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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 16, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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biggest mysteries in the bay area. speculation about who may have been behind this attack runs the gamut from international terrorists to domestic terrorists. now a report that it may have been an inside job. no one has ever been arrested for the 2013 shooting attack on the pg&e metcalf substation in south san jose. but according to published media reports, the department of homeland security's assistant secretary for infrastructure protection told an energy conference in philadelphia, quote, there's some indication it was an insider. the fbi called the report into question saying there is a significant gap in what was said and what was reported. but other law enforcement sources tell kpix 5 that an inside job has long been suspected due to the targeted nature of the attacks. key fiberoptic lines were cut and someone with a high caliber rifle shot up several cooling radiators causing transformers
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to leak oil overheat and shut down. security at the substation has been beefed up ever since. security patrols are now more pro-active. surveillance cameras are everywhere and pointing in all directions and an extra high concrete wall now surrounds all of the substation's power equipment. no one from pg&e was available to talk on camera but they sent us a statement today saying that safety is their number one priority. they say they are working closely with the fbi but cannot speculate as to motive. they say their top priority now is enhancing the security of the grid. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. weave gotten used to hearing about the bay area -- we've gotten used to hearing about the bay area's booming economy but tonight a setback in hiring. kpix 5's devin fehely on the county that saw a sudden slowdown in job growth. >> reporter: after five years when it seemed like nothing could slow down the bay's booming economy, santa clara
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county arguably the heart of silicon valley experienced an unexpected bump in the road, job losses. >> september was a really bad month. the region lost some jobs mainly in santa clara county and i would treat it as a total aberration. >> reporter: according to california's employment development department, santa clara county lost roughly 4100 jobs in september. overall, the bay area added jobs, just under 3,000 last month. >> i have a feeling that it's more of an anomaly than it is a trend. >> reporter: silicon valley leadership group ceo karl guardino says at last no reason to be alarmed by the job losses. the economy and technology in particular he says remains remarkably strong. >> i really look at september after 60 straight months of booming tech growth and how that's risen most nontech jobs as more of an anomaly. >> reporter: despite the job losses, unemployment in santa
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clara county was just 3.7%. one of the lowest rates anywhere in the state. >> it was a disappointing month, but the bay area is still growing at twice the national average. we are the undisputed leader in job growth in big areas in the nation. >> reporter: in santa clara county, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> even though jobs were down overall, in santa clara county tech companies still managed to add roughly 1200 jobs last month. police and clean-up crews cleared out a homeless encampment at fair oaks narc sunnyvale. they removed trash and personal belongings living there starting yesterday. a month ago city leaders warned park residents they had to go. they provided information though about city services for them. police say this is an effort to improve safety in the park. >> have some drunkenness issues in the park some controlled substance issues as well as some things we are responding
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to more frequently. >> city leaders say several nonprofits are working with that group of people to find alternate housing. st. james park in downtown san jose is getting cleaned up also. those city leaders are putting effort into sprucing up the neglected park. for years, it has been a haven for the homeless. officials hope to make it a place for families to enjoy. san francisco's sheriff is firing back after a report he failed his marksmanship test. the "chronicle" reported that mirkarimi took the test in september and failed. that would prevent him from carrying a gun. but tonight the sheriff's office is disputing the claim that mirkarimi is required to carry a gun in uniform. they gave us a statement saying no state or local law requires sheriff to carry a firearm, so he is not required to qualify. some uber drivers across the nation say they are on strike tonight demanding better pay. the drivers work for the uberx option. they are protesting outside the company's headquarters with three demands. a 60% increase in rates, a
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cancellation fee increase from $5 to $7, and a tip option added to the app. but users say higher rates could kill business. >> we want to continue good customer service. and we just hope that you guys, you know, meet us halfway you know? >> the drivers claim they get a little more than a dollar per mile they drive and even with the rate increase they are demanding, it will still be cheaper than a taxi. an uber spokesman says no one was available for an on-camera interview and said only a small fraction of drivers is protesting. we are getting new video tonight of the big rig crash that jammed the morning commute on 680. the truckloaded with 30 tons of gravel slammed through the concrete divide and burst into flames. both sides of the road were closed in walnut creek and the
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backup was stretching for miles. jackie ward reports. >> reporter: that's right. traffic behind me may look like it's moving slowly right now but it's actually flying compared to how it was after this morning. a big rig caused a major traffic jam. >> reporter: employers in the east bay had to practice extra patience this morning. thousands were stuck on 680 after a big rig blew a tire and hit a concrete barrier and burst into flames. it turned into a two-hour commute instead of 20 minutes. >> people were stuck in traffic. we said just get here when you can. another associate called and i said to work from home. >> reporter: its diesel fuel tanks erupted engulfing the truck in flames. this person was about to drive his son to school and quickly had to find a different route. >> it was a mess.
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i have never seen anything like this. it's the worst traffic i have seen on that road. >> reporter: but only four people complained of minor injuries according to chp officials. >> you can't really predict what's going to happen. but when it does, luckily, drives were paying attention to their driving and attentive to their driving habits and were able to avoid the clicks. >> after 6.5 hours of clean-up, traffic was back to normal around 12:30 this afternoon. it may be a week until the investigation is complete. jackie ward, kpix 5. another traffic mess just now getting cleared up. a second big rig this one hauling hay crashed and burned in vallejo. the view from chopper 5 as those firefighters work to put out the flames on highway 37. several cars were involved in this. fortunately nobody was hurt. all westbound lanes reopened just a short time ago. new at 6:00, halloween is around the corner and kids are making important costume choices. but one east bay elementary
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school is putting some pretty strict limits on what they can wear. kpix 5's emily turner went to berkeley to see the new rules. >> reporter: a lot of the old classics the things you might rely on as a kid to be for halloween are out, right hand allowed at this school. you can a cowboy but not an indian. you can be a prince but you can't be a sultan. it gets confusing. so today we asked the school to clarify why they're doing and what it is they are doing. >> i want to be a -- >> reporter: lucky for johan that costume is allowed at rosa park elementary school. but many of the holiday classics aren't. >> we don't want any one culture to be used as a costume to be poked fun of or as a caricature. we don't want students to come in black face, for example. >> reporter: apparently that's a concern for rosa parks elementary school's principal and the reason why he instituted a rule that students aren't allowed to wear any
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racially, ethnically or culturally motivated costumes. according to this policy it's significantly limits some of the traditional costumes. an arabian prince, definitely not. a bandido? that's mexican spanish heritage. what about a ninja? or what about this? what about luigi? you certainly don't want to send any one of italian did i scent and it limits you to accessories like a rasta wig. it's supposed to make everyone feel welcome, equal and included. but there are holes in the policy even the school can't answer. >> you're hispanic male and you want to dress up as einstein? dress up as einstein. >> einstein is white. what if i'm a white kid and i think mariachis are great. isn't this taking it too far? >> uhm -- [ pause ] >> i -- -- [ pause ] >> reporter: so it will be up to 200 six to eleven-year-old children, parents appear teachers to navigate the waters when october 30th's costume parade rolls around. >> i'm okay with the rule.
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i think it is always good to practice sensitivity and it's a good reminder i think for the community. >> it's kind of taking the fun out of some of it for kids especially if they want to dress up to be proud of something. >> reporter: clearly a controversial topic here but you know what? one of the things that this does is raise a conversation about it which is what the principal says was one of the points to do this to bring up the issue of these halloween costumes and to discuss, you know, acceptance and to discuss whether or not something is appropriate and that they say they will issue on a case-by- case basis. reporting live in berkeley, emily turner, kpix 5. hundreds of california doctors are disciplined for misconduct. but they don't have to tell you about it. tonight, the push to make sure you know if your doctor is on probation. >> tracking down the bay area's biggest water hog guzzling thousands of gallons a day while you let your lawn die. tonight we ask, just what are they doing with all that water? >> and a bay area senior home
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fighting to get its ducks back. tonight hope for a reunion. the solution that could bring juanita home. >> it is still raining to our south. there is building rainfall to our north. and there will be rainfall in your backyard soon. details on a growing rain chance, that is next. ,,,,
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misconduct... but you probably have no idea who ty se they're not hundreds of california doctors are on disciplinary probation for misconduct but you have no idea who they are because they are not required to tell you. reporter ron jones on the new push to change that. >> in my mind, healthcare is a personal choice as far as your doctor. >> reporter: but your doctor has a choice too whether or not to tell you they're on the disciplinary probation for medical misconduct. the board says unless you research it yourself, your
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doctor is not required to disclose it. >> i think that's real upsetting to hear about that, too,. >> reporter: a recent sacramento business journal report shows nearly 500 california doctors are on disciplinary probation. so now the bay area watchdog group consumers union is filing a petition demanding the medical board require all california doctors undies palestinian nair probation reveal their status to patients. >> we are aware of the need for consumers to be aware of the status of their physician. >> reporter: the medical board spokesman says she can't comment on the filed petition but says it will be addressed at the next board meeting on october 30. hop kin son says patients can examine their own doctor by going to the state's website. >> you not only can find out that they're on probation, but why. >> i don't think it's a big deal. >> reporter: but regardless of past misconduct, some patients trust their doctors. >> i think that's their personal right to have whatever they did wrong be personal. if they get punished for it,
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that's their business. >> reporter: others want to trust but verify. >> if they have an issue that's personal, how are they going to take care of you? >> now, to check your doctor's status we have set up a lidge to the state's medical board -- a link to the state medical board at what does the university do when tenured employees are accused of behaving badly? president janet napolitano has just formed a committee to get answers. the group of administrators, faculty and students will review how the ten uc campuses have handled complaints against tenured faculty. it comes days after a prominent uc-berkeley astronomer resigned. an investigation showed he violated campus sexual harassment policies. a possible shot in the arm for efforts to build the raiders a new stadium in oakland. the "oakland tribune" reports southern california megadeveloper sun cal could be taking on and expanded role
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with the coliseum city project. the city dropped negotiations with developer floyd kephart last month. sun cal has been advising the team since march and met with city officials recently. none. major players have commented. the main challenge is finding $400 million in funding for the stadium. any plan needs to happen fast. the nfl is set to make a decision about a shared raiders-chargers stadium in southern california. pinterest is spending nearly $19 million to make over its new digs in san francisco. the "wall street journal" reports the huge sum will go towards renovations on this office building on brannan street. the landlord is putting up another 4 million. some of the changes include a kitchen, modeled after a food truck. some new meeting areas, showers even. the image sharing company was last valued at $11 billion. governor brown is getting new digs moving out of his rented home and into the governor's mansion in downtown sacramento sometime late this
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year or maybe early next year. the mansion has been under renovation for months. this is a look at some of the construction work that's under way. brown allocated $2.5 million for renovations last year. the last governor to live at the mansion was ronald reagan in 1967. during this historic drought there are some extreme water users living among us. da lin tracked down some of the worst offenders. >> reporter: looking at this man's yard you wouldn't guess he is the four biggest water user serviced by east bay m.u.d. >> the amount was $4,000 and my reaction was complete shock. >> reporter: dane bingham says his water bill is $200 usually. he blames broken pipe for wasting water and putting him on the infamous list. >> it was muddy and bubbling up when we saw it. >> reporter: unlike him, the biggest water wasters living on big properties on private roads behind gates. we sent chopper 5 to show you
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the biggest offender a retired oil executive living at this danville mansion. east bay m.u.d. says his house sucks up more than 12,000 gallons a day. the average family uses 250 gallons a day. aside from the green lawns, it's got a pool and a vineyard. >> it's obscene. it's obscene. >> reporter: in the neighboring city of alamo it's not hard to spot east bay m.u.d.'s second biggest water waster a venture capitalist who lives here. east bay m.u.d. says he uses more than 8,000 gallons a day. >> that's astronomical. so like i'd love to talk to him and say what are you using this for? >> reporter: the third big he is water user is billy beane from the oakland a's, 6,000 gallons a day. a pool leak detection and repair team went to his home today. we don't know what they found. >> shutting off the water is possible. we can do that, as well. again, not something that we want to do. >> reporter: just to give you
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some perspective, 12,000 gallons can service 50 families a day. in danville, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the biggest water user's daily use is enough to serve 50 families in the east bay. seaworld got the green light to expand its whale exhibit in san diego. but there is a catch. the california coastal commission says seaworld cannot breed its 11 orcas in captivity in california. now seaworld is pushing back by promising legal action. it says animal welfare is governed by federal and state law, and that the california coastal commission is defying those. so the weather, paul, back to the water usage thing, we could all benefit from some rain. >> yeah. >> get our yards looking good again. >> it would help everything. every water story involved would change and turn on its head if we simply received rainfall. it's that simple. >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow we'll get a little bit. we have a big to hole. a couple of drips in the bucket if you will coming up tomorrow.
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for four years we have been watching fronts fizzle on the way to the bay area. this one is getting stronger. outdoors, sunshine right now. rainfall tomorrow morning. what's going on? yes, quick moving front in, out, throughout the day tomorrow. 87 in danville, morgan hill sunny have a low 80s. hayward 79. san rafael 77. berkeley high today 68. so we have rainfall to our south and to our east even the diablo range east-southeast from san jose saw a few showers today, likely saw the build-up of clouds on 680 today. now looking to the north this is a different area of low pressure. you see the rainfall building to the west of fort bragg, eureka, crescent city. that's the guy that's going to get here tomorrow morning. look at all the clouds offshore. so one low is moving out of southern california. one low will move into the pacific northwest. and that's going to drag a front through. it will arrive in the north bay by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. so a front arriving tomorrow. it's not going to be a ton of rainfall not a washout. you should absolutely not cancel any outdoor plans but don't be surprised if through
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the morning hours a couple of times for five or 10 minutes it rains especially in the north bay. it's not going to last very long. by saturday night we have sunshine back high pressure returns to california by sunday. it won't be hot. we'll get a light onshore flow but it will be dry. let's enjoy the rainfall while we get it. some of us will get rain tomorrow. fremont was 74. consumer report 77 your high -- concord 77 your high. 66 for your saturday in pacifica. scattered showers tomorrow. there's a bonus. monday, tuesday, wednesday sunshine. it's not an abrupt change from all dry to all wet but it feels like we are kind of in that transition period now. >> thank you. >> let's keep going that direction. we need the rain. bay area seniors are fighting to get their duck back. juanita waddled off from the nursing home right into the middle of a custody battle. but tonight, why there may be
6:22 pm
hope for a happy ending. >> and the drug known as female viagra finally hitting the shelves. what you should know about how it really works. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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senior citizens and a wildle center, are at odd a duck. an update tonight on a heated custody battle in the north bay. a group of senior citizens and a wildlife center are at odds over a duck. >> kpix 5's don ford found out there mit be a solution to bring juanita home. >> very good! >> oh! >> reporter: seenout living at the bella gardens -- seniors living at the bella gardens assisted living facility are playing in the backyard but one of the dearest friends is gone. >> very sweet. a nice little duck to have around. >> reporter: two years ago, juanita appeared in the backyard as a baby duckling. the 25 seniors loved her and the ducks loved them back. but last month, juanita disappeared during a storm and someone found her and turned
6:25 pm
her over to wild care, the animal rescue hospital. and that is when things got complicated by red tape. >> once an animal is checked into the wildlife hospital, it immediately falls under the jurisdiction of state and federal laws that regulate wildlife. >> reporter: it's against the law to keep wild animals as pets and juanita could not be legally returned to the seniors. and if wild care broke the law they say the hospital could be shut down. things were at an impasse but now, a possible breakthrough. >> the best option would be for an exemption to be made and the bello gardens to receive a permit to keep juanita as an educational animal. >> reporter: folks are working on that permit. and now a state assemblyman is involved. the u.s. fish and wildlife and the california fish and wildlife are all going to get in a room and figure this out. >> and they have given us really positive news. i had a phone conversation and she said that we can get an education permit. >> reporter: but it's not a done deal until it's a done
6:26 pm
deal. meanwhile, the seniors miss their little duck. >> every time i go out, i'm aware that it's gone. i was extremely close to her. >> everybody loves her. >> reporter: in san anselmo, don ford, kpix 5. >> part of the plan to bring juanita back, staffers at bello gardens will get special training on the care and feeding migratory birds. >> that would be good. she would be like a therapy duck. a dog or a duck, it works. coming up in our next half- hour, there's a river of mud that shut down a major route to southern california. >> 911! help! >> hundreds of cars trapped. tonight dramatic stories from drivers who barely made it out. >> and time is running out for joe biden to decide if he is going to run. tonight the vice president may have given his biggest hint yet. >> and we have heard pets have a sense when something is wrong but one woman said her dog helped detect her breast cancer. ,,
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claims that the sniper attan a south bay substa wo years ago was an "insi our top stories tonight, conflicting claims that the sniper attack on a south bay power substation two years ago
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was an inside job. the department of homeland security made that statement. but the fbi disagreed saying that statement goes too far. no one was ever arrested. the bay area is seeing a surprising slowdown in job growth. september was a bad month for santa clara county in particular. according to california's employment development department the county lost roughly 4100 jobs last month. on a positive note, unemployment was just 3.7%. one of the lowest in the state. they are still digging out in the southland. the mud slides that closed a stretch of i-5 north of los angeles are slowly being cleared away. flash floods sent mud on the grapevine yesterday. the road cuts through the tehachapi mountains through the tejon pass. chris martinez reports. >> reporter: slowly being reopened. we are just over highway 58. they had been working on this
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one all day long. as you take a look you will see all these flashing lights. that's the crews still there trying to free a lot of these cars, trucks and semis that are still at this hour stuck in that mud. state route 58 near the mojave desert is littered with at least 200 trucks and cars. torrential rain triggered powerful mud slides that trapped drivers in less than 15 minutes. trucker will nissan recorded this video on his cell phone. >> we got stopped and we were on the pavement and cars were going past me floating past me like crazy. >> reporter: melissa and her family were driving home. they say they barely escaped. >> the most terrifying part was when the hill gave out and the road was just gone. >> we thought we were going to get buried alive in the mud. we just thought it was done. the mud was coming down so fast. and the car filled up so fast. >> reporter: crews are using bulldozers and other equipment to dig up and pull out cars.
6:32 pm
but the clean-up here could take days. search-and-rescue teams are scouring the area for vehicles that may have been swallowed completely by mud. >> the mud just came so fast it was like quicksand. >> reporter: farther west geologists and other experts inspected interstate 5 and the nearby hillsides. officials say the storm left behind more than 60 million gallons of mud and debris to clean up in l.a. county alone. you're looking at some of that ride now. that looks just like dirt and mud perhaps the ground but that's 58 right there still hidden under everything that came down yesterday. this is going to stay this way for a couple of days. but tonight, all lanes of interstate 5 are now reopened. >> let's hope the weather holds up for that clean-up, chris, thanks so much. as many as 269 elderly patients are displaced after an electrical fire at a care facility in burlingame this afternoon. san mateo emergency officials say the fire was small but
6:33 pm
caused a power outage. chopper 5 was overhead as the patients were evacuated while workers tried to restore power. the three-alarm apartment fire that broke out on second and geary this afternoon is contained. this is chopper 5 footage of the damage. the san francisco fire department says that fire started around 2 p.m. a family representative stays lamar odom has -- says lamar odom has regained consciousness after three days on life support at a hospital in las vegas. the former basketball star was rushed to the hospital tuesday after he was found unconscious in a nevada brothel. odom's estranged wife khloe kardashian is by his side along with other extended family members. campaign 2016, joe biden may have just dropped a hint about his presidential plans. a letter from the vice president's political team asked supporters not to count him out just yet. it comes as republican candidates are fighting over
6:34 pm
the terms of their next debate. weijia jang on their demands. >> reporter: the top two presidential candidates in the gop race have won eye victory own -- a victory over cnbc. the network changed its debate rules at donald trump and ben carson sent a letter saying neither mr. trump or dr. carson will participate in your debate if it is longer than 120 minutes including commercials and does not include opening and closing statements. but not everyone agrees. >> i'm all for three hours. i'm sorry that they apparently don't have the endurance to go the distance. >> reporter: the other candidates may need extra time because trump and carson more than doubled their numbers in the latest poll. carson has also raised the most money of any gop candidate. even donald trump, who is now accepting pledges, despite his vow to fund his campaign himself. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both raised more money than carson. vice president joe biden may be ready to challenge them. have you made your decision
6:35 pm
yet? >> i can't hear you. >> reporter: the vice president has reportedly been consulting with old advisers and friends in early voting states who have worked for him during past campaigns. >> i'm big on debates so -- >> reporter: in new hampshire friday clinton was all smiles after this week's debate. a new poll of the granite state shows her leading in new hampshire for the first time since july. weijia jang, cbs news, the white house. >> sources tell cbs news biden could announce a decision any day now. but they caution he has ignored self-imposed deadlines in the past. u.s. airways is flying from the bay area into the history books. why a major obviously the wrong video -- a major merger with american could mean headaches for travelers this weekend. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
more than passengers are ab u-s airways flight 19-39 tonight... when it takes off from s-f- headed for philadelphia, i'l take with it-- a bit of history... kris van cleave
6:38 pm
expl passengers are aboard 1939 from sfo headed for philadelphia. it will also take with it a bit of history. kris van cleave explains it will be the last time we see the u.s. airways logo if the sky. >> reporter: one last hurdle remains before u.s. airways and american truly become one airline. merging their reservation systems. >> it's like doing a simultaneous heart and brain transplant. >> reporter: the reservation system stores vital information including flight schedules, pricing, the number of available seats, and baggage tracing data. the challenge with combining them is all existing u.s. airways reservations have to become american reservations across two systems. this man worked on several airline mergers. >> if it goes wrong, passengers are going to be angry. and american airlines does not want to have angry passengers. >> reporter: which is why american began planning months ago. first merging frequent flyer programs. the airline will have extra staff working saturday for the main event. cbs news travel editor peter greenberg. >> that's the hope that they
6:39 pm
are going to do this weekend, so they are going to catch whatever glitches they have so by the time the real hit comes on monday, they will be ready. >> reporter: american airlines will have a command center that will be running for the next few weeks to deal with any problems. still, if you are flying this weekend, plan ahead. get to the airport early. print out your entire reservation and bring it with you. also, check in before you get to the airport. either print your boarding pass or use the mobile app. kris van cleave, cbs news, reagan national airport, virginia. >> the handicapped symbol is getting a makeover. take a look at the old version versus the new one. the goal, focus on ability and not disability. only problem, the federal highway administration isn't on board with what it calls the alternative dynamic design. there are also concerns the new sign hints at prejudice toward people with serious disabilities. a neighborhood social networking site is accused of racial profiling. maybe you have heard of it? it's called next door. tonight the ceo is promising
6:40 pm
some changes. i'll have that story tonight on nightbeat; come join me at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. many dog owners like to boast about their pets' impressive tricks but one woman believes her dog detected her cancer. and there's actually some science behind it. >> the radar is getting a workout today. heavy rainfall in southern california yesterday. thunderstorms up and down the sierra today. tomorrow, it's our turn. find out how much, where and when. next. >> sports this friday. got some tough breaks for the tallest warriors. stanford football game last night. whoa! did you catch that? we are going to get right to the point. sports segment around the corner. ,,,,,,
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it's called "addyi" -- the little pink pill is the fir fda-approved prescription a drug dubbed female viagra hits shelves tomorrow. addyi is the first fda-approved prescription drug to improve libido. unlike drugs for men, it act on brain chemicals associated for desire. it can't be taken with alcohol or other specified 9drugs and has to be taken every day. a minnesota woman survived a breast cancer scare and she is crediting her dog for helping detect it. tara leonard was studying for a test when she says her dog jumped on her bed. tara found it unusual for that well behaved dog not to get down when she told her. >> she was being weird. jumped back up on the bed and this time i wiped it off and i felt a lump. >> tara went to the doctor for a mammogram and biopsy. then she got the news that it
6:45 pm
was breast cancer. but she was lucky. doctors said they caught it in time. there is some science. there is canine sense detection in different stages of lung cancer. at 5:00 we were talking about sunshine with the change. in the past hour and a half we have gone from sunny to cloudy, 15 to 20 degrees cooler and there will be rain tomorrow morning. temperatures dropping considerably. our kpix 5 weather watchers haven't seen this in a while, how about a reading in the 50s? antonio in daly city. cloudy and breezy onshore flow 14 miles an hour, only 59 degrees. across the bay 66 degrees right now. keith rodriguez san leandro onshore flow lighter but here comes the cooler weather and we'll head up farther to the north in orinda. bill moon reporting in 73 degrees with partly cloudy skies. a slight chance of rain
6:46 pm
tomorrow morning. from the rooftop toward the bay bridge in san francisco bay, the east bay off in the distance, port of oakland, oakland at 68. livermore currently 75. san jose 72. 60s for san bruno. san francisco and santa rosa. but we have gone cloudy, quickly. i will show you why momentarily. showers thunderstorms in the sierra. showers and thunderstorms once again in the san joaquin valley. monterey and king city. we are not looking there for our rain chance. we are looking to the north. you see showers building to the west of eureka and fort bragg and that's what's heading in our direction. it won't be a soaker. it's been a long time since we have had a soaking rain. i'm defining it here by half inch of rain widespread. last time that happened was 192 days ago. it's been a long time. we can use many soakers this winter. tonight scattered showers by sunrise. san francisco 59. concord tonight 57. san jose 58.
6:47 pm
another event we are talking about this weekend is the creole festival in sausalito. there may be showers before lunchtime partly cloudy in the afternoon temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. the low that caused that mess on the grapevine interstate 5 north of los angeles, still causing showers and thunderstorms. phoenix has been wert than san francisco this year. kind of crazy how dry we have been and how wet they have been. that's exiting. this low pressure area up here is what's moving in. it's now raining in seattle and portland and eugene and it's slowly working in our direction. we'll be on the southern fringe of this front. not powerful when it comes to wind or cooler air also the majority of the jet stream energy is to the north and fires up the heavy rainfall. we are not going to see that. but what we'll see is scattered showers tomorrow morning especially in the north bay. you're closer to the actual area of low pressure. by sunday, here comets ridge. it's going to hang out for a
6:48 pm
few days. we have a one rain chance. just some scattered showers out there. notice a lot of cloud cover when you wake up tomorrow morning. a sprinkle here or there. the best chance in the north bay. as that front passes by a chance of scattered showers. 5, 10, 15 minutes where you are but everybody from san jose north to santa rosa has a crack at some showers tomorrow. the north bay you are first as the front arrives for you your showers will be around sunrise tomorrow. scattered showers elsewhere working their way from north to south. and there is a slight chance of an isolated mountain thunderstorm especially in the north bay because you will have more energy up there. but it will be cloudy. it will be cooler tomorrow morning with a few scattered showers. don't cancel your outdoor plans but grab the umbrella just in case. san jose 75 tomorrow. oakland 74 close to average. milpitas 74. redwood city 75. half moon bay for the art and pumpkin festival, 66 will be your high. danville tomorrow 78. upper 70s pleasant hill,
6:49 pm
antioch, dublin, pleasanton, 70 in san francisco. notice the temperature spread is minimal tomorrow. sonoma 74. santa rosa 76. richmond 72. best chance of seeing accumulating rainfall that's you in mendocino county and lake county, good evening to you, your highs will be in the low 70s tomorrow. sunday's the sunnier choice but notice temperatures don't move much. it will be sunny but not warmer. toward the middle of next week, 80s inland. 70s near the bay. with a slight chance of a shower right around this time next week. that's your kpix 5 forecast. vern has sports next ,, today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me.
6:50 pm
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it off with hockey... ...bua potential momentum stopper r the sj sharks... man down... star logan couture, out fou six weeks because he broke s leg in rarely do we lead off with hoch. logan couture out four to six weeks because he broke his leg in practice as the team prepped in new jersey. here's sharks coach pete deboer . the former jersey coach, back with miss new team and patrick marleau just a goal machine. put up 1-0. folks this one went to overtime. brent burns and they are going
6:53 pm
home. sharks win it in overtime. their record is 4-0-0. nice tee box markers. open. rory mcilroy 7 hole cat box. veronica off camera just staring it down. nice second round blast. he is chasing brendan steele. oh, he stuck that. second shot of the par four 14th hole set a birdie. still leads the field by two shots at 11 under par total. warriors center andrew bogut has a broken nose. took a kj daniels forearm to the face when he dunked it for the rockets last night. bogut will have surgery. but tough guy that he is, he will likely return for the start of the regular season on october 27. i have seen this 20 times. i still can't believe it. stanford's win last night over
6:54 pm
ucla check the francis owusu catch! whoo, arms through a defender and he grabbed it! hung on as fell to the end zone! obvious catch of the year leading candidate. pinned the ball off the back of the defender! 15th ranked stanford has a record of 5-1 after that win. you got entertainment options this weekend. like 200 top athletes from 40 nations packed in a south bay grand ballroom. >> you got to move fast, but also the other thing which is very important, you got to be thinking. you have to be smart. >> reporter: coach greg is talking about fencing. the highest rank on planet compete this weekend in san jose. one of eight stops leading to the world championships and the real olympic games. no one knows the game better than coach greg. the u.s. olympic coach in 2008. his son alex on the right lost
6:55 pm
this year's world title match to uki ota of japan. coach greg gave a little taste of the game at his gym in the sunset. >> be able to move, slowed, lunge, get back fast action make a lot of decisions in a short situation. >> fence, name the game. boom! all right! you get it touch. there's physical characteristics. big tall fast. the taller you are the slower you are. the shorter you are the faster you are. so in an ideal you want someone like lebron james, huge and fast. fence and go! oh!! there you go. you parried it, blocked him, fence! oh!! and the attack is good. left touch. my coach, you held up. [ laughter ]
6:56 pm
starts tonight at the cow palace... this weekd and the next... we shot a feat >> they have matches starting tomorrow morning 9 a.m. they go to 5:30 p.m. at the san jose convention center. hey, you know, grand national rodeo starts tonight at the cow palace. we shot a feature there yesterday. hershere's a clip. for news throughout the eve, the latest is always on cbsf >> i'm going back to fencing. >> i think so. >> captions by: caption colorado save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: let's go. how's everybody? i appreciate it. thank y'all. heh heh heh. thank you much now. i appreciate you. yeah, i do. i appreciate it, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and boy, we got good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, already with a grand total of 20,000, from anniston, alabama, it's the duncan family. and from port st. lucie, florida, it's the kranker family.
7:00 pm
yeah, they different. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility driving out of here in a brand-new, head- turning ford fusion hybrid, everybody. let's go. let's play "feud." give me lucy. give me cedric. guys, here we go. top 7 answers on the board. if santa were back in the dating scene, what would he need to update? cedric. >> sled. steve: his sled. >> his outfit. steve: h-his outfit. pass or play? >> play. play, play. steve: play. ok.


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