheck to paycheck? >> i can't just be about theater. it has to be about politics. you have to be smart. >> reporter: but can trump do that? >> i tell you what, with hillary clinton, i said be at my wedding and she came to my wedding. know why? she had no choice because i gave. >> reporter: and hold an
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audience. advertisers and voters. of the 29 million viewers almost 8 million were in the 25 to 54-year-old age range. but voters are typically older. allen martin, kpix5. >> how many people tuned in? more people watched last night's republican debate than game seven of the world series. well tonight, a baseball analogy for a star football player. three strikes and aldon smith is out. he was cut from the team after he got into trouble again. christian hartnett is live at levi stadium tonight. >> reporter: well liz, he has been down this road before. aldon smith has had a number of high profile arrests and this is his third dui arrest. >> looking at dui. the situation could have been handled differently. >> reporter: aldon smith walks out of the santa clara county detention center this morning after what was a rough night. >> i apologize for everybody i let down and how it all played
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out. but as far as it being confirmed, it will work out like it is supposed to work out. >> reporter: it started here at smith's apartment complex in santa clara a couple of miles from levi stadium. santa clara police say smith hit another car while parking his suv. he hit the car a second time right in front of the vehicle's owner. smith took off without identifying himself or providing contact info. officers were called and police say smith returned to the scene 90 minutes later on foot. he agreed to a field sobriety test and was arrested afterwards for dui. >> and although aldon will not be playing football here, with levi stadium be supporting him. he will not be alone. >> reporter: 49ers head coach tim tomsula spoke about smith's ongoing battle with off the
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feel issues. >> aldon smith has been working really hard to correct things that he needs corrected. and he has been working really hard to do the right thing. >> reporter: there's a lot of rumors flying around the internet that the car smith hit belonged to colin kaepernick and the two were fighting over a girl smith had been dating earlier in the year. smith flatly denied these rumors says they are simply not true. live outside levi stadium, christian hartnett, kpix5. >> smith has been arrested five times since 2012. three involving duis . last year, he was arrested at lax after tsa agents say he was belligerent and claim he had a bomb. but he was never charged. late today, the man who murdered 12 people in a movie theater in colorado was spared the death penalty. james holmes showed no emotion as he learned his fate.
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life in prison without the possibility of parole. the jury could not come to an unanimous agreement on a death sentence. a notorious kidnapper who buried a busful of kids is a free man tonight and veronica de la cruz tells us he is headed back to the bay area. >> reporter: james shawnfeld walked out of the california men's colony this morning after the parole board decide it was time to let him go. the 63-year-old served 40 years for his role in the 1966 kidnappings. they buried the driver and the kids and intended to hold them for a $5 million ran some. they fell asleep and the victims dug themselves out. no one was hurt, but all three men were sentenced to life. richard shawnfeld was paroled a while ago. they had nothing to say to
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christian hartnett when he knocked on their door, but they get along with richard just fine, neighbors say. >> he is really nice. no problems whatsoever. i helped him with his resume. >> he's a pretty good neighbor. i see him in the park. i see him all over. and he's treated well and he treats other people well. i have no complaints. >> right now, it is unclear whether james will also move in with his mother. in fact, richard has been telling them his brother isn't allowed to see him under the terms of his parole. he also aparticipantly said james will be living in a halfway house in san francisco for now until he can go home. live in the news room, veronica de la cruz, kpix5. >> tonight, the rocky fire in lake county is 50% contained. the fire has burned nearly 70,000 acres since last week. most evacuation orders have been lifted. cate caugurian shows us what homeowners are going back to.
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>> reporter: it doesn't look like anybody will be ringing this doorbell or riding this atv. the fire took it off. everything from the kitchen sink. here we get an up close look at the true damage the rocky fire has done to homes in the area where the only things recognizable are a bed frame, and an old garage door. this house was one of the first lost when the fire first broke out. and less than a mile away, this home was untouched. >> didn't even get close to the house. got pretty warm though. >> reporter: instead of meeting with insurance agents, justin is made in the shade enjoying a cool beer in front of this home thanks to some dedicated gardening. >> we have work at this all summer long. >> reporter: this home had a thousand feet of defensible space and that made all the difference. >> keeping it mowed down all yearlong. >> structures that have defensible space that can stand on their own are easier for our
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crews to defend. >> reporter: firefighters say a valuable lesson that others have learned the hard way. >> we are the lucky ones. >> would you call it luck or preparation? >> both. >> reporter: cate caugurian, kpix5. golden gate park rocking all weekend long. the big i outside lands festival started tonight. tickets sold out in record time. less than 45 minutes. as kpix5's betty yu tells us, now, some people are doing everything they can to get inside outside lands. >> reporter: there are several entrances to the park and very strict security. but that's not stopping people from brainstorming their way in online. hoards of music lovers rocked out at day one of outside land. from chop v, you can see giant crowds packed into golden gate park this afternoon. not everyone wants to pay to enjoy these festivities though. >> they said they are just going to the fences and getting lucky. >> reporter: at least ten of his friends successfully snuck
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in this morning. since then, he has had no luck finding a scout ticket he could afford. >> there are always people trying to break in. people that tried to storm the gates. we have had instances of people storming thegates tonight. >> reporter: we found people setting up meeting places on social media. 234 people rsvped to this facebook invite. outside lands free because we are sneaking in. 23rd and fullton is where to meet. another calls for a mob. we are going to bum rush the vip entrance. and there are reddit threads advising how to sneak in and sneak in booze. you need a wristband like this. it must be activated and act like a debit card. john cobbs paid hundreds of dollars for his. >> if you want to risk going to jail for it, my hat tips to them. >> reporter: sfpd says it has
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given out at least 31 citations for public drunkenness and trespassing. it did credit the high-tech wristbands for cutting down on counterfeits which you may remember was a big problem last year. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. >> this is the first friday of the month. that means the streets of uptown oakland turn into one big party. but christin ayers shows us the party may soon be over. >> reporter: on the surface, it's thriving. first friday is the biggest street party in oakland. a beloved and eclectic mix of food, music, art, and dance. >> it shows the best part of oakland. >> everybody comes together. everybody from different countries, different languages, different colors. >> reporter: but behind the scenes, the nonprofit that runs it is struggling. rocked by staff conflicts, allegations of mismanaging fund, a recent resignation, and a lawsuit over unpaid wages.
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>> it is definitely a transitional time for first friday. >> reporter: despite how popular the festival is, donations are down. >> it has definitely always operated on a shoe string budget. >> reporter: up to 20,000 people come to first friday every month. you would think their donations alone would be enough to keep the festival afloat. but we found out many people just aren't donating. tonight, volunteers were out as they are every month trying to drum up dollars with mixed results. >> so you didn't donate? >> no. >> we didn't know. >> i donate 5d dollars. >> i saw a couple of people drop pennys in baskets. >> reporter: this vendor told us first friday has deinvolved into chaos since a key event coordinator left. >> i feel it is lacking the organizational structure it needs to survive. >> reporter: but the organizers insist first friday is part of
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oakland and it will continue. >> it just has to. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >> organizers say they are searching for a new event coordinator and are looking for sponsorships to keep first friday going. well, this bay area woman attempting to make history tonight. but first, she will have to swim through shark infested waters. >> struck by lightning. holding hands may have saved these california teenagers. >> and verizon makes some big ,,
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>> well a san francisco woman is trying to swim her way into the record books tonight. andria borba shows us her journey is about to begin with a leap of faith into some real cold shark infested water. andria? >> reporter: well, she maked the jump in about 30 minutes. she will touch a buoy and with her mother watching, she will take off swimming for san francisco. sitting on a dock, kim chambers says she is ready to make history. >> it is not just a swim. it is a very special journey. >> reporter: kim hopes to become the first woman to complete the 30-mile long swim from the farallon islands to the golden gate bridge. she is mentally and physically ready for what will take her between 13 and 18 hours to complete in the cold salty pacific. a swim of this distance comes down to talking down the voices in your head. >> you go through ups and
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downs. you feel cold, then you feel fine, your shoulder hurts. you might get cramps in your legs. i'm definitely thinking about how far i have come. >> reporter: but there are other obstacles like the weather and great white sharks like this one that stopped simon dominguez. after jumping into what is a giant bowl of shark soup kim says. >> this is their living room. this is their habitat. i'm a guest passing through. >> reporter: as for the rules of the water, kim only has one. don't look up. >> i will try not to look for the bridge. [ laughter ] you know. it is very tempting to kind of look up and see where you are. but for me, i'll know when i'm done when i pass underneath the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: now, kim's rule might be don't look up, but there are other rules. she is not allowed to touch her guide boat at all. they send her food to her every
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30 minutes when she has to stop and refuel via a string. andria borba, kpix5. tonight, a powerful typhoon has made lawful in taiwan. this is the storm from the international space station. >> reporter: the wind is really whipping here as this typhoon batters taiwan. the streets are mostly empty. we are hearing sirens from emergency vehicles. people are encouraged to stay indoors as we start to feel 60 man wind gusts from the outer bands of this storm. >> it is already creating huge waves. just look at this. four people have died including tragically, a mother and daughter who were swept out to sea. some areas may get more rain this weekend than san francisco has had in the past two years. right now, at least 2 million households are without electricity.
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mother nature put on quite a show here last night. all over the bay area in fact. check out this scene in san jose. the national weather service says lightning struck 978 times. monterrey county all the way through to the east bay. two teenagers got hit by lightning in southern california last night. >> doctors say a romantic gesture probably saved their lives. crystal cruz with the striking story. >> it was more of a shove, you know? and it felt kind of like i was getting hit over the head with metal. >> reporter: the two were walking along a tree lined street in claire month when a doctor suspected they were hit by lightning. >> we gave each other the most terrified look you could possibly imagine. it was definitely weird. like it was an earthquake. >> reporter: the teenagers say a passer by stopped to say he saw the lightning bolt hit them. the teens' doctor says their
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lives were probably spared because of something they were doing while walking down the street. >> and these two were lucky they were holding hands. it helped to defuse that electrical current that ran through their bodies. >> reporter: dr. ramos thinks it hit dylan's head and exited through lexi's foot. this will probably have long lasting effects on the couple who are doing just fine. lucky in life, lucky in love. >> they are now walking to buy a lottery ticket. [ laughter ] >> after that event, that would be a wise next move. things so much calmer around here. it is calm, it is clear, it is beautiful. your lows around 60 degrees. there is nothing on the radar, nor will there be the next seven days. when you get up tomorrow
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morning, 60. so much going on, the san jose jazz summer fest began today. lasted through sunday, downtown, gorgeous, sunny, warm, but not hot. 82 degrees for a high. in the stern grove festival. another festival going on. 2:00 sunday, 65 degrees. so where is that low that gave us all the thunder and the lightning and some rainfall yesterday? must have been a date somewhere in utah. it is moving about 30 or 40 miles an hour away from us allowing something new to move in which is a different area of low pressure up in the pacific northwest off its coastline. that will bring in the on shore flow. now the ocean is running warm. realtively speaking, it is a cool flow. we get the sunshine, but not the heat. we will stay in the 80s away from the water. this gives us more of a southerly flow. cooler, cloudier toward the middle of next week. but the overall theme is beautiful weather to get outside. hope you enjoy it.
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low clouds back late tore night. a dry seasonal gorgeous weekend. that other low next week will drop the temperature a bit. highs tomorrow, san francisco, you hit 70. san jose, you hit 82. fremont, redwood city, san mateo, all around, 80. low 80s , danville. mid 80s pittsburgh. gorgeous day in sausalito. couple of degrees warmer sunday. gorgeous weather through next week. no rainfall which we need. this is just not the time of year to end the drought. mid 80s away from the water. gorgeous weekend ahead. >> can't wait. >> looking good. coming up, verizon announces big changes. why they could cost you a fortune.
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>> if you have verizon, your next phone could cost a lot more. verizon is giving discounts when you sign two year agreements. instead, you have to guy phone at full price or pay a monthly fee. plans will be month to month at a slight discount from old prices. current customers can keep their existing contracts. tonight, we know who stephen colbert's first guest will be. >> it will be george clooney will be my first ever guest on september 8. could one of you let him know? [ laughter ] the marquee at the ed sullivan theater bears his name. it has been empty since david
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letterman east last show in may. coming up, the latest on aldon smith and the giants went aldon smith and the giants went all out in chicago and hope t now, here's the sequel... ...with portobello mushrooms. boom. hang on, i don't want anyone to trip... ok. oh yeah. that's jack's new portobello mushroom buttery jack, the sequel to the classic and bacon & swiss, topped with the same melted garlic herb butter, plus portobello mushrooms and grilled onions.
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>> by now, you have heard about the niners letting aldon smith go. he was arrested by dui, hit and run, and vandalism. he was one of the best pass rusher ins the nfl with 44 career sacks in 50 games. but off the field is where he fell short with suspensions and missed games. it's a big blow on the team and more so for smith. the 49ers now have another probowler to replace on defense. aaron lynch who had six sacks last year is one of the leading candidates along with eli harold. now to baseball. ryan vogelsong making his first start since july 11. matt duffy with an amazing grab. he gets this diving grab and saved a run. that is amazing and definitely fun to watch.
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in the fifth; the cubs blew this one wide open. including this double to left. the cubs win it by a count to 7- 3. as now. abby burns throwing out the first pitch. very nice to see that. oakland up 1-0 against the astros in the third when danny valenci took one deep. now the bottom of the 9th inning, the as are up 3-1. all sonny gray has to do is get the out and he does it right there. his 12th win of the season. as go onto win it by the count to 3-1. round two of the bridge stone ini have stational. now, no stop. check this shot out. a little chip shot. fyorik has a four-shot lead. that's sports! by the way. >> good. >> oh, very interesting. >> getting more interesting by the day. we'll be right back. female announcer: you're on the right track to save big
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