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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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maria medina. >> what day is it again? >> it's friday! >> we love friday! you made it, everybody. good morning. good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:30. a little traffic and weather before we talk about the weekend, of course. it was like 70 degrees this morning in san francisco. >> well, i'm happy you were happy. >> it's too warm. >> okay, well, believe me, i -- i hate to disagree with your meteorological read because it's nowhere near 70 degrees. [ laughter ] >> really? >> there's something wrong with your metabolism, young man. >> my car is messed up. >> 62 maybe? >> something like that. as we look at the transamerica period in san francisco right now, it's -- pyramid in san francisco right now, it's 61 at concord. 63 oakland. 64 livermore. 60 san francisco. we are looking for things to turn wet in the two-week period. there's a hint. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> let's jump to the roads. here's a live look at conditions at dublin interchange. westbound 580 we have a few cars on the roadway right now.
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roadwork from san ramon to hacienda three left lanes down for the county until 5:00. we have reports of roadwork also that may slow you down. on the flip side of eastbound 580 through the altamont pass slow already for that morning drive. >> don't worry, frank. i believe you. >> my car said 70. developing now, firefighters are battling a massive warehouse fire on mare island. the three-alarm blaze started around midnight at an iron company. flames shot into the night sky as the thick smoke poured from the warehouse. residents are told to stay inside. keep your windows closed. kpix 5's anne makovec is at the scene and she will have a live report at 5 a.m. the firefight near livermore continues this morning as the "tesla fire" continues to burn.
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firefighters have gained some ground. 2500 acres burned. chopper 5 got a closer look last night as air tankers made water drops. the fire is burning near tesla road in a rural area right between tracy and livermore. the fire has destroyed one structure but with lower temperatures cal fire is starting to get a better handle on the flames. the cause is still under investigation. it's deadline day for oakland's coliseum city investment plan. last week former 49ers executive carmen policy told nfl owners the raiders and san francisco chargers are committed to moving to l.a. creating a megamarketed for football in southern california. so the pressure is on today for coliseum city developer floyd kephart. in fact officials have expressed frustratio of no viable proposal from oakland so far. it is 4:32. a check of weather from mr. hackney for the big weekend. >> yes, the big weekend ahead.
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we'll show no big changes not in the next week or so. we are in a stagnant pattern where there's no big change from day to day the usual low clouds and fog. boy, as you head out to the long range, like 10 days from now, there's a suggestion it's going to turn -- you know, september and october are supposed to be warmest months of the year closest to the shoreline, it's not shaping that way. el nino? who knows. right now we visit these numbers. frank, you're a little young for hot flashes. 60 san francisco, 61 concord, 60 san jose. we'll have the same pattern for the next seven days. high pressure over the desert southwest stays in that pattern. but then 10 days out it looks as if things could turn cooler and wetter. we'll have more on that but first more on traffic. here's gianna. >> let's jump to the freeways right now. no accidents according to chp really the only thing you want to look out for is some roadwork this morning. not at the bay bridge though. here's a live look at conditions. you have a few cars in the cash lanes. overall very quiet out of
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oakland into san francisco. jumping over to 580 westbound at the dublin interchange, look out for roadwork there. also on the eastbound side you're going to see some delays for construction getting busy any way westbound altamont pass to 680. east every there out of trace -- east of there out of tracy, brake lights. a's tonight at the coliseum so expect delays on 880. right now 880 through oakland looking good. commuters who use the golden gate ferry service can expect delays up to 15 minutes today and through the weekend. construction workers are doing repairs at the san francisco ferry terminal. thousands of people want san francisco police officers to wear body cameras. 35,000 signatures have been checked for a petition in response to a video that went viral earlier this week. you can see a number of officers on top of a man with a prosthetic leg. sfpd is defending how they handled this disabled suspect saying he posed a danger to
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himself and the public. investigation of allegations of animal abuse against a woman who runs a pet boarding business in burlingame. the probe began with this video which may be difficult to watch. take a look. a neighbor shot the video last month and turned it over to the humane society. it appears to show the woman jerking the dog by the neck slamming it to the ground and then slapping it. an attorney for the woman says his client was training the dog. >> this lady loves these dogs and she takes the rescue dogs and she is also a dog trainer. but sometimes, you have to use a different disciplinary approach. >> we have had complaints over the last 10 years of her inappropriate discipline. >> all dogs have been taken out of the woman's care including her own three pets. punches thrown following a debate about the confederate flag. >> it is not okay. the confederate flag is a symbol of hatred.
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period. >> 14-year-old apple valley high school student christopher says he was repeatedly punched after confronting a classmate for wearing a belt with a confederate flag on it. the blows caught on some grainy cell phone video here. superintendent says the student throwing the punches has been suspended but christopher and his mother want the school ban the confederate flag clothing completely. >> i can understand if i threaten him and his family. i can understand if i shoved him. i can understand if i participated in a physical altercation. but i didn't. and he kept on. he just kept on hitting. >> the superintendent said confederate flag clothing is not banned because they would have to ban a long list of other clothes, as well. instead, staff can request students to remove clothing on a case-by-case basis. america's 39th president jimmy carter is undergoing treatment for cancer. he began radiation therapy for melanoma yesterday. the cancer was discovered during recent surgery on his
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liver. yesterday, mr. carter held a news conference in georgia announcing the cancer had spread to four places on his brain. >> i have an exciting and adventurous gratifying existence so i was surprisingly at ease, much more so than my wife was. >> president carter is 90. he says he feels good with only slight pain. on campaign 2016, republican candidate donald trump plans to fill a football stadium in alabama for a pep rally and town hall event tonight. brook silva-braga with the latest on the campaign trail. reporter: at the stadium in mobile, alabama, they usually host college football but the "friday night lights" this week will shine on donald trump. >> they are going to end up being 30 to 40,000 people in alabama. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: earlier this week, the gop front-runner offered up his plan for immigration calling for the deportation of undocumented workers and
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questioning the first right citizenship of their children calling them anchor babies. other republicans aimed their criticism at hillary clinton when florida senator marco rubio suffered a brief power outage during a campaign event in michigan. he blamed clinton. >> that was the democrats. that was hillary clinton's server. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the clinton campaign has insisted she did not send or receive any emails marked classified on her private server. brook silva-braga, for cbs news. >> time now 4:38. fed up with people invading his home uc-berkeley's chancellor takes action to protect his safety and now students are upset. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. you can email your nominations right here at and we might come and feature your school or that summer camp on the show. it's a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a final tribute for a
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contra costa county sheriff's deputy who drowned while trying to save a friend. the funeral procession for deputy carlos francies began yesterday in sacramento where he lived. the 30-year-old was paddle boarding on lake tahoe last week when a friend was struggling in the water. francies went after him and drowned. >> carlos was an honorable man working in an honorable profession as a deputy sheriff, and he died honorably doing exactly what he swore an oath to do, to care for the safety of others. >> and francies worked for the sheriff's department for four years. most recently, at the martinez detention facility. 4:41. overtaxed for years, that's the realization for more than 200 low-income families. now santa clara county will have to repay each and every one of them. kpix 5's christian hartnett tells us just how much the county will have to fork over. >> reporter: for families in
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the los arroyos community, it seems like a bad dream. >> it couldn't be possible. >> reporter: for 13 years this low-income housing communities has never paid the correct amount in property taxes. >> we were, like, wow. this is incredible, 13 years, higher and higher taxes. it was a shock. >> reporter: the santa clara county tax assessor's office discovered the mistake after repeated calls from a neighbor who felt she was overpaying. turns out the assessor's office had overvalued the homes since the day they were built all because the developer and the city of gilroy never notified them that they were low-income housing. a deeper search found 215 low income homes total in gilroy that were in the same boat. now they will all receive refunds from the county. >> it's complicated but we're well aware of what it is and we're good at doing that. >> reporter: the tax assessor says the county will have to pay more than $2 million in refunds likely coming from the
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county general fund. >> we have a $4 billion budget. so $2 million is, um, not insignificant. but it will not cause any reduction in services that the county provides to the public. >> reporter: a small piece of the pie for the county, but a significant chunk of change for the families who have been overpaying for years. >> going to bring down our budget, bring down our taxes and we could do things more with our families. >> reporter: christian hartnett, kpix 5. today wall street hopes to bounce back from a pretty rough thursday. the dow jones industrial average fell 358 points or 2.1%. that's the biggest percentage decline in 18 months. the tech heavy nasdaq fell 2.8%. the drop was in reaction to a really bad day for markets in china. it was also a bad day for san francisco-based twitter. for the first time shares of the microblogging company fell
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below their ipo price at $26. twitter stock dropped more than 30% since last month when interim ceo jack dorsey warned it would take a while to boost user growth. twitter has never turned a profit. federal researchers say last month was the warmest month on record for the earth. july was 61.8 degrees beating the previous mark. modern recordkeeping began in the year 1880. and the drought could be doing some serious damage to california's toughest trees. last summer researchers noticed signs of stress on several trees in sequoia national park and now and expanded study is under way in that area. scientists will climb trees study sprigs of foliage and get an overall sense of the sequoia's water status. some of those trees are more than 3,000 years old. maybe some moisture on the way here? >> in the distant future. yes. there's a little bit of moisture around this morning. there's some drizzle and low
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clouds. nothing too much for the drought. but we do have, you know, low clouds at the shoreline as we have per usual this time of year. not much changing in the next week or so actually. to sum it up we're expecting clouds and drizzle early. as we look towards sfo this morning, just low 80s inland and it will remain mild through the weekend and into next week, as well. so that's not too bad. it's been nice inland. heading out of the bay area, still warm in the great valley. 101 in fresno. yosemite 99. 90 at sacramento. 9 for -- 99 for redding. eureka clouds and 65. monterey and carmel 70 degrees. bay area not too bad. in san francisco today, 66 degrees. a little cooler than average same for concord 6 degrees cooler than usual this time of the year. in san jose 80 degrees for a high, oakland 72. down in the south bay today we'll see santa clara topping out at 78 degrees.
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san jose 80. morgan hill 84 degrees. los gatos 82. so still warm. take a little while for the sun to come out later this morning. 65 at pacifica and 66 at half moon bay. over in the east bay today, still warm. 84 at brentwood and 84 at pittsburg. you get over to the 680 corridor in danville, san ramon and dublin all in the low 80s in pleasanton 82 degrees and 83 degrees at livermore. up in the north bay, the numbers this afternoon in santa rosa, 80 degrees after persistent overcast burns off. and 79 for petaluma. 78 in novato. 71 for alameda. oakland today 72 degrees. in ukraine today, the 90s there and at lakeport and clearlake. extended forecast we'll be looking for the usual low clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon. mid-80s should do it able to way through the weekend in the warmest spots inland in the low 70s around the bay. and we'll continue that trend all the way into next week. that's weather. here's traffic! >> thank you, brian.
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so far, pretty quiet on the roads as far as traffic goes. i just checked in with chp still accident-free. let's go to the san mateo bridge right now. you can see both directions looking good. no delays out there as you work your way westbound out of hayward into foster city. 880 to 101, easy 14 to 15- minute ride to make that portion of your commute. eastbound no delays. typically you have roadwork there but not there this morning. rest of the bay area bridges looking good. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a few more cars but fairly quiet. carquinez bridge to the maze westbound that's an easy 18- minute ride this morning no extra time needed there yet. marin county no delays southbound 101, 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. once you hit the bridge just a couple of cars into san francisco. we are seeing brake lights westbound five out of tracy, typical slow conditions for your morning drive but "friday light" for the most part. eastbound roadwork through
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there. that's since been wrapped up. westbound as well as you work your way towards the dublin interchange. that early-morning roadwork in the clearing stages. things should be back up to speed. we have extra volume but overall an easy ride towards 680. later on along 880 in oakland, a's taking on the rays tonight first pitch at 7:05. delays towards the coliseum this evening for the game. you might use bart as an alternate. also right now 880 both directions through oakland not seeing any troubles towards the bay bridge and checking the south bay northbound 101 off to a good start. we are seeing nice speeds 56 miles per hour in some spots looking good as you work your way 101 towards mckee. no delays on southbound side of guadalupe parkway but northbound a few brake lights so we'll look into that in the next few minutes. uc-berkeley is increasing security with a new fence around the chancellor's home. uc's transcolor has been the target of protests -- chancellor has been the target of protests in the past. in 2009 a protest was ugly when things were thrown at the home. and since then police have been
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guarding the chancellor's home around the clock. that may not be necessary once the fence is completed. >> 101, 1, 12:00 at night, people have gone to the residents, pounded on the door at 10, 11, 12:00 at night. >> critics say it blocks a pathway and says it's a symbolic separation between the chancellor and students. they are nba champs so there's no surprise there was fierce competition at the dance competition. betty yu reports. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: they danced their hearts out. they busted all the right moves from jazz to help you hop for a spot on the golden state warriors dance team. 40 girls traveled from as far away as texas, arizona, the east coast, and japan including 19-year-old yuka. >> my dream is to be a leader. >> reporter: why the warriors dance team? >> because when i watch the
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tv, i told warriors dancer is very powerful. >> reporter: mikaela knows what it's like. the oakland native and college student was part of this year's championship team. can you share storm of your strategies -- can you share some of your strategies for outdancing some of these girls? >> practice and give it your all. >> reporter: even more women tried out for a spot on the team this year. most are between 18 and 24. tryouts started with more than 200 hopefuls. >> people don't realize that we're looking for the full package. it's not just an amazing dancer and performer but we're looking for someone to be an ambassador for our organization. >> reporter: only half of these girls will make the cut. they find out tomorrow online. training camp starts immediately this weekend. in livermore, betty yu, kpix 5. >> good luck to them. the team would not say how much the dancers earn. sneaker heads looking to expand their collection are doing everything they can and
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have a brand-new pay of kanye west's latest fashion shoes. the shoes go on sale tomorrow. dozens of fans lined up last night. we found them camping out at the market street store. >> he is bringing a new style to everything tow african- american pop culture a huge influence. >> i guess. the shoes are a limited edition. they look similar to these only they come in black. the price tag is $200. >> no. there are everywhere. >> kim is making so much money they put out anything people are going to buy it. >> people are really serious about their sneakers. >> after 50 bucks for sneakers ,
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61 in concord. 57 in santa rosa. we have a stagnant pattern offshore low out to sea high inland and the numbers will be the same as yesterday. 80 degrees in santa rosa. 66 in san francisco. 80 san jose. today fairfield will hit 84 degrees. and in livermore 83. concord today only 72. don't forget concord was at 102 just a week ago. so things have significantly cooled down. we are going to keep it that way, too. the usual fog and low clouds in the morning. you just have to know the temperatures will stay the same. you have to know when to hold 'em. kenny rogers does. he is 77 today.
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checking the roads right now, not too bad as you work your way towards the bay bridge out of oakland into san francisco. and, in fact, very light conditions, dare i say it, "friday light"? metering lights are off. if you want to skip the roads, take bart. they are all on time. white smoke pours out of a high-rise in downtown san jose after a generator blew up on the ground floor. five people were hurt, no injuries are life-threatening. there is significant damage to the 19 story building. that explosion damaged water pipes and created a significant water problem underground. family of the man who died last month when he became caught between two buildings in oakland is demanding answers. officers have been chasing richard linyard when they found him wedged in a foot wide space here. linyard was trying to run from a traffic stop. on wednesday authorities allowed reporters to see police body camera video of the incident and made the same offer to the family, too. >> i'm really scared to see it,
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you know, but i want to see. i want to know what happened. i want to see the whole video. i don't want to see parts of the video. >> i believe he was murdered. >> linyard's brother claims he went to the scene and took this picture to show why he doesn't believe that his brother could have gotten stuck in that small space. the l.a. county district attorney will consider whether to charge caitlyn jenner with manslaughter for "her" role in a fatal crash last february. a dashcam captured the crash as jenner's suv rear-ended two cars on the pacific coast highway pushing one into oncoming traffic. the 62-year-old driver of that vehicle was killed when he hit her head on. the crash happened before his transition to a woman. he could face a year in prison if convicted. a look at this burning shell of a building here behind me, it's full of hazardous materials. quite a challenge for firefighters on mare island. we'll tell you what they are worried about now. >> the state of california is taking unprecedented steps to
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do something about all these drones flying at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it's friday, august 21. i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. bring on the weekend. it's nearly 5:00 on this friday morning. developing at this hour, a huge warehouse fire on mare island has kept fire crews busy for hours overnight and residents being warned to stay inside their homes and stay away from all the smoke. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live at mare island with the very latest. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the smoke is very thick. firefighters just gave us these masks to wear. the smoke is hazardous because this warehouse here behind me, which is now really a shell of a building, was full of hazardous materials. it was the alco iron works building here on mare island
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which was a metal and hazardous waste recycling facility. just about the worst type of building to burn. it was 62,000 square feet and check out the flames when firefighters first got here. they were shooting out of the roof. some of the materials in this building ewaste, lead batteries, used oil, and propane. so there were several small explosions. the roof collapsed so firefighters were only able to fight this fire from the outside. and now they have concerns going forward that the thing could collapse. >> there's going to be pockets of fire in here that we're not going to be able to get access to and you still have those exterior walls stuck up there that we are anticipating that are going to come down. one of them on the other side actually we're hoping it falls inward so it goes the other direction and it's in the direction of a 500, 600-gallon propane tank so we still have hazards involved and we are doing


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