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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and i'm frank mallic good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, october 27th. >> hi, everyone. time now is 6:00. halloween, of course, coming up this weekend, and a federal court has just clarified what state and local authorities can do to protect contribution -- trick-or-treaters from sex offenders. kid, good morning. >> reporter: yes. good morning. we are halloween myth busting this morning. on this stretch, we have a cluster of four registers sex offenders living on just a short section of san jose here.
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sex offenders do have a strict set of rules they must abide by, but hanging a sign on a door is not one of them. this stems from a case back in 2013 under southern california, where signs were wrongly posted outside the homes of receives. one lawyer signed the city of california against the signs. she has since dropped that lawsuit, but said she will continue to fight the signs. >> of all days during the yearer to put a sign on a door, this is when people are normally out creates mischief, but steps it gets worse than mischief, gets more dangerous than that, and we unfortunately have had is it certains who have been murdered for no other reason than they are on the sex offender registry. >> reporter: and here is what registered sex offenders are required to do on halloween. turn off the lights on the porch. offering candy or decorating their home is not allowed.
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plan woman's body that was founda town apartment. san jose police say they've arrested a man in connection with a woman's body that was found in a downtown apartment. officers found the body yesterday morning at the globe apartments on south third street. investigators say the suspect, 28-year-old hugo castro, had a prior relationship with the victim. police found the body while responding to a request for a welfare check. they say she had been stabbed. neighbors told kpix 5 the complex is a safe place to livein' live. >> i've been here two years now. 95% of the time my door is always hopen. i've had no issues. i keep it open during the day, during the night. federal prosecutors will not seek the death penalty against alleged dang cherawmond ciao.
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he had been charged with murder in aid of racketeering, potential lay capital offense in the death of a fellow gangster, but then a judge blocked an attempt to include that charge in a previous existing case of racketeering and money laundering. >> the reigning nba champs are about to begin defending their title. the warriors open tonight against the pelicans. jackie ward is at oracle arena, be where tonight players get their champion rings, and you have a cool trophy right in front of you. reporter: yeah, it's not every morning you get to hang out with nba championship trophy. i held this thing earlier with a t-shirt underneath, so my fingerprints are not on this, i can assure you. it's heaven ier than the players make it look. 13 and a half hours till tip- off. how exciting is that?
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warriors are asking the fans to be here by 7:10 p.m. they're actually opening the arena doors at 5:30, so plenty of time to get yourselves situated in the seats. all of that fun staff will be happening at 7:15 promptly, the ring ceremony, and hanging the banner in the rafters. we have cool swag like this. you know who this guy is. our own mvp, healthy, ready to go. in fact, the whole team is healthy, except for our head coach, steve kerr. he will be here for the celebration, but he's still dealing with a back injury, but he will be here to get his ring, though, don't worry. >> we love that jersey. we love steph curry, too. we know there's the ring ceremony, but more is helping to celebrate, right? >> reporter: yeah, actually
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it's all a happening on social media, too, so you can be part of this big party even if you're not at the game. just use the hash tag nowhere but here, because you don't really want to be anywhere here but -- anywhere but here if you're a dub fan. you have delays from capital expressway, stop and go condition it is through there. 280 still looking a lot better this morning. bay bridge backed up beyond the maze. not doing too bad on the east
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shore freeway. roberta will be in the stands rooting on dub nation tonight. >> absolutely. i'll be there with my son. we would of wouldn't miss it for the road. there's actually a san jose sharks game in the south bay, as well. go sharks. looking out towards levi stadium, and the airport, so far no reports of any local airport delays, but we'll keep you posted on that, because we have mostly cloudy skies. the winds are pretty much nonexistent. northwest at 8, but that's about it. today we will have cloud cover. i cannot rule out the possibility of a way ward scattered shower in the far reaches of the north bay during the afternoon hours. that would just be a wren in a gate grade shower. temperatures 60s and 70s. coming up shortly, we're going
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to track be the incoming system together. >> minor earthquakes continue to shake the san had a money area, the largest at about 1:46 a.m. with a magnitude 3.1. a total of 9 have happened in the last couple of hours. that's after more be than 200 over the last two weeks. usgs says they could continue for are a few more weeks. mean time, a major earthquake struck right in the middle of a newscast in afghanistan. the studio in kabul shook on live tv. across the region, the magnitude 7.5 quake yesterday caused lins and buildings to collapse. 311 people confirmed dead so
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far. the epicenter was in the hindu kush mountains in afghanistan, swat swayl vally of pakistan also hit hard. more than 2,000 people were injured in those two countries. on the same day that many women in afghanistan faced danger in that earthquake, donald trump commented on the practice of women wearing burkas. he was talking while campaigning in new hampshire. >> they want to! what the hell are we getting involved for? fact is, it's easier. you don't have to put on make- up, look how beautiful everyone looks. wouldn't it be easier? wow. wouldn't that be easy if? i was a woman, wah, i'm ready, darling, let's go. true. >> trump is still the front- runner in new hampshire, but in iowa, ben carson has opened up a 14-point lead over trump for the first time. >> house republican leaders and in the white house have reached
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a budget agreement to avoid a government shutdown. it covers defense and domestic programs, and also call position are some rereforms to social security. the vote on the deal expected tomorrow. it's an odd year, so not many bay area voters will he be heading to the polls next month, but if san francisco, there will be a few items on the ballot. those voters face a deadline today to request a vote by mail. election day november 3rd. >> outrage at a south carolina high school where video shows a sheriff's deputy throwing a student a around. a young girl. what lid up to that violence. >> and one local city now begging residents to water trees in their neighborhood. what prompted their request, next. we have rain that's moving in. we also have a beach hazard statement has been issued. we have it all coming up.
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. and we'll have a look at the roadways. getting word of debris bogging down your ride at the bay bridge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ cell phone video captured t moment when a school resour ed a female studen troubling imaging show a classroom confrontation. cellphone video captured the moment when a school resource officer tossed a female student adross the room yesterday in south carolina. a class made mate who recorded the video talked with a tv station. >> that's supposed to be somebody that's going to protect us, you know, not somebody we need to be scared of or afraid, things like that. so it was definitely a scary experience. >> students say it all started when the girl refused to put away her cellphone and leave the room. the girl was arrested, and the officer involved was put on
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administrative leave. the sheriff's office is now investigating. police are still trying to find a man involved in a deadly shooting at a livermore shopping center. was in the parking lot of a cvs drugstore. the city of palo alto is trying to save it's urban forest by using nonpottable water to irrigate trees showing symptoms of drought stress, and is encouraging residents to do the very same. palo alto has more than 25 pa,000 street trees within the city's boundaries. >> the california alliance for jobs put out a new video highlights the roads in bad condition. two are in arenda in the east
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bay. the alliance is trying to pressure state lawmakers to approve funding to get those some other roads fixed >> mike want to check out pine street in martinez. we can all chime in. >> in one instruction area, i lost my suspension system and a tooth. >> not a good at all. >> oh, my god, look at that. >> there you go. we had a tire on the upper deck of the bay bridge. it was stuck in a lane for about a half an hour. trying to clear it out of the way, and really backed things up. slow and go wellle into the maze at this point, causing a trickle effect. all of your approaches now seeing delays.
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definitely use bart, everything is on time. san mateo bridge, see something break lights there, as well -- brake lights, there, as well. you'll see a few brake lights there coming away from 238 to hayward, and once you get on san mateo bridge, you'llle see a a few break lights. northbound 880, near the coliseum, not seeing any problems. of course later today, you'll have the warriors playing at oracle arena, so do plan for that. and 15 minutes to get across the san mateo bridge, but still plenty of time. no road work as you work your way along 68, heading towards 24, and also seeing a few brake lights. you'll see some slow and go conditions. really slow as you head into
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pittsburgh. we'll have to look into this, because typically, it gets a little better through here. on the flip side, east bay highway 4, i do know there is some road work near railroads, maybe that's what cause something spectator's slowing. still slow as you work your way from capital expressway. plus we have some rain in the forecast. let's get to roberta. >> that's going to make the roadways very slippery about this time tomorrow. this is our live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge. mostly cloudy skies. no precipitation within the area. temperature-wise very mild out the door, except for santa rosa, 50 degrees.
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we do have a beach hazardous statement that goes into everything on wednesday for dangerous rip currents, and also just those sneaker waves as this area of low pressure slices through northern california. here is how it goes. this is our future cast. we is in the rain beginning far north bay after midnight, and then here we slide into your wednesday. that's the front. that's where we see the most rainfall. but then as it's descends into the central bay, it really falls apart at the seam. so we're heaping for a tenth to a quarter inch of rain. some computer models are predicting a half inch in the
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ukia area, but much less for the rest of us, particularly the farther south you go. 60s and 70s inland, there you have the rain wednesday. thursday, with the passage of that front, temperatures still mild. friday through monday, halloween, talking about clear skies. we're also looking at falling back, gang, falling back one full hour on sunday morning. meanwhile, i can't find my purse. >> uh-oh. >> well, we may have it for you. southern california woman is shocked to have her expensive purse back nearly 20 years after it got stolen. >> she said a thief stole her $600 gucci handbag. not yours, roberta. it was stolen in 1995. the few samaritan who found it said he was working in a citrus grove. >> i said gucci, but looked like a piece of junk, but it was open, and i looked in and
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found a social security guard, so i stopped right there and secured the purse. >> a really nice man. police officer police were able to track down the woman and hand deliver the purse. many times like her driver's license, credit cards, and mascara, or all things, were still inside. and a warning to dog openers out there. one bay area neighborhood, someone wants to hurt your pets. we'll tellle you what to look out for coming up. . >> and mow more ecizgs on flight -- and no more e- cigarettes on flights. we'll tell you why. ,,
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good morning, everybody. if the baltimore ravens keep this up, john hash tag might want to follow his -- harbaugh might want to follow his brother into the college ranks. ravens up 3-0, when chris johnson pulls an ali, down goes frazier! looked like a pin ball machine. he ran for 122, cardinals off and running. but baltimore comes all the way back, almost. joe flacco, possible tie game. slightly over threw it, and it was picked off. arizona cardinals lead the nfc west with a 5-2 record, ravens fall to 1-6. the golden state warriors tip off the season tonight against the pelicans, despite having egg all over his face last year, charles barkley is not giving the warriors any
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respect. >> i think -- i'm saying there are four teams in the west that i think can win the championship, and they're one of the four, but i'm not picking them. i'm picking oklahoma city. >> there you go again. >> a little reagan reference from his debate against jimmy cart ner in 1980, and there goes barkley again. we'll find out beginning tonight at oracle arena. warriors and pelicans. our sportscast will emanate from the floor of oracle arena. see you there. play of the day. we're going to take you to the rice, nhl action. check out this goal by coyote rook player domi. that goal proved to be the difference, arizona as won 4-3. your play of the day of the frozen variety. >> coming up, a scooter takes out a jogger, and it's all caught on camera.
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hear from the scooter rider about what led up to that collision. . >> reporter: and if you're worried about knocking a on the door of a registered sex offenders sex offender this halloween, you'll be glad to know there are a set of rule that is i have to follow on that day. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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conditions resumes this mor. an update on the search for missing boater. - topic two weather ad libs this is a picture that no warrior fan will ever get sick of seeing. the guys hoisting up the
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championship trophy. >> jackie, that is so school. we will cool off today, and we'll track be the rain together. and traffic getting busy as you work on that commute. i'll explain. >> it's tuesday. >> a judge has cleared up confusion on how to protect kids from registered sex offenders sex offenders on halloween. >> reporter: good morning. we're live here on ray street, right near 280. there are a cluster of four registered sex offenders that live on this short stretch alone. there's a lot of urban legend if you want to call it that about what sex offenders can and can't do on halloween. we are here to set the record straight. there is a myth that some sex offenders have to hang a sign that says no participating, or
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no candy on halloween. that is not true. they do have a strict set of rule has i have to abide by, but hanging a sign on a door are is not one of them. in parole agents wrongly posted signs outside the homes of registered sex offend next 2013. a lawyer and activist seed the california department of corrections about the signs. she has since dropped that lawsuit, but said she will keep up the fight, because some cities have tried to pass laws requiring signs. >> of all days to require a sign on the door. this is day that so many are out creating mischief, and sometimes it gets beyond mischief. we've had registered citizens be murdered for no reason than they were on the sex offender
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registered sex offenders. >> reporter: here is a little of what is required from sex offenders on halloween: crews are expected to resume their search... for a man, capsized in >> this morning, crews are expected to resume their search for a man missing since a boat cap sided in the waiters yesterday on a tamales bay. one person found dead floating in the water. another managed to make today the cliff near tamales point where he was rescued. er is eveners from several agencies spent the day if thick fog looking for that third man. reporter: at the mouth of tamales bay, as calm as the bay can look, eight the mouth of the bay, you have water coming sometimes four or five different directions at the same time. it's very treacherous. >> the search for the missing manner was put on hold last night, because conditions were not safe for those rescue crews. they did find the boat, though,
6:33 am
and on board that boat were the life vests, but it did not appear the victims were wearing any at the time. >> six college students died when a fourth floor balcony fell last june. a proposal being voted on tonight would prioritize inspections for properties most at risk, allow for confidential complaints from tenants, and create a program of mandatory inspections for all rental units. meanwhile, ireland's president will honor the students who guyed on that balcony collapse. the irish president will be in berkeley tomorrow to meet with the first responders and volunteers who helped in the disaster. there's a criminal investigation into what caused that accident. >> are you ready for a little basketball? hope so, because them -- yes, roberta, the golden state warriors request for another title begins tonight. they will play host to the new orleans pelicans. jackie ward is live at oracle arena, where before the game, players will get their
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championship rings. good stuff. good morning. >> reporter: yeah. never get sick of hearing that. okay. so we're live at the oracle arena and in a sea of blue and gold this morning. check out these t-shirts. they're on every single seat here at the arena, and they are ask people to get here around 7:10, because all of the festivities, the rings, the banner drop. see that hole up there? 1974-75. 40 long years for dub nation. don't worry, that beautiful ban her drop tonight. of course the warriors set a franchise home record at 39-2 last year. so dub nation hoping to bring some good luck on such an amazing night that they have planned. if you are coming to the game, you are encouraged to use the hash tag nowhere but here, because if you're in the bay area, you don't want to be anywhere but right here tonight, but then if you're home, you can tag alone long and play along on social media.
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right? go to for more information. they do have resell tickets available. i just went on-line. they are a little steep, raging from $400 to $1800. so just be ready to play for the good time. it's worth it. it's totally worth it. >> well, we'll be nowhere but home, but you'll be nowhere but there. >> i will definitely thereby with my son tonight. when you're looking at all of those beautiful shirt on the chairs, those are placed by one of the local charities that the warriors work with. they too so much chair arety work the off-season. i was just working with c-rush on a get fit program, so the warriors do so many great things for our community. >> where are you sitting? want to tell everybody? >> actually i'm usually where -- i think it's 121, yeah, cbs
6:36 am
5121. >> -- yeah, section 121. >> the wins are nonexistent. estimates are in the 50s and 60s. 50 in santa rosa for the cool spot. today our numbers coming down by a good 10 degrees in many of our inland location. north west breeze 5 to 10 miles per hour. no rain today. maybe a sprinklele far north bay. otherwise, we're firing up our toppler radar. >> let's jump over to east shore freeway. first reports of an accident right at central, blocking lanes involving a motorcycle. our third motorcycle accident of the morning, so be careful adam you work your way eastbound. once you get to the bridge, traffic is s stacked up. you're back up into the maze. 39 minutes now for your drive
6:37 am
time, coming from the bridge to the maze, and again very slow against the upper deck into san francisco. north bound 880 in oakland, also starting to see a few more cars on the roadway. if you're heading southbound, you'll see brake lights as you make your way towards hayward. cutting across the san mateo bridge might be a bit of a struggle. 20 minutes between 880 and 101. we're still seeing delays on the pass westbound all the way to the dub live interchange. backing to you. a crash in san francisco between a scooter and a jogger captured on camera. it happen henned earlier this month as the scooter rider, mark pet it was driving for third and folsom. you can see a muni bus in view, then he drives forward, the bus is out of the intersection, and that jogger appears, and the impact was almost immediate. pettit said everything happened
6:38 am
in an instant. >> i only had a half a second, it felt like, to react to what was happening, and all of a sudden i saw movement, and i was, like, whoa, i hit the brakes, and then she ran into me. >> pettit's insurance are company tells him he's not at fault and the jogger senior out of the hospital, but he said he may still give then scooter, because he keeps thinking about the accident. >> a warning for dog owners and walkers in one neighborhood. silver thumb tacks are appearing on the sidewalk, all of them facing pointed end up. hundreds have been placed within a six-block radius. in some cases dog food hats been sprinkled near the tacks to lure in the pets. >> our guy simpson hear actually stepped on one while we were concerned about the issue, and it went between his towing. so i didn't stab him, but almost did. >> very scary that someone would do that. you kind of question what goes
6:39 am
through their minds. >> there are surveillance cameras placed outside many homes in that area. the american academy of body eat tricks is going after big tobacco. it wants to raise the nationwide age to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products including ecigarettes is to 21. right now, only haw law and about 90 other cities and communities enforce the 21 age limit. last summer hills berg raised an ordinance raising the age. ires over the last five the >> e-cigarettes have been banned from taking in checked baggage onary plains. the rule takes effect in the next two weeks. >> time is 6:39. most grandmothers enjoy
6:40 am
reminiscing about the past, but not 97-year-old olive. no way. she's living it up at google. you're going to meet her coming up next. >> and she was gone for four years, and now adele's new song is breaking all kinds of records. we talk about why. >> and let's take a look at market. opened up just a few minutes ago, and at this points, we're down a little bit, but there's plenty of time. we'll talk about the numbers and much more coming up with jason brooks right after this short time-out. ,,
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selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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>> good morning fremont at 74 degrees. afternoon highs stacking up in the mid-70s east of the bay.
6:44 am
wall nut creek almost 10 degrees cooler today with the cloud cover from simpson beach through san rafael. we could see a light sprinkle or shower today in the far reaches of the north bay. expect 74 degrees in windsor. >> in t if you are a home buy we are somebody good news for you, because home prices in the bay area starting to cooling off a little bit. >> here is jason brooks with more. >> good morning. we can certainly use it the in the bay area. if you are looking for a home, prices have just been soaring the past several years. but according to the s&p kay schiller index, in august, at least, bay area prices were down by a tenth of a percent. it is the only market in the top 20 metro areas to post a monthly decline, but on the year over year area, the bay remains tied with denver. lots of economic news coming
6:45 am
down, including durable goods orders falling in september for the second straight month in a key category tracking business investment plans was also down. the fed begins its meeting today, wraps it tomorrow. most do not expect the fed to move quite yet, still worried about china's economic slowdown, and over low inflation here in the united states. stock market is moving a little lower in the early goings. let's look at the big board, see how we're doing so far. dow dropping a about 60 points. nasdaq is also moving lower by 1 point, and the s&p is down by 6. apple reports it's results after the cloweinging bell today. michelle and frank, back to you. >> jason brooks, thank you. here is proof that many older people are interested in the future. olive is 97 years old, lives in santa rosa. she is fascinated by technology. through the organization wish of a lifetime, she had a chance
6:46 am
to visit going until mountain view, and perhaps best of all, she got to ride in a self- driving car. >> this is pretty amazing, everybody. >> the great grandmother is by no means a tech novice. she reads a on a kindle, and uses her laptop for e-mail. >> well, a new report says eating thinks like bacon and hot dogs would put you at risk of getting cancer. w.h.o. put out the warning yesterday. they said eating meats that are smoked, cured, or salted is like smoking greg cigarettes. >> the lifetime risk of colon cancer is 5%, if you have a hot dog every day your risk goes to 6%. so it's very, very small. >> the north american meat institute calls the report dramatic and alarmist. the w.h.o. said it looked at hundreds of studies beforing it's report. and if you have to eat a piece
6:47 am
every day of your life to raise your chances one percent, i'm thinking this bacon is okay. >> i'm taking this piece. >> we're going to look at new hampshire. i didn't bring in bacon, i didn't bring in lobster, no maple syrup, but how he about a beautiful view of arlington pond at salem, new hampshire. they're in full bloom out there. thought i i would share a little photo with you. there you go. >> that's pretty. >> happy fall, everyone. >> i like the bacon more. >> by the way, frank, there's a guy in new england selling new england leaves for 1999, and -- $19.99, and you get the three. >> smart guy. >> northbound 101 is causing a bit of a backup. second accident in the same area this morning. north 101, couple of investigation involved, and a motorcycle involved in this
6:48 am
accident. big backup, 11 miles per hour in some spots. so slow and go. we're seeing 280 also slow and go. kind of stuck once you get past that mess through there. elsewhere, a few delays through antioch. getting a little better. also through pittsburgh. we are getting word of an accident at san marco and bay point, as you work your way along highway 4. also westbound 80, this accident, east shore free way, back to highway 4 at this point. lots of yellow and red her on our sensors, as you work your way towards the bridge this morning. you're going to see up wards of 35 to 40 he minutes. looks like the nimitz freeway bogged down, too, as you work your way down towards the san mateo bridge. very slow and go, 23 minutes as you make your way between 880 and 101. if you're heading northbound, we're seeing delays as well,
6:49 am
near the coliseum. . forget later on at oracle, the warriors open up their season against the pelicans. i think roberta might just be there. >> i will certainly be there. go dub nation! time check is 6:49. we're going to call in our weather watchers this morning. there is my favorite weather watcher right there, frank, a little bit of bacon. i actually read a report that said your chances of getting in a motorcycle accident on a bay area roadway is higher than by eating bake been everyday. so there you go. let's look at the temperatures around the bay area right now, 50s and 60s. this is just glorious, rose ann sent us in this beautiful picture. those clouds are all associated with an area of low pressure that's going to bring us this. doppler radar picking up a little bit of light precipitation, north of the santa rosa area. we could see a way ward shower there today. during the afternoon hours.
6:50 am
but the initial front itself will push into the bay area during the afternoon hours. mostly cloudy look out over the bay bridge route now. temperatures 50s and 60s. it's going to be a very mild day today, but the temperatures coming down a good 10 degrees in many of our inland locations, a little bit on the muggy side, and the rain starts in ernest about 24 hours flop night rite now. this is a cold front, bing brings us much-needed precipitation. it's the recommend plants of hurricane he oh lawyer. it is very be unorganize $right now. that's where we will get the rainfall from. this is futurecast, the afternoon, lots of cloud cover, and then you see that frontalle boundary, bam, santa rosa. and then falls apart. rainfall amounts anywhere from about a tenth, if we're lucky, to a quarter inch of rain. temperatures today 60s and 70s across the board. your extended forecast, dry skies for halloween, and we do
6:51 am
set our clocks back one full hour at 2:00 al on sunday morning. make it a freight tuesday. >> all right, roberta, thank you. move over pumpkin spice lattes, starbucks is getting into the halloween spirit. this new vampire inspired frapula this week. the drink includes white chocolate sauce and blended milk and ice, sandwiched between mocha sauce and whipped cream, and also has rasp per by syrup that is meant to lose like blood. >> and low cal. >> that's right. >> chan sell known for pricing bags and per fume, but wine? they are getting into the wine business. chanel already owns two wineries in france, but this is it first step into the american wine industry. the deal is expected to close next month. well, a new song by british
6:52 am
singer adele is bring breaking all kinds of records. >> kate went to find out why the song has managed to do so well. >> the last couple of month, i've been, like, where is she? where is adele? it's been, like, four years now. reporter: finally, adele called, and everyone is listening. >> it's definitely one of the most anticipated follow up this in the history of -- for our format ever. reporter: the singer's latest single "hello" was viewed nearly 28 million times the day it came out, shattering vevo's record for most single day views. >> this is the sound of the bay area. >> this is the brand-new one from adele, "hello." >> reporter: >> the day that we came out, we played it at the top of the hour, every day the whole day. haven't it is number one on the music charts and itunes,, and
6:53 am
was downloaded 450,000 times in two days. jeanne agrees that the newest hits a broke the internet. >> at 97.3, i'm jane, and this is the only song anybody is talking about right now. ny brand-new one from adele. it's "hello." >> the music video has been viewed nearly 78 million times on-line, and the song was only leased last thursday. january said no bad after adele's four-year hiatus. >> to come back and wonder if people were still going to care, if they still wanted to hear her, and the answer is yes. it's the party that every member of dub nation has been waiting months for. the season opener is happening tonight at oracle arena. rewe have a speak peek of all envelope celebrations that will happen next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time.
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sorry. get a free quote at man in connection with the h of a woman, whose body was founda partment. inve san jose police have arrested a man in connection with the death of a womaned who body was found in a downtown apartment. investigators say the suspect, hugo castro, had a prior dating relationship with the victim. >> sex offenders on patrol in california will not have to post signs warning trick-or- treaters to stay away on halloween night. operation boo does require them to follow a strict set of other rules including turning off the porch lights and staying indoors from 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. on halloween. outgoing speaker john boehn would be his fin efore departing. some unsettling video shows violent classroom confronta. it happened yesterday at a rolina... when a s some unsettling video
6:58 am
showing a violent classroom confrontation that happened yesterday at a school inle columbia, south carolina. the officer involved is now on administrative leave. >> and palo alto is trying to save its trees. many are drying out in the drought. they're going to use recycled water to elirrigate trees and are encouraging residents to do the same. >> all right, "dub nation," make soar you are here at oracle arena by 7:10 tonight, because that's that is when all of the championship fun begin. the team will be here, coach kerr will be here, and that ban her finally drop. the warriors had a 39-2 home record last year, a franchise record. so let's hope that they can start tonight off with a win, free t-shirts, championship trophy, championship rings. be here at 7:10, and if you're
6:59 am
not, follow along with the hash tag northern bit here, because if you're in the bay area, you don't really want to be anywhere but here. >> traffic alert just reported westbound at dire. 52 minute delay, trying to clear out a lain. slow through the pass. we're seeing drive times of almost 30 minutes west bound to the dublin interchange. looks like the bay bridge step stacked up. the san mateo bring not looking too much better. looks like the golden gate bridge is actually doing okay. here is roberta. >> good morning, everybody. blue and gold for our warriors. do you see admit our live shot right there? isn't that beautiful? mostly cloudy skies today. we're in the 50s and 60s. much cooler today, just a little heth bit on the muggy side, 60s and 70s. it will start raining in aabout 24 hours from now, once it ends, we could see up to a
7:00 am
quart are inch of rain. much-needed precip. >> that's right. >> thanks for watching everybody. >> go warriors! good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, october 27th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a dramatic change in the republican race for president. a poll reveals a new frontrun r frontrunner. video captures a sheriff's deputy throwing a student out of her chair. a major retail chain will be closed on black friday. the ceo of rei is in studio 57 to tell us why. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> if i went, and i'll say if, because i say when they'll


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