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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  August 8, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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it took a little over 17 hours but tonight, this bay area swimmer did something no woman has ever done before. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. just hours ago, kim chambers completed a historic 30-mile swim from the farralon islands
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to the golden gate bridge. she is back on dry land in belvidere. >> reporter: she set footed on land for the first time in over 17 hours after spending all that time in the water. the emotion of just an incredible difficult journey just came pouring out. >> whoo! >> reporter: a round of applause for people waiting for her. the swim is one of the most grueling in the world. 30 miles in the cold pacific ocean not to mention shark- infested waters. she is the fifth person in history to complete the swim the first woman over it do it. >> yeah. i feel, um, -- i'm overwhelmed. this is something i have wanted for so long. [ crying ] >> i can't believe i did it.
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and -- i mean, you know, they say it's a solo swim but it's not. this is my crew. and everybody got me across. >> two boats were alongside kim the whole swim. but the rules were she couldn't touch the boat. she couldn't touch the crew members. the only way she could get food from them was the crew members had to throw out a container attached to a rope with food inside and she was able to eat from that but to make matters worse and to make the journey even more difficult she said for most of the swim she couldn't even keep the food down so a very tough time. she really had to dig deep but she said she somehow found the strength to do it. her mom was watching her the whole time. she flew in from new zealand to see her daughter do this difficult swim. she says the rest of the weekend she is going to be laying low and likely getting a lot of catch-up time talking with mom at home and likely spending a lot of that time in bed. back to you guys. >> you know, christian, juliette and i got meet her a
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couple of weeks ago. she is just a delight. down to earth. and the thing i couldn't believe and the first thing that we asked her was, did they actually wear a wet suit? did she actually wear a wet suit when she was doing this swim? >> reporter: no wet suit. that's really the incredible part. you're talking about some really cold waters, although this time of the year it's probably the warmest it's ever going to be just a little over 60 degrees is what the boat crusade. i mean, this -- this woman was just absolutely amazing. no wet suit at all. she gets off the boat and starts cracking jokes saying, don't put me back in that water. she starts laughing before the tears start flowing. a little more than 17 hours in the water and she kept a positive demeanor. just tremendous woman, tremendous. >> good for kim. the ocean water temperature is a little bit warmer than usual so that probably helped. good for her. christian hartnett over in marin county at belvidere, thanks. just last week, by the way, simon dominguez tried to become the first person ever to make the swim in the opposite
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direction from the bridge to the farralones but he had to give up three miles from the finish when his family spotted that. a great white shark circling it. dominguez immediately got out of the water and had no problem ending the attempt early. a hazmat scare briefly shut down a big bay area swim meet. swimmers started noticing a foul odor around 9 a.m. at campolindo high school in moraga. some people were dizzy. the smell got stronger over the course of the day. around noon organizers cleared out an area where swimmers' families were sitting. as hazmat teams searched for the source of the odor, it turned out to be nontoxic paint workers were laying down on the high school track nearby. >> i think people smelled funny odors and then i think it was quickly we tracked it down to some of the work they are doing on the field here at the high school. >> this swim meet started up again a short time later. work on the track has been
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postponed for now. in the city it's a sea of sound and people at golden gate park. look at the crowd. this is the view of outside lands from chopper 5. some of the biggest acts in the country are taking the stage for the weekend long music festival. that includes headliners like elton john and sam smith. kpix 5's mark kelly spoke with some of the fans. >> this is the most eclectic amazing festival that you can possibly go to and it's here in the bay area. >> reporter: 200,000 music farms swarmed golden gate park this weekend in search of their favorite artists. >> i love sam smith. >> i want to see paulo. >> reporter: also center stage, san rafael native devin baldwin getting a warm reception from the hometown crowd. but all this entertainment doesn't come cheap or easy. tickets sold out in less than an hour with a one-day general admission costing $135. >> they're paying that much for
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a ton of different people. >> reporter: some came for more than the music. all about it. >> i love wine and cheese so i'm going there. >> even though the sun seemed shy today. >> a little drizzle. >> reporter: no one looked all that concerned. >> i think the weather is typical san francisco. bring it on. we're ready. >> reporter: in golden gate park, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> we have compiled a complete guide to the festival on our website, click on outside lands. outside lands isn't the only big draw in town. thousands of people are streaming into at&t park but they are not there for a giants game. joel osteen and his wife victoria are holding an america's night of hope event at the park. the evening of praise and celebration starts at 7:00. they have the largest church in houston.
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it's a potent drug that's getting more popular by the day. and people are literally blowing themselves up to make it. what the state is now doing to prevent more scenes like this. >> plus, deer are suddenly dropping dead along a popular walking trail and tonight, no one knows why.
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this is what happens when an illegal drug lab explodes. tonight california is taking tough new steps to prevent catastrophes like this one in walnut creek last year. we have a report if you're caught manufacturing hash oil or other drugs in neighborhoods or near schools, prepare to spend a long time in prison. >> we're seeing an epidemic of honey oil type of injuries. >> reporter: dr. peter grossman director of the grossman burn center in west hills says he has treated 20 people for honey oil lab injuries in the past year. >> now you can see how to make honey oil, which is basically an extraction of hash oil from marijuana, you can see how to do that online. and what happens is, if somebody lights a match or turns on a lighter or the gas
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gets next to a pilot light, boom! you don't just have a flame. you have an explosion. >> reporter: under senate bill 212, if you now caught making honey oil within 300 feet of a home or meth within 200 feet, a judge can consider it an aggravating factor meaning a stiffer punishment. it's not just the drug manufacturers being hurt but those living around them. >> we see so many people with significant burn injuries to their face, to their arms, to their hands, to their torso, to their legs. and everybody in that path gets injured, as well. it's not worth the little extra high or the few extra dollars. >> reporter: senate bill 212 goes into effect january 1. reporting from west hills, i'm rebecca ferter, kpix 5. >> and more than 800 drug labs have been discovers close to homes and schools in the past four years. all evacuation orders are lifted for communities near the
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"rocky fire." the fire is 62% contained. cal fire expects to have it fully surrounded by thursday. that fire destroyed 43 homes and burned more than 69,000 acres across lake, yolo and colusa counties. the cause is still under investigation. tonight investigators are trying to figure out why deer are suddenly dropping dead near lodi lake. four-car casts have been found in the last two -- four carcasses have been found in the last two months in the same general area of a walking trail. at least no side of predation. they are worried people may have been feeding the animals but the carcasses are too decomposed to test. >> we are hoping we can get it as quickly as possible after it passes and find out if it died from a disease or if there is any poison that may have been in the area intentional or unintentional. >> investigators haven't ruled out a possible toxin in the lake itself. they are keeping an eye on the wildlife for now. still to come, talk about a
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fish eye lens. a drone crashes into folsom lake and keeps right on recording. >> and the all-important sunday forecast as well as a few ideas if you are wondering what to do tomorrow. it's all coming up after a break.
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tonight we're getting a
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fisheye view of folsom lake courtesy of a crashed drone. reporter kathy park shows us the drone hit the water and kept right on recording. >> reporter: soaring high above folsom lake this isn't your typical drone flight. [ buzzing ] >> reporter: well, it suddenly turns a bit rocky. [ buzz ] >> reporter: and comes in for crash-landing. that was june 6. and amazingly for two months the drone settled comfortably unclaimed and upside-down still recording on the lake floor greeted only by fish that seemed totally unfazed by the device staring back at them. and for now, the owners also a mystery except let's hit rewind and pause. there. these two men appear to be the pilots one of them even gesturing, peace out. >> someone will spot them. the drone eventually emerged as the lake level dropped. the woman is trying to find the
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owners. good luck to them. it's amazing the resilient of a drone under water, isn't it? as we have temperatures around the bay area that are fairly cool for this time of the year, there's the extended forecast preview. we have a look right now over the bay area. we have low clouds over the golden gate. but it doesn't look too bad. right now concord 77. oakland 67. livermore 74. san francisco a mild 64. in san jose, 71 right now. out the door tomorrow morning we'll have fog and low clouds along the shoreline and drizzle along the coast. and inland will be in the mid- 60s with partly cloudy skies. low pressure is moving in over the pacific northwest and as this low slowly settles over the west, temperatures will begin to come down on monday. and tomorrow looks like slight warming as there's a little bubble of high pressure forming over the state to. it's transitory and won't be here long but enough to keep temperatures above average. by tuesday the low pressure wins out so it will be cooler next week and more low clouds. but aside from that there's not
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a major change ahead. fog and low clouds tomorrow morning. you can see east bay wakes up to mostly clear skies for the most part. so does most of the north bay and south bay but right along the peninsula, and a little bit along the east bay shoreline we gets clouds and they will move back in by this time tomorrow night. a little haze in the air over downtown san jose. we warm up a little tomorrow cooler and more clouds on monday. but then by next weekend, we'll go the other direction and warm up. still sunday looks nice for outside lands. 68 degrees. i think elton john is playing tomorrow. and we are also looking for fairly fine weather too for a few other things. sonoma county fair the last weekend up there in santa rosa will be sunny, warm, 85 degrees. plans your plans would be more convenient if you carried them out in san jose. the jazz summerfest is happening this weekend and it will be sunny and warm and 82 degrees down in the south bay. san jose tomorrow morning low 80s. 87 concord. san francisco hit 71. generally temperatures very close to average for this time
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of the year closer to the shoreline though oakland 77. milpitas 77. 86 los gatos. 80 cupertino. half moon bay 67 degrees. over in the east bay warm out at brentwood 90 degrees with plenty of sunshine. 83 fairfield. 75 benicia and vallejo. north bay looking good, 81 degrees at san rafael. 65 at stinson beach. up at bodega bay 65 degrees. and over in santa rosa mid-80s will do it. it's also warm up by ukiah. 88 degrees. 90 lakeport. in the extended forecast, we are going to be looking for things to warm slightly tomorrow into the upper 80s. not quite 90. 80s on monday. low 80s. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, low 80s. so mild but next weekend we'll warm up again. now juliette has something
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andrea is it possible that the chicago cubs for the first time since 1908 could actually do it this year? >> no, of course not. they have been cursed! well, we could be getting a dose of october baseball as the giants face play-off contenders for the rest of the month. if we learned anything in the last three days the giants probably don't want a date with the cubs in the post-season. cubs fans are excited to see if their team can increase their wild card lead over the giants. top of the 2nd, chicago leading 1-0. brandon belt launches his 15th homer of the year in right field. two-run shot and that puts the giants up 2-1. 3rd inning, cubs rookie chris bryant takes matt cain deep halfway up into the left field seats. a two-run shot to retake the lead, 3-2. bottom of the 5th game tied at 3. miguel montero
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singles into center to score bryant. the cubs take the lead again. so we to the 8th inning. chicago up 6-3. fowler shoots the castilla. pitch into the corner castilla not pitching well of late. one run scores. the giants tried to rally in the ninth. down 2 after trailing 5 to start the inning. matt duffy grounds to short to end it. cubs win 8-6. they have won the first three games of the four- game series. so with the loss, the giants stay three games back of the dodgers in the n.l. west. l.a. also lost today and haven't taken the first three games in the four-game series the cubs lead the giants by 2.5 games for the second wild card spot. it was just a year ago the astros were dwelling in the bottom of the cellar and the a's were battling with the angels for the division crown. well, how things have changed in just one season. former a's scott kazmir on the far right watching with his astros teammates. bottom 1 danny valencia doubles into right center the new clean- up hitter scored two.
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he is 5 for 12 since joining oakland this week. top of the fourth, houston preston tucker takes jesse chavez deep. seattle low shot the 11th of the year, solo shot. he had allowed 13 earned runs in the last three starts but today, he allowed just one run in 7 innings while striking out four. the last time went 7 was in june. now top 9 still 2-1 astros with a tying run at third but mojica gets his first save as an a as they win 2-1. the jim tomsula era didn't get off to a great start. we remember his awkward press conference when he was introduced as head coach. >> i'm not --i don't want to do that. i'm not going to answer your question there. >> well, i mean, you know, i -- >> i just would rather not get. >> just a little awkward. but tomsula has gotten a lot better since that day when he was joined at the podium by ceo jed york and gm trent baalke. yesterday after releasing aldon
6:55 pm
aldon smith tomsula addressed the media by himself not because baalke didn't want to speak but because tomsula said he is better speaking when he is on his own. >> i wanted to be alone, first of all. >> why is that? >> because i'm better that way. i just am more comfortable. >> clarify. you mean you're better --it's not -- you're better -- >> it's been well documented i'm not real good on these podiums. >> you don't think you're better than somebody else? you like doing it by yourself in. >> no. bank of the west classic semifinal. [ non-english language ] facing [ non-english language ] second set match point for [ non- english language ] in the near court and [ non-english language ] 's return goes long and [ non-english language ] wins in straight sets advancing to her fifth tournament final of the year. staying on the second semifinal between [ non-english language ] against [ non-english language ] second set [ non-
6:56 pm
english language ] 's return goes wide. [ non-english language ] straight set wins. she will make her second straight finals appearance at this event. third round of the world golf championship bridgestone invitational. jordan spieth and he is putting for bogey on the 18th. but he misses just to the left. he shot 2-over 72 today. he is nine shots off the lead. 18th hole justin rose came into today six shots off the lead rolls in the long birdie putt to finish off a 7-under 63. rose goes into sunday tied with second round leader jim furyk for the lead. last night, the single a tampa yankees and the clearwater thrashers had their game canceled because a circus tent was distracting for the hitters. it was behind center field. probably the first time in baseball history that it's happened and the teams, it was all okay. they made up the game today with a doubleheader. that's it for sports. >> in the rule book it was too distracting? was it the lights or --
6:57 pm
>> they say it was the issue with the lights on the top of the tent messed with their sight line. >> all right. play ball next time. >> good to have you back. congratulations on the latest addition to the family. >> thank you. yeah. mia angeline. she's great. >> and back to work after six weeks. that's amazing. >> mom's got to do what she's got to do. >> i guess so. >> thanks for watching. see you again at 11. >> the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution 18-year-old joseph dolen is suing his former boss, scott lehto, for a series of unpaid loans. joseph claims scott took advantage of their relationship. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 555 on the calendar in the matter of dolen vs. lehto. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. folks, have a seat. >> good morning, your honor. >> judge judy: byrd, byrd, byrd. >> byrd: yeah. >> judge judy: i heard the "yep" outside. >> yeah, me too. >> judge judy: mr. lehto? >> yep. >> judge judy: "yes." >> yes, your honor. >> judge judy: stand up on your own two feet, if you can. have you had anything to drink today of an alcoholic nature?


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