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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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brian hackney. frank is off. a two alarm fire lookout this one, kiet do is live, you say this to the fire is unusual. >> reporter: anytime a fire like this makes out that time of day in this part of town where there is nobody out there, it is unusual. right now we've got the wind blowing over some of the smoke in our direction, we can small fire in this area. the good news is that firefighters have cleared out the scene, not this thing out and debbie declined to make sure if it does flare up again it doesn't have into this neighborhood. check out video we shot a short time ago off of santa teresa and bailey road, the fire broke out around 5:00 this morning and quickly went to a tier 2 fire. san jose got help from cal fire. winds were line and the fire grew to 5 acres before crews were able to douse flames. there were out there with trucks spring water and dirt on it as well. cold temperatures and light fog is helping out a lot, too. no homes or structures were
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threatened and there are no reported injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. live in south san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. police are going public with the name of the suspect in a deadly shooting at a shopping center in livermore and it's not the only shooting he's wanted for. kpix 5's jackie ward is in livermore with the latest. >> reporter: one person is dead, another seriously injured after a shooting that took place here in the livermore cvs parking lot after 6:00 on saturday night. police say the suspects are still out there. they believe one to be 18-year- old jason brown. the other suspects identity is not known. brown is no stranger to police. fresno pd say brown was involved in a fatal shooting at a fresno restaurant in september. saturday when police got to the scene they found two adult males in their 20s in a car. the driver got inside the vehicle, the passenger was taken to a hospital where he went through several surgeries.
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we don't know his status at this time in both names of the victims are being withheld. a 12-year-old witnessed the whole thing and was able to get police the license plate number of the black bmw brown and the other suspect took often. this whole incident has the community of livermore on edge. >> it's kind of scary, really. not so much that somebody got killed but that he's carrying a semi automatic or had a dangerous weapon and disappeared. >> reporter: livermore detectives obtained a no bail warrant for brown's arrest for one count of murder and one count of attempted murder. brown is considered armed and dangerous so if you see him or know anything about his whereabouts, call 911. in livermore, jackie ward, kpix 5. knew this morning, a daring office burglary while cameras rolled. police are asking your help in identifying this man seen here breaking into a vacant office in san francisco's south of market neighborhood. the man smashes the glass and quickly filled his backpack with thousands of dollars worth of electronics. the chp impounded 17 cars after busting the weekend
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sideshow in the east bay. they caught the drivers doing doughnuts in a parking lot saturday night off of highway 4 in rodeo. the chp says the group of drivers made one huge mistake. they held the sideshow at offense in area. officers were able to flank the only exit and give citations to those involved. this morning the chp has a message for sideshow participants. >> most of them shall brazen disregard for the community by shutting down a bridge or other major highways. the chp's message is we are paying attention. >> police aide could be up to a month before drivers can get their cars back. three minutes after 6:00, time to see how the normal commute is going this morning. gianna? is getting busier, let's start off with the north bay commute, southbound 101 at washington, cleared out of lanes onto the right shoulder but we are seeing delays behind that, keep that in mind as you make your way out of petaluma.
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once we get to the golden gate bridge, traffic is clear. in san francisco, howard street is closed between third and fourth, that's the closure in effect through the week, plan for delays in and around the area, traffic bogged down as you work your way on third headed to market and mission. golden gate bridge looks good out of marin county, no delays as you work to 580 and the toll plaza, bay bridge backed up slow and go into the maze, your approach also taking hit at east shore freeway, delays at about 26 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. that's a look at the morning drive. let's check the forecast with roberta. nothing but a wall of fog, dense fog hampering visibility down to a quarter-mile in the santa rosa napa area, down to a half-mile in the tri-valley. the only place seen clear skies happens to be moffett field. sfo with a deck of clouds, no reports of local airport delays but i'll keep you posted. temperature wise, cool, 40s
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through the northern portion of the bay area, 54 livermore, 59 san francisco. here's how we stack up numbers once the fog dissipates. temperatures approaching 70 in pacifica, montero beaches, up to 70, two e. alameda, oakland, el cerrito, berkeley near 75 degrees. 78 through cupertino into san jose, though 80s east of the bay, outside number will be 85 in the gilroy area. here is a look, we've got range in the forecast by midweek, i will talk more about that at 18 minutes after the hour. gang? new this morning, a powerful earthquake in afghanistan today shook cities across south asia. the magnitude of 7.5 quake was centered in the northern part of the country. homes collapsed in afghanistan in northwestern pakistan killing at least 79 people. strong tremors were felt in kabul, new delhi and islamabad. crews are still assessing the damage this morning throughout the region. a moderate earthquake struck near san ramon last
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night measuring 2.9. it happened at about 10:15, 1 mile east of town. this is an image of all the earthquakes that have hit in the last week. there have been hundreds. seismologists say this is no cause for the alarm. they say the calaveras fault is releasing tension in the chance of a major earthquake there is just 7%. investigators are trying to figure out why a tour boat assent of the coast of british columbia killing five people. as don champion tells us, the search for survivors continued through the night. >> reporter: canadian coast guard crews worked through the night searching for people still missing after a whale watching boat think off the coast of vancouver island. >> we are doing our best to account for everybody. we've got great resources, this is what we do. >> reporter: photos show the moment leviathan ii slipped into the sea after making a mayday call. witnesses say there was no time to put on lifejackets before the boat capsize. 27 people were on board.
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>> the numbers of unaccounted for are going down very nicely and the numbers of survivors are going up very nicely. >> reporter: smaller boats in the area went back and forth helping survivors to the shore. while it is still unclear what caused the accident, alec dick, one of the first on the scene suspects the three deck cruiser was sideswiped by a wave. >> this time of year we have quite big surges happening out on the waters, i think this is what happened. >> reporter: the leviathan ii, owned by jamie's whale watching is one of the largest in the company fleet. the company went through another deadly accident in 1998 when one of their vessels capsized during an excursion, and the boat's captain and german tourists. don champion, cbs news. the royal canadian mounted police will take over the search for the person missing. time now is 6:07. a levee breach is almost never a good thing.
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coming up why this one was done intentionally and how it will end up helping wildlife. in the morning from the kpix weather center, we have the kingdom tied event taking place today, plus, rain is back in the forecast, we tell you when to expect it. from the traffic center, delays along 880, plus a new accident. i will tell you where when we come back. ,, mi'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home.
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well, hello. you don't want to know what we are talking about. >> yes you do. time for a check of traffic and weather. start with traffic. >> let's get rolling on the freeways, not want to pass along 880, a few trouble spots, getting word of an accident come hit and run accident that injuries reported,
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it's off to the right side and may cause delays. southbound 880, brake lights out of hayward past 92. at least onto 8th street, do plan for that this money. coming across to the san mateo bridge, so far still seeing nice speed, 14 minutes 880 to 101. elsewhere at 8080 itself through north oakland, brake lights, 238 through the maze, once you get through the maze, you will see pretty good delays, westbound 580 starting to back up to 24, you will start seeing delays on 24 as well and looks like westbound 80, east shore freeway commute pretty slow and go. bay bridge backed up, metering lights are on and traffic very slow, want to get past the toll plaza, delays across the upper deck into san francisco. taking a look at antioch westbound highway 4, business as usual, slow and go coming off the antioch bridge, state slow into pittsburgh, but no accidents. westbound 580, altamont pass to 80, 26 minutes for the drivetime. we have a report of an accident off of vasco, causing spectator
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sloan, southbound 80 into pleasanton, brake lights, traffic sluggish through here, delays along 680 through the -- grade, and alive look at the golden gate bridge, no delays from 582 the golden gate bridge toll plaza, 14 minutes for the drivetime but traffic looking good heading into san francisco. you might want to use bart, everything right on time, golden gate fares, cal trains and ace looking good. good morning, everyone, we get to monday. this is the live weather camera looking toward the bay bridge, no issues but visibility down to about a half-mile, porter of a mile in the santa rosa area where it 49 degrees. otherwise pretty much in the 50s, the thermometer has not moved that much in the past 60 minutes. here's what we need to know heading out the door, areas of patchy, dense fog, then sunshine and mild temperatures. rain is likely on wednesday,
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albeit just a little bit of rain, less than a quarter of an inch. here is future cast, you can see the font is awfully inland, will traverse back to the seashore by lunch hour today before it goes back in later on this evening. tuesday becomes mostly cloudy and a little bit on the muggy side, some tropical moisture trucks its way into the forecast. meanwhile, with areas of fog. 60s, 70s, out to the 80s today, low to mid 80s, 85 will be the outside number to the south of gilroy. to the east of the brentwood area, northwest breeze 5 to 10
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miles per hour. here's the extended forecast including, you know what i was thinking about, saturday, halloween. what were we doing last year, colleen? covering the giants world series parade. take away. texas is starting to dry out after days of storms linked to hurricane patricia. roads that were closed in austin have reopened and swollen by his around houston have receded. up to 20 inches of rain, that's almost as much as we get in san francisco, that fell over the weekend and parts of texas breaking local records. strong wind better the coastline pushing tides 5 feet or more above normal levels. today, the three oregon drifters accused of killing two people in the bay area earlier this month will be back in court, michael angold, morrison lampley and lil allgood are to be arraigned. the three killed a canadian torsten golden gate park in a 67-year-old tantric yoga teacher earlier this month.
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water is falling on a santa noma county march that has been dry for almost a century. as kpix 5's john ramos found out, officials intentionally broke the levees. >> reporter: this morning, hundreds of people hiked down a levee both generations ago. they came here with an unusual mission. these were built 104 years ago to claim farmland from san francisco bay. the tidal marshes were called swamps and were considered wasted land. >> reviewed the marshes as an impediment to our growth, rather than as a resource. >> reporter: times have changed. we understand the importance of marshlands to the environment and overall health of the bay. so on this day, men came here to return what he had taken. >> [ applause ] >> reporter: nearly 2 square miles of this ranch property is being opened to the day.
6:17 am
it will take days for it to fill up and about 20 years for it to look like this again. but when it does it will be a haven for young fish and sea birds. >> it is going to be sonoma county's best place to witness restoration over the long-term. >> reporter: and with a predicted rise in sea level, areas like this will act as a shock absorber during heavy storm surges. >> there is nowhere for the water to go. either it's going here were downtown san francisco. thank god for this project. >> reporter: those who built this love did so in the name of progress and it's been destroyed for the same reason. >> my family was here when these levees were built in sonoma county, and it was good for their purposes at that time. this is good for our purposes now and going forward. >> our grandchildren will see when we created today. >> reporter: into sonoma county, john ramis, kpix 5. from the early days, disneyland just ahead, what is going to happen to retard pieces of americana. and how those raters -- and
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how those raiders , the silver and black are starting to gain respect. what is cool about your school? we want to know. email us your nomination to and we may feature your school on the show.
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history. hundreds of vintage items from disney p will hit the auction block los disney fans can soon own a piece of tomorrowland history today. hundreds of vintage items from disney parks will hit the auction block next month. these restored people movers, you're not going to believe this, would you pay $200,000 for that? somebody will, so they expect. this space mountain car could bring in another 50 grand, and bidding for this 1955 original
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from disneyland main street will start at $5000. good morning, philip rivers has owned the charges for years. but, there's a new sheriff in town, his name is derek carr, the last season in san diego, second quarter, 23-3, oakland, derek carr, the screen to elmari cooper, cooper had 133 yards receiving, raiders leading 30-3. opening drive second half, carr to crabtree, san diego scored 23 unanswered points in the fourth. they were down eight, six seconds left. rivera recovered the onside kick in the raiders win 37-29. browns and quarterback josh mccown continuing their slide in st. louis, fourth quarter,
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16 yard outscore, he ran for 148, st. louis wins 24-46. they host the 49ers next week. earthquakes in dallas meeting the wind to have a plans -- chance at the playoffs, but, dallas' victor ulloa scores the game-winning goal in the 79th minute, they miss the playoffs for the third straight year. nba. are you ready for the real deal? the warriors of course will not have steve kerr on the bench, it will be luke walton tomorrow night. we will be there, sports cast from oakland. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. now for our play of the day from the nfl, dallas cowboys new york giants, fourth quarter, tied at 20. look at this, new york dwayne harris gets the kickoff, runs it back 100 yards. he just keeps going. for the touchdown. and, there it is. that's all it took. giants win 27-20, snapping a
6:24 am
streak of five previous losses to the cowboys, and that is your play of the day. 6:23. a ferrari catches fire at a bay area gas station but it's after that when things started getting a little weird. find out what happened coming up. and i'm kiet do live in south san jose where a fast-moving overnight higher was not done by fire crews. we've got a report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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shopping center. ews this morning new information this morning on the suspect wanted in a deadly shooting at a bay area shopping center. developing news this morning and san jose's coyote valley where crews are on the scene of the crossfire.
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>> from the kpix weather center, good morning. fog to greet you out the door and rain. delays at the bay bridge, slow and: 880. details coming up. it's monday, october 26. i'm michelle griego. >> frank is off today and will be back tomorrow. san jose and cal fire try to determine what caused an early-morning crossfire in coyote valley. our kiet do is live. any idea how the fire started? >> reporter: this thing is tell under investigation. they typically wait for the sun to come up, that will give them a lot more ability to see what is happened, also investigators will be able to poke around easier. right now we've got a wind blowing from the hills to our direction, so we can smell a lot of the smoke and fumes, you can tell it was a significant fire in south san jose. check out some of the video shot a short time ago around 3:00 in the morning, the fire broke out near santa teresa and
6:29 am
bailey road. quickly went to two tiers. san jose got help from cal fire on this one. they sprayed water on it, doug some dirt on it and used bulldozers to do the fire line around the fire. winds were pretty light in the fire only grew to 5 acres before crews were able to douse the flames. also cool temperatures and fog is helping right now. no homes or structures were threatened and there are no reports of injuries. the cause of fire is under investigation. live in south san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. santa clara police are looking for a killer. officers were called to a house on glade drive at 1:00 a.m. yesterday. they found a 22-year-old man shot to death in the backyard. investigators say there was a party at the house earlier in the evening. police have no suspects. police believe they know who they are looking for an a deadly shooting at an east bay shopping center and it's not the only homicide he's accused of committing. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward's livermore with the latest.
6:30 am
>> reporter: that's right. one person is dead, another seriously injured after a shooting took place at this cvs parking lot after 6:00 saturday night. police are looking for the suspect. they believe want to be 18-year- old jason brown, the other suspects identity is not known. run is no to police. fresno pd says brown was involved in a fatal shooting in fresno at a restaurant in september. saturday when police got to the scene they found it all males in their 20s in a car. the driver died inside the vehicle and the passenger was taken to a hospital where he went through several surgeries. we don't know his status at the time in both names of the victims are being withheld. a 12-year-old witnessed the whole thing and was able to give police the license plate number of the black bmw brown and the other suspect took off in. this clearly has the whole town of livermore on edge. >> they are ruthless and evil. this is a very quiet town and we don't have these type of things that happen very often.
6:31 am
so, we take it very personal when someone comes to our town and commits a crime like this. >> reporter: livermore detectives obtained a no bail warrant for brown's arrest for one count of murder and one count of attempted murder. he is considered to be armed and dangerous. you are asked to call 911 if you know anything about his whereabouts. in livermore, jackie ward, kpix 5. new this morning a suspected burglar who do not realize security cameras were wrong. police released surveillance video of them in sinking into a vacant office in san francisco's neighborhood, the break in happened earlier this month. within minutes, the man was able to snatch thousands of dollars worth of electronics. police are asking for your help identifying him. an suv registered in san jose was one of two cars involved in a deadly head-on wreck in the sierra foothills. five people were killed and two others injured when their cars collided on highway 120 near groveland saturday night.
6:32 am
images of the rock show just how violent the impact was. the 22-year-old driver of one of the cars identified as marcos lopez martinez died on impact. for people in the suv were killed. the cars burst into flames making it difficult for police to identify victims. the sole survivor from the suv is identified as jian yun -- of modesto. we have changes to look forward to this week in the weather department. >> fingers crossed. it's going to take more than that. it will take a bona fide rain dance as well. looks like we will have tropical moisture, albeit a little bit moving into the bay area wednesday. turning a little bit on the muggy side. right now we have a fog. looking out toward the bay bridge, looking so bad, we have high overcast. sfo reporting visibility down to 1 mile due to areas of fog been no reports of any local airport delays. we have fog in santa rosa and 49, visibility down to a quarter-mile, foxtrot the tri-
6:33 am
valley. fog lifts, sun will shine, temperatures respond. 60s and 70s at the beaches, a few low 80s and the los altos area, 80 degrees in morgan hill to gilroy to the south and east of the day, went out of the northwest 5 to 15, temperatures, 70s and 80s, 70s, and around the bay back into american canyon into the niche as well, temperatures 60s and 70s north of the golden gate bridge, 79 santa rosa, me to 70 sonoma into glen ellen, otherwise upper 70s will be coming from cloverdale black interview kia. we'll talk about the ring, how much to expect and when to expect it coming up next time around. let's jump into the bay bridge, metering lights are on, all of the approaches to the bay bridge very slow, 580 backing up on 224, westbound east shore freeway 30 minutes from the carquinez bridge -- again the bay bridged or slow near the incline, checking the
6:34 am
880 connectors, north 880 as you had -- most delays start on hayward pass the san mateo bridge and continue past there. delays in fremont. heading across the don martin bridge, we have reports of a broken down vehicle stuck in length, that's backing things up on the bridge this morning. also an accident at also monde parkway, altamont pass rode, that intersection is blocked for an injury accident, expect delays in and around the area. the altamont pass itself is slow and go westbound at least a 35 minute ride from the top of the past to 680, delays out of tracy as well, south 680, plus it's in the states very slow, delays as well through the grade, give yourself a few extra minutes. antioch still sing brake lights. san mateo bridge loading up, only nine minutes between 880 and 101. a look at the golden gate bridge coming up. to you guys. investigators are trying to figure out why a tour boat sank
6:35 am
off the coast of british columbia killing five people. coast guard crews worked through the night searching for people missing after a whale watching boat sank off the coast of vancouver island. the 65 foot boat slipped into the sea after making a mayday call yesterday afternoon. smaller boats in the area went back and forth helping to get survivors back to shore. the community of stillwater, oklahoma is coming together after a homecoming parade him to a tragic end. four people were killed including a child or when a car plowed into a crowd of people on saturday at oklahoma state university's homecoming parade. dozens more were injured, some critically. this intersection has become a gathering place for people to pay tribute to the victim. >> it's the right thing to do. pay test pray for the victims, pray for the person who caused this because she needs prayers, too. >> police say the driver, 25- year-old adacia chamber, was driving under the influence and faces second-degree murder
6:36 am
charges. her attorney says she may suffer from mental illness. vice president joe biden says he decided not to run for president because he just did not see a way to win. in an interview with norah o'donnell on 60 minutes, biden committed the loss of his son made it hard to jump start a campaign. he said the grieving process does not follow any schedule. the vice president also promised that now he will not be ending his 43 political career quietly. >> i do want to influence the democratic party. i want to make no bones about that. i don't want the party walking away from what barack and i did. >> you said i will not be silent. >> i will not be silent. >> with 15 months left in office, biden says he wants to work with the speaker of the house to make sure the government stays open. so far he has not endorsed a candidate for president. 6:36. a bizarre chain of events at a bay area gas station, what happened after a ferrari burst into flames. also, space age air travel,
6:37 am
the unique passenger planes flying in and out of san jose. that's not a plane flying out of san jose. that is the dow. it is up. >> it's up about eight points. we'll get a quick check, we are getting a quick check right now of the big. we'll get an update from kpix financial reporter jason brooks. >> now i think you will agree we need a break. >> we do need a break.
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6:40. let's take you on a free ride, good morning, on the coast, the sun will shine once the fog lifts, mid-60s, low 70s through san mateo, 80 and los altos, 83 in morgan hill, mid-80s in gilroy, to the east of the day, temperatures expand from 70 degrees in vallejo to 85 in brentwood. good morning sandra zone -- san ramon in the low 80s, foggy at
6:41 am
the beach but the sun will shine, 65 to 70 stopping off in the low 80s toward clear lake, st. helena and lake gorge. new this morning, a powerful and deadly earthquake in afghanistan shook cities across the south asia. the magnitude of 7.5 quake was centered in the northern part of the country. homes collapsed in afghanistan in northwestern pakistan killing at least 100 people. strong tremors were felt in kabul, new delhi and islamabad. crews are still assessing the damage this monitor of the region. and a small earthquake struck near san ramon last night mission to point on, it happened at about 10:15, 1 mile east of town. this is an image of all the earthquakes that have hit in the last week. there have been hundreds but seismologists say this is no cause for alarm. the calaveras fault is releasing tension and the chance of a major earthquake is just 7%.
6:42 am
a ferrari burst into flames at an east bay gas station. >> and then rolled away on its own. it happened saturday night at a chevron station at highway 4 and morello avenue. juliette goodrich shows us what firefighters found. >> reporter: al cui red ferrari burst into flames when he was filling up at a gas station. he says he was putting the gas nozzle back when he saw sparks. is to mckay turned again to look and realize the flames were erupting from above the engine. i tried to put it out. >> reporter: no luck. the ferrari burst into flames, just inches away from explosive fuel pumps. al and others ran for cover. he says he watched his fire filled a ferrari start driving itself of the gas station lot and into the street. >> i had it in gear but i think the car got hot enough that it must have popped something in place and the car ended up rolling into the street. thank god, because as you can
6:43 am
see, it would have inflamed this gas station and a been an ugly scene. >> reporter: al says he watched as his prized ferrari turned black and charred from the inside out. he says he's grateful he made it out of five. to make it was a nice car. >> what are you going to do now? >> see if i can get another one. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> the gas station owner shut off the pumps as a precaution. the force is strong at mintea international aiport, a star wars themed boeing dream liner landed in san jose for the first time yesterday, it looks pretty cool and resembles r2-d2. it will be frequently stopping at the airport. fans on nippon airways will be flying between sjc and tokyo. there are plans for two more star wars themed planes. >> they won't be unique, i guess. >> they won't but they are still cool. fedex is predicting it will get a record amount of shipping orders for the upcoming christmas season. >> here is kpix 5's financial reporter jason brooks.
6:44 am
>> probably lots of "star wars" gifts with the mountain of gifts coming down this holiday, fedex says it's looking at more than 12% increase in holiday shipments this year compared to last year. yet another record at about 317 million packages. fedex says the monday after thanksgiving and the first two mondays in december will be the busiest shopping days of the holiday season. fedex adding 55,000 workers to handle that rush of packages that will soon be on the way. toyota has retained its crown as the global vehicle leader, sales leader for the first nine months of this year. is told to 7.5 million cars and trucks. volkswagen had taken that lead away, for the first six months of this year, but, gave it back and sales at volkswagen expected to suffer going forward due to its emissions cheating scandal. gm came in second, vw third
6:45 am
for the first nine months of this year. stock market coming off of two very big sessions thursday and friday, solid tech earnings, a bit of appraiser on wall street, let's look at the big words, the dow lower by eight points, nasdaq down by eight, s&p dropping five points in the early going. >> jason brooks, thank you. it is 6:45. let's get attack on traffic with gianna. jumping over to 880, brake lights northbound as you make your way into oakland. keep that in mind as you go out the door. southbound, delays, two separate accidents southbound 880, one at the end, one at automall parkway. that's adding to a busy ride, southbound 880, 23 minutes, give yourself a few extra minutes. westbound dunbarton bridge, whatever broken down vehicle, that's cleared up on the bridge this money. san mateo bridge islam down as well, 23 minutes 880 to 101,
6:46 am
either way you are going to see delays communicate out of that state area over toward the peninsula. southbound 680 into walnut creek business as usual, slow and go conditions, cutting across 24 this morning, not too bad want to get to the call to cut tunnel, approaching the maze is where we see big delays. all of your approaches to the mains are backed up especially east shore freeway commute, 42 minutes. carquinez bridge to the maze, metering lights are on, also lots of company westbound 580, altamont pass to 680, almost 40 minutes for the drivetime. you will see delays near the dublin interchange. looking good, though, marin, not a bad ride 101 southbound, the usual stuff, working our way from 582 the golden gate bridge toll plaza, that looks but a good, no delays once you get to the toll plaza into san francisco. checking the south bay, starting to see delays, northbound 101 to 80 and one of the. parkway pretty slow, you might want to use mass transit, bart is on time, no delayed for
6:47 am
caltrains or the ferrys, we had some muni delays earlier but that has been wrapped up. here's roberto with the forecast. time to check in with my bff, otherwise known as weather watchers in and around our microclimate, everybody reporting foggy conditions this morning through petaluma, hi, peggy. linda in napa and in pacifica, areas of fog, so says lindsay. i want to take a picture, dave sent this one in over the weekend, we have some cloud cover. i've got to tell you i was in southern california, sunny saturday, looked like that yesterday, and what i was amazed with is in the mohave desert, this doesn't look great to you but trust me, born and raised, this is green. that's because they have had ample rainfall this autumn. we have rain coming but right now we're doing with this right there. look at san jose, shocked in with areas of all, limited visibility at sfo down to 1
6:48 am
mile but no reports of any airport delays. visibility to a half-mile throughout livermore, santa rosa, quarter-mile, a foggy start, sunshine and mild temperatures. king tides today, 6.5 at 11:05 this morning. rain on wednesday. here's future cast. fog wiping back to the coast by lunch hour and come back in and the overnight hours. then we cloud up tuesday, turning a little bit on the muggy side as well, did you see that right there? far reaches northbay, rain begins to push in on wednesday. we will keep our fingers crossed for at least a quarter of any terrain right now, looks like on a lesser amounts. high pressure, key component right now, sunny skies. that's the remnants of what was a hurricane named olaf, that's where we will see subtropical moisture from by midweek. 60s, 70s and low 80s, outside number 85 to the south of the gilroy area, to the east in brentwood, northwest wind at 15, sunny and bring on saturday. not scary at all for halloween,
6:49 am
game. boo! >> sounds good. governor. brown recently signed two bills and out cell phone privacy. >> with more on what the new laws do for you is political analyst melissa caen. good morning. >> this is one of the areas of the law that has not kept up with technology as we often see. when can police get your email? if police pull you over for speeding, can they check your cell phone? privacy advocates have long wanted some control from what the police can do. but, in recent years, companies like apple, google, twitter and facebook have been saying, we are getting tons of requests by police for our subscriber data. we need to know exactly what we can and cannot give them. so, this year, san francisco's own state senator. mark leno sponsored a new law called the california electronic communications privacy act. it passed with overwhelming support, and the governor recently signed the bill into law.
6:50 am
this law basically says that police can't see the contents of your cell phone, or emails without a warrant. and, that a warrant has to be specific. he has to give dates and say exactly what it is authorities are looking for. to be clear this is a state law and does not apply to federal authorities are outside of california. backers of the lot including company's like twitter say california has set the gold standard for electronic privacy and help other states will pass laws just like this one. >> was there any opposition? >> some. some of from law enforcement groups like the california sheriffs association said that this new law will make it more difficult to make it catch criminals and they say it imposes burdens that are unnecessary. they were able to persuade some republicans to vote against the bill, but that is not enough to keep the bill from passing. there is a new cell tower bill, two? >> this is one of those bills,
6:51 am
it's sb 741, it's about that addresses something you might be surprised is a problem. i was not aware of this. at least 11 sheriffs and police departments use cell phone interceptors. when your cell phone sends data to a cell tower, these interceptors, as the name implies, intercept the data. that could include your cell phone number, location and previous numbers that you have called. law enforcement has been really secretive about these devices. the new law says any agency that uses one of these interceptors must have a privacy policy on their website and internal procedures and policies to make sure that the data being collected is being used in accordance with legal protections, importantly, it says that any agency that wants to install one of these interceptors in the future has to go through a public process, with community input, and, the interceptor has to be authorized by the local city council or board of supervisors.
6:52 am
>> do we have any interceptors in the bay area? >> i was surprised to learn that yes. reportedly, stick -- san francisco in the city of san jose use these devices. we'll know for sure if they start posting privacy policies about them on their websites. i want to be clear, both bills that we have been talking about go into effect january 1, 2016. look out for that. >> one of the hallmarks of a totalitarian government is surveillance. they want to know where you are, what you're doing, why you're doing it into you are doing it too. this sort of thing makes it seem like it was absolutely right. >> the law enforcement agencies when their question about interceptors say we signed nondisclosure agreements with the company we purchased them from and so disclosing that information would disclose the trade secret or violate the agreement. they have been able to use that, and this law is aimed at getting past that kind of stalin. >> very interesting, thank you. rescuers from sea world and
6:53 am
the coast guard teamed up to free a humpback whale that became tangled in the net of the lobster trap yesterday of the san diego coast. the trap served as an anchor and it weighed the whale down. they see the rescue effort was really a challenge. >> there's all sorts of different entanglements. some with nets, some with long lines, you've got hooks all over, and it is just really kind of a dangerous situation. >> the team was eventually able to free the well using gps satellite tracking to keep an eye on the well during the rescue effort. time now is 6:53. coming up, new video of a break- in in san francisco. police hope it will lead to an arrest. i'm kiet do live in south san jose, and overnight fire in the hills of south san jose, we've got a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪
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five people are dead... aft whale watching boat- with 27 people on board- sank off vancou georgics five things to know at the 55. five people are dead after a well watching boat with people sank off of vancouver island. the authorities say one person remains missing. vice president joe biden decided to -- against running for president because he felt he could not win. he said that he feels he could have one if he would've been able to organize a campaign supporters deserve. police release this surveillance video of a man speaking into a vacant office in san francisco. it shows the man smashing glass, walking in and filling a backtrack with electronics. police are asking for the public's help in identifying him. three drifters accused of killing people in two days in san francisco marin county are due in court, michael angley,
6:58 am
morrison lampley and lila algood are said to be arraigned. there will be find against people dumping track -- trash, the region has seen the largest surgeon later. i'm kiet do where firefighters made work of the grass fire. take a look at some of these shots, this shows that i near santa teresa and bailey wrote around 3:00 this morning, quickly went to tier 2, san jose got help from cal fire on this one. winds were pretty light, the fire grew to 5 acres before crews were able to douse flames and throw dirt on it, also low temperatures and white fog is helping to keep those at bay. there were no reports of injuries, the cause of the fire still under investigation. live in south san jose, kiet do, kpix. getting reports of an accident 280, as you work your way into san bernardino, talking lane also 101 slow and go on the peninsula, 1101 and
6:59 am
northbound 101, word of an accident, out of the south bay, 280 out of the south bay, 284 scope to 680, 21 minute ride. areas apache, dense fog will greet you as you head out the door this morning. look at the transamerica pyramid, currently san francisco 60, in the 40s to the north, santa rosa with visibility, issues down to a quarter-mile, 60 in oakland, mild visibility at sfo but so far no reports of local airport delays. sun will shine today, temperatures was 68 to mid 70s across the bay, southbound through the peninsula, low to mid 80s away from the inland areas, northwest breeze at 15. hey, we had a kind tide at 11:05, 6.5, be mindful if you're heading out to the manzanita parking lot. in mill valley. you know what happens. >> bridgeway floods. i mean, not bridgeway but not
7:00 am
in avenue. >> it gets very flooded. be careful. thanks for watching the next update at 7:6. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, october 26, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." and the search for survivors after a whale watching boat sinks on canada's pacific coast. vice president biden opens up to us on "60 minutes." what you didn't see last night about the presidential race, his family and the bin laden raid. the world health organization says processed meat is as bad as smoking. we have a reality check. but we begin with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> at least five people are dead


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