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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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oracle arena. i see you already have a hat. reporter: you know, i'm try trying to get decked out in as much swag as they'll let me wear right now, but this is what everyone is excited about, to get that new merchandise. it's been 40 years since we've seen a trophy, and brand-new 2015 gear. you can get all of yours at you are encouraged to get here by 7:15. of course there's a huge party before tip-off. see right up there? see that hole next to 1974-75 banner? yeah, that's where the championship banner is going to go, and this place will get extremely loud, as it has that reputation nationwide. so, yeah, it will be pretty exciting here. a ring ceremony, and tickets are still available at
5:01 am you will have to pay a price, though. here at court side, you could pay up up to a thousand bucks, and even in the upper tiers, you could spend more than 100. but if you're willing to spend it, it could be quite a party. >> yeah, sounds like it will be quite a party. we know there's the ring ceremony, as you said. there more happening to celebrate last season's championship? >> reporter: they really want people to get involved on social media. they're actually using the hash tag nowhere but here, because that's how they feel about this party tonight, you don't want to be anywhere else but here, and i can't blame them. >> san jose police say they arrested a man in connection with the death of a woman. 0 woman's body was found
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yesterday. more now from kpix 5's betty yu. >> all i got was a phone call from my girlfriend who said cops are here asking questions, they found a dead girl's body if this apartment, and the other side of your -- where you live. reporter: san jose police say they found an adult woman dead with at least one stab wound. they came by the third street building to do a wellle fair check. they later arrested 28-year-old hugo castro for murder. we saw crime scene investigators carrying boxes of evidence out of this first floor condo. they took photos of i have had around the other side is of the building if the garage. >> reporter: first floor residents we talked to said they didn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary recently. the downtown building is just steps away from bars and restaurants, and the san jose state campus. >> it's actually peaceful, and once in a while, you get a
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couple of crazy events, or a lot of people who party, but other than that, its norm. . >> i've been here almost two years,000. 95% of the time, my door is open. haven't had any issues at my place. time for weather. time for traffic, and i know one galle who is going to have a big night tonight, and she's right there. >> the fans are the best fans. that was the best parade in all the nba. hash tag be be here or nowhere? what was that? i'll have to figure that out
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again. mine is hash tag w nation. later today, we're going to track when the rain will be coming in, but right now let's send it over for traffic. >> starting to see a few more cars out there, especially along 580 weber. that will take you 15 minutes. event of there is where we're seeing a few break lates. -- break lights. a look at the san mateo bridge coming up. we have a live report this morning from san jose with a
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ruling on protecting halloweeners from sex offenders. >> reporter: on this stretch alone, you have form registered sex offensers who live just on this one piece of street here. so there's a belief out there that registered sex offenders have to hang some sort of sign on halloween saying that they're not participating, or there's no candy. it turns out that is not true, and it has never been true. sex offenders do have a strict set of rules they must abide by, but hanging a sign on a door is not one of them. this stems from a case back in 2013 in southern california, where some parole agents wrongly posted signs outside of the homes of sex offenders. some cities have tried to pass laws requires signs. >> i mean, of all days during the year to put a sign on a door, sometimes it gets more
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dangerous than mischief. we have unfortunately had he registered citizens who have been murdered for no other reason than they are on the sex offender registry. >> reporter: here is what they are required to do on halloween, turn off the power were light, offering candy or dick rating their home is not allowed. remain indoors during curfew hours from 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., and open the door for law enforcement only during that curfew. >> police are still trying to track town a man suspected in a deadly looting at a livermore shopping center. 18-year-old jason alex answer brown is suspected of friday's attack in the marking lot of a cvs store, and a also suspected of murder err last month at a fresno restaurant. special praters say they will not seek the death penalty against alleged gangster.
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police had charged hitting with murder are in aid of racketeering, but a judge blocked an attempt to include that charge in a previously existing case of racketeering and money laundering. housing code changes to respond to that deadly balcony collapse over the summer. six college students died when a fourth floor balcony fell down last june. a proposal being voted on tonight would prioritize inspections for properties most at risk. it will allow for cornify dential complaints from tenants there and create a program of mandatory inspections for all rental units. >> an emotional trip to the bay area for ireland's president, here to honor the students who tie died when a balcony collapsed at berkeley. he is scheduled to be at berkeley tomorrow to meet with first responders and vol unup tears who helped -- volunteers
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who helped. it looks like another got sitdown is about to be averted. a new deal between congress and the white house avoids the shutdown. >> reporter: it essentially prevents another government shutdown and puts off the debt crisis, why leaving negotiations with the how that stretched until almost midnight monday, republicans sounded ofty mystic. >> i won't be part of shut it will town the government. i also don't want to be part of doing nothing. so hopefully this middle ground is something i can support. i suspect i will. >> reporter: the 144-page bill calls for increase in spending of $80 billion over two years,, and governors defense and domestic program. the deal calls for some reforms in social security disability insurance, and lifts the dead ceiling until march of 2017, well after are the presidential
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election. some conservatives want more. >> i'm skeptical. this president has never shown any interest in reforming entitlements. >> reporter: a vote on the deal is expected on wednesday, a day before paul ryan is set to be elected the new house speaker. >> a new ban on e-cigarettes. details this morning on how the feds want to prevent in-flight fires from happening. >> plus adele sings "hello" and sets all kinds of records. why her new song is striking such a cord on the internet. >> and we'll track the rain together. >> and report of a new accident at the san mateo bridge. details in a few minutes.
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but the city of palo alto is taking time now is 5:12. the city of palo alto taking
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steps to save it's urban forest while still remaining water conscious. the city said it is going to use nonpottable water on trees dealing with drought stress, and urges citizens to do the same. a woman dies leaving a million dollars to her gardner, but as mark kelly tells us, that woman's daughters are saying not so fast. >> reporter: constance dolittle within the family called her connie, was a wealthy woman, be the $8 million time, but before she died, dementia set in, and her garner saw an opportunity. >> i think this is a case involving clear man uplation. >> reporter: attorney david bear is representing connie's granddaughter. >> that the truth will come
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out, and the various mentalle impairments that connie dolittle had will make it apparent that she did not understand the complex trust amendment she signed. reporter: and that caused her, according to him, to leave connie $3 million, and her daughters just $500,000. >> this case, she has the burden of proving, by a preponderance 067 the evidence, that the gardener used undo influence in get hearing leave him several million dollars -- getting her to leave him civil million dollars. one group wants to raise the legal age to buy e- cigarettes to 21 nationwide. it is to reduce the number of children addicted to nicotine.
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right now only hawaii and just a few other communities and cities enforks the 21-year-old age limit. the government is cracking down on e-cigarettes on passenger planes. battery operated electronic smokes devices will no longer be allowed in checked bags,, and smokers won't be abe to recharge the devices while they're on the plane. this comes after more than two dozen explosions and fires over about half a decade. >> some of the worst roads, california, right here in the bay area. california alliance for jobs put out a new video highlights the bad road conditions. ivy drive and calvin drive there. and the alliance is trying to pressure state lawmakers to get those and some other roads fixed up. let's get a check on the
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roads with jenkins -- gianna. we'll keep our eye on this area. if you ared westbound toward the san mateo bridge. that was reported first as a hit-and-run. chp is heading to the location to get more information. might cause some spectator slowing as you get past that area there. once you get on san mateo bridge itself, traffic looking pretty good between 880 and 101. bay area we go a-- baseball we go again. -- bay bridge we go again. a few more cars, but traffic still pet light there.
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we are seeing a few brake lights through antioch this morning. no accidents, just businesses a usual, coming off 160. 14 miles per hour in some spots. once you get past that, as you head daughters pittsburgh, traffic looks a lot better in that area. might see some rain on the roads tomorrow, right, rebound? >> might see some rains. check this out, it's our live high def doppler radar, picking up tropical moisture to the far reaches of santa rosa. we will see some rain moving in here asary as tonight. in the north bay. no reports of any local airport
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delays, but that could change in a heartbeat, so we'll keep you posted. it is so mild out the door, except for santa rosa, cloud cover and 50. otherwise in the high 50s and low 60s around the bay area, and the wins are calm. here is what we need to know on this tuesday. first off, mostly cloudy skies today. it feels a little bit on the muggy side. rain starts in the north pay, late tonight. steady rain tomorrow morning, and then it slices to the south. this right here is what was once remnants of tropical storm olaf. it was first a hurricane, and then down to a tropical storm, and 0 now the remnants. your future cast illle straights, i want to show you right here, rain begins about 24 hours from today. taking a look at your extended forecast. we do basically just have nothing but cloud cover today,
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and rain tomorrow. frank and michelle. >> we need the rain. thanks. new song by the british singer adele is breaking all kinds of records. >> we went to fine out why the song has managed to do so well. >> reporter: >> the last couple of months i've within, like, where is adele? it's been, like, four years now. >> hello, it's me. >> reporter: finally, adele called, and everyone is listening. >> it's definitely one of the most anticipated follow-ups in the history of our format ever. reporter: the singer's latest single healthcare -- hello was viewed shattering vevo's record for most views in a day.
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>> i'm jane, and this is the only song anybody is talking about right now, the brand-new one from aids -- adele. it's "hello." jeanne says not bad after adele's four-year hiatus. >> to wonder if people were still going to care, in people still wanted to hear her, and the answer is yes. >> that song is playing a lot in my house right now. >> it's catchy. my god, it's good. >> it is. she's beautiful. shell first song on her new album, which is scheduled to be
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released next month. she is amazele -- amazing. we'll be right back. >> coming one be will charles barkley finally make the right pick for this year's nba champion? we'll tell you about it coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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journey singing the anthem, arizona's chris johnson pulls an ali, down goes phrase inquire! ran for 122, cardinals off and running. but baltimore comes all the way back, almost. joe flacco, possible tie game, and it was picked off. the ravens are are the nfl's worst team at 1-6. the golden state warriors step off the season tonight against the pelicans. despite having egg all over his
5:25 am
face last year, charles barkley is not giving the warriors any respect. >> i think that i'm i'm saying there are four teams in the west i think can win the championship, and they're one of the four, but i'm not picking them. i'm picking oklahoma city. >> there you go again. >> a little reagan reference from his debate against jimmy carter in 1980,, and there goes barkley again. we'll find out beginning tonight at oracle. warriors and pelicans. our sportscast will emanate from the floor of oracle. see you there. >> it is 5:25 right now. a violent arrest caught on camera. an officer talking to a student a across -- tosses a student across the glass room. >> if you're worried about knocking on the door of a registered sex offender at halloween, you'll be glad to know there are specific rule has i have to follow on that day. we have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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changing. we're live with the details. a program aimed at protecting trick-or-treaters from sex offenders on halloween is changing. we'll have the details. from the kpix weather center, good morning, everybody. we do have rain back in the forecast. we'll track it together. >> and we've got delays moving at the bay bridge. your drive time is coming up. >> thanks, gianna. >> tonight we golden state warriors will begin defending their nba title, and right before the game, they'll get some championship jewelry. jackie ward is at oracle arena
5:30 am
where a ring ceremony happens in front of thousands of fans. jackie? >> reporter: the party mass already started here. check out this sweet merchandise we've got. we have the nba championship trophy right there. it's been 40 years since the warriors fans have had that on some new merchandise. at 7:15, that's when the ceremonies will begin. game starting at 7:30. head coach steve kerr, as we though, has been suffering from some complications of a back injury. he won't be on the sidelines tonight. interim coach luke walton will be stepping in, but he will be
5:31 am
for the party. 7:10 tonight. there are resell tickets available on so head there if you want to be part of the party. >> and on top of the ring ceremony, be more happening to mark last season's championship. >> reporter: yeah, so the rings actually made their way up from l.a. last night. they were designed by jason of beverly hills, and 10,000 fans next week will be able to get replica championship rings. those 10,000 fans will be able to get them. at that's where you can get all of that great warriors
5:32 am
championship gear. >> they're handing out bling rings in november? i think that would be kind of fun, huh? >> i'm take pit. >> whatever, whatever. >> the world champion san francisco giants rings, they're pretty cool. >> they're huge. >> they are. those blue t-shirts on the seats there. the warriors do more charity work in our community than any other sports franchise. i work with them a lot, so i know that, and they get one of their charity groups to put those shirts on the seats. >> you're a warriors fan? i didn't know that. >> our temperatures are very mild except for santa rosa at 15 degrees. 77 in fairfield, cloud cover, rain is going to be moving in. see all fire up our highlight
5:33 am
desk doppler coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. >> let's church over to the south bay right now. an accident involving a a motorcycle. the chp is heading out to the scene. we are starting to see some delays flu there. use 280 in the mean time. san mateo bridge, right before the toll plaza, reports of an gents. not causing any delays, but not the case at the bay bridge. you can see traffic already starting to back unbeyond the first overpass there. not quite to the foot of the maze just yet. your approach to the bay bridge still doing okay, but will take you 15 to 20 minutes to go from here back into grains. >> the search is set to resume this morning for are a man missing after a boat capsized off the marin county coast.
5:34 am
happened yesterday off of tamales bay. one man was found dead, floating in the water. they are still searching for a third man, one man was rescued. >> reporter: at the mouth of tamales pay, as call as the bay can look, ate the mouth of the bay, you have water coming sometimes four or five different directions same outline taken yes, sirly. it's a very treacherous part of water. >> search forever the missing man put on hold last night because conditions were not safe for those rescue crews. crews did find the boat, and there were life vests on board, but it does not appear that the victims were wearing them. >> a crash in san francisco between a scoot and are a jogger captured on camera. it happened earlier this month, as the scooter driver was driving near third and folsom. you can see a muni bus's view, and then he drives forward. a jogger appears, and the impact was almost immediate.
5:35 am
pettist said everything happened in a -- pettist said everything happen -- pettis said everything happened in an instant. >> all of a sudden i saw movement, hit the breaks, and then she into an me. >> pettit's insurance company tells him he is not at fault and the jogger is out of the hospital, but he said he may still give up his scooter, because he keeps thinking about the accident. >> a judge has clarified what law enforcement can and cannot do to protect california kids from sex offenders on halloween. we have details on that rulen. good morning, kit. >> reporter: good morning. we're live right near 280. there are four registered sex offends here live on this short stretch alone. there are a lot of urban legends out there about what sex offenders can ask can't do on halloween. there is a belief out there that registered sex offenders must hang some sort of sign on
5:36 am
their door thats is those participating, or no candy. ittives out that is not true, and it has never been true. they have a strict set of rules they must abide by, bit hanging a sign on a door are is not one of of them. this stems from a case in 2013 where some parole agenting wrongly posted signs outside the homes of six offenders. some cities have tried to pass lawing requiring signs. >> of all days during the year to put a sign on a door, this is when people are out creating mischief, but steps it gets worse than mischief, gets more dangerous than mischief. we unfortunately have had registered citizens who have been murdered for are no other reason than they are on the sex offender registry. >> if that makes you a target, you shouldn't have committed the crime to start with. you're on the list for a reason. reporter: here is what
5:37 am
registered sex offenders are required to do on halloween. turn off the porch light, offering candy or decorating their home is not allowed. remain indoors during curfew hours, and keep their door cloweed, and open it only for law enforcement during that curfew. >> a powerful and deadly earthquake struck right in the middle of a newscast in afghanistan. that's a studio at a news station in kabul that shook on live tv. the magnitude 7.5 quake yesterday caused landslides and biddings to collapse. and today they are still trying to reach some of the quake stricken areas in pakistan and afghanistan. 311 people are confirmed dead. nearly 2500 homes are damaged
5:38 am
or destroyed,, and more than 2t,000 people are hurt in the two country. >> and on that same day that many women the afghanistan faced changer, donald trump talked about women wearing burkas. >> they want to! what the hell are we getting involved for. it's easier. they don't have to wear make- up. wouldn't that be easy? if i was a woman, i'm, like, wah, i'm ready, darling, let's go. true. >> trump is still the republican front-runner in new hampshire, but in iowa, ben cautious were has open $up a lead over trump for the first time. a bill calls for an increase in spending of $80 billion over two years, and covers defense and domestic programs. it also calls for some reforms
5:39 am
to social security disability insurance. the debt ceiling would be lifted until march 2017. >> i won't be part of shutting town the government. i also don't want be to be part of doing nothing. so hopefully this middle ground is something i can support. i suspect i will. >> a budget deal is poised to be house speaker john boehner's last hurrah, right before paul ryan is expected to be elected the new speaker of the house. it is estate planning awareness week. >> and we are looking now at hue how we can help he our families plan for the future. jill, something you don't like to talk about a lot, but you have to do it, right? >> reporter: yes, and we don't like to do it so much that we're doing nothing. according to a survey of adult children. only a little over half of american parents have a will or a living trust document.
5:40 am
one-third of parents don't have any estate documents in place. 16% of adult children are uninsurance what their parents have. meanwhile, of those who do have a will, 58% of the kids say i know no details of these documents. weville to do a better job, and certainly have to communicate better intergeneration. >> well, what happens if you tie without a will? >> reporter: well, that's called intess date, and in that case, your state of residence will determine what happened to your state, and not only that, be who should raise your kids. that potential alone should prod you get going with the process of making those big decisions. a will is simply a legal document. we shouldn't be scared of this. in the drafting process, you name an exhibitor, that's the person or -- executor, that's the person who oversees your assets, and if you have children, you definitely need to name a guardian for them.
5:41 am
a healthcare proxy will allow someone to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if you lose the capacityty to do so, and a durable power of attorney allows someone to act in financial matters. i do have some great estate planning checklists on my website. thank you so much, jill live for us in new york this morning. >> dog owners being warned to keep an eye out. details this morning on the hidden danger for pets in a bay area neighborhood. >> and highway 88, folks coming into work. >> we have your traffic and your weather coming up right after the break. stay right there. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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resource officer in south carolina involved in a violt classroom confrontation.. don champion good morning, everybody, your time check is officially 544. yesterday, we had over a one- hour delays on some arriving flights. this morning, firing up high def doppler radar coming up in four minutes. a school resource officer in south carolina involved in a violent classroom confrontation. don champion shows us the incident recorded by a student and the fallout. reporter: the incident is down right difficult to watch. the cellphone video captures the moment a south carolina school resource officer tossed a female student across a classroom monday. look again. here you see the officer grab the girl, remove her from her chair, and then toss her across
5:45 am
the room. >> i've never seen anything so nasty looking, so sick. >> reporter: classmate tony robinson recorded the video. the officer had been called to the room to help escort the girl out because of disciplinary problems. robinson spoke to wltx. >> that's supposed to be somebody that's going to protect us. not somebody that we need to be scared of, afraid, things like that, so it was definitely a scary experience. >> the incident happened in columbia. classmates say it all started when the girl refused to put away her cellphone and leave the room. the rich land county sheriff ask investigating, and reportedly called the video disturbing. >> we have to look at what led up to it, and then what happened afterwards. reporter: the unidentified student was arrested. deputy ben fields is now on add minute straighter live -- administrative leave. >> a warning for dog owners and walkers in in an area of
5:46 am
oakland. thumb tacks air peering on he is sidewalks. neighbors say for months, someone has been purposely placing tacks on the ground, hundreds within a six-block radius, and in some cases dog food has been sprinkled near the tacks to lure pets in. >> our guy simpson here actually stepped on one while we were, like, concerned about the issue, and it went between his toes, so didn't stab him, but almost did by a few millimeters. >> very scary that someone can do that. you kind of question what goes through their minds. >> there are surveillance cameras placed outside many in of the homes in that neighborhood. >> the 2016 world series gets underway today in kansas city. the royals will host the new york mets in game one. the mets won their last title back in 1986. >> i decided to bring you all a
5:47 am
gift. fall in new hampshire. i kind of forgot what it looks like, but it is beautiful. arlington pond in new hampshire. >> thank you so much. >> gorgeous shot. >> you've got it, you've got it. i took a picture. what can i say? >> all right, gianna. >> it's busy out there this morning. you're going to see a few more cars on the roadway right now. we have reports of an accident involving a motorcycle. good news, no injuries. bad news, two lanes are down. and we're starting to see some big delays as you work your way through there, use 280 as an alternate right there. >> you can see traffic on the bay bridge is stacked up.
5:48 am
approaches off the east shore freeway still doing okay. antioch is bogged down this morning. 13 miles per hour on sat south side of highway 4. looks like we're seeing lots of cars working their way westbound heading towards the dublin interchange. we're in the red working our way out of tracy this morning, which means speeding dipping below 25 miles an hour, so give yourself a few minutes. >> not as foggy as yesterday. you know, frank, you could have at least brought some syrup. >> we'll keep you appraised of that situation. santa rosa at 50 degrees.
5:49 am
the winds are calm. here is what we all need to know today. you tone need the umbrella, but if you're in the far reaches of the north pay, might want to bring one to be on the south side. i can't rule out the possibility of a renegade shower. we will see some steady rain. this is what it looks like right now. this is the frontal boundary. a cold front colliding with what was the remnants of hurricane olaf. that will be bringing us some much-needed precipitation. here is your rain band right here on the approach to santa rosa, about 7:00 in the morning hour. our rainfall totals will stack up between a tenth of an inch of rain in the south pay, to about a quarter inch of rain near the good morning -- golden
5:50 am
gate bridge. future. olive horrell (hor-uhl) of santa rosa is >> 5:50 your time. here is proof that many older people are interested in the future. olive is 97 years old, from santa rosa. she is fascinated by technology and what is going to happen in the coming years. through the organization wish of a lifetime, she had a chance to visit google at mountain view, and ride in a self- driving car. >> this is pretty amazing, everyone. >> well, the great grandmother
5:51 am
is not exactly a tech novice. she owns a kindle, and using her laptop for e-mail. good for her. >> all right. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we will tom to your tuesday. today -- welcome to your tuesday. today will be cloudy, a little on the muggy side. rain amounts anywhere from a tenth of an inch to a full quarter of an inch. partly cloudy thursday with full sunshine on friday through halloween. >> jumping over to the southbound right now, northbound 101, reports of an accident involving a motorcycle. you're backed up to capital expressway. use 280 instead. thank you, geno. time now is 5:54. the coast guard rescued 36 crew members from a fishing vessel is that caught fire about 2,000 miles southwest of hawaii. the crew abandoned the burning ship saturday in two boats and civil life rafts. officials say they waited more than 10 hours before the coast guard pulled then out of the
5:55 am
water. >> the shigella outbreak that started at a san jose seafood restaurant is getting worse. the number of cases now up to 182. the santa clara health department said the outbreak has spread to more than five counts. more than half of the people who got sick ate at one restaurant in san jose, and the others likely came in contact with them. two people have filed suit against the owners of that restaurant for negligence. the restaurant has been shut down. me offenders would be fined a thousand d it goes up from there. a southern california womans shocked to have her expensi purse back.. nearly 20 years after it was stolen. a southern california woman is shocked to have her expensive purse back nearly 20 years after it was stolen. she said a they've stole her $600 gucci handbag from her van
5:56 am
in halloween night in 1995. the man who found it said he was working in a citrus grove when he noticed the purse sitting along a row of trees. >> i saw gucci, but it looked like a peek of junk, but it was opened, so i looked in and saw a social security guard. >> many of the items inside were intact, including her driver's license, credit cards, and mascara. where the gucci purse has been in the last two decades remains a mystery. if you wire about your kids knocking on the door of a registered sex offender on halloween, you'll be relieved to know there are a set of rules that have to follow on that day. a live report coming up. >> we're live at the objection this morning, where the -- oracle arena this morning. let's see if the warriors can start off the season right and celebrate the championship.
5:57 am
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and i'm frank mallic good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, october 27th. >> hi, everyone. time now is 6:00. halloween, of course, coming up this weekend, and a federal court has just clarified what state and local authorities can do to protect contribution -- trick-or-treaters from sex offenders. kid, good morning. >> reporter: yes. good morning. we are halloween myth busting this morning. on this stretch, we have a cluster of four registers sex offenders living on just a short section of san


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