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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm maria medina? where did the weekend go? >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is a monday. nearly 6:00. and you know what? there's already people working out. people expecting those hot temperatures taking a dip. this is heather farms over in walnut creek. people getting a big workout before they go into work. and trying the stay cool -- to stay cool because we're going to tip the 100 mark today. let's check in with liza batallones on the morning commute. >> things are already heating up on bay area roadways we've had this accident blocking lanes for over an hour now. this is southbound 880 before davis street. it's an overturned accident blocking multiple lanes. 30 minute delays are being reported now approaching the accident scene. it's backed up from beyond 66th avenue and you can see all those red brake lights traffic virtual hi stopped on the nimitz again. the accident southbound 880 at davis street in oakland. it is in san leandro. it is causing a backup into oakland now from 66 so take 580 as the alternate. meantime in san jose we've been
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talking about the police action. center street shut down in the northbound direction between capitol expressway and south side drive. meantime at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. traffic is backed up from the foot of the macarthur maze already. here's pliant with a look at the to -- brian with a look at the forecast. we have a forecast that's in the as warm as it was yesterday. but still plenty warm. it will be near 100 degrees inland again today and the warmest spots. but fog and low clouds return to the shoreline. and we're going to be looking for a reading at the coast to be in the mid to upper 60s. and right around the bay will be in the mid 70s. and the way things are starting out this morning, as we look towards the bay bridge, still some haze today around the bay area. not as bad as it was over the weekend. right now san francisco is 61. concord 64. balmy start to monday morning. at a hot finish. we'll view the complete weather forecast in a minute but first the latest with frank. okay we thank you. two major stories we are following this morning. an officer involved shooting in san jose left one man dead and over in the east bay a fiery
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cash claims the lives of three young people. we start with the deadly police shooting in san jose and station station's kiet do -- kpix 5's kiet do live at the scene with the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sjpd now heading into its eighth hour of this she is now waiting for the -- investigation now waiting for the coroner to come and remove the suspect's body. this happened at a strip mall on the 3100 block of center road. and we are watching "csi" technicians walking in and out of the laundromat. now this all began around 10:00 last night with san jose police officers who were ducting a follow-up -- culting a follow- up investigation to a previous crime. officers caught up with the male suspect and investigatorssy say the man then suddenly reached for a handgun. officers drew their weapons and fired a couple only shots. the -- of shots. the suspect was hit and he was pronounced dead at the scene. no wafers were injured and -- officers were injured and sjpd cordoned off a very wide area while they finish up the investigation. the road now shut downgoing northbound still from capitol expressway to south side drive. this is the third officer-
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involved shooting this month. this is the second one where a suspect was shot and killed by police. we're live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. thank you. and today we expect to find out more details about a fatal police involved shooting in sunnyvale on saturday. police responded to reports of suspicious activities at a motel six. and when they approached two men started running and there was a confrontation. and officers shot and killed one of the men. the other man escaped and police found two guns near the dead man. news conference set for 10:30 this morning. a fiery car cash that killed three people in contra costa county. kpix 5's cate cauguiran is live at the scene in el sobrante to tell us what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning maria. well, this intersection of san pablo dam road and canyon oaks if you take a look we can show you a little bit of the aftermath. we know this road here is heavily trafficked? a few hours ago what you're looking at was the scene of a fatal accident. now we have some video to show
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you warning it may with graphic. -- be graphic. here you see a car on fire after it hit a tree. all three passengers in that car were killed by the time firefighters got to them. now the crash happened around 10:00 a red camaro was driving the opposite direction of the honda civic and crossed over the center line when it sideswiped that civic. now the driver of the civic, she was able to stop. but chp says that camaro did not. >> the camaro continued on down the road. traveled off the roadway and into a tree. after hitting the tree, the driver was able to escape the vehicle. unfortunately, the camaro at that point burst into the flames. >> reporter: now chp tells us they don't know if the passengers in that car died from the crash or the fire. police have not yet released the names of the victims. and we know that the driver of this civic is okay. they sustained minor injuries. the other driver we know is
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recovering in the hospital. this morning. reporting live in el sobrante, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. thanks so much for the update. now the heat and relentless drought are fueling wildfires across the country. so far this year, wildfires have burned more than 6.5 million acres. that's more than two and a half times what burned during the same period just last year ago. of course in california, there are 18,000 wildfiring burns right now -- fires burning right now. the jerusalem fire is now 85% contained. they have made progress and all evacuation orders have been lifted and winds are picking up again near sacramento with triple digit heats and there are some concerns some new fires could erupt at any moment. and a fire down south at the angeles national forest has burned 500 acres. six structures. it began about 3:30 yesterday afternoon containment there at 0%. cause under investigation. there are two other significant wildfires burning in l. a. county. one is near glendora.
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the other is in the month bell hoe area. -- montibello area. it killed five five people in san diego -- five people in san diego. a jet and a cessna crashed into each other on sunday morning. witnesses say thaw they caught fire as they fell and fell apart as they fell to the ground. the larger plane had four of the military contractor on board. a sky diver is dead after a collision with another jumper over in chicago. as cbs news' brian webb reports, the tragedy happened during a stunt show. >> reporter: this video shows the parachutist clipping a building after the midair collision. he landed on lake shore drive and was rushed to the hospital. >> the man was coming in really low. and feared to be almost motionless or lifeless. >> he hit the building right there. like his at his calf. and he flipped over and he fell in-between and he hit that wall and then he fell. >> reporter: 32-year-old
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sergeant first class corey hood of cincinnati was pronounced dead a day after the accident by the cook county medical examiner, he was a member of the golden knights' parachute team. a maneuver where parachutists circle each other with red smoke swirling around them as they free fall at speeds that can reach 180 miles an hour. >> it was scary. everyone just stopped talking, it was a moment of silence. it's a true moment of silence. >> reporter: the other one landed on a beach and suffered a broken leg. he was later released from the hospital. brian webb for cbs news. it could take a while for crews to get to the hard to reach location. residents of nearby village telling local police they saw that plane flying low. among the 54 people on board four postal workers carrying nearly a half million dollars
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gosh $4.5 million in government cash rather for far families to help offset a spike in fuel prices. starting in september, san jose will allow ride sharing companies like lyft and uber to pick up passengers at mineta snarl airport with you so far none of the companies has registered for the pilot program because they don't want to play it by the same rules as traditional cab drivers. among those rules, drivers have to register with the city agree to be fingerprinted, and obtain business licenses. and today is back to school day for thousands of public school kids in san francisco. the new academic year gets underway this morning and at one school el dorado elementary the superintendent and ed lee will visit a second grade class. oakland unified had a shortage of about 70 teachers and san francisco by the way unified needed nearly 465 teachers at one point. but managed to fill all the final slots on friday.
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biggest need is for teachers in science, math, special education, and bilingual education. presidential candidate donald trump may be leading republicans in the polls but that won't keep him from fulfilling his civic duty. trump is expected to report for jury duty today in new york. last week, a trump spokesperson confirmed the real estate mogul will show up to manhattan courtroom now if he fails the appear trump could face a $250 fine. the poll numbers in the race for president are changing and potentially significant ways. cbs' mark albert with the latest developments from the 2016 campaign. >> reporter: donald trump is making deportation of illegal immigrants central to his immigration plan. he unveiled it sunday. the first policy specifics of his campaign. the plan also would rescind president obama's executive actions deferring some removals and automatic citizenship for children of illegals. build a wall on the mexican border, and get mexico to pay
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for it. and trim. the number of -- triple the number of immigration agents and also said he would be okay sending ground troops to fightsy sis and wouldn't scan -- isis and wouldn't scrap the nuclear deal with iran. >> but he told nbc -- >> i would police the contract so tough they don't have have a chance. >> reporter: trump continued his attacks on one time front runner jeb bush. >> i don't understand it. >> reporter: the trump barrage and bush's recent debate performance may be taking a toll. bush lost the most support in a national fox news poll out today. down six points. now behind ted cruz who's in third. ben carson gained the most now in second place. >> people are starting to recognize that the same old same old going to take us to the same place. >> how are you? >> reporter: the same fox poll shows hillary clinton falling below 50% for the first time. with bernie sanders up to 30%.
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vice president joe biden who is not in the race is at 10%. sanders on nbc was asked about a potential biden candidacy. >> if he does run, i promise him an issue oriented campaign. >> reporter: clinton this weekend again tried to dismiss her e-mail controversy. >> this is the usual partisannization which i may have just made up a word. of anything that goes on. >> reporter: but gop presidential candidate carly fiorina on abc rejected clinton oak explanation. >> she's lied about the server and she's lied about her e- mails. >> and that was mark albert reporting. the vice president joe biden is still considering making a run his advisers reportedly urging imwill -- urging him to decide as soon as he can. he's weighing all the factors including the toll a campaign could take on his family. there's a push for biden to decide by october 1st considered the latest he could jump into the race
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reallyistically. dramatic new video of the warehouse explosion in china last week. the death toll from the blast continues to rides and now we're learning -- rise and now we're learning there was something very wrong with the location of the building. >> a final ride down a bay area iconic roller coaster. hundreds of people came the say good-bye to the -- to say good- bye to the wooden coster and one couple even shared their nuptials on it. >> also a spare the air monday. we'll have the forecast in a minute. liza? >> and we've got bumper to bumper traffic on the nimitz. this is southbound 880 slow leaving oakland heading into san leandro. a major accident in san leandro. alternates to the delays and ♪
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we look out there over the city. we've got temperatures that will still be near 100 degrees inland today. but a little bet cooler along the shoreline. that santa monica native may be cooling off by walking barefoot in the park today to celebrate his 78th birthday. robert redford happy birthday. wow. >> all right. trivia with brian hackney. new video from china shows the moment when explosions killed dozens. the bright flash occurred at an apartment killing more than 100 people last wednesday. today about 100 people whose homes were damaged demanded compensation from the government. they say the warehouse where the explosions happened was too close to their homes. under chinese work safety rules. well, talk about a bad day. a big rig runs into some big problems just take a look. apparently didn't realize the trailer was up and look at that road sign. there she goes. it's not clear if anyone was injured or if the driver was injured. it is clear though that they will need a new sign. this is life in the fast lane
6:17 am
in saudi arabia. >> look at that. >> and down she comes. >> how do you not even know that that's up there? >> i wouldn't want to be the truck driver. >> the problem with that truck on the road driving like that. >> it could be littered with signs. [ laughter ] >> exactly. >> much better here in the bay area right? exactly. we've got better news for the 880. we've been watching that accident and just heard from the chp that they have finally reopened all lanes of southbound 880 just before davis street. we have multiple lanes shut down for over an hour an overturn accident and lots of debris scattered across lanes that's part of the reason why it took them so long to clear up the accident. again all lanes are open but as we take a look at the caltrans camera out there you can see traffic still very slow. it's going to take a while for this commute to recover. southbound 880 slow from 66th avenue approaching the san leandro area with over 30 minute delays reported for 880. meantime, in san jose, remember we have a police action and
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northbound senter road shut down between the expressway and south side drive. we have the police action in and kiet do is live on the scene and we will have more information for you in just a few minutes. meantime, our sensors along 280 approaching downtown san jose are picking up very light traffic. no delays for either direction of 280. that's a look at your kcbs traffic. now to brian. all right liza starting out with more haze around the bay area today. which signals a return of some fog and low clouds near the shoreline as we look live towards the bay bridge. starting out with readings mostly in the low 60s and livermore at 69 and san francisco 61 degrees. boy, we hit yesterday. livermore up to 106. santa rosa hit 104. and so did concord. not quite as warm today because you can see the fog and the low clouds have packed in along the shoreline and relief for the coast but in the inland as temperatures will still nudge 100-degrees in someover the warmest spotsen land and the low clouds thicken overnight. as we look out there to 580 you can see the haze in the air this morning as well. so smoky and hot inland today. not as bad as it was over the
6:19 am
weekend. cooler by the shoreline. and then by midweek we'll cool it down for everybody. in the south bay today san jose hits 89 degrees. 87 for san mateo and 87 for fremont. los gatos in the still low 90s and 92 degrees, look at the east bay though still 105 at brentwood and 100 at antioch and livermore. the same for fairfield and walnut creek. a break but not cool. it will be very warm out in the east bay again today. 88 for petaluma today. 93 in santa rosa and 96 at kent field. and up by yucaipa 104 degrees today. extended forecast the numbers start out high in the low 100s inland today. again not as warm as yesterday. and a little bit of a break a-- in fact a big break along the shoreline. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday back to what passes for average in the bay area. as we go back into the mid 80s. inland. that's midweek. and then mid 70s around the bay so as far as temperatures go, a will thible bit of a -- little bit of a roller coaster ride
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there mr. mallicoat. >> very well done. mr. segue. right. because -- it was the final ride for one of the bay area's last wooden roller coasters. >> for a couple it was the ride of their lives. >> oh my god! >> yeah. for our kpix 5 photojournalist rachel mosley, it was quite a ride too. she's shooting the camera behind this. it's the roar at six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo. the coaster has been attracting adrenaline junkies for years now including a couple we found saying their final good-byes. >> we got married on this roller coaster. and it's like knocking down my church. [ laughter ] they pronounced us man and wife at the top of the first hill. and we went down. and -- it's been like that ever since. [ laughter ] like has been a roller coaster. >> rom every coaster didn't make it but we did. >> they're still going strong. but this one shuts down.
6:21 am
there are only 150 wooden coasters left around the world compared to 2,000 a century ago. the roar by the way is the third wooden coaster to close down this year in north america. it's being removed for park expansion. good morning everybody. here's what i've got for you. he speaks softly and he carries a big stick. and i'm talking about the giants' pitcher madison bumgarner. that and jason day. wait until you see how he had the emotions get best of him for a good reason. at the pga championship. >> and what's cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us a,,,,,,,,
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and good morning everybody. i'm going to hit you with the australian jason day. fella finished in the top ten of all four golf majors but yesterday, he was at the top of the leaderboard. day came into the final round of the pga championship with a two shot lead and his playing partner jordan spieth seeking his third major title of the year. would have to settle for second place and a 17 under total. but he is the number one ranked player in the world. par 3 12, day, oh like butter, out of the cat box. day finished with a major record 20 under par for his first major win. giants' fans a little heated yesterday. against the nationals. there's your pitcher. madison bumgarner. back away and gone his fourth long ball of the year. he also had 14 strikeouts in a complete game victory. 5-0 giants.
6:26 am
and the a's suffered a brutal afternoon in baltimore yesterday. in fact they're playing again today. bottom 5th, manny machado pop- up and coco crisp and marcus semien. they both got it. they were okay. but boy, the a's got roughed up and final of 18-2. that is sports at this hour. and if you love me now this morning, you'll love me even better later on this afternoon. i'll see you around. >> thank you seven. play of the day, how about some baseball? got atlanta and arizona. we got a catch. nice catch enserrata makes the grab and he stretches and slides which they're going to play extras, sorry guys the braves went on to beat arizona in the 10th but diamondbacks did get the play of the day right there. >> reporter: and i'm kiet do, we are live in east san jose coming up in the next half
6:27 am
hour, san jose police overnight shoot and kill a suspect. we've got a live report straight ahead. >> and in the east bay, a driver escapes a fiery car crash. killing all passengers inside. i'm cate cauguiran live in el sobrante with the dramatic video and why v ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a man is dead this morning in san jose after being shot by police. the alleged series of events that led to police firing their weapons. and a terrifying scene in chicago, an army sky diver is dead after performing in a show.
6:31 am
what happened in the skies that took a deadly turn. well, we had warm weather over the weekend in the bay area, it will be warm again today but there's some good news on the horizon and we will deliver it to new a few minutes. -- you in a few minutes. bay bridge toll plaza delays now extending to the foot of the macarthur maze with the metering lights on. more monday traffic for you still ahead. thank you. good morning everyone. it is monday, it's august 17th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> happy monday morning, i'm maria medina. time now is 6:31. a fiery scene in el sobrante as firefighters rush to the scene as a car went up in flames last night. and the chp says lives have been lost. kpix 5's cate cauguiran is live near the scene where the very latest -- with the very latest. >> reporter: well, maria it's a sad morning for those families who lost their loved ones. we want to show you what's left over of the scene. we know that the crash did shut down the road. it's san pablo dam road. all that's left now are the flare from the accident. we have some video to show you it may be graphic.
6:32 am
this is video shot by viewer balloter counts inside this car -- walter counts inside this car. there were four people and only one of them made it out alive. that car was a let camaro going the opposite direction of a honda civic. chp says the camaro crossed over the center line and sideswiping the honda. the honda civic driver was able to pull over. but the camaro was not. and hit a tree before cashing on fire. -- catching on fire. >> the camaro at that point burst into flames. and three people inside the car perished is either the result of the collision or the post- collision fire. >> reporter: now this happened just before 10:00 last night near the intersection of san pablo dam road and canyon oaks. chp says in addition to speed, alcohol was also a factor and speaking of speed, we find out that this area here is 45 miles per hour. but from right now the cars are certainly going well beyond that. we know the driver is recovering at a hospital this
6:33 am
morning and police have not released the names of other victims yet. reporting live, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. developing in the south bay this morning, a third police shooting in san jose in the past month and this time a suspect is dead. kiet do is at the scene on senter road with the very latest. kiet? >> reporter: good morning, san jose police now well into their eighth hour of this investigation. we have been watching technicians coming and doing out of a laundromat here on senter road. the 3100 block of senter road. this began around 10:00 last night when san jose police officers were conducting a follow-up investigation into a previous crime. don't know exactly what that crime was about. but the officers caught up with the male suspect. investigators say the man then suddenly reached for a handgun and officers drew their weapon and fired a couple of shots. the suspect was hit and then he was pronounced dead at the scene. no officers were injured. san jose police has a very wide
6:34 am
area cordoned off. isn'ter road still shut down northbound between capitol expressway and south side drive. this is the third officer- involved shooting this month in august alone. we're live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. and today we expect to find out more details about a fatal police involved shooting in sunnyvale. on saturday, police responded to a report of suspicious activity at a motel six. when they approached two men started running and there was a confrontation. now officers shot and killed one of the men. the other man got away. police say they found two guns near the dead man. news conference set for 10:30 later this morning. as people try to stay cool yesterday, the hot weather set record temperatures all across the bay area. take a look. san francisco 90 degrees. matching a 21-year-old record of 84 degrees. the temperature was slightly warmer in downtown oakland which set a record of 92 degrees and in san jose, where i live, sweltering 97 degrees although it felt a little hotter than that. that's topped the record of 93 degrees in 2000 and a live look over at a swimming pool over in
6:35 am
walnut creek. where it's pretty busy over there. people got the right idea already cooling off on this monday morning. >> you know we showed that picture around 5:00. there were a lot more people there. >> people get motivated out there. you know? >> i couldn't believe it. i mean makes you feel a little bit slothful doesn't it? >> it does. we'd have to do it about 1:30 in the morning. >> i don't think we're going to see that. >> hot one today to? >> yeah after we set records in the bay area yesterday readings as high as you know almost 11 o 0-degrees in parts of the east bay yesterday. from high atop mount vaca. the highest point in solano county. as sun rising over that haze that has been over the bay area much of the weekend. we're starting out with numbers in the 60s for the most part in the bay area. but cooler at santa rosa 55 degrees. santa rosa was 102 yesterday. yikes. high temperature forecast for today 100 at livermore and fairfield. 90 degrees at napa. here in the city, after yesterday's record high of 90, we'll hit a mere 75 degrees. so a pleasant and slightly
6:36 am
cooler monday. but still plenty hot inland. the extended forecast for you in a few minutes. traffic beginning to recover on the nimitz where we've had that major accident in san leandro. south 880 near davis. the accident has been finally cleared if lanes but southbound traffic is still recovering expect some delays still in pockets from 66th avenue where we've got our caltrans camera now. showing us some of those backups. that's going to be a slow commute it's also going to believe slow on san jose city streets, remember northbound senter road is shut down between capitol expressway and south side drive. southbound lanes of senter road remain open and san jose freeways are still in good shape with no accidents out there. you can see our sensors are picking up slow traffic for the north 101 commute heading through the south bay. as with northbound gad law pie
6:37 am
barkway. now the bay bridge toll plaza millions millions are on and -- metering lights are on and traffic is backed up from the foot of the maze and the drive times are increasing now. 27 minutes between the bridge and the maze at oakland. heading for the richmond-san rafael span. just a brief delay this morning. and remember it's a spare the air day. think about taking mass transit if you can. right now b.a.r.t. is on time and no delays reported for any of the local forry systems. that's your kcbs traffic. guys? all right thanks liza. the heat and drought are fueling wildfires across the country. so far this year, wildfires have burned more than 6.5 million acres. that's more than two and a half times that burned during the same period last year. in california, there are 18 wildfires burning right now. the fire in lake county is up to 85% contained. all evacuation orders have been lifted and winds are picking up again near sacramento with triple digit heat and there are concerns new fires could erupt at any moment. in southern california, a fire in the angeles national forest burned 500 acres and six structures. it began yesterday afternoon and so far, there are no -- there's no containment.
6:38 am
the cause of that near still under investigation. there are two other significant wildfires burning in l. a. county. one near glendora and the other in montibello area. and searchers in indonesia have found the wreckage of a passenger plane carrying 54 people. but it could take a while for crews to get to a very hard to reach location. residents of a nearby village telling the local police they saw the plane flying low before it crashed into a mountain yesterday. the airline is one of a number of indonesian airliners barred from flying here to the u.s. and europe because of their safety record. a sky diver is dead after colliding with another jumper at the chicago air and water show. take a look. video shows the parachutists clipping a building after saturday's midair collision. one of them landed on lake shore drive and was rushed to a hospital where he died yesterday. >> man was coming in really low. and feared to be almost motionless or lifeless. >> the victim is identified as 32-year-old sergeant first
6:39 am
class corey hood a member of the golden knights parachute it team. the other suffered a broken leg and he's been released from the front. investigators are examining wreckage from a collision that killed five people in dig. a jet and a cessna crashed into one another as they approached the airport on sunday morning. witnesses say thaw fell to the ground after they caught fire and broke apart when they hit the ground. the larger plane was leased by a military contractor and had four of its employees on board. time now 6:president. on a -- 9. on a monday. our campaign 2016 coverage and a big shake-up in the latest polls for both parties. who's up and who's down in the race for the presidential nomination. >> and "star wars" fans may want to plan a trip to disneyland soon. how the force is coming to its theme parks. >> and let's take a look at the market. opening days of the week. and the market looking a lot like it did last week. it is down in a big way. we'll check the numbers and much more all things business with our financial reporter jason
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hey welcome back to the kpix 5 morning news where we're showing you the numbers this morning. not quite as hot as it was yesterday. 75 in the city. as we all head back to school here. concord 98 degrees. san jose 89. and oakland 83. down in the south bay today, plenty of sunshine and except right along the shoreline. 68 at half-moon bay and 89 for san jose. over in the east bay, plenty hot but not as bad as sunday. 100 degrees in antioch and 105 at brentwood. livermore 100 degrees and then up in the north bay we're going to be looking at fog and low clouds to start the morning. for a change. then 89 in novato and 87 san rafael. we'll have the extended forecast which has some good news but first let's get the latest with frank. some breaking news right now in thailand where at least
6:44 am
three people are dead and more than two dozen have been injured after a powerful explosion. this happened at a bangkok intersection during the evening commute. the cause of the blast unknown at this time. we'll continue to update this as soon as we get some mu information. all right, time now is almost 6:45. well, check in with liza on this monday morning traffic. >> hi there, good morning everybody. we're going to start out of with the nimitz where it's been a slow morning. we've had an accident in san leandro. all lanes are open southbound 880 at davis street is where the accident happened. but traffic has been slow from beyond the 66th avenue and looks like some of those delays are dissipating but for right now you're still going to want to use 580 as your alternate to the delays on 880 this morning. and keep in mind, in san jose on city streets northbound senter road remains shut down between capitol expressway and south side drive. kiet do is there at the police action this morning. southbound lanes of senter road remain open. and san jose freeways are still in good shape with no big
6:45 am
accidents out there. north 101 is going to be slow for the usual stretches approaching and passing the 280 and 680 interchange. now over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. and traffic has been backed up from the foot of the macarthur maze. dave times have increased to slower now and 32 minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. that's your kcbs traffic. now to brian. all righty liza starting out with some haze this morning. won't be as bad as it was over the weekend. all of that from fires that are way up by trinity county. and that's -- as i said it's going to ease up a little bet today awelcome live look to the bay bridge and the sun rising slowly in the east. 64 degrees right now in concord and 60 oakland and we're starting out with 60 degrees in san francisco. double barreled high. one over the desert southwest and the other in the eastern pacific. means a lot of sunshine today. but low clouds to the rescue. high pressure hot temps inland. and then, there's the low clouds increase, the temperatures decrease. we'll be back down into the mid 80s midweek. but today will still be plenty
6:46 am
warm. but look at the forecast. the futurecast is showing that we've got low clouds sticking to the shoreline all the way from point arena down to the monterey bay area. that's going to cool things down big time at the shore. and as the time lapse rolls on through tomorrow morning, you can see that it just hangs in there. so looking live from mount vaca. smoky and hot inland again today. but cooler by the shoreline. and then we'll be back to near normal by midweek. forecast highs for the day 100 at fairfield and livermore and 93 in santa rosa and 89 degrees in san jose. extended forecast another hot one today inland. but then tuesday, wednesday and thursday, will begin to ease it off and head back to the usual fog and low clouds and the forecast we can do in our sleep. and i think that -- which is what i'm doing actually, frank? [ laughter ] >> get my man a couple of coffee would you? thank you brian. presidential candidate donald trump taking a break from campaigning to fulfill his civic duty. here he is arriving at a manhattan courtroom about 40 minutes ago for jury duty.
6:47 am
little bit of media there. the "new york daily news" reports earlier this year trump had been fined $250 for ignoring five jury summons since 2006. so now -- he's doing his civic due toy. >> got to report at the same time a new poll shows a shake up in the race in both major parties. a national fox poll has trump still in front but ben carson now in second and senator cruz is in third and jeb bush in fourth. trump says immigration and the same fox poll shows hillary clinton falling below 50% support nationally. with senator bernie sanders up to 30%. vice president joe biden is still trying to make up his mind about whether to run for president again. his advisers reportedly are urging him to make a decision very soon. he is said to be weighing all factors. there's a push for biden to decide by october 1st. considered to be the latest he could realistically join the
6:48 am
race for the democratic nomination. back to school for the kids and the california school legislature is back in session. today and some of the topics on the agenda are drones and even puppy. >> puppies all right. with a guide to what's in store, political analyst melissa caen, good morning. >> good morning guys, i'm good, very excited. for you know state politic watchers. yeah we're a very excited different -- to have them back. and just want to talk about a couple of things that the legislature is going to be looking at. and let's start with puppies first. since that's the one probably got your attention. now under a new proposed law called the beagle bill, research labs that experiment using dogs or cats would have to set up an adoption program to try and place the animals in a home before euthanizing them. now most labs already have similar programs but this law would make it mandatory for all labs. now the assembly already passed the bill with overwhelming support with only one person voting against it. there you go.
6:49 am
the beagle bill. it's monday. i didn't have have the heart to start with drones this early. we're going to ease into it with the puppies. >> all right so we've seen so many issues with drones interfering with airplanes and firefighters and helicopters and what's the legislature doing about that? >> quite a bit actually you know the legislature doesn't shy away from regulation. now right now there are eight bills that would regulate drone action. now some would limit drone use by police. others limit where the drones can fly. it prohibits them from flying over private property. and -- schools and -- >> okay. looks like we have -- >> we may have just experienced an earthquake. did you feel that? >> i did. there was an earthquake. you could -- you could feel -- >> definitely an earthquake. >> okay. and -- we're going to work with our producers to try to figure out how strong that earthquake was. but a little bit of a jolt here. >> yeah. >> two jolts actually. first one caught me by surprise, second one i was like that's definitely an earthquake. >> i've been in the studio back in 2011 when we had an
6:50 am
earthquake. the entire desk shakes a little bit and you felt it as well did you not? >> i did. i can't wait to explain this to my mom in alabama thattives standing here while the -- i was standing here while the earthquake was happeningful we're going to take a quick break and be right back and get you more ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] welcome back everyone. if you may have felt it actually. and here's brian hackney with more on the earthquake. about five minutes ago. understand it was based up in marin county. and a magnitude of about 3.3 and boy we felt it leer. the desk was shaking here big time. >> if that was where the epicenter was it's awfully early information. it's a pretty strong jolt and we didn't have much in the way of swaying afterward.
6:54 am
probably a fairly small earthquake felt from south san francisco up through marin county. you can see the tiny little record of it there on the kpix 5 seismograph. i'm waiting to get official information as to magnitude and location. so far, they don't have it. they should have it in the next five minutes or so but there's a preliminary report it was a magnitude 3.3 centered somewhere in marin. a slightly odd place, you can get it anywhere in the bay area most of them around here or near the san andreas fault. boast of them extend into the north bay best thing is just to wait and seems like a moderate earthquake as soon as we find out exactly the epicenter, and the magnitude. we'll with sure to -- be sure to let you know. rolled through about three, four minutes ago and probably got a lot of us our heart beating little bit. >> you are the dog here brian and sans the dog -- as soon as the dog got up i knew it was an earthquake because i thought you were kind of shaking the degreesing there for a -- desk there for a second. >> i felt it before. i mean back in 2011. you know --
6:55 am
>> we just got information. they said it's weird to have it in marin. and it turns out to be in piedmont. that would turn out to implicate the hayward foul. 4.2 -- fault. 4.2 is a pretty good quake that will raise the eyebrows of seismologists who monitor the fault because the hayward fault you can't say it's overdue. but it is due for as you well know, a magnitude 6.7 plus. and anytime. you know, now, the next ten years. you don't know but a 4.2 certainly gets your attention. again, the latest is about five minutes ago. apparently a magnitude 4.2 quake centered somewhere around piedmont over in the east bay. as soon as we get more don't have reports of course at they arely going only -- this early going of any damage but we will let you know. >> how about traffic and i guess back and forth they going -- b.a.r.t. they going to inspect rails? >> certainly and beck folks can -- folks can expect some b.a.r.t. delays this morning. as they do anytime there's a quake they do delay some of the service, they are running
6:56 am
trains at reduced speeds. b.a.r.t. officials are now inspecting the tracks along the b.a.r.t. system. so if you normally take b.a.r.t. expect some delays this morning. also caltrans will be out inspecting our bridges as they normally do anytime there's a quake. it's all a precautionary measure at this point. no reports of any damage at this point and time. guys? and there was an officer- involved shooting overin san jose, go to kiet do now with the very latest. >> reporter: yeah, san jose police now heading into its ninth hour of the investigation. in fact they're still waiting for the coroner to come out here and remove the suspect's body. this happened on a strip mall on the 3100 block of senter roads. we've been watching crime scene technicians all morning long coming and going. outside of a laundromat. this began around 10:00 last night when officers were conducting a follow-up investigation into a previous crime. the officers caught up with the male suspect and investigators say that man then suddenly reached for a handgun. officers drew their weapons and fired a couple of shots.
6:57 am
the suspect was hit. he was pronounced dead at the scene. no officers were injured and sjpd still now has a wide area cordoned off while they finish up their investigation. senter road still shut downgoing northbound between capitol expressway and southside drive. this is the third officer- involved shooting this month. we're live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. okay thanks so much. and again, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake -- over here. just a few minutes ago. huge jolt right? that we felt in the studio. >> based in piedmont on the hayward fault i guess right? >> well, you can never say until you see exactly where it is. but it's part of the fault system which is part of the san andreas fault system as well. happened at 4:49 this morning -- 6:49 this morning, magnitude 4.1 preliminary. it's about ten miles if downtown san francisco. -- from downtown san francisco. and 4 month 1 as they -- 4.1 is a fairly big jolt for the hayward fault. it happens and the fault is would be of the faults that's capable of producing anything
6:58 am
from a 6.7 just one section of the fault goes up to 7.5 with the southern part of the hayward. last time we had a major earth wake on that fault was in october of 1868. and that thing goes about once every 140 years. or so. and -- we're due for a big one. it's all these things are always a reminder to be ready. >> liza you said your heart is still beating right now. >> you never get used to it. i lived in the bay area my whole life. absolutely. okay we're going to talk at the b.a.r.t. system. just got off the phone with b.a.r.t.. they did already run a very brief track inspection. they have now released trains, trains will be late though. expect 15 minute delays on the b.a.r.t. system as they respond to this morning's quake. again, they did do their track inspection and run trains at reduced speeds during that inspection. which is now complete. we don't have any word of any road damage or anything like that at this point and time. as far as bay area roadways. there are delays at the bay
6:59 am
bridge toll plaza and the metering lights are on. guys? okay. but an earthquake centered in the piedmont area. brian you have more on that? >> a little bit. downgraded to a 4.0. bull still you know, in thesy vinty of a four -- vicinity of a 4 in the bay area. so will this. the weather forecast shows plenty warm inland and 100 degrees at fairfield and in livermore today. san francisco backs off of its high of 90 yesterday to just 75 today. and in santa rosa 93. relief on the way in the form of fog and low clouds. means cooler along the coast today. but still, plenty warm inland. and a spare the air day. tuesday through wednesday, thursday and friday. we'll finally be back in the mid 70s along the bay. but another warm one today and another reminder again to check with your kids. and make sure you you have a plan for your family. >> it's your kids' first day of high school right? >> if weren't awake you're awake now. that earthquake downgraded now to a 4.0. we'll have more at noon. >> and much more coming up in
7:00 am
our updates as well. "cbs this morning" is coming up next folks. take care. we'll see you relentless wildfires destroyed hundreds of homes in the west. we're in the washington town surrounded by flames. donald trump unveils his immigration plan and a new poll shows political outside your windows soaring. a bruising expose on what it's really like to work at amazon, first on "cbs this morning," jay carney responds. but we begin with a look at today's eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> you see how close the flames


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