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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, it is monday, kind of feels like monday. >> does it? >> a little bit. i'm maria medina in for michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:00. and east bay woman is dead and her older sister is now in jail on this monday morning. this after a weekend in the city of rodeo. kpix 5's joe vazquez talk to neighbors about the people involved. >> reporter: the brown and white corner house on this peaceful rodeo street is the scene of a murder. the sheriff's department says that they demand alleged murder are both elderly women. >> total shock. i'm having trouble sleeping at night. >> reporter: the murder victim is 69-year-old zana thomas according to a spokesperson who confirms the victim's own sister, 71-year-old linda june thomas of washington state, is in jail, charged with her sister's murder. suzanne lives across the street and is related to zana. she's heard from family members that the shooting happened while zana's husband, don, was in the other room.
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>> she shot zana, and wrestled with don for the gun. >> they've arrested a 71-year- old woman. do you know her? >> yes. >> do you know linda june? >> yes. i've met her a few times.>> reporter: this neighbor has known both zana and her husband, don, for decades. >> they went to church every sunday, they taught at school on sundays. never caused a problem in the neighborhood. >> reporter: he knew linda as well and said there were tensions in recent years over family finances. he also heard the story of the shooting and struggle for the gun from their closest friend and neighbor. >>he grabbed her arm and the two of them struggled on the floor. i guess the gun went underneath the bed, and don was trying to call 911 and get the cops over here. they were fighting on the floor and i guess he finally called them and they went and busted his front door down to get into the house. >> reporter: zana thomas worked at the west county times newspaper for 27 years until
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she retired in 2006. her husband, don, is said to be very shaken up and staying with family members in the sacramento area. in rodeo, joe vazquez, kpix 5. the transportation department is expected to unveil a new requirement for drone operators to register vehicles. kpix 5's kiet do is live at san jose international airport where there have been several close calls between planes and drones. good morning. >> reporter: two years ago this was not an issue. now, you have it happening more in the silicon valley than any other part of the bay area. at last report by the faa, they say the airport in san jose had the most close calls, 15 from december to august of this year. to give you perspective in that same timeframe, there were 650 total unauthorized sidings nationwide. that is nearly triple all of last year's numbers. one pilot for fedex flying a 767 into san jose says a drone was buzzing right past him 60
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feet away, all this happening at an altitude of 11,000 pete. the department of transportation is set to announce that all drone operators are to register unmanned aerial vehicles. the feds are expected to make the announcement with members of the growing industry standing at their side. officials are also forming an independent drone advisory committee. back in 2012 congress decided not to regulate recreational drones. enthusiast say getting every kid out there to follow the new federal law is going to be tough. >> the pandora's box is open, it out. you can't get it back in. all these kids are going to be getting them for christmas this year. they are supposed to register every one of these things that come in a cereal box? i don't think it's going to happen. >> reporter: the feds hope to have the new drone registry in place by the holidays. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. in southern california, hundreds of cars remained stuck in the mud as crews try to work and take them out.
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take a look from the sky, you get a better feel for the impact of thursday's 30 minute torrential downpour or 3 inches of rain turned a normal dry landscape into this vast mud pit leaving hundreds stranded. truck drivers david noe was one of them. >> i've been through hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, but this is a first for me after 31 years of driving. >> i bet. highway 58 is a major trucking route and is expected to remain shut down for a few more days. it is 6:04. hooking over your shoulder, gianna, looking pretty busy. >> it is quite busy. we might have rizal on highway 17, a couple of accidents trickling in, northbound 17, overturned vehicle near the summit reported. it is out of line, that's the good news. chp on scene. another accident northbound redwood estates, keep that in mind as you head out the door. northbound 101 right at mckee, busy anyway out of san jose, brake lights out of morgan
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hill. 280 looks good but you might use that instead. busy right on the altamont pass west on 580 also passed the 680, 30 minute ride for your drive time. speeds dipping to 11 miles per hour westbound out of tracy. that is very slow and go this morning. was found 580 at 80, reports of an accident out of line but you are backed up all the way to the maze. metering lights are on. all the approaches to the bay bridge very busy. here's roberta. time checks, 6:05, this monday morning, heading out the door this morning, we do have wet roadways, very damp conditions with about a trace of rain reported in the overnight hours. cloudy right now, out toward oakland, emeryville, el cerrito and in berkeley, temperature wise, 49 santa rosa for the cold spot, half-mile visibility due to areas of fog. also, limited visibility in the napa area with patchy fog. 64 and cloud cover in livermore. from the coast to the bay, wind
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to increase out of the northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. 70 pacifica, through the 70s bayside and peninsula, up to 78 degrees for the warmest locations of the inland areas. fire weather watch and what you need to know coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. heavy rain causing some trouble in solano county, thunderstorms rolled through the area causing rockslide the end flooding along highway 128. both sides were badly burned in a wildfire and a little vegetation left to hold them up, those rocks easily can down. there were no reports of significant damage. here's what it looks like as rain was coming down, amy grando shot this video outside her home in vacaville, as you can see the showers were study for quite a while. the quakes keep on coming in san ramon. there have been 22 small quakes since yesterday morning alone, the largest struck around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, that was a magnitude 3.3.
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there have been dozens of small quakes along the calaveras fault in san ramon since wednesday. these types of swarms happen from time to time to the quakes have not been big enough to do damage. today, csu faculty members are voting on a potential strike unhappy with how negotiations are going. kpix 5's jackie ward is at cal state east bay in hayward with the latest. good morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning, maria. as you know classes started about a month ago but faculty is saying they've had enough. they say they are being paid on fair salary. starting at 9:00 this morning, the strike authorization vote will begin online and in person. the california faculty association president jennifer eagen says wages are why the 25,000 members are ready to strike. the cfa wants a 5% general salary increase for the members as well as 2.6% service salary increase for eligible faculty. csu management is offering a 2% salary increase according to the cfa.
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the csu spokeswoman says that's a fair proposal because faculty was the only group of employees to receive salary increases during the recession years. starting at 7:00 this morning on the east bay campus, picketers will arrive to kickoff the vote, and it will continue through october 28 at 5:00 p.m. in hayward, jackie ward, kpix 5. alameda firefighters trying to figure out what sparked the fire that damaged to homes. it broke out yesterday evening near norwich road and seaview parkway. a witness shot this cell phone video from across the water. firefighters were able to put out the fires in an hour. nobody was injured. over the weekend firefighters recovered a body in san francisco bay from between angel island and alcatraz. there's not much information about who the person was or how the man died. investigators are looking into it. 6:08. stolen guns were used in several high-profile crimes in the bay area. why police say it is getting harder to punish offenders.
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the violence in israel continues to escalate leading to some unprecedented security measures. from the kpix weather center, good morning. we do have a fire weather watch that will be going into effect. i will tell you which daisy need to know about. you are tapping the brake lights along the 580. drive times coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ rescue crews in the philipp are we are taking a look at simonetta international airport in san jose with cloudy skies, temperatures in the low 80s, turning partly cloudy with highs in the low 70s. your neighborhood forecast is coming up in four minutes. rescue crews in the philippines are scrambling to rescue hundreds of villagers trapped on rooftops after typhoon koppu rolled through.
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the storm came to shore yesterday bringing with it 150 mile an hour wind and torrential rain. koppu is moving slowly and expected to linger over the next few days. secretary of state john kerry is asking leaders to and recent violence. cell phone video capture the latest attack of islands where a gunman opened fire at a bus station killing an israeli soldier and wounding others before being shot and killed her the gunman is believed to be a palestinian. unrest began last month over access to temple mount in jerusalem. >> we continue to urge everybody to exercise restraint and the restrained from any kind of self-help. >> reporter: -->> secretary kerry will meet with mideast leaders in an effort to relieve tensions in the region. more than 40 palestinians and eight israelis have died in recent violence. in a few hours, san francisco police will hold a
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community meeting about an officer involved shooting that left one man dead. a sergeant shot and killed 27- year-old herbert benidas your twitter headquarters in the midmarket area thursday. police say he was trying to arrest benidas for throwing bottles in the street, when he fought back and went for the sergeants gun. they plan to get more details today at noon at bill graham civic auditorium. san francisco police chief gre suhr is discussing violent crimes involving stolen guns. he told anne makovec gun crimes -- conduct is harder to punish than people think. >> reporter: if someone is caught on the street with a stolen gun -- >> they would get a ticket. >> reporter: san francisco police chief gre suhr explained the rules on kpix 5 sunday morning explaining the punishment depends on how much the gun is worth. >> since prop 47 in november last year it has to be over $950. >> reporter: if it is it's a felony. if it's worth less, it's a misdemeanor. stolen guns were used in three recent high-profile murders according to police. these three known as the drifters are accused of killing two people using a gun stolen
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from a car near san francisco fisherman's wharf. police say kate steinleaf, alleged killer on pier 14 used to gun taken from a car in the financial district. >> i will be honest from you, the more i look at this the more surprised i was in california of all states hasn't gone as far as we should. >> reporter: that's why part of lieutenant. governor. gavin newsom's new gun-control ballot measure would require anyone who's done has been lost or stolen to report it to police. but, the governor vetoed a similar proposal in 2013, saying responsible people report the loss of theft of a firearm and irresponsible people do not. i remain skeptical that this bill would change behaviors. chief suhr says his department seizes 1000 guns per year but only a small percentage of those lead to prosecution because the da requires dna evidence from the gun itself. chief suhr says there are no
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changes in sight. >> there have been conversations but i'm not sure of any move right now to make that happen. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the last gun store in san francisco is set to close at the end of the month. if you have been waiting for the force to strike you come here's your moment. tickets for the new "star wars" movie go on sale to margaret this week and as part of their promotion, the "star wars" r2- d2 jet touched down in vancouver. there it is, boeing 787. the green line was making a stopover on its first international flight, the film hits the big screen december 18. not the millennium falcon but pretty darn close. still we have our calendars marked at home. >> chewbacca was piloting that. >> no, i don't think so. he's recuperating. >> he has not had a lot of luck. >> [ laughter ] checking the freeways right now as you work your way along i'm a northbound, couple of accidents, redwood estates
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reported and another overturned vehicle at the summit. that has been cleared out the look of the yellow on the sensors, speeds dipping below 45 miles per hour. mckee, use caution as you go out the door. outbound, northbound 101 at have an accent on the right side of in our -- slow and go conditions be later on, madonna is in concert at s.a.p. expect delays tonight in and around that area. i know. material girl. westbound 580 altamont pass to 680, 27 minutes drive time, westbound, slow and go conditions, roadwork that has been cleared but it has been a struggle for the commute out of tracy. once to use the dublin interchange it gets a little better but slow and go at walnut. westbound side, east on, that's worse low spot 580. not looking so good at the bay bridge, metering lights are on, backed up to the maze, 28 minutes now, though, westbound 80 carquinez bridge as you head towards the maze.
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golden gate bridge looks pretty nice, sausalito accident long gone. working minutes 582 the golden gate bridge toll plaza. mork cars on the -- more cars on the san mateo brige, northbound to 101 18 minutes. eastbound at 280, reports that an accident out of lane, chp headed to the scene. that's a look at the drive, roberta take it away. us where we are going to not? >> i know. >> i hear she can be up to two hours late for her performance. just saying. not hitting. morning, this is our life hi- def doppler radar, trace amounts of precipitation in the overnight hours. cloudy skies now. we have areas of spotty fog.
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it will be partly cloudy everywhere. wind will pick up out of the west, 10 to 15, and a fire weather watch goes into effect tuesday and wednesday as high pressure begins to nestle into the bay area. it's going to produce an offshore component, beginning with tonight. in the overnight hours, through our tuesday and wednesday, extremely dry conditions with above average temperatures. 70 degrees stockton, davis, sacramento, 74 degrees through fresno, 66 in carmel and in monterey. sunup, 7:22, of the cloudy, by the time it sets, lingering clouds, smack in between mild temperatures from the 70s around mohsen monteiro beach, 68 in pacifica, 70s around the bay to mid 70s in mountain view through redwood city into the stamford area, 76 in san rafael. outside number today 78, extremely dry tuesday and wednesday with a fire weather watch in effect. in fact, 24 years ago today we
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had the oakland firestorm. will keep a watchful eye on the gusty wind today, offshore flow coming up beginning tomorrow. make it a good day, everyone. it is now six, 20 on the dot. san francisco continues the push to make streets safer for cyclists. and a small change could make a huge difference. coming up, did the mets move a step closer to reaching the world series? and did the 49ers get back into the win column for the first time in over a month? we will tell you about it coming up. >> the sunrise sunset report on kpix 5 is sponsored by mcroskey mattress company. ,,
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good morning, everyone. ravens coach john harbaugh told that they media that gamer friend for brother, jim, was
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quote, irrelevant. john harbaugh looking to have a better weekend then jim did at michigan. second quarter, san francisco leading 13-3 already, the 49ers, colin kaepernick to tory smith, the former ravens scored from 76 yards out. early in the fourth, kaepernick feinstein, find patton, he throws for two touchdown but baltimore was not done. final seconds, ravens trimming 25-20, the hail mary from the victory is incomplete. 49ers win 25-20. jerry seinfeld jacked out of his mind, mets hosting the cubs. great start for new york. daniel murphy off of take arrieta, third straight game murphy has homered. new york wins 4-1, they lead the series 2-1. and, at the open in napa, the rookie,
6:25 am
emiliano grillo, his first pga tour win. yeah, great weather all week, great tournament and great finish in the playoff. the 49ers win yesterday, the raiders had the day off and the niners will not have a long break. they've got thursday night football against the seattle seahawks. on the big five, right here on channel 5. i'm monday. >> maria will be in the stands, right? we've got pats colts, the late game, this is at pat, watch this linebacker jump over everyone and block the extra point. he is a triple jumper apparently. one more time, number 91, see ya later. boom! blocks the cake and the pats go on to win 34-27. your play of the day. 6:25. a short trip takes a big operation when an entire house is involved. why one bay area home now has a new address.
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i'm kiet do live at the airport in san jose. in a couple of hours, the feds set to make an announcement about drones. we've got a a live report coming up. ,, selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey...
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before plunging into the war below. weather ad libs traffic ad libs 's monday, panic at a popular tourist spot in monterey county when a car smashes through a guard rail before plunging into the water below. >> reporter: we are live in hayward where faculty at cal state university are deciding whether they should go on strike. i explained coming up. there is a new weather watch that goes into effect. i tell you the days that will be affected. brand-new accident reported along highway 17, plus delays
6:30 am
on 101. good morning, everyone, it is monday, october 19. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm maria medina, michelle griego is off today. a southwest plane heading from la to san francisco had to make an emergency landing last night. the pilot decided to turn the play around and land back at lax after things up island between two passengers on board. and passenger removed off the flight, the other 136 passengers boarded another plane and landed at san francisco around 2:00 this morning, five hours after their scheduled arrival time. strutting today, drone operators have a new rule to follow. kpix 5's kiet do is live at san jose international airport where there have been several close calls between planes and drones. >> reporter: pilots we spoke to say it's a matter of time before there would be a collision between a jet and drone. the results would be devastating. according to the latest report by the faa, they say that minetta san jose had the most
6:31 am
close calls in the bay area. 15 from december of august 2 this year. to give you some perspective, in that same timeframe, there were 650 total unauthorized settings nationwide. nearly triple all of last year's numbers. one pilot for fedex flying a 757 into san jose reported a drone buzzing by asked him 60 feet away, all this happening at an altitude of 11,000 feet. now the ball is trying to catch up with technology. drones don't just take breathtaking images, they help ranchers track cattle and could help fedex make deliveries. cbs news has learned the department of transportation will announce a new drone registration requirement as soon as today. yesterday, new york city sender chuck schumer announced his own plan. a geo-fence would use software to keep runs away from airports and certain government buildings.
6:32 am
some government watchdogs want limitson the fbi's ability to use drones for domestic surveillance. even from enthusiasts to support the new rules appear computing regulations and laws on keep up with the quickly evolving technology. >> the pandora's box is open, it's out. you can't get it back in. all these kids are going to be getting them for christmas this year. they are supposed to register every one of these things that come in a cereal box? i don't think it's going to happen. >> reporter: despite faa rules restricting drones near airports, pilot decided more than 600 in the first months of the year.the feds hope to have the new drone registry in place by the holidays. life that minetta san jose international airport, kiet do, kpix 5. check of weather on monday. roberta is back. how are we doing? >> i'm still interested in drones. i went and took a class and it was interesting. i played with it in the areas that you're not supposed to but i find them interesting. i was thinking when i was driving past the mudslides in california it would be interesting to send a drone to
6:33 am
capture the damage done in that area. we have damp roadways out there this morning due to some overnight rain showers. about a trace around of rain was reported on the microclimates. right now cloud cover over the bay, where we have temperatures in the 60s, pretty uniform, upper 50s concorde, santa rosa sticking out like a sore thumb at 48. visibility down to a half-mile due to pockets of dense fog. we have partly cloudy conditions from the coast through the bay come into the inland areas and you'll notice the wind increasing late a northwest, 10 to 15 miles per hour. gusty wind in the northern mountains of the bay area. we will talk about a fire weather watch going into effect tomorrow, those details at 48 minutes after the hour, but right now, let's send it on over to gianna. highway 17, string of accidents causing a bit of a backup all the way to scotts valley. two accident still in effect, one was blocking lanes, tried to work on getting everything to the shoulder north 101 through san jose busy as well. your sluggish around mckee,
6:34 am
especially for an accident clearing off to the right side, expect delays. 280 looks much better. the bay bridge backed up, in fact, our drive times are looking pretty bad, westbound backed up into the maze out of oakland into san francisco. westbound 80 slow. carquinez bridge to the maze. we have an accent at 37 blocking lanes briefly, it's not over to the right side the damages done. slow and go conditions through their through pillay how into richmond. that to you guys. 6:34. san francisco is taking bike safety to new heights. work begins on a new elevated bike lane on market street running for two blocks from 12th st. to gough. mta says raising the lane by 2 inches will help keep cars off of it and the bikes on it. totally once it's finished, more cyclists will use the lane instead of the sidewalk. an estimated 3000 cyclists commute down market street every weekday. the commute through oakland
6:35 am
could be a little less crowded starting today, a new hov lane is opening up along the three-mile stretch of southbound 880 from hagan berger by the airport down to marina boulevard. it is an extension of the existing hov lane that connects to san leandro. california state university faculty members are voting on a potential strike. they say negotiations have stalled. kpix 5's jackie ward is at cal state east bay in hayward with the very latest. jackie? >> reporter: good morning. classes only started about a month ago but some faculty are saying they've had enough due to unfair salaries. starting this morning at 9:00, the strike authorization vote will begin online and in person. the california faculty association president jennifer eagen says stedman faculty wages are why the cfa's nearly 25,000 members are ready to strike. they want a 5% general salary increase for members as well as a 2.65% service salary increase for eligible faculty.
6:36 am
csu management is offering a 2% salary increase, that's according to the cfa. the csu spokeswoman says that's a fair proposal because faculty was the only group of employees to receive salary increases during the recession years. starting at 7:00 picketers will arrive to kickoff the boat. even though it starts today, the vote will last through october 20 at 5:00 p.m. in hayward, jackie ward, kpix 5. a motion hearing in the case against raymond "shrimp boy" chow. prosecutors will be asked to disclose the undercover fbi agents who will testify in the racketeering and murder solicitation trial next month. tomorrow, jury selection will get underway. chow was previously convicted of racketeering and gun charges. his attorney maintains that he's innocent of the current charges. one person is dead, another in critical condition after a car plunged off a santa cruz wharf saturday night. police say the driver barreled through a 4 foot rail before plunging 20 feet into the
6:37 am
water. divers tempting to pull out the driver and passenger. a house in oakland is getting a new home. when the original owner of this house passed away in 2001, his family sold the property to oakland children's hospital right behind it. for years, the hospital was unsure what to do with it. they ended up giving it away for free. yesterday was moving day for the 80-year-old house which made the short trek across the street as the neighbors were watching. >> it's crazy. i don't think anyone in their entire life is ever going to see a house on a truck move across the street. >> love the passion. the contractor who took the home says he plans to fix it up and rent it out. there it is. the move will also give the hospital room to expand. it is now 6:37. fundraising reports are in for the 2016 presidential candidates.
6:38 am
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but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. 6:41 on monday, october 19. taking a look out to sfo, we have delays on 49 minutes to some arising -- arriving flights due to fog. the full forecast minutes away. 6:41 on a monday, oprah winfrey is bringing celebrity status and some of that wealth to weight watchers. >> here is kpix 5's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: weight watchers getting a bit lifeline from
6:42 am
oprah winfrey who is going to be a member of the company's board taking a 10% stake in it as well. oprah says in a statement she believes in the weight watchers program and wants to join the company in its evolution. her likeness and image will be used in its products and promotions. that is absolutely huge. oprah just a big brand, and weight watchers could really use it. its stock has plunged this year and on this news, it is coming back in a big way, almost doubling in price in early trading this morning. netflix new original movie debuted in 29 theaters around the country this weekend, at the box office, it was a whimper, taking in only $51,000 according to deadline. that's not a big surprise, only 29 mostly small theaters and the big movie chains out there avoided "beast of no nation", since netflix made it available to straining subscribers immediately. netflix said they got a good reception to that, also, "beast of no nation" getting solid
6:43 am
reviews from critics. a stock market coming off of a strong weekend opening up weaker this money. let's take a look at the big board and see how we are doing so far. dow dropping 73 points, nasdaq down 18, s&p is slower by nine points. >> thank you. 6:43 your time. china has been violating its newly amended a cyber agreement with united states according to a cyber security company, proud strike. in three weeks since the u.s. and china announced the agreement, hackers associate with the chinese government have tried to hack at least seven u.s. companies. proud strike says it stopped the attack before corporate secrets could be stolen. a wedding overlooking the beautiful sacramento skyline was scrapped when the groom said, i don't think i want to get married. >> the bride's family decided not to call off the reception. instead, the duane family invited the city's homeless to a banquet for a once-in-a-lifetime meal. the four star feast included salad, salmon and tri-tip beef.
6:44 am
many guests providing kids with a rare night out. >> it's rare to lose out on something so important to your self and give it to someone else, it's really giving. >> as you can imagine, while full stomachs and smiles were everywhere, the night was painful for the bride's parents, their 27-year-old daughter chose to stay home. part of the $35,000 wedding price tag included a nonrefundable honeymoon. so, mother and daughter plan to take the trip to belize together instead. >> don't think there will be a reconciliation between bride and groom in that situation. i hope they have a good trip. let's take it over to gianna on a monday. how we doing? speaking of trips, let's take a trip around the bay, metering lights are on out of the bay bridge, slow and go out of the maze and east shore freeway commute, couple of accidents, one westbound on 37, clearing the slow as a result.
6:45 am
san mateo brige backed up, 27 minutes now, westbound 880 to 101. give yourself a few extra minutes and taking a look at the golden gate bridge, traffic moving okay, south 101, 580 to the golden gate toll plaza, i'm hearing delays southbound 101. better news along northbound 17, santa cruz mountains, one accident cleared near the summit, another reported near redwood estates. everything backed up into scotts valley. very slow ride on 17. northbound 280, another report of an accident, it has been busy anyway, northbound 101 out of san jose, delays into morgan hill. improved a bit into the peninsula but you might see stop and go conditions around the 92 connector. westbound 80, still about 30 minutes for the drivetime. per hour in 8 miles some spot. that has been a sluggish ride this morning. it states slow as you hit the dublin interchange, 680 southbound pleasanton come a westbound 84, we have reports of an accident in lane, and 880
6:46 am
both directions, here's a look, you can the extra volume on the northbound side. things are starting to get a bit easier as you work your way toward the maze. taking your drivetime to the peninsula, everything in the green. this is the good news. early flights to catch at sfo, 92 to the aid -- 80 split, looking good, 280 out of half moon bay, traffic is fairly light. everything on time for mass transit, roberta, that might be the best bet. good morning, i have the best weather watchers in the whole wide world because at 6:46 in the morning they get up early to give you and me a good indication of what's going on around the microclimate. let's check in right now, becky dukes in sten carlos reporting 50s and plenty of cloud cover. john miller in santa rosa reporting 50 degrees, areas of patchy fog, limited visibility. keith in san leandro, good morning, 62 degrees out the door heading out to sfo. delays up to 45 minutes on some arriving flights due to that. can you see it? if you look very carefully, you
6:47 am
can see mostly cloudy skies, areas of low clouds. we have visibility down to a quarter of a mile in napa due to patchy fog. 64 and overcast in livermore. we had a trace amount of rain reported in and around our area this morning. all due to the area of low pressure on the back side, like precipitation. what you need to know as we kickstart this brand-new workweek, partly cloudy skies, after the fog dissipates, winds will be increasing out of the northwest, 10 to 15, 20 miles per hour, late day in the north they mountains and a fire weather watch in effect tuesday, wednesday as high pressure builds in and produces an offshore component. but, one day at a time. today, a little fog, tomorrow, lots of dry conditions. relative humidity takes a huge nosedive and that of sharp -- offshore flow produced the fire weather watch. would not be surprised if it's upgraded to a warning. mid-sixties monterey bay, upper
6:48 am
60s, 63 in eureka. meanwhile our numbers pen out like this. 68 degrees pacifica, 70s around the rim of the bay to the mid- 70s around the peninsula. then, high 80s, high 70s, rather, into our inland areas. here's the extended forecast, there's were mid and high 80s on tuesday, wednesday, in fact a stagnant weather pattern each day through sunday. make it a great day. last week, the presidential candidates had a final report on their fundraising for the last quarter. >> our political analyst has been sifting through all of that data. good morning, melissa. >> this is so exciting, candidate filing day, huge, huge for nerds like me. we all know that major candidates have raised millions of dollars through political action committees and other places, but, what is so important about the campaign filings that just happened, they show us who is getting regular american citizens to open our checkbooks. anyone can say they support a candidate that giving money shows that your support will fire it up. i crunch the data on the most recent filings to see who was
6:49 am
raising the most money and he was motivating the most people here in california. and, we had a result for you. note that not all republicans were actually listed when i came to crunching this data, these are individual contributions to the candidates between july and september of this year. hillary clinton is raising the most money by far, remember, these contributions are all before that democratic debates. clinton and sanders claimed to have gotten a big boost after that debate but it's not in these numbers. look at the contrast between bush and sanders. where bush has fewer contributors, he's bringing in more money because each person is getting more. sanders has the most contributors of anyone but is in third place because the amount of contributions are smaller. of the republicans, carson had the highest number of people giving. now, moving on to the next slide, rubio was edged out by ted cruz who had far more contributors. this lets us know that rubio
6:50 am
and bush are seen by the establishment republicans as viable candidates despite lower poll numbers. they are getting large contributions. donald trump continues to deny that he needs campaign contributions. it's not surprising as so few people have surprised -- decided not to give him money. martin o'malley should be concerned about his poor showing. he, webb and chafee are getting trounced by lawrence lessig, a harvard professor and democratic activist committed to giving money out of politics. if the guy committed to giving money out of politics is raising more money than you it is a problem. all three of these candidates should be very, very concerned. >> after the debate that might be a good clue for well -- as well, for some of those candidates. >> i hope someday to see lessig on the stage. we know that hillary and bernie are getting boatloads of
6:51 am
money in la and san francisco. is that were most of it comes from in california? >> i took the addresses and plugged them into software to create maps. you could see that there was a lot of similarity between hillary's supporters and sanders' supporters pretty you can see big chunks in la and san francisco. but if you look closely you can see that hillary is getting more contributions from silicon valley. almost double of what sanders is getting., you can also see the sanders is actually doing well outside of urban centers. there's a perception that sanders supporters are all white liberal city dwellers. this map shows that his support does go beyond that. i want to let you know that i have created maps like these for all candidates we have discussed today and credit cards are already up on the website. you will get republican maps up later. if you want to know where your candidates support comes from in california, check out the maps at and click on links and numbers. >> people much know who gave money to lincoln chafee? >> who is the one californian?
6:52 am
i won't say his name even though it's public record but it was one man in san francisco who actually gave money to lincoln chafee. i tell you, his name is not lincoln chafee. is actually another person. there are other names that he might find interesting in his candidate files. hillary clinton's california supporters include matt damon, octavia spencer, geena davis, michael douglas, rita wilson and tom hanks. and, corey feldman gave $201. ernie sanders supporters include danny devito, rita perlman, tim roth, maura tierney, and you might be wondering who's giving money to jim webb? actress madeleine stowe gave money to his campaign. is to make your staff did a little bit of homework. >> when you go digging in these filings you never know what you're going to find. >> okay, great. >> great actress. i'm still a fan. thanks for your hardware, melissa. 6:52. the war of words continues
6:53 am
between two republican presidential front runners over the 9/11 attacks. we'll explain. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live at the airport in san jose. in a couple of hours, the feds set to make a big announcement when it comes to drones. we've got a live report straightahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at of letting up. yesterday, a gunman believed to be fire in a bus five things to know at the 55, violence between israelis and palestinians show no signs of letting up. yesterday a gunman believed to be palestinian opened fire in a bus station killing a soldier and injuring several people. secretary of state john kerry will meet with mideast leaders this week to ease tensions. presidential candidates donald trump and jeb bush continue to spar over crumbs comments implying that former president. george w. bush shared some blame for the 9/11 attacks.
6:57 am
trump said yesterday the attacks would not have happened on his watch. meanwhile vice president joe biden could announce whether he will run any day now. highway 58 in southern california expected to remain shut down for at least a few more days while crews dig cars out of a giant pile of mud. almost 200 cars were trapped thursday when 3 inches of rain fell in just a half hour. work begins on a new elevated bike lane on market street. the mta says raising delays by about 2 inches will hopefully keep cars off of it. the elevated lane will run from two blocks from 12th street to gough. c on csu campuses will vote to authorize a strike for unit representing this, the union is asking for a high percent raise. the voting process will continue to october 28. i'm kiet do live at the airport in san jose and just a couple of hours, the federal government set to announced a new drone registry program.
6:58 am
all this because the number of close calls between jeff and drones has skyrocketed over the past couple of months. in the most recent report by the faa, it says that san jose have the most number of close calls in the bay area with 15 from december of last year to august of this year. to give you perspective in that same timeframe, there were 650 total unauthorized sightings nationwide come of that is nearly triple all of last year's numbers. for example, a fedex pilot flying a 757 into san jose reported a drone buzzing right past him 60 feet away. all of this happening at an altitude of 11,000 feet. so the department of transportation is set to announce that drone operators are to register their unmanned aerial vehicles. that's are expected to make the announcement with members of the drone industry standing at their side. officials are also forming an independent drone advisory committee. back in 2012, congress decided not to regulate recreational drones.
6:59 am
drone into the is to say getting every kid out there to follow the federal law will be difficult. >> the pandora's box is open. it's out and you can't get back in. all these kids are going to be getting them for christmas this year. they are supposed to register every one of these things that come in a cereal box? i don't think it's going to happen. >> reporter: the feds hope to have this new drone registry program in place by the holidays. live at the airport in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. cars at the bay bridge, metering lights are on, packed into the mains 40 minutes. north bend 17 still a struggle out to scotts valley. a couple of accidents, now clear that their slow and go. new wreck north 85, look out for an accident and slow on the 101. >> what was that music sign? >> madonna. how could i forget? looking out at the mountains, temperatures in the 40s in santa rosa with fog, 50s and 60s, 64 in livermore, going up to a high their of 76. probably cloudy, turning breezy late day, northwest wind 10 to 15. fire weather watch in effect tuesday and wednesday. >> i missed you guys.
7:00 am
don't waking up early. to do for watching this >> see you at noon time. enjoy your monday. f cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, october 19, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the republican leading the benghazi committee told republicans to shut up. how hillary clinton's testimony this week could shake-up the presidential race. amazon is suing more than a thousand people for writing fake reviews on its website. and college football fans deliver death threats to a michigan punter who broke thousands of hearts after botching a routine play. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> jeb said we were safe with my brother. we were safe. well, the world trade center just fell down. so when he said we were safe, that's not sa


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