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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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tonight: three childhood he seemed like he was ready to fight to the end and so were we tonight three friends from sacramento tell how they did it. good evening,. u.s. airmen spencer stone, national guards man and sacramento state student will receive honor medals at a ceremony in paris tomorrow. that is france's highest honor. the suspected gunman they took down is said to be an islamic
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extremist. he claims all he wanted from the passengers was money to buy food. but, the three american heroes are telling a very different story. >> he seemed like he was ready to fight to the end. so, so were we. >> reporter: and fight they did. with a bloodied eye and an arm in a sling from the confrontation, spoepb described -- stone described what he and his body were dealing with. >> he came up and grabbed the gun out of his hand. i put him in a choke hold. he pulled more weapon left and right. all three of us started punching him while he was in the middle of us. >> reporter: two of the friends, american servicemen on a break. >> i feel our training mostly kicked in after it was subdued.
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mostly it was gut instinct. >> danger over they turned to help an american passenger shot in the neck. >> i just went over, saw he was squirting blood out of the left or right side of his neck and i was going to use my shirt at first but i realized that would not have worked so i stuck two of my fingers in the hole and found what i thought to be the artery, pushed town and the bleeding stopped. so i said thank god. >> reporter: the suspect denied it was a terror attack. he just wanted to rob passengers. the police caught him with a pistol, automatic weapon and several rounds of ammunition. >> to rob a train it does not take 8 magazines to rob a train. >> reporter: asked if there were lessons? >> hiding or sitting back is not going to accomplish anything. and the gunman would have been
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successful if my friend, spencer had not gotten up in times of terror like that. please do something in times like that. don't stand by and watch. >> reporter: sadler said that stopping the gunman in his tracks came down to luck. they were traveling in another carriage but the wi-fi was not working great. so they decided to switch and that is where the takedown went down. back to you. do yourself a favor tomorrow, don't start off your monday morning by checking your stocks. it is shaping up to be another rough ride on wall street. judging by what is happening by the asian markets tonight. the investors are unloading after the big sell off. the do you went down 531 points wrapping up the worst week since 2011. the 10% drop from the records in may pushed today. >> we are over due for direction. we are starting to get it.
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it is coming on hard and fast. makes us more agstated and makes it feel worse than it is. good news, no. definitely not. >> it is about four years since the last big market correction. well, a group of african- american woman are four rous -- furious after getting kicked off of the wine train. the police were called because other passengers complained they were too loud. the women claim they were singled out and they told our partners at kcbs radio they are wondering if race had anything to do with it. >> in essence they taken something from us they can never give us back, our dignity. there were so many passengers looking at us like we were in this fishbowl out the window at, you know, imagining what it is that we could of done that warranted us to be ejected or taken off of the train. >> the wine train issued this response saying our management team attempted to address the
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issue with the party but those attempts were ignored following verbal and physical abuse towards other guests and staff it was necessary to get the police involved. the company gave the women a full refund but tonight they want a public apology. new and improved or is it? chopper 5 spotted a long line of brake lights streaming out of levi stadium. the first big traffic test of the new nfl season. the parking lot cleared out. it was bad on the roads out there around the stadium. now, a lot of traffic enforcement out there, trying to make sure everything is moving smooth as possible. reducing the traffic is a tough
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battle to win. >> there is no way. >> scars sat, fans made the trek away from the stadium by foot. many of them parked far away from the game to avoid the traffic. others say they are not going to fight it. >> we are getting food afterwards. it is backed up. everyone is stopped. >> reporter: earlier today fans coming into the stadium had mixed reviewed. >> surprisingly it was not bad. >> i expected traffic, people everywhere and it was super smooth. >> stop lights, they don't seem to click fast enough and have a lot of people stuck there for five or 10 minutes waiting to keep going. took us a long time to get through. >> reporter: 49ers say the number of exit lanes is being expanded for fans leaving games this year. while many did not see it that way tonight, to sum it up perfectly -- >> traffic is going to be bad nonetheless. >> reporter: vta rider his a report of having a good commute
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into levi stadium. now, the real challenge comes when they have the homeowner here at the stadium. back to you. >> christian, thank you. now, traffic aside the game left the fans with plenty to cheer about. they stomped the cowboys 23-6. dennis has all of highlights and locker room reaction ahead in game day. well, scary moments at sfo today when security found what looked like grenades in someone's bag. the discovery prompted the airport to shutdown terminal 2 while they brought in the bomb squad. the passengers were sent to other terminals causing mass confusion and delays. the grenades turned out to be toys. a scare for b.a.r.t passengers in san francisco this morning as well. they had to evacuate when smoke filled the glen park station heading towards downtown. firefighters think it was trash burning on the track. service was backed up and running, though, after a brief delay. tonight, the police are
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investigating the death of a hang glider that went into a cliff. investigators still are not sure what caused the man to crash but his family says there may have been some type of wire failure on the hang glider. the man had mentioned he needed to get the wires fixed. the 69-year-old was an experienced hang glider. his name has not been yet released. new details tonight on a deadly accident in fairfield involving a world war ii tank. it happened on property owned by jelly belly's ceo. he says that the 55-year-old man was riding on the front of the tank during a family gathering when he suddenly fell under the treads. he owns several old military vehicles. in a statement today heed quote the gentleman involved in the accident was a passionate person, always ready to lend a hand and we shared the same deep love of history, to have
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him die during our family reunion is impossible to comprehend. our hearts and prayers go out to his family. hundreds of people flocked to santa cruz to remember mady middleton. the 8-year-old girl murdered by her neighbor. they filled an arena for what her family called a celebration. maddy's mother read from her tyree and a video she made was played for the audience. people came from all over to -- read from her diary and a video she made was played for the audience. people came from all over to see it. >> we have to teach them extra, extra far to teach them to be be safe. >> rest in peace. >> a 15-year-old has been charged with the murder. prosecutors plan to charge him with an adult. he is due back in court next month. he was nearly crushed to death by a crumbling chimney. >> for a second i thought i was going to die.
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that was it for me. >> tonight, one year after the napa quake this teen's recovery has blown away all of his doctor's expectations. and remember that dog seen thrown to the ground at a bay area pet boarding business, well, tonight, what a visit to the ,,,,,,,,,,
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a wildfire burning is threatening homes nor big bear lake. the summit fire broke out this afternoon near snow summit ski resort on the south side of the lake. so far 100 acres burned and mandatory evacuations are in place. the fire is only 30% contained. meanwhile, the peterson fire in lake county is contained tonight. 215 acres burned and that is down from estimate of 400. >> a 3.8 magnitude earthquake shook today. rolling through just before 11:00 a.m. it is the largest field and the quakes are common there. meanwhile, tomorrow marks 1 year since the biggest quake that hit the bay area in a quarter of a century. the 6.0 jolted napa awake in the early morning hours of the 24th and felt over the bay area. causing more than 300 million
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in damage in napa alone. 1 person was killed. hundreds more hurt. and one of them was a teenage boy who was nearly crushed to death under a ton of bricks. doctors told him he would have a tough time just walking again. but, one year later, they are making great strides. >> occasionally people don't recognize my name but who i am. >> reporter: he is nick dylan. 14 years old. 4.0 student. napa quake survivor. >> they will say you are the earthquake boy the chimney boy. yes, that is me. >> reporter: when the jake jake struck last august 24th nick was having a sleep over with friends. >> i was right here. >> he was on the living room floor when the brick chimney crashed on top of him. he was critically injured. >> for a moment i thought i was paralyzed. i lost all feeling. i thought i was going to die. it was it for me. >> he spent 11 days in the
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hospital. >> he told me i could not go home until i am in a wheelchair. but after being in the hospital for two to three days the food is not so good, i need to get home now. >> reporter: nick was in the hospital another painful blow, he found out his father was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. he died a few months later. >> throughout the whole process, losing my dad, a major loss for my brother and my family. >> reporter: the doctors said it would take him six months to walk again. it took him 3 and 3 surgeries on his crushed pelvis. a year later he says life is back to formal. a straight a student. -- normal. a straight a student. he runs and more. >> i like to dance. when my mom sees my dancing, nick i am sure the doctors loosened up your hips. >> i remember how lucky i am and blessed i am to live here.
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a earthquake can happen to you tomorrow. life is short and just try being positive. really make a difference. >> reporter: in napa, kpix5. >> wow! >> at 3:20 afternoon the city of napa will mark the one year anniversary of the quake with a short ceremony downtown. nick dylan will be one of the speakers. new developments on the teus on the -- the disturbs case of this dog. >> the dog has no major injuries. we showed you the video on thursday, you can see a woman appearing to throw the dog down to the ground. her lawyer told us the whole thing is one big misunderstanding. >> this lady loves these dogs and takes the rescue doings and she is a dog trainer -- dogs and she say dog trainer. she tries when she starts training them to do it with treats and little benefits and things like that.
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but, sometimes you have to use a different disciplinary approach. >> it is absolutely no behavial training technique that is scientific or anything that would help a dog. >> three other dogs were taken from the woman. she is expected to face animal cruelty charges. >> the pacific ocean is turning into a sea of trash. it is estimated millions of tons of garbage wind up in the water every year. kpix5 john ramos shows us the mission from the bay area that can finally clean up the mess. >> reporter: when the research vessel, oegsz ocean star arrives, it marked the end of a mission to -- ocean star arrives it marks the end of a mission to see the ocean. >> the goal was to take more samples in 3 weeks time than in the past 40 years combined. >> reporter: and while the project was a success the findings were not exactly cause
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for celebration. >> i never seen an area as polluted as the pacific. >> reporter: ocean star and 25 others spent a month in the plastic trash between hawaii and the west coast. they had no trouble filling these huge bags full of samples to help scientists better understand the size of the problem. >> some people say there are 100,000 tons out there, let's say there is 100 million tons out there. >> reporter: that is important to him. he is coming up with the first plan to clean things you. he wants to anchor 60 mile long floating barriers that will use natural currents to funnel the larger debris into a concentrated area where it can be collected and removed. >> in 10 years time, half of the great pacific garbage patch can be cleaned up. >> over time, plastic begins to break up into tiny pieces that animals try to eat and they are
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nearly impossible to remove. researchers say it looks like a lot of the microfragments is plastic dumped in the 1950s and '60s. it may be possible to catch trash if we act quickly. >> based on what we seen out there, the only way to describe the patch is as a ticking time bomb. >> reporter: in san francisco, kpix5. well, we had a rolling going on this morning in the far north bay around the geysers common site of the earthquake activity with the plant being up there. this one was bigger. 3.8 rolling through. 11 miles north of santa rosa and right in the field. something to pay attention to. here is what is happening in the weather department. high pressure coming back in a little bit over the next few days. with the high building down here it looks as if we are
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going to have temperatures warm up maybe 2 degrees for tomorrow. just slight warming in the early part of the week. head being back into the next weekend. now, it will increase the onshore notice and into the first week in september it looks as if autumn-like weather will return to the bay area. stay tuned on that. in the meantime, typical weather, low clouds, going along the shoreline, 4:00 in the morning, as the -- this model of what low clouds should look like tomorrow plays on by tomorrow evening we have plenty of sun around the bay area. in general we will be looking for more coastal clouds again, sunny, mild, inland, warmer by midweek. not dramatic, just a little bit. 88 in sacramento. 96 in fresno and 96 at yosemite. upper 50s for the most part. 54 for napa and 58 degrees in san jose. day time highs tomorrow, very close to average.
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in fact, right at average. in san francisco with a forecast high, 69. concord, 85 degrees, low 80s in oakland, 74 degrees, south bay, sunny day, sunnyvale, 82 degrees. temperature, 73 and 68 over by the shoreline in pacifica. over in the east bay, nice and warm, temperatures in the middle 80s, warmer in brentwood, 86 at later tonight, forecasting 88 degrees for highs in santa rosa and 63 degrees at napa. in the extended forecast, numbers staying in the near 90 degree range all of the way through thursday. the warmest spots inland. then, getting into fox weekend we will begin to cool it off. if you are looking for major surprises in the forecast, well, you will not find them in this one. it looks like a fairly typical summer week ahead. have a good one. >> we will take it.
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the governor has a message for hillary clinton. watch out for vampires. having trouble getting good pictures from your iphone? it is not you, the big recall from apple tonight. coming up levi stadium, preseason football. we have you covered. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight, the governor says hillary clinton's ongoing e- mail scandal say monster that will not die. >> i don't know, this e-mail thing has a mystique. e-mail is utterance in digital form. it has a darkener gee that gets everyone excited. i do known -- dark energy that gets everyone excited. i don't know, she will have to find a stake to put through the e-mails. >> if he thinks biden should give her a run for the white house? >> i would say don't jump in if i were biden i would give it consideration. >> chuck asked brown if he is considering a run at the white house. the governor said no way. he said he has plenty to do
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right here in california. if you think your iphone 6 plus should take better pictures, you are right. most of the affected phones were sold between september and january. apple will replace those cameras for free. it might just be the most depressing place on earth. they call it dismal land. they call it dismal land. tonight, people are clammerring,
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an amusement park like no other has opened. there is a dead princess, rides that do not work and the staff is sup posed to be rude but the crowds seem to be amused by it. it has taken a lot of work. it will only be open for five weeks. good luck getting in it,,,,,,,,
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