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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. the man accused of going on violent stabbing spree yesty ced before he was we're getting our first look this afternoon at faisal mohammed the man accused of going on a violent stabbing spree yesterday at uc-merced before he was shot and killed by the police. new information about his past and ties right here to the bay area. good afternoon, i'm frank
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mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. mohammed graduated in june from wilcox high school in santa clara. this is his yearbook photo from last year. he then enrolled at university of california at merced. kiet do reports. >> reporter: he kept a small social network and they mostly moved on. he was not heavily involved on campus but was a good student. nonetheless, they are shocked! he lox likes a normal graduating senior 17 years old, mustache, easy smile. five months after graduating police say he came on to the campus of uc-merced yesterday morning and lunged at students with a long hunting knife. police killed him. mohammed's college roommate says he was antisocial and didn't speak to anyone.
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he graduated from wilcox high school in june. some are seen him around. >> he didn't stand out. he was quiet, never mean, kept to himself. >> reporter: the school district is providing counselors to students and staff. and they say he was a good student who liked science. >> his social network was small. he wasn't a loner. >> reporter: this man graduated a year before mohommed. >> it's scary. it's really scary to know that. >> reporter: the district will keep counselors on campus as long as they need to. live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. hundreds of students from berkeley high school have walked out. they are protesting racist hateful messages found on a campus computer yesterday. as you can see from chopper 5, this is a live picture the students have just arrived at the cal campus.
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the students left campus around 10:30 this morning and marched from their campus through the streets of downtown berkeley. the protest stems from a message that was discovered yesterday on a library computer. it used a slur to target blacks. the principal sent an email to the berkeley high school community urging anyone with information to come forward. and from the ground, our camera was at berkeley high school as the students left class at 10 a.m. students left class carrying signs and chanting, "black lives matter." they then headed up milvia street to the cal campus. and we will keep an eye on the protest and bring you more information as it develops. new at noon california officials have made the call. crab season will be delayed. the decision comes after dangerous neurotoxins were discovered in dungeness crab. kpix 5's anne makovec on what this means for the seafood industry and for the safety of californians, as well. anne. >> reporter: the fishing season
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was slated to begin on saturday but the traps will be idle for some time. not only for the recreational boaters, but likely for the commercial fishermen, as well. it looks like this year's crab season won't be all it's cracked up to be. recreational dungeness fishing is postponed for 180 days, or until tests reveal they are no longer considered toxic to humans. >> it can have all the way from stomach ache and high enough levels death. >> reporter: caused by unusual high levels of domoic acid in the crabmeat. >> first time i know the commission has ever done it due to domoic acid. >> reporter: it's caused by algae blooms, which exploded this year because of warm water off the coast. >> backlashing on the whole industry. >> reporter: local fish companies aren't particularly concerned about getting crabs. these came from washington state and are safe. they are worried about public perception. >> a little pushback from the
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consumer is bad. >> reporter: it turns out crab fans are turned off at the word toxic. >> we ain't touching it. >> reporter: on the other hand -- >> oh, i love eating crab. >> reporter: no one knows yet how high prices of out of state crab might go. >> from the supply side, chances are they will go up. but if your demand doesn't meet that supply, then forget it. >> reporter: now, at this point the commercial season is still slated to open on november 15 but with the loss of the recreational season, it is all but certain that the commercial season will be postponed, as well. frank. >> so it's not looking good actually. november 15th? and then after that, we shall see, i guess, right? >> reporter: yes. they are going to be taking tests over the next week because as soon as this algae comes in, it can move out, as well. so they are going to continue doing tests and the decision will ultimately be made within the week by the department of fish & game. back to you. >> anne makovec live right here in san francisco, thank you.
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let's take a look at the bay area crab market by the numbers. 17million pounds were caught in 2014. this time of year has particularly high demand for crab since crab is a thanksgiving staple for many people in northern california and the delay is projected to hurt local economic revenue, as well. a woman was arrested for dui after hitting two boys on the way to school yesterday. neighbors say there's more to the problem. the accident happened at bay and buchanan streets in the marina as they entered the crosswalk. the woman hit them. residents say speeding has been a problem there for years and we asked what's being done to prevent this from happening again. >> we are looking at sewer upgrades, repaving, and as well as putting in speed bumps and reducing a lane of traffic to make it safer and reduce speeds. >> no word on when the changes will happen. a controversy surrounding governor jerry brown today over the use of state resources. last year, the governor
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directed regulators to research mining and oil opportunities on his family's ranch in northern california. but state law bars elected officials from using public employees for personal purposes. regulators say the analysis was not unusual. they found that prospects were very low for any commercial drilling or mining on the brown's family ranch. police say this isn't your typical bank robber. instead of a mass, she wears yoga pants and sunglasses. the woman has robbed multiple banks in the past few days. san jose police are hoping to nab her before she strikes again. the latest robbery was yesterday at a chase bank on almaden expressway. police say she carried out the robberies with ease. >> he is able to walk in pass a note obtain the money and walk out without being detected. >> police say the note suggests she is armed but no one has seen a gun. the man accused of stabbing local hero spencer stone now in
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police custody in sacramento. officers arrested james tran yesterday after investigating him for some time. stone was stabbed during this fight last month outside a sacramento bar. in the circle, you can see two figures come up from behind and attack him. tran was arrested during a traffic stop in elk grove. stone made news you may recall in august when he and two friends thwarted a terror attack on a train in france. he says he is relieved to hear about that arrest. >> i'm really happy. the sac pd have worked their butt off. i'm happy they made an arrest. not everyone gets their case solved. >> police searched tran's home yesterday and found evidence linking him to the stabbing. still ahead this noon, a boy missing for 13 years is found safe and alive. those who knew him had no clue he had been kidnapped years ago. how he was found coming up next. >> netflix says they can help
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you put your kids t bed like a bedtime story. we'll explain the new program next. >> good afternoon, we have been noticing increasing clouds across the bay area. how those clouds will affect your nighttime forecast. we have the details as the news continues right here on kpix 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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hundreds of student protestg racist and hateful messages found on a campus computer. th taking another look in berkeley this afternoon, hundreds of students protesting messages found on a campus computer. this is a live look from chopper 5. you can see all of the students down there rallying right now. this is on the cal campus p the students left class around 10:30 this morning and marched from their campus through the streets of downtown berkeley.
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their march stems from a message discovered yesterday on a library computer. it used a slur to specifically target blacks. we are going to keep our eye on these protests throughout the afternoon. speculation is growing that a bomb brought down a russian jet over egypt. british prime minister david cameron believes there is a strong possibility terrorists are to blame. that doomed plane took off from a resort town on egypt's coast last saturday before it broke apart 23 minutes into the flight. 224 passengers on board all killed. some new video shows smoke rising from the wreckage and egyptian ambulance worker on the scene there. aviation experts say if there was a bomb, wreckage and bodies will provide the evidence. >> there's going to be certain types of markings on the body and there's going to be certain things, certain types of markings inside the airplane. >> u.s. officials cite isis chatter in the sinai peninsula after the crash as indication
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of the group's possible involvement. further intelligence suggests someone at the airport may have helped get the bomb on the plane. an alabama boy who went missing in 2002 has been found alive in ohio. julian hernandez was in the legal custody of his mother when he vanished without a trace. authority say the boy's father abducted him. he was supposed to drop him at daycare but that never happened. julian was 5 at the time. now he is a teenager. the february was tipped off that father and son were living in cleveland and neighbors are speechless that a wanted man was living next door. >> oh my god! i'm shocked! i'm totally shocked! >> julian is 18. he found out himself when he was applying for college and had some issues with his social security number. now his father is facing abduction charges back in alabama. "covered california" is it teaming up with a san francisco landmark to promote healthcare involvement. coit tower will light up with "covered california's" logo to
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kick off the month-long multicity bus tour. officials hope the tour will raise awareness and encourage people to enroll. starting tonight, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the glowing logo on coit tower. mammoth ski resort is opening more than a week early today after the recent storm dumped more than 30 inches of snow. mount rose in nevada opened yesterday and boreal is set to open tomorrow. and they are making snow up there, too, because, roberta, how cold was it up in the sierra? you're whooshing! >> it was 14 degrees up there this morning! how about that. it's currently 32 degrees. good morning. the weather station is just outside squaw valley. let's check the current conditions. not too bad. this one standing out. 68 degrees. that would be steve. he is really reliable. he is one of my most reliable weather watchers. they all are reliable. but steve is with us every, single day and he is reporting
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relative humidity at 37%. that's dry there. let's look at some other numbers. in the 50s and 60s. this morning we dip down to the mid-30s in many areas away from the bach to the north and east. this is the view this afternoon from sausalito towards a hazy san francisco. another view, this time around let's take a bird's-eye view up from the university of california at the lawrence hall of science with a few wispy clouds over the bay. this is our mount hamilton cam up 4,000 feet where we have clouds in the santa clara valley. we go back down to sea level. live leave where the super bowl is just 94 days away. that would be super bowl 50 at levi's stadium february 7. temperatures are in the 60s. the relative humidity is down to 27% now in livermore. it's a little dry outside. we have been noticing increasing cloud cover from the north to the south. less wind today. those winds are relatively flat out of the south and west 5 to 10. highs again today into the 60s
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with that cooler air mass quickly just settling in not going anywhere very quickly. next front, it's an area of low pressure in the development stages right now in the gulf of alaska. it will be surging down in a southerly direction if our timing serves us correctly we should be rain here locally beginning on sunday evening into monday. this is your futurecast. overall mostly cloudy. 43 on the south shore. 63 monterey. sun-up and sundown we lose about 2 minutes and three seconds of daylight hours off yesterday. i think it's more than that because of the cloud cover. 60s across the board today and tomorrow full sunshine. here comes the rain sunday and monday. computer models still out on how much rain to expect right now i'm thinking a little soaker perhaps .25". we don't want it all too quickly because the ground is still saturated. >> we are getting into a nice trend. >> and snow in the high sierra. >> and snow. we love it! >> roberta, you like space? >> i do. >> good news.
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>> space cadet. >> there's a help wanted sign at nasa. >> new job! [ laughter ] >> they are hiring. there are currently 47 active nasa astronauts. the agency is looking for the next generation of space pioneers to possibly go to mars. they are accepting applications from december through february. netflix has some help for parents who have trouble getting their children to turn off the tv and go to bed. netflix launched a five-minute bedtime video based on the animated series dino trucks, much shorter than usual 20 or 30-minute programs. perfect for the kids who beg for one more show. or you can do what michelle does. >> go to bed. >> and pull the plug. >> that weather,. still ahead -- -- that works. >> still ahead, this week's jefferson award winner, we'll introduce her next. >> and we invite all you pet lovers send us your questions about their health and well- being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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life.. brought out the bestn her. allen martin explains how ts week's jefferson award winn took a senseless act of vioe and created a the worst night of stacey redman's life brought out the best in her. >> allen martin explains how this week's jefferson award winner took a senseless act of violence and created of network of caring. >> bonds hits one to left
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center field. >> reporter: september 17, 2004, a night giants fans won't forget but a night that changed stacey redman forever. >> i can remember thinking i'm so glad tim's there to see that. >> reporter: her son, tim griffith, did see it. but then, suddenly in the post- game celebration. >> that was the night he was killed and it just -- >> reporter: outside the park stacey's 21-year-old son had been stabbed and killed. a victim of random violence. >> i have the same feeling like when i see a hawk it feels like he is around. >> reporter: showing me the painting tim's girlfriend created after he died, stacey said she was determine that her son would not be just another statistic. that's when the tim griffith foundation took flight. >> and we decided, we're going to start something and we're going to work on anti-violence. that was our original mission. >> reporter: the foundation branched out to include grief counseling for parents who lost a child. and a sober living house in redwood city for young men
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coming out of rehab. it's called, tim's house. >> tim's house, helping guys young guys with addiction was about tim's path and the grief retreats for moms and dads who lost children, was really out of my own need for something like that. >> i go to three aa or na meetings a week. >> reporter: gavin smith is living at tim's house. >> i have done time before so doing time is easy. i decided to try something different. >> reporter: he knows tim would approve. >> i talk to him every once in a while. >> does he send you messages? >> yes. >> that's what i wanted for those guys to feel that connection to feel taken care of that it's not just a house, that there's more, much more behind it than that. >> reporter: so for helping stop the violence, comforting grieving parents, and giving young men in recovery a home, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to stacey redman. allen martin, kpix 5.
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>> tim's house runs in partnership with the bridges program and the service league of san mateo county and the foundation recently began sponsoring a counseling at sequoia high school in redwood city to help transition students who are coming out of juvenile hall. remember, you can nominate your own local hero for a jefferson award online at persimmons are a common produce treat this time of year. i'm not sure i have ever had one. >> no. >> eh. >> maybe not. >> they have to be just ripe for you to enjoy them properly so here's tony with today's tip. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is with persimmons. they are coming in, in the fall, great quality. we talked about round persimmons. those you eat when they're hard, sweet and spicy at the same time. but these persimmons you eat when they're very, very soft almost like a water balloon texture soft where if you squeeze them, they may explode in your hand. that's how soft they have to be. let's talk about selection and storage. when you buy them, beautiful
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orange color all the way around. very important free from any shriveling whatsoever. now, when you bring them home store them on the counter not in a cool, dry place. on the counter is probably the best place. now, wait until you squeeze them and they are so soft like i said, they start to break apart. and the skin starts to crack. that's when they're sweet juicy and great for us. they are a superfood. they are loaded with nutritional value. the best persimmon for those cookies and different baking. i love them. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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♪ >> steffy: i can't believe it. it just popped out of nowhere. >> caroline: i know. you can't believe it? [ chuckles ] >> ridge: okay. steffy, liam, where are we for prep? >> steffy: we are on schedule. >> ridge: do you have everything you need from the design teams? >> liam: oh, yeah. and then some. >> steffy: wait, shouldn't rick and maya be here? >> liam: yeah, 'cause we are discussing the new collection, right? >> ivy: yeah, uh, they'll be sticking close to home today. >> thomas: nicole, too? >> ivy: yeah, i have a feeling, uh, we won't be seeing those three for -- for a while. >> wyatt: yeah, we won't be seeing nicole probably until rick and maya's baby comes. >> ivy: mm-hmm. >> caroline: well, i think it's wonderful that she agreed to be their surrogate. >> quinn: oh, yeah. kid sister carries brother-in-law's baby.


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