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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  August 30, 2015 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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this sunday morning. good morning, i'm anne makovec. i'm phil matier. i'm mark kelly. good morning. it is 7:30 on this sunday. thanks for joining us. >> we have a lot to get to. >> homelessness in the bay area is once again front and center from the cost of city services to the blow to our world class city image. >> san francisco mayor ed lee is trying to put the issue away in time for super bowl 50 but what are his chances. why can't anyone come up with a long term solution? another layer of security about to be in place at a local airport. it's about time. >> that is true. it's a low tax solution that probably should have been there.
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we will lay out the plan for a new fence. >> it is amazing how many people get through. the president ofcal berkeley wants a fence around his house on campus to keep ruckus students at bay. it is raising questions on cost and how much space it will take up. >> the plan is not sitting well with the community. we will talk about the cost. >> let's look at your weather forecast. this is a pretty picture with a mix of clouds and sunshine out there. temperatures are pretty mild in the low 60s almost everywhere, our cool spot is santa rosa, 54 degrees this morning. what we can expect for your sunday ahead, partly cloudy this morning with areas of fog later, very similar to the temperatures we saw yesterday. we'll have your extended forecast in a few. tonight, a stretch of the freeway on the peninsula will be closed again. highway 101 will be shut down
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in both directions starting at 9:00 tonight so p g&a can replace power lines. a cal trans contractor hit an electrical tower friday night leaving live transmission lines on the road and forcing closure for 18 hours. now another closure is on its way. >> shut down is necessary in order to physically pull that wire across diagonally the freeway. >> we are not just talking a little wire. it is six sections that are 1500 feet long. pg&e hopes to have work done by 4:00 am before monday morning commute cranks up. a close call in concord where hazmat team diffused a potential bomb. a man was supposedly mixing chemicals to make a flash bomb while his family was in the apartment. the odor was so strong they had to evacuate the neighborhood. >> we could smell a strong
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chemical odor from the apartment so we evacuated all the residents in the area. >> the good news is no one was hurt. police arrested the 37 year old man on the spot and he is facing a number of charges including child endangerment. police are asking for the public's help in solving a mysterious death in 'til den park. a man's body was discovered on the pack rat trail. a hiker discovered the body friday. anyone with information should contact east bay regional park district. investigators in atlanta are trying to figure out how a baseball fan fell from the upper deck at a braves game and later died. this cell phone video shows emergency crews carrying the man away after he fell at turner field last night during game against the yankees. it was the 7th inning when he toppled to the ground in front of a row of fans. the man was in his 60s. authorities in houston are trying to determine what motivated a man to kill a
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sheriffs deputy. darren goforth was pumping gas friday night when the gunman approached from behind and fired multiple shots. police tracked down a dark red truck and arrested shannon miles. he is charged with capital murder in the shooting of goforth. visiting hours are canceled at san quentin while the prison tries to contain a possible outbreak of legionnaires disease, a severe form of bacteria pneumonia that spreads through moisture and steam. there is one confirmed case and three more inmates are hospitalized with symptoms and another 45 are under observation. there are portable showers and drinking water as they try to isolate the source of the bacteria. the san jose airport is stepping up security with a lot of razor wire. >> the airport is getting a $3 million boost from the feds to help close security gaps and add wire to the property. a teen sparked the change after
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he hopped the fence and stowed away on a flight to hawaii. >> reporter: clearly the feds satisfy you there was a need at this particular airport to get this done. >> certainly our airport saw the need based upon incidents that happened here. it entails a three foot concrete base topped by seven feet of perimeter fencing and then topped by one foot of razor wire. there are a lot of components going on there, a lot of costs involved for the various materials. then there is the labor cost. >> the airport is taking bids to build that fence. it should be finished by next may. one of the questions is why didn't we have this there already? >> exactly. we were talking about high tech solutions and this being in the heart of the world's tech centers and how were able able to get over and into the restricted areas. >> yeah. >> it's pretty amazing. maybe the next thing tale do is have guards. >> i mean, something. it almost like you need a combo
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of high tech, low tech, personnel. >> you need eyes out there. if you feel you have heard this before, you might have. california's death penalty is back on trial. >> the judges will be hearing an appeal of a federal judge's ruling that struck down the death penalty as unconstitutional. the judge said the california system is so plagued by delays in uncertainty that it is cruel and unusual punishment. the judges are described as moderates so nobody has a clue which way this will go. >> it is interesting. it was an interesting case because rather than make a case about cruel and unusual punishment about the way the death penalty was administered it was talking about the length. it takes up to 25 years after someone is convicted, the appeal process can take that long. since 78, 900 people have been sent to death row and 13 have
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been executed. >> and it's really expensive with the appeals. >> there are questions. california voters have repeatedly said yes to the death penalty. that's why we keep going back to this. plaintiffs suing california over solitary confinement say they will announce a major development in the case tuesday. center for constitutional rights says solitary confinement causes sensory deprivation leading to psychological and physical torment. since the suit was filed california made changes to policies dialing down the number of prisoners in isolation but california still has the largest share of all 50 states. there is a lot of concern recently about crime in san francisco's tourist area. >> city officials trying to reassure the city and world that despite two recent tourist shootings in san francisco it is still safe to visit. last week a visitor was shot after being robbed near lombard street in broad daylight.
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earlier there was the fatal shooting of kate steinly, walking along the water front with her father in the middle of the day. the next day a man beat a television crew at gunpoint right at the pier where steinly was killed. >> when the image comes out that you are potentially in danger visiting some well traveled parts of town, that's a real threat to the city image and to the economy of san francisco. >> then just this past friday there was an armed robbery near fisherman's warf in an upstairs office on jefferson street. >> a worker was held at gunpoint and forced to empty a large amount of cash from the safe. >> the crimes are unrelated but it is disturbing, a real hit to our tourism industry. >> we are going to be talking about another hit to the tourism industry, increased number of homelessness on streets and complaints about the city starting to stink. we will be talking with political insiders and someone from the san francisco coalition on homelessness to talk about what can or can't be done. let's talk about ferry
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service. it is expanding on the bay but they need to figure out how to fund that service. >> up 8% over the year before, more than 2 million commuters and tourists have been taking boats. it's so crowded that lines run out the door and sometimes they have to cut it off during heavy commutes. >> you are packed in with european and mid western tourists. it's a nice way to get to work and it's a tourist attraction. no one sits on the 880 as a tourist like oh i want to check that out. >> that's true. it got so bad that commuters circulated petitions wanting more service. it worked. there are three new trips now. it's going to cost close to $1 million. those folks on the video do not looked packs but sometimes it is standing room only. >> it is. but here is the catch 22. like all mass transit it's
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subsidized by gas and tolls from drivers because the fact is ferry boats don't make money whether it's golden gate merry service or alameda one, drivers and taxpayers are subsidizing it. it's a great idea. it's tough because they're more expenses than buses to run. pet owners have you noticed your four legged friends scratching? might be because there is a flea epidemic in the bay area. one likely caused the warmer months in san francisco august through october is like flea vacation season. some of the fleas are becoming resistant to common treatments. >> we are seeing more and more of the products lasting for a smaller fraction of time. whether or not that's resistance or flea load, we are not sure. >> i ran into this issue recently. i got a dog a month and a half ago and needed flea medication. i was presented with two choices. the clerk tells me you have a choice that's toxic to cats
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which is a problem because i have cats. the other one i was told doesn't work because they don't update the formula to current flea resistance. so you have one poisonous to cats and then you have one that doesn't work. why are you selling something that doesn't work? >> i can imagine the look on your face. i can buy this but it doesn't work? >> right. >> that's wonderful. >> how frustrating is that? that is something that they're going to have to work on. we are going to move onto other news. >> fed up with people invading his home, u.c. berkeley's take action but the fence has people fired up. >> a poll out of iowa shows hillary clinton is slipping. the rival candidate is now gaining momentum on the campaign trail. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, a fence is going up at u.c.
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berkeley in what the university calls a security measure for the chancellor. >> even before the fence is finished it's a tart of criticism from faculty and students. >> annoyed. >> reporter: james mason says the fence closes this public pathway. >> this is the easiest way back and forth. anything else involves going down to the little pathway. >> reporter: you are calling this a land raft. >> certainly seems like it. >> reporter: cal administrators say this is a small inconvenience to secure the chancellor's campus home. he and previous chancellors have been repeated targets of protesters upset with tuition hikes. >> 10:00, 11:00 at night, people pounding pounding on the door. >> reporter: in 2009, protesters threw flower pots at
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the house. >> activists are more emboldened. they're taking more drastic steps. >> reporter: many say the fence sends the wrong message. >> symbolicness of the fence and what it means is making a separation between students and the chancellor, a symbol of how he is not fighting for the interest of the students. >> reporter: james mason is more upset about closing the public road. >> they can keep the symbolism. i know the chancellor doesn't listen. do public officials ever listen? >> campus police say once the fence is finished they probably won't have to have security around the clock and that would save a lot of money. this is a subject in the san francisco chronicle. >> that's right. a couple updates. first they are going to move the fence back. they're going to shrink the perimeter around the home. second, yes we are talking about expensive deals. it's $400,000 already. the question is whether it will cost more than that. >> why are fences so expensive?
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what the heck? i am going to get in the fence building industry. >> get into any building industry and do it for a government entity and it costs three or four times what you and i would pay. there is police protection that the they will be saving but a couple years back they spent about a quarter million dollars upgrading security with cameras and such. so there is a debate about whether or not this is needed but definitely about how big it is. tropical storm erika is fizzling as she heads toward florida. the storm is downgraded but expected to bring heavy downpours. people are stocking up on supplies like flashlights and generators. the national guard is ready to mobilize if necessary. rescue workers are bringing supplies to dominica where there is widespread destruction. at least 20 people were killed there. more than 30 are still missing.
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in puerto rico erika's 50 mile- per-hour winds knocked out power to more than 200,000 people. let's look at our local forecast for today. here is a live shot of san jose this morning where we have a partly cloudy spot with a little bit of patchy fog out there. the drizzle we saw yesterday morning is not here today. here is what you can expect walking out the door. a partly cloudy start with areas of fog, sunshine for molarity on today and more seasonal temperatures, less humid, more comfortable weather for your sunday. here are some of the highs for today. to the south bay, 82 in cooper coopertino, 79 in mountain view, 81 san jose, 84 antioch, 82 in danville, concord 85 and vallejo 78 degrees today. alameda is 72, same for san francisco and in the north bay mill valley is 79, 82 in pet
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lieu may. let's look at the next seven days. near seasonal today and tomorrow. tuesday the temperatures are going to take a dip below average for the middle of the week. more clouds roll in and that will last through mid week. by the end of the work week the temperatures are right back up into the weekend. up next, message from san francisco's mayor to the homeless. you have got to go. his plan to move him out of the area that will be transformed into super bowl city ,,,,,,,,,,,
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san francisco's mayor ed lee says the homeless in his words will have to leave for the super bowl. but will he back that up with effective action? >> what might that effective action be? we put that question to former san francisco mayor willy brown, no stranger to the issue, and our chronicle political writer. >> he is going to back it up, phil, because it is clear the reputation of san francisco of late is one of unaccept ability because you are not physically comfortable being here. you can't have a million or more people coming in to get the first impression of san francisco as watching somebody urinate or take a dump somewhere on the busy city streets. the mayor is stepping up almost out of character for him. >> the question is will he actually step up? we have had a series of mayors that have said they're going do something about this, but it
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always stops. they say we're going to build housing. >> mayor ed lee has a problem no other mayor has had. this has become a national icon. the photo you ran in your column, phil, has become san francisco as much as alcatraz and golden gate bridge unfortunately. the fact is if he doesn't deal with this, it is going to start hurting tourism dollars and super bowl tickets. right now the reputation is in the tank. >> the board of supervisors and political establishment if san francisco is against any real -- anything other than more special programs and housing. >> they'll get over it, if mayor lee is as aggressive as his words he has uttered really are. he starts the confrontation. he will win it because the public in san francisco is on his side. the public generally --
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>> the public doesn't run city hall. you know that and i know that. it's the advocates. we are spending a boat load of money, 165 million a year on programs and housing. why isn't it working? >> it isn't working because the people are spending the money only if you volunteer to allow them to take care of you. if you don't volunteer to be taken care of, the money gets wasted and that's what ed lee intends to overcome. >> carla, californians appear to be opposed to the idea of force. you can't put anybody in a camp or lock them up. >> that's right. the fact that it's this bad in the city for this long tells you what's being going on and problems ed lee has in dealing with it. he is going to have to deal with it immediately. >> keep in mind that if ed lee exercised the discretion that the mayor actually has and if
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he literally used his police department, his public health department, and a collection of all the other things he could do, the conclusion would be you are in need of care whether you like it or not. for the next few days, you are gone. >> and then they're back. it really seems like it is getting worse around the city. every corner you see people sleeping. you see people shooting up. you see people panhandling. then it stinks. you have the urination issue. >> other cities have dealt with this. houston is a major city like san francisco and has dealt with this problem. it's possible. >> it's possible but the will or desire to do it in san francisco has always been an iffy issue. panhandling. in san francisco that's considered free speech. >> right. you can't criminalize homelessness. >> then you said people shooting up drugs. in san francisco we hand out
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needles as a safety precaution. we send mixed messages as well as anybody else. with solutions it's like we want to help you but you need to want to be helped. that's the bridge we can't seem to cross. >> i can applaud the fact that we are trying to take care of this issue finally. >> finally? we have been trying for more than 20 years. >> now it's for the super bowl which it seems kind of vain to do it because of the is be. >> the hope is after the super bowl maybe it will stick. >> we'll see. >> one can only hope. a bay area highway open after shutting down for nearly a day. it created a traffic nightmare and the road is about to be closed again. we are talking about highway 101. >> keeping the skies safe for >> keeping the skies safe for aerial fire fights. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to kpix 5 this morning. it is 7:58. >> we have a lot to get to in the next 30 minutes. >> we will continue our discussion on the problem of homelessness with the head of the coalition on homelessness in the bay area who knows the issue inside and out. >> that's right.
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we're going to be talking about can you even force people to go into homeless programs? are the programs really working? >> a new way to put the smack down on drones, allow all of us to blow the whistle on one another. >> a new tip line does that. >> democrat still hesitant to jumping in the race for president. >> hillary clinton continues to slip in the polls. >> we'll have the latest rumors on who might make an announcement and when. >> let's take a quick check on your weather forecast. trans america tower in san francisco, it is cloudy and foggy but you see the sun peeking through. temperatures are pretty mild in the low to mid 60s almost everywhere except the north bay. santa rosa is 55 degrees at 8:00 am. partly cloudy with areas of fog becoming mostly sunny later
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today. temperatures are near seasonal. it will be similar to yesterday but less muggy which should be refreshing. we'll have your extended forecast in a few. first is your headlines. a stretch of the freeway on the peninsula will be closed again. highway 101 will be shut down in both directions starting at 9:00 tonight so pg&e can we place power lines. remember a cal trans contractor hit an electrical tower friday leaving live transmission lines on the road and forcing closure for 18 hours. now another closure is on its way. >> the shut down is necessary in order to physically pull that wire across, diagonally across the freeway. >> it's not just a little wire. it's six sections that are each 1500 feet long. pg&e hopes to be done by 4:00 am before the monday morning commute cranks up. in concord the hazmat team diffused a potential bomb.
8:01 am
a man was supposedly mixing chemicals to make a flash bomb while his family was in the apartment. the odor was so strong they had to evacuate the entire neighborhood around robin lane. >> we could smell a strong chemical odor coming from the apartment so we also evacuated all the residents in the area for precautionary reasons. >> no one was hurt. police arrested the 37 year old man and he is facing a number of charges including child endangerment. investigators in atlanta trying to figure out how a baseball fan fell from the upper deck at a braves game and later died. this shows emergency crews carrying the man away after he fell at turner field last night during a game against the yankees. it was the 7th inning. the man was in his 60s. authorities in the houston area are trying to determine what motivated a man to kill a sheriffs deputy. darren goforth was pumping gas friday night when the gunman approached from behind and
8:02 am
fired multiple shots. police tracked down a dark red truck and arrested shannon miles. he is charged with capital murder in the shooting of goforth. visiting hours have been canceled at san quentin while the prison tries to contain a possible outbreak of legionnaires disease, a severe form of bacteria pneumonia that spreads through moisture and steam. there is one confirmed case at the prison and three more inmates are hospitalized with symptoms and another 45 are under observation. the prison has brought in portable showers and drinking water as it tries to isolate the source of the bacteria. san jose saber cats are champions of arena football for the fourth time. they beat the jacksonville sharks last night. sabercats trailed by six at half time but scored on the opening possession of the second half and scored another 21 points in the next two and a half minutes. sabercats are first team in
8:03 am
league history to have 20 victories in a season. that's a look at your top stories. back to you. in the east bay there is another offer to keep the raiders in oakland but is anybody willing to take it? >> a developer unveiled his plan to keep the raiders here. colosseum city, a 128 site including world class sports entertainment retail and residential complex. the clock is ticking. the key part is financing the $900 million bohemeth. >> commercial development, the development of a new stadium for the raiders. the expansion of the ballpark for the a's, ability to provide a site for lawyers is not economically feasible. >> the city is negotiating with the team. oakland has about two months to convince the raiders to stay. where is the money?
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>> that's the big question. meanwhile the other question is what's going on in carson where raiders are talking with chargers about building a joint stadium there. oakland doesn't have the money. the big question is whether carson can put its field together. if they can then the raiders will go. if carson can't, then the raiders will have to stay. >> it looks like we may have a clue in october. >> what's the rush? we'll wait and see how they do for the season. federal immigration enforcement will be up for discussion in the south bay tomorrow. >> santa clara county has long been a sanctuary county meaning it ignores requests from the feds. tomorrow's meeting may be the beginning of a push to change county stance. recently mayor of san jose urged county to help deport people who committed serious violent felonies. this came to the forefront after killing of kate steinly when she was shot by an
8:05 am
undocumented felon. >> congress has been making a push to punish cities and counties that are sanctuary cities. it is engrained in santa clara that that is their policy. >> san francisco hasn't made a move to change it in the wake of the steinly shooting. whether this will happen overnight, i wouldn't bet on it. as more drones take to the skies the number of misbehaving drone operators is on the rise and a whistle blower number has been activated. >> tell us the date and time you observed a drone being flown and best known location. your information can lead to an arrest and save lives. >> this drone tip line is like a crime tip line. this is for people irresponsibly operating drones. >> this is an avenue to focus on that small section of hobby drone owners that are intentionally flying drones in
8:06 am
a way which either endangers emergency operation or puts these first responders in harm's way. >> more than a dozen hobby drones have been interfered or even grounded aircraft during this year's fire season alone. difficulty of course is hard to track who is flying these things. >> great, let's put the drone flyers with the laser lights together and get them out of here. >> the tip line is 1-844-drone 11. a new law doesn't go into effect until next year but in a los angeles suburb some students were pulled out of middle school for not being vaccinated, parents accusing school officials of jumping the gun. school districts say it has nothing to do with the law. they're chalking it up to a simple case of first day confusion. clearly before the law is implemented if it even is, there will need to be a huge
8:07 am
education campaign. >> well we have had the requirement for vaccinations for a number of years. the question is whether people opt out. they're going to be educated on that front. they have lots of time to take care of this. like you said it's going to be interesting what the court fight says. there is a costly controversial solution in the meantime to oakland's teacher shortage. >> one idea is the district wants to build them more affordable housing. teachers struggle financially and some spend more than half of monthly wages on housing. >> i spend a lot of time sitting home because i didn't have money to go out. >> i am planning to get married and our plans don't include the bay area in our future because it is so expensive. >> i have heard that before from several friends. an open unified school district looking to buy this land to build affordable houses for teachers. it's a prime piece of land that's generated a lot of
8:08 am
controversies. neighbors shut down a city hall meeting after city decided to sell to a developer to build luxury housing. now that the city is soliciting offers for land, they want in. it is hard to argue. >> if you look in san francisco the san francisco giants who are building a huge residential and commercial development next to the ballpark went out of their way and said we want to include workforce teacher police and nurses' housing in our plan. they're putting a lot of it in there. that's the idea. >> the new palo alto superintendent can't afford to live here. glen max mcgee got an interest free loan from the school district to buy a house but in palo alto and quickly got silicon valley sticker shock. he says he will resist the temptation to look outside palo alto because he wants to live
8:09 am
within district boundaries. >> it's a good investment. we want to put down roots. it really is frankly cost prohibitive at least for us to try to do this on our own. >> even with $1.5 million. that loan by the way is a loan that must be paid back within a year after he leaves the district. >> that must look good in the midwest. come to california and they're going to give you a million and a half for a house. >> unfortunately it seems like only rich tech people can afford to live there. >> i remember a couple years ago districts were giving out 4, 3, $200,000 loans and everybody was going how can you be giving them that much? now look at this. firefighters to the rescue but not ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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8:11 am
8:12 am
san francisco firefighters answering a lot of emergency calls but many are from the
8:13 am
homeless. only about 1.5% of fire calls are for house or building fires. 70% are for medical calls. when firefighters get to the scene they often recognize the call. >> we have our frequent flyers who we know by first name, you know. again you don't know who is on the other end of the phone when the call comes in. >> the fire chief says city agencies are trying to work together to deal with the volume of 911 calls for homeless people. the department of public health has stationed a nurse at a homeless shelter on oak street. joining us is jennifer from the coalition on homeless. you have been around this problem and you have seen this. what is it that we can do about this, this constant revolving door? you are picked up off the street, taken to the hospital, fixed up and put back on the street. >> one of the things that's happening, and i think we know this well, as people live outside their physical health
8:14 am
is deteriorating rapidly. small health issues come into big issues. you get a cut and it gets infected. people out there are really sick and disabled. it is impossible for them to get better while they remain on the streets. >> which brings us to the great paradox of our homeless policy. these people are wandering the streets of marketplace. you and i see them everyday. the public sees them. if you are incapable of helping yourself you are incapable of making a decision to get help but you can't get help unless you are willing to go in and get help. >> you know, we have yet to meet the mysterious person not willing to get help. everyone we are talking to is trying but can't get help. the way our system works is for most people they are brought in by the police say if they're in psychiatric crisis, they get brought in to the hospital, get better and go back on the street. or they have a medical condition, get better, get put back on the street. as people on the street they're
8:15 am
getting sicker and sicker. studies show over and over again it costs less if we simply house people. >> that is absolutely true. here is a point. i was watching the mayors teams go and talk with people. they talk with people but people that visibly should be in care are left out. they talk with them and the person doesn't say i want to go anywhere. they say okay, we have checked you out and we move on. should we put people in care for say 30 days until they can get a grip on themselves rather than these two or three day in and outs? >> we are. that's what we are doing now. we have the highest involuntary commitment rate in the stand. i have been on the job for 20 years. most of the years we have had this high rate. it is unsustainable. we are bringing people into the hospital. they get better and they're put back out. >> should we set up -- there was a proposal say of a camp or
8:16 am
judge feinstein said for people with chronic alcoholism, put you in for 30 days rather than the shortest days. >> let's look at the navigation center. it has room for 75 people. it is basically a shelter. when we are doing outreach everyone is asking how do we get in the navigation center? there is no room in there. that's the question. how do we build our capacity so we have somewhere to bring them? when they go out they don't have anything. at this point they have shelter beds and that's it. for a lot of folks that will not be that appropriate. someone with a mental illness on are severe health issues, they can't care for them in the shelter. where do we put folks? we need to change our system so we have community based mental healthcare so when people are in crisis we have crisis centers. at this.we don't have that. >> but we have people coping. we have the homeless walking up and down the street almost like the walking wounded or zombies. they are just out of it.
8:17 am
they go from garbage can to garbage can often without shoes. they're defecating in public. it's just spiraling downward. >> right. where are the alarm bells? every time we have someone in that situation -- i bring people around from other countries. i have brought people from developing countries, from africa. they're aghast like what is going on? that's a great question. any time we have somebody like that with bare feet the alarm bells should be going out. >> if we send the police we are told we are criminalizing. if we send the hot team they don't respond and say it's their choice. >> they have nowhere to put them. they're having a conversation but they have no resources. >> what do you think of the idea that he will have them out of here for the super bowl. >> i think he is just talking about clearing market street and all the housing he is talking about will be full by then. that housing is not new
8:18 am
housing. we need a serious investment. >> do you think he is being serious? >> no. when we look at the affordable housing pipeline he is backing off. for as many bad decisions as were made they at least invested in housing. we're going to have another generation of homeless people coming up. we have 3000 homeless kids in san francisco and an opportunity by mayor to end it and they're totally flailing. so we have a situation for single adults where we have in the past been investing in housing. we have made progress. it is obviously not as good. now the pipeline is cut off. he is doing half as much housing and affordable housing a in the previous administration. >> hopes to make some changes with affordable housing bomb but we'll see how that goes and even if it addresses the problem. thank you for joining us.
8:19 am
>> absolutely. >> we are going to go to weather. >> this is a live shot of sfo, a beautiful one. we have partly cloudy skies with low clouds and patchy fog. today expect a partly cloudy start with areas of fog and sunshine for most of us later today. seasonal temperatures this time of year, should be a nice day and let's humid than the past few days. here are your highs. in the south bay you will get to 81, 79 mountain view, 81 in santa clara, 76 in union city, 80 in san ramon, 85 for you in pleasant hill. in the central bay, 77 berkeley, 72 in san francisco and sauce saucalido. seasonal temperatures today and tomorrow. tuesday mid week we will see temperatures take a dip below average for this time of year. by the end of the week the temperatures are back up and
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looking ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the new poll shows bernie sanders closing to within seven points of hillary clinton in iowa. clinton is still first choice of 37% of likely caucus participants. sanders is pick for 30%. this is the first time clinton dropped below 50%. the latest poll results include vice president joe biden as a choice even though he has not decided whether or not he is going to run. he captures 14%. >> donald trump meanwhile seems to defy the rules of presidential politics. why does he still lead in the polls and stay at the center of attention? >> that's a good question. i put it to the chronicle's political writer and the former san francisco mayor willy brown, what is with this guy?
8:23 am
he keeps defying gravity. >> donald trump is his own force of nature in politics. i can only say i hope this phenomonon goes on to the winner because it is so interesting. >> donald trump is doing exactly what trump wishes to do without reference to any conventional guidelines, in he advice, any words of wisdom, or anything else. he is absolutely being trump as if he is scripted for a show. >> speaking of scripts, what has his relationship with the media done or said about the media? carla from fox news to the latino broadcasters. >> his thing with ramos this week was a perfect example. the media at some point is getting to be advocacy
8:24 am
journalism. you are seeing reporters challenging trump in ways you never would have seen it before. >> why don't they do that with the others. it's trump. i don't see them going after the other candidates in the same passion. >> you are right. >> they do it with trump because trump is not the conventional candle light dat. all the rest of us in the world of politics have so much respect and fear of the journalists that we want to play ball with them on every occasion with great respect. trump believes he doesn't need you. >> i think they're going after him because he is the show. at their hearts many journalists are show men and show women as well and they want the attention and wept after trump from the get go. >> that's right. go to donald trump face to face and look what it does to your career. >> they went after trump because they did not believe he
8:25 am
met their standards for candidacy. they were trying to expose that he wasn't eligible. he wasn't equal. what he did was show them, right, he is not equal. he is superior. >> i find it interesting because i have had experience with a trump-like character in my past. you. carla, back me up on this. every monday you would have a press conference. your staff hated you for doing it. >> press availability. >> you would walk in front of the microphone and we in the media lower westside didn't have a story that day will say don't worry, willy brown is having press availability at one. he will say something outrageous or stupid or controversial or all of the above. >> well my job in my opinion was to go right over you to the voter. i wanted to be talking directly to the voter. the only way i can do is you do the television, planning. i couldn't get you to do it otherwise. so my message was to the
8:26 am
voters. i didn't care what you said or what you wrote. >> it's interesting, while we have in the media are focusing on donald trump and what he is saying, it is bernie sanders on the other side of the spectrum and going after hillary clinton and democratic assessment with a candor attacking wall street which is gaining traction than trump is in the republican. >> sanders is where barack was the same time before that ,,,,,,
8:27 am
let's take a last look at the forecast. nice seasonal temperatures today and tomorrow before they take a bit of a dip in the middle of the week and right back up next weekend looking good. >> thank you for starting your sunday with us. we hope you have a good rest of your day. face the nation is next here on
8:28 am
kpix,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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>> dickerson: today on "face the nation" a new poll shows real trouble for hillary clinton in iowa while donald trump continues to surge. >> jeb bush doesn't have a clue. doesn't even have a clue. >> if you want a nice person you should vote for jeb. the country is going to hell but we won't talk about it. >> dickerson: louisiana governor and 2016 presidential candidate bobby jindal about g.o.p. politics and ten year anniversary of hurricane katrina and new orleans marilyn han dough on problems that still plagues his city. >> our work won't be done when almost 40% of children still live in poverty. that's not a finished job. >> dickerson: in politics we'll go inside the numbers of the bloomberg "d m


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