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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the suspect jumped into a waiting car and fled through san francisco across the bay bridge and into emeryville while the victim was on the sidewalk bleeding but alert. >> he was struck in his upper torso. possibly in the shoulder. >> reporter: as csi crews catalogued the scene tourists took pictures the reality of another shooting near a san francisco tourist destination as fictional. >> i thought it was a movie. we realized it was real. wanting to get to the hotel and start packing. >> reporter: that tourist was taken to san francisco general hospital where he is being treated for his injuries. >> thank you. police on both sides of the bay worked to catch that suspect. mark kelly picks up the coverage with a three-hour manhunt. >> reporter: neighbors here told to stay inside and lock their doors as the s.w.a.t.
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team did its work. but a little after 3:00 today we got some relief in the neighborhood as the manhunt ended and two men were taken into custody. here's a look at one of the suspects that led police on the manhunt. hands tied and strapped to a gurney, paramedics wheeled him into an ambulance. as for the other suspect police arrested him several hours earlier. jane brady saw the the whole thing happen. >> motorcycles came up beside him and he complied. they told him to get down on the ground and he got right down on the ground. >> reporter: police say the two men were on the run after robbing a san francisco tourist of his camera and then shooting him in the shoulder. they crashed this cadillac into a pole near 60th and herzog in oakland before fleeing on foot. >> they clearly displayed a disregard for public safety. these are people we don't want running around our streets harming our citizens and our tourists. >> reporter: both men were arrested and a camera found near the cadillac. >> if it's the same victim's
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camera i don't know. >> reporter: we know after a tense afternoon. >> lots of sirens, helicopters, police. >> reporter: the manhunt is over and the two suspects hauled off to san francisco. there was a report that the suspect while he was on the run attempted to kidnap a 6-year- old boy in this neighborhood. police this afternoon not confirming that. simply saying at this time there does not appear to be an intentional abduction. live in oakland mark kelly kpix 5. >> the suspects could face charges of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, even attempted murder. the man accused of killing kate steinle at another san francisco tourist site was back in court today. detectives testified tourists captured pictures of suspect juan francisco lopez-sanchez moments after the fatal shooting on pier 14. she told officers she snapped pictures of a man walking away as others rushed to help the wounded woman. none of the pictures show sanchez's face. the hearing was to determine if there is sufficient evidence to
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try sanchez for murder. during the hearing prosecutors showed selfies kate steinle took of herself, her father and a friend. they were taken just minutes before the shooting. a judge wanted to keep the photos private for now. but we can tell you in the pictures, kate is smiling with her arm around her dad. steinle's death sparked national outrage when it was learned that the suspect was an illegal immigrant who had repeatedly been deported. she was walking on a peer july 1 when she was hit by a bullet in the back. her father says she pleaded, dad, help me, help me, and fell. she died at the hospital two hours later. the hearing in the case continues tomorrow. the man accused of killing a hayward police officer also in court today. the courtroom was packed with police and the suspect's family. 21-year-old mark estrada faces capital murder charges for the killing of sergeant scott lunger during a traffic stop. his new attorney says the defendant's family is devastated by what's happened.
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>> all accounts, he's very nice, nice young man, and everyone who knows him family just it's a complete mystery as to how he is in the position he is in right now. >> the d.a.'s office filed special circumstances charges which means estrada could face the death penalty. so much for a tuesday turnaround. what started as a promising rebound on wall street ended with a thud. the dow had been up as much as 441 points at its high today before it collapsed in the final hour of trading. the biggest reversal since 2008. the dow ended down nearly 205 points its sixth straight day in the rev. the s&p and nasdaq also ended lower after being in positive territory for most of the day. it's the sixth straight day in the red. ken bastida has more. >> reporter: just when investors were starting to feel some relief the dow was going up, it was heading up, and then it suddenly plunged wiping out
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the rally. that has many people wondering how long this ride on wall street is going to last. the rally that investors were looking for just did not last. the dow jones industrial average which was up more than 300 points for most of the day fizzled before the close and ended down more than 200 points. >> not quite panic but real concern. real i better get my money out now. >> reporter: the early rally came after china's central bank cut its key interest rate in an effort to energize the world's second largest economy. >> they want to see what happens in china tomorrow before they start to feel more comfortable with stocks here in the u.s. >> reporter: long-term investors are encouraged to sit tight and ride it out. >> i would definitely stay in the market, don't panic, don't sell whatever you do. >> the market fundamentals here in the u.s. market are still pretty strong. >> reporter: experts also warn the road could be bumpy. >> volatility continues to be the keyword on wall street
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right now. >> reporter: tech, tech, tech. silicon valley stocks did fare much better today. apple, netflix, facebook, they all rebounded after yesterday's big sell-off. allen, back to you. >> thank you. a san francisco motorcycle officer is recovering tonight after being hit while responding to a call. it happened at leavenworth and golden gate about:30 this morning. a driver changed lanes right into the officer's path. he was hit and slammed into a parked car. the driver stayed on the scene. the motorcycle officer's injuries were not serious. but that officer was responding to this accident. a porsche hit a pedestrian at 6th and stevenson. witnesses say the pedestrian fell and was pinned under the car. there are reports an angry mob began yelling at the driver to stop. some reportedly threw coffee at the car. the pedestrian's injuries are described as life-threatening. san francisco's former archbishop is facing dui charges. william joseph levada was arrested last thursday on
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hawaii's big island. police say he was weaving on a highway about midnight. the 79-year-old levada retired in 2012. at the time he was the highest ranking american cardinal at the vatican. he was a staunch opponent to gay marriage and led marches to oppose same-sex marriage licenses. after his arrest he said, i regret my error in judgment. levada isn't the first catholic to be arrested for dui. the current archbishop was busted in san diego in 2012 and pled to a lesser charge. a bay area city thinks outside the box to take down one of its most infamous taggers. >> next day comes back again. >> so if you can't beat 'em, sue 'em. the bold plan to make vandals pay and why it may not be enough. >> oakland's "hail mary." a first look at the vision for
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a massive development that could play a crucial role in keeping the city's sports teams in town. >> and seasonably pleasant but rain may be in the forecast. details coming up. >> wrong-way driver stopped at nothing to escape police. her ,,,,,,,,
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we are gettinger first look at oakland's coliseum city project. but it remains to be seen if the teams are on board. this morning, developer floyd kephart revealed the plans for the commercial space around the sports venues. the project is aimed at keeping the a's, raiders and warriors all in oakland. he says the next several weeks will make or break whether or not that happens. kephart also clarified who is at the table. >> we are not negotiating with the raiders. we are not negotiating with the a's. we are not negotiating with the warriors. we are not in discussion with
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the teams. the city is directly negotiating with all three teams. it is the city's responsibility. >> one key is whether oakland can buy out alameda county's share of the coliseum site. more on the plans coming up at 6:00 including the verle on the odds his own dream will come true. today the ceo of napa wine train is apologizing for kicking a group of black women off of that train. employees initially claimed that the group was being too loud. the group calling itself the sisstas on the reading edge book club said white women were loud and weren't thrown off. >> "the napa wine train was 100% wrong. we accept full responsibility for our failures and for the chain of events that led to this regrettable treatment." the ceo offered another wine country trip in a private coach
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but the group leader says no. a new deal with the san jose police department. the agreement gives officers an 8% raise. they will also get a 5% bonus. officers who left the department can get the bonus if they come back. bilingual officers will also get a raise. san jose voters approved measure b pension reform in 2012. a judge still needs to approve today's settlement. she is kind of like the energizer bunny of taggers. a serial graffiti vandal who just won't quit. for now a bay area city plans to send a tough message by going after her money. >> and she had one of the most talked about magazine covers. now she is inspiring halloween now she is inspiring halloween costumes. ,,,,,,,,
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leave early go roam sleep in sleep out
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star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. tonight san francisco's using a new tactic in its never ending battle against graffiti. instead of arrest taggers, they are suing them. kpix 5's mike sugerman on the idea that if you can't beat 'em, sue 'em, huh, mike? >> reporter: well, this is not graffiti. this is street art. clarion alley is world famous in san francisco. graffiti is when you tag when you vandalize somebody else's property that doesn't want it there. it's not wanted. now the city as you say is
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going after a woman who has been doing it for years in a different way. looking for job security? the writing is on the wall. >> two days ago. >> reporter: today they're back with the wet paint sign still up, graffiti'ed. >> it comes back the next day. >> reporter: two men are part of the city's $20 million a year losing battle against graffiti. and in a new tact one alleged tagger is being sued in civil court where it's easier to get a conviction than the criminal courts. she will have to pay $50,000 if convicted. >> this is another tool. >> the suspect goes by the name cozy terry and might not have helped herself by posting wall
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tags on social media with a woman that official believe is her in action. >> when is the last time you painted over one of these? >> two days ago. >> two days ago. he is very familiar with those tags. and he says they are still being put up despite the lawsuit. >> reporter: have you ever tagged. >> i might have dabbled. >> reporter: we tracked down a reformed tagger to get inside the mind of someone who destroys property. >> once you do it man, i'm here. when were you little, james was here. you wrote that on a pencil on your desk. everyone does it. it feels good. >> will it last? >> maybe not. they come back together again, you know? who knows. >> reporter: if she loses, the woman will not only have to pay, she won't be able to carry a can of spray-paint anywhere in the city or county of san
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francisco. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> police say the same people are responsible for 90% of the tags in san francisco. french authorities have launched their own investigation into last week's thwarted terrorist train attack. prosecutors say the suspect ayoub el-khazzani was watching a radical islam video on his phone as a sembled his weapons in the train's bathroom. passengers including three men from sacramento subdued him as he emerged and fired off shots. he is in custody facing numerous charges including an attempted terrorism related attack. a fourth american has now been identified as a hero in the train attack. a virginia native was the first encounter of the gunman and shot as he tried to wrestle the gunman away. he will receive the honor when he gets better a police camera in utah where the driver refuses to
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give up even after she crashes. it happened in ogden utah. highway patrol clips the bumper but the driver keeps going zigzagging across multiple lanes of traffic. the trooper goes after the car again. this time hitting it directly causing cat to roll but the crazy scene doesn't end there. the driver gets out of the car and runs across the interstate. troopers say that she tried to hitch a ride with a stopped semi truck. they wrestled her to the ground. she was probably under the influence of drugs. julie watts is in today for paul deanno getting a check of the weather. you were saying earlier there is rain in the forecast. >> just a little bit of rain. how's that for a tease? i won't get it until the end of the forecast. in the meantime plenty of sunshine outside right now. starting to see those clouds move in. san bruno current temperatures 67 degrees. 90 in livermore. 66 san francisco. 76 right now in san jose.
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definitely warming up. really what you see today is what we saw yesterday and we'll get a little more of the same tomorrow. high pressure firmly in place although low pressure is starting to move in. we are seeing increasing clouds. however, seasonably warm temperatures. seasonably warm to mild increasing cloud cover once again overnight tonight and then once again tomorrow what to expect well more of the same pleasant weather again tomorrow and the next day but big changes are on the way by late week. a little hint of that rain. overnight lows tonight in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees for the warmest spots overnight. sunrise tomorrow morning 6:35 a.m. high temperatures tomorrow more of the same. a few degrees warmer than today. topping out in the 90s for the warmest spots inland. most folks inland in the upper 80s to 90s. 70s by the bay. 60s along the coast. your extended forecast, here is that little taste of rain i have for you. but we are still a few days away. so tomorrow slightly warmer. once again warmer still on thursday. friday we start to cool things off with increasing cloud
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cover. by saturday a chance of rain, although likely just north of the golden gate. so unfortunately, we are not going to see it here but we'll take any rain we can get. sunday into monday, fewer clouds more sunshine we start to warm back up although seasonably mild for the latter half of next week. if you enjoy the 90s inland, only going to last a couple more days and then cooling off. >> what happened to the indian summer? >> that's september or october. >> september and october generally the warmest times of year at least here in san francisco. >> thank you. well, halloween is over two months away but a costume is already creating controversy. they call me caitlyn costume will hit spirit halloween stores this month. the costume is meant to resemble the outfit caitlyn jenner wore for his "vanity fair" cover. once pictures of the outfit popped up online the outcry began. tweets called the costume disgusting! and said being trans is not a costume and treating it as such
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is ignorant. some even threatened violence de. despite the outcry the company says they are going ahead with plans to sell the costume. the marketing director defended the choice as a celebration of jenner. if you missed the fair thee well tour there is another chance to see some members of the grateful dead. mickey hart and two others have all formed a spinoff band called dead and company. they will be doing four shows in san francisco and los angeles in late december. you can't keep the dead down. >> so to speak. a jolt of reality for some bay area homeowners. they want to prepare for the big one but some condos owners are de,,,,,,,,,,,,
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another blow to the cheating website ashley madison. eight lawsuits seeking half a billion dollars have been filed
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on the cheat on your spouse website. the lawsuit which claimed negligence and privacy violations were filed in the last week in six states including here in california. ashley madison is offering a $500,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the group that hacked the site. earthquake insurance may be top of mind lately with the anniversary of the napa quake and the recent shaker in piedmont. but on the consumerwatch, julie watts reports, some bay area condo owners are being denied earthquake insurance. >> i got under this table believe it or not. >> reporter: she says last week's 4.0 piedmont quake finally convinced her to get earthquake insurance on her san francisco condo building. >> it was a jolt into reality. >> reporter: but when she logged on the california earthquake authority's website she got another dose of reality. >> they won't write earthquake hoa insurance at all. >> reporter: the problem, while she can get a policy for the interior of her unit, none of the insurers will write a
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policy on the two unit condo because she only owns one. >> i thought we would be in bad shape to rebuild without insurance. >> if you sell homeowners insurance you're required to offer earthquake. >> reporter: but chris nance says that law only requires insurers cover individually owned residential structures and condo units. >> two individuals own that building, that becomes an association and we are not authorized to provide that type of coverage. >> reporter: instead, hoas must turn to what's called an excess and surplus line. a set of carriers who cater to policies that regular insurers won't touch and because the policies are perceived as higher risk they will cost more and they require a full year's premium up front and may not cover the full replacement cost of the building. >> i think the condominium owners are left out in the cold with this earthquake insurance. >> reporter: the only option under the law hire a broker to find her a commercial policy even though hoas are nonprofit when, if she owned the whole building and rented it for
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profit, she would qualify for a cea policy. >> it really surprises me. >> reporter: she calls it a legal absolutely hope but the cea and the department of insurance say that's up to legislators to fix. thousands of condo owners remain largely uninsured in the heart of earthquake country. julie watts, kpix 5. in tonight's jobs report jill schlesinger has the qualities you want to look for in a good boss. reporter: a good boss will not only make your work life more enjoyable, he can impact your entire career. 14 successful entrepreneurs were asked to share how bosses made a difference in their former employees's lives. respondents said they can sit in on important meetings, give them the opportunity to make presentations, and allow employees to take innovative risks. good bosses demonstrate support for their employees not just
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through compensation but also by continuously communicating that he or she values your talent and believes in you. and despite being unsettling, getting fired isn't always bad. a you can entrepreneur said he was fired because his boss believed he was overqualified for the job which allowed him to leave and start his own company. if you are a new business owner, try a entrepreneur organization to connect in the area. log on to eo i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 how would you like to live next door to this? neighbors call it an eyesore. but they say their complaints have been ignored for years. plus, a bay area congressman weighing in on presidential politics of the firing back against one candidate's comments about asian immigrants. join us for that and more coming up at 6:00. even though there's a little rain in the forecast, it's not going to be rain. >> most of us won't see it. north of the golden gate on saturday, most of us will see increasing clouds and decreasing temperatures so these beautiful summer-like conditions we have been experiencing will -- we'll see an end to those. so decrease in temperatures, increasing clouds friday into the weekend but still more days with highs in the 90s for the warmest spots. >> you can't complain. look at that forecast. >> a little bit of something for everyone. >> thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs "cbs evening news" is
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next. norah o'donnell in for scott pelley. >> o'donnell: trump's twitter tirade. the front-runner lashes out at fellow republicans and breaches a cease-fire with megyn kelly with a "b" word. also tonight, another big loss for the stock market, but the housing market is heating up. echoes of katrina, 10 years later, 911 operators remember when the phone line became a life line. >> i'm gonna die. the water's steady rising in the attic, ma'am. >> o'donnell: and 40 years on the run. >> i want to make one of the greatest rock records ever. >> o'donnell: the song that saved the boss' career. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> o'donnell: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm norah o'donnell. and this is our western edition.


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