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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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arena -- scene inside oracle arena where the warriors will be honored for winning the nba title last year tonight. good morning, everybody. we have some clouds associated with tropical moisture. a little bit on the muggy side today, mostly cloudy skies. 60s and 70s. i'll tell you when the rain will arrive coming up, but first let's look at the roads. >> you might see some slight delays around treasure island.
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a good start, though, to your tuesday morning commute. >> san jose police say they have arrested a man in connection with a woman's body found in a downtown apartment. the body was found yesterday morning at the globe apartments. the suspect, 28-year-old hugo casttro had a former dating relationship with the victim. the body was found in response to police going on a welfare check call. >> i've been here around two years now. 95% of the time, my door is always open. i keep it open during the day, during the night. >> police have not released there i victim's name. >> and the search resumes for man missing after a boat capsized yesterday. one person was found dead floating in the water, and
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another was rescued. researchers spent the day in thick fog, looking for the third man. >> reporter: as call as familiaral less bay can look, you have water coming four or five -- too may lees look, you can water coming in for our five directions. jackie ward joins us from oracle arena where the golden state warriors will be honored for winning the title last year. >> reporter: i've only been
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here three months, but my in laws have been long-time fans, and everyone is here tonight to see that beautiful trophy that the warriors so well deserved. steph curry getting the mvp award last season. everyone is thinking of that beautiful trophy and all of the championship merchandise gear they can get. so they're encouraging fans to be in their seats by 7:15. of course peer getting their -- of course they're getting their championship rings. and then, of course, the banner. the ban her drop next to the 1975 world championship banner. so, yeah, it has been a long time. the golden state fans are absolutely excited to have a 2015 banner be dropped today. >> it is exciting. jackie, thank you so much. and you're going to the game. >> yeah, i've got my jersey,
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it's all ready to go. my son and i will be there. we've been going since the 1980s. we love our golden state warriors. and i'm excited for the presentation of the banner and seeing klay thompson on the floor, as well. you might want to grab an umbrella. we could see some renegade showers in the remnants of what was a hurricane. so today, heading bout it looks like we do have temperatures into the 50s and 60s. it's effect dreamily child on the muggy side -- it's extremely chilly and on the muggy side. east of the bay, into the mid and high 70s. 65 stinson beach. full forecast is coming up in less than 10 minutes. the good news is we are
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accident free. the only thing you really need to look out for is some road work in lanes as you work the way up the incline towards treasure island. various lanes closed. that should be wrapped up between 5:00 and 5:30 this morning. elsewhere, both directions, the san ma day no bridge looking good -- san mateo bridge. the golden gate bridge, nice start to your morning traffic. i'll send it back though the desk. >> time now for 35. a crash in san francisco between a scooter and joggerrer, and it's captured on camera earlier this month as the suitor driver mark pet it was driving at third and folsom. you can see a bus in view, and as the bus moves out --
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intersection, a jogger appears, and the impact was almost immediate, right there. pettit said everything happened in an instant. >> i only had a half a second, it felt like, to react to what was happen henning. all of a sudden i saw movement, and i said whoa, hit the brakes, and she ran a into me. his insurance company tells him he's not at fault and the jogger is out of the hospital, but he said he still may give up hits scooter, because he keeps thinking about that accident. >> sex offenders on parole in california will not have to post signs warning trick-or- treaters on halloween night. the signs were required only in certain areas and not officially part of operation boo, the state program that enforces special halloween restrictions for parolee sex offenders. an earthquake struck in the
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middle of a newscast in afghanistan. the studio in kabul shook on live tv, and across the region, a 7.5 quake yesterday caused landslides and buildings to collapse. today rescuers are still trying to reach some of the quake- stricken areas in pakistan and afghanistan. 311 people so far confirmed dead. the epicenter was if the mountains of afghanistan. more than 2,000 people have been injured in the two countries. on the same day that many women in afghanistan face earthquake damage, donald trump talked about women wearing burkas. >> they want to! what the hell are we getting
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involved for. wouldn't it easier if -- wow, wouldn't that be easy? if i warp a woman, wah, -- if if i were a woman, wah. house republican leaders have struck a budget deal with the white house, all in an effort to prevent another shutdown and debt crisis. the bill calls for an increase in spending over two years and covers defense and domestic programs, and calls for reforms to social security and disability insurance. the debt ceiling would be lifted until march of 2017. >> i i won't be part of shutting down the government, and also don't want to be part of doing nothing, so hopefully this middle ground is something i can support. i suspect i will. >> the budget deal is expected to be house speaker john
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peyton's last hurrah before he -- peyton's last hurrah before he -- boehners last hue a before he resign. a new study put out yesterday that said eating meats that are smoked, cured, or salted are like cigarettes. the north american meat institute calls the report dramatic and alarmist. the who said it looked at hundreds of studies before making it report. >> just getting going on a tuesday morning at 4:39. a disturbing arrest caught on camera here. an officer tossing a student a across the classroom. why things got so violent coming your way. >> and that is cool about your
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school? e-mail us and we might feature your show on our -- your school on our show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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n columbia, sout some unsettling video showing a violent classroom confrontation. this happened yesterday at a high school inle columbia, south carolina, where a school resource officer tossed a girl across the room there. don champion has more on the incident that another student recorded, and the reaction since. >> reporter: the incident is down right difficult to watch. the cellphone video captures the moment a south carolina school resource officer caused a female student across a classroom monday. look again. here you see the officer grab the girl, remove her from her chair, and then toss her he across the room. >> i've never seen anything so nasty looking, so sick. >> reporter: classmate tony robinson recorded the video. the officer had been called to the room to help escort the girl out because of disciplinary problems.
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robinson spoke exclusively to wltx, cbs affiliate. >> that needs to be somebody that will protect us, not somebody we're going to be scared or afraid. it was definitely a scary experience. reporter: the incident happened in columbia, and classmates said it started when the girl refused to put away her cellphone and leave the room. the rich land county sheriff is investigating and called the video disturbing. >> we have to look at what led up to it and what happened afterwards. reporter: the unidentified student was arrested. the officer involved, deputy ben fields, is now on administrative leave. >> in san francisco, flames shot out of the top floor of an apartment building on dolores street near market. it started across from the whole foods. witnesses say they heard he an explosion before seeing the flames. fire iters think it started in a vacant unit. they -- firefighter think it
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starting inside a vacant unit. >> a warning in the grand lake neighborhood of oakland. silver thumb tacks are appearing a on he the sidewalks, and neighbors say for months someone has been purposely placing tacks on the ground there. hundreds within a six he-block radius, and some cases dog 0 food has been sprinkled near the tacks to lure pets. >> simpson here actually stepped on one while we were concerned about the issue, and it went between his toes. very >> very scary that someone would do that. you question what goes through their minds. >> there are surveillance cameras placed outside many of the homes in that neighborhood. >> the 2016 world series gets underway today in kansas city. the royals will host the new york mets, game number 1 tonight. the mets won their last world series crown,, and i was there,
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in 1986, moons ago. one year after the royals claimed their loan title in the george brett area in 1985. the kansas city, those guys never paid up on their bets. >> they were supposed to send us barbecue. >> we were supposed to get barbecue and a lot of goodies. >> do you remember what we were doing on halloween day last year? >> we were at the parade. >> and do you remember the weather? >> it was very wet. >> but we didn't even notice it at the time, because we were so happy. when we got home is when we noticed it, said, oh, my goodness. i am so cold and miss be rabble right now. >> we had a blast. >> we had a great time. i'm having a a blast in the weather department, because we have some rain, and it's moving into is the bay area as early as tonight. lets step outside right now. you don't need an umbrella today. we have mostly cloudy skies. temperature-wise, santa rosa is
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at 50. otherwise, we're very mild and muggy. 35050s and allow 60s. here is what you can anticipate today, mostly cloudy skies, a a tad on the muggy side. the rain begins in the north pay later on today. the steady rain tomorrow, is especially in the morning hours. here you have it. this is the remnants of what was once a hurricane. it's name is olaf, and these remnants will continue to surge towards northern california. we will get wet on wednesday. let's look at our futurecast. you see the mostly cloudy skies for today, all the way through lunch hour, and then towards early morning hours, about this time tomorrow, about 24 hours away, we start to see the leading band of the precipitation as it descends from the north and sweeps to the south. as we tally it on up, how much rain can we anticipate? generally less than a quarter of an inch, even less than a
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tenth of an inch through most of the bay area, but we're getting wet, and that's all we need to know at this particular time. it's beginning to happen here in the bay area, a change, a transition. 73 in oakland. mid-70 understands san jose, and in campbell, and mid-70s will be common throughout the eastern portion of our 0 bay area. there you have your extended forecast, and it looks like we do have that rain. a a chance of a lingering shower thursday, but mainly on the dry side. on sunday, we fall back. that's right. >> please! sleep! >> that's right, that's the thing we need most, lots of sleep. >> we're not doing to bad on the roadways so far this morning. out of a tracy, you'll see a few break lights, but 15 is a minutes for are your drive time
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through there -- for your drive time through there. head hing towards the bay bridge this morning, just a a head hes up, westbound 580. reports of road work there. if you hold towards the bay bridge, so far so good. traffic still pretty light as you head out of oakland into san francisco. that freeway commute 18 minutes. live look at 880 right now. no delays, and out of oakland, to the maize, up 15 minutes. all of our barry bridges are looking -- bay bay area bridges are looking pretty good right
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now. a retailer has a surprising message for black friday shoppers. drop the shopping bags and spend more time outside inside. rei, outdoor sporting goods, announced it will be closed on thanksgiving and the day after, and the employees will get paid for the days off. >> i think that's a great idea. >> reporter: what do you think is good about it? >> because your relatives might be be in town, and the whole thing about people getting up at 3:00 in the morning and standing in line for more stuff, just seems like not a very good idea. >> customers will still be able to place orders on-line, but not before a page directs them to spend time outside instead. >> talk about free publicity, good for rei. wal-mart is joining a handful of other companies that
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are looking into drones for home deliver. they have asked the government to test out drones. this would be in direct competition with amazon who is testing out it's own drone delivery system now. companies are awaiting the faa for fileddance, as well. a santa rocha woman wanted to experience something from the future, and got her chance. >> as ellen martin reports, the 97-year-old did something that few of us have had a chance to do. >> reporter: 97-year-old olive grew up in a small town in montana. >> we had no electricity, no radio, horse and buggy. reporter: but through the organization wish of a lifetime, she is riding in a google self-driving car. >> this is pretty amazing. >> reporter: she got the draw with the googlele doodle team, try out the technology that helps people with tremors, and
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virtual realty. >> you mean all the way around? where are these coming from? >> reporter: the great grandmother is not exactly a novice, but wanted to know, like most of us, what is the cloud. >> the cloud is something i don't hold in my hands but i have access to. reporter: even at 97, shes is touring goingth was well worth the rate. >> make a, and i have it come through. >> isn't that cool? >> woodrow wilson was the president when she was born. world war i hadn't happened, so god bless, and good for her. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. everybody, take a look at your tv screens. feeling a little bit on the muggy side in san mateo, approaching 80 there in morgan hill. the ebola is a good 10 degrees -- the aybar is a good 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. 75 today in clover dale. let's sea good morning to the sabean -- south bay.
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a look at the bay bridge coming up. >> rescue drivers still searching for a man still missing after a deadly whale watching boat accident. canadian transportation officials plan to interview the 21 others who were rescued as they try to figure out a cause. >> an outbreak at a seafood rest vaunt getting worse. the number of cases up to 182. the santa clara health department said the illness has also sped few to five counts. the restaurant was shut down last week. illegal dumping is so bad, be they are considering harsh fines for violators tonight city council will consider issues penalties to people who
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dump trash on city streets. it's the first time a punishment has been considered for the city. a southern california woman is shocked to have her expensive purse back nearly 20 years after it was stolen. she said the thieves stole her $600 gunny handbag from her van -- gochy handbag stolen from her fan. ivan. >> i saw a social security card, and tracked down the purse. >> many timms inside were intact, including hire driver's license, credit cards, and mascara of all things. where the gucci purse has been the last two decades remains a mystery.
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>> here is word that bay area fans haven't heard in a while. champions. yeah, this is the nba season opener. i'll have some coffee, and we'll be back from the oracle arena after this. >> and if you're wired bite knocking on the door of a register sex offender this halloween, there are a specific set of rule has i have to follow on that date. we'll have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm frank mallicoat arriors' good morning, everywhere. it's tuesday, october 27th. >> time now nearly 5:00. >> the golden state warriors quest for another trial begins tonight. they'll play host to the new orleans help cans. before the fame, players will get their championship rings at
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oracle arena. i see you already have a hat. reporter: you know, i'm try trying to get decked out in as much swag as they'll let me wear right now, but this is what everyone is excited about, to get that new merchandise. it's been 40 years since we've seen a trophy, and brand-new 2015 gear. you can get all of yours at you are encouraged to get here by 7:15. of course there's a huge party before tip-off. see right up there? see that hole next to 1974-75 banner? yeah, that's where the championship banner is going to go, and this place will get extremely loud, as it has that reputation nationwide. so, yeah, it will be pretty exciting here. a ring ceremony, and tickets are still available


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