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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  August 15, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. three chp officers arrested in a crazy murder plot involving a defense attorney. and tragedy at yosemite. two children killed while catching all because of a tree limb. plus, creating a tent city in one of the wealthiest silicon valley cities. why they are considering building a homeless encampment. thanks for joining us. we are expecting hot temperatures today. yes, all around the bay area. in fact, now a live look this morning at the golden gate bridge, no fog this speak of this morning and the
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temperatures are going to be weekly rising. they are already in the low 60s. our cool spot, as usual, up in the north bay, santa row casa this morning, 55-degrees. it will become a mostly clear sky start to the day. sunshine for everyone and triple digit heat inland. a closer look at your ending forecast coming up. a major break in a 2012 murder mystery in moe destain. as--moe december toe. three--moe december toe. three chp officers have been arrested. >> reporter: deputies searched the home of defense attorney frank carson, the sheriff's department is calling it a tangled case of conspiracy, nine total arrests in the three- year-old murder of 26-year-old core richardson kaufman. one of the men arrested in
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connection to the hearing, officer walter wells. no one answered at his home. >> to learn that you have employees in an organization like ours that have some insolvement, any--some involvement of a murder is devastating. >> reporter: frank carson has also been arrested for the murder. he had planned to steal pipes from the attorney's house back in 2012. but he vanished. the metal on that property had long been a target of thieves. witnesses say that frank had made threats that if he caught the thieves their bodies would never be found. hunters found the body a year later near yosemite. >> kaufman was supporting his family williams scraping. he was stealing metal to make money. >> reporter: deputies and the department of justice were seen
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searching carson's backyard. >> well, to other officers were arrested for obstruction and conspiracy. one of the officers lived right next door to the victim. prosecutors are not commenting on any of the suspects individual rolls in the crime. and a rescue along a southern callis freeway after a car crash sparked a brush fire development vehicles collided along the 118 freeway yesterday. a truck flew off the roadway and went 300 feet down an embankment, sparking a fire. a helicopter spot the the driver and hoisted him to safety. the flames consumed about five acres. and but now know the cause of thing a rag fire from weeks ago. exhaust from a car ignited dry grass and flames and it fred from there. it burned more than 8000-acres. firefighters in los angeles county are battling several wild fires there this weekend. the biggest challenge is the
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heat. two firefighters had to be e. coli having waited--evacuated yesterday from the fire. now that is the called the cabin fire and it is burning just north of glenn tore are. temperatures hit the triple digits there yesterday. and the heat wave is expected to continue all throughout the weekend. well back in northern california, progress is being made on the jerusalem fire. it is standing at more than 25,000-acres and it is at that point 71% contained. fire crews hope that the containment numbers will continue to rise as hotter weather and strong winds are in store for this weekend. immigrations and customs aagented arrested a south american, accused of torturing prisoners. and a former military member from central america, who help today kidnap civilians. the fugitives will be returned
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to their nay tiff countries to face--native countries to face charges. the operation led to 50 arrests in more than a dozen cities. police are pushing california lawmakers to let them use drones to help fight crime. they say it would be a good way to go after suspectings and search for lost hikers among other things. but privacy advocates say they could invade on personal space. california lawmakers are going to try to strike a balance on monday. september 11th is the deadline to pass the bills. concerning news out of yosemite this morning. an entire campground is closed because of the plague score. but first--scare. but first, in a different campground, two young catchers were killed when a tree limb crashed onto their tent. it happened around 5 p.m. yesterday morning at the upper pine campgrounds. now we don't know the anales of the campers that were killed but reports say they were children. you are looking at the spot where the limb broke off from
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the tree and fell. one of the kids was camping with his family, the other was a family friend. news of this tragic stent is spreading throughout yosemite, which is filled with tourists, hikers, and campers at this time of the year. >> i makes me feel, you know, sad for the family and the situation because it is just out of their control. there is nothing they could do about it. >> now the camp ground where this accident happened is a very popular one. last we checked, it is still open. now to the plague scare, it has been found in squirrels in the, pa, leaving officials to close a popular camp ground. the area around the meadows campground is being treated now to help kill flees which carrie the plague. the sites will be closed for most of next week. it has not killed any people. about a week ago, a child contracted it after visiting yosemite. the child is recovering. santa clara county has a new plan to put a lid on the
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homeless problem, or rather a tent over it. kpix's devon feel i will has more. >> over 5000 individuals are homeless on any given night on the streets of santa clara county. >> reporter: but the strategy to battle the problem of homelessness, among them, tent cities, swing rapid e. coli more severe weather center city housing for the long term homeless, it shows just how completion and challenging the issue. >> usually, when people go from place to place, you are not doing anything other than dis- macing the people. >> reporter: the city and county's current approach, an aggressive crack down on the homeless encampments is traumatizing to the people it is supposed to help. instead, he is asking the board to adopt a policy of so called tent cities sanctioned by the
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county. >> you take people used to living outdoors and you bring them this where you have rules, where they have responsibilities, they have to clean up their own trash. >> reporter: so far the county has signed on for a very different plan, called pay for success in which the county would foot the bill for housing but only if their non profit partner abow dee services--adoe beer is i have--adoe bee services shows the want to find homes? it is all about delivering high impact on a big problem. >> now the county will host a community meeting on the proposal on monday. it is set for 7:00 p.m. at the braille i will park community room. pot smokers in san francisco are gearing up for a series of unique athletic events, it is the 420 games. they want to debunk the stoner myth and show that highly
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functional people use cannabis. that is at 8:00 a.m. and a full day of music, dance, arts, and crafts for today. the music festival is being held and they are set barreling the 30--they are celebrating the 50s anniversary of the chinese culture center. and here she is, taylor swift rocking it last night in santa chara. chopper 5 flew by to check out the show and the cat walk. now last night's surprise guest also showed up, get this, harmony. now she is not one yet, one more show tonight. 50,000 people packed the stadium to watch her perform. our our chris hart was one of them. >> reporter: here, taylor swift is royalty. >> she is our queen. we love her. >> reporter: yep, a concert before the concert.
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while this fan traveled across the pray sick to see taylor swift once. >> i am freaking out--the pacific to see taylor swift once, this fan is going eight of them. >> reporter: owl of this in california. --all of them in california. >> i am pumped up and that might cost me my man card. >> reporter: a lot of people love taylor. we lo you, taylor. --taylor. >> we love you, taylor. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: chef has over 60 million twitter followers, has- -she has over 60 million twitter followers, has sold millions of albums and got apple to bow down to her for not paying artists. not bad for a 25-year-old. ♪ [ music ] >> and christian had a good time there. well, if you are heading to the concert today or driving near
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the stadium, be warned, traffic is going the be full. no milkmen, paper boys, or tv here. we are taking you to the set of the giants full clubhouse and explain what this is all about. >> and we will be there--and will it be the last season in oakland? we ask the raiders fans about the team's uncertain future. >> okay, who is ready for some football? 49ers, texans later on today on channel 5. two words, the raiders. >> and a live look this morning, looking south, it is going to be a sunny and hot day all around the bay area.
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hey, good morning, every. a 5:00 p.m. kickoff d-everyone. a 5:00 p.m. kickoff right here on kpix 5. a little pregame before we get under way with that one.
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as for the raiders, jack last night, his boys against the rams, first offensive possession, carter hooks up with cooper, cooper, three catches, 22-yards. a great penn states foreman's- -a great performance. they tar getsed him a lot. would have liked to have that one on a spring string. the pick is there, it is a pretty good read. he is a senator guy, he will clean up on that one. and the raiders led the scoring dries. christian ponder to holmes, raiders win it 18-3. next week, they are at the vikings. baseball for you, oh, man, another test for the giants. nationals last night, that duff is taking matt yard. he tied the game at one. duff finished a triple shy of the cycle. next inning, blanco, more damage. down the right field line so
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they struck in the first, struck in the second. this made it 4-1. the giants win it 8-5. they are to and a half becames back of the dodgers. and now the american league. wow, look at that scratch against the orioles. die tied at dix--tied at six and now maney hit as walk off and then the orioles won a final of 8-6. they are 0-4 on their road trip. that is sports at this hour. hang onto something, let's sit back and see what the 49ers do later on today. 5:00 p.m., again, right here on kpix 5. raiders nation is riding high on that first preseason win. but this could be the team's last season in the bay area. >> kpix 5's mark sayre is at
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the coliseum. >> reporter: fans were lining up early but long time fans say there is no question this that the uncertainty of the team's future is hanging over the entire season. >> to me, we have been to la for 14 years, put a super bowl and yet we come back and we do not belong any where else. this is our home. >> reporter: plans are under way in the los angeles area to bring maybe two teams to the nation's seconds largest tv market. the raiders could maybe share a home with either the chargers or the st. louis rams. the raiders have just one more season left on their lease at the coliseum. >> a lot of people want to keep the raiders here in oakland. >> reporter: but chris is saying there is still time to act to keep the team. and he is saying one of the strongest arguments is the support of the fans. >> i mean, the raiders have not done well on the field in 12 years but three straight careers of sell outs. the fans are supporting the team. we are wing to get a deal done.
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>> let's go, oakland raiders. >> reporter: but unlike san diego and st. louis, the city is offering to lease public land to a private developer and also to support infrastructure improvement such as roads. fans are just hoping for the best. >> i think it is the best for the city, the county, and the owners. >> reporter: there is not a lot that the fans can do. >> we are here every game, we have been here forever, 13 years of losing seasons, we are still here. >> that is right. you have to give some fans the props. the 49ers play tonight against the tex hanahans in--texans in houston. we have an early edition of the news at 4:00 p.m. and then the 49ers preview at 4:30 p.m. and then we have the fifth
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quarter after the game and then count down to gold at 8:30 p.m. >> sounds like fun. and now a look at the weekend forecast, it is going to be a hot one. just find a pool, go to the beach. here is a live shot this morning, no delays, clear start, just a few high clouds around the bay. here is what you can expect heading out the door today. a mainly clear morning, sunshine for all of us today. but we are going to see that triple digit heat the further inland you go, especially for you in the east bay. and now flying around the bay now to take a look at the high temperatures for today, the south bay, you are going to get to 91. the same for sunny vail. mountain sue, 92--mountain view, 92. and 98-degrees in morgan hill today. in the east bay, brentwood, 102. concord, 101. 99 in danville. 98-degrees in san ramon. san francisco, 80-degrees today. berkeley, the same. and the north bay, cooler but
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still great beach weather. 7 4-degrees. synura fell, a high of 92. so it is looking like the weekend is the warmest few days in the next seven day forecast. today and tomorrow a little bit of a cool down along the coast. but still a nice day for monday. and then the workweek, more seasonal temperatures for this time of the year. oh, new video kneeturing the san francisco giants that pays--giants that pays homage to a popular 1980s sit come. ♪ [ music ] >> full clubhouse. now the players and the manager recreated opening to the testify show full house h was set in san francisco. it honors the full house reboot, which is called fuller house and it is debuting next year on netflix. i can not wait to see it. >> i saw that video yesterday
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and i could not get that song out of my head all day. >> oh, it is classic. >> it is it is a pso till song. --a positive song. well, students in limbo this morning because the state canceled a test. and now one district is going ro,,
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well today's tip of the day is baby red potatoes. you know, it is potato salad
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time and that makes wonderful salad that is the hit of so many different picnics. and now selection, when you buy red all the way around, not a dull red, but a beautiful, bright red. when you bring them home, store them in the refrigerator, not at room temperature. they are going to get dull and turn green and taste really bad. shelf five of 7-10 days. so not that long. these have high sugar so store them about 7-10 days at the most. i am your fresh grocer and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. well, state education officials prevented hundreds of high school students from graduating by canceling the mandatory high school exit exam this year. but dozens of san francisco high school students who were
7:24 am
left in limbo with are now- -limbo are now getting their diploma. >> yes, the state decided to bend the rules. >> reporter: in a meeting tonight, the san francisco school board has decided to take a step, a very unusual one and it is flying right in the face of state law. they are issuing diplomas to 107 graduating seniors even though they didn't take the and it examine. they finished all of the requirement toss graduate except the exit exam and then the state stopped giving the exit exam. at the school board meeting tonight, the board decide today go rogue, they issued diplomas to the seniors who fib niched all of the requirements except for the exit exam. and there are thousands of students in the same situation statewide. the governor and the legislature are going to fix the problem, and quickly.
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the duke and duchesses are fed up. well, that is coming up in a second. yes, but first, a quick check of the weather. we are going to see some triple digit heat out there. and there is a shot from the camera this morning. heading to the san francisco street food festival, it is a warm one, 80-degrees this weekend along the peer, 70. sunny and warm. all right, now back to the royal watch, they are fed up with the paparazzi. there was a warning sent out. photographers are crossing the line when it comes to young prince george. they are watching his nannies and one guy went on a fake out in the trunk of his car just to snap a photo of the 2-year-old prince through a little hole. >> camping out in a car and stucking the kid is brutal. >> all of the decisions and judgemented are very just clouded by what happen today
7:26 am
princess diana who he still feels was hounded to her death. >> now the palace is threatening legal action if the prince or princess are put at risk. well, lava is on the lose- -well, lamas on the lose, it happened in royal baltimore county, maryland. three lamas some how got it. it doesn't look like they are planning an escape. they were all three rounded up and brought back home. and they are back in their campground there after one little adventure. a plane hundreds of miles crashes off the north bay coast. now the investigation into what went wrong. >> sunscreen that you can sip rather than put on. does this really work? >> and a live look this morning at levi staid stadium. --stadium. taylor swift will be playing
7:27 am
there again today. it is hot, too. more in the weather coming up. ,
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. welcome back. it is just about 7:30 a.m. on this saturday morning. good morning, i am mark kelly,
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summer is in full effect this weekend. now a live lookout side at- -look outside in san francisco. it is one of the warm city days, even a beach day and it is really hot inland as temperatures are already in the low 60s right now. only 55 degrees in santa rosa. mostly clear start, sunshine for everybody today around the bay. and triple digit heat is coming our way. a closer look at the extended forecast coming up in a few. the coast guard has called off a search for the high lot of a small plane that crashed into the pacific. >> he started off in southern california before veering off course dramatically. the plane likely flew for hours along the bay area coast with no one controlling it. >> reporter: long time pilot troy johnson is missing friday night. testifies flying an airplane
7:31 am
similar--he was flying an airplane similar to this one thursday night. >> he is a christian man and he is at peace. it is just a difficult time and we can that everybody keeps the family in their prayers during this time. >> reporter: lindsey woods is johnson's brother-in-law. the plane's auto pilot continued on its course until the fuel supply was gone and went into the ocean. johnson is described as a strong pilot an engineer. >> toy, at an early age, knew he wanted to be in aviation. >> reporter: and faa spokesperson says that johnson took off from phoenix, stopped in palm dale, and then took off for an area only 60 miles away. military radar operators picked up the coast and a rescue plane reported that the pilot was slumped over the controls. the crew watched the plane
7:32 am
crash into the ocean some 460 miles off the coast. >> at this point, there are no plans to resume the search. a crazy crime story with several arrests, including a modesto defense lawyer and his family. also arrested, three chp officer, this lawyer, frank carson killed a 26-year-old in 2012 for stealing his scrap metal. the body was later found near yosemite months later. the lawyer's wife and daughter are also facing charges. two liquor store owners are also facing murder charges for helping in the crime. now as for the three chp officers, one was arrested for murder. the other two for rob stricting the investigation. a close call, firefighters saved and office building as a fast moving fire raced up the
7:33 am
hill there. it started just before 5:00 p.m. yesterday. you can see just how dry it is there. now the fire ripped through that brown grass and streets were also closed so firefighters could surround the flames. it burned so close to the office building that it set off the sprinkler system in the garage. >> damage to the building was limited to some smoke damage to the interior and a broken water line. >> the sheriff's office says that six juveniles were seen running from the area at the time that the fire started. carlos loves to help people, that is what friends, 23578ly, and coworkers--family, and coworkers say of him. he died this week while trying to say a friend from drowning. he was just 30-years-old and seemed to have a bright future. >> reporter: the accident happened in the middle of the afternoon, the deputy was not
7:34 am
wearing a life vest, though his girlfriend, a registered nurse tried to get him one. from the imaginestty of lake- --from the greatness of lake tahoe, the bright blue waters are inviting but dangerous. yesterday, a clear by windy afternoon. 30-year-old delirium tremens carlos was on vacation with family and his girlfriend when an afternoon in the sun went sideways. they were 100-yards off of the beach when the deputy's sister fell off of the kayak, they try today help her and then the deputy jumped off his board and start today swim to the man. but soon he started to struggle. his girlfriend tossed him a life jacket. but it was so windy that it felt short. she watched as he start today sink. finally, she was able to get to him but it was too late.
7:35 am
he had already passed out. >> we are all devastated. we have lost one of our family members, he was well likes, hard working. >> reporter: his work ethic didn't stop at the badge. he was also a football coach in sacramento. >> working graveyard and then coming here and coaching and then having to go to work. not everybody is willing to do that and not accept a dime more it. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> well, his brother is a former nfl player, [ inaudible ] played for the oakland raiders in 2012 and 2013. a san francisco apartment is asking what some may consider a crazy amount for rent has been vandalized. an one bedroom apartment, listed at $6500 a month, look closely, someone tagged the outside of the building. a your mallist from hood line posted this photo on instagram.
7:36 am
it reads do not waste your money. it has been painted over. and check this out, we searched the place on craigs list, the rent has dropped. it is now going for $5000. >> oh, much more reasonable. well secretary of state john kerry was there over the raising of the american flag yesterday at the newly reopened u.s. embassy. >> and margaret reports from havana. >> reporter: history was made before dawn when the united states seal was hung for the first time in 54 years. once daylight broke, three cold war era marines helped to hang the flag. james tracey, then a master june richardson sergeant was one of the marines who helped take down the flag and promised one day to return. >> we are back. and we are hear to stay this time, i think.
7:37 am
>> reporter: but despite the optimism of the day, there is still a lot of work need today repair the rift. cuba wants the u.s. to repeal its trade embargo, which is choking its already weak economy. and president obama has called on the castro government to stop the crack down on political distends. i asked secretary kerry about that. >> we are now engaged in diplomacy and able to help to shed light on what is happening. >> reporter: and secretary kerry is meeting behind closed doors with some of the activists, and that at least is a thorn in the side of the cuban government on what is other wise a day of celebration. cbs news, havana. >> john kerry is the first u.s. secretary of state to visit cuba in 70 years. he also toured a church, checked out cigars and had a
7:38 am
lemon maid. a chemical explosion rocked a warehouse in china sending a fire ball and smoke into the air. this is the same sight of ha that deadly explosion earlier this week. chinese officials are denying a report that evacuations are in place for people within two miles of the fire. the number of people killed last wednesday is now at 85 with dozens of people still missing morning. travelers have a new way to get to and from the oakland airport. uber made an agreement with the airport to allow the company's uber service to pick up and drop off people. now it is part of an 8 month pilot program. ride share companies like lift, they have to follow strict rules when taking people to the airport. siri is maybe having a hard time understanding people at
7:39 am
times but for and 18-year-old, she really came there. the jack holding collapsed when he was work orange his truck. he heard series voice. the phone was in his back pocket and siri accident richardson called 911. ray asked to call 911 and siri did that. >> you are stuck in your truck? >> the operator got him help. the teen offerer suffered burns and some injuries but he is doing much better now. apple can nowed a saving lives as one of siri's features, apparently. well, there is new kind of sunscreen, it is actually drinkable. you heard that right. a company called uvo is claiming that one of the 12- ounce bottles can pro-fect your skin for up to five hours and you just drink it. you will need 40% more sun
7:40 am
exposure get a sunburn if you drink their stuff. but one dermatologist is not buying it. >> there is no spf rating for the products, if you were to rate them, it would probably have an spf of less than 2 so they are not providing much protection. >> these are considered a dietary supplement. paying more than advertised, the solutions to store overcharged. how a new price tag can also work against you. >> and still ahead, he was working toward a better life and career when his citizenship status got in the way. how this man is helping others in the process. >> and now a live look outside at the tower, skies are blue, no fog to speak of this morning and it is about to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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7:43 am
well, from time to time we tell you about stores getting fined for charges customers more than the prices that are posted. >> as jewelry watts ex---as
7:44 am
julie watts explains, they have a solution to that problem. >> reporter: from incorrect price tags, customers are usually charged more at the register than the price tag is saying on the shelf. in the past few years, safeway, whole foods, walgreens, tar get, and cvs have all paid huge fines for overcharges customers. customers were overcharged out of one of about 50 items they bought. the department of waits and measures--of weights and measures says it is usually human errors. >> prices go up and down all the time. >> these are healthy display tags. >> reporter: and now a company has come one a solution. --has up with a solution. the company makes electronic price tags. they guarantee the shelf tag and the cash register are
7:45 am
always in sync. >> no manual intervention is required. they can update it. >> reporter: and they let retailer toss change prices more to remain competitive with online retailers that adjust prices all day long. >> these are like little web pages sitting on the shelves. >> reporter: kohls started with the tags back in 2010 but didn't except. and while the tags could make it easier to raise prices, consumers will end up paying less because they can trust that the price on the shelf is actually when they are going to be charged at the register. julie watts, kpix 5. silicone valley tech companies have treated their employees to meals and snacks for years. and now theist wants a bite. the business journal is saying that the i.r.s. is doing more than just exploring the idea of taxing the meals. they are working on a proposal right now.
7:46 am
it could take years for those regulations to be written. the i.r.s. is not yet commenting on the matter. and now a look at the forecast for this weekend. i don't know about what, but this is where i want to be, ocean beach, a beautiful start to the day. just few high clouds around the bay on this beautiful saturday morning. reports of a smoke smell in the far east bay and of course that is from all of the wild fires here in northern california. so here is what you can expect heading out the door today, a mainly clear morning, sunshine for all of us later on today. triple digit heat, though, the further you are inland, we are talking brentwood, that is you. south bay, 94 in campbell today. 91 in palo alto. mountain view, at 92. 90-degrees in fremont.
7:47 am
out in pittsburg. 100-degrees today. danville, 99. slide on over to the central bay, 85 in alameda. the same for burke city. san francisco, 80-degrees today. and the north bay, 94-degrees. so here is the seven day forecast, the warmest day is looking like today and tomorrow. but tomorrow is a little bit cooler, just a little cooler along coast, but still a beautiful day to get outside. and then heading into the workweek, more seasonal temperatures for this time of the year. well, here is an interesting legal question, one of the young people brought illegally to the u.s. by their parents, there one aspect of this. >> and while the courts decide, this week's jefferson award winner is not giving up on his dream for the future and at the same time, he is helping others in the same situation. >> reporter: at just 9-years- old. this man left his native thailand with his family, with dreams of a better life in america. >> the main reason that we
7:48 am
moved to the united states is because of the financial and economic difficulties that we were facing back in thailand. for my parents, moving to america was the best and only the choice. >> reporter: his parents worked in restaurants to make ends meat. he graduated from uc berkeley with a degree in cell biology. but then he was told that his edge caution would likely end. because he is an untuckmented immigrant. >> medical school is one of the worst pathways. fortunately, i think i am a little bit stubborn and i do know that i have been able to channel it as motivation to really keep going. >> reporter: in higgs last semester at cal, he started a non profit. >> i didn't know if it was possess to believe go to med
7:49 am
school and to go after a phd. there was no one out there talking about it. >> reporter: while it raises questions, the group helped other undocuments studented get higher degrees in the medical field. >> we seek to get rid of the barriers. >> reporter: david cruz, his parents are seasonal park workers, is getting his masters in stem cell research. he says there is no way he could go after higher education without free help dreamers. >> it is like a sign, you have to have some support from friends and from someone who can help you out. >> reporter: this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to [ inaudible ]. elizabeth cook, kpix 5. well, since pre-health dreamers started three and a half years ago, 450 students have joined. one-third right here in the bay area.
7:50 am
the group also helps to connect students with legal assistance for getting their citizenship. if you would like to connect with them, use the link over on the website at all right, meet this guy. look at him. he is a proud and sweet kitty. we are going to pete him. how you can--going to meet him. ♪ [ male announcer ] choose it. scoop it. pour it. blend it. [ blender whirs ] no matter how you make it, you'll love our endless variety of beverages. baskin-robbins cappuccino blast®.
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welcome back. it is looking like a beautiful weekend and a clear start. here is the camera, you can see there a little bit of haze and that is from the smoke from the wild fires, it is actually working its way down the valley. reports of smelling that smoke out there in the far east bay. if you are looking for something to do this weekend, tomorrow, here is the dragon boat festival in oakland. it is going to be a hot one, 85- degrees, sunny and warm. we have some pet therapy
7:53 am
for you this morning. joining us now is anne from oakland's cat town cafe. >> this is a 14-year-old. >> 14-years-old? >> yes, because he came in here, he is bouncing around. >> he is so confident. he is so easy going. i mean it is amazeing. yes, he is mellow. >> he is just, his named matise because of the brush stroke there. he is just a sweet guy and your mission is to help cats that maybe people do not consider adopting. >> yes, definitely, we want to get cats out of the oakland animal services that would have a hard time getting adopted. part of the mission is getting the old guys out. >> okay, lets talk about this, this is the country's first cat cafe. it started with a pop up. this is video from my visit
7:54 am
there a couple overmounts ace go. but the bottom line is that you have a cafe, you go to see the cats and then take them home. >> yes, get the cats out of cages, let them relax, you get to see who the cat really is. >> yes, i have been cat shopping at plenty shelters and you don't know the personality when they are in a cage. just look at the people falling in love. and people just came because they love cats but they cannot have cats in their house so or think allergic to them. >> yes, that has been the really ole wonderful thing about. it is a community resource, we have so many people, they want to second time with cats but for whatever reason cannot have them in the their home. and it is great for the cats, too, to have the attention. they are just showered with love. >> it is so great. and then we were talking too,
7:55 am
they are kind of, maybe, more ready to enter a home once they spent time in the cafe. you know, they are not coming in and they are all freaked out by the different people because they have been already been chilled out. >> well, yes, and the really exciting thing for us, part of the mission is bringing really young under social hawaiied cats, they grow and change so quickly. so by the time they go home, they are so much more confident. so yes, it is definitely, it is working beautifully. >> awesome. all right, well information on our website, ,,,,,,,,
7:56 am
tomorrow, our political insiders talk about a dark horse in the race for the white house. >> there he was in the middle of all of the nurses, it was like a pit. the guy just gets in there,
7:57 am
talks to people, does the selfies, so authentic, unlike most of the candidates out there who look so packaged. >> and we are talking bernie sanders. always, mark leno is join- -also, mark leno is joining us. and now a last look at the forecast for this weekend. it is a hot one. hazy sunshine today. 87 in oakland. 92 in the north bay: 82 in san francisco. 92 down in san jose. and some triple digits out there. so today and tomorrow, hot, hot, hot. and then it is going to, more seasonable temperatures heading on into the workweek. all right, well, thanks for joining us this morning. remember the big 49ers preview game starting at 5:00 p.m. tonight here on kpix 5. and we have got our special line up after that. >> have a good one. >> enjoy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:58 am
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