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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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on a pair of resolutions involving that policy which limits city cooperation with federal immigration authorities. the board and mayor lee are saying that the policy has nothing to do with steinle's death since the sheriff's department should have called immigration and customs enforcements or i.c.e. to let them know steinle's shooter was being released several months before her death. he was previously deported multiple times. one of today's resolutions calls for sheriff ross mirkarimi to reverse an order banning his staff from communicating with immigration authorities. a competing measure would go the other way encouraging the sheriff not to notify i.c.e. when certain immigrants are released. the board's nonbinding decision could indicate future changes to the policy. kate steinle's family is shoeing the sheriff's office, i.c.e. and bureau of land management. >> as she fell, she said help me, dad. that's my bedtime story every night. and if you want it to be your
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bedtime story every night, then do nothing. >> reporter: also today, congress will begin a debate on a bill that would pull federal funding from cities which don't cooperate with immigration authorities. louisiana senator david vitter has pushed this legislation aimed at sanctuary cities for years but gained a lot of support in congress since steinle's murder. so the way the city handles this issue could come down to the november election when vicki hennessy challenges our current sheriff and she wants to cooperate with the federal government. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> kate steinle was killed with a stolen gun that had been taken from a u.s. bureau of land manage end ranger's car and now another bay area law enforcement officer has had a gun stolen, happened at 8th and howard in soma in san francisco. chp says someone broke into that officer's car on sunday night stole a bag that had the officer's personal pistol inside. small earthquakes continue to shake the van moan valley. hundreds -- san ramon valley
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hundreds of them. kpix 5's keit do joins us live from san ramon where there was more activity overnight. kiet. >> reporter: at last report, san ramon was approaching a total of 300 earthquakes in the past week. this earthquake swarm started last thursday and the good news is that the vast majority of them have been small. about a dozen have been over a magnitude 2.5. with yesterday afternoon and evening being a particularly active time, the biggest one so far has been a 3.6. that hit around the afternoon commute yesterday. the crow canyon country club is at the epicenter of this swarm. it's not one main quake and then aftershocks. it's a constant swarm. there's been lots of chatter about it with people trying to go on about their business. folks are also using their smartphones to log the quakes and double checking the usgs website to make sure. the agency says a swarm like this is not entirely unusual for the area. >> this area around san ramon through danville and to alamo is an area where we have had
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these types of swarm in the past. >> based on what's happened in the past, the most likely scenario is that we will not have a large damaging earthquake. >> reporter: and the good news again is that most of these quakes have been under magnitude 4.0. live in san ramon, kiet do, kpix 5. roberta, you live in the tri-valley. you're not too far from san ramon. there have been over 300 earthquakes and you have not felt anything. >> that's because it's the calaveras fault. i would feel it if it was on the hayward fault because -- >> that's because you have an earthquake of your own. >> there you go. [ laughter ] >> but my app has been going nuts. i have three different earthquake apps that i totally tap into all the time and my phone is ringing me -- >> most of those are centered under a golf course. i guess no damage. >> no damage. and i don't think most people feel anything, as well. out the door this morning what you will feel is cooler temperatures. in fact, right now we are seeing temperatures at least 6 and 7 degrees cooler than yesterday just 24 hours ago in
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the mid-50s in the tri-valley. grab a sweater heading on out. 56 in mountain view up to a high today of 80. it's going to be warmer by five to 10 degrees in many neighborhoods. upper 60s, low 70s at the beaches. 80 at the peninsula. the full forecast at 81 minutes after the hour. westbound 580 at grant line, an accident off to the right side of the road. no word of injuries but it's causing a backup. reports of an accident westbound 205 at macarthur. so your commute out of tracy this morning is snarled up, westbound slow-and-go. it's busy towards 680. 20 minutes now from the altamont pass to 680. green on the sensors, so so far traffic seems to be pretty light through the south bay. looks like we are seeing cars at the bay bridge toll plaza. but so far a good ride into san francisco.
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we'll have a look at the golden gate bridge coming up. highway 101 back open this morning after a deadly crash in san francisco. it happened last night just before 11 p.m. a body was blocking the highway's southbound lanes near 3rd street. once officered got there they saw two vehicles involved in a crash. at least one other person was injured. highway 101 closed for a few hours overnight. and cell phone video captures the moments after a car burst into flames on 880 in oakland. the three-car crash was near the 23rd overpass last night. traffic shut down during the evening rush for about an hour. this is why they crashed. 100 yards of chain-link fence fell on the freeway. chp believes it came off one of the overpasses but they are not sure how it fell. no one was seriously injured in the crash. a proposal to allow four medical marijuana dispensaries in marin is up for debate today. they would be located in
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unincorporated areas across the county. officials expect to endorse it after the public has its say at a meeting at the civic center tonight. pot dispensary owners have won a legal battle in federal court. yesterday, a san francisco judge ruled that federal drug enforcement agencies cannot shut down medical marijuana dispensaries that comply with state law. the judge also ordered the liftving an injunction against -- lifting of an injunction against the marin alliance for medical marijuana. it is still up in the air. will vice president joe biden launch a presidential bid? biden is reportedly in no rush to decide even as hillary clinton increases her lead in the national polls. the latest poll shows support for clinton would go down if biden joined the race. yesterday, mr. biden made no mention of a possible run but did talk about his late son beau. >> our son was a good man but he was no different than every one of those in that case
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soldiers who got off that flight with him. >> on the republican side, donald trump continues to lead. he has topped all national polls for four months. the secret service is reviewing requests now for protection from the trump and ben carson campaigns. this is not your typical story about a squatter in san francisco. this involves the vacant mansion and an alleged high- priced art heist. kpix 5's andria borba explains what happened. reporter: inside the carriage house of the mansion at 3800 washington, san francisco detectives say this man, 39-year-old jeremiah kaylor tried to pull off a low rent version. thomas crown affair. he started squatting on the property two months ago. the mansion has been vacant for at least five years. they first noticed kaylor and
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called sfpd. >> he advised the officers that he was the proprietor and taking ownership of the home. >> reporter: then sfpd got a hold of the real estate agent who said that was not the case. when officers caught up with kaylor again, there was a new wrinkle. >> the manager advised our officers that there were several paint that is were missing. >> reporter: 11, worth a cool $300,000. kaylor was allegedly selling them on social media including facebook. >> it was nowhere near the range of the value of these paintings' worth. >> reporter: so far officers have gotten nine back. >> for a person to generate some type of documentation that shows some type of form saying that he has some pro pretry rights to stay in this house, it is a little more sophisticated than the average squatter. >> reporter: the suspect is charged with a count of trespass and 10 counts of
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burglary in the case. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. time now 5:08. a scuffle on a san francisco bound flight all over a reclined seat. what we're hearing from a bay area tv star who saw it. >> plus, parents are furious about what's happening at this bay area park. details on one mother's fight with city hall over pesticides. >> well, here we go. good morning, everyone. it is going to pan out to be up to 10 degrees warmer today than yesterday. but not the hottest day of the workweek. >> and if you are hitting 580 this morning, expect delays. i'll tell you why in just a couple of minutes. ,,
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you will feel the difference today. good morning, everyone. taking a bird's-eye view out towards the bay bridge we have a hint of stratus there in the form of low clouds. we are areas of patchy fog. and we do have some cooler temperatures. we'll talk about the warmup coming up in four minutes. thanks, roberta. a two-mile stretch of orange counties orange county coastline reopened after a shark was sighted. the shark was not showing aggressive behavior. no one was injured but two people were attacked off the hawaiian island of oahu. one swim her severe injuries
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when a 10-foot tiger shark atagged him. the second involved a surfer off waikiki. it was thought to be a shark attack but some believe the surfer was attacked by an eel. that man was also seriously injured. a fight between two passengers on a flight to san francisco led the pilot to turn the plane around. now the feds are investigating. kpix 5's joe vazquez says, it all started when a woman decided to recline her seat. reporter: >> it was pandemonium. i didn't know what was going on. i thought it was a terrorist. people were going crazy. >> reporter: mark curry was on southwest 2010 from l.a.x. to san francisco. 15 minutes into the flight the pilot called the tower to say he was turning around. >> southwest 2010. >> go ahead. >> flight attendant just called, evidently we've got two passengers that are in a physical altercation. so we need to get turned around and back to l.a.x. >> this lady was screaming. he choked me, he choked the!
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and she wouldn't get up. she stayed down. she stayed in her seat. he choked me, he beat me. the dude was just sit there is. >> reporter: you may recognize mark. he played mr. cooper among many tv roles. he is a radio host now at kblx in san francisco. >> they asked me to restrain the guy. i was going to beat him down. i can't have him open up a door or some situation like at 30,000 feet. we got to go. >> reporter: according to witnesses the passenger had pulled her seat back so the man behind her reacted by attacking her. a passenger who did not want to be identified gave us this video of the man as he walked down the aisle. >> i said what dude are you talking about? i said him? nothing. no. >> nerdy? >> no, he wants but it didn't seem like that was the -- no, he wasn't. but it didn't seem like that was the type of person who would do that. he was having a bad day. >> reporter: this video shows the flight attendants trying to talk the tearful woman into filing charges.
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the victim is not shown in the video. >> you ca redress that. >> she didn't want to press charges. the dude said, officer said, do you want to press charges. do i have to get off the plane? >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. today, san francisco will consider requiring drug testing for taxi drivers. sfmta will take up the proposal at a meeting today. drug tests would be required when taxi drivers renew their cab permits, apply for a new permit or have an accident if there's suspicion of drug use. cabbies allowed to use medical marijuana would not be exempt. 5:15. let's check our roads with gianna. >> altamont pass is a struggle this morning. we have an accident at grant line. it's been out of lanes. it's on the right shoulder but it's caused a decent backup. slow-and-go conditions. busy coming off the 205 out of tracy, as well. so pack your patience this morning if you plan to take 580. looks like our drive time is
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around 23 minutes altamont pass to 680. the good news, gets better towards that dublin interchange. no delays on the eastbound side. and no construction. that usually slows things down through there in the morning. southbound 85 at union street. this wreck still in lanes -- actually i should say rather over to the right shoulder but there you might see some spectator slowing approaching the scene but everything else is in the green in the south bay. no troubles along 280. everything looks good north- and southbound. 101 clear as well as guadalupe parkway. and no troubles on highway 17 right now. live look at the bay bridge. so far, so good. a few extra cars on the road but things are moving nicely as you work your way towards the toll plaza up the incline and over into san francisco. also taking a look at 880. we have some slight delays southbound 880. had some roadwork reported around 98th and we are seeing the backups in the camera so give yourself some extra time. they should have it wrapped up in 20 minutes. we'll update you. and a look at the san mateo bridge both directions, that's a bright spot this morning 13 minutes between 880 and 101.
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speaking of bright spots, here's roberta. >> well, that was sweet, thanks, gianna. good morning, everybody. 5:16. boy! let's get busy. time to check in with our gaggle of weather watchers this morning. one thing everybody is noting is that it is colder this morning -- in fact, check this out. 48 degrees, so says linda in san rafael. she also reports some areas of fog and over here, we have 49 degrees. that would be dave. hey, dave, i lost your picture. what happened? got to see you here, dave. thanks for checking in, everybody. we have a combination of clear skies out there, some areas of fog and some patchy low clouds, as well. temperatures, yes, it is right now 55 degrees in livermore. 24 hours ago we were at 63 degrees. grab the sweater out the door. this is our satellite and radar imagery. it indicates an area of low pressure that causes mud slides across southern california we have a swath of low clouds and some areas of patchy fog hanging tight to the coast but we do have some areas of fog over towards the dublin grade
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this morning so it has gone 40, 45 miles inland. sunny and dry and much warmer today in comparison to yesterday. going to pan out to be dry through the weekend and a chance by the end of next week albeit a very slight chance. right now computer models do suggest by late october into early november, we should be experiencing rainfall above average but that's not the case today. high pressure producing an offshore component, a little breezy with a north and northwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. temperatures above average. 86 degrees state capital. 84 redding. 58 high sierra. low 70s in monterey bay. sun-up slated to 723. by the time it sets tonight we'll have lost two minutes and actually, yeah, two minutes and two seconds of daylight hours. okay, here we go. the warmest day of the workweek
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tomorrow, a string of sunshiny days. the use of pesticides at a san francisco park is prompting a movement. kpix 5's mark kelly explains why parents are concerned and what they are doing about it. reporter: >> there's signs all over this baseball diamond area it's all around. >> reporter: when jill read one, she was horrified. the city spraying pesticides like roundup in the same park where her children play. >> my kids are in this canyon every, single day. i'm here every, single day. so i was just really shocked that they would be using pesticides so frequently and worried about my kids' health. >> reporter: jill isn't alone. nearly 500 people have signed her petition to ban pesticides in parks, playground and near schools. even the world health organization has labeled glyphosate a significant ingredient in roundup as a probable carcinogen. >> there are better ways to deal with weeds than roundup. >> reporter: san francisco's environment department says it's always working to use
5:20 am
pesticides like roundup as a last resort when other weed killing methods don't work. and people like shawn are okay with that approach. >> we all probably get a little bit of pesticides even if we try and eat organic and, you know, so far most us have been okay. >> reporter: might be. but jill worries what years of pesticide exposure could do to the human body, to our kids and that's a risk she doesn't think san francisco an environmental leader should be taking. >> the idea that they would be then exposed to carcinogenic pesticides is not what i wanted. >> reporter: for the past two decades san francisco says it has tweaked its list of approved pesticides. it has even cut pesticide use by 80%. but roundup, which is the concern here, that is still being sprayed. in glen parks mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the city department of environment plans to hold a community meeting to discuss it. time now 5:20. no word yet on joe biden's
5:21 am
political plans for 2016. what a new poll says about hillary clinton's chances if he decides to run for president coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up a former a's star comes up big in the play-offs and remember that big michigan loss against michigan state? a t-shirt is the new look. we'll explain coming up. ,,,,,,
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good morning. canada may have been divided yesterday while the country chose a new prime minister. but they were united to see if the blue jays could come back from a 2-0 deficit in the alcs. if you were a supporter of the jays and new prime minister justin trudeau you had a good night. bottom of the third, that's josh donaldson a two-run shot that capped a 7-run inning. the blue jays win 11-0 and cut the royals lead 2 games to 1. sharks at madison square garden against the rangers. martin jones for san jose, allowed just two goals up to this point in the season but he doubled that last night. sick rel low scored to make it 2-0 new york and they beat the sharks 4-0. on saturday michigan's fumbled punt and the recovery for a touchdown by michigan state gave us one of the most memorable finishes in college
5:25 am
football history. one of the lasting images was this stunned michigan fan. and that shot has already made it on to a t-shirt. michigan's main rival ohio state poked fun at the play by making an ohio shirt with the poor guy as the o. i understand they are selling like hotcakes, especially at ohio state. [ laughter ] >> i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day, we are going to take you to the alcs. we have kansas city and toronto. the blue jays kevin pillar with the catch of the series before crashing into the wall. check him out center field going back, going back, over shoulder, boom! yeah. i got that. toronto got it, too. they finally beat the royals for the first time 11-8. they trail in the series two games to one one. that's your play of the day. 5:25. "the force awakens"! this morning, the new "star wars" trailer is out and tickets to the movie are already selling out.
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>> and the quake count continues . hundreds of earthquakes hit sand. san ramon. the latest coming up in a live report. ,,,, you see this look on my face? sfx: growling that's not anger, that's hunger.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. dollars worth of artwork - stolen. how police say a squatter almost got away with it. we're live at san francisco city hall this morning where the board of supervisors is set to vote on a pair of resolutions involving the city's sanctuary policy. i'll have the details in just a few minutes. >> and more than $300,000 worth of artwork stolen. how police say a squatter almost got away with it. >> warmer today than yesterday. but not quite as warm as it will be tomorrow. full forecast is straight
5:30 am
ahead. >> good news for your tuesday morning drive. better conditions on 880. details coming up. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, october 20. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30 on the nose. things are still not settling down in the san ramon valley, which has experienced a rash of small earthquakes in just the last week. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from san ramon. have we had any more this morning? >> reporter: you know, i didn't feel any myself but they have been so small that you could easily mistake them for a truck driving by. it hasn't let up. san ramon up to 300 earthquakes in this past week alone. this whole quake swarm started last thursday and the good news is that most of them have been relatively small. only about a dozen have been over 2.5 "evening magazine," 2.5 magnitude yesterday afternoon particularly busy. 3.6 hit yesterday afternoon
5:31 am
around the evening commute. the crow canyon country club is at the epicenter. it's a constant swarm of earthquakes. a lot of chatter with people trying to go on about their business. some people are using smartphones to log the quakes and look at the usgs website. >> checking the website every hour making sure yup, there was an earthquake. >> we were home at the time and there were two of them, two shakes. >> i was sitting in my room watching netflix and i felt a shake. >> my sister was in the bathroom. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah. so the usgs is working hard to make sure that everybody stays calm and they say that swarms in this area not that unusual. the good news is that most of these quakes actually all of these quakes have been under magnitude 4.0. kiet do, kpix 5. 300 is a big number though. >> it is a huge number. >> that's a huge number. >> it is. it's a swarm. it's two plates causing friction and letting off a
5:32 am
little gas. >> very good. >> all right. good morning. >> in layman's terms, very good. grab a sweater out the door. it's cooler today than just 24 hours ago. right now this is our live weather camera taking a bit of a view of the bay bridge. we have some patchy low clouds and some areas of fog and take a look at livermore. yesterday 4 hours ago it was 63. this morning 55. you will feel the difference. today temperatures are going up 5 to 10 degrees in many neighborhoods. 60s across the beaches. 70s and 80s peninsula. 81 morgan hill. east of the bay up to 85 degrees. the full forecast at 48 minutes past the hour. word of street closures on 14th between empire and washington for a possible structure fire. elsewhere jumping to the maps let's go to 880 better news to report here. that early-morning roadwork has been cleared out of lanes. here's a live look at conditions there. about 10 minutes ago we saw a
5:33 am
big backup there along 880. that thinned out. that morning commute is getting busier. so expect extra volume along 880 north- and southbound. we'll have a look at the bay bridge coming up. today caltrans plans to open a new three-mile stretch of hov lanes on 880 southbound from hegenberger in oakland to marina boulevard in san leandro. and there it connects to an existing hov lane. the opening was scheduled for yesterday but was postponed. congress is taking on san francisco's controversial sanctuary city policy today. at the same time, city's board of supervisors set to discuss possible changes. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us live outside city hall with more on that this morning. jackie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as many people not city's sanctuary policy came under fire when kate steinle was shot and killed on pier 15 on a walk on the pier with her dad on july 1. so today, the san francisco board of supervisors
5:34 am
will vote on a pair of resolutions involving the city's sanctuary policy which limits city cooperation with federal immigration authorities. the board and mayor lee are saying that the policy has nothing to do with steinle's death since the sheriff's department should have called immigration and customs enforcement to let them know her shooter was released months before her death. he was previously deported multiple times. one of today's resolutions calls for sheriff ross mirkarimi to reverse an order banning his staff from communicating with immigration authorities. a competing measure would go the other way encouraging the sheriff not to notify i.c.e. when certain immigrants are released. the board's nonbinding decision could indicate future changes to the policy. meanwhile, steinle's family is suing the san francisco sheriff's office, ice and the bureau of land management. >> we're frustrated. and we're here to make sure that a change is made so nobody has to endure the pain of my
5:35 am
mom and dad and i go through on a daily basis. >> reporter: also today, congress will begin debate on a bill that would pull federal funding from cities which don't cooperate with immigration authorities. louisiana senator david vitter pushed this legislation aimed at sanctuary cities for years but has gained support in congress since steinle's murder. so the way the city handles this issue could come down to the november election when sheriff mirkarimi is challenged by vicki hennessy, who supports some cooperation with federal government. live in san francisco, jackie ward kpix 5. an accused duarter is in custody accused -- squader is in custody accused of making a home in a decaying san francisco mansion plotting to steal paintings. investigators say it started two months ago when neighbors 39-year-old jeremiah kaylor and called police. >> he advised the officers that he was in the process of being the proprietor of the home and taking ownership of this home. >> that story held up until
5:36 am
police got a hold of the real estate agent, who said it wasn't true. investigators say they then discovered $300,000 worth of missing paintings which were up for sale on social media. today the city of oakland wants your opinion on how to improve downtown. the demand for downtown space is increasing and as we have seen in san francisco, it's threatening to push out long- time residents. so the city is working on a formal plan now for the future. and they will begin taking public input today on new ideas. submit your comments at the office of spur-oakland. and the nfl wants to hear from fans too about the raiders fewer. the league has scheduled a town hall meeting for thursday october 29. it will be held at oakland's paramount theater downtown. nfl execs are expected to be there to answer your questions, too. you need to sign up though to attend. registration will begin today. raider owner mark davis is threatening to move the team back to l.a. counter unless he can build a new stadium in oakland. the nation is waiting for
5:37 am
word on whether vice president joe biden will launch a presidential bid. the latest monmouth university poll shows support for hillary clinton would dip if biden entered the race. brook silva-braga has the latest this morning. reporter: it was business as usual for vice president joe biden on monday. no big announcement yet. but when spoke to members of the military at the white house, he mentioned his late son beau, an iraq war veteran who reportedly urgedded bien to run for president. >> our son was a good man. but he is no different than every one of those in that case soldiers who got off that flight with him. >> reporter: biden is said to be in no rush to make a decision even as hillary clinton increases her lead in national polls. >> the reason that you're running is because you perceive that somebody else is not doing as well as they should? um, that's not a particularly effective rationale for voters. >> reporter: clinton will testify before the house benghazi committee on thursday,
5:38 am
testimony that could last eight hours. on the republican side donald trump continues to lead. he has won every national poll for four months. >> i don't want anybody's money. they form all these pacs. people pour money into into pacs. i don't want 'em. >> reporter: the secret service is reviewing requests for protection from the trump and ben carson campaigns. while carson has denied the request came from his team, the former neurosurgeon, who is polling second to trump, admitted to receiving many threats. brook silva-braga for cbs news. surprising results of a new study on americans' retirement savings. >> to find out more let's check in with cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger back from a little vacation. welcome, jill. good to have you back in the fold. >> reporter: great to be with you. >> all right. well, let's start out with the gender gap. i guess there was a big discrepancy. >> reporter: this is too bad. financial finesse found that the retirement savings divide between an average 45-year-old
5:39 am
man and a 45-year-old woman is significant. now, of course, neither sex is in great shape. but women on average are more than $268,000 short of what they need to retire comfortably at age 65. for men, it's $212,000. put another way, just think about this, there's a 26% gap between men and women when it comes to retirement savings. >> what accounts for the gap? >> you know, there's a lot of reasons. the easiest one is that women live longer than men so they actually have to accumulate more money but next, we do know that women do earn less than men over the course of their work life. that's due to a lot of factors. one, women just make less money than their male counterparts in almost every field. two, many women have yet to enter the highest paying gross fields that require science, technology, engineering and math degrees. so parents, get those girls in "stem" majors please.
5:40 am
finally a lot of working mothers are going for flexibility instead of compensation. if you are not making as much money, you're not saving as much. yes, it is important for all of us to start early when it comes to retirement. but women, take control of your retirement savings. start now. everyone should be running their retirement numbers at an easy to use website >> thank you, jill schlesinger. 5: 40. the head of the sky gets hacked. how a high school student says -- the head of the cia gets hacked. how a high school student says he pulled it off. >> a live look at 880 in oakland. you can see a lot of red lights there. gianna will be back to let us know why. ,,,,,,
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5: 42. it's tuesday. wake up. look at sfo. so far no reports of any local airport delays. so we do have some areas of low clouds and patchy fog. i'll talk about how that's going to affect your forecast coming up in about 4 minutes. southern california dealing with yet another round of storms and flooding. pounding rains turned this boyle heights street into a river. the downpour loosened the nearby hillsides and filled storm drains. neighbors had to run for higher ground and at least one driver had to abandon a car. it wasn't just cars. some homes have tens of thousands of dollars of damage. >> it has happened before. but not as major as this. >> it was scary because the water was not raised like this before. >> we could see more storms like this with a strong el nino connected. a high school student is
5:44 am
boasting about breaking into the accounts of two top national security officials. cia director and homeland security director. kpix 5's betty yu has more on the mystery hacker. >> reporter: the person tweeting under the handle of cwa followed through on threats to release sensitive information. you know we don't lie. what you have all been waiting for, sorry for the delay. along with that statement came an attachment with the name social security numbers and phone numbers of about 20 people said to be affiliated with the head of the cia. in fact, the unidentified hacker who claims to be a high school student says the information came from the private email account of cia director john brennan. whoever it is also claims to have hacked into the private email account of homeland security secretary jeh johnson. throughout the day, the hacker appeared to be taunting the officials and others in government. we are not doing this for
5:45 am
personal satisfaction. we are doing this because innocent people in palestine are being killed daily. and anyone know who we should target next? betty yu, kpix 5. a texas teenager who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school met with the president last night at the white house. the president invited ahmad mohammed to the white house for astronomy night. >> some of you might be on your way to mars. america can do anything. we just got to keep on encouraging every new generation to explore and invent and create. >> mohammed has had an eventful few weeks since the close incident. attended google's science fair in mountain view last month. bay area teachers are cashing in with a bit of help from super bowl 50. 50 teachers received what are called "stem" grants at levi's stadium last night. "stem" stands for science, technology, engineering and math. one fremont high school teachers say her students are going to be thrilled with the
5:46 am
new equipment they will be getting. >> they know that a lot of the equipment we need is really expensive and so whenever we get -- we're piecing it together slowly but surely and turning my classroom into a high-tech lab. >> the money comes from chevron the fuel your school program the official "stem" program of the super bowl 50 host committee. >> i wonder what the traffic is going to be like that first week in february in san francisco. i'm just kind of wondering. >> i just wonder what it's going to be like for the game this sunday because we are going to have all the trophies, the 54 trophies there at the 49ers game. that's going to be exciting. >> it will be busy so leave early for thursday's game at levi's stadium. and super bowl will bring a lot of traffic and business to the city. so good and bad news. bad news at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. you are backed up just beyond 880 at this point. not too bad coming off the eastshore freeway. they were turned on just about 10 minutes ago so expect those delays to start building there. also, 880 as you work your way
5:47 am
north- and southbound, it's getting a little better. we had some roadwork in lanes. also some good news south 880 hegenberger near the coliseum, down to the marina there's a brand-new carpool lane so hopefully that will ease some congestion t motivates people to share the ride in the morning which is good to save on gas and time. altamont pass to 680, 29 minutes. two accidents in grant line and tracy bogged things down this morning so it's busy there. gets sluggish again towards 680 right at the dublin interchange. so give yourself some extra time. also, you're going to need some extra time through antioch. no accidents but looks like we are starting to see that morning drive heat up a bit westbound 4 through antioch, 13 miles per hour off 160. it gets slow through pittsburg. clears up towards the eastshore freeway. that's a look at traffic. here's roberta. i'm loving this weather camera looking towards the bay bridge with a hint of low clouds right there. we had some fog and low clouds as far east this morning as the dublin grade and boy! going to feel the difference
5:48 am
stepping on out the door. currently we have 55 in livermore when 24 hours ago we were at 63 degrees. so a cooldown in the overnight hours. but a warmup this afternoon. first off exiting area of low pressure the one that caused all those mud slides in southern california, now lifting up towards las vegas. what you need to know is high pressure is going to build in. as it does so, we have sunshine, some drier conditions, warmer days ahead, as well. dry all the way through the weekend. next chance of rain showers not until next friday. and that will be primarily in the northern portion of our bay area. it's just a chance at this particular time. right now areas of fog but with the ridge of high pressure expanding, we do have lots of sunshine on tap but temperatures actually well above average for this time of the year. 32 degrees in truckee right now going up to a high of 58 degrees. 71 monterey bay. mid-70s in fresno, merced and modesto. sunrise at 7:23. by the time it sets tonight,
5:49 am
we'll have realized temperatures warmer than yesterday going for 75 in san francisco. typically we should be at 69 degrees. 84 in throughout the tri- valley. but 86 towards brentwood, tracy, oakley and mountain house. upper 70s in throughout willow glen, cupertino, campbell and up into the san jose area. 81 in santa clara. extended forecast, here you have it. warmest day this workweek will be tomorrow. you will barely notice a difference thursday, friday. a few increasing clouds flattening ridge of high pressure over the weekend and then, boy, nothing but 80s all the way through monday. make it a great tuesday. 5:49. disney's release of the new "star wars" trailer has fans scrambling for tickets already. they went on sale last night and it looks like the best was to get them at a movie theater. online sales were a mess. the rush crashed multiple online booking sites. >> fandango crashed. i tried to make it work on the app. i tried to make it work online.
5:50 am
it didn't work. >> most movie theaters have showtimes about every hour on opening day. just check ahead with the theater to see if you can score a ticket. by the way it opens december 18. and with tickets already in high demand, some people are looking to cash in. spotted this already on craigslist. six tickets to a showing in san francisco, $1,200. $200 apiece. but if you wait a week you can get in for 12, 15, 16 bucks? >> yeah. >> i thought that was expensive. $1,200 though? nah. >> i mean, wait a week. wait a couple of days. >> or dvd. >> you have to see it on the big screen. time now 5:50. apple suffers its third app lapse within the past few weeks. what the program secretly collected without customer permission. ,,,,
5:51 am
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all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car. 5:53. this is what you can expect not only today but for your week ahead. boy, not much change. this is what we call a stagnant weather pattern with highs in the upper 60s, low 70s at the beaches. 80s bayside. and mid- and high 80s inland. >> and jumping over to san jose right now street closures in effect for a one-alarm fire that was reported at 4:53 this
5:54 am
morning located on north 14th between empire and washington. that intersection is completely shut down so avoid the area if you can. a vacaville homeowner says he warned the city about a rotted tree before it came crashing into his home. he and his wife were inside the house when the diseased 100- year-old oak toppled down t ripped a hole through the toppled down. it ripped a hole in the steeling. the tree belongs to the city. the homeowner says it could have been prevented. >> i brought it to their attention, this particular tree. >> the city is investigating. an anded attraction for visitors -- an added attraction for visitors to san francisco's coit tower. our own joe vazquez took video of a coyote in the brush near the tower yesterday. a park ranger says the adult male had a mate with pups in the area. one visitor says the harmless wildlife sighting could cause
5:55 am
bigger problems. >> when you have wild animals too close to the city they cause damage to property and car accidents. >> people have also lost small dogs to coyotes. experts say due to the drought, wildlife is coming into the city for water. apple has banned hundreds of apps they say were collecting user personal information. the problem was discovered over the weekend leading apple to remove 256 apps from the itunes store yesterday. a chinese ad company was reportedly gathering data about anyone who downloaded the apps including email addresses. no word yet on which apps were affected. hospital officials say lamar odom is alert and improving. the former nba champion was found unconscious in a nevada brothel last week and put on life support. on friday he awoke from a coma with his estranged wife khloe kardashian by his side. odom's camp says he is not out of the woods but is improving. he will hospitalized for more testing.
5:56 am
oscar pistorius will spend the next four years of his sentence under house arrest. the blade runner was released from prison in south africa yesterday. he shot and killed his girlfriend reeva steenkamp in 2013. he said he mistook her for an intrud -- n intruder. . i'll have details about the city's sanctuary city policy coming up. >> hundreds of earthquakes continue to hit san ramon. i'm kiet do live with the latest on the quake storms coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
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>> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. good morning. it's 6:00. those small earthquakes are not letting up at all. they continue to shake the san ramon valley in a big way. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from san ramon where there was more activity this morning. 300-plus. remarkable, kiet. >> reporter: yeah. you know, that was the last report by the usgs, nearly 300 earthquakes in just the past week alone. this whole earthquake swarm started last thursday and the good news is that most of them have been small earthquakes. about a dozen have been over magnitude 2.5 with yesterday afternoon and evening being a particularly active time. the biggest one so far in the swarm has been a 3.6 and that hit right around the afternoon commute yesterday. the crow canyon country club is at the epicenter of the swarm. it's not one main quake and then a couple of aftershocks. it's a constant swarm. there's been a lot of chat ber it with people trying to go on about that business. there's been a lot of chatters about it. folks using their cell phones to check the usgs


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