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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 18, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a lot of cars! >> yeah. >> four, maybe five! [ laughter ] >> shouldn't be awake this early! >> wait till you see 580. >> yeah, there's like gazillion cars, i'm frank mallicoa t and you heard the faces, we'll introduce the people, lisa and what's your name? >> mr. malicoat, how are you? we're starting off with cooler conditions, looks like everybody will cool off, live towards the bay bridge and beginning with numbers that are cooler that be than they were yesterday, #40i6 degree -- 60 degrees, the complete forecast coming up. >> and westbound 80 slow already because of construction in the livermore area, i will have details on k cbs traffic. another police shooting in san jose, it happened last night, police say it was related to another fatal encounter just a day before
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kiet do is out there. >> reporter: we're essentially watching a complex homicide investigation unfold right before our eyes with deadly results, pick up the story way recording of dispatch audio. >> shots fires. >> copy 57. >> suspect has a female occupant in the vehicle, per last information. >> per last info, he intends to 187 her. >> i'm at 37 [ indiscernible ] court, shots fired, one suspect down. >> [ indiscernible ] kirkhaven, suspect down. >> reporter: all right, is 187, of course is the police code for homicide, believe the men they shot dead last night was about to kill the woman who was with him, s.w.a.t. officers following him tore some time, had a warrant for his arrest in connection with the grisly homicide last week,
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police said the man realized he was being followed and led them back to his home and then crashed his car, investigators say he jujed out of the -- jumped oult out of the car and went running. >> suspecting running towards an unknown house at the end of the court, the officer is chasing the suspect and the suspect reaches for the waistband area, the officer shoots his weapon, shoots the suspect and is pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: at last report, police did not find a gun, ha that was monday night around 7:00 p.m., the day before on sunday night at 10:00 p.m., police have shot and killed another suspect who was also in connection with that homicide last week, he was an accomplice, police say. sfpd says they have surveillance video of the incident onlandy lundy avenue, showing them harassing him before killing him, saying
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it's horrific, two suspects shot by police, the last suspect, they want him to turn himself in, they say surround su are not surrender now. national guard troops will battle with firefighters against wildfires, more than 140 soldier soldiers and airmen have been activated, state leaders asked for the help saying state resources have just been tapped out and in lincoln county crews are making major progress on that jerusalem fire, 25,000 acre blaze is now 90% contained and destroyed nine homes, 18 outbuildings but saying all evacuations and road closures have been lifted. no reports of injuries or significant damage after yesterday's earthquake centered near piedmont. yeah, as you can see, is it awake a-- it awakens many,
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including these dogs who were clearly confused by the event and a sleeping baby startled awake as his bedroom begins to shake, happened at 6:49 in the morning, a mile from piedmont. it was the first significant test for california's new earthquake early warning system. [ beeping back back. ] >> earthquake, earthquake. >> saying the system did what it was supposed to do but but the agency says it's impossible to tell everyone because it travel s so fast, nine miles within the quake got no warning because the shock waves don't have enough time to get to the centers, 15 miles there was ae three second heads up, 25 miles seven seconds, people 50 miles away got a full 20 seconds to get prepared for that earthquake. we got a complete earthquake resource center on our website, check it out, cbs
4:35 am earthquakes. >> and here, pretty strong. >> yeah, and you know, the early warning system, the bigger quake quakes but by the time this one, a magnitude 4 gives people 50 miles away seven seconds, the people 50 miles away won't feel a magnitude 4, so it needs to be a significant earthquake, but it's good warning. a cool morning, that means he shall will be feeling a breath of fresh air today and most of that smoke and haze of the weekend now gone as we go toward the bay bridge, right now the numbers are near the low 60s and upper 50s, 62 degrees at oakland, 51 san jose and 57 san santa rosa, this afternoon, thing to warm up too, inland, about 90 degrees inland, mid 70s around the bay and mid 60s at the coast, that's weather, let's get our first look of traffic, lisa? >> good morning, everybody, this tuesday commute we're watching, the southbound 280
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approaching the 101 interchange to the center divider, all lanes are open and traffic still moving okay approaching the scene, meantime the san mateo bridge, westbound traffic flowing well, no road work, all lanes are are open free in both directions a quick 12 minute trip leaving hayward from 8 #10i8 all 80 all the way to 101, westbound 580, the livermore pleasant hood area because of road work in the commute direction and at least one lane of traffic is shut down approaching hacienda, that's a look at kcbs traffic. a very sharp increase in car break-ins, up by nearly 50% this year, mark kelly shows us autobody shops can barely keep up with all the busted windows. >> reporter: nothing says welcome to san francisco like someone breaking in to your car. >> all it takes one window and then open up all the doors from
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there. >> reporter: kim from the auto repair center has had his hands full, every day he hears the new crime story from a mu victim. >> shrug it off, living in the city and other people are of course, somewhat less than amused which i can understand. >> reporter: and also not amused, carlos van freddy. >> huge games what they lose in the vehicle. >> reporter: up 50%, auto burglary a whopping 40%, all in one year ever since realignment which lessened the penalty for lesser crimes, robberies have accelerated. >> more criminals on the street means that your property crimes are going to increase because if they're just getting released, the chances of reoffending again are likely. >> reporter: stronger sentencing, in the meantime, it's keeping tim and his auto
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repair shop busy whether he like likes it or not. >> no one wants to benefit from someone else's misfortune. >> reporter: it hits every neighborhood in the city, the cost to fix those windows could cost anywhere from 2-4 hundred. the flight data recorder from a passenger plane in the remote part of indonesia, crews are finally able to reach the crash site confirming the plane was destroyed and all 54 people aboard killed, it slammed in rough weather, the cause of the crash still unknown. investigators in thailand have surveillancicals of a man with a yellow shirt and a backpack who they believe is behind a deadly explosion. yesterday's blast at a shrine in ban killed 20 people and wounded more than 100 others, meantime a ferry in bangkok, no one was hurt in the day's
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blast. an entrepreneur and his tam family were the targets of racist graffiti, video was recorded outside the home of justin kennan, pulling out a marker and a slur against asian s on the garage door. >> pretty offensive act, i don't think he was trying to hurt us, something i wouldn't expect in san francisco, i'm mostly angry about it. >> ken is of chinese descent, known for finding the online platform twitch which is used to broadcast video games and was acquired by amazon just last year. just getting going on a tuesday 4:39, gourmet meal on the company dime, tech workers eating for free, it might be over. and what's cool about your school, you can e-mail your no, nominations to us at coolschool,
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>> back now, 4:41, back to school week for kids in oakland, the unified school district is still short on teachers, christin ayers explains who will fill that void. >> reporter: one week and for rising fourth grader jammari, number 14, it's all play on the football field. for his mother this is tho game, fighting to get jamari out of his oakland public school because of overcrowding. >> i went and sat in his classroom for a couple hours one day and i just felt the teacher could not control the kids, it was way too many kids for one teacher. >> reporter: when school starts next week, things may get worse. with seven days left, there are still 60 teaching positions left to fill, and oakland unified says low income schools like the one where shanay's son goes will be impacted the most. >> our talent offices working around the clock to make sure our schools are fully staffed.
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>> reporter: but smoem troy spokesman troy flint says it's unlikely there will be 50 hires by monday, having to fill in with other staff until other teachers are hired. >> the ideal is to have the same teacher on the first day that you do on the last day and everyday in between, unfortunately that's not the reality for us necessarily and it's not the reality for districts throughout the country. >> reporter: flint says there's a teacher pipeline problem statewide do you due to the lasting effects of the recession and budget cuts, it's enough to make shanay twice about moving jamari to another school district. >> we have to have our kids be whatever they want to be, a doctor, nurse, lawyer and right now the education they're getting they won't be able to do that. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers. >> hoeulding a -- holding a job
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fair tomorrow downtown. many tech companies offer employees gourmet meals at no charge, that will soon come to an end, free lunches but only if they benefit the employer, not the employee. for the employee, it's considered income and there's a growing push to tax them on it. >> it's really something you need to offer employees to remain competitive with the other larger players such as google and facebook. >> so it's not a done deal just yet, tax attorneys say even if the irs revises rules it would face challenges in court. >> i think our vending machines work pretty well. do you have a quarter by the way? >> yeah, those payday bars, terrific we don't have to worry about getting tax ond this free lunch. we're started out with cooler weather today and in fact, that's going to set a trend that will last right through the end of the weekend, are relief tht east bay as the clouds come in the shoreline, there it is the bay bridge
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standing proudly and boldly since the day it opened november 12, 193 -- anybody? >> 1936. >> very good, san francisco 59 degrees, san jose 61 and santa rosa 57 degrees and here's how it looks, high pressure easing off the high coast, the temperatures ease up and low pressure trough digs out of the pacific northwest so cooler air pours in to the bay area this morning and that will keep temperatures, still going to be warm inland, just not nearly, the stratospheric heights, tracking tht shoreline, you'll see tomorrow morning at this time, below cloud deck, that's tomorrow morning, much more ex extensive than it will be today, and so everybody will have over overcast skies to start out wednesday for this morning, more coastal clouds, sunny not as warm inland and then more cooling on wednesday. here's the forecast for today, san francisco falls to 70 degree degrees, 87 for concord,
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san jose 85 and oakland 76 degrees, down there the south bay, looking good, 92 morgan hill, 88 los gatos and pretty much low 80s, mill pitas, mountain view, clear skies this hour in livermore and temperatures there, it's going to be looking at 89, 82 vallejo, 84 petaluma, 86 santa rosa and 82, plenty warm if you like it that way, 96 and 93 ukiah, the warming trend again, wednesday, thursday friday in the low 80s inland low 70s in the bay mid 60s shoreline and will take that trend all the way in to next week. that's the forecast as for the road ahead, here's lisa. >> thank you, ryan and good morning, we're going to talk about the commute, very light
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traffic for the commute leaving hayward for foster city, in fact all bridges at this very early hour of the morning checking in with an all clear, no delays for the bay bridge toll plaza leaving oakland, this is where you're going to see some slow traffic, approaching the dublin interchange, we do have road work in the westbound direction of 580, crews are out there approaching hacienda with a can couple lanes shut down till at least 5:00 this morning, now, bait bridge commute is -- bay bridge commute is fine, at this hour, leaving oakland heading in to san francisco. in terms of action, the chp is reporting a crash now in the know no novato area, keep that m mind if you plan on making the northbound drive, checking in with light traffic and that westbound direction leaving pittsburgh bound for antioch as you head towards 680, no delays approaching the walnut creek interchange, mass transit in good shape, no delays for the ferry, cal train or the
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altamont commuter spreks. express. it's a distinction one woman hasn't had a chance to earn until now, the first time in the 60 year history of the army rangers two women have been given the elite ranger tab. >> as hannah daniel shows us this is the first time they were allowed in the course >> . >> reporter: after training, two women are on their way for graduating, long alongside men, taking part in the first ever co coed training session in the school's history, training that includes a notoriously tough course. >> carrying the rucksack which is pretty heavy running mission missions, learning patrolling in different parts of the environment. knowledge of that aided the fact that they had two to four hours of sleep every night. >> reporter: the tough journey back in april, with hundreds of other soldiers, first
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completing a basic fitness test, 49 push up ups, 59 sit ups and a file mile run -- five mile run-in 40 minutes they hit engineering, parachute jumps and [ indiscernible ] to earn the ranger tab. >> the course is still to create combat leaders and help make the rest of the army better. >> reporter: unlike the men though, the female graduates won't be able to join the regiment since it remains closed to women. han nahan daniels, cbs news. >> all that and only four hours of sleep, 313 combat positions will open tore women but the military is expecting to keep some combat roles male only. >> all 96 will graduate in georgia. tracy morgan is going home, the former snl cast member on
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october 17, his first interview said he was healing but couldn't wait to get back to comedy. miley cyrus will host for a third time to kick off the 44st season of snl on october 3. one wonder music is giving back to his fans, stevy wonder ie wonder popping up in random places, at the washington dc armory mall and made an appearance in new york central park monday night, for fans who missed his appearances, his tour stopped in washington, philadelphia, new york and october and november. >> so love out here, come on, stevie. cyber attack on u.s. taxpayers far worse than first taxpayers far worse than first thought, how the irs is help,,
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well, hello, hi and welcome back on this fine tuesday morning, today san francisco hits 70 degrees, concord cools to 87 and san jose 85 much of the south bay in the low to mid 80s with 84 for sunny veil, and 82 in morgan hill, temperatures will nudge 90 degrees at brentwood and pittsburgh, upper 80s will do it, great deal cooler than 48 hours, bo dega bay, 86 in santa rosa, 83 novato and ukiah, 83 degrees, if you see edward norton the actor knocking around today, august 18, it's his birthday. how old is he? >> 45, maybe? >> 46, very good.
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happy birthday, edward norton. >> all right, we're going to talk about the north bay drive an accident in the clearing stages in novato, eastbound near the 101 interchange, debris scattered across lanes, a car hit the guard rail and scattered some debris across the lanes of traffic, meantime, 580 negative westbound traffic, as with the golden gate, southbound traffic flowing well approaching san francisco, more k cbs traffic for you ahead. 4:54, california lawmakers are considering raising the gas tax for the first time in 20 years, the biggest reason is that state needs billions of dollars to repair crumbling roads and other factors increase the numbers of hybrid and electric cars out there, driver s are using less gas that means the state is not collecting as much money. >> all these teslas are being sold, they stoent -- don't
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pay gas tax, we need money to pay for the roads. >> making sure it goes where it's intended and not borrowed with the ceiling when the budget crunch comes. >> the proposed tax would add $.12 a gallon and electric cars not exempt, most drivers cover their share with higher rej registration fears. officers say justin gardner was speeding when he side swiped another car in san pablo dam road, his camaro smashed in to a tree and burst in to flames, gardner was drunk in the car, his passengers all in their 20s died at the scene, he could face other charges. friends and family remembering two orange county teenagers killed in a freak accident while camping at yosemite national park, kim and lee both 14 years of age died friday when a large oak tree fell on to their tent. they were vacationing with family at the site at yosemite
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valley, both were active in water polo. >> both of them were great kids, i mean, honestly, they came to work every single day, they were really happy, enthusiastic, great teammates. >> candle light individual vigil scheduled tonight at a high school in irvine. the irs says the breach is much worse than they thought, in may thieves used a tool on the irs website to steal the tax forms of more than 100,000 people, now they've revised that number to 220,000. the irs is sending letters to warn victims and will offer free credit protection to those involved. it's 4:56, coming up on kpix 5, the west coast on fire, and so far burned seven acres, i'm kate and why the military is getting involved. and i'm kiet do, live in san jose where police have shot and killed yet another homicide suspect overnight, the second one this week, a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. >> good morning, everyone, it is tuesday, august 18, i'm [ indiscernible ] dina. >> i'm frank mallicoat for the second night, police have shot ask killed a second suspect, on monday, and kiet do was at the scene of the most recent shooting, joins us with the latest, kiet? >> reporter: good morning, essentially watching a complex homicide investigation before our eyes, dispatch audio recorded last night. >> we have shots fired, suspect has a female occupant in the vehicle, per last information 187 her. i'm at 37 kirkhaven court, shots fired one suspect down. >> reporter: yeah, 187 of
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course is the police code for homicide, investigators believe the man they shot dead last night was about to kill the woman who was in the car with him, s.w.a.t. officers following that man for some time, a warrant with his arrest in connection with a deadly homicide last week, the man raeltdz he was being followed, led them back to his home in kirkhaven court in san jose and then crashed his car, investigators say he jumped out of the car and took off running. >> the officer's chasing the suspect and the suspect reaches for the waist band area, the officer fires his weapon, shoots the suspect and he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: now, at last report, police did not find a gun, that was monday night around 7:00 p.m., the day before on supd sunday night, police have shot and killed another suspect, who police say was another suspect on


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