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tv   KPIX 5 News and Pre- Game Show  CBS  August 29, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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sports authority field at mile high in denver. 49ers most important preseason game comes against peyton manning and the broncos. hello, everybody, vern glenn joined by denver 62, jeremy newberry, getting you set for kickoff at the top of the hour. jeremy, i tell you what, this is preseason week three, so this is one that maybe simulates, maybe most regular season games? >> this is the only one i would get fired up for. you get a game plan, you get to go out there and pretend you're going to play the real game. you have a structure to the week. this week is a dress rehearsal for the season. you should see these starters play the whole first half and the first drive of the third
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quarter. you can drive a lot from the third preseason game, in what the football team will look like. they getting everybody back on the field, and this will be as close as how the 49ers will look like this season. >> we'll talk about a guy that used to be a starter. it wasn't good, linebacker, brooks, was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery from an incident that took place in december. brooks was sent back to california and is not with the team. now the general manager, he went and said, the one thing that we have to realize is that this is not a new matter, this is a new development within that matter. our players are well aware of the consequence. that, to go along with their actions and are supportive of it, but they understand that every situation is different. jeremy -- >> what would that mean? >> hey -- >> does that mean we're okay with what he did, but we're
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still, is this a ray rice type deal? >> left up to the interpretation of the 49er empire out there walking. but speaking of interpretation, when you get a guy that has been troubled, been a starter, i'm just trying to put myself in his shoes. he's at home on the verge of not having a job at all. watching he and you talk about him. but at the end of the day, if he did what he did, supposedly, the word on the street or allegedly, there's video of him groping a girl out there, he's charged if for a reason. he might be in some trouble, we might lose one of our best pass rushers again, then we are down to two? corey, aaron lynch, eli harold, which is a new guy, and marcus, we have some new guys that have to contribute. to me, the key to the season is those four guys getting pressure on the quarterback. >> the gap that big --
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>> there are starters and backups for the reason. the starters are better than the backup. we have a lot of football to play, a lot of young guys will develop as the season goes on, but it's a dropoff. there's a reason why there's a starter, because he's a better football player. >> i have a guy that is a backup to nobody. no surprise being any bigger than sharon hain, rugby. three put returns for 84 yards. this is the big one against dallas to go along with 54 rushing yards on 8 carries, learning the game in the play book has been grueling. but has gotten easier for him. >> a couple more times. >> what's going on? everything was pretty much, so much going on, and i think anyone that has been -- he speaks pretty fast and very patient about what he does.
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>> that's one of the slowest speakers i know. that football must be real quick to him. >> i happen to know a former nfl runningback, maybe not -- the fact that some guys could just walk off a rugby field and make this football team. what are your impressions of jared haynes? >> if you can work hard and do your job, i'd pick you any day of the week. that's what this young man has done. he defied the odds. every single week he put that uniform on and continuing to press the 49er nation across the country, across the world. >> what i'm waiting for, what's going to happen when he returns tonight and he gets reggie bush back there returning punt? that, to me, that will be the theater. who does what with the rock? without a doubt, and you know, they have four capable runningbacks and who are they going to give the ball to? >> now let's go down to denver
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and check in with dennis o'donnell who has one of the more accomplished 49er runningbacks. dennis. >> reporter: thank you, vern, hello everybody from sports authority, the 49ers have taken the field for their pregame warmups. it wasn't long ago, they were the preeminent team, using their runningbacks as receivers. case in point, roger craig, thousand yards receiving, thousand yards rushing, but first players do that in the same season. say hello to reggie bush who should play for the first time tonight. his job is going to be 3rd down back out in the back field as a receiver. i sat down with the new 49er. >> okay, reggie, is it true you grew up a 49er fan? >> yeah, it is. we were 49er fans and charger fans, obviously, but i was a fan of the 49ers of that team. i remember all the great players they had from joe montana to steve young, to rickie waters to roger craig,
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who had the pleasure of working with in college, deon sanders, i'm not going to recommend the whole team. >> it's interesting, because you know how the 49ers used to use roger as a receiver. and you are a great receiving back. in fact, in your rookie year, you had 88 receptions with the new orleans saints. did you go after him? >> he paves the way for guys like me, and marshall type back. i was a big fan of his growing up and got a chance to watch all the great things he was able to accomplish here in san francisco. and like i said, he paveed the way for backs like me. he was the first of his kind, so to speak. >> you, he was the elder stakesman, veterans since 2006. how are you helping carlos along there? >> well, just trying to, i
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guess, trying to offer my experience. if there's anything i can bring to the table, it's experience. i don't try to step on anybody's toes because you'll have to learn through doing it, you know what i mean? there's only so much that can be taught and shown. and then on top of that, going to come experience for us. just learning it by doing it and carlos is a great player. and he's already far long ahead of where i was at his point and in his career. so, i think he'll be great. but i definitely try to help here and there wherever i can. some of the other backs, too. >> a lot of weapons here. you look at the two receivers, now tori is here from baltimore. vernon, have a bounce back. what kind of potential do you see with this offense? >> there's a lot of potential, a lot of speed. you know, i have been very
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impressed watching on a day-to- day basis. his route running ability. safety linebacker, cornerback. there's not many guys in this league. i know you'll cover him one on one. his speed and his hands and his side and his quickness just opens up a lot for everybody else. and then like you said, with tori and antwon being a veteran, those guys in an experienced level and great players, there's a lot of talent, a lot of room for growth and opportunity here in this offense. >> the best compliment, whenever i saw last year, when you came to new orleans as that draft pick, highly acclaimed, but you -- that city needed you at that time. so can you reflect on that? he said you were so much off the field as much as on the field. >> i just remember, i was really nervous when i got drafted going down to new orleans. i didn't know what to expect.
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it was my first time out of southern california. having to live out of southern california and so when i went there, i remember we took a tour throughout the whole city and it was pretty heartbreaking to see what had happened and just all the devastation that had gone on in that city. and later that evening, they took me to dinner to the steak house and i walked in and it was packed and everyone started applauding and cheering. it seemed rehearsed. i thought they had planned it, but coach assured me they didn't plan it. that was my first, i guess, welcome to the city. >> don't expect reggie bush to get lot of playing tonight. it will be a cameo. the key active, brock, another test against the great peyton
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manning. from sports authority, i'm dennis o'donnell, vern, kick off coming up in a few minutes. >> remember this guy, runningback, kendall hunter, expected to play tonight, he tore his acl last training camp, but when healthy, he was effective for the 49ers. jeremy is the pressure on kendall hunter to perform tonight? because nobody talked about him at all. >> well, i think carlos looks great this season. so at the end of the day, how many runningbacks are you going to keep? i think so, probably if not, you know, where do you put them in the back field? the bigger question with all these guys is the offensive line in front of them. how consistent are they going to be able to do it and can they give cap time to throw the ball? to me, that's what it's all about, joe loony. eric is a new guy, you have alex playing the new position.
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joe is the only consistent among that line right now, so you know, how well those guys gel together will be the key to the season in my opinion. >> spot on, 62. >> look at you. >> new season already. >> you got it, man. coming up on 49ers preview, he was one of the nfl's most promising safeties. how the late sean taylor's legacy lives on with the 49ers legacy lives on with the 49ers and we'll be back in a moment. ,
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and colin kaepernick with the chin strip on, getting ready. i cannot wait to see his feel tonight. on the other side of the ball, let's talk a little defense. didn't take long to get reacquainted with action. derek mcfadden for a short game. boden says his knee feels fine. he injured it 19 months ago. it takes two hours to get that knee ready for a game or practice. >> i like to warm up my leg as much as possible. and to go out there and have a perfect practice. it will take three hours. guys take a lot of things out of context. i like to take my time to get warmed up and ready to play.
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>> now jeremy, you and i were absolute attention to detail. get warmed up, i will get warmed up. you rub some heat on my legs and run to @ practice field and get warm before i got there. >> me, i strap it on and go. >> we were sitting next to each other when bowman made those three impact plays. i jumped out of my chair. i can't help it. what was your reaction when you saw him just with a stop gap from the jump? >> he was the strongest with the 49ers. he is their guy on defense, he's the heart and soul of that defense. he's the leader of that defense. when he's on the field, everybody around him plays a step faster or just in tune that much more. and i think you can't emphasize the impact he's going to have on this defense. missing him last year, missing, you know, some key guys was huge for the defense, not being the same caliber. i know they have a bunch of guys that are retired or suspended or, you know, sent packing. but at the end of the day, he
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is the best defensive player, having him back is a huge impact for this team. >> when the observation was made, a little bit, a couple times when he had to get up last week. so the question is, his knee may look great in the first quarter, how is his knee going to hold up in the fourth quarter? >> having a little bit of, i guess, knee surgeries, you know, having a little experience with how many knee surgeries i've had. i've had nine of them in my career and continue to play after the fact. he's had 19 months to get back from his knee surgery. is he going to have swelling? he's going to have that the rest of his life? is his knee ready? after two years of rehab, he should be full go. he shouldn't miss much, if they have smart, they will take care of him in a practice schedule. give him lighter workload during the week. this is not a rookie. you take care of him, that way and he's full go on sunday. >> we'll stay with the defense here, keith is battling to be one of the starter cornerbacks.
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he is motivated by an unlucky injury and family tragedy. >> i can fire a team, but not really. you are contributing to the win. >> keith never thought he would be recovering from an acl injury. he suffered his senior season in 2014. >> i got one surgery, rehabbing, went to the combine and did x-rays to find out the graph didn't catch, i had to get another surgery. i had to get surgery again? i was like, i'm feeling good. why do i need surgery? and it was tough. i almost left the combine and went home. >> the promising cornerback was facing the facts of not getting drafted. but the 49ers took a chance and selected him in the 5th round. >> i was real grateful, especially to be a part of a great organization like that. at the time, it had been super bowls, back to back to back.
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it felt like the perfect situation. they were going to be patient with me. >> he expects big things out of himself because it's in his blood. >> sean taylor, gets in. >> he's the cousin of former redskins, hard hitting safety, sean taylor. >> i have, you know, your favorite player be in your family, you know it was, to me, making it to the nfl seemed like something normal. >> there's nothing normal about sean taylor's story. he was shot and killed nearly eight years ago inside his florida home by intruders. resor was 16 at the time. >> it was almost like the family was, you know, kind of revolved around him in a sense, we came together to watch his game. to go to a game and you know, we have it at his house. >> all five of the suspects are in prison. one of them serving a 60 year
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sentence. >> i try to let it go, man. you can't keep reliving it and reliving it. so, i'm definitely happy he got justice. >> 4,000 people attended taylor's funeral in florida. he is hoping to honor his cousin like no one else can, by making it in the nfl. >> people are my family. looking to me to sort of, you know, do the same thing. but it definitely made me like, you know, i got to make it now, you know. >> all right, so these are the guys battling to play next to brock. remember, dennis just told you, he is enactive for the game. donte johnson and kent acre were selected in the 2014 draft. wright is also in the mix. more on 49ers preview as we get you closer to kickoff after this. ,,
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there is peyton manning. the guy is so big, opponents line up just to get his autograph. manning is entering his 18th season in the league. he's had multiple neck surgeries, which he says caused him to have numbness in his fingers. broncos general manager, john elway not worried. >> could you ever think about playing football without
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feeling in your fingerprints? >> if i threw 55 touchdown passes, i wish my fingers would have been numb, too. >> all right, now back to last sunday, the general, quinton patton had one of the more entertaining passes. runs toward the 49er goal line. trying to make a play. ended up being a 12 beyond all 12-yard loss. the blocked punch for a touchdown. we'll talk about the general for just a second. he has a shot at being the number three wide receiver. so this game, they are really going to have an eyeball on him. >> at the end of the day, you have to take that play in context. threw him a three yard on the sideline, he was trying to make something happen. so, you know, do you fault the guy for going backward? yeah, but they are going to be punting regardless. he came back and made a beautiful play. a block punt on the special
5:54 pm
teams. they got to have this guy, jerome simpson suspended the first four games. they needed jerome simpson to stretch the field for them. they can't play bolden and playing these guys underneath. they needed someone to stretch the field. >> besides, they have to have him there. the lower part of his, goes all gold. we got more coming up after the break. don't move. ,,,,,,,,,,
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colin kaepernick -- >> kapernick in the new madden video game commercial. he plays the blind character from the movie scent of a woman. the academy award in 1993. >> they told me, when i got to do the part that they called al paccino and had to get his approval. it was a great honor to have him okay it. >> i didn't get my reviews yet from him, but hopefully he approves. >> all right, 12 seconds left, does he make it shine tonight? >> i hope so. i hope he gets real quick and gets him in the right ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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this is the official pre- season partner of the san francisco 49ers kpix5. last sunday the 49ers defense served a rainedder that they intend to remain one of the best in the league. >> this is the way we are going to operate and this is the way we are all in. >> tonight they'll be put to the test when they face off with peyton manning and the high powered broncos offense. >> you see all these players in different shots and you don't see them getting beat. you don't see them folding under the pressure. >> in the end zone, caught it! . >> it's the 49ers and broncos right now on the


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