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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  November 4, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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the multiple stabbing at uc- merced. we'll have those stories coming up at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: did a bomb bring down the russian britain says there's a significant possibility, and it suspends some flights. also tonight, a police officer is accused of staging his own suicide to make it look like murder. >> gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal. >> pelley: and no engine, no airport, no problem.
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and allen pizzey has the latest. >> reporter: the british government said it was temporarily suspending flights to and from sharm el-sheikh over fears the russian jet may have had a bomb on board. it is also sending british aviation experts to the egyptian airport to assess the security situation further. foreign secretary phillip hammond. >> we have concluded that there is a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. >> reporter: it comes on the same day an isis affiliate in sinai released an audiotape daring investigators to prove that we did not take the plane down.
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egyptian president abdul fattah al-sisi has dismissed the isis claim as propaganda. the russians have also been skeptical of any terror plot, but isis has recently been angered by russia's air strike campaign against them in syria. today, egyptian authorities said they had successfully extracted data from the plane's flight data recorder, but the cockpit voice recorder is partially damaged and weeks more work will be required. out in the desert, investigators have widened their search field to 15 square miles. theories about what caused the crash also include engine fire or a fuel tank explosion caused by some mechanical failure. bodies of passengers in the front and rear seating sections reportedly have different injuries with the ones from the back showing evidence of being burned. u.s. intelligence officials still aren't ruling out the possibility that mechanical failure could have caused the plane to break up in midair, scott. but they are aren't dismissing the british conclusion that it could have been a bomb either. >> pelley: allen pizzey in cairo
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tonight. allen, thanks. now with some insight into this, we'll go to michael morell, former number two at the c.i.a. and now our cbs news senior security analyst. michael, what do we know and what do we not know? >> reporter: scott, what we know at this point is there was an explosion on the aircraft. we know that from a heat flash picked up by satellites. we don't know whether that explosion was caused by a bomb or whether it was caused by an internal problem on the aircraft such as in the fuel. we also know that isis has claimed responsibility publicly. and we also know that u.s. intelligence has picked up conversations among isis members saying that they brought the plane down. but there is not enough specificity in those conversations to give you confidence that the guys actually know what they're talking about. so, scott, i was a c.i.a. analyst for 33 years, and this is not enough information to make a definitive judgment that a bomb brought down the aircraft. we're still going to have to wait and see. >> pelley: what would be enough
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information? >> reporter: scott, either forensic evidence, bomb residue or bomb fragments, or conversations among isis members that are specific enough to give you confidence that they were actually in on the plot and know what they're talking about. >> pelley: we don't have that tonight. michael morell, former number two at the c.i.a. michael, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome, scott. >> reporter: when a fox lake, illinois, police officer was shot to death in september, swarms of cops joined a dragnet ai find the three men he said he was chasing. the cop was hailed a hero, cut down in the line of duty, until today when we learned it was all a lie. the officer, an instructor who created fictional crime scenes, had done it one last time. and here's dean reynolds. >> reporter: after a two-month, $300,000 inquiry involving 150 investigators, it came down to this: lieutenant joe gliniewicz was a crooked cop who killed
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himself but tried to make it look like a murder. george filenko commands the lake county major crimes task force. >> gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal to the citizens he served and the entire law enforcement community. > reporter: investigators say for seven years, gliniewicz stole tens of thousands of dollars from a youth program he oversaw. the explorers program was turned into his personal piggy bank for the first-class travel, mortgage payments and subscriptions to pornographic web sites. >> he behaved for years in a manner completely contrary to the image he portrayed. >> reporter: that image was of a straight-arrow, g.i. joe kind of cop, so popular with the public thousands turned out for his funeral. on september 1st, investigators say gliniewicz drove on patrol to a secluded area and radioed that he was following three men. minutes later, a back-up unit found his lifeless body with two bullet wounds. but as investigators looked
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deeper into his death, through 6,500 pages of his texts and 40,000 e-mail, they found evidence pointing in a troubling di he doubts, with things like his pepper spray asses scattered on the ground to suggest a struggle. but the coroner found that gliniewicz had shot himself twice, once in his bullet-proof vest and once under it. with his own semi-automatic handgun, which he threw into the weeds before he bled to death. what investigators called a carefully staged suicide. richard marre was a gliniewicz neighbor. >> g.i. joe went from a hero to a criminal. >> reporter: commander filenko later told us the episode left him feeling ashamed. >> those acts reflect on the entire police community. we took a black eye. >> reporter: a day before his death, gliniewicz was told that his program was being audited.
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so, officials say, he tried to make it appear as if he had died in the line of duty because, scott, he wanted to be remembered as a hero and not as a thief. >> pelley: dean reynolds tonight. thank you, dean. five people were stabbed today at the university of california at merced. police killed the suspect who was a student. two victims went to a hospital. the others weren't seriously injured. no motive yet. in the race for the white house, the latest poll shows donald trump and ben carson neck and neck on the republican side. marco rubio and ted cruz are the only others in double-digits. the poll also found that against democrat hillary clinton, trump could not win. but carson, chris christie, rubio and cruz could. for rubio, a rise in the polls means rising scrutiny. and here's major garrett. >> reporter: marco rubio's personal finances faced scrutiny at last weekend's g.o.p. debate. >> you accidentally intermingled campaign money with your
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personal money. you faced foreclosure at a second home you bought last orar. you liquidated a $68,000 retirement fund, something that cost you thousands in taxes and penalties. >> you just listed a litany of discredited attacks from democrats and my political opponents. >> reporter: these are the facts: while a member of the florida house of representatives, rube you failed to disclose $34,000 in personal expenses charged to two separate political funds. a home he owned with a fellow lawmaker fell briefly into foreclosure when the co-owner failed to make mortgage payments. rubio sold the home at a loss earlier this year. and in 2005, he started using a state republican party charge card for personal and party expenses. rubio insists he paid off the personal charges as they arose. rubio admits to sloppy bookkeeping. he was cleared of wrongdoing by a florida ethics watchdog in 2012. today in new hampshire, rubio addressed his financial past.
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>> what i said is i would do differently. i wouldn't have done any personal things on it because i would have avoided the confusion it's created in the minds of some, but it's been coming up for five years. it's not a new issue. >> reporter: but that hasn't stopped rubio's rivals like donald trump from attacking him. >> marco rubio has a disaster on his finances. he has a disaster on his credit cards. >> reporter: one chapter of rubio's financial history remains hidden. florida republican party charge card expenses from 2005 and 2006. scott, rubio's campaign has those records and told us the senator has "nothing to hide." and under pressure, he may release those records before tuesday's republican presidential debate. >> pelley: major garrett in the washington newsroom. thanks, major. speaking of money and politicians, one of the clinton family charities said today it will file amended tax returns for 2012 and '13. the clinton health access initiative said there were minor errors. republicans are calling for an irs audit to see if all
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contributions from foreign governments were reported. in yesterday's elections, ohio rejected legalized marijuana. many were opposed because it would have given exclusive growing rights to just a few investors. houston voted 61% to 39% against an ordinance to ban discrimination in housing and employment based on age, sex or gender identity. omar villafranca reports the gender identity part overwhelmed the issue. >> reporter: the measure was called the houston equal rights ordinance, but opponents dubbed it "the bathroom bill" and made the name stick through a series of ads that claimed women and children would become vulnerable to sexual predators in ladies' rooms. >> protect women's privacy. prevent danger. vote "no" on the proposition one bathroom ordinance. it goes too far. >> reporter: the ordinance made no mention of bathrooms, but it
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was the inclusion of gender identity that opponents like lieutenant governor dan patrick seized upon. >> i'm glad houston led tonight to end this constant political correctness attack on what we know in our heart and our gut as americans is not right. >> reporter: houston mayor anise parker, who is lesbian, had endorsed the measure. >> this is a calculated campaign of lies designed to demonize a little-understood minority. >> reporter: 17 other states and 200 municipalities, including five major cities in texas, have similar language banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. jared woodfill helped organize opposition to the bill. >> when the people finally had an opportunity to express their will on it, to show how they felt at the ballot box, they overwhelmingly said no to the mayor's bathroom ordinance. >> reporter: lou weaver is
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transgender and a community activist. >> right now i'm disappointed, but i also know it's not over. i'm going to get up and continue this fight. i'm going to continue to educate, and we will win. >> reporter: already some groups are calling for a boycott of houston businesses if the measure is not overturned. and that could be significant, scott, because houston is in the running to host the 2017 superbowl. >> pelley: omar villafranca reporting tonight. omar, thanks. two books out today claim to expose some of the vatican's most closely held secrets. and our elizabeth palmer had a look. >> reporter: the pope is spiritual leader to millions of catholics. he's also c.e.o. of a multibillion dollar enterprise - - the vatican. but, say the two new books, behind all this magnificence lies a financial mess. emiliano fittipaldi is the author of "avarice."
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is it incompetence inside the vatican when it comes to handling money, or is it corruption? "both," says fittipaldi, and at the highest levels. for example, the book focuses on one of the church's charities, catholics from around the world sent in money to help the needy. but in the end, of every $10 that came in, $8 went to the vatican bureaucracy, and only $2 went to the poor. then there's the price of sainthood. it can cost up to $500,000 for the vatican to approve a canonization. meanwhile, the books say the vatican's pension fund is $800 million in the hole. today, the vatican said the books facts and figures are out of date and a massive clean-up led by pope francis is already under way. in fact, the book's revelations may actually help the pope take on the powerful vested interests that oppose him, says cbs
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consultant father anthony figueredo. >> this is an institution, 2,000 years old, where things have been done in a certain way for thousands of years. the holy father wants that all sorted out, absolutely, and if this is going to help him, good. >> reporter: as for the pope himself, scott, we have heard from him, though indirectly in a tweet by his chief of staff. his words simply, "onward with serenity and determination." scott. >> pelley: liz palmer at the vatican tonight. liz, thank you. disaster averted because a plane had a parachute. we'll show you how it works. and a new list of the world's most powerful people when the "cbs evening news" continues. feel secure in your dentures...
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kris van cleave shows us how. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: cell phone video shows the four-seat cirrus airplane drifting slowly to the ground thanks to its on-board parachute. at the controls when the engine issue surfaced was former wal- mart c.e.o. bill simon. >> we're going to try to find a place that's clear. >> reporter: this cirrus aircraft test video shows how the chute works, launched by a rocket out of the back of the plane, it fully deploys within eight seconds. >> none of the people would ever think we'll need a parachute device, but they did, and there's a lot of thankful spouses and parents. >> reporter: boris popov invented the device, that's now in more than 30,000 aircraft. the idea came to him after his hang-glider broke hundreds of feet in the air. >> all the way down i was formulating a promise to myself, i could have had a parachute device on board. so i promised if i survived, i would develop some sort of ballistic or rapid-deploy parachute. >> reporter: earlier this year,
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a pilot deployed his chute over the pacific ocean when he had a fuel problem inch 2009, a chute brought this plane down safely into a d.c. suburb. >> you pull down, and then with two hands you pull straight down, about 40, 45 pounds of pressure. and the parachute, which is in the back of the plane, will deploy. >> reporter: it's a standard feature in barry goldberg's 2015 cirrus. >> ultimately the parachute is a safety feature of last resort. i have one more tool in my bag as a pilot to ultimately end a situation successfully. >> reporter: the parachute maker says its devices have saved at least 361 lives. scott, in this most recent incident, the f.a.a. and n.t.s.b. are now investigating. >> pelley: kris van cleave, thanks, kris. an uber driver wants a passenger to pay dearly for slapping him. that's next. ing him. that's next. if a denture were to be
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china's president, xi jinping is fifth, pope francis fourth. president obama fell to third, replaced at second by german chancellor angela merkel. and for the third straight year, vladimir putin, president of russia, was first. in business, target will close 13 under-performing stores in january, mostly in the midwest. food company kraft-heinz will cut 2,600 jobs, shuttering seven factories over two years. on the help wanted front, nasa says it has space for a few astronauts. you can apply next month. today an uber passenger said he wants to apologize to the driver he attacked in southern california. a dashboard camera caught the whole thing. it may be too late for apologies, though. the driver, edward caban, sued benjamin golden for more than $25,000. golden is already charged with assault. folks in brooklyn are inviting classical music and perfect strangers into their living rooms.
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us about the attack. next weather talent appears at wx center with generic >> pelley: we end tonight with the birthplace of jay-z with the rebirth of j. bach. >> reporter: it's a mad scramble for eileen trilli and her family to tidy up her home before guests arrive. not just friends, but strangers, gathering together to relax and unwind and tune into this.
5:57 pm
♪ it's called groupmuse. [bach playing] it offers music lovers a chance to enjoy classical chamber music in a creative setting. composer sam botkin say it's the way composers intended their music to be heard. you show up, you socialize for an hour, you sit down on the floor and listen intently as a group for 25 minutes to three movements of a tremendous master work. it's not quite a concert and it's not quite a party. >> reporter: anyone who wants to host a concert can connect with performers and guests who sign up on the groupmuse web site. there's no cover charge. but the hat is passed from nusicians just starting out. juilliard violinist annika jenkins says it's a way to gain
5:58 pm
valuable performing experience. >> the audience is literally right in your lap. it's right there. you can feel them next to you. >> reporter: does it change the way you actually play? >> definitely. you just get their energy. it rebounds off the group and incorporates into the music. it's incredible. >> reporter: in the comfort of home, formality goes out the door. the experience almost amounts to a group meditation, a shared moment of beauty. >> when the music stops, everyone is like, whoa, what was that about? there's the warmth of the atmosphere is unbelievable. if you have, you know, a pulse, you will be moved.
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tonight -- we're hearing fr one of the stabbing victims. ===sot=== > i feel like i just want to be with my family. >> tonight we're hearing from one of stabbing victims. >> it's really a threat to our democracy. >> a bay area city ditches rent control. new at 6:00 what some call big money going against the will of the people. >> they look like construction workers but police say they are out to steal your stuff. we begin with a story see only on 5. we're hearing from a construction worker who helped stop a stabbing spree on the uc- merced campus. that man walked right into the middle of the attack.
6:00 pm
in all, four people were stabbed. the suspect a student was tracked down and shot by police. but juliette goodrich says it could have been much worse if one man didn't rush in to help. >> reporter: byron price works at the university and we are hearing firsthand about this horrifying event. he said what at first he thought was a fistfight in the classroom and wanted to step inside to help, he says then it turns out a man in a black hooded sweatshirt started charging at him with a butcher knife. >> inside that room, he was shooting fish in a barrel. >> reporter: one of the victims in the stabbing, 31-year-old byron price a contractor on campus. when he heard screaming inside a classroom he ran to help. >> i went to open the door break it up to see if everybody was okay and they all scream, run, as i open the door. >> reporter: the suspect attacked price with a knife before running outside and attacking another student an


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