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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  September 28, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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they interrupted him before he could finish. >> do unto others as you -- [ applause ] >> dickerson: it was possible that it had been loosened. the work that could get done with ideological foes recognized the good. how long would it last? days, weeks? months? the answer, less than 24 hours. >> just a few minutes ago speaker boehner announced he'll be resigning. >> dickerson: that was not applause for john boehner's years of service what one boehner colleague called unseemly competition of grave
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dancing it wasn't democrats doing the cheering it was members of boehner's own party. >> that's good. that's one down. that's 434 more to go before we done. you want to know how much each of you terrify washington? yesterday, john boehner was speaker was house. [ applause ] y'all come to town somehow that changes. >> dickerson:congressman tweeted it look like christmas is coming early this year, speaker bane tori sign from congress in october. congressman told, it couldn't be better day politically for us. took john boehner 20 years to convince pope to come do congress. frances spoke of mercy, less left indelible mark on the speaker but not his opponents. we've had a little tech income call problem with governor
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kasich we're going to start with our panel. susan page with the "usa today" and ed o'keefe for the "washington post" our own nancy cordes of cbs news. kim, start with you, what is the boehner -- put the boehner decision in larger context of the republican party. >> he's being put out as scapegoat for ought the frustrations. probably bigger scapegoat ought to be mitt romney he failed to win the presidency. he left president obama with a veto pen from the minute that happened what was very larry they were never going to get through anything that rolled back the obama agenda they have been hitting their heads on the wall ever since. i think the real measure how you would look at boehner's tenureship ought to be not what they managed to roll back but what they stopped. it was two years into the obama presidency there was plenty more the president wanted to, do lot
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more spending. a climate change, all kinds of things did he m did manage. but never able to force him to give up op his agenda. >> dickerson: nancy, the speaker said, false prophets. that's pretty tough -- we've seen him. business earl but false prophets is about has hard as he's been on the conservative, inside outside of the house. >> what always frustrated him was not just that he felt that their agenda was unrealistic they knew it was unrealistic that they pushed for members towards anyway. basically set up no win situation where they tried to gain these symbolic victories that put in tactical disadvantage. he was always trying to convince his members, trying to educate them, word he used a lot to play the long game. to be tactical that is reason that he stuck around as long as did he through all the ups and down because he was tactical guy
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it was very frustrating to watch a lot of these members celebrate some of these short-term gains. in fact on friday ally told me that this even pushing him out to symbolic victory. even if they didn't agree with boehner, at least he was willing to take a lot of slings and arrows for him. >> dickerson: i've heard two things in my reporting with members on the hill. one group conservatives say we are on the rise here. the next speaker is going to have to listen to us we have to listen. then another group of boehner alloys who say conservatives are going to have to be chased because they're going to kick out two speakers in a row, if the next speaker doesn't deliver, what is your sense how it plays out. >> that is the last six seeing speakers have all left not of their own devices. seems to me most conservative
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forces in the house are emboldened by what happened to john boehner. this creates very difficult situation for the next speaker, probably kevin mccarthy and republicans running for president. we already see this in the republican presidential contests where the rise of the outsiders create enormous problems for people we think are more realistic nominees. this is story not finished with john boehner leaving at the end of next month. this is tori that will unfold over the next year. >> dickerson: let me ask you, one of the arguments conservatives made he didn't take on mitch mcconnell. they want new speaker to beat up on mock continental. how much control does speaker of the house have over majority leader. it's not just -- in grass roots
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as well. >> made it clear they would work more closely. i'm truck not only by rank and file republican lawmakers but presidential candidates saying let's iris the rules of the senate get rid of the filibuster rule get things done. mcconnell has stood firm that absent 60 votes on republican side not going to get this legislation through. he's fanned standing by. >> dickerson: what do you think the message is? >> mitch mcconnell said, how disappointed he was, he knew that john boehner was a straight shooter even the democratic leaders, nobody seems more disappoint than them. nancy pelosi. can't be overstated how much
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itch can going to miss john boehner because he had to wrangle this very restless conference of multi-headed boast, if you will. and he never over promised. he said, this is what i can do. >> now hear that extended conference where they talk about hopefully not what leader they want but what they want out of the a leader. because they got two brain cells to rub together, they can spend the next year beating their heads or whether or not they can defund planned parenthood or if want to get something done pick the battle, is that they have do the investigations that they can do put out a message that is going to help them keep the house, and keepment senate and put republican in the white house. that in the end is only way they ever accomplish things that they say they want to accomplish. >> dickerson: how do they do that? presidential context we've been discussing you have candidates who are running against that
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just precisely what kim outlined will continue to be what john boehner calls the false prophet. >> very sensible plan, the energy of the republican party is, let's battle. let's call to arms, it's not worked for us we keep winning elections in the getting the results we want to see. i think it is a force has been unleashed, it is unlikely that that -- things are going to be done in the next 30 days by john boehner deciding i'm going to pass some stuff that my folks may not like. to clean out the barn as he said in his inner view. doing he go for longer funding bill so you don't have crisis on december 11. try to pass the infrastructure bill. does he choose to do that which he'll have to do with democratic notes. >> and mccarthy look likes the next speaker does probably have better relationship with this crowd, the freedom caucus if you
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will. than boehner did, simply because generational low he's closer to them. he worked to get a lot elected. >> dickerson: he doesn't hatch the scar tissue that boehner has. all of you sit tight. we'll have more from our panel and we'll get to governor kasich. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? working on my feet all day gave min my knees. but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my knee pain. find a machine at
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i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. >> dickerson: welcome back. we have restabbed connection with governor kasich. we'll keep talking about
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politics, susan twitch to the 1016. on republican side you have two governors of experience that are now gone. rick pear, scott walker left last week. what does this say? >> something about scott walker not as good as candidate. but also says something about state of the republican party. significant states are out and meanwhile retired neurosurgeon a former ceo and celebrity billion they're are still in the race in the hunt. it tells you something about the mood of the republican electorate which is, we don't like what we've been seeing, we're willing to entertain candidates that seem quite extraordinary. >> dickerson: what does something do to have been in politics in their life? >> i think you are seeing that. scott walker's support appears
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to have gone to marco rubio has been in poll techs his entire life. what you have seeing here, there's some other lessons roswell. lot of talk about super pacs, one of the reasons you had 17 people in the republican field that alone cannot actually get you over the finish line. and i think what you're going to see you can probably have some more poem dock out that's probably good for the field. it's allowing focus to go, you are seeing some people begin to congeal around the top make their way up. probably have better debate going forward as result of this. >> in part the resumes are the rope they got out. rick pear and scott walker, i am clearly not going to be president i have better things this do there are lot of other people who maybe don't hoof as much going on. behooves them to stay in the race. >> a big week for candidates on both sides.
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the fundraising quarter comes to an end. the in the next few days here rumblings some who ran out of money can't continue going. we've seen hillary clinton, jeb bush, seib other others, raise as much as possible to sigh license the critic. >> because fundraising knobs will be proxy how they're doing. >> and the shine come off, too. some of the outsiders. donald trump did not have good week following that debate. you see go to other people. and others going to some of those candidates that have been in politics their whole life because they're putting out policy proposals that are getting attention. >> dickerson: where is is jeb bush in all of this. not in the conversation as much as he would like. >> down single digits. he needs to win -- needs to win some police maybe new hampshire not doing well. i think he is -- talk about
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money is not everything. money is not everything. but money is something. he does have fair amount of money, lot of experience in running these elections. he does need to do better. debates he's been disappointing. but he needs to show a little more passion, he needs to be a little more like his brother when it comes to getting tea attacked getting back in cutting way. >> dickerson: switch democrats with news we've got. nancy, another person going to do well is probably hillary clinton. but more questions about e-mail this week, what is the state of her campaign do you think at this moment? >> i think she's trying to talk about this as much as see can take some of the air out of the balloon he they found when he was answering it was stonewalling, had nothing hide. she's admitting to a large degree this is now out of her control which is something you
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never want to have to admit if you're candidate you like to have everything be under your control. the fbi inquiry continues, she has no control over that. the benghazi committee will call her to testify next month. she has no idea what they're go tg ask or how that is going to go. now the state department and intelligence officials are certifying more e-mails that she had not and handed over. there are questions are why they weren't in the original batch. she's doing what she can which is to answer the questions and troy to move forward. it's definitely going to be ongoing challenge throughout election day. >> dickerson: part of the reason it's interesting that the supporters of the vice president, joe biden are still talking and saying do whatever he'll do. indications are that at some point maybe into november now make decision.
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>> dickerson: what about bernie sanders and his campaign, we're always talking about how he's doing well but, what is his next stage for bernie standers? >> i think he's won the battle but may well lose the war. he's won the battle that he's pushed hillary clinton to the left. he's helped define the conversation on the democratic side, as the conversation more on issues he wants to push like income and equality, for instance. but i think he continues to struggle with the idea that he is not a likely nominee. that the democrats are unlikely to nominate someone who is the democratic social list from is the and 73 years old even if they're unhappy with hillary clinton. >> what is your sense of the republican attack against bernie sanders. there's a lot of conventional wisdom, be so much easier to attack. what is your sense about him as target for republican? >> he would be easier to attack than hillary clinton.
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a lot of his views are out there. but susan makes valid point. articulate the main messages that any nominee is going to make. on women, climate change, the environment and things like this. the interesting thing when you look at bernie sanders how many people out there in the party are passionate 'brought bernie sanders' bid how much is protest vote against hillary clinton. and those are the numbers that the biden he'll, for instance, are like can at. let's just wait there for us to scoop up if we get in this race. >> dickerson: thanks so much. thanks all of you. we'll be right back with governor john kasich.
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>> dickerson: we fixed our satellite issue. republican presidential candidate and ohio governor john kasich joins us from columbus. thank you. you heard some cheering when john boehner's resignation was announced, you've known him for awhile. >> long time. dickerson: give us your reaction to his resignation? >> i'm saded. john was a very -- he's a great guy. interview described it all. it's a shame that people weren't seeing that earlier on you did a very good job in the interview. i was there in the '90s when we got things done. think about it we changed welfare system which had been in place 40 years. we balanced the budget of which i was chief architect. and we cut taxes, the economy was growing, we were doing great and when i left washington we
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had a $5 trillion surplus. boehner sat right next to me. that was some of the most productive time that republicans or conservative has had. think about it, balancing the budget which people think is fiction, reforming welfare and cutting capital gains taxes and creating economic growth. we need to reflect on his accomplishments then and riding and becoming speaker. >> dickerson: what about his -- in terms of why that is harder to do today what patrol do you think the group that he calls false prophet in your own party what rule do you think that plays in the current state of things? >> with it's about ingenerals. the people who keep saying they want things to happen what have they accomplished? what have they got done? they are serving in the congress, have they accomplished anything? when i served there we achieved thing. i achieved things. i was referee former, i've been
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reformer all my life i shake up the system all the time, you know how much reform and change it took to balance the federal budget? i stepped on more toe, is that you can i am handling in. coming to ohio and reformings things out here this state was a he bout debt, now we're doing well. people didn't think i could do it. you know how much we had to shake up? a lot of people who were doing the complaining, maybe they ought to look in the mirror. are they just speech makers, just people out there yelling and screaming? i have to disagree with your panel. when i travel around this country, i was just in south carolina, new york, boston, in iowa, maybe people are yelling loud but at the end of the day people are now beginning to say, what can you do, governors, to bring people together to accomplish things. sometimes you hear loud voices out here who get the attention, get the headlines. i tell you at the end of the day i believe the republican party
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will pick somebody who is reformer who is a change agent what accomplished things have experience. these people yelling and screaming. you ask them, what have you accomplished at the time that you've been in public office. would be interesting question, wouldn't it? >> dickerson: we appreciate your help there. the question asking front. let me ask you this. who are the people now out of the republican race, they did stuff, governor perry, governor walker they had experience, no longer able to run for president. what does that say about the climate which you're crying to make the case that you just made? >> three things you need to be president in my opinion. said by smart democrat. one you got to have issues. two, vision, you have to be likable. you got to have at least two of those three. i think in regard to scott walker he'll come back, he may be president some day. just got over -- spent a lot of money they ran out. you have of to laugh your
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resources. my campaign has gone on for slightly more than just two months, john. i'm in the top tier in new hampshire, i'm beginning to rise in iowa. if what i'm saying is not true, then i should be getting out of the race, which i am not. because i think we're making really good progress and connecting. but remember, people want change. they want reform. they want to see something done but just whine about it making speeches doesn't get it done. america needs to solve problems. some ways it it's even national security issue when the world looks at mesh being unable to solve problems they love at us then they worry, is america failing? we need to be able to solve problems in this country. and send a message to the world. >> dickerson: let me go on that theme there are now two groups in siders and outsiders running in the 2016 republican field. you've worked both in the public
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sector and private sector those who are coming from the private sector who running are they making unrealistic and whip it all into shape? >> i respect people need to know how it all works how you have to maneuver things bring people together. now, i want to repeat one more time. nobody is shaking up the system more than i have. military reformer andre play can party, i challenge can my own party on balancing the budget and driving change. coming into ohio where they said i was going to have to raise taxes rather than balancing the budget by cutting taxes? i've always been unorthodox in this, against the grain. but you know what, i know how to get it done. again, john, if we elect somebody that doesn't know how to get it done, who makes a lot of promises, what have we achieved? even if republicans win, we have
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to solve the problems of immigration, of balancing budget. dealing with entitlements, rebuilding the military. by the way you better reform the pentagon. i sat on that committee for 18 years i know the challenges in terms of the delivering resources that get to the men and women and the services and not into the bureaucracy. lot of challenges out there. the other thing i was struck by you point out -- >> dickerson: i'm afraid i'm going to have to interrupt you we've run out of time. >> we'll do it longer the next time, john. >> dickerson: op the campaign trail. we appreciate it. >> i'll see you. >> dickerson: we'll be right back.
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>> dickerson: before we go, congratulate cbs news editor mike falkner celebrating 30 years. we appreciate everything you do. thank you. for "face the nation" i'm john dickerson. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ,,
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