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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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breaking news out of san jose, cal fire and the san jose fire department at the scene on a grass fire that broke out, kiet do is live at the scene. what happened >> reporter: firefighters are looking for hotspots to make sure that this place does not flare up again. check out video we shot a short time ago near santa teresa and bailey road in south san jose. this fire broke out around 3:00 a.m. , quickly went to two alarms, the san jose fire department got help from calfire, a greater to anchors before they were able to douse the flames. there were no reports of an injury but the fire did move under one of these high tension power lines, no word of any damage or loss of power at this point. because of this fire still under investigation, but pretty unusual for a fire like this to break out this early in the morning in the hills of south san jose. that's where we are live, kiet
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do, kpix 5. a brazen burglar caught on camera, police released surveillance video of a man sneaking into a vacant office south of market neighborhood earlier this month. amanda smashes the glass, walks in and quickly fills his backpack with electronics. police are asking your help in identifying him. police named a suspect in a deadly shooting at an east bay shopping center and it's not the only homicide he's wanted for. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward is in livermore with the latest. >> reporter: one person is dead, another seriously injured after a shooting that took place in this livermore cvs parking lot just after 6:00 saturday night and police are looking for the suspect. they believe one is a 10-year- old justin -- jason brown. the other suspect that in the not known. down is no stranger to police. he was also involved in a fatal shooting at a fresno restaurant in september. saturday when livermore police got to the scene, they found two a dull meals in their 20s
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in the car. the driver was taken to the hospital where he went through several surgeries. we don't know the status and both names are being withheld. a 12-year-old witness the whole thing and was able to give police a license plate number of the black bmw the two suspects were seen taken off in. this whole incident has the community of livermore on edge. >> it's kind of scary, not so much that somebody got killed but that he's carrying a semi automatic or had a dangerous weapon and disappeared. >> reporter: livermore detectives have obtained a no bail warrant for brown's arrest for one count of murder and one count of attempted murder. brown is considered armed and dangerous. if you see him or know about his whereabouts, call 911. in livermore, jackie ward, kpix 5. we continue to follow breaking news this monday morning, a powerful earthquake in afghanistan shook cities across south asia.
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magnitude 7.5 quake was centered in the northern part of the country, homes collapsed in pakistan, at least 29 people died. tremors were felt in kabul, new delhi and islamabad. crews are assessing the damage throughout the region. the chp impounded 17 cars after slamming the brakes on a sideshow saturday night. they caught drivers doing donuts in the parking lot off of highway 4 in rodeo. the chp says the group of drivers made one huge mistake. they held a sideshow in a fenced in area. officers were able to flank the only exit and get citations to all those involved. this morning the chp has a message for sideshow participants. >> most of them have shown brazen disregard for public safety by shutting down the golden gate bridge or other major highways. the chp's message is, we are paying attention. >> police say it could be up to a month before drivers can get their cars back. today those three oregon drifters accused of killing two people in the bay area earlier this month will be back in court.
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michael angold, morrison lampley and lil -- they killed a 23-year-old canadian tourist in golden gate park in a 67- year-old tantric yoga teacher earlier this month. it is 5:04 right now. let's get a check on the weather and traffic. roberta, it's a little chilly in the studio. >> it takes a lot to surprise me. i was surprised when i walked out the door and was hit with a wall of fog in the tri-valley this morning. it is the foggiest it has been in, i want to say all year. visibility down to a quarter of a mile in many locations, napa, santa rosa half-mile visibility in livermore, i did see some stars in my truck this morning in the oakland area, seemed to clear out around the oakland zoo. temperatures anywhere from 49 degrees, and as michelle was alluding to, a bit on the chilly side. upper 50s in san jose.
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winds are pretty much nonexistent. out of the northwest, 5 to 10 miles per hour. we will have abundance of sunshine once the clouds lift, temperature wise approaching 70 in pacifica, maybe 70s across the bay, though 80s in livermore. we are going to talk about rain on wednesday coming up at 5:18, first here's gianna. let's talk about the approaches to the bay bridge, roadwork eastbound near 80 in colin kaepernick has been wrapped up, traffic very light, but conditions on west burnside headed toward the -- if you plan on spending out of san francisco for the east bay, traffic is clear. san mateo bridge, we haven't seen problems routine 880 and 101, traffic is clear on the golden gate bridge as a work southbound into san francisco, the only hotspot which is typical for monday morning is the altamont pass westbound 580 toward 680, 15 minute ride from the top of the altamont pass. we will look at the south bay in a minute.
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several people are recovering in the north bay this morning, police say two men intentionally drove their cars into a crowd of birthday party. it happened last night near downtown santa rosa. one person was run over, two others were hit. all are expected to be okay. police say the men were angry at the group of partygoers. investigators are trying to determine what led to the violence. today, the uc board of regents goes back to the drawing board on fighting and tolerance. an earlier policy was rejected by jewish organizations says enough is not being done to address anti-semitism. this act of vandalism, including one were swastikas were sprayed on a jewish fraternity house at uc davis. a forum is being held on balancing safety with free speech. a park project happens this afternoon at 4:00, engineers and transportation officials turnover the first heard for the project at the entrance on parker street and the event is
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open to the public. training for the $3.6 million project has been in the works for five years with input from residents. california's bullet train is going to speed right past the initial $68 billion budget estimate. that's according to a new analysis on the project. the la times reports the state may have underestimated challenges involved like digging 36 miles of tunnels through los angeles. the project is off to a slow start and struggling with land acquisition and financing. transportation officials say the kpix be done in time for its 2022 deadline. wisconsin republican paul ryan is expected to be elected speaker of the house this week. a private boat is set for wednesday followed by a full house vote thursday. ryan had previously said he did not want the job but last week of the support of three major caucuses in the gop. ryan will take office in the midst of a possible government default and potential for partial government shutdown.
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new this morning, a new challenge to the affordable care act heads to the supreme court today. the conservative legal foundation will file a repeal and request for -- violates the provision of the constitution which requires tax raising bills to originate in the house of representatives. supreme court has already rejected two major challenges to the affordable care act. now at eight minutes after 5:00, nfl rivals usually don't get along but soon the chargers and raters could be sharing a home. a home field anyway. the major move one of those teams just made toward los angeles. we are getting our first good look at how many sharks are in and around the bay right now and why they are here and when they might leave. >> good morning, everyone. as you are getting ready to head out the door, foggy start but i'm going to talk about rain and when he should expected. your monday morning commute is moving along on 880.
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i will have details coming up in a few minutes. it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night
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good morning, happy monday. 5:11, looking out for the golden gate bridge, we have areas of fog lining the bay, marching in 145, 50 miles. follows is expected to list, -- rain moving in, i will talk
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about that coming up in less than four minutes. second and 3, carr, looking, touchdown. >> the raiders gave fans a lot to cheer about with the victory 37-29 over division rival san diego chargers. highlight ahead in a few minutes but the final score is not the only thing fans are talking about. the two teams could soon be sharing a stadium in southern california. chargers said yesterday they will ask the nfl for permission to move to los angeles. mark kelly reports on what that could mean for the raiders future in oakland. >> reporter: ricky's in san leandro is practically a shrine to the oakland raiders. >> born and raised raiders fan completed the silver and black. >> reporter: they will file their relocation paperwork with the nfl as early as the rules will allow, in this room taking
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it as a good sign, the raiders will stay. >> what does that mean for the raiders? >> it's a great opportunity, seize the day, stay here in oakland. >> reporter: michael rashe fans know victory dancing just yet, one idea for the chargers and raiders to share stadium in the la market. just because charters are talking about being the first team to sign up for the la move doesn't mean the raiders won't follow suit into the joint stadium deal. >> fifty-year tradition, the rivalry between san diego and oakland raiders. >> could you imagine them sharing a stadium? that seems wild. >> never. why would we want to? >> no. but, rivals today could share stadium tomorrow, after all, oakland push to build the raiders a new stadium in the bay area fell through this fall. >> we need our local community leaders to step up. >> reporter: with time and each failed plan, it looks more and more likely the raiders will head back downtown highway 5.
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>> they have already gone back there and then came back. i don't want to see them go back there. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix 5. thursday the nfl will hold a public hearing to weigh options for the raiders at 7:00 at the paramount feature league executive vice president eric grubman who handles team relocations and construction of new stadiums. part of that they could come ashore in mill valley, high tides known as king tides could claws flooding apart -- the park and ride will be closed along with street parking after similar flooding last year damaged cars. king tides happen when the sun and moonand pull water to the opposite side of the earth. we are getting our first look at a cluster of great white sharks of the coast of the bay area. the coast guard snapped these
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pictures. they range in size from 10 to 18 feet. they were spotted last week 100 miles from shore near pacifica, this happens the same time a shark was seen making a meal out of a sealion near alcatraz. >> of people are afraid to go in the water this might not be the best time to go in. wait until the sharks leave the coast toward the end of the year. and if people are not afraid, go ahead and swim? we all have risk in our lives. and use the best information available and used at risk to regulate your behavior. >> experts say it's a bit unusual to see this many sharks in the area. >> it is 15 minutes after 5:00, time for a look at the road ahead. westbound 580 is where we are seeing delays this morning, pretty quiet for your monday morning drive, a little bit of red and yellow on the sensors. slow and go speed on westbound 580 commute, most of it out of tracy, altamont pass to 680, 18 minute ride, a lot better
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once you get to 680, not seeing any delays there. no delays in san jose, northbound 101, highway 237, easy 11 minute ride, also 280 and quite a big park in the green, speeds above 50 miles an hour. northbound 101 as you work through san jose, all in the green along guadalupe parkway. take a look at conditions as he worked for the bay bridge, oakland into san francisco commute, roadwork from 580 that is going to be there for another hour or so. westbound in the clearing stages that we are seeing a few more clouds off the bay bridge stacking a mostly in those cash lanes. a bit of a delay future that portion, keep that in mind, looks nice off the east shore freeway. carquinez bridge, 18 minutes for the drive time. look at the san mateo bridge, most of the bay area bridges look like this, but conditions, 12:47 01, hayward to foster,
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pretty good ride, 683 walnut creek not seeing any delays not a southbound, traffic your all the way through the tunnel, look at this, starting to see slow in go conditions westbound highway through antioch, as you come of antioch bridge, 37 miles an hour, once you get past that method, traffic is clear in pittsburgh in an easy right for the east shore freeway. live look at 880, no trouble traffic spots, some construction near marina, that is clearing. let's look at the forecast. 5:17. my favorite time of the morning because i look at my best friends, my weather watchers and see who is reporting. everybody reporting some fog this morning, steve says fog is moving into los altos, linda says it's foggy, clear skies right now, so says paul in brentwood. daniel says 54 and spooky with areas of fog. i like this photograph that dave shot in napa because it indicated cloud cover, in that
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particular area over the weekend. it was just like that yesterday across southern california, no sunshine to the notice at all. i've got to tell you something, even though this does not look green to you, born and raised in the mojave desert, this is green because of rain in the southern california area, above average rainfall there, more rain expected in socal on thursday because we currently slated for wednesday. it's going to move south. right now looking at foggy conditions toward the bay bridge, livermore visibility down to a quarter of a mile with areas of fog, 54 degrees, half- mile visibility in some spots across the northern portion of the bay area. foggy start, sunshine today, rain wednesday. future cast illustrates the fog back to the coast by the lunch hour, still back in for the evening commute. this is mostly cloudy conditions for tuesday, relative humidity increases, going to feel muggy tuesday leading into wednesday.
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far reaches of the north bay with rain showers slated. still looking at remnants across the deep south from what was hurricane patricia. under the influence of high pressure that will provide us with sunshine. mid-80s away from the baby for tropical moisture, with once was hurricane olaf pushes and wednesday. it is across central valley, temperatures from the 60s and 70s to the low to mid 80s, wind will be gentle out of the northwest, 5 to 10 miles per hour. we caught up tuesday leading to less than a quarter of an age of rain across the bay area wednesday. brian, i heard you snickering when you're looking at my desert picture, but it's crazy because i actually get a blanket of green next to the desert floor. that is so unusual. >> enjoy it while you can. not going to last long. the person in the "star wars" movie who said, "may the force be with you", what is the name of the actor who said that?
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swimmer who is a character? >> obi-wan kenobi. was that you? >> sir alec guinness is right. >> why are you listening to that? is present now the forces a strong as the san jose airport. the "star wars" themed airliner landed in san jose for the first time yesterday, it resembles r2-d2 and will frequently start at the airport. nippon airways will be find between tokyo and oakland the next couple of months, they plan to promote the movie by way of free airtime. a pixar movie classic hits the big screen again tonight on its 20th anniversary. the castro theater in san francisco holds a celebration and screening of "toy story" starting up 7:00 tonight. it was pixar's first feature film and first fully computer- animated movie. the film's creators will be in
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attendance. 20 minutes after 5:00 on this monday morning. the quakes just keep on coming. san ramon getting shaken once again overnight. the latest on how many earthquakes have hit the area. coming up, can the earth quakes get a win to keep hope alive? and can the raiders make a stand up at the finish? we tell you about it straightahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, philip rivers has owned the charger for years but there's a new sheriff in town, his name is derek carr. second quarter, already 23-3, oakland, derek carr, screen to cooper, 62 yard score, cooper had 133 yards, receiving, raiders lead 30-3. opening drive second half, another touchdown. 37-6. but san diego scored 23 unanswered points in the fourth, they were down eight, six seconds left. michael rivera recovered the onside kick and the raiders win 37-29. quarterback josh mccown and the brent continuing their slide in st. louis, the running back scored early, he ran for 148, st. louis wins one -- they host
5:25 am
the 49ers next week. earthquakes in dallas meeting a window have a chance to the playoffs, dallas victor ulloa scored the game-winning goal. money. quakes miss the playoffs now for the search -- 30 straight year. nba. are you ready for the real deal? the warriors of course will not have steve kerr on the bench, it'll be lukewarm tomorrow night. we will be there. a sportscaster from oakland. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. ladies in german, time for the play of the day from the nfl. cowboys and giants, fourth quarter, tied at 20 in the fourth quarter. what happens? he could go all the -- in fact he does. 100 yards for the touchdown, the giants win 27-20, snapping a streak of five previous losses to the cowboys, and that
5:26 am
is your play of the day. >> that is a good play of the day. 5:25. a ferrari burst into flames as the driver helplessly stands by. we talk about what happened next and hear from the driver. i'm jackie ward live in livermore where police are searching for two murder suspects. we will tell you the details in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at air bnb. the details on the controversial proposal - topic tw soon, you could be limited on how long you can list your property on airbnb. details on the controversial proposal. i'm kiet do live in south san jose were firefighters made quick work of an overnight
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grass fire. from the kpix weather center, good morning. we are off to a foggy start but i'm going to talk about rain and when you can expect it. off to a busy start on the altamont pass, plus delays at the bay bridge. good morning, monday, october 26. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm not frank mallicaot but he will be back tomorrow. cal fire and the san jose fire department on the scene of a two alarm fire that broke out, our kiet do is live and says this type of fire is unusual. >> reporter: firefighters are only a looking around for hotspots but if you look closely you can see they've got a bulldozer cutting a thick line on the hill, this all to prevent any kind of a flareup. if it does flareup it will keep the flames were moving into the neighborhood in south san jose. check out the footage from an hour ago off of santa teresa north of bailey road, the fire broke out around 3:00 this
5:31 am
morning, quickly went to a tier 2 fire. san jose got help from cal fire on this one. winds were light and the fire grew to 5 acres before crews were able to douse the flames. cold temperatures and white fog is helping out as well. no homes or structures were threatened, there are no reports of injuries but anything starting this early in the morning out here where there is nobody out on this uninhabited part of san jose, that is unusual. because of this fire is still under investigation. live in south san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. police named the suspect in a deadly shooting at an east bay shopping center and it's not the only homicide he's wanted for. jackie ward is live in livermore with the latest details. >> reporter: good morning. one person is dead, another seriously injured after a shooting that took place at this livermore cvs parking lot after 6:00, police out for the suspect, they believe one is 18- year-old jason brown, the other suspects i didn't he is not
5:32 am
known. brown is no stranger to police. fresno pd says brown was involved in a fatal shooting out of fresno restaurant in september. saturday when livermore police got to the scene they found two adult males in their 20s. the diver -- driver died inside the vehicle and the passenger was taken to the hospital where he went through several surgeries. we don't know his status and the names of the victims are withheld. a 12-year-old witness was able to give police the license plate number that brown and the other suspect took often. this whole community is an edge. >> they are ruthless and evil. this is a quiet town in these types of things don't happen very often so we take it very personal when someone comes to our town and commits a crime like this. >> reporter: livermore detectives have obtained a no bail warrant for brown's arrest for one count of murder and one count of attempted murder. brown's whereabouts still not known, of course, so if you see him or know anything about his
5:33 am
location, you are asked to call 911. in livermore, jackie ward, kpix 5. new this morning, a brazen burglary caught on camera. police released surveillance video of a man sneaking into a vacant office in san francisco's south market neighborhood, the man breaks in and fills his backpack with thousands of dollars worth of electronics. police are asking for your help identifying him. a powerful earthquake in afghanistan today spoke cities across south asia. the magnitude 7.5 quake was centered in the northern part of the country. homes collapsed in pakistan, 29 people died. strong tremors were felt in kabul, new delhi and islamabad. crews are assessing the damage throughout that region. a ferrari burst into flames at a gas station in martinez, then rolled away with no one inside. it happened on saturday night at a chevron station at highway 4 and morello avenue. the owner says he was putting the nozzle back when he saw a spark from than the car burst
5:34 am
into flames inches away from the fuel pumps. he ran for cover and watched as the flaming ferrari started driving onto the street. >> i had it in gear but the car got hot enough that it must have popped something in place in the car ended up wrong into the street, then god, because as you can see, if the flames had been at the gas station it would have been an ugly scene. >> the owner could only watch as his prized red ferrari turned black from that fire, it was charred from the inside out. he says he's grateful to be alive and fortunately the gas station owner was able to shut off all the pumps as a precaution. in san jose, one man's trash is every man's problem. ready chairs and mattresses make the streets look like a junkyard. to combat the illegal dumping problem, city officials recommend a stiff time for violators. first-time offenders face a
5:35 am
$1000 penalty. a moderate earthquake struck near san jose measuring 2.9, it happened after 10:00. this is an image of of the earthquakes that have hit the last week. there have been hundreds. that image is coming. here it is. seismologists say it's no cause for alarm although the calaveras fault is releasing tension and a chance for a major earthquake is just 7%. >> over 30 years, just 7% is not that tiny. we must be prepared. >> we must. be prepared for day for king tides as well. highest tide should be about 11:05, about 6.5. >> that's up there. >> yeah. we will see flooding in that parking lot over off of highway 101. good morning, heading out the door this morning, areas of fog limiting visibility down to half-mile throughout the livermore area. quarter of a mile to be noted around santa rosa at 48, quarter of a mile in napa at 53.
5:36 am
we have fog surrounding the peninsula into san jose. later today, fog dissipates, temperatures go up, 62 to 70s at the beaches, 70s and 80s, and across the peninsula, i'm talking a couple of degrees in gilroy, 85, east of the bay temperatures topping up in the low to mid 80s. good morning concord at 80 degrees, backing toward american canyon, 60s, 70s, perhaps flirting with 80, otherwise no 70s in sausalito. today temperatures topping off in high 70s, low 80s in the far reaches of the bay, rain and when we can expect it coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. let's jump over to the bay bridge, they turned to metering lights early this morning at 5:30, already starting to see a pretty decent backup, not quite to the maze, yet, but slow and go conditions. approach is holding steady but a sluggish right through the toll plaza and as you work your way past the incline, westbound altamont pass, westbound 580, lots of brake lights, coming
5:37 am
away from 205, a stall stuck in line, plus debris bogging things down, slow and go conditions continue. float 4680 where it's a big -- bit foggy. an suv from san jose was one of two cars involved in a deadly head-on wreck in the sierras over the weekend. five people were killed, two others injured when the cars collided near groveland. a look at the aftermath gives you an idea of how bad the impact was. the 22-year-old driver of the other car identified as marcos lopez martinez died on impact. the cars burst into flames making it hard to identify the other victims. the sole survivor from the suv is identified as -- yun yang of saratoga. she was airlifted to modesto. santa clara police are searching for a killer. officers responded to a call on glade drive early sunday, when they arrived they found a 22- year-old man shot to death in
5:38 am
the backyard. investigators say there was a party at the house earlier in the evening but so far they have no suspects or motives. a proposal called the air bnb initiative is sparking heated debate in san francisco. proposition f would limit rentals to 75 days a year. current law has a limit of 94 what are called on hosted rentals. opponents of proposition f say it would hurt on people who rely on rental income to keep themselves afloat. those who support the measure to say that type of rental takes up too much housing. >> what we've done with proposition f is give air bnb some skin in the game. we say if you list a unit that isn't registered or that is illegal, you can be fined. >> voters will vote on november 3, campaigning has been fierce with big-name politicians appearing in tv ads on both sides of the issue. facebook is coming out with a new app that it says will not drink people's batteries. >> jill wagner of cbs money
5:39 am
watch joins us now from new york. >> reporter: good morning, all of the major u.s. markets are back in the black for the year, strong earnings from tech companies rallied wall street, the dow jumped 157 points, nasdaq gained 111, back above the 5000 mark. american airlines plans to take on low-budget airlines like spirit. starting next year, american will offer less-expensive no- frills fares, they will not offer changes of any kind. and facebook admits its app restraining or iphone battery. now there's a fix. facebook released a new version of the app after an outcry from users, they found the app was draining someone's battery, even if they weren't using it. that is not good. brian and michelle? >> this is good for the bay area, we hear napa valley is getting a taste of french luxury. >> reporter: the designer brand chanel is buying a california winery known for its cabarets.
5:40 am
chanel owns two wineries in france but this is the first step into the american wine industry. >> sounds good. would you try it? >> not at this hour. >> reporter: so he says. >> jill wagner, cbs money watch, thank you. >> reporter: allegedly. >> right. 5:40. bulldozers bust up a bay area levee on purpose. why the flooding is actually a good thing. everything run smoothly on what used to be highway 17. now that 880 in oakland, we have a look at traffic and weather ahead after a break. ,,,,,,
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good morning. 5:42, taking about -- a lookout
5:43 am
toward minetta international airport and levi stadium, areas of fog limiting visibility down to a quarter-mile north and east of the bay area. we will talk about rain and when we can all embrace it coming up in four minutes. rescuers from seaworld and the coast guard teamed up to free a humpback whale who became tangled in the net of a lobster trap off the coast of san diego. that trap served as an anchor weighing the distressed animal down. they say the rescue effort was really challenging. >> there's all sorts of different entanglement, some of gillnet, some with one line, you've got hoax all over, it's just really kind of a dangerous situation. >> coronado island and four loma in the background. the team was eventually able to free the whale. they used gps satellite tracking to keep an eye on it. investigators are trying to figure out why a tour boat sank off the coast of british columbia killing five people. coast guard crews worked through the night searching for people missing after a whale
5:44 am
watching boat sank off the coast of vancouver island. the boat slipped into the sea after making a mayday call yesterday afternoon. witnesses say there was no time to put on lifejackets before the boat capsized. >> the numbers on the -- are going down very nicely and numbers of survivors are going up very nicely. >> smaller boats in the area went back and forth helping to get a survivors to shore. the royal canadian mounted police will take over the search for the one person still missing. first mexico, then texas, remnants of hurricane patricia are causing flooding in louisiana. a car completely submerged after a woman drove off a bridge, heavy rain soaked new orleans overnight flooding streets and leaving 22,000 people without power. 7 inches of rain have fallen, this is a great way to get swept away in a flood, driving
5:45 am
to water like that. another 5 inches as possible. texas will try out over days of storms, roads closed in austin have reopened and swollen bayous around houston have receded. up to 20 inches of rain fell in parts of texas breaking local records. strong wind battered the coastline, pushing past 5 feet or more above average levels. >> we are just moving furniture and everything. we have heard there has never been water inside any of the grudges or rooms except for hurricane ike. >> amanda swept into a flood a drainage ditch in san antonio has been found safe. the man reportedly washout of a waterway and eventually made his way back onto the road. it is 5:45 right now. let's get a check on the roads with gianna. how's it looking? >> nothing like texas. private roadways. verified for the most part, big delays are typical spots, altamont pass, bay bridge, metering lights are on, back to the foot of the maze. 880 especially slow, expect delays. 21 westbound 80 carquinez
5:46 am
bridge, over to antioch, westbound highway 4, connecting antioch into pittsburgh, slow and go conditions as you request for, eating up that east shore freeway drive but 880 is slow toward the bay bridge. altamont pass has been a struggle, we had a broken down big rig coming out of tracy, that backed things up so it stays afloat and go as you work westbound to the top of the altamont pass and states sluggish toward 680. 24 minutes for the drivetime. south bay looks pretty good. still in the green, northbound 101, not seeing any delays as you work from 280 to 680 to 237. miss conditions want guadalupe parkway, 280, highway 85, everything looks good, through milpitas, taking the road was one 880, north and southbound doing okay, we could have roadwork near marina and davis, that should be wrapping up and things should remove nicely. checking our sensors in and around southbound 880 as you
5:47 am
work your way out of hayward, toward the san mateo bridge, some brake lights, speeds clock in at 65 miles per hour northbound, southbound is where you see the brake lights. westbound 90 westbound 9880, still a 20 minute ride if you're commuting out of the east bay to the peninsula, 30 minutes on that san mateo bridge. southbound 680 a little sluggish coming out of pleasanton, slow and go, looks like we've got some delays there but if you want to skip the roadways and use part, everything is right on time, caltrains as well. here's roberta. surprise can we have areas of dense fog as you are getting ready to head up a door, 5:47. you know, we are losing two minutes and 13 seconds off each day. days are getting shorter, we are starting of this extremely dark condition due to the dense fog. temperature wise, 48 in santa rosa, 55 in oakland, we have visibility issue throughout the
5:48 am
tri-valley where fog is hampering visibility, keeping it down to a half-mile, quarter- mile visibility in santa rosa. foggy start, mild temperatures slighted for today, we caught up tuesday and introduce some rain by wednesday, but less than a cringe of rain is expected. here is your future cast. we have clouds wiping back to the coast by the lunch hour, hanging tight to the avenue today, otherwise we have sunshine. by this evening, low clouds and fog want to penetrate the coastline and push inland. this is what you're looking at, gray slate of clouds tuesday with areas of murkiness. wednesday we see the rain to the far reaches of the north bay that everyone has a good chance of getting wet. there's the precipitation in the deep south. we are under the influence of high pressure, a huge dome that will provide one more day of sunshine before clouds moving. this is what was hurricane olaf, refer to as a remnants or remains, that's why we get a
5:49 am
bit on the muggy side tomorrow and wednesday, chance of tropical moisture on wednesday. 80s across the state, 74 monterey, some apparatus 7:29, by the time the sun sets, increasing cloud cover becoming partly cloudy in the overnight hours. 70s bayside, 70s peninsula, going up to 85 in gilroy to the south, 85 two e. in brentwood, 75 to the north and the santa rosa, here's the extent forecast, once this tropical lift and move that on wednesday, extremely mild wednesday before we bump up the temperatures friday through sunday. when is halloween? saturday? okay, boo. >> get your costume ready, roberta. dozens of spectators gathered in the sonoma county yesterday to watch history. city officials purposely broke the levees that have been keeping back bay water for over a century. decisions to flood the farmland is part of the reason for healthier bay and will prepare the land for el nino flooding.
5:50 am
and it will take days for the valley to fill up in years before it is a fully functioning marsh. now add 10 minutes before 6:00, behind his choice, vice president joe biden opens up on his decision not to run for president. ,,,,,,
5:51 am
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whoo! i mean, whoo. taking a look at your tv screen if i can get this going, going to look at the week ahead including the holiday on saturday, i call it a holiday, it's halloween. temperatures in the 60s, mid 80s and no rain in the forecast for that halloween day. taking traffic, howard close between the third and fourth street throughout the week for oracle open world, also can report that muni delays, first three market trends are delays, minor delays. we will keep you posted. vice president joe biden says he decided not to run for president because he cannot win. in an interview with norah o'donnell on 60 minutes, biden admitted the loss of his son made it hard for them to jumpstart a campaign. he says the grieving process does not follow any schedule
5:54 am
but the vice president also promised the now he won't be ending his 43 year political career quietly. >> i do want to influence the democratic party. i want to make no bones about that. i don't want the party walking away from what barack and i did. >> you said i will not be silent. >> i will not be silent. >> with 15 months in office left, biden says he wants to work with the new speaker of the house to make sure the government stays open. so far biden has not endorsed a candidate for president. the community of stillwater, oklahoma is coming together after a homecoming parade came to a tragic end. four people were killed including a toddler when a car plowed into people on saturday at the homecoming parade, dozens were injured, some critically. the intersection has been gathering place for people to pay tribute to the victims. >> it's the right thing to do. i mean, pray for the victims, pray for the person that caused this because she needs prayers, too. >> police say the driver, 25-
5:55 am
year-old adacia chambers was driving under the influence. she faces second-degree murder charges. her attorney said she may suffer from mental illness. auto world workers won't be striking for now. union negotiators and gm reached a tentative contract deal before a midnight deadline last night. local union leaders will meet in the territory to wednesday to vote on the agreement. if approved, rank and file members will vote on the new contract. can continue this theme, toyota zoomed past contenders general motors and volkswagen to take the top spot in global car sales. the japanese automaker says global sales through the first three quarters this year total 7.5 million vehicles, volkswagen sold 7.4 million, gm sold 7.2. experts say vw took ahead to sales following intermission scandal last month. drivers will be seeing more relief at the pump. the average price of gas nationwide has dropped $.10 over the past two weeks.
5:56 am
according to, the average price of gas in san francisco is $2.92, it's about $2.80 in oakland and san jose. industry analysts say the price slide could and if prove cost -- crude costs remain close to level. and out of this world, look for an overseas flight. the unusual passenger plane appearing at san jose airport. >> reporter: i am kiet do live in south san jose, fast-moving wildfire overnight was knocked down by firefighters. we've got a report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
5:59 am
and i'm brian hackney, in f frank mallicoat a story we've been followint of san jose... fire crews up a 2- alarm fi good morning, it's monday, october 6, i'm michelle griego. >> and roberta gonzales -- i'm
6:00 am
brian hackney. frank is off. a two alarm fire lookout this one, kiet do is live, you say this to the fire is unusual. >> reporter: anytime a fire like this makes out that time of day in this part of town where there is nobody out there, it is unusual. right now we've got the wind blowing over some of the smoke in our direction, we can small fire in this area. the good news is that firefighters have cleared out the scene, not this thing out and debbie declined to make sure if it does flare up again it doesn't have into this neighborhood. check out video we shot a short time ago off of santa teresa and bailey road, the fire broke out around 5:00 this morning and quickly went to a tier 2 fire. san jose got help from cal fire. winds were line and the fire grew to 5 acres before crews were able to douse flames. there were out there with trucks spring water and dirt on it as well. cold temperatures and light fog is helping out a lot, too. no homes


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