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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 5, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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and rain arrives on sunday evening through monday. >> we're ready for the rain! >> thanks for watching. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, november 5th, 2015. the united states and britain say an isis bomb may have brought down a russian jet liner. and only on cbs, the uber passenger caught on camera beating a driver says he is ashamed of what he did. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> we believe there is a significant possibility there was an explosive device on the plane. >> a source tells cbs news it could have been a bomb.
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but the same evidence could indicate a catastrophic technical failure as well. >> donald trump is scheduled to host "saturday night live" this weekend. protests are getting louder. >> what can i say? i'm the absolute best. >> investigators in illinois say joe gliniewicz staged his suicide. he had stolen tens of thousands of dollars from a youth program. >> gym memberships. adult websites. >> a male student stabbed two students, a faculty member, and a construction work. he was shot and killed. >> a newcomer made a sweep at the cma awards. >> chris stapleton! >> there's going to be a party tonight. >> a gunman surrendered to police at the san diego airport. >> sarena williams was eating chinese food when a man took her
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phone. she chased down the man. >> all that. >> a minneapolis mcdonald's manager is fighting for his life after an attack in a drive-through. >> all that matters. >> the pro-legalization movement in ohio has drawn criticism by promoting pot with a mascot named buddy. i think we have a picture of buddy. there he is. >> on "cbs this morning." >> i need a car. >> i'll be right with you. >> i need a car really quickly. i'm being chased by a number of assassins. >> we all have things to do. [ laughter ] >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is on assignment. norah o'donnell is also. anthony mason is with us along
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with christine johnson from our new york station, wcbs. u.s. and british officials believe the plane crash in egypt may have been caused by a bomb. they interpreted messages from isis officials talking about bringing down the jet. >> u.s. government security professionals will meet today to discuss ways to enhance aviation security. the disaster killed all 224 people on board after it took off from sharm el sheikh. egypt's government is pushing back on suggestions that terrorists caused the crash. allen pizzey is in cairo with more. >> reporter: here in cairo the civil aviation authority insisted this morning that its airport security is up to international standards and says there's no evidence to support the bomb theory. the startling admission by a
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sinai-based isis affiliate was followed by an operation to repatriate citizens from sharm el sheikh. prime minister david cameron said today the bomb theory is still just a theory. >> we need to see the results of the investigation. the reason we've acted before that is because of intelligence that gave us the concern that it was more likely than not it was a terrorist bomb. >> reporter: new video reportedly taken shortly after the crash shows smoke rising from the wreckage and egyptian ambulance workers on the scene. officially, u.s. intelligence agencies decided not to comment on the cause. off the record, u.s. intelligence sources tell cbs news they're leaning toward the bomb theory, based on on what they call chatter, evidence from social media. the russian plane is shown plunging to the ground at 300 miles per hour. if it was a bomb, there will be
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evidence. >> there will be certain types of markings on the body and certain types of markings inside the airplane that would show that there was, if you will, an external explosion. those two things can readily be discovered at the scene if the people know what they're doing. >> reporter: russian investigators say they're wrapping up their search of the crash area. experts analyzing the data from the flight recorders may have as much as another month of work to do. they're not saying anything about a bomb or anything else. anthony? >> allen pizzey in cairo, thanks. cbs news senior security contributor michael morrell is a former cia director. michael, good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you think of this bomb theory? >> we need to be cautious. we know there was an explosion based on the heat flash picked up by the satellites. we know isis has taken responsibility now two or three times. we know that there is chatter
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among isis members saying, hey, great success for us, we've brought this plane down. we know that isis was thinking about bringing down a plane, wanting to bring down a plane. we know all of that. but the chatter is not specific. the chatter does not give you any confidence that these guys who are actually talking know anything about the plot, anything about putting a bomb on a plane. >> what more do we need to know? >> we need one of two things. we need bomb fragments or bomb residue from the wreckage. or we need intercepted communications of senior isis officials who would be in a position to know what they did, or people involved in a plot talking about specifics about how they did it. we need one of those two things. >> the british government suspended flights to sharm el sheikh. >> it's an abundance of caution. i think they're overstating the possibility of a bomb at this point. look, there is a possibility it was a bomb, right?
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i would not say there was a strong possibility. >> if it was a bomb, do you think it was likely brought aboard a plane at the airport? >> yes. yes. and that's not easy to do, right? i mean, taking a bomb on an airplane is a pretty sophisticated operation. >> what does it say for security there, then? >> i don't know what the security is like there. but somebody needs to take a look at it irregardless of whether or not there was a bomb. >> what are the implications, michael, if there was a bomb, and what can you tell us about this particular group claiming responsibility? >> this is a military group in the sinai, it's been around since the president came into office. they were originally a group of al qaeda guys. when isis became a big thing they rebanded themselves in sinai as isis in the sinai. they've conducted a number of attacks against egyptian military facilities. they're a fairly sophisticated group. if it was a bomb, it would be the largest bombing of an
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aircraft in 25 years. >> thank you. the newest republican presidential poll this morning has donald trump back on top. the fox poll gives trump 26% of support and ben carson 23%. ted cruz and marco rubio are tied for third at 11%. trump returns to nbc this weekend to host "saturday night live" in spite of growing protests. vlad nehavvladimir duthiers has. >> reporter: good morning. it was over the summer when nbc universal fired donald trump from his show "celebrity apprentice" over controversial comments over latino immigrants. now pro-immigration groups are accusing the network of sending the wrong message. >> i would kill for a real man. >> hi, ladies. >> oh, hi, donald trump. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: not everyone is swooning over donald trump's
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upcoming appearance on "saturday night live." >> what do we do? >> we fight back! >> reporter: latino groups delivered a petition on nbc studios. >> they should know better. all i want to do is contribute to my community. >> reporter: it's the latest in a dump trump movement that's inspired everything from ads to impassioned speeches on capitol hill. >> when public figures cross the line, they should lose their privileges to host tv shows. >> i get the highest ratings he ever. >> reporter: in a series of promos, he poked fun at himself and his rivals. >> because of equal time rules for television, mr. trump can only speak for 4 seconds in this promo. >> ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> reporter: ben carson, who is leading in some polls, wasn't laughing. >> i discovered when i was in grade school that those tactics
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really are for grade school. >> who is that under there? >> reporter: the "snl" stage has become somewhat of a campaign stop for those vying for the white house. >> i wish you could be president. >> me too. >> reporter: with hillary clinton making a cameo justly last month. >> "saturday night live" can be a king maker in politics. it can humanize the candidate, show them in a humorous light. >> reporter: nbc did not return our calls and e-mails for comment. but just to give you an idea how far some of trump's critics will go, one group is urging audience members to disrupt his live performance saturday night. >> thank you, vlad. senator rubio is defending his personal finances after donald trump called him a disaster with his credit cards. rubio once failed to disclose that he charged $34,000 in expenses to political funds when he was a state legislator in
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2005. rubio co-owned a house that fell into foreclosure when the other owner missed payments. rubio says putting his personal charges on a gop credit card was a mistake. >> what i would have done differently is i wouldn't have done any personal things on it. it's been coming up for five years. it's not a new issue. >> an investigation cleared marco rubio of any wrongdoing. he says he will release all the statements from that gop credit card in the next few weeks. the family of the illinois police officer accused of staging his suicide is facing inintense scrutiny. the "chicago sun-times" reports the wife and son of lieutenant joe gliniewicz are being investigated. authorities announced wednesday the fox lake police officer stole thousands of dollars from a youth program before killing himself. dean reynolds is at the fox lake
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police department with the revelations that stunned fellow officers and the community. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the two-month investigation revealed a cop who was a big time thief, afraid of getting caught, one who staged his own death to make it seem heroic. police are now saying he probably was not alone in his criminal activity. lieutenant joe gliniewicz's wife and son may have known he was laundering money, according to new reports. >> our investigation strongly indicates criminal activity on the part of at least two other individuals. >> reporter: an attorney for gliniewicz's family says they've cooperated with the investigation. the information came to light the same day investigators announced gliniewicz's murder wasn't a murder at all. the commander of the lake county major crimes task force. >> this staged suicide was the end result of extensive criminal acts that gliniewicz had been
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committing. >> reporter: investigators said gliniewicz spent seven years embezzling money from the youth group he ran and his cover was about to be blown. one text on the officer's cellphone threatened that the body of a local administrator who was looking into gliniewicz might end up in a swamp. investigators say on the morning of september 1th, gliniewicz was on patrol and radioed he was pursuing three men on foot. soon after that, he shot himself. >> the first shot hit his right chest region. the fatal catastrophic gunshot wound was in the left upper chest. >> reporter: to throw off a backup unit, gliniewicz left a trail of his belongings at the scene to suggest a struggle had taken place. his firearm was found in tall grass just a few feet from his body. the commander told us gliniewicz
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committed the ultimate betrayal. >> i felt ashamed of being a police officer. >> not ashamed of the acts of another police officer? >> it reflected on all of us. those acts reflected on the entire police community. we took a black eye. >> reporter: gliniewicz spent the money he stole on first class travel, on mortgage payments, and on pornography. and now one charity which donated $15,000 to his window is asking that the money be returned. dean, thanks. flights are back to normal at san diego international airport after a scare from a nearby gunman with a high powered rifle. [ gunshots ] >> police say titus colbert opened fire on officers responding to a domestic violence complaint at a rooftop apartment right under the
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airport's landing path. the standoff forced the faa to stop all arriving flights and kept some planes from taking off. investigators say colbert kept shooting sporadically until he surrendered more than five hours later. no one was hurt. classes are cancelled at the university of california merced after a stabbing spree. a male student wounded four people with a large hunting knife before campus police shot and killed him on wednesday. a construction worker fought off the attacker and is credited with saving the life of at least one student. this morning a kansas community is mourning the death of a high school football player. the 17-year-old collapsed on sideline tuesday night after a playoff game. he had just scored a touchdown. luke's father said he suffered trauma to the brain. there have been at least 11 high school football player deaths in this country since july. this morning the outbreak of
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e. coli linked to chipotle restaurants in the northwest is growing. the total is now 29. 11 people are hospitalized. oregon has ten cases. chi poetly closed restaurants in both states. health experts are testing the fresh food at ten chipotle locations to pinpoint the source of the you'outbreak. all the big names were there at the country music awards, cheering on each other, during one of the biggest nights of the year for the performers. chris stapleton had a breakout night, taking home every award for which he was nominated. ♪ are you ready for the country ♪ ♪ are you ready to go >> after an electric opening number by hank williams and eric church, a rendition of "pink houses" by john mellencamp and keith urban brought down the
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house. and hosts brad paisley and carrie underwood lit up the crowd with their opening monologue. ♪ mcdonald's for breakfast all day now ♪ ♪ bruce jenner's a babe now >> but the country music awards are about the music. the performers expand generations. >> chris stapleton! >> chris stapleton, "traveler." >> the night belonged to breakout artist chris stapleton, who has written six number one country songs for other artists. he pocketed three pieces of hardware for his debut album. and hit the stage with pop star justin timberlake for a haunting performance of "tennessee whiskey."
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♪ >> then in front of a transfixed sea of celebrityies -- ♪ i can't think of you >> -- stapleton blew the roof off the arena, singing timberlake's track, "drink you away." >> it was such a good show. they said that after chris stapleton won, anthony, he had the highest google search of people saying, who is this guy? >> he's not a secret in nashville. he's written number one hits for kenny chesney and george strait. when i was doing a profile of little big town, who also got
7:19 am
awards last night, they said, you have to listen to this guy. he's big and he's going to get bigger. >> i liked that there was no lip syncing. >> that's always good in country music. i want to get his tape. are pro sports teams honoring our troops for love of country or love of cash? ahead, how senators claim the ,, announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by american made car matter and
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floor liners. you saw the video right here. now the passenger who attacked you saw the video right here. now the passenger who was attacked by -- the uber driver who was attacked by a passenger speaks out. >> ahead, why the driver doesn't want to hear his apology. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." back here on cbs on "cbs this morning."
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and tomorrow, a glasses and yoga pants... w they believe has robbed thr banks in the good morning am i'm frank mallicoat. some of the stories we're working on now. san jose police are looking for this woman in dark glasses and yoga pants who they believe has robbed three banks in the city this week alone. they are afraid she will strike alone. if you recognize her, call san jose police. this morning, state fish & game officials will decide whether to delay or cancel the dungeness crab harvest. testing has revealed dangerous levels of a neurotoxin in the coastal waters. crab season is supposed to open on november 15. straight ahead on "cbs this morning," patriotism at a price. a new report says the pentagon is spending millions on marketing campaigns and salutes to troops at major sporting events at taxpayer expense.
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that story, traffic and weather too, after the break. ,, [announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars is ending soon.
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good morning. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." slow traffic on the nimitz and now a new accident northbound 880 just beyond alvarado boulevard blocking three lanes of traffic. very heavy traffic in both directions of 880 between hayward and fremont. bay bridge toll plaza extending through the macarthur maze with those metering lights on. over at the san mateo bridge, long delays as well heavy across the span. roberta. >> good morning, san jose. i have been noticing a few increasing clouds there this morning. it will become partly to mostly cloudy after a very cold start. 39 degrees in santa rosa. it's 41 in livermore after dipping to 38. temperatures today into the 60s with partly to mostly cloudy skies. the winds will be pretty much flat. full sunshine friday and saturday with rain arriving
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snowstorm in genessee, colorado. welcome back. coming up this half hour, two senators say you're paying for some of those tributes to our military pro sports events from season tickets to that ceremonial first pitch. is the pentagon wasting millions in the name of pr stunts? we will talk with one of the senators demanding answers. plus inside the secretive church where a teen was beaten to death. a former member describes growing up in what he calls a cult. the "wall street journal"
7:31 am
says there has been a surge in hacking attacks by iran's military. obama administration officials were targeted in recent weeks. e-mail and social media accounts were hacked. the cyber attacks may be tied to the last month of this iranian american businessman who pushed for stronger economic and diplomatic ties between the u.s. and iran. "the new york times" reports on harsh words from president george h.w. bush about key figures in his son's administration. his comments are in the upcoming biography "destiny and power." bush said that vice president dick cheney asserted too much hard line influence in president bush's white house and he called donald rumsfeld an arrogant fellow. >> they said donald trump wanted to be bush's running mate in
7:32 am
1988. kraft will close seven north american plants and they will take place the next two years. approximately 2,600 jobs lost and the second round of job cuts since the kraft and heinz merged. "the san francisco chronicle" reports people along the pacific coast are warned not to eat dungeness and rock crabs this season. officials are meeting today to decide what else should be done. the california department of health warning applies to crabs caught from oregon to santa barbara county. they may have a poison that could cause seizures and comas and deaths. the "los angeles times" reports on accusations that the pentagon is playing pro sports teams to stage events honoring the troops. arizona's two senators say they have uncovered nearly $7 million in contracts with items they
7:33 am
described as patriotism. the nfl says it will refund taxpayer money if it finds that it received inappropriate money to honor troops at the game. m&t stadium, the home of the baltimore ravens, jan has more. >> reporter: in fact, nfl franchises are pocketing the most money from the government. now the senators say that most of that is for legitimate recruiting efforts. but not all of it. ♪ o say can you see >> reporter: an army reservist singing the national anthem. >> welcome sergeant first-class kio potki. >> reporter: an army sergeant dropping from in the rafters and guard service members unfurling the american flag.
7:34 am
senator jeff flake some of these events are little more than marketing gimmicks. >> fans assume when they see thee tributes it's done because of patriotism. to find out taxpayers are paying for some of these kind of cheapens the whole thing. >> reporter: according to flame and former senator john mccain they have 122 deals with pro marketing teams worth $10.4 million and 72 of those that is paid patriotism. like the 7500 dollars the milwaukee brewers got and covered on the field presentations by national guard members and ceremonial three pitches at three home games. >> the department of defense is always saying we are strapped for fund. then we find out in some case they are paying for these paid tributes on the field. >> reporter: flake says some items were outright boondoggles like the air force paying for four sideline season tickets to l.a. galaxy games. the national guard came for 40
7:35 am
lower level center court seats at indiana pacers game. the white house says the spending is ng if we find inappropriate payments were maid, they will be refunded in full. now the nhl had no comment. major league soccer told "cbs this morning" that the ceremonies it does honoring the armed forces are separate from the marketing agreement that it signs with the military. the pentagon has promised it's going to end this practice but this morning about the 13 years he spent there.
7:36 am
the word of life christian chump is now at the center of a murder investigation. two brothers were beaten last month during what police described as a so-called counseling session. the church is a fundamentalist christian church not affiliated with any larger group. many members live and attend classes inside. don dahler talked with a man who attended school with the victims. >> reporter: good morning. word of life is an evangelical christian congregation in central new york. little is known what life is like behind those walls, until now. >> i went there from the time i was born until i was around 13 use nathan ames and his family attended word of life in new york until 2002. he and his brothers attended school inside that church which occupies a converted high school building. last month police say three church members beat two brothers with electrical cables for more than ten hours inside the
7:37 am
sanctuary. 19-year-old lucas leonard died and his 17-year-old brother christopher was seriously injured. the boys' parents and sister were among those charged with assault, along with other church members. investigators believe the brothers wanted to leave the church. ames says problem at word of life began when the late founder pastor jerry irwin and his family began to exert total control over the congregation. >> were they afraid to leave? >> some were. if you you were not under god's word then you would go to hell. >> reporter: if they did poorly on test, whipping them. >> spare the rod? >> spoil the child. >> reporter: you must have been terrified at that point when you knew. >> the last year and a half i lived there i went through complete hell. >> reporter: how did you know what whop would happen?
7:38 am
>> if i didn't get my homework done on time or pass a test. >> reporter: weekly? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: it sounds to me like a cult. >> i know it is. it is a cult. >> reporter: when did you realize that is what it was? >> see, i was young. i thought that was normal. it took me many, many years to get out of that mindset. >> reporter: ames says his family was kicked out of the church when he was 13. the leonard boys, he says, were not so fortunate. as for the victims' parents allegedly taking part in the beatings, ames said it was all part of the church culture. so you think the parents were so afraid themselves -- >> uh-huh. they did whatever was told to them. >> reporter: to their own kids? >> uh-huh. these are people who got misled. >> reporter: and it went too far? >> went too far. >> reporter: we were unable to reach the church for comment. naij ames has been interviewed by police detectives. a grand jury will decide whether to indict the six members later
7:39 am
this month on charges, including murder and gang assaults. gayle? >> don, disturbing and heart breaking at the same time. thank you very much. the uber passenger who beat up his driver on camera says he cannot believe what he did. coming will be here until 7:00. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance.
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the uber passenger caught on camera attacking his driver wants to meet him in person so say he is sorry. the dash cam in the car captured ben golden attack on edward caban during also says what happened
7:44 am
was inexcusable and out of character. >> let me tell you something. >> reporter: 32-year-old ben golden says he has no memory of his violent behavior caught on camera during a friday night uber ride. >> it's not me in the video. you know? it's not me. and it was hard to watch and i'm ashumed. >> reporter: he says he lost count of how many drinks he had that night. moments before the attack, the video shows him falling over in the back seat and arguing with his driver. >> get out of my car orally call the police. >> reporter: when he is ordered out of the car that golden snaps. >> i am not one to get in fights. i think a lot of people i know were shocked by what they saw. >> reporter: driver edward caban used pepper spray to defend himself. he says he is afraid of golden and has no intention of meeting him for an apology. >> call the police! he says that is not him but that
7:45 am
is the only him that i know. that wasn't him but it was him who had the first drink and in the end, it was him that made the decision to beat me. >> reporter: golden was arrested shortly after he left the car. >> so the next day, i got out of jail and i was wondering, you know, what happened. i didn't know what happened until i saw this video. and then my heart sank. >> reporter: he is no longer a taco bell marketing executive. they fired him on tuesday and he is facing four misdemeanor charges including assault and battery and could spend a year in jail. >> i've worked so hard and i had a stupid night that is my fault, and i've thrown everything away. >> i don't know whether he was crying because he was so shocked that it went viral. i don't know if he is crying because he has been outed. >> reporter: caban is suing for at least $25,000 for assault and
7:46 am
but, gayle, he says he is now seeking counseling. >> we certainly hope so. thank you, carter. he seems very remorseful but it's so hard when you look at that video. >> it is. and as the driver points out, he says it's not me, but actually, it's clearly him and he needs to do something about it. >> he said es is paranoid now. he wakes up in the middle of the night scared. >> i understand the driver's position. if someone had wailed on your head like that you might not be forgiving days later. could e-mailsy we communica see what happens when a jet packed pioneer flies above new ,
7:47 am
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♪ ♪ new york >> drones may not be the only low flying hazard. an australian entrepreneur claims off what is the first light weight wearable jet pack. david mayman is his name. he flew across the hudson river and around the statue of liberty this week. they say the faa and coast guard proofed the device. no word when you can buy one or what it might cost. >> but i want one. >> i know, right? >> i don't see a lot of people out there doing that. >> people bumping around into each other in the sky? >> i think thinking i can use it to watch my windows outside. >> you wonder where charlie rose
7:52 am
is? there he is. >> why the presidential candidate chris christie criticizes drug policy using a friend who lost everything due to his drug addiction. that is ahead on "cbs this morning." plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase... ...the risk of depression.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning. i'm michelle griego. the man suspected of stabbing four people at uc-merced was reportedly a student from santa clara. the merced sun star reports the suspect was faisal mohammed an 18-year-old freshman. uc-merced police killed him after yesterday's stabbings. berkeley high school is trying to find the person who left a violent threat against blacks on a library computer. it was discovered yesterday including the "n" word and references to lynching. and coming up on cbs this morning, chris christie comments gone viral. the republican candidate and new jersey governor shares his stance on dealing with drug addicts. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,, ,,,,,,
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. liza battalones. no bart delays so they are on schedule. but san francisco's muni n- judah line will be running late. they had earlier mechanical problems which they have since repaired. just be prepared for those delays on the n-judah line. "ace" train number 510 minutes late this morning. the silicon valley, it is wall- to-wall traffic north 101 a virtual parking lot from hellyer stalls heavy in patches heading towards mountain view 20 miles of slow traffic there. so just brutal. if you plan to make the san mateo bridge commute, heavy traffic all the way across the span, roberta. >> beautiful view from the transamerica pyramid this morning towards coit tower and angel island and alcatraz. lots of blue skies increasing mid- and high-level clouds today. partly to mostly cloudy. let's call it cold out the door. upper 30s in santa rosa to 41 in livermore. everybody is in the 60s again today. a gentle breeze out of the
7:59 am
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he is not even american! hello to you.
8:02 am
i'm gayle king with anthony mason and kristine johnson of wcbs in new york. u.s. and british officials say a bomb may have brought down the russian plane in egypt. britain that suspended flights to and from sharm el sheikh. the u.s. dismissed members of isis trying to get credit for the plane crashing. >> new video after taken after the crash shows smoke rising from the wreckage where 224 people died. egyptian rescue workers are on the scene and u.s. government security professionals will meet today to discuss ways to enhance aviation security. a gallup poll out this morning says donald trump is the most unfavorable presidential candidate in both parties. 56% of voters in the poll say they have an unfavorable view of trump. his main republican rival ben carson is the most liked
8:03 am
candidate with a favorability rating of 42%. this week trump is set to join the list of candidates who have made "saturday night live" a stop on the campaign trail. >> donald had promised that for the whole show he is not going to brag or say he is the best at anything, right, donald? >> that's right. i'm going to do the best job anyone has ever done, not saying it. >> you just said it. >> what can i say? i'm the absolute best. what can i say? >> number two. >> but latino and pro immigration groups don't want to see trump on the air and they delivered a petition last night with more than 500,000 names calling on nbc to fire him. the protesters say trump should not be allowed to host "snl" because he called some mexican illegal immigrants rapists. america's biggest drug threats are now prescription drugs and heroin according to a new drug enforcement
8:04 am
administration report. the dea blames heroin and prescription pills for three-quarter of 46,000 overdoses. chris christie is speaking from the heart to call for changes in drug policy. nancy cordes is in washington where the candidate's emotional plea is hitting home. >> reporter: good morning. what caught people's attention was this very personal story that he told about one of his most successful friend who hurt his back jogging and got hooked on painkillers and lost everything. his law career, his family and eventually his life. >> he had everything. he's a drug addict. and he couldn't get help and he is dead. >> reporter: christie told the story about his longtime friend at a town hall in belmont, new hampshire. >> he lost his right to see his girls. he lost his license to practice law. he lost his driver's license. he lost his home. a year and a half ago on a
8:05 am
sunday morning, mary pat and i got the call we had been dreading forever, that they found him dead in a motel room posted on facebook last week and had been viewed ruffle 5 million times but it's actually a topic he has raised many times before, including with gayle king last year. >> no question it can happen to anyone. any family, no matter your education, your economic background, your race. we are not helping our society by just locking people up. >> reporter: christie isn't the only candidate arguing drug addiction should be treated as an illness not as a crime. >> my husband frank and i buried a child to drug addiction. so we must invest more in the treatment of drugs. >> reporter: carly fiorina, rand paul, bernie sanders, and hillary clinton all say the country's approach to addiction is misguided. >> my precious daughter was caught in a pharmacy actually.
8:06 am
>> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush whose daughter noel has had her own struggles with drugs argued wednesday that pain meds had become too easy to access. >> this is not appropriate. i mean, we have to take a pause and recognize we are not, you know -- pain is part of life, that you have to monitor a pain for sure and you have to deal with it, but overprescribing creates all sorts of adverse outcomes as well. >> reporter: christie noted that drug deducts are sag tigmatized more than. >> she was diagnosed with lung cancer. nobody came to me and said don't treat her because she got what she deserved. >> reporter: this is an issue no one expected would be a major campaign theme for so many candidates, but, clearly, it's on the mind of the voters. in fact, a recent poll in new hampshire where christie gave that moving speech found that voters considered drug abuse the
8:07 am
most important issue in this campaign, anthony, above jobs and the economy. >> very interesting. nancy cordes, thank you. it's called slack and it's one of the fastest growing business appears. ahead, ceo and cofounder stuart butterfield will show us why his start-up is being called an e-mail killer.
8:08 am
so did you know so did you know posting a negative review online could cost you more than you spent in the first place? up next, the fine print that may threaten your credit and how congress is getting involved. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ it started with a whisper and now when i kiss her ♪
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♪ congress is taking actn congress is taking action this morning to protect your right firing back at disgruntle customers, in some cases that
8:13 am
could mean penalties costing you thousands of dollars. good morning. >> remember the next time that you agree to a company's materials of service, buried inside those pages and pages of fine print could be what's called a gag clause, it's a paragraph that says the business can make you pay if you post a negative review online even if it's true. >> i stood up and said i'm tired of this, with we need fix it. >> reporter: general palmjen br fight to the internet this year after posting a comment about a christmas present she ordered online and never received. a company called klear wrote back with a warning. >> they said you violated our
8:14 am
order about not publishing and we're fining you $3500 concurrent with our contract. the federal trade commission is taking action against roca ads with who fined people for posting negative reviews. >> you're impinging on people's rights. >> reporter: businesses would be more effective tackling negative feedback head on. >> if the company manager, whoever that might be, affirmatively responds to that reeview and says we're sorry, thanks for that review, we're going to try to fix that problem, that actually gets them better reviews from consumers. >> the average person is never going to understand was being done to them. i think many of them would run
8:15 am
in horror. >> reporter: for the palmers, what happened was a horror story. >> he went for a credit card and got denied. we were denied a car loan. >> in 2014, a judge ruled in palmer's favor, awarding a $300,000 settlement. >> i hope nobody ever has to go through that nightmare, nobody has to feel scared, humiliated and bullied by a business. >> reporter: california is the only state that has its own laws prohibiting gag laws, but the house and senate are considering bills to ban them nationwide and the ftc says it is monitoring cases prepared to step in to help consumers. >> i wasn't aware businesses did that,'s really outrage us, stunning. stewart butterfield is in our green room with how he e's trying to make e-mail a thing of the past.
8:16 am
and best seller tony robbins is here and he'll share what all successful people have in common. i'll have some of that. "cbs this morning." ♪ t the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make.
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♪ just released. a brand-new e-book entitled reply all. it's a great way to show you're done making mistakes be by
8:20 am
naming a book after something people do by accident. >> that "the late show" stephen colbert on jeb bush. he said he spent eight hours of e-mail when he was florida's governor but now a platform that with minimize e-mail. slack has two million daily users and a private market of 3 billion dollars. it includes a range of government agencies and private companies. the service launched last year and is considered one of the fastest growing business appears in history. stuart butterfield is the cofounder of slack. good morning. >> good morning. >> >> it may finally sink e-mail. slack is a messaging app just like i message and skype and those kind of apps but specifically designed for teens and in business. the difference is that the default mode of communication inside the organization becomes public. >> right. >> so if you're using e-mail, it
8:21 am
doesn't matter if you're the ceo or intern on your first day you have a narrow slice of everything and everything else is okay to you forever. >> right. >> using slack, you can have a look what is going on across the organization. if up work on a marketing team you can see what the salespeople are dealing with. if you work in technical operations team you can see what customer support team is doing. that kind of lateral transparency is an important thing. >> they say slack stands on the precipice of modern game. what do you want to do? >> to make people's working lives simpler and more pleasant and more productive. you might not think it's a grand ambition but even simpler and a little bit more pleven and productive for tens and hundreds of millions of people because people work a lot, first of all, and don't necessarily people empowered by their work most of the time. >> do you still have an e-mail address? >> i do. because slack is for internal communication, as a ceo and i do this stuff and i have to deal
8:22 am
with investors and partners, i spent a lot of time on e-mail. with we won't kill it all. >> it's not going to go away. >> not going to go away. >> can you send a private message? >> you can send a private message. we have a channel for doing compenation reviews, dealing with hr issues. that is private. but to the extent you can make the communications side of the company public, i think it's a huge -- one of the reasons people don't feel empowered they don't know what is going on. when you talk about the transparency inside the office the workers see what the boss are doing or bosses are forthcoming and you still can't see what is going on around you. if you're able to dip your toe into these other conversations around the company can be very empowering. >> i think you and your company are very interesting. they say you're different than the other kids in the class. not a group -- not that there is anything wrong with that, but nerd tech people. you yourself studied philosophy. when you hire people you say one of the things you look for, i'm
8:23 am
not trying to be funny or disrespectful to you. when you hire people, you hire people with empathy. why is that important in your company? >> to the extent we can make people happy using our product they will recommend us and recommend us and it's very difficult to be focused on a customer unless you have some empathy. what kind of workplace do we want to have and do you want to show up every day and come to the office? if we make it more simpler and more productive. >> it's been hard to introduce these to companies? and having them agree to bring this in? >> when you first sign up, imagine you hear about it and someone hears about it today and they go to sign up and now they created a team and invited anyone and haven't sent a message and nothing for them to search and no value. right? one cranky pants person on the team can put the wash on it. it's a challenge to get them to make the conversion.
8:24 am
you can't, for yourself, decide i'm going to use slack to communicate with my team. the whole team has to change it. once they do, it tends to be very sticky. it's like people switch and that is it. >> i was interested in your hiring processes because as gayle eludes to, a lot of companies go to those nerd tech people. you were looking for liberal arts major. you awere a philosophy major. you are looking for liberal arts students? >> i think we are past the point. not to say there is not a lot of hard technology innovation left to do but past the point that is the competitive edge. we are a faster transistor will mean that your product becomes successful. we are dealing with and trying to enable groups of people to work together and if you don't understand how human beings think, you don't understand how people react to each other, it's pretty hard to do. >> does slack get to reply to all? no, take it back! >> yes. >> thank you, stuart. >> apply all to added messages after that. >> that alone is worth it.
8:25 am
thank you. johnny football takes the field tonight as the browns starting quarterback. right now, state fish and ge deciding whether good morning, everyone. it's 8:25. i'm frank mallicoat. some of the headlines we're following here right now. state fish & game officials are deciding whether to delay or cancel the dungeness crab harvest. testing revealed dangerous levels of a neurotoxin in the coastal waters. and the city of san francisco drew up plans years ago to slow down traffic on a street where a speeding car hit two young boys yesterday morning. but that plan has never been put into action. the boys are now recovering in the hospital. straight ahead on "cbs this morning," some of america's top celebrities have looked to him for advice. and now best-selling author tony robbins is in the studio 57 to share his secrets for success. you will hear from him. a little traffic and weather too coming up right after the break.
8:26 am
♪ all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle.
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this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car. how do you become a superstar? saving superstars. with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. visit and get started today. good morning. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." it has been one busy commute in the silicon valley. a new accident in san jose southbound 101 near the 101 interchange. this is south 880 at the 101 interchange. an accident blocking at least one lane of traffic. we have had wall to wall traffic in the silicon valley with north 101 jam-packed leaving morgan hill stays heavy to santa clara. meantime over at the bay bridge toll plaza that's beginning to thin out just a bit. traffic is only slow now from
8:28 am
the foot of the maze. expect delays on muni's n-judah line between the ocean and 19th avenue. "ace" train number 5 is 10 minutes late. good morning, everyone. heading on out to the blue skies in downtown san jose, currently we have an air temperature in the 40s. it is 47 degrees there with the calm wind. otherwise oakland is at 48 degrees. we are up in the 30s to 40 degrees now in santa rosa and later today everybody for the 60s. we'll notice increasing cloud cover. we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy skies. and it won't be as windy either. the winds out of the south and west five to ten miles per hour. let me walk you through the next seven-day forecast because you will notice increasing clouds becoming mostly cloudy tonight. full sunshine friday. saturday some very similar conditions and then here comes the clouds. late on sunday, rain showers developing. very similar to last week. we have rain in the forecast sunday into monday with cooler conditions. ,,
8:29 am
[announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars is ending soon.
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♪ good day sunshine good day sunshine ♪ >> you got to take a moment and look at your tv screen right now. this is a beautiful time lapse view of this morning's sunrise in new york. we shoot this every morning. one of our brilliant producers, that would be you, ryan, said we should put on this tv so people can see. you look at the sunrise and you know i got another chance today. starts out with a good day, a new beginning. welcome back to "cbs this morning." in this half hour, boomer esiason, he is hosting his radio show right now! hi, boomer esiason. he can't hear me. because he is hosting his radio show. did i mention that? he'll take a break to give us a preview of tonight's "thursday night football" matchup. can his cincinnati bengals keep
8:31 am
their perfect season alive? plus, we will follow his golden journey back to where it all began. he reunites with the coach who helped groom football greatness. >> we will look reach your dreams and how smart financial planning can actually start with pizza. make my pepperoni. that is ahead. right now it is time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the colorado springs gazette reports on a high school football game. police found some students at canyon city high school were exchanging nude and seminude photos of themselves at a large number of the accused students are on the football team. school officials and coaches decided to forfeit this saturday's game. police are also investigating if adults were involved or if the photos were coerced. >> don't do that, a note to yourself. >> absolutely. >> i don't get it! >> if you don't want your parents to see it, don't send it! >> don't do it! >> the orlando sentinel reports
8:32 am
on nasa looking to hire the next generation of astronauts. some of the job requirements include a bachelor's degree or higher in engineering, science, or math. at least three years of related professional experience. and the ability to pass nasa's long duration space flight physical. you do not need 20/20 vision. trevor noah is expected to be at work tonight. he had an emergency appear een anecdo appendectomy. the network says the procedure went well. we are glad he is okay. tonight the undefeated cincinnati bengals take on the cleveland browns. we will talk with boomer esiason, the bengals quarterback great in a moment. there is he co-hosting "boomer and
8:33 am
super bowl xxiii. boomer brought a golden football for his alma mater. nfl films is capturing this journey and james brown host of "the nfl today" take u.s. is to east islip high school outside of new york city. >> he is east islip high school's favorite football son. >> it is so great to be back here at east islip. it's 37 years since i've been in this gym. i can't believe it. >> reporter: fourteen of those years were spent as an nfl quarterback. ten of them with the cincinnati bengals. >> i had great coaches who understood who i was and they just kept feeding me and i just kept taking it in and loving every minute of it. >> reporter: in 1988, the bengals won the afc championship
8:34 am
and boomer esiason was the league's mvp. >> we caught lightning in a bottle and it was just an unbelievable year. >> reporter: it all began here at east islip with boomer's football father figure. >> i was around boomer a lot. and you could see he was a kid that he wanted the ball in his hand. he is a quarterback. he wanted to be in position to make the play. >> i think on this spot right here, i think you yelled at me like a hundred times. >> well, it wasn't you. >> he basically became a second dad to me like most high school coaches do for their kids. >> sal, you got to get rid of the poster stuff. can i give you new pictures or something? >> no, this is great. this is boomer town. >> not so bad. looks like i have a full head of head there. >> you look great. >> cool head of hair. >> that's because i coached you. >> reporter: boomer's ongoing legacy is the result of his son gunner who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of 2. >> i thought i was going to retire. i thought this is it. what do you do as a parent of a
8:35 am
special needs child? don't you quit and don't you just dote on this child? 23 years later and raised 133 million dollars in the fight against cystic fibrosis he is living and breathing and succeeding and doing what he truly loves. he is coaching football. >> whoa! >> reporter: as for east islip high school football they are never far from boomer's thoughts. >> boomer is still so visible and out there every day and either on radio or tv maybe because their parents are listening. a lot of these kids do know exactly who he is. >> the best coach and the best player to ever be part of this program in its history, my father, sal champee and boomer esiason! >> yea! football brings a lot of people together. it brings family together and brings men together and makes men into men. so many who was meant so much to me in my life, sal champion.
8:36 am
>> he has never forgotten where he has come from and you know what? so many people do. last year we won a championship the first thing they asked me at the game, have you heard from boomer yet? a lot of schools will have a lot of trophies in the trophy cases but very few with something like that so i think it's a great thing for the school. >> east islip! >> boomer is also an analyst for "the nfl today." he joins us live from his radio show. that was so touching and see what it meant to the coaches and the tunts. what did it mean to you to go back and spend time there? >> it really was great, guys. i can tell you the nfl knows how to do it. i was overwhelmed by the reception there in the gym. like, i had not been there in 37 years and to feel that reception from those kids who seem to be so detached from me, but as you heard from the coaches there, they are, obviously, aware of what i'm doing for a living now because i'm on local radio and being on the nfl today really certainly has given me a high profile. i love my high school.
8:37 am
i love my time there. i love my memories there and certainly love the coaches and players there. >> boomer, your old team the bengals are currently undefeated, 7-0. but they have lost -- the first game in the playoffs the last four years, they have lost. do you think it's different this year? >> i think it is difference this year. andy dalton, their quarterback, has grown into being the leader that they all expected him to be but they have been really healthy guys and big game tonight in instant. battle of ohio. johnny manziel is there for the cleveland browns. and it's just absolutely going to be a great, great, i think, atmosphere there at paul brown stadium. so i think this year is a year that they can really legitimate make a run to the super bowl. >> boomer also undefeated are the broncos, patriots and the panthers. now being undefeated in a whole season is very, very rare. who has the best chance here? >> well, i would say right now it would be the broncos and the patriots. the patriots this is like deja vu all over again for them in the 2007 season. the broncos had the best
8:38 am
performance last sunday night when they beat the green bay packers and the panthers have one of the great dynamic quarterbacks in all of football cam newton. three great teams and no question about that. i think right now the patriots and broncos are still head and shoulders above everybody else. >> let's talk about johnny manziel because he certainly had some issues off the field, you could say. last season you said you didn't think he was quite ready. do you think he is ready tonight? >> well, he is more ready this year than he was last year. when he played the bengals last year, he only threw for 80 yards and threw two interceptions. but he still has a personality. i think a lot of people in cleveland are looking forward to his performance tonight to see how he does against a very formidable team in the bengals. but i'm not so sure that he is, overall, mature enough just yet to take over an entire franchise. he is playing tonight simply because josh mccown is hurt and josh is a terrific older quarterback that was in the year for them. a pretty good >> boomer, you reported that the new york jets asked the nfl to
8:39 am
sweep the locker room of the patriots at gillette stadium last month and there have been conflicting reports subsequently about whether that is totally accurate it or not. sweep it for bugs. what is it about the patriots that you call patriot paranoia that everybody has? >> well, first and foremost, it is accurate. in fact, the jets had two patriot employees ninterrogated and i think the patriots are preeminent organization in the nfl. they have been on top of the heat now the last 13, 14 years and they have six super bowl appearances. in the nfl people don't like success, especially when it's sustained like that. then when you couple it with the deflategate and spygate and everything else there is a pair paranoia in the head of 30 other teams that work against them and it really gives the patriots an edge when they play in gillette. the patriots are not bugging any locker rooms. they don't have any cameras in there or anything else like that. i just think it's overblown
8:40 am
simply because of the environment we are in now. >> they are getting inside of everybody's heads. tony robbins is here in studio 57, in the green room. he'll show us how dads can balance family and career and ,,
8:41 am
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one specific time you're really shallow. >> oh, yeah. i got one. >> devils come out! >> what are you doing? banana hands? >> hang on. we got to jolt your nervous system. >> oh, yeah, i'm sorry. >> here's what i want you to do. just relax for a moment. >> all right. >> and i won't do it again. >> i didn't mean banana hands. >> that's okay. >> life and business strategist tony robbins is a very big man and he didn't help just shallow hal gain perspective. for more than three decades, some of the world's most successful people have turned to him for advice. his ted talk on finding fulfi fulfillment and finding our potential rack up 15 million views online. he helps millions reach their goals. tony robbins, we welcome you back to studio 57. >> good to see you. >> i want people to know, tony
8:45 am
told us at the table in the past 21 days he's been in seven countries. you're in new york city. you pride yourself on helping people find their peak performance in all facets of their life. now tackling finding peak performance in our finances. >> yes. >> why was that a topic you wanted to delve into? >> only a few areas that affect the quality of your life, relationships, your body, energy, your emotions, and economics. and so i taught finance for a long time. in 2008, when i saw so many people losing half of all they developed their lifetime, their retirement, their homes, it wasn't statistics. i grew up in a tough environment. most people don't know but i coached paul tutor jones for 22 years every day. >> you got mad when you saw -- >> i got mad. i said, you know, i have access. i got to find solutions and i said, what if i could get to the 50 most successful financial people on earth who started with nothing and find out how they did it. i wrote the book. in doing it, i learned so much about the use that happens to
8:46 am
the average person that it is mind boggling. >> you look into the fees that people pay at 401(k)s and most people don't know they pay a fee. >> most amazing thing. it is a $4.4 trillion industry that for 30 years they didn't tell you what they were charging you. 58% of the people don't think there are fees. fees matter and you're paying them. a 1% in fee because of the compounding over time costs you 10 years of retirement income. the average person thinks they're paying less than 1% or nothing, and they're paying 3.1%. that's 30 years of fees. i'll give you an example, if you have a 35-year-old person, they have a $100,000 and put it in the market and let it compound for 30 years until they retire, and they're paying 1% in fees,
8:47 am
they have $761,000, which is a nice growth from that time. if you paid 3% of fees for the same stocks, you have $432,000. in other words, you have 76% more money if you have less fees, or the other view, 19 years less income. so people don't understand that fees matter. where do you want to put your money? most people are not stock experts. warren buffett, david swenson, took yale from 1 billion to 24 billion, they all say, you're never going to beat the index. 96 of all active mutual funds will never match the index. 4% make it. i'll find the 4%. if you play blackjack, you have an 8%.
8:48 am
. >> good information. >> tony, right now -- >> all you go to do is show me the, the information in the company, it will spin out for you immediately where you are and your company has to, every year, benchmark against the bet. >> go ahead. >> yeah. >> most people -- >> break it down. >> most people, one in every three americans has a thousand dollars staffed for retirement. >> $1,000? >> $1,000. and so as a result, most people don't get started because they have no money. one metaphor i give people, if you took one night a week, instead of going out and had pizza instead and saved yourself $24, doesn't seem like much, but do that for a month, a year,
8:49 am
that's $2,000. put that in the market growing at 8% over 40 years, have a half a million dollars. $500 million, from that one little thing alone. a little change in the marketplace -- >> gigantic difference. >> one thing all successful people have in common. i have you talking in the green room to stewart, what is the one thing all successful people have in common? >> hunger. there is a -- you know it, it is in your own life, anybody who is really successful and has an extended level of success, people hungry to lose weight, hungry to do something for a moment, people that haven't lost their hunger, always driven, want to learn more, give more, do more there is no greater gift than hunger. if you don't have it, you want to get it reignited. it makes us feel alive. >> tony robbins, thank you. i'm ravenous.,,,,,,,,,,
8:50 am
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. that's it for us.
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we will be back tomorrow. for news any time, anywhere, watch our ,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 8:55 on your thursday, time for news headlines. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening. the man suspected of stabbing four people at uc-merced was reportedly a student from santa clara. the merced sun star reports the suspect was faisal mohammed an 18-year-old freshman. police killed him after the stabbings. berkeley high school trying to find a person who left a threat on a library computer. the threat was discovered yesterday. "covered california" teaming up with coit tower to promote open healthcare enrollment. coit tower will light up with "covered california's" logo all in hopes that it will encourage people to enroll. it's a thursday. the weekend is approaching. and it is beautiful out there.
8:56 am
>> it certainly is. we do have blue skies, but we have been noticing increasing mid- and high-level clouds all associated with a weak disturbance to the north of us. we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy skies. beautiful look at the golden gate bridge. we are in the 40s and 50s after 30s in north and east bay location this morning. grab a jacket out the door. later today, temperatures in the 60s but not as windy today as it was yesterday. in fact, those winds out of the south and the west about 10 miles per hour. 67 degrees today in mountain view. it looks like we'll have that increasing cloud cover today. full sunshine friday and saturday. rain sunday into monday. similar to earlier this week. and then sunny skies tuesday and wednesday. liza battalones in the house with traffic up next. [announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
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good morning. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic" on this thursday morning. very heavy traffic still at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on and traffic is backed up from the foot of the maze. still 43 minutes between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. delays continue on san francisco's muni. this is just on the n-judah line because of earlier mechanical problems. also, "ace" train number 5 is running 35 minutes late. meantime, over on the bridges, san mateo bridge is stacked up from end to end south 880 also
8:59 am
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