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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. and i'm frank mallicoat. the co good morning, everyone. it's friday, november 6. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:00. the college student from santa clara who stabbed four people at uc-merced had written out elaborate plans. he was later killed by the police. kpix 5's keit do is in santa clara with more on what we're learning about that attacker. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the young man who was a quiet student here at wilcox high school who just graduated a few months ago was nothing like the monster investigators say went on that stabbing rampage down at uc-merced. now, when they conducted an autopsy on faisal mohammad they found a manifesto with a list of people he wanted to harm and planned to tie them up and reading a scripted monologue
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aloud. he also wrote he was going to try to ambush a police officer and get his gun. the whole plan unraveled when the victims fought back. what's more, in that backpack, investigators found two clear bags full of petroleum jelly. >> it looks likes his intention was to cut a hole in the bag and squirt it on the floor as a slip and slide. >> reporter: back here at wilcox high school the principal remembered faisal as a good student who liked science but wasn't uninvolved with school activities. former classmates said he was quiet and faded into the background. >> really quiet or just holding back a lot of stuff and i guess maybe mohammad was just one of those people. >> reporter: as far as a motive the sheriff says faisal was angry for getting connected out of a study group. though searched his home in santa clara, his computer, his
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dorm room, everything, but found nothing to prove terrorism. persists persist a bomb may have brought down a russian airliner in egypt's sinai peninsula. a plane crashed on saturday killing 224. u.s. officials say president obama say there may have been a bomb on board. they think isis or an affiliate may have been responsible. in response, the department of homeland security may unveil plans today to increase security for overseas flights to the u.s. the concern is an explosive device could slip through screening overseas and somehow make its way to an american-bound airliner. international passengers interviewed at l.a.x. say they are fine with another layer of safeguards. okay. it's friday. let's see if we are "friday light" on the roads. here's liza with more. >> we have our first big accident of the morning. this, like look i aserious problem too involving a big rig which is jackknifed, frank and michelle. this is westbound 80 as you come off of the carquinez
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bridge in the crockett area. westbound 80 approaching cummings skyway. we understand that all lanes of the freeway are blocked at this hour and a couple other cars may be involved in this accident, as well. so expect delays. it is already backing up traffic across the carquinez bridge heading out of vallejo. your best bet if you normally take it commute take the benicia bridge instead. southbound 680 wide open and avoid the headaches. we'll keep a close eye on that accident as with this problem in concord. westbound 4 just before 242. a two-car crash in the left lane. roberta. 6:03 on this friday. good morning, everybody! heading out the door, you do need a jacket especially away from the bay into many of your inland location where we have dipped well into the 30s. check out santa rosa, napa and sonoma all in the 30s. we have 47 degrees now around the fremont area. it is 38 degrees in fremont and 43 degrees in novato. our temperatures today will be slightly warmer than yesterday but still, slightly below
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average. 60s beaches bright sunshine around the bay into the peninsula. 68 degrees approaching 70 in morgan hill and in gilroy. east of the bay a very flat wind out of the north at 5 upper 60s in brentwood. and 60s will be common across the northern stretch of the bay area to 71 degrees in cloverdale. we do have rain. it's in the weekend forecast. we'll track it together coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. michelle. all right, roberta, thank you. the next phase of the massive central subway project gets under way today in san francisco. kpix 5's anne makovec is in the construction zone with what commuters are in for. anne. >> reporter: yeah. as we see more traffic here in this neighborhood near the caltrain station, you can see exactly what a traffic mess that's going to be over the next week-plus. the work has already begun here and we are expecting major delays for this project which is actually going to last 8 days so the closure at eastbound king between 5th and
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3rd and several blocks of 4th street shut down starting at 10:00 tonight. workers are going to be installing track connecting existing muni rail lines to the central subway system. it's going to affect several muni lines including buses and trains. >> so people that are planning -- that use it as far as their daily commute, we ask that they spend a little bit of additional time leave a little early. there will probably be some delays. >> reporter: this is eventually going to be a major junction, a connection between the new central subway and the rest of the muni system. this is a match of the central subway plan in the works for years. they have been digging under union square now for several months. the closure here though near the caltrain station is going to end a week from tomorrow. the central subway expected to open in 2019. live in san francisco anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> the sfmta will be giving
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realtime traffic updates on their website. students heading back to class today at berkeley high school after 2,000 of them staged a walkout yesterday to protest a racist incident on campus. school officials say a ninth grader confessed to making the racist threats after being questioned. in a message posted on a school computer, the student used the "n" word twice and had threatened a public lynching in december while mentioning the ku klux klan. >> we feel much more comfortable after having talked to the student that there isn't a potential of, you know, of harm or any kind of attack on december 9. >> that message sparked school wide outrage prompting the massive protests. students are glad the administration found the person responsible for the message but some say there is a history of racist rhetoric at berkeley high that still needs to be addressed. [ loud screaming ] a violent arrest in a council meeting in alameda. this morning police say the
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protestors face battery charges. police say 68-year-old bob davis resisted arrest after an angry mob stormed the city council chambers. this happened on wednesday night. the protestors said they felt look they were being excluded. during the melee, an assistant city manager broke a hip. council was debating an emergency moratorium on rent increases and evictions. in the end they did pass some temporary restrictions. the verdict is in. crab season will be delayed for at least six months. the state department of fish & game postponed the recreational season until the crabs are safe to eat. dangerous levels of neurotoxins were discovered in dungeness crab caught off the california coast. experts say the crab crisis could be a warning from the ocean! >> we are working closely with the public health department to ensure public safety because we're very similar in a lot of ways and these animals are sentinels to what's going on in the ocean. >> scientist say the water
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temperatures in the pacific are 5 to 10 degrees warmer than average. a well-known bay area restaurant owner under a fire after an online post calling toddlers satanic. what motivated her comments. >> another shake-up in the race for the republican presidential nomination ahead of the next prime time debate. >> good morning from the kpix 5 weather center. we do have rain moving in this weekend. we'll tell you exactly when and how much to expect. >> and a big rig accident causing big time problems for westbound 80 leaving the vallejo area. details on this, i'll tell you how bad traffic is and give you some alternates to the delays with "kcbs traffic." ,, i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile.
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friday november 6. 6:11. taking a look at the skyline of san francisco. we have sun officially making a sunrise this morning. with the clear skies today,
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bright conditions, temperatures into the 60s. rain is tracking this way. i'll tell you when to expect it and that forecast is coming up in four minutes. thank you, roberta. two republican presidential candidates have been bumped from the main stage at next week's gop debate. chris christie mike huckabee did not average at least 2.5% in the four most recent polls. the prime time fox debate will be in milwaukee on tuesday. they said the candidates could be in the undercard debate. a successful cliff rescue in san francisco. they went to baker beach just before 6:00 after a man was stuck 150 feet down the cliff a few feet above the water. divers were able to get to him to a waiting rescue boat. and a real cliffhanger in the marin headlands. a tourist from florida was left dangling 300 feet up on wednesday night. that's after slipping while trying to take a picture. a good samaritan actually got to him first.
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he scrambled down and held the man by the wrist until firefighters arrived. crews at san francisco scrambling to install a stop sign at an intersection where two boys were hit by a speeding car by this would. the woman arrested for hitting them in a crosswalk has been charged with driving drunk. the d.a. is charging kristen anderek with four felonies that include child endangerment. 30-year-old struck the 12-year- old boys in her suv. it happened on wednesday morning. the marina middle school students were crossing at bay and buchanan streets in the marina. an emotional day today as the fire-ravaged community of meld town comes together for homecoming. the mission of today's special event is to say, thanks to the brave people who fought that devastating "valley fire." fire started on september 12. it killed four people. destroyed more than 1200 homes in the community. also today, san mateo firefighters will give out bicycles to kids who lost their bikes in the fire. a bay area restaurant owner
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is defending comments she made on social media. it started with a private facebook post. in it she called toddlers satanic. cate caugiran says she is facing boycott now. >> reporter: a facebook post intended to to be private. >> if you have children and you want to go out to dinner, i think that you should be able to take them. >> reporter: ended up on a group for cole valley neighbors by zazie's owner jen bennett. she wrote, this may shock you but choosing to have children means you can't go out to eat for roughly three years. please accept your fate. she talked about how she liked kids but said, quote, toddlers are satanic and it's exhausting. then added, i'm getting dangerously close to child abuse. it sounds extreme, right? [ child screaming at the top of his lungs ] >> reporter: but everyone knows what it's like to be in a restaurant with a screaming toddler. >> i also understand they make a huge mess. we deal with that at our house all the time. so i understand. >> reporter: jen just isn't any restaurant owner. sheaf san francisco's female entrepreneur of the year in
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2010 and even hobnobbed with michelle obama who was impressed that jennifer runs a business that has long given her workers health benefits and 401(k) plan so her toddler tirade carries weight. she explained she had an unpleasant experience with the kids at the sushi restaurant next door. some parents threaten to boycott zazie's but when i spoke to the owner she said her comments had nothing to do with the restaurant and that children are most certainly welcome at zazie's. in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. firefighters have contained a two-alarm blaze in belmont. the fear was burning at an apartment complex on carmount drive. the came came in at a.m. no injuries have been reported. but several people have been burned-out of their homes. crews are still at the scene dousing hot spots and will remain there for several hours. california's drought has been rough on many vineyards but that didn't stop one area from getting the coveted title of wine region of the year. it's not napa, sonoma. it's central valley city of
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lodi that got the honor given by the publication wine enthusiast. it's growing grapes and making wine too and new wineries are popping up all over. now thanks to a good glass of wine lodi is poised to be the other california wine destination. so we're taking a road trip. >> road trip! morning show. >> you're in. >> you're the designated driver. >> shotgun. >> one time. good morning, guys. happy friday. as we prepare for the weekend, we have to face this brutal commute on 80. if you normally take the carquinez bridge, avoid westbound 80. we have this major accident involving a jackknifed big rig just off the bridge so take 780 over to 680 and use the benicia bridge as your alternate. this accident involving a jackknifed big rig and couple of other cars blocking multiple lanes. we are hearing from the chp that they may have to shut down the freeway. so be prepared for those delays. traffic is already backed up out of vallejo from beyond 780. so that's going to be a hot spot for you. also an accident in san jose.
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and this is a spot where we rarely see accidents for this time of the morning but southbound 280 near the guadalupe parkway, an accident blocking three lanes of traffic. that's a slow spot. the 205 accident still out there westbound in tracy. as you approach mountain house parkway expect to see delays there. traffic is backed up from that point approaching and heading down the altamont pass. 580 still in good shape though. you can see from these live pictures, there's still lots of room for 580 close to the dublin interchange. no delays as of yet for west 580 heading down the dublin grade but on this friday morning it is not "friday light" at the bay bridge toll plaza. those backups extend through the macarthur maze. metering lights are on. and it's a 30-minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. so lots of slow traffic on this friday morning. westbound traffic at the san mateo bridge, that's still holding steady so it's a nice drive leaving hayward bound for foster city. the usual 16-minute drive time between 880 and 101. meantime, over at the golden gate bridge, we have been
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enjoying very light traffic southbound 101 a little slow now heading through central san rafael but no delays between sausalito and san francisco. you're looking good across the golden gate. very quickly though i do want it highlight northbound 101 leaving morgan hill. be prepared for brake lights now approaching and passing cochran road. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. i'm still in awe of you, liza. i really am. you're a soccer coach! that's right. >> for your son max's team? >> that's right. killers, little killers! all six of them. good morning, everyone. official sun-up at 6:40. we are already seeing a glimpse of what's going to be a bright sunshiny day. ware in the 30s in santa rosa, in the 40s in the tri-valley, in the 50s around the rim of the bay. what you into he had to know today? head out with a jacket. make sure the kids are bundled up as they head out to the bus stop today. cool temperatures again slightly below average. next rain event arrives on sunday. there is a slight chance of a
6:19 am
renegade shower on saturday in the far reaches of the north bay. but we are still under the influence of this high pressure with the cooler air mass in place. this is the area of low pressure. it's still really in the development stages out of the gulf of alaska. and it's beginning to surge down south bringing with it light precipitation. our futurecast illustrates that we'll see some low clouds build along the san mateo coastline around lunch hour on saturday. and maybe a renegade shower on saturday but this is a front. it wants to push through sooner now than later on sunday. the central bay by sun-up. and then partly cloudy skies during the bulk of the day for the 49er game. then hit-and-miss showers. rain sunday into monday morning. currently 40 going up to 69 at sacramento. 20 on the south shore going up to 49. upper 60s through carmel and monterey. sundown tonight, 5:06. we are losing 2 minutes of
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daylight hours today. we have 60s across the board. 71 in the cloverdale area. so temperatures still slightly below average. it is 6:20 on your friday. we are continuing to keep an eye on water wasters during the drought. and one big one is using an extra 2 million gallons every week. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, can johnny football bring down undefeat cincinnati? in the civil war last night san francisco state tips off at the hilltop against usf. so who won the bragging rights? we'll show you coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone.
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they call it the crosstown showdown. i call it the civil war. usf has played division 2 san francisco state 25 times since the truman administration and has never lost. >> i think it will be a good game. don't count us out. we have a good team this year. >> that's trevor duffy and the gators. duffy had 17. the only gator in double figures. gators down one at the half. alums are loving it at the hilltop. but i went and drown my sorrows it the shanghai kelly's after the second half. den watson 45 for the dons and they win 87-76. paddy marleau inching closer to 1,000 career points. sharks hosting the panthers at the tank. check out the moves. and he scores 997 career points. sharks beat the panthers 5-2 their first win at home against florida in a decade. and johnny manziel started last night for the browns against the bengals but not even joe montana could keep up with cincinnati right now.
6:25 am
andy dalton three touchdown passes all of them to tyler eye fert. bengals 31-10 just the 2 10. colin kaepernick and dalton consecutive picks in the 2011 draft. hey, we got raider football against the pittsburgh steelers this sunday morning right here on the big 5. "5th quarter" will follow. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. you this, dennis. play of the day on a friday. we have miami and minnesota hoops. great shot 2nd quarter watch dwayne wade steal and then launch right at the horn and boom! gets it. half court buzzer beater. about a 50-footer. wade scored 25 points in the game and the heat beat the t- wolves thanks in part to your shot of the day right there. 96-84 the final. 6:25. serena williams usually shows off her speed and reflexes on the tennis court but those
6:26 am
skills came in handy when a thief targeted her in san francisco. >> and we are learning disturbing new details about the student who went on a stabbing rampage at uc-merced including what he was planning on doing with bags full of petroleum jelly. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your health. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. >> a landmark construction project is about to really ramp up. i'm anne makovec live in san francisco where drivers can expect some major construction delays. >> a key part of the plan to reform the problem plagued
6:30 am
santa clara county jail appears to have fallen apart before getting started. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, we are tracking a brand- new storm. it's heading this way. we'll tell you when to expect it. >> and the chp issued a "sig alert" for westbound 80 just outside the carquinez bridge. a imagine accident there. i'll have details and alternates to the backup. >> good morning, it's friday, november 6. i'm michelle griego. >> happy friday, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. we are learning that the young man who stabbed four people at uc-merced had planned for even more violence. kpix 5's kiet do is in santa clara with the latest details on the 18-year-old assailant. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. we are live here at wilcox high school in santa clara where faisal mohammad graduated a few months ago. when the coroner performed the occupies on him had he found in this pocket a manifesto. the sheriff said that faisal had, quote, visions of grandeur but the whole plan unraffled when people fought back.
6:31 am
call it teenage rage it's what the sheriff said made faisal mohammad stab four people during a morning rampage on campus tuesday. >> he had gotten kicked out of the study group and was upset with one of the students. and apparently, took his anger to the extreme level. >> reporter: the 18-year-old uc- merced freshman wrote down names of the students he targeted and other violent plans. >> he talks about going into the classroom and actually taking the students and -- and handcuffing them with the zipties. he goes on to say that he is going to ambush a police officer and try and get his gun. >> reporter: authorities say there is no evidence to suggest that faisal's stabbing spree was tied to religion or terrorism although he made several references to allah in his writings. the sheriff said the computer science and engineering major had elaborate ideas. among of the things found in his backpack bags of petroleum jelly. >> it looks like his intention for the petroleum jelly was to cut a hole in one of the bags and squirt the petroleujelly on the floor as a kind of a
6:32 am
slip and slide. >> reporter: back at wilcox high school in santa clara, students are trying to make sense of it all. >> some people are quiet or there's holding back a lot of stuff and i guess maybe mohommed was one of those people. >> reporter: and the fbi has confirmed they carried out search warrants at his home and dorm at uc-merced. they found no evidence that suggest any kind of link to terrorism. live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. a list of bay area's biggest water wasters is out and some of the names are familiar. the menlo country club in woodside is using an extra 2 million gallons of water a week. how about the giants? guzzling an extra 12,000 gallons a week at their china basin park and the university of san francisco using an extra 7,000 gallons a week. the "chronicle" updating the records from the san francisco public utility commission. and ski and snowboard season is under way today in the tahoe/truckee area. boreal will open up this
6:33 am
morning. the ski resort joins mammoth ski resort and mount rose which opened on wednesday just the one trail but it's open. the early start all thanks to monday's storm which brought more than a foot of snow to parts of the sierra. that snow makes me want to go up there right now. >> if you do want to go up there now pack your chains. >> really? >> yeah. we have more snow in the forecast. not as much as we saw earlier this week but nevertheless we do have a brand-new area of low pressure. it's developing in the gulf of alaska. if our timing is correct, it will be bringing us much-needed rain here not -- much-needed rain right here to the bay area on sunday. right now, bright sunshine in the forecast today. official sun-up at 6:40. with it, we have some cold temperatures. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the microclimates now. we are in the 40s in mountain view. 50s in san francisco. 45 degrees in san jose backing through willow glen. upper 30s in pleasanton through dublin into san ramon. it's in the 30s from santa rosa
6:34 am
through napa. and it looks like we have temperatures today just a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday but still in the 60s for the most part. flat winds out of the west up to 5 to 10 miles per hour. 60s east of the bay, as well. we should top off at 70 near napa and low 70s as we reach out towards the windsor area. the rain and we'll track it together that's coming up at 48 minutes after the hour but right now let's send it over to liza battalones. >> it's been a frustrating commute for so many drivers leaving the vallejo area. a "sig alert" in place jackknifed big rig accident now blocking multiple lanes. this is westbound 80 approaching cummings skyway. traffic has been jam-packed across the carquinez bridge beyond 780. continue to use your alternate 780 over to the benicia bridge. southbound 680 is wide open heading across the benicia bridge. you're going to save yourself a lot of time. use that as your alternate. in the san jose area, we do have a problem and it's taking awhile for the chp to clear up this crash blocking three lanes. southbound 280 just before the
6:35 am
guadalupe parkway, they have run a couple of traffic breaks in the area working to keep -- hold back some of the traffic normally heading that direction but be prepared for backups there. the bay bridge toll plaza crowded to the maze. commuters beware. major traffic disruption are expected as the next phase of the massive central subway project gets under way in san francisco. kpix 5's anne makovec is in the construction zone with what you need to know. anne. >> reporter: they have been preparing for this big push on the central subway project. you can see some of the road closures already in place by the caltrain station in san francisco. expect delays in the area for the next 8 days. eventually, this is going to be a major junction a connection between the central subway system and the rest of the muni system. this is a map of the central subway plan which will go under the heart of union square
6:36 am
connecting chinatown to the south of market area. >> what we're asking folks is that they are not to alter the commute pattern but to understand that there's some due tours in place for automobile traffic along geary and 5th street. >> reporter: those detours will make up for closures on eastbound king street between 5th and 3rd and several blocks of 4th street. all going to shut down at about 10:00 tonight. workers installing tracks to connect the existing rail lines to the new subway. it's going to impact several muni lines, as well. that means buses and trains. the closure is set to end a week from tomorrow on the central subway system set to open in 2019. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the sfmta says they will have live transit updates throughout the construction on their website, newly elected san francisco sheriff vicki hennesy says she wants to improve the relations with immigration and customs
6:37 am
enforcement officials. hennessy's plan comes after an illegal immigrant fatally shot and killed a woman near the ferry building in july. this replaces a policy from current sheriff ross mirkarimi who prohibited sheriff's deputies from contacting i.c.e. a panel looking at santa clara county jails is in jeopardy even before it meets for the first time tomorrow. the commission is examining how inmates are treated after an alleged deadly beating. but now, commission head ladoris cordell questions whether it can be effective. that's because county supervisors are hiring a litigation consultant to do its own investigation reportedly with more access. tennis superstar serena williams serving up swift justice on the streets of san francisco. on wednesday night, a man stole her phone off her table she chased him. andria borba went to the mission where it happened. >> reporter: the foiled cell phone caper happened with surveillance cameras reporting. the victim none other than the
6:38 am
21-time grand slam champion. the villain, this guy. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: the suspect was in a suit, so he didn't look like a suspect. he was lurking like a comic book criminal. >> there was a guy that was standing there in the pickup section for a little too long. >> reporter: after lingering near serena's table, he moves in and swipes her cell phone off a chair. as she posted on her facebook page, super serena was having none of it. she chased the guy out of the restaurant and down mission street with the same speed she chases volleys across the court. >> really strange. never had anything like that happen here. >> reporter: undercover serena without her trusty tennis back to you didn't need a backhand to get her phone back, just her mouth. she demanded he give the phone back and he did. >> she said someone just took my phone, i can't believe it. >> reporter: the san francisco police department would like serena to file a report in this case. they are curious if the criminal is a serial cell phone thief. andria borba, kpix 5. former pass rusher for the
6:39 am
raiders is found guilty of killing three men. 48-year-old anthony smith played defensive end for the raiders from 1990 to 1998. he was convicted in los angeles of killing two brothers to death in 1999 and killing a man in 2001 by stabbing him. the jury found they had all been kidnapped and tortured. a san jose restaurant at the center of a shigella outbreak is expected to re-open this morning. health officials inspected marisco's number 3 restaurant and determined it no longer presents a risk to public health. officials say the restaurant's owner tossed all food products and sanitized the facility. nearly 200 people were sickened last month. the health department still doesn't know the source of the outbreak. 6:39 on your friday. a major car company making a billion-dollar bet on a futuristic new project in the silicon valley. >> the unusual conditions in the pacific had delayed the start of crab season. and that may just be the start. ,,
6:40 am
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so you can easily master the way you bank. good morning, rise and shine. this is your friday with temperatures today into the 60s from the coast around the peninsula. bright sunshine gentle west winds up to 5 miles per hour, milpitas 67. good morning antioch at 68 degrees. everybody pretty much under 70 except for napa at 70. perhaps the sonoma areaas well into glen ellen. upper 60s in santa rosa. and morning, rohnert park, in the upper 60s. >> don't forget cloverdale. 71. [ laughter ] >> all right. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." anthony mason joins us from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. ahead, we are in sharm el- sheikh egypt with the latest on the investigation into whether
6:44 am
a bomb brought down that russian airliner. plus, a school "sexting" scandal grows. hundreds of photos exchanged wind a secret app to hide them. adele's decision on whether to stream her new album could impact the music industry. and andy cohen will be in studio 57. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> all right. thank you. >> her video already has 80 million views. whatever she does, it will be big. >> it's like a quarter billion. >> anthony mason, we'll see you at 7:00. u.s. hiring was strong in october adding the most jobs in nearly a year. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning, frank and michelle. good news into the weekend. a surprising job gain for the month of october according to the labor department. a gain of 271,000. that's much more than what
6:45 am
exists were expecting. it lowered unemployment to 5%. and also, we saw some strong wage growth for a change. in fact, a year-over-year gain of 2.5% was the strongest since 2009. now, all of this points us a lot closer to a potential rate hike from the federal reserve when it meets in december. the fed noted slowing employment growth is one of the main reasons as to why it cannot a lid on rates in its last meeting and inflation is low. strong wage growth will certainly change that. we'll see how november goes before the fed makes its decision in cities. square has set its ipo terms. the mobile payments firm based in san francisco is looking to price its range between 11 and $13 and at the high-end it would raise more than $400 million. companies taking a bit of a gamble entering the ipo market at this time. ipos have slowed down over the past couple of months. some companies even delaying or postponing theirs. mainly because of global volatility. although, october was the strongest month for the stock
6:46 am
market in four years. let's take a look at the market right now. kind of a hohum reaction on wall street on the jobs news as it tries to digest what's going to happen with the fed. toyota is making a big invest silicon valley: specifically on >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. enjoy your weekend. >> you, too. toyota is making a big development in silicon valley s specifically, on artificial intelligence and robots. the company plans to spend $1 billion on research. toyota says the research will go beyond self-driving cars and involve everyday use like robots to help people in wheelchairs and the elderly. toyota's president says the new company will launch in january with 200 employees at facility near stanford and another site near m.i.t. in cambridge massachusetts. a child was ejected from a car after an accident around noontime yesterday on power avenue north of highway 4. pittsburg police say right before the crash, the same car
6:47 am
was involved in a hit-and-run. but the woman behind the wheel just kept driving speeding down the street and that's when she struck that concrete wall and a light post. >> so the saturn came down flying first and when it came down it seemed like in this area it kind of lost control. and when the car lost control it actually flipped over and that's when you saw the baby shootout of the car. and then after the baby shot out of the car, the car continued to crash. and the woman started screaming. >> that driver was unlicensed. she went to the hospital. her 2-year-old son died in the crash. let's check the roads with liza. >> problem delaying hackers released traffic outside of the carquinez bridge in vallejo. the good news is the chp managed to clear up this accident off to the right-hand shoulder. so the big rig that jackknifed you're going to see this off to the right-hand side. westbound 80 near cummings skyway the traffic delays are still there at last check traffic backed up from
6:48 am
tennessee street in vallejo. so continue to use your alternates. you're going to want to head to 780 and 680 the benicia bridge to save yourself some time. all lanes are open and the "sig alert" for westbound 80 is lifted by the chp. meantime, bay bridge toll plaza is no longer "friday light." we have had backups there this morning. the metering lights are on. traffic is backed up through the macarthur maze. and more sluggish traffic now awaits you on and off heading across the bridge into san francisco. drive time now this is because of the big rig accident is up to 40 minutes between the carquinez bridge and the maze. meantime, northbound 101 heading to and through the silicon valley expect backups now leaving morgan hill but it's not solid. it's just patches of slow traffic. your going to see the delays beginning from highway 85 so be prepared for those backups. it's no longer delayed approaching santa clara. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." very quickly, very heavy traffic right here at the san mateo bridge. roberta? it's my buddy time. it's my weather watcher time. checking in with people in the microclimates so i can see what
6:49 am
it's like in your neighborhood. let's check this out. 36 degrees peggy rodgers in petaluma. have a great weekend. thanks for playing with us here on kpix 5. lots of clear skies across the entire bay area right now official sun-up at 6:40. we are seeing the makings of visibility unlimited at this hour. 30s, 40s and 50s out the door, no winds and will be relatively calm today. very gentle breeze out of the west up to 5 miles per hour. we have rain this weekend. right now under the influence of high pressure right there next two days dry except a chance of a shower in the far reaches of the north bay on saturday because sometimes you get that. you get some of these little cells that run in advance of the area of low pressure of the front itself. that looks like this area of low pressure that's developing in the gulf of alaska. it wants to sag south bringing
6:50 am
us that much-needed precipitation on sunday. our futurecast illustrates the return of the low clouds along the coast. the san mateo coast by lunch hour on saturday. the front slicing through the north bay and the early-morning hours at 7 a.m. on sunday morning, the bulk of the rain over the tri-valley then partly cloudy conditions for the 49er game before the core of the area of low pressure moves in overnight on sunday into monday. it's currently 40 going up to 69 tow state capital. it's in the teens going up to the 50s? the greater lake tahoe area. take the changes if you are heading there in the teens in the greater lake tahoe area. a chance of a shower on saturday in the north bay otherwise rain on and off on sunday into your monday. and make it a great day. 6:50 your time. plans for a thanksgiving feast featuring dungeness crab will have to be changed probably in the next few weeks state department of fish & game postponed the recreational
6:51 am
season until the crabs are safe to eat. dangerous levels of neurotoxins were discovered in the crab caught off of the california coast. experts say the crab crisis could be a warning from the ocean. these fishermen are having a field day looking all sorts of bright tropical fish in southern california. >> whoo! >> we have never experienced whale watching quite like this in monterey bay. >> i'm totally fighting him. >> reporter: farther south, kayakers find themselves surrounded by hammerhead sharks. >> we measure water temperatures as high as 80 degrees. that is very, very unusual. many of these individuals may normally typically reside 1,000 miles south of here. >> reporter: like this highly venomous yellow bellied sea snake spotted on a beach in ventura county, the farthest north one has ever been found. >> what we're seeing is alarming because it's changing. it's a new normal for what we can expect, that's going to have a lot of very far reaching
6:52 am
effects. >> reporter: we have already seen dead whales washing ashore, sea lions starving to death and unless the waters cool down, the fish & game commission says anchovie season will be pushed back or closed altogether. paul deanno, kpix 5. a bay area company is making it easier for people to stay gluten-free. a company in san francisco has created a portable tool that can detect gluten in food. here's how it works. the sample of food goes into a test capsule and then about 2 minutes later the sensor shows a happy face if it meets the fda standard for gluten-free labeling or a sad face means it has gluten. >> i feel like i'm taking back meal time and for others i think it's going to provide that extra layer of security and confidence. >> it costs about $200 and includes the sensor and three single use test capsules. when eating at restaurants, doctors still recommend asking whether menu items are gluten-
6:53 am
free just to be safe. it is 6:52. less than a week until the next republican presidential debate. and a big shake-up among the contenders. >> and we are learning disturbing new details about the student who went on a stabbing rampage at uc-merced including what he was planning on doing with bags full of petroleum jelly. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
with a 100% electric nissan leaf... what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america.
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stepped up security measurer overseas flights bound for e s comes just a day five things to know at the :55. the department of homeland security could announce stepped up security measures for overseas flights bown not united states just a day after president obama acknowledted the "possibility" that a bomb brought down a russian plane in egypt. a change this is line-up for next weeks' gop debate. chris christie and mike
6:57 am
huckabee were demoted to the undercard debate. lindsey graham and george pataki are out. in arkansas six people are dead after a charter bus veered off the road slammed into a bridge support early this morning. the bus was reportedly taking migrant workers from michigan to texas. there was light rain and fog at the time. but it's unclear if that played a role. it's opening day for skiers and snowboarders at boreal. this week's storm dumped more than a foot of snow in some of the higher elevations. boreal joins two other resorts already open for the season. mammoth ski resort in southern california and mount rose in nevada. and the second phase of construction on san francisco's central subway project begins tonight. you can expect street closures and detours in the area of 4th and king streets through next saturday. the subway will be up and running in early 2019. i'm kiet do live in santa clara with an update on faisal mohammad. he is the student who stabbed four people and was shot and
6:58 am
killed by police at uc-merced. we are learning that this quiet young man who graduated just a few months ago from wilcox high school in santa clara looked nothing like the monster that investigators say went on that stabbing rampage. they conduct an autopsy and found a manifesto inside his pocket with zipties, duct tape and night vision scope in a backpack. he had a list of people to harm and to tie them up and reading a monologue. he wrote he was going to try to ambush a police officer and get that officer's gun. the whole plan unraffled when the victim started fighting back. what's more, inside that backpack investigators found two clear bags full of petroleum jelly. >> it looks like his intention was to squirt the petroleum jelly on a slide and slide. >> reporter: as far as motive, sheriff says faisal was angry for getting kicked out of a
6:59 am
study grew group. they searched his home in santa clara. they found no evidence linking any kind of active terrorism. 10 minutes late on train number 3. earlier accident westbound 80 approaching cummings skyway it's just been pushed out of lanes. but traffic was crowded out of vallejo beyond tennessee street. continue to use the benicia bridge as your alternate. bay bridge toll plaza heavy through the maze. >> there is it is downtown san jose santa clara county home of super bowl 50. just 93 days, it's in the 30s, 50s and 40s out the door this morning. later today, 60s across the board from the coast through the bay into our inland areas. outside number actually 71 degrees where, frank? >> where? >> cloverdale. [ laughter ] >> sorry. [ laughter ] >> we have rain showers developing on sunday through your monday morning. a chance on saturday far
7:00 am
reaches of the north bay. captions by: caption colorado xt. great day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, november 6th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." did terrorists sneak a bomb past airport security to take down the russian jet liner? presidential politics takes a bizarre turn. ben carson's new comments that will be the talk of the trail. and hundreds of students at a colorado high school could face felony charges for exchanging sexually charged photos. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> a lot more than it is now. >> the president says a


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