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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 2, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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soaking of the season. good afternoon, i'm anne makovec... michel deep puddles and downpours. the bay area gets its first soaking of the season and boy it felt good. good afternoon, michelle has the day off. >> i'm frank malecot, the wet
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weather was a welcome sight to some. >> reporter: good afternoon, we are live here at ca coat ta and pave oh parkway, where blown out fuses have knocked out power. unknown if the heavy rains are to blame for this one. this was a decent overnight storm and if the el nino forecasts hold true, hang on. the first big wet storm of the season made for slow going all over the bay area. this treatment crews were -- tremont crews were clearing out the area. a load of chickens toppled over on 580 westbound. traffic was jammed up from about 3:00 a.m. and it is still trying to recover. rain began in earnest after midnight, this was the scene in pleasanton with heavy band of
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rainfall coming through at 2:00 a.m. by 3:00 a.m., san jose was getting soaked and the dry ground soaked up the moisture, no problem. by 7:00 a.m., another heavy band of rain slammed the bay area, filling drainage ditches and slowing the morning commute. at one point it took an hour and a half to get from fremont to east palo alto. at elementary school in fremont, kids were walked to school in the rain. >> is it fun walking to school in rain? >> no. >> i like it. if i have to stand out here for 45 minutes in it, just so we can have some rain, it's a welcome event. >> and we've got some stats. they say on a typical monday in
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october, usually they get about 140 accident reports between midnight and 10:30 in the morning. today they got nearly triple that number. let's take it to roberta gonzalez on how much rain we might get. >> reporter: yeah the remaining rainfall we might experience here in the bay area will be spotty. but i have to tell you the rainfall in the past 24 hours has been impressive, and primarily in areas that aren't most notable for the rain, to the east and south. san jose's total nearly an inch and a quarter, and nearly an inch in saint. you see the moderate to heavy rain occurring around the fremont area, through the mission and san jose district. we have your complete forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. roberta the rain started
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early here and the know did the same. flakes started falling before sunrise in the sierra and sean bennett took a trip to donner summit to check conditions. >> reporter: a welcome sight. it has been a long time since we first saw the snow here. all rain, and then it finally turned to snow up here at donner summit. a couple of inches have fallen, to give you perspective on what we have seen in the last couple of hours. you see the tops of these trash cans, dusting of the snow, making your way up to the parking lot over here, you can see the slush and snow here too. that is what conditions are like for the trucks and cars driving up and over the summit. this is 7200 feet in change. a good look at interstate 80, those are the conditions right now. you are seeing the rain and fog mix with the snow. you are getting all of mother nature in one pack up here this morning. you will, no doubt, be using the windshield wipers foe quite
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awhile. cal tran wants you to be sure you have enough tread on your tires. if you don't, slipping and sliding will occur. take it easy for anyone making it up and over the summit again. nice to see it helping out with this 4-year historic drought california has been facing. love to see the snow on this monday morning. we'll send it back to you. thanks for that. looks great up there. chains are required on i-80 from king veil all the way to the donner lake exchange. and highway 50 in the south shore. new at noon, students and staffers at college park high school in pleasant hill are reeling after a weekend accident killed two students. the crash happened yesterday morning on franklin canyon road near martinez. the sole survivor should not have been driving when the crash happened. >> it is a tough time here. >> reporter: visibly shaken principal paul engler says this
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is one of the hardest things to deal with. 16-year-old harry hines and 16- year-old michelle smith died when the car they were in smashed into a tree. the 16-year-old driver remains in the hospital, recovering from injuries. she said she fell asleep at the wheel. teen drivers have to wait 12 months to drive between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. the principal remembers them as typical high school kids, the ones who are always smiling with a zest for life. >> it is difficult. whenever you lose kids, you have a feeling, even though they are not my kids, they are my kids. they are our kids. we have to take care of them. >> reporter: understandably, principal paul engler says this type of trammed did i will take a long time to recover from.
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in pleasant hills, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> it does not appear drugs or alcohol were involved. a key vote is come tomorrow on the environmental impact. critics maintain the proximity of the new arena to the hospital puts patient safety at risk. >> it does pay a lot in city revenues, but it doesn't provide much economic boost for anyone else. >> reporter: they have signed off on a plan to mitigate patient impact. the warriors also plan for a light rail station and new parking lots. if all the hurdles are cleared the arena will open in 2018. two women say they were robbed by three women near mary ward hall at around 1:00 on sunday morning. one of the suspects beat them with a mini baseball bat. one of the suspects also had two lower lip studs.
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the other wore large, golden colored bamboo earrings. and three people are facing problems for halloween problems near uc berkeley's fraternity row. on social media sites people were saying the crowds formed after police shut down campus halloween parties. a violent attack on an uber driver, all caught on video. cbs reporter maria villarreal has more. >> you have to give me directions. >> no you didn't. you refused to. >> reporter: the uber passenger becomes bridge reason. then the video seems to show him falling -- belligerent. then the video seems to show him falling over in the back seat. >> the next thing i know, i have fists flying at my face.
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i reached for the pepper spray. >> the man swears, and yanks his hair. the passenger, 32-year-old benjamin golden, is a senior marketing manager for taco bell. >> the only way i felt i was going to get him to stop beating me was to use some kind of self-defense. i don't believe he would have stop. >> reporter: when riders sign up for the service, they agree to a code of conduct. there is also a rating system for riders, but that is not enough to make some drivers feel safe. >> i don't feel safe driving for uber any more. >> reporter: benjamin golden is out of jail and now facing charges of assault on a cab driver and public intoxication as well. cbs news, los angeles. >> in a statement, uber said we have been in contact with mr. ca ban. the rider has been permanently
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banned. jury selection begins today for the trial of china town leader raymond shrimp boy chow faces racketeering charges and money laundering. the trial will get underway on november 9th. silicon valley pioneer hewlett packard becomes two separate companies today. hp incorporated will focus on personal computers and printers while hewlett packard enterprise will focus on data. and starting today, another airline is offering service between the bay area and hawaii. virgin america airlines's first flight from san francisco to honolulu took off this morning. the carrier plans to add service to maui next month.
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how the epa says volkswagen violated rules again. fifty years after it was tv's biggest hit, star trek is returning. straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,
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emissions tests. the e-p-a says the german automaker installed software designedo defeat tests on larger six- gines too. volkswagen caught cheating a second time on emission tests. the car maker designed software to defeat tests. it adds another 10,000 vehicles to their violations. the mystery deepens this
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noon on what brought down a charter jet loaded with russian vacationers. 224 people died when the metro jet broke up if mid-air over egypt on saturday. reporter tina krause says the company is defending its aircraft and its crew. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence sources tell cbs news the russian jetliner that crashed in egypt was likely not shot document while some sources are not ruling out a possible bomb on board, the u.s. director of national intelligence said there is no proof terrorists are to blame. >> we don't have any direct evidence of any terrorists involvement yet. >> reporter: russian airline officials contradicted egyptian reports that the pilot requested to land at the nearest airport because of technical issues. metro jet bosses say there was no mechanical issue or pilot
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error and some catastrophic event caused the plane to dive into the des certificate, killing all on board. the bodies were brought back to st. petersburg upon. the jet laner broke apart in mid-air about 23 minutes into the flight. investigators hope the black box flight recorders hold the clues they need to solve the worst air disaster in russian history. tina krause, cbs news. claims from islamic militants who say they shot down the plane have been dismissed. experts say they don't have missiles capable of reaching a plane that high. a colorado woman bitten by a shark on vacation in florida. 20-year-old jill cruise had only been at cocoa beach about
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an hour. >> i looked over at her and she said somebody help me and i saw the finn come up and slapler in the face. she said it got me so i grabbed her hand and drug her back to the shore. >> jill got stitches and may have to undergo surgery on the area where the shark bit her on the leg. in wyoming, a huge crack in the earth. 50 yards wide ask at least 100 deep in some places. the crack is that right small but if a few weeks grew to the length of six football fields. geologists say it was formed by a slow moving landslide. back here at home, we are all wet and couldn't be happier, right? >> exactly. we are thrilled with the amount of precipitation that has accumulated. this is when i find the information i'm receiving from
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you. right now redwood city, robert sullivan, has an inch and more of precipitation. in heyward an inch of rain. over half an inch of rain willie creole in sonoma. to south of the bay area, it is making tracks toward the monday ray bay area. but then, in its wake, we are picking up a controversial cell that will pop up through the afternoon hours. mission san jose district with moderate to heavy downpours. this is what it looks like when we kind of blow up the image a little bit. so that is the sentinary yo for the -- scenario for the rest of the day. mostly cloudy skies. a chance of a thunderstorm, temperaturewise into the 50s and nearby 60 degrees we will remain under 70 everywhere.
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this is a beautiful, classic cold front. it developed in the gulf of alaska. the with instability of the atmosphere, that is when we could see the thunderstorm pop at any point of the day. overall, the heavy rain is outside of here, about you we got impressive amounts. and mott only did we have rain here locally, but we had snow in the high sierra. a winter storm warning in effect until 5:00ton. two feet expected on the north shore, a foot of know expected above 8000 feet. by the time the sun goes down at 5:10 we will have slick roadways with hit and miss scattered showers. under 70 everywhere. and once this system is completely out of here that causes a high pressure gradient with windy conditions, and
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tomorrow north to northwest at 30 miles per hour. >> you were busy. >> we all enjoyed it, i think. a nice start to november on wall street. the boards up, up over 150 points. how the bay area's own metallica will play a part in the super bowl situation. ,, if you haven't checked out covered california in a while, we've got some new options that might interest you. like adult dental coverage. great news for you. and your sweet tooth. to find free local, in-person help visit find out if you could get help paying for health insurance with just your age, income, zip code, and the number of people in your household. information you probably know off the top of your head. enroll by december 15th to be covered by january 1st
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international space station this day in 2000, u-s astro an historic day in space marking the 15th anniversary of astronauts living aboard the international space station. it has been continually inhabited ever since. right now astronaut scott kelley is well into a record setting year aboard the iss. and metal heads have made their voices heard. metallica will be part of the super bowl celebration. barry's hometown band will do a slow at at&t park the night before the super bowl in february, along with cage, the elephant. tickets go on sale this friday. you can watch super bowl l right here on cbs february 7th. live long and prosecution super-- prosper. a star trek series with new
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characters and civilizations with a lot of dramatic scenes that have been a signature of the franchise. it will debut here on cbs in january 2017. >> a big hit on cbs, super girls, superman's long lost cousin, flying high. >> this morning i spoke to super girl, melissa benoit and her side kick, aka jenny olsen, on the coming role models. >> i think of it as such an honor. it is more than a response, it is a joy and a privilege. i couldn't be happier. >> reporter: super girl makes its monday night debut right here on kpix 5. if you are looking for a way to dress up the lunch time salad, tony says think
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shoppers are used to payingh debit or credit. but now mo sellers are demanding gift cards. what you should know gree. that online shoppers are used to paying with debit or credit. but now more sellers are demanding gift cards. what you should know, before you agree. that story coming up tonight at 5:00. rain tapering off, are better ta? >> reporter: the rain has tapered off. spotty showers the rest of the day. >> you had some fun today didn't you? >> i'm going to go take a nap.
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thanks for joining us, have a good rest of your monday
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