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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 5, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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50 more shopping days until christmas. just so you know. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> don't mean to bring you down. >> i have to sneeze. okay. good morning, everyone. [ laughter ] >> it's thursday, november 5. i think i'm all right. >> you had a moment. >> hi, i'm frank, everybody. good morning, it's 4:30. let's get you out the door with traffic. and roberta, you are numero uno. >> that's funny because i was just asking if anyone's allergies were bothering them. mine were bad yesterday. 3.2 the pollen count right now. it's the nettle and elm. heading out the door, it is the coldest morning so far this autumn season. 40s in the peninsula. 39 degrees. in livermore, 37 in napa. it won't get warmer today. temperatures uniform in the 60s. temperatures coming up in less
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than 10 minutes. liz? >> westbound 580 caltrans roadwork near grand lanes shut down until 5:30. so far traffic is fine at the bay bridge. new attention is focused on the dangerous intersection in san francisco where a speeding car hit two boys yesterday. they were in a crosswalk heading to middle school. anne makovec is at that spot in the marina district. planned upgrades were never implemented. >> reporter: it is a crosswalk with no stop sign or lights. you can see some balloons here marking the intersection where these boys were hit. they were crossing bay street here in front of us when they were hit by an suv. those boys are recovering this morning from some very serious injuries. luckily, they are expected to survive. the woman who hit them, she is under arrest on suspicion of dui. the accident happened at about 8:30 yesterday morning as the
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boys were walking to marina middle school. a big truck had stopped at the intersection while the boys walked on the crosswalk. and that's when the woman's suv drove alongside of the truck and then slammed into the two boys. this intersection is notoriously dangerous. no stop signs. people have to just watch for people in the crosswalk. the city planned safety upgrades but so far it's remained dangerous. >> we're looking at sewer upgrades, repaving as well as putting in speed humps and reducing a lane of traffic to make it safer and reduce speeds. >> the driver in yesterday's crash kirsten anderek is a former debutante, 30 years old. she was a family friend of the late robin williams, according to some reports. there are going to be counselors this morning at hand at the boy's marina middle school. >> anne, when is work expected to begin to make that intersection safer? >> reporter: they can only say
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soon at this point. but one interesting note, we looked at some old versions of the city's website and it actually said the work here was supposed to be finished by september 2015 which was of course a couple of months ago so that's at odds from what the city is telling us that there were no delays in the project. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. san jose police are looking for this woman suspected of robbing three banks in just two days. the woman's been dressed in yoga pants, hoodies and sunglasses. she has been able to pull off the heist, investigators say, because of her ordinary appearance. >> she is able to walk in, pass a note, obtain the money and walk out without being detected. >> police say the note suggests the robber is armed but no gun has been seen. the latest robbery was yesterday at a chase bank on almaden expressway. tuesday the bank of the west at cambrian park plaza was hit as was a u.s. bank inside the nob
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hill supermarket on snell avenue. a former harvard educated lawyer involved in a bizarre kidnapping for ransom case is expected in court today. 38-year-old matthew mueller is accused of breaking into a house in vallejo last march. police say he tied up erin quinn and kidnapped her and her boyfriend. if convicted he could face life in prison. this morning we'll know if crab season will start on time. officials are meeting in sacramento to decide whether to delay or cancel the harvest. that's because dangerous levels of a neurotoxin are in the water. so that means you could get sick if you eat dungeness or rock crab. the first season kicks off on november 15. a lot of people are hoping to have crab on their thanksgiving table. >> that's a san francisco tradition. right? >> yeah, turkey and crab. >> yeah. turkey and crab, why not? [ laughter ] >> well, okay. good morning, everybody! you know -- >> not going there.
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>> a couple of nights -- >> i'm not going there. too early. a couple of days ago we had the coldest day of the season and today it's the coldest because it's more widespread. out the door, be very mindful you need a jacket especially north of the golden gate bridge. 37 degrees in napa. 38 in santa rosa. hey, that will wake you up this morning in fairfield and livermore in the mid-40s in san jose. later today numbers very similar to yesterday well below the average. 60s beaches, 60s across the peninsula. 60s to the south. 65 in san ramon. and guess what. 60s in stinson beach, too, novato. the full forecast is coming up. but right now, liza, have to warm up the car! >> i know, it's chilly out there. as you get ready to go to work, there's lots of construction out there. caltrans is busy southbound 880 between marina and davis. left lane is shut down until 5:00 this morning. so far 880 is rolling well in both directions through the oakland and hayward areas.
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580 construction has got three lanes shut down near grand in oakland. it's in the commute direction west 580 until 5:30 but so far the bay bridge commute looks okay. we do have a brief delay in a few of the cash lanes but overall a good start to the morning commute. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." david cameron says the crash of a russian jet in egypt was likely caused by a bomb. that's amid growing speculation that "islamic state" militants were behind the deadly crash. more now from jonathan vigliotti. >> reporter: mourners gathered in russia today to say good-bye to the victims of last week's plane crash over the sinai peninsula. it comes as authorities continue to investigate what brought the plane down. u.s. intelligence officials say there is a possibility isis or an affiliate planted a bomb on the flight. but some experts caution more
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information is needed. either forensic evidence, bomb residue or bomb fragments or conversations among isis members that are specific enough to give you confidence that they were actually in on the plot. >> reporter: isis has insisted it did cause the crash releasing an audiotape wednesday daring investigators to prove otherwise. out of an abundance of caution there are no flights going to the egyptian resort stranding passengers. jonathan vigliotti kpix 5. five people are recovering from stab wounds after an attack on a campus at uc-merced yesterday morning. campus police shot and killed the attacker. students got alerts about the multiple stabbings just before 8 a.m. merced county sheriff says suspect was a student who did live on campus. the attack started inside a second floor classroom. the man who was doing construction outside heard people screaming and that's when he went inside to try to help.
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>> i went to open the door to see if everybody was okay and they all scream run as i open the door. >> byron price says the suspect came charging at him with what looked like a butcher knife. price was stabbed in the side. his efforts saved more people from getting hurt. two people are recovering in the hospital. sacramento police say this man is in custody in connection with a stabbing of a local hero spencer stone. officers arresting james tran yesterday after investigating him for sometime. stone was stabbed during this fight last month outside a sacramento bar. in the circle you can see two figures come up from behind and attack him. stone previously made news back inning you when he and two friends thwarted a terror attack on a french train. he is relieved at word of yesterday's arrest. >> i'm happy. they have been relentless with the case and i'm happy they
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made an arrest. not everyone gets their case solved. >> police searched tran's home yesterday. they say they have evidence linking him to the crime. two more people have died after swallowing counterfeit xanax. the pills look like the anti- anxiety drug. the santa cruz county sheriff says a watsonville man died after taking the fake xanax at a party. another overdosed at home. investigators aren't sure where the pills are coming from. there have also been three deaths in san francisco. a city council meeting on rent increases in alameda turned chaotic last night. [ yelling ] >> crazy! police and officials tackled a member of the alameda renters coalition put at least two people in handcuffs in the meeting. it started after coalition members tried to storm the council chambers to talk about the city's rental housing crisis. after meeting for more than 7 hours, the council approved a 65-day moratorium on rent increases of 8% or higher.
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time now 4:39 on your thursday. still to come 49ers head coach is speaking out about the big team shake-up. how he plans to move forward coming your way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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live" . c-b-s news' don champion has the latest frow york. (pkg) (sot t nbc is facing mounting pressure to cancel donald trump's appearance on "saturday night live." cbs news' don champion has the latest from new york. >> oh, hi, donald trump. nice to meet you. >> reporter: as promos for donald trump's snl appearance got heavy play online wednesday night -- >> donald trump has got to go, hey-hey-ho-ho. >> reporter: latino groups called on the network to cancel his guest host spot. angered by trump's recent comments describing some mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists, the group delivered more than 500,000 signatures to the network. >> there is no clear answer as to what exactly nbc plans to do and to me that's unacceptable. it means they really don't care
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about the viewers. >> reporter: nbc already severed business ties with trump after his comments months ago. media observers do not see the billionaire being pulled off snl this weekend. >> i think they should demonstrate. ratings will go even higher than they are going to be. it's going to be one of the highest rated shows ever. >> reporter: out on the campaign trail, trump's republican rivals are staying away from the snl controversy. >> i would not want equal time on snl. >> do you plan on watching? >> no. >> reporter: including jeb bush, who is intensifying his ground game in new hampshire, a must-win state for him. >> i know i can get better and i believe that this country is going to get better. >> reporter: nbc has not said whether other presidential candidates are being considered to host snl. don champion, cbs news, new york. democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton is in the middle of another northern california fundraising swing. yesterday, she attended events in sacramento and los altos
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hills. today her stops include saint helena where ticket prices start at $1,000. $2,700 if you want a photo. it turns out many of the patriotic displays we see at pro sporting events are funded by tax dollars and the teams profit from them. a new congressional report calls it paid patriotism. one example the oakland raiders took more than $200,000 in 2012 all in exchange for 4 soldiers and their guests. they got to stand in the tunnels. the raiders took to the field. the members also performed a color guard ceremony in each home game. a new defense spending bill includes language that would ban the practice. it's hard to figure especially when you look at the incomes of some of these professional sports. it -- it -- it's something that we don't understand and are glad it will stop. >> as for the 49ers the california national guard paid to hold conferences and events at team facilities in santa
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clara and also purchased four tickets to every home game forgiveaways and vips. a 49ers head coach is talking about the team's shake- up as quarterback. on the practice field yesterday, blaine gabbert took snaps as starting quarterback. former starter colin kaepernick ran through plays as the backup. and all this is going on under the watchful eye of jim tomsula. he said the benching of kaepernick was a tough decision. >> i want colin to step back, breathe, look at things through a different lens, keep comparing, keep doing his thing. but, you know, keep working. but just step back. >> teammates say it's been a difficult season so far as a terrible 2-6 start. the next challenge is at home this sunday against the falcons. how about some basketball now this early morning? the warriors are undefeated in the young nba season. they hosted the undefeated clippers at oracle last night. each team were 4-0 prior to the game but it was your defending
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champion warriors who came out on top. i think roberta got home about midnight last night. final score -- actually watched it at home -- 112-108. the warriors and toronto are the only nba teams undefeated. how are you doing? >> it's hard to say this early in the season only four games in that this is a big game but this was a big game! >> of course. >> if you were watching it on television for the first time ever did i really believe it was "roar-acle." when you're there it is "roar- acle." i had to turn it down it was so loud at home and intense and curry had a spectacular game again with 30 points, 21, i think, in the last quarter. clear skies, it is frigid out there. temperatures in the upper 30s in livermore. it is 38 degrees in santa rosa. it's in the mid-40s in san jose. you require a jacket heading out. we have crystal clear skies but we'll be noting increasing high clouds today. less wind than yesterday. and then the next rain we are
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moving it up a bit now into sunday. right now, we are looking at high pressure still building in with the passage of that area of low pressure so we have that pressure gradient. and because of the rotation of the wind mass around the core of the center of the high pressure, we have that northerly and northwesterly wind that's what's bringing in that cooler air mass. but meanwhile, area of low pressure well to the north is right now poised to move in sunday and monday like the same timing as this past week's storm, just not as intense. it looks like we are counting on at least .25" of rain throughout most of the bay area. futurecast, lunchtime partly cloudy skies. then the clouds begin to swipe out of the bay area. check this out. it's currently 18 degrees on the south shore. 14 degrees in truckee going up to 45 degrees. mid-60s today a daytime high in monterey bay. there's your sun-up and sundown. and in between today 60s from the beaches through the bay into our inland areas. we'll have sunshine on saturday and sunday.
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but then we'll begin to cloud up on sunday leading to the rain on monday. liza. we are getting word of bart delays now, roberta. good morning, everybody. they are running 10 minutes late leaving san francisco heading towards pittsburg-bay point station and 10-minute delay on bart from the city to dublin-pleasanton all of this because of earlier track maintenance. as we move on to highway 4, eastbound lanes have been shut down for construction. there's a detour in place for the next 20 minutes approaching "a" street. so far, traffic is moving well heading through the construction zone. no big delays for that westbound commute leaving antioch bound for pittsburg into concord. 880 rolling through oakland that's still looking okay no big delays there. the earlier roadwork we had leaving the oakland area bound for san leandro is cleared out. all lanes are open. it's a quick 15-minute drive time leaving san leandro towards the macarthur maze and oakland. do bear in mind there is construction along 580 in that westbound direction in oakland. three lanes of traffic are shut down approaching grand and
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crews will be out there until 5:30 this morning but so far traffic is doing well heading through the detour and the construction zone. heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, it's light traffic that awaits you. just a brief delay in a couple toll languages. the fastrak lanes are moving well and westbound 80 is fine through berkeley and emeryville. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." and the cma award for entertainer of the year goes to luke bryan! >> luke bryan took home the top prize at last night's country music awards in nashville. kerry underwood and brad paisley hosted the event for the 8th straight year and justin timberlake performed with newcomer chris stapleton. apple is looking to expand its bay area presence across four million square feet. betty yu reports on apple's new plans to build a third campus that will dwarf its other two. reporter: the future of apple can be seen from the air. new drone video shows just how
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monstrous its new spaceship campus is not far from its headquarters in cupertino. once construction is done next year, apple will put 12,000 workers under this one roof. but it isn't stopping here. >> we're very excited about the possibility of apple looking at san jose as a next frontier for them to grow their company. >> reporter: already, apple is plotting to build another megacampus in north san jose. they have 4.15 million square feet to play with. when you add up the bare land and existing buildings, it's already bought or leased. that's almost double the size of the cupertino spaceship. >> it's great for silicon valley whenever a company as iconic and important as apple is growing their presence and jobs here in silicon valley rather than in texas or singapore or anywhere else on the planet. >> reporter: exactly what apple wants to do with its new real estate is secret. there is no formal proposal
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just yet. but the city of san jose is drafting a development agreement with apple that would provide a broad framework for a future project. >> we think it would be a great match. we have long considered ourselves the capital of silicon valley. >> reporter: standing in some of that land that we're talking about right off the 101 across from mineta san jose airport, the city says it's anxious to find out what's next for apple. we know that the planning commission will take a look at that draft agreement very soon. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. two women in tokyo made history today. they are the first same-sex couple to have their relationship recognized by a local government. it's not a marriage but an official certificate. [ non-english language ] >> i'm so happy, she says, when they gave us the certificate, i cried. our friends cried. >> currently the certificates are only available in two of tokyo's 23 wards and businesses, hospitals and
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landlords are not legally bound to acknowledge them. it is 4:51. up next, flying home for the holidays is getting a little more expensive. the extra baggage fee some airlines are taking on this year over the holidays. >> and what is cool about your school? you can email your nomination to we may come and feature your school on the show. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to raise baggage fees. spir airlines will add good morning. your time check is 4:54 on this thursday before you head on out take a look at your tv screen. let's take you for a ride. lots of sunshine at the beaches today in the 60s. grab a jacket. as good as it gets today 66 in palo alto and in milpitas. cooler at morgan hill.
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east of the bay under 70 everywhere. good morning, concord at 65 degrees. 30s this morning in sonoma up to a high of 67 degrees there. guess what. 67 degrees in santa rosa and full-on sunshine less wind today in the 60s in cloverdale. thank you, roberta. two low cost airlines are about to raise their baggage fees. spirit airlines will add a checked bag surcharge starting in december on top of the $30 it costs to check a bag on the alter. frontier airlines raising checked and carry on fees by 5 to 10 for flights between thanksgiving and new year's. more trouble for volkswagen. the automaker is halting sales of more diesel vehicles because of new allegations of cheating on emissions tests. the vehicles in question have three liter engines. other vehicles from audi and porsche are also under scrutiny. the epa says they have software that cheats on emissions test
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numbers. if you think you have the right stuff nasa is accepting applications for astronauts. >> i'm charles bolden. nasa is on a journey to mars and we are recruiting the next generation of space pioneers. think you have what it takes? we want you to apply for nasa's astronaut program. >> why not? the agency says it selects qualified candidates from u.s. citizens with a wide variety of backgrounds. application will be accepted from december 1 through mid- february. nasa is expected to announce its newest astronaut candidate sometime in 201. a painting with nine lives just sold for six figures. the painting which features 42 cats was commissioned by a san francisco millionaire in 1891. it measures 6 feet by 8 feet and weighs more than 200 pounds. the painting survived the earthquake and fire of 1906. at auction it sold for more than $800,000. 4:56 is your time. the prime suspect in a san jose
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bank robbery spree still on the run. what we're learning about the woman police are looking for. >> reporter: and balloons mark the intersection where two boys were badly hurt in a car accident. coming up, what we're learning about delays in the city's plan to make this intersection safer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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november 5. i'm michelle griego. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, november 5. i'm michelle griego. >> the weekend is approaching! >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 on your thursday. new attention is centering on a dangerous intersection in san francisco where a speeding car hit two young boys yesterday. they were both hit in a crosswalk at buchanan and bay streets walking through the marina middle school. kpix 5's anne makovec is at that spot in the marina
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district where planned safety improvements were delayed. >> reporter: good morning. balloons mark this spot here at the intersection of bay and buchanan where these boys were hit. they were crossing bay street when they were hit by a speeding suv. they are recovering from serious injuries. the woman who hit them under arrest on suspicion of dui. the accident happened at 8:30 as they were walking to marina middle school. a big truck stopped at the intersection while the boys walked on the crosswalk. that's when the woman's suv drove alongside from the back of the truck and slammed into the boys. this intersection is no core justly dangerous according to -- is notoriously dangerous according to neighbors between drivers speeding and not paying attention. it's easy to sail down bay. the city had planned safety upgrades here but so far, it remains dangerous. >> we're looking at sewer upgrades, repaving, and as well as putting in


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