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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 6, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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could happen, police say they tracked down the woman this afternoon in san jose. without the shades and yoga pants that allowed her to fit in the crowd so well to commit the robberies. >> was able to walk in, pass the note, obtain the money and walk out without being detected. >> reporter: police did not say how they were able to track down the woman and how much she was able to get away with. >> live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. breaking news. moments ago, state officials delayed the start of commercial crab season. that comes after recreational crab season was postponed this week. health officials have been running tests on dungeness crab and so far, the domoic acid levels have too toxic. it covers those caught between santa barbara and oregon. it cause vomiting, headaches and seizures. a new federal report on u.s. airport security shows there are still plenty of holes. some of them big enough to slip
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a weapon through. kpix 5's devin fehely reports. reporter: the newly released report describes tsa security failures as disappointing and troubling but mark desaulnier who sits on the house oversight and government reform committee has another word for them. >> those are beyond failure. those just are completely unacceptable. >> reporter: the inspector- general found security at the country's airport so poor and porous that contraband like weapons and explosives slipped past tsa screeners more than 59% of the time. congressman desaulnier says tsa must ramp up security quickly as we approach the busy holiday season. >> those kind of numbers you can't have a high level of confidence. it's good we do these things to understand what we fail or succeed but as a person who now travels a lot, um, and is a person, uhm, who is on oversight committee that's
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completely unacceptable. >> reporter: many passengers weren't aware tsa had performed so poorly on the internal tests. the results eroded their confidence in airport security. the defense announced tightened security measures in airports across the globe hoping to shore up security on international travel and prevent future terrorist attacks. >> devin fehely tonight. now, meanwhile, a french tv report claims an explosion was clearly heard in the final moment of that russian metrojet flight that crashed in the sinai peninsula over the weekend. france 2 tv sourced investigators with access to the plane's data recorders. the station reports that everything was fine in the first 24 minutes of the flight. and in a split second, everything stopped. u.s. and british officials also think a bomb maybe blown up the plane but so far accident investigators haven't confirmed it. a fugitive want in connection with a murder investigation in east palo alto is behind bars tonight. 25-year-old antonio so tell lemoore rain no was wanted for
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killing a man and shooting three others back in august of 2014. he fled to mexico after the crime and was deported back to the bay area this week. a second suspect identified as 23-year-old her son cruz of menlo park was arrested last december. they are accused of killing one and wounding three others. the san francisco woman arrested for hitting two middle school boys is out on bail. 30-year-old kirsten anderek was charged with felonies including drunk driving and child endangerment. police say anderek struck two 12-year-old boys wednesday morning at the intersection of boo can then and bay streets. the boys were in the -- buchanan and bay streets. the boys were in the crosswalk. they were critically injured but are expected to survive. a san jose restaurant linked to a shigella outbreak that sickened nearly 200 people is back open for business tonight. the owner speaking for the first time since that outbreak. ken bastida reports. >> reporter: marisco's san juan
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number 3 has been closed since october 18 when people first got sick. as a result, business at his other restaurants was also down 70%. the health department says the restaurant no longer poses a public health risk and cleared it to re-open. the owner sergio cruz said he threw out all the food and drink and sanitized the place. employees were retrained on food safety. they still don't know the source of the outbreak. they think it came in from the outside. >> i feel bad. i'm going to try to bring people back to my stores and i'm going to be okay. >> the reason cruz believes the shigella came from the outside is because of the timing of when people started getting sick. >> the people got sick on
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friday. my employee got sick sunday night. don't match friday to sunday. only one employee. eight employees only one got sick. >> cruz tells us that one employee no longer works there. he also says that he is going to work hard now to regain the public trust ken bastida, kpix 5. students returned to class today at uc-merced two days after a south bay freshman stabbed four people. there is extra security on campus just to reassure students who scrambled to get out of classrooms on wednesday. that's when 18-year-old faisal mohammad lashed out with a hunting knife. authorities say he was angry after getting kicked out of a study group. he was shot and killed by police. students at the school are still stunned. >> i still feel safe here. it's just um, i'm in a state of shock what's going on. >> tonight students will be coming together to hold a candlelight vigil for the four
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stabbing victims. all those victims are going to be okay. the man suspected of stabbing train hero spencer stone was in court today. james tran is accused of attempted murder. he was arrested wednesday morning during a traffic stop. surveillance video shows spencer stone fighting off men near a sacramento nightclub. he was stabbed four times during the october fight. today california unveiled a new method for killing condemned prisoners by a single drug injection instead of the current three-drug cocktail. the change comes after a federal judge said the current process causes inhumane suffering if one of the chemicals fails. that put executions on hold for the last 10 years. executions are not likely to restart anytime soon. public comment could take months and voters could see a number of ballot measures in the next election. well, the keystone oil pipeline project that has been a political hot potato for years is dead.
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at least for now. >> the state department has decided that the keystone xl pipeline would not serve the national interests of the united states. i agree with that decision. >> the pipeline would have carried 800,000 barrels of crude from canadian oilfields to the refinery at the gulf coast. transcanada submitted the proposal 7 years ago. it sparked a bitter battle between jobs and the environment. >> all of this obscured the fact that this pipeline would neither be a silver bullet for the economy as was promised by some nor the express lane to climate disaster proclaimed by others. >> republicans are already criticizing the decision and are vowing not to give up on the pipeline. bay area hedge fund manager tom steyer is one of the pipeline's major opponents. he has commit tens of millions of dollars fighting pro- pipeline political candidates. it's been a month and a half since a wildfire ravaged middletown. but tonight the town is
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rallying and coming together for homecoming. the event is going to be an opportunity for residents to thank the firefighters and first responders for their bravery. that fire started september 12. it killed four and destroyed more than 1200 homes. residents say the healing from the devastation has begun and the community is standing strong. our meteorologist paul deanno live on the field at middletown high school gearing up for the big game tonight. and our weekend weather, paul. >> reporter: yeah. we are in mustang territory tonight. big game mustangs versus clearlake and things are just getting back to normal up here west a wonderful thing after a very rough summer. we're quarter of a million acres of land beautiful land up here burned in numerous different wildfires. the weather is going to be changing throughout the weekend tomorrow. dry conditions for your friday night. we'll be dry throughout the day tomorrow. after that, just like last weekend, things will be changing sunday. take a look at the satellite
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review. that counterclockwise swirl that l you see on your television screen, your smartphone, that area of low pressure will drag a front through the bay area and that front will bring us beneficial widespread rainfall. so good news more rain is coming. a reinforcing push of cooler air. back out in lake county it's a beautiful evening. skies are clear. the game starts at 7:00. weather should be fine but i'll tell you what, the more changes are coming up for the seven-day forecast. wait until you see how chilly we are going to be. that's in about 10 minutes. >> get the sweaters ready. >> feeling like winter. >> thank you, paul. >> thank you, paul. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick speaking out for the first time about being benched. >> that decision is out of my control. that's that. >> tonight he is setting the record straight about claims he needed a break. >> a reward for driving less. the way to save big money on your car insurance. how to know if the pay per mile is right for you. >> living large until he lost
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control. the painful moment a driver crashes his rare ferrari just minutes out of the lot. ,,,,,,,,
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colin kaepernick is making s first public comments after getting benched by the san francisco 49ers. his coaches made the decisi 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick making his first public comments after being benched by the team. his coaches pulled him from the starting line-up. he spoke to reporters after practice today. he said the decision is out of his control. coach jim tomsula says the idea is to give kaepernick a break from the pressure but kaep doesn't see it that way. >> no. i don't believe in pressure. pressure is not being prepared for what you want to do. for me, i played four seasons. i have played four seasons and been successful. it's something that mental i i have been through before. i'm not incapable of going through something. >> blaine gabbert will now be the starting quarterback for the 9ers when they face off against the falcons on sunday. kaepernick says he will support his teammates and gabbert because they have been good to him. san francisco's baseball
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team has been ordered to cut way back on water after racking up a giant bill in september. the giants used an extra $12,000 gallons a week at the team's china basin park. that's nearly 70% over the organization's monthly allotment. but the giants are far from the worst offenders. utility records show that the menlo country club in woodside is using an extra 2 million gallons of water every week. could a confession sink ben carson's campaign? new tonight, the republican front-runner doing serious damage control for telling a lie. >> and who doesn't want to save money on car insurance? consumerwatch on whether the pay as you drive policy could pay off for you. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"i was offered a full scholarship to west point, t to meet general westmorelano to congres dinners." come pain and suffering ben carson's camp -- campaign 2016 and ben carson's camp says one of his statements in his autobiography is true. >> i went to west point. >> the republican presidential candidate repeated that claim to cbs' charlie rose last
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month. he now admits his rotc advisers in high school offered to help get him into the military academy which does include full tuition but he opted for medical school instead. at a news conference this afternoon carson blasted his critics claiming they are grasping at straws. >> they are getting desperate. so next week, it will be my kindergarten teacher who said i peed in my pants. but i expect it. >> he leads the field in some polls and a new cc poll shows him in a virtual tie with donald trump in iowa. >> a stellar jobs report is boosting chances the federal reserve will raise interest rates next month. the october jobless rate dropped to 5% the lowest since april 2008. the economy added 271,000 jobs the best month for job growth
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this year. stocks ended higher. stocks up 47 point. all three major indices posted their sixth straight week of gains. a new type of car insurance getting a lot of attention. targeted to people who don't drive very much. consumerwatch reporter julie watts on whether the pay per mile insurance pays off. >> reporter: the commercials are catchy aimed at commuters and people who work in home. >> my car is rarely parked out front all day. >> reporter: he just signed up with metro mile a bay area- based startup that offers pay per mile car insurance. >> so you pay for what you use. >> reporter: metro mile's dan preston says his average customer drives about 4500 miles a year. although that number generally drops by 6% after they sign up. >> customers who pay the most with us are taking the bus or train or biking to work. >> reporter: rates are by flat rate and a per mile rate. in adams' case 7 cents a mile.
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the company tracks customer mileage through a wireless device that plugs into a port under the dash board but metro mile isn't the only game in town. at least 6 other companies in california also offer what's known as usage based car insurance. though only metro mile uses a tracking device. >> when you think about it from the insurance company's perspective, you know, every mile you're out there on the road is a potential accident. >> reporter: amy bach of united policyholders likes the idea of a positive incentive for driving less but urges drivers to read online reviews and use caution when switchings to a startup. >> my biggest concern with patronizing a new insurance company is about how well they will do if you have an accident and file a claim. >> reporter: he is not worried. his monthly bills went from $130 a month to about $40. >> why not spread the word? >> reporter: now, we should note not everyone is going to get a cheaper rate at least that's what we found when we
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pested it out. people may save more with insurers who bundle their car and homeowners and other insurance policies. metro mile plans to branch out. >> have they been around a while and attracting people with that little tracker? they have been in san francisco for a year. they are branching out. the gps tracker you can turn it it off and that disables their ability to track you. if you leave it on they offer extra services like alert you if you are about to get a parking ticket. >> that would be cool. >> i know. >> right. >> so they look at what you drove for the year and then calculate your insurance based off that number? >> i believe it's monthly so you get a flat rate each month and then for every mile you drive you pay x number per mile. >> thank you. expect some street closures and detours in the area of 4th and king street beginning
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tonight. the second phase of construction on san francisco's central subway is beginning. major interruptions for the next 8 days. crews will install tracks to connect with existing muni lines. road closures begin at 10:00 tonight. the subway is expected to be up and running in early 2019. bay area residents can ready their snowboards because boreal mountain resort now open for the season. the resort says it lucked out getting 10" of fresh snow last weekend. boreal used 35 snow guns for 75 hours just to spread some extra snow, you know, over that hillside. >> last five years we haven't had anything. been going to idaho and montana. >> the conditions are good now. they have the blowers going. they got a fresh coat down. it's looking good. >> when it comes to water use,
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boreal says it's been careful about following the state's drought restrictions during preparation for opening day. the recent storms brought yosemite falls back to life. usually still dry this time of year. but as you can see, they are flowing full right now. the runoff really does get roaring of course in the spring. that's when the winter snow begins to melt. still, very pretty. but to mark yosemite's 125th anniversary kpix 5 will air a half-hour special yosemite, challenge & change, it's tomorrow night at 9:30. we'll be watching. middletown is bouncing back since the "valley fire." meteorologist paul deanno live tonight for a very special homecoming game. right, paul? >> reporter: you know, when something traumatic happens in your life, you hear the phrase, i just want to get back to normal. that's how the folks in middletown feel about the past couple of months and a homecoming football game is exactly the normal that everybody seems to want around here and something that they get a chance to celebrate tonight. it's a little chilly.
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we are in the upper 50s in beautiful lake county. skies are clear a little breeze. five to ten miles an hour. football begins at 7:00. clearlake taking on middletown. we are in mustang territory. it's chilly if you are heading out. don't forget the jacket. livermore 63 right now. san jose 63. it's cooler only 61 in santa rosa. 61 in san francisco. and 61 currently in san bruno. we'll drop to the 30s again tonight in the north bay and the east bay away from the water including you in napa. i'll throw in middletown and clearlake. livermore 39 degrees. san jose 43. san francisco down to 50. our ridge of high pressure is going to hold on for one more day. we'll keep the sunshine for saturday. if you want to enjoy the sunshine that's the weekend day to do it. sunday here comes the front. it will be colder and cloudier and rain is likely some scattered showers sunday morning. perhaps the break in the ann and then another round coming up on monday. futurecast will show you the
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sunny conditions through the day on saturday. notice the lack of gray or green on the television screen and that first wave of showers moving through around sunrise on sunday a little break but then potentially some heavier rainfall moving in on monday for the morning commute again. a little fog along the coastline spilling into san francisco bay coming through the golden gate. sunny seasonal on saturday. but showers return on sunday with a more widespread rain chance coming up on monday. high temperatures tomorrow, running a little below average. concord 67. san francisco 65. napa 68 degrees tomorrow. santa rosa 69 degrees and san jose 68. everybody with sunshine. sunshine is gone for a couple of days both sunday and monday on the cloudier and cooler side. look at the highs on monday barely hitting 60. sunday morning and monday morning are the two rounds of rainfall that we will receive and even when the sunshine returns tuesday through thursday it will be brisk highs again only in the mid-60s with overnight lows again in the 30s. back out here live some of the players are getting ready for
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the game. it's of note this is homecoming which you would think would be the varsity football game. it is not the varsity football game because clearlake the visiting team does not have a varsity football team so it's homecoming but it will be a jv game, guys, at 7:00. so middletown versus clearlake 7:00. the jv game because clearlake doesn't have a varsity team they don't have enough players, so that's the story here. beautiful evening. time to get back to normal in lake county and they're doing that tonight. back to you. >> all right, paul, thank you. >> clearlake needs a few walk john players. get another team. >> yes. >> thank you, paul. he bought it. and then he broke it! a joyride in a rare ferrari lasts only a few minutes out of the lot. what the driver is blaming for this epic fail. ,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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the gas a little too hard... a man in budapest spent over a million dollars, 1.4 million, on a brand-new ferrari. but then he met the gas a
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little too hard. >> something really bad happened to that beautiful ride. look! another driver caught it on video. the ferrari owner sped up on a busy street but lost control had the parked cars. no one was hurt. but that 950-horsepower ferrari got banged up. just because you can afford 950- horsepower doesn't mean you know how to drive it. the man allegedly blamed the tires with having no grip. >> i think he lost grip on the we'll. now for a look at what's ahead on "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. >> reporter: hi, allen and veronica. here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. candidate ben carson is facing questions about his past. >> and the cop who staged his suicide to look like a murder.
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>> and steve hartman with a story that will bring a tear to your eye. that's tonight on the western edition of "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,, some neighbors are energy saving superstars. how do you become a superstar? with pg&e's free online home energy checkup.
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enroll by december 15th to be covered by january 1st. marijuana... on fisherman's > oh, but one group fighting to sell pot at one of the bay area's iconic tourist spots.
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we'll take a look at that. join us for more coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tougher screening ore for americans flying overseas. russia takes a major step. and investigators zero in on the cause of that russian jet tragedy. also tonight, did candidate ben carson make up parts of his life story? once hailed as a hero, turns out the cop who staged his suicide had erratic behavior going back decades. and steve hartman with one of america's happiest home videos. >> i was like, "you know what? let me record this reaction." >> yeah, we have to get this. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. security screening is being tightened, flights are being canceled as investigators look


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