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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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,, an extremely i eria. a popular south bay restaurant shuts down after dozens of diners get sick.
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the culprit, an extremely infectious bacteria. good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. frank is off. the health department says there are more than 40 cases of food poisoning from marisco's san juan restaurant in san jose. as kpix 5's devin fehely reports, some of those patients are in intensive care. >> reporter: that's exactly right. now, the health department has shut down the restaurant ever since they discovered an outbreak of the shigella bacteria. there have been 40 confirmed cases so far just under a dozen severe enough that they had to be treated in the emergency icu. the health department says that they are working now to try and figure out how these people caught this disease but they say the most likely culprit is that someone on the restaurant staff was sick with the bacteria and didn't adequately wash their hands after using the restroom. >> shigella is a bacteria that causes diarrhea. so someone ill with shigella
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and diarrhea can spread the infection if after using the restaurant don't wash their hands and then prepare food or care for someone. that's how the bacteria is spread. >> reporter: health department officials say that this bacteria is highly infectious. right now they are trying to limit the spread to other people that may have come in contact with the people who were sickened here at the restaurant. so far, all 40 cases of people who got sick either ate at this restaurant on friday or saturday night. and they say that they will continue to close this restaurant so they can figure out how it was spread and make whatever corrections are necessary. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. today the san francisco board of supervisors will vote to reaffirm the city's sanctuary policy. but congress may have another plan. kpix 5's jackie ward is live. >> reporter: two bills are up for a vote today. we sat down with supervisor david campos about what he hopes this does for san
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francisco. three months after kate steinle's murder, her death continues to fuel debate over san francisco's sanctuary policy. two resolutions are being proposed today. one by supervisor david campos. >> this is about what is right and about an entire community. >> reporter: campos says since steinle's death, politicians have been trying to exploit this issue and scapegoat a community of immigrants. >> we are going to make a clear statement that we are not going to participate in the priority enforcement program. >> reporter: pep is the latest iteration of the federal government's efforts trying to get local law enforcement to enforce immigration laws. >> this is not just about values. it's also about public safety. we believe that public safety requires that we make a very clear distinction between local law enforcement and immigration enforcement. >> reporter: also today, congress will begin a debate on a bill that will pull federal funding from cities that don't
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cooperate with immigration authorities. live in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. today the public will be able to weigh in on a proposal that would allow four medical marijuana dispensaries in marin. under the plans, the dispensaries could open in unincorporated areas across the county. supervisors are expected to endorse the plans after the public gets its say at a meeting at civic center today. a man was arrested after swinging a machete at cars darting in and out of traffic in oakland. the entire thing was caught on camera. you can see the man take a few swings at passing vehicles as the cars try to hit him. a few even made contact. the witness shooting the video says it's 3 a.m. when this is happening. and by this time, police had been called. >> second unit. 37th, international, -- international, man with a machete someone is trying to run him over and the person with a machete is hitting the vehicle with it.
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>> he got up and walked around after he was hit by a car. he was later arrested. police are asking for the public's help in identifying two home burglary suspects caught on camera. the burglary happened on august 13th on the 26th00 block of casey way in san jose. a woman with a guitar is shown knocking on the front door. police say when no one answered, a man went into the backyard and entered the home through a sliding glass door. one suspect is described as a latino male in his mid-20s with a moustache and neck that tuesday. the other is a latino woman in her mid-20s, last seen wearing a blue t-shirt and gray leggings. both suspects fled in a late model red chevy camaro. another wave of small earthquakes has struck along the calaveras fault near san ramon. the biggest so far a 3.6 quake which hit during yesterday's afternoon commute.
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kpix 5 reporter kiet do tells us, the swarm is the talk of the town. >> reporter: the quake here in san ramon hasn't let up. san ramon has a total of 300 earthquakes to hit in the past week. this swarm started last thursday and the good news is that the vast majority of them have been small. only about a dozen of them have been over 2.5. with yesterday afternoon and evening being a particularly active time, the biggest one so far has been a 3.6. that hit right around the afternoon commute yesterday. the crow canyon country club is at the epicenter of the swarm and it's not one main quake with a bunch of aftershocks. it's a constant swarm. there's been a lot of chatter about it around town with people going about their business. >> chairs shaking, the building shakes and then stops. then a second one hit and another one hit but they were both smaller. but you felt them, all three. >> this year around san ramon through dan -- this area around san ramon through danville and alamo is an area where we have
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had these types of swarms in the past. based on the past, we'll probably not have a large damaging earthquake. >> reporter: the usgs is doing its best to calm people and control the fear by saying that the swarm is not unusual for this area. again, the good news is that all of these quakes are under 4.0. kiet do, kpix 5. >> the usgs says the last swarm to hit san ramon was in 2003. that swarm had more than 100 small quakes over a few days. the largest was 4.2. 880 is back open after a fence ended up on the freeway last night. cell phone video captured the moments after a car got caught up in the fence and burst into flames. the three-car crash happened near the 23rd avenue overpass. traffic was shut down in both directions for more than an hour. here's a look at what caused the crash. 100 yards of chain-link fence fell on the freeway. chp believes it came off the
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overpass but they are not sure how it how. no one was seriously hurt in the crash. a san francisco house squatter allegedly helped himself to some priceless artwork. how he got nabbed when he tried to unload hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of paintings. >> and a new clue into uber's autonomous car program. we'll show you the latest photos of the company's mapping vehicles. >> good afternoon. it is warmer today than yesterday. but not quite as warm as it will be on wednesday. i have your full forecast coming up but first, this brief time-out. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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taking a look at the big board right now, the dow is about 4 points. cupertino-based apple is excited about the early success
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of its streaming music service. ceo tim cook says apple music has 15 million users. they include 6.5 million paying subscribers and 8.5 million customers on three-month trials. they launched apple music june 30 and offered every user a three-month trial period. new at noon, the best jobs for work-life balance, marin base glass door just released its list of the top 25 jobs with the most flexibility starting with data scientists, seo managers, talent acquisition specialists and social media managers. the data comes straight from employee feedback shared with glass door. people may have noticed an unusual fleet of uber cars around town but you can't hitch a ride with them. according to buzzfeed uber has been using these cars with 3d cameras to collect street level mapping data. the idea is to improve uber's driving routes and estimated
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times of arrival and longer term use the data for its autonomous car projects. the company says the uber brand and manage cars have been on the road for a few months -- and mapping cars have been only roads for a few months. an accused squatter is in custody for allegedly making a home in a decaying san francisco mansion and plotting to steal paintings. investigators say it began two months ago when neighbors noticed 39-year-old jeremiah kaylor and called police. >> he advised the officers that he was until the proves being the proprietor of this home and taking ownership of this home. >> that story held up until police got the real estate agent, who said it was not true. investigators say they then discovered $300,000 worth of missing paintings which were up for sale on social media. the democratic field is shrinking. former virginia senator jim webb announced he is dropping out of the race and is considering running as an
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independent. cbs reporter weijia jang has more on campaign 2016. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: donald trump says he loves what he is seeing in the polls. >> that's why i love the polls. say, well, other people don't talk about polls. you know why? because they're doing lousy in the polls! okay? >> reporter: trump is the unquestioned leader in the gop race 5 points ahead of dr. ben carson. jeb bush and marco rubio are tied for third 14 points back. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are leading in the democratic side but a potential candidate is casting a shadow over the race. vice president joe biden is currently third in the poll but more than 40% of clinton and sanders said they would support him if he got into the race. biden hasn't given any public hints about which way he is leaning but he may have taken a veiled shot at clinton this morning when he appeared to reference her comment at last week's debate that she was most proud republicans were her biggest enemies. >> i don't think my chief enemy
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is the republican party. this is a matter of, you know, making things work. >> reporter: biden picked up a key supporter in his daughter- in-law and widow of his son beau. she says she supportist him 100% -- supports him 100%. weijia jang, cbs news, the white house. >> meantime, canada has a new prime minister for the first time in nearly a decade. 43-year-old justin trudeau and his liberal party scored a big victory over long-time prime minister steven harper. trudeau is the son of former prime minister pierre trudeau. the american cancer society is changing up its guidelines when it comes to breast cancer screenings. the group says women should start getting mammograms at 45 instead of 40 and suggest they skip routine manual breast checks by doctors. the organization claims while mammograms can save lives, they also have a high false positive rate. a scary sight for passengers on board this qantas
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jed in sidney, australia. a storm chaser captured dramatic video of huge lightning bolts as the plane came in to land during a storm. it touched down safely and no one was injured. but a little scary, right, roberta? >> yes. anytime you have cloud-to- ground lightning, it is frightening. hi, everybody! it is lunchtime. it is my favorite time of the day. it is time to take a look at our weather watchers and see who is reporting with us at this hour. let's take a look. boy, we have some readings out there very warm. 58 so says dana in novato. -- 85 degrees, so says dana in novato. thanks for checking in with us. in antioch, jerry has 80. vallejo charlie raines at 76 degrees. we have temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees above yesterday's readings and take a look at that right there. barely a wind to speak of. we have calm bay waters even though a small craft advisory goes into place later today. temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. oakland one of the cool spots
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66. 79 santa rosa after beginning the morning at 48 degrees. remember yesterday 4 -- remember yesterday, 24 hours ago we had clouds at mount hamilton? clear now. looking towards the skyline of san francisco, visibility is unlimited. from the university of california, in berkeley, we have blue skies and, in fact, temperatures going up while the relative humidity is going down. right now, livermore at 38% relative humidity. it's warmer today. we have a chance of rain by the end of next week in the north bay. as far as our long-range computer models suggest late october into early november perhaps a chance of light rain falling that would place us at october 30 next friday. so right now it's only a chance but bring it on. right now, the low pressure bringing the rain and mud slides through southern california exiting lifting east. we have high pressure building into the entire state and as a ridge expands it couples up with an offshore component and the end result is the drier
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conditions and the higher temperatures well above average for this time of the year. it's 7 the going up to 84 degrees at the state capital 50s in the greater lake tahoe area. there you have sunset and sunrise for tomorrow morning. temperatures today from the 60s through the 70s to an outside number of 87 degrees. you will barely notice a difference tomorrow but it will be warmer and that what you call a stagnant weather pattern. you have to make it interesting for me. get your rain gear and your rain gauge ready because we are going to need it for the winter. >> not this week. >> all right. >> no, not this week. a few clouds on the seattle and sunday -- on saturday and sunday. thank you. a texas driver has an unusual explanation for a crash involving a motorcycle. his dashcam video shows the driver veering across the double yellow line into the motorcyclist who has gone
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viral. the collision sent the motorcyclist and his girlfriend into the pavement but the driver is saying it want a case of road rage. he claims a spider bite caused him to lose control of the car. >> where did the spider bite you? >> right in here. i just reacted real fast. you know? my hand was on the steering wheel. >> in another video a witness confronted the driver and asked what he was doing. he responded, i don't care. the passenger on the motorcycle needed surgery on her arm. at this time, no charges have been filed against the driver. if the anticipation wasn't enough disney's release of the new "star wars" trailer has fans scrambling for tickets. they went on sale last night. it looks like the best bet was to get them at a movie theater. online, it was a bit of a mess. the rush to get the first tickets crashed multiple online booking sites. >> fandango crashed. i tried to make it work on the app. it wouldn't work. i tried to make it work online. it wouldn't work. >> most movie theaters have showtimes about every hour on opening day.
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just check ahead of time with the theater to see if you can score a ticket. with tickets already in high demand, people are looking to cash in. $1,200 for six tickets in a showing in san francisco. this is on craigslist. you heard that right. $1,200. we are counting down the days until super bowl 50, which airs right here on kpix 5. and today, we're learning the venue of the kickoff party with a purpose. we want to invite all you pet lovers send us your questions about their health and well- being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. ============b r e a k ============== we are 110 days away from superbowl 50. ,,,,,,,, ,, ♪
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we are 110 days away from super bowl 50. and we are counting. keeping up with the theme of giving back to the community, today the super bowl 50 host committee announced its venue for its party with a purpose. it will be held at the cow palace on february 6 the eve of super bowl 50. the committee made the announcement today at st. anthony's foundation in san
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francisco. february's big party will be the most philanthropic event put on the by the super bowl host committee. >> every dollar that we end up with after doing the event and the season long campaigns, 100% is distributed to food banks across the united states and nfl cities but the largest percentage will stay here in the bay area. >> the game will be played on february 7 on levi's stadium in santa clara. catch it right here on kpix 5. an unusual mix of colors and flavors for fall. stephanie and tony tantillo show us how to cook up polenta with red grapes. >> reporter: red grapes still in season and they are great in fall, late variety with polenta. >> it's a great mix of flavors and colors. we made the polenta and there's a couple of things, when you pour it into the boiling water whisk it fast for a couple of minutes and then let it relax on low heat and occasionally
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with a wooden spoon. raisins and grapes, takes a half-hour in the pot. so then we are going to go ahead and put this in this nice bowl and as i'm doing this you can go ahead and layer it with these grapes which we have and then we just heat it up with a little bit of melted butter and a touch of sugar. >> steph, everything you do, you teach us to educate me also, thank you. [ laughter ] >> i love it. and everything tastes so good. hm. thank you, bella. a reminder to you now. if you have a consumer problem or question, email our hotline at or call the hotline 888-5-helps-u we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,
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rating for consumer reportsw a stunning coming up at 5:00 trouble for tesla. the luxury model s got the highest ever rating for consumer reports and now a stunning turnaround. the questions about the car's reliability. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. captions by: caption colorado
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