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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 25, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. oakland can't keep the raiders without a new stadium and after today, that dream may be one step closer to reality. check out the new renderings of coliseum city. good afternoon, i'm brian hackney in for frank mallicoat. >> i'm maria medina. it is being called the last- ditch effort to keep the raiders in oakland. today developer floyd kephart
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unveiled his coliseum city plan. it would transform the coliseum and surrounding area into a world class sports entertainment retail and residential complex. meanwhile, the city of oakland continues to have talks with the raiders to negotiate a deal to keep the team. >> everybody knows what the time frame is. everybody knows that by october, there either has to be something that the raiders can take to the nfl with the city or the chances are there's going to be an application to move. >> kept hard says his proposal will fall through if the city council does not agree to allow him to purchase the land that would be used for the development. well, it got off to a rollicking start this morning and at this hour the dow is up about 300 points, about 2%. yesterday was the worst day in years. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with the latest. >> reporter: what a difference a day makes. the dow shot up more than 300
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points in the first few minutes of trading tuesday morning. i believe the worst is over. we new beyers would come into the market. >> reporter: it comes a day at one of the wildest rides in wall street history. the dow was down more than 1,000 in the opening minutes monday. it recovered almost all the losses by midday and dropped again ending the day down 588 points. on the floor of the new york stock exchange they are trying to keep volatility in check. >> people need to bear in mind we are entering i roll tile seasonal period for the market, september october, a volatile period. >> reporter: early today china's major index tanked again. afterward regulators cut interest rates in order to stimulate the slowing economy. the second largest in the world. a slowdown in china is just one of the issues concerning investors, falling oil prices are another.
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>> crude oil down below $40 a barrel pressuring a lot of energy companies. >> reporter: investors are also keeping a close eye on the federal reserve to see if it will raise interest rates when it meets next week. jill wagner, cbs news at the new york stock exchange. two positive reports on consumer confidence in sales of new homes in the u.s. also helped fuel the rally this morning. a motorcycle officer is recovering after a collision with a car in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. it happened around 7:30 this morning near the intersection of leavenworth street and golden gate avenue. the impact knocked off part of the car's front grill as you can see. you can also see the motorcycle leaning on its side. the officer was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. no word on what caused that crash. in san francisco, police say just minutes before the officer crashed, police responded to an accident involving a porsche and pedestrian that attracted and angry crowd that surrounded the car. police say the driver hit the victim at 6th and stevenson around 7:30 a.m. the pedestrian's injuries are
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life-threatening. the man accused of killing a woman on san francisco's pier 14 was back in court this morning. juan sanchez says the shooting was an accident. during the hearing, selfies that steinle took of her family were shown pictures appear to have been snapped just before she was killed. today's hearing centers on whether there is enough evidence for a murder trial. the man accused of killing a hayward police officer was back in court this morning. the viewing benches were packed as mark estrada made his second appearance. the 21-year-old faces capital murder charges. his new attorney says the defendant's family is devastated by what's happened. >> all accounts, he is very nice young man. and everyone who knows him, his family, it's a complete mystery as to how he is in the position he is in right now. >> the d.a.'s office filed special circumstances charges which means he could face the death penalty. investigators say estrada
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fired at sergeant scott lunger and his partner during a traffic stop. lunger was killed. lunger was a 15-year veteran of the force and father of two. a fourth american is now emerged as a hero who took down a gunman on a train in france. as charlie d'agata reports, american airman and sacramento native spencer stone is being treated at a u.s. military hospital in germany. >> reporter: the welcoming party was a modest affair for returning hero but airman spencer stone with mom joyce by his side looked happy to be back with family real one and military one. there for the ride and support, buddy alek skarlatos a national guardsman himself. flying school is the u.s. army's overseas -- it's the center for the treatment of u.s. servicemen wounded on the battlefields of iraq and afghanistan. lying wounded himself in intensive care of a french
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hospital, virginia native who first wrestled the ak-47 from suspected gunman ayoub alka zanny. he said he looked at me and said -- >> i'm hit. i'm hit. >> reporter: it's all over, told me. he thought he was going to die. there was blood everywhere. but it wasn't over. >> he was squirting blood out of the left to right side of his neck. i just stuck two of my fingers in the hole, found what i thought to be the artery, pushed down and then the bleeding stopped. >> reporter: charlie d'agata, cbs news. >> the suspect was reportedly watching online videos minutes before he struck. sacramento is planning a parade to welcome home the three american heroes. federal investigators are hoping a $20,000 reward will lead to the arrest of a man suspected of killing a 4-year- old. marcos daniel robles is accused
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of shooting the girl in watsonville in october. he allegedly shot and killed a rival gang member in a parking lot and some of the stray bullets killed the child. this morning city leaders released the investigation into the damage caused by the napa quake a year ago. they look at how buildings and homes performed and they made recommendations for safety improvements. they say there are buildings and wood framed homes that need to be retrofitted even though some of the places that had been retrofitted had some of the worst damage. chimneys also need to be inspected after bricks from a chimney nearly killed a teen last year. firefighters say they have fully contained the massive "jerusalem fire" two weeks after it began. it burned more than 2500 acres and destroyed a half dozen homes and nearly two dozen outbuildings. firefighters reached 100% containment this morning. the fire spread to lake and napa counties and is under investigation. one person rushed to the hospital this an after a fire in the mission district. firefighters were called to a building on shotwell street
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last night. they found flames on the third floor. fire spread to another building before crews controlled it. one person is being treated for smoke inhalation. several people won't be allowed to return home. it is move-in day for santa rosa firefighters. fire station 5 was supposed to open months ago but found in violation of the americans with disabilities act. the $4 million project load counters and widened entryways. the oakland unified school district is considering a big incentive that would attract more teachers. a vote is scheduled to build affordable housing for teachers on a city-owned parcel near lake merritt the same site as a high high-rise battle this year. we expect to learn if contra costa county supervisors will give themselves a raise. they are supposed to vote on a 1% salary increase to bring
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annual pay to nearly $117,000. a boil water warning is in effect for the marin headlands. this water fountain is covered up to keep people -- this water fountain is covered up to keep people from drinking out of it after e. coli was found in the water discovered through routine testing. the source of the contamination is unknown. officials will retest later this week. and an end to a long dispute. today the san jose city council is expected to approve a plan between city leaders and its public safety workers. kiet do with more on the agreement, that's expected to save the city over $1 billion over 30 years. >> reporter: we are just hours away from san jose turning the page in its history. the city council will vote on the police and fire deal at 1:30 as part of the negotiation san jose still on track to save about $1.7 billion over 30 years by switching to a lower
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cost healthcare plan and eliminating pension bonuses. after the voters passed measure b three years ago a mass exodus of officers left the department. sjdp went from 1400 to 900 officers. now, among some of the details of the new deal for cops and firefighters it reinstates a definition of disability and creates an independent panel to determine disability for benefits. the officers will get an 8% raise, 5% bonus and officers who left can also claim that bonus if they come back. and bilingual officers will get a raise. >> mistakes have been made for many years on many issues and there's undoubtedly there are things that we all would have done differently. >> if we could have got something like this early on and -- and saved this police department, um, we would have done it in a heartbeat. >> reporter: this means measure b is out, the new deal is in and it will be put out to the
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voters in november of 2016. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. and coming up, republican presidential front-runner donald trump finds himself in hot water. why the fox network wants an apology. >> and steph curry chats with fans. the man the mvp says influenced him the most. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good afternoon, everyone from san francisco. we head to san jose. mostly sunny skies. 71 degrees there. i have the complete microclimate forecas,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the jeb bush-donald trump feud heightened as bush headed to the border. this morning, trump mocked bush on twitter and for the former florida governor tried to explain his anchor babies comments, bush attacked trump's immigration plan but trump just
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hit back on fox news. >> his proposal is unrealistic. it will cost hundreds of billions of dollars. it will violate people's civil liberties. it will create friction with our third largest trading partner that's not necessary. >> we have illegal people, people that came in illegally. you tell me about civil liberties? we have to get them out. and some of these people are causing tremendous problems. >> although bush found himself in a new mess trying to explain the use of the term anchor baby. hispanics favor him to trump 34- 14%. meanwhile, fox news chief roger ails says that trump owe the network's megan kelly an apology for calling her a bimbo. the republican presidential front-runner tweeted monday she is really offer her game after returning from vacation. he called the unprovoked twitter attack unacceptable and disturbing. today bart and caltrans officials are set to tell us more about the next closure of the transbay tube. there will be no service through bart tunnel during the
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labor day weekend september 5- 7. it's so crews can install a high quality steel rail. the multi-million dollar makeover of san francisco's dolores park could face rain delays this winter. forecasters are predicting a strong el nino which could mean higher-than-average rainfall impacting the next phase of work, including pouring concrete, grading gravel and installing sheet lock. the year long $20 million project will be completed early next year. >> if it doesn't rain. here' the expert. let's check and see who is checking in with us this afternoon according to our weather watchers. we have several people with a variety of temperatures from 74 degrees at this hour in napa according to jim and we are already up to 81 degrees in san jose, thanks to mike for that report. everybody is reporting a little bit of a breeze at this hour over about 10 miles per hour. 14 right now right there at the
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golden gate bridge. you see a few high, thin clouds. temperatures there you have it 65 in santa rosa. 81 in livermore. it's in the mid-60s in oakland. this is a view from mount hamilton. it's our mount tam cam looking towards the valley where again a few high, thin clouds. the coast is clearing out nicely in ocean beach. we have a bit of sea haze lingering around the bay at this hour. this is the view from the lawrence hall of science at the university of california in berkeley. beautiful view for this early afternoon. so the coast is clearing. it's warmer today in comparison to yesterday. a bit breezy. and a big change for the weekend not this right there. that's interesting. i have been watching these rain cells blow up all day all associated with subtropical moisture over the state of arizona lifting into the desert southwest. we now are scrubbing out that marine layer that was compressed down to about 1,000 feet at one time. high pressure is in command today through thursday. and then look upstream. that area of low pressure is
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going to surge south. it's does so pull down cooler air mass and the potential of some light rain over the weekend. until then right now it's 82 going up to 95 in sacramento. triple digits in redding. 82 going up to 84 on the south shore. 70 in monterey bay the forecast high. today our numbers pretty seasonal. 70s san francisco, 80s around the peninsula. a breeze west 10 to 15 in pacifica approaching 70 degrees. 80s and 90s inland. 94 at discovery bay. repeat performance west, warmer thursday, and increasing cloud cover on friday. that will lead to mostly cloudy conditions and cooler temperatures over the weekend with that slight chance of a raindrop. matt cain is on the mound for the good guys tonight. 715 as we welcome the cubs into town and boy, what a great series that's going to be. >> i'm with you. i'm watching that subtropical
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moisture going, that's interesting. isn't it? >> very. >> a little blip about thursday. >> today's blip is tomorrow's thunderstorm. you never know. >> could be exciting. >> we shall see. >> thank you. so today warriors star steph curry answered questions from fans from around the world. >> including one about his future goals. >> when it's all said and done you want to have a hall of fame career, um, a lot goes into that obviously. you got to be a winner. um, have a ring. that would be something that would be a dream come true. >> the reigning mvp took questions this morning through the new facebook live app. fans also asked steph who inspired him to play basketball. his answer? well, his father. del curry played in the nba for 16 years. and coming up it's the first day of school for thousands of sonoma state university students and what makes this a historic day. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers send us your questions about their health and well-being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's tony tantillo shopping for green grapes. >> have you ever heard of the
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sugar crunch of green seedless grapes? you will hear about it now. i'm sure you have because you see them in the market. they are so good. they are loaded with sugar, large, crunchy. selection and storage is very important. come over here, talk about selection. when you buy them, you see the color very important. and they are sold in clam shells because there's so much sugar they will break apart from the stem. this way they keep nice and tight together like this. when you bring them home, store them in the refrigerator right away. shelf life is really not that long because they are so full of sugar. so buy them and enjoy them four or five days. that's it. when you buy them fresh like this, eat them within two days. they will even taste better. these grapes are fabulous. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. look how beautiful these are. did you hear that crunch? that's good. students are returning to campus today at sonoma state university and it has become an increasingly popular place to study. enrollment hit a record 9400
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students. the school will be losing its president at the end of the year retiring after 24 years. that's the longest tenure in the csu system. a huge relief this morning for about 5,000 high schoolers. the students couldn't graduate this year because the state canceled a required exit exam. yesterday, the state senate passed a bill to exempt this year's class from the exam. without the bill, the students wouldn't have been able to enroll in college or join the military. governor brown will sign the bill. another blow to the cheating website against ashley madison at least eight lawsuits seeking half billion dollars against the cheat on your spouse website. the lawsuits claim negligence and privacy violations files in the last week in six states including california. ashley madison is offering a $500,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a group that hacked the site. if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline. at 888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now.
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,,,,l be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up at 5:00 a bay area city gets personal in the fight to stop an infamous serial tagger. the creative legal strategy to make vandals pay. that story and more at 5:00. we have an interesting weather situation shaping up and roberta is going to rapsodize about that. >> we just noticed there's a lot of subtropical moisture over southern california. in fact, it's been lifting out
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of arizona. this satellite composite describes it perfectly. showers went across las vegas with light precipitation. i was liking at some of the discussions out of the palm springs area. they are mostly overcast at this particular time. but we'll keep a watchful eye and see if that's going to impact our forecast. right now we have dry skies through thursday and increasing clouds friday and the potential for rain by the weekend. >> still kind of intimidated sitting next to two weather geeks. >> you should feel honored. [ laughter ] >> thanks for joining us. ,,,,
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