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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning everyone. it is monday, november 16. i am michelle grieco. >> good morning, i am frank mallicoat. nearly 60 clock . -- nearly 6:00 . president frangois hollande stood in a crowd of students from sorbonne university in paris. schools and businesses across the country held a moment of silence. overnight wretch authorities carried out more than 150 rates and now than more -- more than 100 people are under house arrest. jonathan vigliotti joins us from paris. what can you tell us about the multiple rates in the possible mastermind behind the attack max>> reporter: -- attacks? >> reporter: yes we want to focus in -- on the one in lyon were five people were arrested. inside the home they discovered three assault rifles, a lot of effort -- ammunition and a rocket launcher. in all we are told that 23 people were taken into custody
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and the number stands at about 100 for that are under house arrest. as you can imagine a a lot of concern out about what seems to be a growing terror network. the mastermind in all of this, abdelhamid abaaoud named by police. he is 27 years old, born in morocco and we are told he spent at least a year training with isis in syria before making his way back here to friends. he was connected to several foiled attacks, including an alleged bombing of a train. he remains at large today. and we understand french military started attacks against isis targets, right? >> that's correct. several raids overnight focusing in on theory of where i cystic is located -- isis is located. were told right now that at least one of the training facilities was destroyed in those raids. >> and what is your sense about how paris is coping with the
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tragic loss of life? >> reporter: yes it's been a somber mood here to say the least. we have been speaking with so many people who spent the past few days really trying to avoid it, staying inside and the past day or so we've noticed more people coming out and confronting the reality that they now face. paris very much scarred right now. wear it one of six locations where there was an attack and we see a growing memorial of people placing flowers on a pile of more than 1000 and let candles people saying they just need to join in other people -- with other people in grieving. >> jonathan vigliotti live in paris, thank you. a vigil was held at cal state long beach to remember a student killed in the attacks. the crowd held candles as a choir sang to honor ms. gonzales. the 23-year-old was in a bistro
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when she and 18 others were fatally shot. the industrial design major was studying abroad for a semester. and here at home people are increasingly police presence. nypd has maintained heightened security especially at popular uncrowded spots like penn station. counterterrorism units were also deployed. security officials say there are no known or credible threats right now. and the nfl is also boosting security at stadiums across the country. plenty of extra officers were on hand at yesterday's game against the minnesota vikings. also there have been longer security lights. you can stay with kpix 5 as well as for continuing coverage of the attacks. officers were removing cars involved in a weekend sideshow. jackie ward his life in oakland police headquarters with the
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latest on this developing story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one man is dead and another arrested after a weekend full of very sideshows that happened in oakland. we will start with last night when police were towing away cars that had been jumped on as part of the sideshow. a man pointed a gun at them and they may fatally shot him. the gun the manhattan was a replica. no word on who he was and this all happened at 90th and bancroft. gunshots could be heard during the sideshow and of course -- a person who lives nearby says these are happening almost every week. >> it's annoying. it's really annoying because sometimes you hear gunshots and then it's like, you've got to protect yourself. >> reporter: late saturday night this is what the scene looked like near the 80 high street off ramp. >> 200 cars could be seen driving in the wrong direction early sunday morning. people were doing donuts and
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jumping on cars, eating a patrol car as you can see. drivers from fresno to la were a part of this, as was a motorcycle group from san jose. police say as many as 700 cars were involved in various sideshows that took place in oakland throughout the weekend. police in alameda county are still in -- investigating both the slew of sideshows and the police-involved shooting. jackie ward, kpix 5 let's check in with gianna for a look at the morning commute . >> were getting reports of minor muni delays. -- we are getting reports of minor muni delays. 23 minutes now, we had an accident was found 580 right at 205. that's now been cleared. eastbound 580 also cleared the damage is done, you're a little sluggish there. richmond line, everything systemwide moving on time this
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morning. elsewhere, bay bridge backed up , metering lights are on. now a 25 minute ride. you are backed up -- and reports of a new accident right on 580 at lasalle. a bit of a backup as you work toward 680 anyway and starting to see stop- and-go conditions along 680 into walnut creek on that southbound side. you will have the brake lights again as you work south. northbound side not seeing any trouble. here's roberta >> is it me or is it always busy now? >> it is getting a lot better -- busier. a lot colder as well. apparently are error temperatures in the 30s and 40s. it is now 450 around the rim of the bay. low 40s in redwood city and then we go to 350 in napa and vallejo. we have now deep into the mid- 30s in can court back through antioch where we don't have much of a wind. that's where
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the temperature has been falling off. otherwise a northwest wind at 12 mph.'s common livermore with temperatures dipping into the 30s. northwest brain -- breeze at 15 in novato. we to look for temperatures across the board anywhere from the upper 50s around the beaches to 60s around the bay into our inland area. i have the full forecast featuring the next chance of rain, coming up in 18 minutes after the hour. investigators are looking into a mechanical issue as the possible cause of a tour bus crash in san francisco. 20 people were injured on friday when a bus crashed at a shopping center. the supervisor jane kim says a preliminary report suggests something was wrong with the bus . >> i think there are some questions about how record- keeping has been done and also how vehicles are actually being maintained by many of these large tour bus companies
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regulated by the state. >> chp is reviewing the maintenance records. video of the crash will be crucial to the investigation. surveillance cameras at nearby stores captured footage of the crash in progress. kaiser permanente has reached a tentative deal with its mental health workers to avoid a strike. the union says the three-year agreement allows them to advocate for their patients without fear of being disciplined or fired. they agreed to keep the new ratio at 1 to 4. they also agreed to abandon a plan to cut pension benefits. tomorrow berkeley city council will address a major issue in berkeley for decades. on tuesday the city council will vote on to ordinances to crack down on public urination, shopping carts on sidewalks, camping and parks and visible drug paraphernalia. but the proposed rules are provoking opposition from some residents. >> i am very much against that. for one -- for several reasons
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-- one is, i could see myself possibly being homeless in the future. >> homeless advocates plan to protest the council meeting saying these measures would discriminate against the homeless, essentially treating them like criminals. a frightening phenomenon in the central valley when a tornado suddenly knocks out power to thousands. and for the first time in the bay area you can now buy a bus ticket on your phone. only in san francisco. from the weather center, heading out the door it's a cold start but i will talk about rain and when you can expect it. and metering lights are on at the bay bridge as well as delays on the san mateo bridge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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look at the beautiful sunrise. that is glorious. lots of windswept blue skies. it will be a breezy day, details coming up in less than four minutes. people in some parts of california experienced wild weather over the weekend. thousands lost power when a tornado touched down in the central valley yesterday. it happened in a mostly rural community in stanislaus county. >> i thought it looked like a ton of birds flying around. in all actuality it was degree. >> the home of sabrina and her husband is a mess. a barn was demolished. at another home the storm ripped off shingles and blew out windows. it also ripped up trees and fences and part of a church roof. democratic -- the democratic debate on saturday was the only one that will be held in iowa before the caucuses on february 1. it was originally supposed to be about
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the us economy but the attacks in paris mend more attention was paid to security and foreign policy. a moment of silence was held for the victims of the attacks. >> this election is not only about electing a president it's also about choosing our next commander-in-chief. >> together, leading the world, this country will read our planet -- read our planet of this barbarous organization known as isis. >> my heart goes out to the people of france in this moment of loss. >> they take to the debate stage again next month in new hampshire. the next republican presidential debate will also take place next month in las vegas. starting today passengers of a local transit agency can purchase bus tickets by phone. kpix 5 's kiet do explains how muni hopes this will improve service. >> reporter: this is one of those no-brainer things that had you asking why didn't anybody think of this before.
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starting right now you can buy a bus ticket on your phone. i didn't know this but half of all writers still by at the machines with cash or credit cards and a lot of tourists or occasional riders so that means long lines at the ticket machines. now riders can download a free -- free app called muni mobile and by a single ticket or a seven-day passport. active tickets appear in full color on your phone and that's what you show the agents as proof of purchase pick -- prefer purchase. it's in testing that has already been tested play volunteers for the last two months. >> it will save so much time. the entire ticket purchase process is a bottleneck. ray? it's a bottleneck -- right? >> card users can still use their cards and the hope is
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that one day all transit tickets in the bay area will be merged together in one app. one tip if you want to download the app, it's called muni mobile. the icon is a rounded square, purple with white lettering. there are a lot of similar looking apps out there but muni mobile is the one you want. life in san francisco, kiet do kpix 5 . the snow caught a lot of drivers i surprise yesterday. rain now there are no chain restrictions on either of the highways but there is a decent amount of snow for the skiers and snowboarders who are probably working their way up the hill. >> they could just take out their skis and get on the road like that. [laughter] >> they could. some of them really earned their pay -- >> worth every penny. [laughter] a couple new things going on, a new accident on a 80 approaching the san mateo bridge connector. it is stuck in the right lane. a bit of a backup almost 238 so give yourself a few extra
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minutes. once you hop on the san mateo bridge, 20 minutes southbury drivetime as you cross between 880 and 101. 101 n. bouncing slow conditions as well. taking the altamont pass, there and i 80, we have a couple accidents, one around 205, one around grantland but we are seeing a bit of a backup their westbound, 25 minutes to the dublin interchange. arrest reported on san mateo -- on the southbound side of 680, no accidents but sluggish as you head through pleasant in there. just north of their coming out of -- 680 at gold hill road, that's away from the east shore freeway. no injuries reported in that accident. taking a look at the east shore freeway itself you've got stop- and-go conditions pretty much most of the way out of richmond . once you get to the bay
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bridge you are backed up to the maze. very slow, almost 30 minutes for that is shore freeway commute. looks like 880 through oakland, no pretty -- still a bit breezy out there as you work across the bay bridge. here is roberta. we have breezy blue skies. the sun is going to be making an appearance in a matter of minutes but we can already see the outline of levi's stadium. 83 days until soupy -- super bowl l will be played right there and your factoid for the day: no nfl team has ever played the super bowl on its own home field. i don't think i like that stat. did you come up with that one? good morning, everybody. visibility is limited across the santa clara valley. 490 -- low 40s in santa rosa. we have a bit of a breeze the were the winds are nonexistent it is 380. 618 -- 6:18 as you
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head out the door. temperature-wise, 30s to 500 so you need a jacket. it's a cool autumn day today with temperatures below average, and no rain in the forecast this entire week. it will be a dry week with pressure -- spilling in from the east. each day we will be entering a warm trent -- warming trend as we approach friday. meanwhile, we have sunshine and while we are below average temperatures, we will in the week slightly above normal. right now we are at 210 with a foot of new powder above 7000 feet. it is now 41 going up to 60 at the state capital and we have sunshine and monterey bay. again sun up is at 6:51. it will be a sunshiny day. temperatures cool and the tri- valley of the 50s, low in the 60s around the bay. 60s will be coming in around the peninsula. northwest breeze had to chill in the air.
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there is a gradual warming and we have your temperatures by midweek wednesday through friday into the 70s. make it a great day everyone. thank you. time now is 6:20. growing outrage over the case drawing comparisons to rodney king. and coming up, remember how the vikings looked against the 49ers in week 1? they are a totally different team now. how one play changed the momentum of their game in oakland yesterday. straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. good morning everyone. in week one the minnesota vikings were blown out by the 49ers had levi's stadium it two months
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later they are back. they are back in the bay area and they look like one of the bike -- nfc's top teams. teddy bridgewater was picked four spots ahead of carr in the draft. dierks cards on three homes. -- derek carr to andre homes but on the ensuing kickoff, darrell patterson mishandled the kick, recovers gets to the sideline and goes 93 yards. that was a huge momentum changer , and they took the lead at halftime. 20-14. two minutes left. no i [ no audio ]
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and the seahawks lost to arizona last night so it will be blaine gabbert week at 49er headquarters. see you tonight. >> thank you dennis. we will hoop it up for our play of the day. kobe bryant and the lakers hosting the pistons. he's the alley man. he will be the pooper -- ooper. that's your play of the day. all over the world people are coming together to mourn those lost in the terror attacks in paris. how the bay area is showing its support. one man in police custody and another dead after a weekend full of sideshows in
6:26 am
oakland. we have all the details for you coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up a conversation with popster kelly clarkson. why her dream was always to be a backup singer. live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. two bay area sheriff's deputies caught on tape beating a suspect in what some are calling a use of excessive force. and firefighters catch a lucky break after a kathleen starts burning. -- a gas line starts burning. no rain in the forecast but i will tell you what you need to know about it. an airborne spotted a broken down vehicle on the bay bridge. details coming up. it is monday the -- monday,
6:30 am
november 16. i am frank mallicoat and i am michelle griego. this morning french authorities are zeroing in on the man they believe planned the paris attacks that left at least 129 dead. this as the zero in on the mastermind behind it. jonathan vigliotti has the latest from paris. truck -- >> reporter: president hollande helped mark -- honor the victims. they ran from a memorial at the public square after mistaking firecrackers for gunshots. >> we do not believe we should be afraid and stay home. our -- we should show the resistance to the terrorists. >> reporter: they rated over 150 homes last night searching for suspects, among them, abdelhamid abaaoud. he was linked to this black car.
6:31 am
89 people were killed at the attack on the concert hall. >> isis has claimed responsibility for the sophisticated attacks carried out in under 30 minutes. they say terrorists used encrypted texting apps that allowed them to stay off the radar. >> it has caused a huge blind spot for intelligence agencies and law enforcement to get insight into what they are doing . >> reporter: in retaliation for the violence, french military began hitting isis targets in syria on sunday. >> the killing of innocent people based on a twisted ideology is an attack not just on france, not just on turkey, but an attack on the civilized world. >> reporter: president obama and world leaders gathered at the g 20 summit and vowed to intensify their response, in part by sharing more intelligence information. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news paris. >> the man who authorities believe was the mastermind of the attack is no stranger to intelligence services.
6:32 am
they believe the belgian jihadist is also linked to a french train attack last summer. three friends from san francisco are credited with tackling an armed terrorist and subduing him before he could do significant damage. emotions ran high during a vigil dedicated to the victims of the attacks locally. about 800 people took part in yesterday's ceremony outside san francisco's city hall. the french consul general spoke to the crowd in both french and english, asking for a moment of silence and thinking americans for their well wishes. france has a consulate in san francisco where people are invited to sign a book of condolences today. it is located at 88 kearny street and will be open from 9:30 to 12:30 this afternoon. stay right here with kpix 5 and for continuing coverage of the attacks in france. oakland police opened fire
6:33 am
on a man pointing a fake gun at them and the results were fatal. officers were removing cars involved in a sideshow. jackie ward is that oakland police headquarters with the latest on this developing story. jackie? >> reporter: one man is dead another in police custody after a weekend full of sideshows in oakland. >> they are really hacking things up out here. >> i heard multiple gunshots like pop, pop, pop. i saw the shots coming this way and i saw someone in the middle of the sidewalk. >> reporter: they say it started 5:30 sunday evening when they went to 90th in bancroft and began towing cars related to an earlier sideshow. that's when they say man walked up with a gun and pointed it at officers. several officers opened fire, killing the man. when they recovered the weapon they took a photo of it. it turns out it is not an actual gun. >> this ended up being some type of airsoft replica firearm
6:34 am
, so that has been recovered. the replica looks very real. if you look at it, it looks like a firearm. >> reporter: police and the alameda county district attorney office are still investigating both the sideshows and the police- involved shooting. jackie ward, kpix 5 6:35, i guess you better like sunshine because we have a lot of it coming our way. >> it's part of my concern through thanksgiving and perhaps maybe until december 1, no rain until then. frank said earlier, i have to go fix that. [laughter] heading out the door it is on the cool side. visibility is unlimited. this is our life weather camera -- did you see that? i think there is a bird that just perched precariously on my camera lens. visibility is unlimited and i can see all the way to alaska. i'm just kidding. i can see all the way to the bridge. i'm so sorry.
6:35 am
it's a monday. we have 380 in concord. 41 in santa rosa. winds have been decreasing at this hour but still up to 30 miles per hour in oakland. we have a lack of the wind -- were we have a lack of wind, that's where it's coolest. in livermore it's in the upper 30s, 37 in napa aware temperatures are in the high 30s. today are temperatures are in the 60s and throughout the valley. chances of rain -- we will chat more about that coming up but right now, let's send it over to gianna. on the bay bridge we have a broken down vehicle just on the west side of the tunnel blocking the number four-lane. thanks to those who spotted that vehicle. it's causing a bit of a backup. here is one of our caltrain cams.
6:36 am
they have slow down the metering lights as a result to cycle things through slowly so they can work on getting that stalled vehicle cleared off the bridge. you can see the trickle effect, backed up well into the maze, very slow and go. east bay drive 34 minutes, 24 seeing a backup because of the delays on 580 so give yourself a few extra minutes. you might use p art. -- that broken down vehicle, cutting over to the san mateo bridge you will see a bit of a backup and here is a look at northbound 880 as you head through oakland. and again we are seeing delays near hayward and 22 minutes as you work your way between what -- 880 and 101 on the san mateo bridge. golden gate bridge looks good, -- still a bright spot this morning. as you make your way through 101, pretty quiet. back to you guys. two sheriff's deputies are now on administrative leave after security cameras recorded a beating.
6:37 am
they are seen hitting 29-year- old stanislav petrov repeatedly last thursday. they say he had just led them on a high-speed chase from san leandro into san francisco, and then rammed his car into their cruisers. they are now on leave while the sheriff's office investigates. he is in the hospital and the san francisco public defender is accusing the deputies of using excessive force. the san jose fire department says a downed power line could be the possible cause of the gaslight fire in the city's cambrian area. it happened for four hours at a small shopping center on harwood road. they say damage was minimal because of how the building was constructed. >> the building construction, pretty fortunate in the fact that it is cinderblock as opposed to woodframe construction so i think that insulated the interior contents of the building and probably protected it from the radiant heat from the burning gas.
6:38 am
no one was hurt but power was knocked out to about 80 homes and businesses. time is 6:87. the horrific events in paris have shifted the focus of the us presidential race, forcing candidates to address more emotionally charged issues. and check this out, this is a bay area first: you can now buy a bus ticket using your phone only in san francisco. ,,
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we've got to take a look at the live weather camera, right guys? this is a very big wow. we have a little bit of clouds but lots of sunshine and right now as you are heading out the door, temperatures in the 40s throughout the rim of the bay, 380 in san ramon. good morning napa and vallejo, you are in the 30s.
6:42 am
got the full forecast coming up in less than four minutes. thanks roberta. all eyes are on the market after the paris attacks on this monday. a big merger in the hotel industry. >> our financial reporter jason brooks, good morning. >> good morning. it has been the year of mergers and now a big one in the hotel industry. marriott buying star wars for -- starwood for more than $1 billion. it will include more than 1.1 million rooms and 5500 hotels around the world. marriott has two dozen brands including guitar out -- ritz- carlton and starwood has the west end, the w and the saint regis as part of its crew. a big investor in facebook is selling most of his stake. he got in on the company several years ago and is selling 75% of his interest in facebook over the past two weeks to the tune of $160 million. it is notable because you don't often see the executive sell that much stock in such a short
6:43 am
amount of time. facebook is doing quite well. its last earnings topped all expectations, key growth all over the place and record highs in the process. wall street is opening up in positive territory. there's a lot of nervousness regarding the paris terrorist attacks. but starting to come back early this morning. let's take a look at the big board and see how we are doing so far the dow up over 60 points. nasdaq is gaining nine and the sop is also up by nine points. oil prices sending things a little harder is french sees targets in response to the -- since targets in response to the attacks. they are letting passengers person -- purchase tickets using their phone. >> kiet do his life to explain how this should improve -- is alive >> bus tickets?
6:44 am
yes there's an app for that. you can buy a bus to get on your phone. i didn't know this but half of all writers still buy from machines with cash or credit cards and a lot of them are tourists an occasional riders, so that means mass confusion and long lines. now riders can download the free app called muni mobile and buy anything from a single. -- cable car ride to a seven- day passport. it's a full-motion video on your phone and that's what you show agents for proof of purchase. expired tickets turn gray. the app has actually been tested for the past few months by 200 volunteers.>> i think any time you can speed up your day, and avoid wait times, it is to everyone's benefit. >> clipper cardholders can still use their card and the hope is that one day all tickets will be merged together in one app so if you've downloaded the -- if you download the app here's a tip: this is what it looks like. a maroon colored background
6:45 am
with white lettering. there are a lot of similar apps out there. this is the one you want, it's called muni mobile and it's the official app. live in san francisco, kiet do kpix 5 . >> it's been a busy monday on the roads, right gianna? >> yes especially stop-and-go conditions on the san mateo bridge. let's go live right now to send nodes -- san jose, traffic just crawling on the 880 connector there. no accidents but again this is what it looks like every morning as you work through that san jose commute. jumping over to our maps i will show you, we can see one one -- 101, slow speeds. that's where we see a few brake lights and northbound pretty sluggish as well. give yourself a few extra minutes there. drive times, one one to 286, 19 minutes. 16 minute ride from 680 to highway 85 and guadalupe parkway
6:46 am
seeing some delays as well. westbound five 8032 minutes as you work toward the dublin interchange. no accidents right now but slow go conditions on that westside. really busy. no delays right now and the bay bridge we've got the broken down vehicle just west of the tunnel. it is in the number four lane. we have the delays. backed up well into the maze and beyond. now a 40 minute ride for your drivetime along the eastern freeway. they did close down the cycling of the metering lights so hopefully things will get clear pretty quickly through there. 880 near the colosseum, this portion looks pretty good. you will see brake lights just north of they're headed toward the bay bridge. we are seeing brake lights out of hayward as we move into fremont. cutting across the san mateo bridge, 20 minutes for the drivetime.
6:47 am
here is someone who never slows down, roberta. wind advisories from chb, have they been lifted? >> no they are still there in the bridge. winds will increase later today out of the west, not as blustery as yesterday. good morning rise and shine. let's see comes up and awaken checking in for us. how about that one, 350 from linda and she was in -- but is now in napa. other notable members in the 40s, we do have george in san francisco who says it is 48 but factor in the northwest present 4 miles per hour. windchill is 45. you need a jacket heading out the door. look at that rate there -- that is sunrise. -- look at that rate there. 38 in concord, 49 in san francisco and 50 in oakland. temperatures in -- temperatures
6:48 am
are in the 30s, 40s and 50s as you head out the door. winds will pick up this afternoon. temperatures are below average and no rain in the forecast all week. the low pressure broadus rain yesterday and it's out of here. high pressure is building in from the west. again those breezy afternoon winds will be back and beginning tomorrow we start to see temperatures above average. it's 41 at the state capitol going up to 60 today and 20 now going up to 32 in the high sierra. it is now 40 going up to 60 in the monterey bay area. lots of sunshine on the northern half of the state. 50s at livermore, upper 50s and 60s around danville, blackrock and dublin. otherwise here's a look -- noticed the gradual warming on tuesday through friday. and right now computer models are seeing perhaps the next chance of rain not until december 1. that means a dry thanksgiving, gang. >> the attacks in paris have
6:49 am
already been making an impact on our american politics. melissa king joins us now with more on how the events overseas may affect the us presidential race. good morning. >> good morning the attacks certainly were tragic and profound. one of the effects is that it has shifted the focus of the us presidential race. for hillary clinton, the focus has shifted to her foreign policy experience. the democratic debate on saturday night she talked about how complicated the middle east politics are. of course implying that as a former secretary of state, she is uniquely able to navigate those issues. so at least for the near future, look for clinton to show off report -- foreign- policy chops. for republicans, the recent attacks bring a new focus to the immigration debate. reportedly a passport found near the suicide bomber indicates that the bomber was a syrian refugee. while the bomber's identity has not been confirmed, republican presidential candidates are leading the charge to stop
6:50 am
syrians from coming into the us. in september, president obama directed at -- immigration officials to allow in 10,000 syrian refugees. since the attacks, stay with me because the list is long, bobby jindal, mike highgate the, ben carson -- carly fiorina -- mike huckabee, ben carson -- >> this is a cbs news report. president obama is about to hold a news conference in turkey. he is expected to answer questions in response to the paris attacks. there was a massive raid this morning and brussels belgium that apparently targeted the one suspect missing after friday's attack that killed 129 people. a local prosecutor says no terror suspects were arrested. >> that operation was more than 100 -- part of more than 150 rate in france and belgium. the missing side specht, salah abdeslam was identified a few hours after the attack. french warplanes have attacked
6:51 am
ices targets in syria. president obama has been meeting with russian president putin and other world leaders at a weekend summit. were joined on the tart -- telephone. market, what can we expect to hear? >> reporter: he will face questions about how his ices strategy might change in the wake of the attack. he just wrapped up a meeting with key european allies including the french foreign minister and he has been pressing for more intelligence sharing. they are very concerned about the cross-border threat as refugees flood into europe and passed through europe's open borders. we also know that the us has been encouraging allies particularly france and turkey to put special forces on the ground in syria to fight ices tick alongside the 50 us operators who of already -- to fight ices along the 50 us operators already there.
6:52 am
he also met with putin, this is the second chat in just 48 hours. the president has been encouraging russia to join the fight. the president is speaking now. >> and here's president obama. >> [ no audio ] erdowan and the people of turkey for their outstanding work in hosting this i have been practicing that. at the g20 our focus was on how to get the global economy growing faster and create more jobs and i am pleased that we agree growth has to be inclusive to address the rising inequality around the world.
6:53 am
given growing cyber threats, we committed to a set of norms drafted by the united states for -- how our government should conduct themselves insider -- cyberspace including a commitment not to engage in the theft of intellectual property for commercial gain. as we head into global climate talks we have submitted our targets and pledged to work together for a successful outcome in paris. of course, much of our attention has focused on the heinous attacks that took place in paris . across the world, in the united states, and -- american flags are at half staff in solidarity with our french allies. we are working closely with our french partners as they pursue their investigations and track down suspects. france is already a strong counterterrorism partner and today we are announcing a new agreement. we are streamlining
6:54 am
the process by which we share intelligence and operational military information with friends. this will allow our personnel to pass threat information including on iso-to our french partners more quickly and more often because we need to be doing everything we can to protect against more attacks and protect our citizens. tragically paris is not alone. we have seen outrageous attacks by isil in beirut, last month in ankara, and routinely in iraq . here at the g20 our nations are sharing in -- and unmistakable message, that we are united against this threat. isil is the face of evil . our goal as i have said many times is to degrade and ultimately destroy this barbaric terrorist organization.
6:55 am
as i outlined this fall at the ited nations, we have a comprehensive strategy using all elements of our power. military intelligence, economic, development and the strength of our communities. we have always understood that this would be a long-term campaign. there will be setbacks and there will be successes. the terrible events in paris were obviously a terrible and sickening setback. even as we grieve with our french friends, we can't lose sight that there has been progress being made. on the military front our coalition is intensifying our airstrikes. more than 8000 to date. were taking out isil leaders, their killers, their commanders, and we have seen that when we have an effective partner in the ground isil can and is pushed back . so local forces league
6:56 am
-- recently liberated -- and local forces are fighting to take back ramadi in syria. and isil has been pushed back in turkey. we have stepped up our support of opposition forces working to cut off supply lines to isil strongholds. so in short, both in iraq and syria, isil controls less territory than it did before. i made the point to my fellow leaders that if we want this progress to be sustained, more nations need to step up with the resources that this fight demands. of course, the attacks in paris remind us that it will not be enough to defeat isil in syria and iraq alone . here in on thalia, we are committed to strengthening border controls, sharing more information and stepping up efforts to prevent the floor and flow of fighters in and out of syria and iraq.
6:57 am
as we just showed in libya, isil will have no safe haven anywhere and will continue -- we will continue to stand with leaders who are the best voices to discredit isil 's warped ideology. on the humanitarian front our nations agree that we have to do even more individually and collectively to address the agony of the syrian people. the united states is already the largest -- donor of humanitarian aid to the syrian people, some poor -- $4.5 billion in aid so far. but the un appeal for syria still has less than half the funds needed. today i am again calling on more nations to contribute the resources that this demands. in terms of refugees, it is clear that countries like turkey , lebanon and jordan, which are already bearing an
6:58 am
extraordinary burden, cannot be expected to do so alone. at the same time all of our countries have to ensure our security and as president my first priority is the safety of the american people. that is why even as we accept more refugees including syrians , we do so only after subjecting them to rigorous screening -- screening and security checks. we have to remember many of them are the victims of terrorism themselves. that is what they are fleeing. slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values. our nations can welcome refugees who are is desperately seeking safety and ensure our own safety. we can and must do both. finally, we have begun to see some modest progress on the diplomatic front, which is critical because a political solution is the only way to end the war in syria and you might be syrian people in the world against isil.
6:59 am
the vienna talks mark the first time that all key countries have come together. as a result i would add american leadership has reached -- with american leadership we've reached a common understanding. with this weekend's talks we have a path forward to end the syrian regime under the auspices of the united nations and transition toward a more inclusive representative government, a new constitution, followed by elections. and alongside this political process, a cease-fire in the civil war even as we continue to fight against isil. these are obviously ambitious goals, hopes for diplomacy have been bashed before. there are any number of ways that this latest diplomatic push could falter. and there are still disagreements between the parties, including most critically over the fate of bush are assigned. only did not leave has a rolling series future because of his brutal rule. his war against the syrian people is the primary
7:00 am
root cause of this crisis. what is different this time and what gives us some degree of hope is that as i said for the first time all major countries on all side of the syrian conflict agree on a process that is needed to end this war, and so while we are very clear eyed about the very difficult road still ahead, the united states in partnership with our coalition is going to remain relentless on all fronts. military, humanitarian and diplomatic. we have the right strategy and we are going to see it through. with that i will take some questions and i will begin with jerome car thalia of afp. >> thank you mister president. 129 people were killed in paris on friday night.


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